Will airport in Hosur steal Bangalore’s thunder?

The new Bangalore International Airport will open at the crack of 23 May 2008. That’s official.

And the existing HAL airport will close at the end of 22 May 2008. That’s official, too.

This, despite mounting public opinion to keep the old airport open. This, despite the High Court of Karnataka directing the Union of India, the Airports Authority of India, and Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) to renegotiate the terms of the contract which barred airports in a 150-km radius of Devanahalli. And this, despite the Supreme Court of India endorsing the HC’s call for renegotiation.

What kind of a case was made by the “State” during the renegotiations is not known since there are reportedly no minutes of the two rounds of meetings. But the last-minute demands and Public Interest Litigations (PILs) to retain the HAL airport for short-haul flights have raised a variety of questions on those asking them, their motives, their logic, and their business ethics.

V. RAVICHANDAR, a former member of the Bangalore Agenda Task Force (BATF), responds to criticism on churumuri.com on the backpedalling on the closure of the old airport.



First, a confession. Till November last year, I was for honouring the sanctity of the contract with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) and closing down the old HAL airport.

I have since revised my view and I shall present my case for being a “turncoat” shortly.

A disclaimer: asking for HAL airport to remain open does not mean one is anti-BIAL. BIAL is the future and is needed for the city. But HAL can co-exist with BIAL being compensated.

These are the reasons why the HAL airport should remain open even when the BIAL airport becomes functional (and none of them is about connectivity at all) :

# Future proofing is in the public interest: The capacity of BIAL is 12 million passengers. We are currently at 10.5 million passengers annually and we will reach current capacity by middle of 2009. With one runway the capacity can go to 14-15 million passengers, a number that will be reached by mid-2011. The new runway (if it does come up) will not be before 2014 (admitted by BIAL and the government). So expect shortage in capacity between 2011-14. I am not even referring to cargo which is reasonably messed up in the short term for the next year at BIAL.

# Hyderabad isn’t Bangalore: One argument being heard for the closure of HAL airport is that Hyderabad closed Begumpet airport, so what is the big fuss?

The situation in Hyderabad and Bangalore is not comparable. Hyderabad has a current demand of 6.5 million passengers and an airport with a capacity of 12 million passengers.

GMR has built the Hyderabad airport on a Memorandum of Understanding with the government of Andhra Pradesh; BIAL has built the Bangalore airport on a contract obtained after a global tender floated by the government of Karnatka.

# Keep working assets alive: For a rapidly growing economy like India’s, conserving working infrastructure assets makes sense (I do sound like Prakash Karat here). Closing down a working asset especially when it is known that we are going to run into a capacity constraint seems a silly thing to do.

And spending Rs 4,000 crore of public money on a high speed rail link from KSCA for a Rs 2,220 crore airport project is questionable when alternatives exist. And this spending for the fat cats is not going to go down well with aam aadmi.

# Infrastructure monopoly isn’t good: A private sector monopoly in the infrastructure sector is not in the public interest particularly in the absence of a strong regulator. As it is, in Hyderabad, two-wheelers are not allowed into the new airport and a passenger cannot take a private taxi not licensed by the Hyderabad airport. Do we want that situation here?

I think a duopoly will keep both parties honest in the interest of citizens. Two airports will strengthen State competitiveness, investments, job creation, etcetera.

# Tamil Nadu will steal Bangalore’s thunder: Closing HAL airport will be a self-goal. Expect Tamil Nadu to announce a Hosur airport in due course post final closure. And expect that to join Hogenakal as an issue sometime down the line.

Hosur may be within the 150 km radius of Devanahalli, but the compulsions of coalition politics can move mountains in our country. As it is, the Sitaram Yechuri panel has said the 150 km radius clause should be scrapped, and airport developers should accept realities of India, instead of expecting to be given a free run.


The contract with BIAL is not cast in stone.

For example, in a recent contract for Peru airport, 70-odd conditions were renegotiated.

The Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models are imperfect and they are being honed with each experience.

The global tender when it was first floated for BIAL did not have the closure of HAL airport as a promise. It was in 2004, just before the concession agreement was signed, that BIAL insisted on it. And the Ministry of Civil Aviation agreed.


I realize a suggestion such as keeping HAL airport open at this juncture has consequences. Let me deal with them:

# It is not my case that HAL be kept open and BIAL can take a walk. BIAL is in the driver’s seat with the contract. I am for users of HAL airport compensating BIAL on terms to be decided—the general public should not be made to pay for it.

I think market can decide the demand and adjust supply accordingly. For instance, the fare to Bombay from HAL airport can be Rs 5,500 and from BIAL to Bombay, it fare can be Rs 4,200. The difference is given to BIAL. This can be decided by auctioning slots too. BIAL could be made a shareholder in a HAL airport Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).

# A point that is made is that renegotiating the terms of the contract with BIAL will hurt PPP. I don’t think so. Business will come where money is to be made and India is gold rush territory. It will suffer if there is arbitrariness in the decision to keep HAL open. If there is compensation to BIAL, then rule of law applies.

# BIAL claims they will make huge losses and folks have bid at the airport expecting a monopoly. A public hearing on finances should help get a sense of the “loss”. In their original projections, they expected less than 7 million passengers this year. If it is proven BIAL will be financially devastated, then HAL airport should not be kept open.

Finally, I repeat it is not about connectivity and travel time to BIAL which will be a hassle in the short term. It is about a few other issues I have tabled. You may or may not agree.

I rest my case.

(V. Ravichandar is chairman and managing director, Feedback Consulting, a research based consulting firm)

Photograph: Monica Mascarenhas Prabhu / BIAL Communications

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5 + 1 questions for M/s Ramanathan, Misra & Co

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41 Responses to “Will airport in Hosur steal Bangalore’s thunder?”

  1. Alok Says:

    If people want the convenience of traveling only 1 hour for their 1 hour flight from Hyderabad, they better be willing to pay for it.

    No inconvenience to the general public indeed. One way or the other the public will have to pay to keep the HAL airport open (either through taxes or an increased charge on the travel).

    Be willing to pay or get a good book or two to read on the way to the Devanahalli aiport. I recommend fantasy.

  2. ERR Says:

    Not directly related to the above; Still what should a Mysorean do catch a National / International flight? Should one go to Bangalore and leg / lug it to Devanahalli airport, whole exercise taking 5-6 hours and burning a hole in her pocket?

    There’s a quick solution.Take Shatabdi at 2 in the afternoon and reach Chennai at 9 ish and take beach road to reach National and International Airport located within the city within 45 minutes.Fly off from there without any sweat!You will also save on Airport Entry fees+ Taxi and Volvo charges+ lots of headache+ uncertainty not knowing what new things BIAL / Karnataka Govt. will come out with daily.

  3. Chintaka Says:

    When all else fails, let the bogey of a neigbouring state usurping the pie and watch the fun. This way, the EXPERTS can appeal to the kannadiga mindset, never mind the fact that these EXPERTS dont care for Kannada or Kannadigas in other times.

    I find the whole debate, of keeping the HAL airport open, quite foolish. The arguments put forward by the bunch of EXPERTS is childish and idiotic.

    Take the connectivity issue. True, it takes a long time to reach the airport, the roads are not ready etc. But these blokes are forgetting that when HAL airport started its operations way back, the situation was the same. It was considered to be outside Bangalore. And transportation to that place was nonexistent except for the odd buses plying on that route.

    Compare that to the present airport. BMTC is ready with a fleet of buses, the private operators are ready with their fleet of cars. Transportation is not an issue at all.

    Coming to the question of roads. Why cant these EXPERTS press for world class, six lane road connectivity to the airport??? Why not file a petition with the court asking for directing the goverment to build such roads in the PUBLIC INTEREST??? Why not pressurise the government to complete the work FAST?

    The answer is simple. These EXPERTS simply do not want the other airport. Bunch of them live in and around the present airport, so it is convenient for them. They have lots of travelling to do within the country and hence find it cumbersome to reach the new airport. Bunch of them have purchased plum properties in and around the existing airport, shifting of airport will certainly see an erosion in their asset base.

    Hence all these nonsense of keeping open the airport.

    A question to these EXPERTS. What will be your answer to the people who live on the other side of Hebbala and have to endure traffic to reach the present airport?? Or for that matter to those who live in peenya, mysore road etc???? Should we have two stops for all domestic flights?? One at HAL airport to accomodate you and the other at BIAL to accomodate those who find it difficult to reach HAL airport??

    What next???

  4. captainjohann Says:

    Ravichander’s post and the comments say a lot about the way we indians negotiate a deal with foreigners. Hope we learn in future.

  5. suri Says:

    Ravichander must be residing near HAL airport and hence supports the views of the all those opposed BIAL as sole airport.Why was all this GYAN not put forth in the public domain for the past 2.5 years ?? why are all these media savvy guys coming trying to bad mouth the BIAL airport. Biggest Jokers are the IT czar’s Misras Ravichander Kiron Shaw etc.The total cost of the a new Airport would be 3000 crores which is peanuts for the IT / BT / BPO / KPO crar’s.They call sell a fraction of the share holdings and develop the Infrastrutcure and have their own AIRPORTS .Why dont they all contribute and have a Private Airport meant exclusively for them.BIAL would not have any objections.

  6. Shravan Says:

    There is nothing wrong in a city having more than one airport. The 150 Km rule should be scrapped. Two years from now, I am sure we will here congestion problems in the north of Bangalore. It will be a good idea to consider re-opening the HAL airport then at least for low cost carriers. For now Honour the contract.

  7. Shravan Says:

    For the Mysoreans, we can do with a royal Vayu Vajra-Aramane service from Mysore to Bangalore airports – Tade Rahita with stops only at Amaravati or Shivalli!

  8. NS Says:

    Why are these ‘experts’ suddenly starting to pretend that they represent the ‘public’. How what percentage of the public would really need to worry about having to travel a bit more?
    From one of the comments at http://bangalore.praja.in/bangalore/discuss/2008/05/protest-against-closure-hal-airport,
    “I don’t think the “public” are a majority in this decision. I have gone out and asked random people, what they feel about the New airport – and everyone welcomes it. Yes they do say “now I have travel for a longer time :(“, but agree that airports cannot be in thier backyards.

    I see Bangaloreans fed up with much more Macro level issues – and this to me seems to be one of the much smaller ones. I have spoken to many other activists, senior citizens, and people who are aware of the cities happenings, and all have voiced thier “un-concern” for this issue.”

  9. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Why not have HAL airport only for cargo and maintenance stuff?

    That way it will partly pay for its upkeep.

  10. aruna urs Says:

    You are a highly educated and successful chief executive officer. Bring Tamil Nadu into picture was a cheap way of politicsing this issue. Hosur is in enemy territory?

    The problem is governance failure. Connectivity was not on global tender. Why not ask the leaders who led into this mishap? We all deserve the governments we elect. Now let us start sharing the burden too. Some might feel the pain more than others. I seldom fly, and i will live with BIAL somehow. Now over to you. As I understand, both you and your wife are frequent fliers and your office is in (old) Airport Road. D’oh!

  11. mayura Says:

    Mr.Ravindar was on the BATF formed and nurtured by SMK…That says a lot about the vested interests here

  12. Hiker Says:

    Agree with aruna. Hosur is not in Pakistan or China.

  13. Shravan Says:

    Another comment.. sorry this is my third one…
    I must say that our judiciary acts with amazing speed on some issues.. such as this and also the quota cases… but there are some others which just take ages… I wonder Why?

  14. Shankar Says:

    A rail link. That is all it takes to make it convenient for all. People from Mysore and other towns can reach the airport directly without breathing the toxic fumes of Bangalore.

  15. Madhu Rao Says:

    I don’t know or care if Mr.RAVICHANDAR(Let’s get his name straight before we accuse him of getting things wrong ?) is a “turncoat” or a “raincoat” or a “bandicoot”. Yes he flip-flopped. But the thing that we need to dwell on is NOT who he is — It should be about the issue on hand.

    Most major cities the world over have 2+ airports ; if we are one of the fastest growing cities, that eventually got a decent airport only to start out operating at full capacity, common sense would indicate we not close a working one and convert that into a mall ? (why not a sulabh shauchalaya even ?)

    If the capacity projections are true, we need to re-assess. Not because it was broached up by some honcho but because we could be in for trouble if we do not. Put it on a ventilator and give it a year before you pull the damn plug — let’s let the reality dictate the terms of its demise ; Lease it to a private party or do something, just do not dismantle it..

    The 150 Km rule is senseless and bad unless BIAL-Govt can ensure it can provide seamless transits within that radius. Sure we have a contract and need to honor it, but renegotiating a contract now is a better option than wailing 3-5 years from now and crying a river. If BIAL gets compensated it should stop dragging it’s feet. The extra charge for flights out of HAL for the convenience will make it a good option. BIAL can even become a stakeholder as well..

    I’m impressed with the sudden surge of love toward Hosur — it’s a good thing. But why do we keep talking of “outsiders”, “Naan being popular than Masala Dose” then ?

    An new airport in Hosur (if one comes up) is fine when HAL is not ? If we have an airstrip in Hosur, guess where the IT traffic will fly out of ? And that’s supposed to help BIAL ? Even looking thru Ravichandar’s fanning Kannada-Tamil dischord, it will not be in BIAL’s interest. We need to look beyond the politics of this.

    On the failed re-negotiations and our netas : “Politicians are like diapers, almost always full of crap ; If not, it’s just a matter of time..”

  16. sisya Says:

    Member of the BATF? Isnt that the racket SMK and his cronies ran when they were in power. Isnt that where these deals were inked and hectares bartered to the muthries and the powers that be of that cabal? And why this change of heart only since November last? Did these people suddenly have an epiphany or is it just that they decided that it was time to throw a spanner in the works with an unnecessary controversy and steal Kummi’s thunder? Or do they simply hope to filibuster until a Cong govt (hopefully) is sworn in and all the congress hajamas can pose with their kathris at the ribbon cutting ceremony.. which I am sure will consume full page ads in the press and will be re-run for days on end by their English news channel cronies?

    Almost every sentence of this defence by Ravichandar is fallacious. If Hosur will steal Bangalore’s thunder, then we will build an airport in Bidar and steal Hyderabad’s thunder. Big deal? Well, yes.. It *is* a big deal because the KPCC has not, in the last 60 years, displayed the spine to bargain for the state from their hi-command regardless of whether they were in power or not. That precisely is Ktaka’s problem.. not the red-herring of a “compulsion of coalition politics can move mountains” that Ravichandra attempts to foist on us.

  17. Siddrama Says:

    Rather than pushing the Governemnt to make road connections to the new BIAL why is it such people like you make coments on having alternate Airports. People like thsre have been voicing concerns on conectivity when the New airport started making news.
    Why such short-sightedness..? Look for Long term plans, There is always room for expansion at new Airports. The Current HAL airport is in a pathetic condition, especially on International arrivals, where 2-3 international flight arrive at same time, and there is no space to accomodate.

  18. smitha Says:

    Those advocating HAL airport to be open, why don’t they see that reaching HAL airport from Western and northern parts of Bangalore like Rajajinagar, Malleshwarm and beyond takes about 2 hours. So why do they consider they only are having connectivity problem?

  19. Rao & Rao Says:

    Dear All,

    What the general public forget is that the first Chairman of BIAL was Mr. Narayana Murthy, Mentor, Infosis. A lot of people in the industry welcomed the decision of the government and during the earth breaking ceremony at Devenahalli site all the faces one sees now making the protest had participated. Therefore, they cannot say that government sold themselves to BIAL. These people also participated in the crime. Therefore, before they protest they must first apologize to the people of Bangalore for dancing with the government and the promoter of BIAL way back in 2002!!

  20. Hunt N. Peck Says:

    Hosur… Hosur road! :O

    ERR… Hassan Intl. Airport is another alternative? :D

  21. H.R.Bapu Satyanaryana Says:

    These are initial problems that arise in any new venture because plannig has never been our strength and in course of time it will get solved since it is not above the capacity of our experts to find a solution to provide quick acces to BIAL Till then let us suffer or find out ingenous ways to find out a short cut which we hardly see at first. May be if BIAL suffers enormous losses the solution comes up easily.

  22. KR Says:

    If there’s an airport in Hosur, who’s going to benefit? It’ll be the people of Bengalooru. Bring it on. One of New York City’s three airports is actually in neighbouring New Jersey state (Newark). Cincinnati’s airport is actually in neighbouring Kentucky state. I don’t see what the problem is. The more options that are available to the flying public, the better.

  23. dharma Says:

    Hosur is a suburb of Bangalore. There is no Hosur road in TN. It is there only in Bangalore. How did we miss this. We should go and claim this. Wait till the airport comes up. It will be free for grabs.
    Wait TN may claim Ulsoor, HAL including the Airport and all of Bangalore East? Be prepared!

  24. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The seeming inaccessibility of the new airport is good for air traffic control. That aside, I am troubled by the KRV politicising the name issue. Why not call it Kannada Airport instead of Kempegowda airport? Or keep the advantages of the brand by calling it Bengaluru airport? Something of the kind has to be done before it is named for Emperor Devegowda or one of his progeny.

  25. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I think the real danger lies in keeping alive the ‘thoughts’ of Ravichandar. Next he will be telling us if you need an authentic railway experience, please steam away from Chennai Central station.

    What a luddite and a retard! I think he should join JD (S) at the earliest. Me thinks he is concerned that the value of real estate is going down in and around HAL airport and hence this feeble line of argument.

    As to others saying more the merrier and such like arguments, I would say yes keep the airport alive with some minimum staff. Just in case we need it during emergencies. It should be easy to do so given the proximity of ASTE and other airforce expertise.

  26. Madhukar Says:

    The government has grabbed enough land from farmers. It is not a big deal commuting 20 miles to the airport as the world passengers commute minimum 20 miles to their airports. 20M passengers commuting 2 hours to reach airport is not a hectic job when the farmers have lost their livelihood. These days business can be done and people can be reached (through e-mail, tele/video conference etc.,) sitting at their offices. It seems 80% of the travel is unnecessary or for recreation. People need to reduce their unnecessary travel. Employees are creating unnecessary travel just because companies are spending money.

    Affordable apartment/houses can be built using HAL land for the farmers and homeless instead of retaining one more airport. IT companies are acting like real estate agents without creating more middle level jobs for the locals.

    – Is there a single Indian company which owns their product?
    – Don’t we copycat products from foreign companies like IBM, CISCO, INTEL etc.,.?

    Brilliant people should concentrate on inventing new products and owning them than fighting for airports, roads and luxury.

  27. Byanna Says:

    Thank you for giving an opportunity to explain the reality.

    The painful truth of uprooting 1 million farmer families in the name of IT, BT infrastructure, just to generate a few IT jobs, the central government has misjudged & intervened to select the current upcoming International Airport location by discarding HD Devegowda’s opinion and without proper compensation / teaching survival skills to the farmers. This could lead to either farmer’s suicide or growth of anti-social elements.

    At this critical political junction, nothing could be more important than protecting farmer’s interest since 80% of the jobs are located in the farming sector in India and with the current severe food crisis in addition to environmental disasters. CM H.D Kumarswamy has done his best to provide infrastructure to the city, which I have heard the appreciation by the CEOs of MNCs.

    Grabbing land from the innocent farmers showed the special interest of Delhi politicians to make money from Karnataka as other states didn’t permit these politicians. It is also worse than what China is doing to its citizens. People are completely out-of-touch with the ground reality due to Indian mass media miscommunication. It is insane and anti-intellectualism to complain about the “supporter” of the innocent farmers. Ex-Prime-minister, H.D. DEVEGOWDAJI and his family is a God-gift to Karnataka people.
    Kempegowda is not a father or grand father of Devegowda – hope you know that.

  28. ramakrishna Says:

    A simple and yet a practical solution. Hand over the HAL airport for operation and maintenance to BIAL authorities itself. So that whatever loss of business they have been guesstimating will become irrelevant. They operate the HAL airport and they take all the profit proceeds. Let them enjoy the benefits, as well. With this there should be no hindrance for then to operate both the airports.

    BIAL, you have to rethink this about my option. A good one, indeed !!!!

  29. Byanna Says:

    After seeing the sufferings of the common people, we should give HAL airport to the people who lost their lands which will help them to get their basic neccessities.

    Whole world is watching and knows about the deaths/ suicide of poor people due to the poverty. For the sake of a very few Privileged people, we need not fight for the luxury of having two airports which will be a loss.

    I too travel frequently from here and I am ready to bear the extra time & money to accomodate the slum dwellers & farmers.

    “common sense is uncommon”.

  30. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Byanna AKA Ramesappa!

    Please see a specialist very soon! Even if we want to return the land from the old airport to farmers, they may get, I am afraid, land the size of langotis each. Are you sure you are still insisting on returning the land to farmers?:)

    I think the proper way to compensate these farmers is to force Dirty Devegowda and family to give up their millions of acres of benami holdings and return the land to the real ‘Vokkaligas’. Can you work on this cause please? Thanks!

  31. Santosh Says:

    Ravichandar,Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, NRN, Rakesh Mishra need to understand that you cannot have an International Airport right on the Top your House or Office. They think the elite IT lobby of Bengaluru resides only in South Bengaluru minus Hosur(Ha…Ha…Omigosh).Ravichander has gonna nutz…

    Ravichander has an Office on the present Airport road, which might not be called Airport road in future. So the missing tag ignites his passion to become a turncoat. We have enough and more turncoat’s in present day Karnataka politics. Join them and learn more about switching from promises not being fulfilled.

    Vested Corporate lobbies could not procure the much needed Land Bank in Devanahalli because of Sky rocketing prices. They got the land at dirt cheap price from farmers and did not make the farmers the stakeholders of the ventures they run. Now they want to play spoil sport at the nth minute of the inaugauration ceremony.

    IT/BT have not been inclusive with the rest of Karnataka and its a stark reality that stares at them.

    Guyz move on…. Lets have airport in other parts of Karnataka too and distribute equitable wealth across the state rather than restricting it to Bengaluru and Bengaluru alone.

    What if Hosur airport comes up ? This is a hypothetical question and the hypothetical answer is we can airports around Karnataka state within 150 KM radius. But of course not an Helipad or Airport on the top of Ravichandar,RK Mishra or Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s residence. They are certainly day dreaming.

  32. Doddi Buddi Says:

    BYanna where are you? I hope you are doing fine! Looks like Kannadigas have spurned the Gift from God. THey have shown the door to Kumaranna and Revanna and their dad Dirty Devegowda!:)

  33. dhirish momaya Says:

    well, for it corridor, residents of south bangalore, hosur airport will be a blessing, it will take only 20 minutes to reach hosur airport, as it is very ideally located

    new it park, sez in hosur, will benefit greatly, new generation people, youngsters will shift to hosur, as it is less polluted, less traffic, you get cheap labour, power, plenty of water, peaceful living too

    we learn that the work is going on in hosur airport, looks like some airlines will buy it out soonest. hosur airport will help private airlines too, as costs will be reduced, so consumers will get economy prices too, well , great, hoping for soonest opening at hosur

  34. lakman Says:

    Pl. dont fight for an airport. We are Indians. Can u stop the Air or sunrise or sunsets within ur boundaries. Is it possible to stop an aircraft from flying over hosur. Is it possible for u to choke the varathur lake drainage from flowing to hosur avalapalli dam. Is it possible to stop the Leyland trucks, bru coffee, titan watches, beautiful flowers, building sand from krishnagiri, tvs bikes, granites, tanishq jewellery and N no. of products which are being produced from Hosur. Be sensible before claiming such things.

  35. srini Says:

    Ya right, going by that hypothesis looks like this has become a contest of who can jump higher. The next thing Ravindra would be proposing is an airport in near Koramangala to counter the Hosur threat. Folks like him who lack an iota of aviation expertise/knowledge should do some research before posting such an article. And, great!! the resoning that other cities in the world have 2 airports so we should have 2 is downright ridiculous. I can argue ->
    Other cities abroad have
    -> excellent road networks with lots of high speed freeways/motorways.
    -> 24/7 good quality reliable electricity.
    -> 24/7 guaranteed good quality drinking water at the turn of a tap.
    -> excellent reliable sewage systems.
    Now do Indian cities in general have the above? Well, no, not even our National & financial capitals Mumbai & Delhi. Do I see an argument from folks like Ravindra on that? NO, I don’t!!

  36. Sudhir Says:

    I would like to see Hosur have a new airport. The primary use will be for Bangalore. The primary cost to TN. For once we can get a free ride.

    Please lets hope TN competes and puts up an airport for us at Hosur :-)

  37. Hariharan Says:

    Boss… great argument.. but
    I see a different problem here, if there is a Hosur airport, the biggest loss is to Karnataka. From an IT perspective if you have a great infrastructure like Airport near a ITPark “AND” if the rent/lease costs are damm cheap “AND” if the IT hub (Bangalore) is just 20KM away “AND” weather is good.

    I guess Bangalore will have to loose out couple of IT Gaints to Hosur.

  38. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    I think there should not be any new airports within the radius of 300 kms or so. Such rules should be formed and implemented.
    Building an airport at Hosur is a waste of money, resources and damages environment etc.

  39. rajesh saxena Says:

    Reconsider opening of HAL Old Bengaluru Airport – Does Govt read InstaBlogs

    Why the stance of the government is so rigid in not trying to re-open the old airport. They can make both the airports functional. Starting all domestic air flights from HAL Old airport and simultaneously halt at new Devanahalli New Airport. This way, it would help the public suffering the distance and the number of hours it requires to travel to the airport.

    Today, I missed my flight because of the distance I had to travel. Had the old airport been functional, I wouldn’t have had lost 2000 INR on cancellation of Return Trip. It is just ridiculous thing to have happened and at a time when it was most urgent for me to reach the destination in time and make a return trip the same day.

    You never know how many people would have grievances to express to the government but end up sitting quietly. Can a common voice reach the government. Initially, Bangalore people had opposed this decision which led to a decision of delaying the commencement of operations at the new airport. However, government refused to bow down to the public demands and were forced to travel 2 hours from the Old airport area.

    Is this government working in favour of public or it wants to reserve all the rights in their hands. Why are we voting in every elections – to select a chief minister of state who hears the public voices and makes sure he takes care of their day to day issues making their life easier.

    How does this argument fall in place that the new airport has invested lot of amounts on getting this setup. Airport high officials did not think otherwise, that in order to go ahead with their interests – it is the public that would only suffer.

    Can anyone take action on reconsidering the opening of Old airport. We dont mind the new airport operations but should have both airport access to the people staying nearest.

    Flight cancellation charges is so high that it only kills a persons pocket, leave aside the mindset. Whose fault it is, if a person is not able to board the flight on time. Bangalore is having 2 airports but think about the person staying the distance when he has to decide to start at 3 am early to reach the airport in time, to catch 6 am flight.

  40. dinesh Says:

    Hosur will not have an airport in near future, as there is a Salem airport near to it. iN FUTURE IF sALEM AIRPORT GETS NEW FLIGHTS, pEOPLE NEAR from E-City can try Salem air port(155km from E-CITY) DOABLE IN 2 HOURS BY cAR

  41. dinesh Says:

    Salem Airport—–Have a look guys. 160km from E-city. you can use it.

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