‘All terror can be traced to injustice, inequality’

Every terror attack, every serial blast, every suicide bombing—be it in Bali or Bombay; Manhattan, Malegaon or Madrid, London or Lumbini Park—elicits a pat, pavlovian response from non-Muslims. “Why don’t ‘moderate Muslims’ speak out against such atrocities?” “Why don’t ‘moderate Muslims’ condemn what is being done in the name of their religion?”

In one shot, an entire community is repeatedly and publicly placed in a petridish for its credentials to be inspected and initialled, unmindful of the fact that a vast majority are as innocent and as blameless as any other. Before long, the pseudo-patriots jump in, stereotyping and tar-brushing those who do not meet their requirements and laugh all the way to the votebank.

But how many non-Muslims bother to notice when “moderate Muslims” do actually speak up, speak out, and speak against what’s happening in no uncertain terms?



The recent serial bomb blasts in Jaipur that have claimed almost a hundred innocent lives and left more than thrice this number badly maimed and scarred, both physically and emotionally, need to be condemned as an unpardonable crime against humanity, irrespective of the motives behind them.

Although the exact identity of the perpetrators has not yet been established, going by the speculations that are being floated quite liberally it is very likely that these blasts, too, like many in the past, will eventually be linked to some frustrated Muslim groups.

As a Muslim let me admit that while every Muslim is certainly not a terrorist, sadly most terrorists today turn out to be Muslims.

Although Islam, without any attempt by Muslims to propagate it, is the world’s fastest growing religion, it is still much misunderstood on many issues. Unfortunately, it is in relation to the issue of terrorism that it is most misunderstood today as many people wrongly think that it is a religion that not only just tolerates but also encourages terrorism.

This view, although very wrong, does have some reasons for its origin.

It is true that largely due to the pressure of very peculiar and adverse circumstances, radical Islamic groups have emerged of late, which have been resorting to terrorist strikes now and then to draw world attention to their causes which have been long neglected by the rest of the world.

Due to the means these groups have chosen to address their problems and draw global attention to them Islam continues to be much misinterpreted and much misunderstood as a religion of war and fanaticism.

Today Islam evokes on one hand, visions of mystical poetry, great architectural beauty and orderly masses of humanity turning five times a day towards the Holy Kaaba and praying with the discipline of a military parade. On the other hand, it also evokes images of unruly mobs on the streets confronting bullets and battle tanks with stones and bricks.

Until very recently it evoked images of young men hijacking planes and attacking embassies and consulates. But today it consistently evokes images of human bombs that blow themselves up with visions of instant spiritual salvation, without the least regard for pleasure or pain.

If we examine closely the pathogenesis of terrorism it is not hard to find that every act of terror is traceable to a sense of injustice and inequality.

The unfair handling of the Palestine problem and the continuing disregard to the basic rights of the Palestinians and the unnatural appeasement of the Jews by the western superpowers is perhaps the single most important factor in history that spawned the monster of terrorism in the modern world. Yet this does not mean that the Palestinians and their supporters are justified in the means they have adopted to achieve their goals.

While it was Palestine that introduced terrorism to the rest of the world, it certainly was Kashmir that did it for us here in India. Most Kashmiri Muslims and others sympathetic to their cause, notably Pakistan, view India as an occupation force that has no justification to hold on to the state that we wish to retain as the crown of our country.

Many Indians too, including surprisingly non-Muslims like Lokanayak Jayaprakash Narayan and Arundhati Roy, have expressed similar sentiments on more than one occasion.

One state’s freedom fighter and martyr is another state’s traitor or terrorist, depending on which side of the fence you stand and therefore the use of violence by the state is as much and in fact a more heinous crime than the use of violence by aggrieved individuals under repressive regimes.

Similarly, the encouragement of many despotic rulers by the terrorism-sensitive superpowers and their non-interference in freeing the meek and the weak from their clutches smacks of gross double standards. Islam condemns this and although it allows the use of legitimate fore to protect ourselves from oppression, terrorism that targets the helpless and the innocent, is an act that can never be condoned, whatever may be the sense of frustration or justification in the minds of the perpetrators. Not even the plea that there was simply no other way will hold.

Due to its effectiveness, terrorism has today no doubt become the attention-drawing scream of all wronged people whose voices have been long suppressed by the so-called civilized nations. But let the Muslims and the non-Muslims alike understand that terrorism has no sanction in Islam whatsoever and therefore it can never become our weapon or even our means to draw attention to our problems or to achieve our goals.

Contrary to popular opinion, Islam is a religion that has at its core the concept of universal love, goodwill towards fellow human beings and tolerance towards other religions and faiths. Unlike the often over-painted picture of forcible conversions to its fold, history is replete with examples of incidents where people from the time of the prophet to the present day have turned to Islam voluntarily, touched by the fine ideals it has preached or by the exemplary character and conduct of its prophet.

While it may be necessary for Muslims by their behaviour and conduct to let these values become known to non-Muslims, it has become more essential to remind ourselves about how these should be the guiding principles in our own lives and in our interaction with the rest of the world.

Today, any exercise that helps to increase understanding between Islam and the world at large, with a view to easing the tensions that exist between the two, is not only worthwhile but also most essential.

Ongoing terrorism has now placed the greatest burden of doing two of the toughest possible things on the shoulders of educated mainstream Muslims. One, of letting the world know that Muslims too are guided by all the good that is enshrined in their religion and more importantly, of also letting the radicals among them know that any violent means to address our problems and frustrations have no place in a civilized world.

It is said that enlightened minds are the ones that have the vision to see beyond the unseen. I am glad that here in our city, Mysore, the Central Muslim Welfare Council which thankfully represents the voice of at least twenty broad-minded and progressive Muslim organisations has condemned this most recent act of terror.

I wish all Muslims, individually and collectively adopt and support this stand. This condemnation is what is most essential to at least initiate if not to effect a change in the attitude of indifference on the part of Muslims to what is happening in the world around them.

(K. Javeed Nayeem, MD, is a practising physician who writes a fortnightly column for Star of Mysore, where a shorter version of this piece originally appeared)

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39 Responses to “‘All terror can be traced to injustice, inequality’”

  1. dabbachurmuri Says:

    Injustice has always been the problem. Every time court gives out its judgment there is always one side which feels its voice was ignored. DOes that mean they have to strap themselves with bombs and blow innocents??? Moderate muslims are very fer and far in between. Muslim rulers have perpetuated loads of misery and death during their conquest of India….Palestine is no exception. If palestines feel they were driven out of their home land by Israel and hence justify the bombings that is absurd. Even in India Kashmir pandits were driven out by muslim radicals out of their home they did not become terrorists!!!! Its only with muslim population that even slightest of the injustice and they resort to terrorism and kill people in the name of religion. But no other terrorists in world use their religion to attract new cadres Ex: LTTE they don’t recruit people saying Hinduism is at stake hence bomb lanka and India but their action is not justified since they resort to kill innocents too. But HUJI/ISI do use religion and only religion to recruit people who blow them selves away!!!
    What moderate muslims should do ??
    1. Open up madarasas since many of them have become breeding grounds of terorists.
    2. Promote education and help community to get better jobs.
    3. Protest against political parties who use community as vote bank( sickular parties ) or punching bags ( communal parties ).

  2. pragmatic Says:

    I regard Javed’s inner voice. But can you explain, Dr. Javed,

    >> what injustice has been met to Muslims in India that it has resulted in terror attacks? India, since independence, has been giving the minority, high priority. Thanks to Congress vote bank politics. Despite this, why terrorist attack in India?

    >>Has any one declared fatwa against even a single terrorist till now?

  3. Chintaka Says:

    One more apology of an article for justifying the islamic terrorism. This piece of lies and abusrdities have again reposed my belief that there are no moderate muslims in this world. The degree of fanaticism varies. But at heart each and every muslim is a fundamentalist and fanatic.

    The misdeeds and misadventures of Nehru is haunting us like never before. Even his daughter, by stupidly agreeing for Simla Agreement, perpetutated his legacy. The continuous muslim appeasement in the name of vote bank politics has only made us suffer in the hands of these fanatics.

    What is the guarantee that we will not encounter such a scenario in Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore or in any other parts of our state? Hubli and the northern Karnataka is witnessing increase in the terrorist activities and our resident jokers like Gowda, Kharge etal, have issued a dictat that muslims should not be targetted. In a scenario like this where is the relief for the common man??

  4. kssomeswara Says:

    The American way of tackling terrorism is the catalyst for the terorist activities where people of muslim community in general is highlighted. Once their method is stopped we can find genuine answers to terrorism especially in our country. Also, the moderate muslims who are expressing themselves against terrorism is very meek and timid. Their influential group especially their clergymen should be influenced to discourage the people who are engaged in terrorist activities. Here the common man affected will not be of one religion but a mixed bag.

  5. V.R.Anil Kumar Says:

    Some things that bother non muslims about Islam.
    1.Does Islam accept plurality of religions?
    2.Isn’t religion a personal thing and doesn’t the concept of Ummah negate that?
    3.Hasn’t the Wahabi brand of Islam created havoc by its medieval practices such as not educating women etc.? Further augmented by money power of the Saudis to fund Madrassas many of whom preach radical Islam.
    4.Granted that majority of Muslims are peace loving and law abiding, isn’t it the duty of the Muslim polity to root out the minority radicals who bring such a bad name to Islam.
    5.Why is there such a brouhaha about blasphemy? Is there a deep seated inferiority complex?

  6. Narayana Says:

    Read Javed’s statement

    Although Islam, without any attempt by Muslims to propagate it, is the world’s fastest growing religion


    Growth of Islam is because of regressive views on population control, polygamy and undue importance to religion. There is every conceivable effort to increase the population!!

    Is there a tension among males in your religion? Polygamy is perhaps resulting in inequality. Rich marry 4 women, poor do not get a single woman so go on to become suicide bombers in search of 72 virgins. May be inequality you see in Islam is systemic. Polygamy was OK for a pillaging tribes of Arabia. But in civil society polygamy results in inequities. Problems are internal to Islam I believe.

  7. Narayana Says:


    Again, Palestine issue is very complex. Eye for an Eye make everyone blind.

    Muslims say Israelis have taken their land. Israelis say the land originally belonged to them. This is very similar to Rammandir.

    There is no point arguing over who is right. Give peace a chance and bury old conflicts. Both Jews and Muslims can live peacefully as they are doing so in Israel ( 16% of population of Israel is Muslim!!)

    Israel unilaterally withdrew from occuppied territories ( these were occuppied after 1967 war) but they got rockets from Lebanon instead!!

    The root cause of the problem is lack of democracy in middle east. Democracies gravitate towards peace. Theocracies gravitate towards fear mongering. That is the real cause for Palestine.

  8. Narayana Says:


    I honor your good intentions.

    But I have also provided criticism on your article where facts I believe were not represented correctly.

    I appreciate your call for denouncement of terrorist acts. That is how it should be.

    But the reasons for Inequality are systemic to Islam as I have mentioned in my other comments.

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I was wondering why Churumuri is publishing General Musharraf as one its columnists! Dr. Nayeem if this is the ‘healing touch’ you want to bring to the community, I am glad to say NO. Please “heal thyself”; Work on the injustices and frustration within your own community. Please don’t be mentally enfeebled by the line of argument taken by Pakistanis. At the end of your column I did not see you bothering about the wishes and aspirations of the so called ‘Kashmiri’ people wanting to join Pakistan joyously. I must thank Seshan in his infinite wisdom who made it mandatory to get the guns surrendered at local police stations before elections. Your delusions of grandeur and the inability to understand reality have led you to craft this piece of pathetic apology. Please fly to Jaipur and start provding the healing touch to the victims of the bomb blasts.

    Do you know I see no difference between you and Kafeel and Sabeel and Hanif–you are just waiting and ready to go off on some obscure impulse!

  10. verybleedingheart Says:

    What historical wrongs these jihadis are attempting to rectify by killing common people who go to the market to buy some stuff to eat? All these fellows who try to justify the jihadi cause never once try to justify why the innocent people should die. If they want let them fight it out with the army, police and the politicians with whom they want to settle scores. It is bizarre to paint the murderous jiahdis as the victims.

  11. wtf Says:


  12. rmbhat Says:

    When distributing THRISHULS is a patriotic act bombing became a protest. Why Modi killed innocents in Gujarath? Why not you people call Bajrang Dal, RSS as terrorist organizations?

  13. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I enjoyed reading Dr. Nayeem (as usual), but I don’t understand why he’s connecting two distinct issues — terrorist bombings and Islam’s propagation.

    Dr. Nayeem defends proselytization by attributing it to Islam’s inherent appeal — the “fine ideals it has preached or . . . the exemplary character and conduct of its prophet.”

    So what does that have to do with the terrorist bombings which he condemns? — Unless he is trying to defend proselytizing by fear of bombing, which I don’t think he is.

    Filhaal aap conphoosed dikhayi dete hain, Javedsaab.

  14. pragmatic Says:

    Rehmat Mullah Bhat aka RM Bhat, distributing trishulas was not meant to kill people [I personally dont support even that]. Enough has been said about Modi and Gujarat. Please shut your mouth on that issue. Bajrang Dal and RSS have not killed people. I dont subscribe to Bajrang Dal and its philosophies. But RSS is a social organisation. The only organisation which has been helping the people affected by natural calamities – be it Gujarat and Latur earthquakes, be it Tsunami, Andhra floods, Orissa famine. And be it terror acts. More than 200 RSS workers have volunteered for serving the injured people, not even looking at their caste or religion, in the recent terror attack in Jaipur. Go and do a day’s service to know what it really takes to be a Swayamsevak.

    This is what great people had to say about RSS. I bet, you cannot contest these facts. And I am no member of RSS!

    When I visited the RSS camp, I was very much impressed by your discipline and the complete absence of untouchability.
    – Mahatma Gandhi at the RSS rally, Delhi 16.9.1947

    In the Congress those who are in power feel that by virtue of authority they will be able to crush the R.S.S. By “danda” you cannot suppress an organization. Moreover “danda” is meant for thieves and “dakus”. Using of “danda” will not help much. After all, R.S.S. men are not thieves and dacoits. They are patriots. They love their country.
    – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in a public meeting, Lucknow 6.1.1948

    I am surprised to find the Swayamsevaks moving about in absolute equality and brotherhood without even caring to know the caste of the others.
    – Babasaheb Ambedkar at Pune Camp, May 1939

    The allegations against RSS of violence and hatred against Muslims are wholly false. Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, co-operation and organization from RSS.
    – Dr. Zakir Hussain

    Yours is a revolutionary organization in the forefront of social transformation taking place today. You alone have the capacity to end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor.
    – Jayaprakash Narayan at RSS public function, Patna 3.11.1977

    The name of RSS is a household word for selfless service all over the country.
    – Koka Subba Rao, Rtd. Chief Justice of Bharat, 25.8.1968

    RSS has played an honourable role in maintaining Hindu-Sikh unity before and after the murder of Indira Gandhi in Punjab, Delhi and other places.
    – Khushwant Singh in Sunday Column

  15. Harsha Says:

    >>When distributing THRISHULS is a patriotic act bombing became a protest.>>

    Did anyone use these THRISHULS to kill people? Any incidents reported from across the world?
    On the other hand, bombing by islamic terrorists has killed scores of people..around the world.

    >>Why Modi killed innocents in Gujarath?>>
    Really? Modi had no other work but to go on a killing spree…And if you bring up Modi, why not bring up the issue of all the muslim invaders who murdered Indians?

    >>Why not you people call Bajrang Dal, RSS as terrorist organizations?>>

    Whe Bajrang Dal, RSS will bomb people, let it be declared terrorist organizations. Until then, they are not!

    Just a curious question…Are you a konga (See how you spell gujarat as “gujarath”)

  16. Harsha Says:

    Another article filled with usual bogies
    Let us see,

    1. Author assumes that recent bombings will be attributed to Islamic terrorists. Why should he come to a conclusion even before investigations are over, only he can tell. Is it the case of “kumbaLakaayi kaLLa andre hegalu muTTkonda”

    2. “Islam, without any attempt by Muslims to propagate it, is the world’s fastest growing religion”
    Islam has never grown passively. Even in the past it has always increased it’s numbers by force.

    3. “many people wrongly think that it is a religion that not only just tolerates but also encourages terrorism”
    Please. No one “thinks” that islam encourages terrorism. We “believe” it…the proof being supplied constantly by the muslim terrorists themselves. And that too, on a world wide basis!

    4. “every act of terror is traceable to a sense of injustice and inequality”
    This is the crux of this post…Inevitably you guys have to cry “injustice” and end up invoking Palestine, Israel, and Kashmir!!!
    Optional: Babri masjid, Bombay and Gujarat incidents!
    How many times you are gonna give the same old shit? Babri happened almost 16 years ago, Bombay 15 years and Gujarat 6 years ago! You still want to justify the heinous acts of mass murderers by claiming “injustice” and “inequality”. Pray do tell us in which way India was responsible for Palestine? Why bring up Palestine and mask the issue of home grown muslim terrorists? Why keep clinging to same old issues? At least, get some new justifications..it will be interesting to read!

    You could have summed up your post by just claiming point 4…that’s all the pathetic excuse you can give! And you complain that we should listen to “moderate muslims”. When the so called “moderate muslims” justify, rationalize or support (even in principle..forget the logistic support) the acts of terrorists you lose your right to criticize the junta in viewing you with suspicion.

    It’s solely your and your community’s responsibility to show the non-muslims that you do believe in peace and these terrorists are just “misguided youth”. We non-muslims cannot take it upon ourselves to go through the trouble of understanding you…Wake up and stand firm. Show us that your religion stands for “peace”..Else why should we care?

    5. “One state’s freedom fighter and martyr is another state’s traitor or terrorist, depending on which side of the fence you stand and therefore the use of violence by the state is as much and in fact a more heinous crime than the use of violence by aggrieved individuals under repressive regimes”

    Good lord….you are saying India is suppressing muslims? And if you don’t mean India why the hell you bring up this BS? If you believe that these terrorists are martyr’s then you are not a moderate muslim as you claim but a clear traitor to the country!!!

    6. “Contrary to popular opinion, Islam is a religion that has at its core the concept of universal love, goodwill towards fellow human beings and tolerance towards other religions and faiths”

    Don’t talk..SHOW us this. Issue fatwa against the terrorists…Cry out loudly against them. Ask your friends, javed akhtar, shabana azmi, teesta peesta to condemn terrorists and their actions. Until then the non-muslims (not only in India..but through out the world) will not believe you. Why should we if you keep bombing and killing people?

    7. “Unlike the often over-painted picture of forcible conversions to its fold”
    There is nothing “over-painted”..It’s been recorded fair and proper. Please don’t mislead people!

    8. “examples of incidents where people from the time of the prophet to the present day have turned to Islam voluntarily, touched by the fine ideals it has preached or by the exemplary character and conduct of its prophet.”

    If they have, then it’s good for them. It has nothing to do with the context here. We are not here to judge the popularity contest of Islam or debate what it stands for. If muslims take it’s doctrine and bomb innocent non-muslims, then the responsibility to show us that it doesn’t lies on you “moderate muslims”.

    At the end of day, I am not opposing muslims.. I have many a close muslim friends who will just do their work and get on with their life….but the voices of them is not loud and clear. Get the prominent muslims like shabana, javed akhtar, teesta and others to condemn the blasts..then your sincerity will not be questioned.

  17. Poli Hudga Says:

    A Logical extension of the kind of thoughts expressed above are like, ISLAM is bad for Mankind & it should be banned ? or followers of it be subjected to holocast ? Why we dont drown entire Indian muslim population in arabian sea or bay of bengal ? Why dont we deport all muslims to pakistan or afghanistan ? ……

    Stop acting like children …. that somebody didn’t oppose something or somebody isn’t moderate … every religion has its own problems & solutions … Targeting ISLAM for this is something like targeting brahmins for caste system in India. Targeting a religion or its people is what a coward would do.

  18. Harsha Says:

    @poli huduga
    Dayavittu nimma “logical extensions”-na hege derive madidri anta heLidre……keLi punya kattkotivi
    And we promise also not act like “children” and become more mature like esteemed yourself!

    “Targeting ISLAM for this is something like targeting brahmins for caste system in India. ”

    Ellinda ellige sambandha swamy! No one is targeting islam….only the terrorists and their supporters who act in the name of islam. Now if organization after organization invokes islam as their ideological basis, either there is something wrong with religion or its followers. I believe it is the latter….but then again, I could be wrong.

    “that somebody didn’t oppose something or somebody isn’t moderate”

    No one is whining that “moderate muslims” are not condemning…it is they who are crying out loud that their voice is being “ignored” by the media and non-muslims. Now we have reached a point where we simply don’t care whether the terror acts are opposed or not…all we want is our govt to take firm action against terrorists and sympathizers…

    “every religion has its own problems & solutions”
    Yaaru illa andoru…but you don’t see followers of other religions advocating or supporting terrorism unlike muslims.

    “Stop acting like children”
    I would say, stop apologizing on behalf of terrorists….swalpa kahi questions keLidakke navu “children” tarah aaDtiva? Imagine someone from your family was a victim…then would you had told your grieving and angry relatives not to behave like “children” ?

    “Why dont we deport all muslims to pakistan or afghanistan ? ……”
    In fact, it is an excellent suggestion….Didn’t occur to me (nor my fellow logicians)! Thanks for ideas….

  19. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    My compliments to Harsha. You have given a good summary.

    It was sad to see the head line that all terrorism can be traced to injustice and inequality.

    We in India there are many who have seen injustices and inequalities. If all of them take recourse to terrorsim, what will happen? It is true that a tiny minority in the shape of “Naxalism” is taking recourse to such terrorist staregy. But no one is justifying it. Every one is condemning it.

    What we need is an unqaulified condemnation of all kinds of terrorism by each and every citizen of India irrespective of religion, and ideology. It is just a start. We need far more than that. We need to build brdges of understanding between religions on a massive scale. Just tolerance is not enough. We need to understand each other without trying to claim superiority over one another. The worst thing we can do is to learn about a religion from the eye of a terrorist as is happening today. How can Osama teach any thing about Islam? Can a fundamentalist teach Hindu religion?

  20. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Wah, Harshabhai, wah.

  21. Anonymous Guy Says:

    What is the attitude of an Indian muslim towards the concept of family planning? What are the thoughts of the religious leadership? Does family planning (i.e. a couple not having more than 2 children), come in conflict with any religious diktats. Or is it the same as any other religion – you have more children due to ignorance and poverty (or because you are a brute like Laloo Prasad Yadav) and not any subtle religious pressure or teachings?

    Not asking this in disrespect – but this is a important issue for all Indians whatever their religion, and going forward if there is a shortage of resources due to overpopulation, there will be consequences based on where people stand. As such our government doesn’t seem to consider this a priority issue anymore, but once they are forced to – this will inevitably become another bone of contention.

  22. Poli Hudga Says:

    @Harsha putta,

    Neeve chiltari hudgru antha opkondmele nanna kelsa innu simple aythu. Yestu simple agi, nayavagi facts helidru nimge arthane agalla, … adakke my grow up statement still stands good.

    1.) Points mele points aki ISLAM is not a progressive antha proove madoke try madtha idira …. Neevella so called most progressive religion (Hinduism) inda bandu Caste system itkondira, Sati System itkondira, Child Marriage innu madkonthirelri ….. Idanne itkondu naanu “ALL” Hindus are castiest bigots, Fanatic arseholes with slightest regard to fellow (dalits)human beings antha helidre naanu nimtharane chikka hudga agthini. ITs Utter nonsense and ridiculous to say & equate … SOME = ALL. All I want you to remember is Some Bad people in your locality doesnt make your Family terrorist.

    2.) Government not taking action is altogether a different point, its because all along the goverments we have elected have terribly disappointed us. Congress with its retrograde policy wants appease some sections, BJP implements a cosmetic act like POTA & provides free air travel to the same terrorists it caught … The Common man is biggest loser for electing such Iconic Morons.

    As I have said previously on terrorism, Its a macro problem which cannot be solved by governments or individuals or some ACTs … its got to do with society, be it Naxalism or ISLAM religion for now. As far as ISLAM is considered its still evolving as a religion (so are others like hinduism) … In current scenario the power centers of ISLAM religion is basically with Fundamentalist religious leaders …. with resurgence in Islamic Economies and population … I hope it doesn’t get worser …. But I am sure alternative power centers of moderation & tolerance will again raise & protect ISLAM from Fundamentalism/terrorism.

    3.) “Stop apologizing on behalf of terrorists ???” … wtf .. when did I try and why should I do that? Imagination business is not mine, I just think …. Why should I imagine that someone from my family was a victim of terrorism …god forbid such a thing happened … could you Imagine yourself being a victim of Gujrat Genocide. Feels Great isnt it?

    Okay, I am a naive guy who just gave off some money to the victims of terrorism…I apologize profusely. Please suggest me what else I can do, I would really love to do something good/worthwhile for victims.

    4.) Don’t remember me those times … I had to deal with such moronic Suggestions & fanatic Imaginations on a daily basis when I was with a so called hindu social organization some one referred above for 7-8 long years.

  23. Dirt Digger Says:

    Someone forwarded me a link to this blog to read the arguments of “sensible Muslims”. There are some generic statements which have little logic.
    Like Nayeem’s statements justifying terrorism with,
    “If we examine closely the pathogenesis of terrorism it is not hard to find that every act of terror is traceable to a sense of injustice and inequality.”
    Mr. Nayeem so is murder.
    Another statement reads,
    “Contrary to popular opinion, Islam is a religion that has at its core the concept of universal love, goodwill towards fellow human beings and tolerance towards other religions and faiths.”
    This is true only if the fellow human beings happen to be Islamists, other religions be damned. If Islam is such a beautiful religion then how come there is little tolerance of other religions in any Islam ruled country?
    Condemning is just one part of the equation. Cleaning up the religion is the important part which should be addressed next.

  24. Shantarama Says:

    To Poli Huduga,

    Never found a better apologist for the Mullah brigade than you.

    You talk of Sati System, Caste System and Child Marriage to offer an apology for Jihadi Suicide bombers. Great. Please let me know any Hindu organization which supports Sati System and Child Marriage. Also please let me know from the Organizational Manifestos of RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal as to when they have supported Caste System.

    Best of luck with your support to your Suicide Bombers. Suicide Bombers never discriminite between Dalits and Caste Hindus. Thats the equality of Islam.

  25. Madhukeshwar Says:

    oh Poor terrorists. I feel so sorry for them. They have been victimized so badly that they want to blow up these people in Jaipur.
    Why even Sabeel, Kafeel and Muhammad Haneef who are from the upper middle class locality of Banshankari and BTM layout couldnt stand the oppression. When Isralis bulldozed Palestinaian houses and the US bombed and smoked the talibans from their holes, how could Kaleef and Sabeel keep quiet. The doctor and the Phd student did the right thing. Unfortunately noone died in the Galsgow bombings. Their righteous indignation and suffering is something which we demonic Hindus has to really understand. Especially the criminals like RSS, BJP and VHP. THey should accept the killings of people in Japipur and keep quiet. After all the Dhimmis are lesser mortals. How dare they raise a voice against these indignated terrorists who are victims and the oppressed.

  26. wtf Says:


    You are a pacca cheddi according to Poli Huduga.

  27. N Says:

    Whatever happens to others, your mask is off Mr. Javed. You are no moderate. You are just a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    Let me ask you this. How many SC/STs have blown up and killed people indiscriminately like your co-religionists do? Or how many Brahmins blew themselves up and killed SC/STs after reservations were announced?

    When Hindu rights are trampled in Malaysia or in Pakistan how many Hindus killed Muslims here?

    Kashmir did it for us? How many Pandits were killed? So shouldnt Hindus be rightfully angry? Or go back a little further – Direct Action day? Mughal rule? Man, Hindus here have every right to be pissed off.

    You, really take the cake on hypocrisy.

  28. wtf Says:


    Welcome to the cheddi club.

  29. mayura Says:

    Another taqiyah article by a muslim apologist. Nobody is surprised by the usual banter of jewish conspiracy, western domination, palestinian cause, inequality and subjugation, and for a good measure throw in the Kashmir problem, conveniently forgetting the pandits were the one at the receiving end. Not all muslim are terrorists but all terrorists have been muslims so far. And WTF has palestine issue have to do with serial bombing in jaipur.

    All of us at some point in our life have faced injustice and opression in one form or another. Can the learned doctor explain why we did not choose to strap a belt bomb and walk into a night club with no intention of dancing


  30. dabbachurmuri Says:

    looks like there is fight b/w chaddi brigade and a brigade which hates chaddi :)

  31. madhyadalliellidli Says:

    fight idre irlir bidi … nimdenu hogodu….constructive comments idre kodi .. caangress tara idakku layakilla adakku upyoga illa hange aadbedi.

  32. Anonymous Guy Says:

    The cheddis like to call the brigade anyone who critiques them ‘pseudo-secularists’.

  33. Not an Anonymous Guy Says:

    The cheddis like to call the brigade anyone who criticizes them ‘pseudo-sickularists’.

  34. shantarama Says:

    Cheddis like to remove the Kaccha of the Jehadis and their apologists expose them in all their nakedness.
    Proud to wear my Chaddi.

  35. Hiker Says:


    Looks like congress too is trying to get the Bangladeshi votes!

  36. P. Carrot Says:

    copycat congress.

  37. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    Javed Nayeem:

    So, let Hindus start counter Jehad against Muslims in J&K, Bangladesh, Pakistan? Huh?



    Questions on Palestine to Naeem:


    1. Why does NAeem care about Palestine? And not about poverty, education of Indian Muslims? Or womens mistreatment?

    2. Indian Muslims living in present day India – UP, Bihar, Central India, demanded Pakistan . Pakistan was not demanded by those who presently live in Pakistan.



    5. Less number of people were driven out from Israel when compared with massacre of minorities in Pakistan, or in Kashmir.



    Cultural roots of Islamic terrorism:


    [ Author is a Pakistani Analysist]

    “….We continue to live in the cultural and historical world of conquerors, conquests, and invading hordes and heroes. Much of this subjective world has been shaped by celebratory historical narratives of Muslim invaders and the practice of asserting religious superiority over other religious categories.”





    Here is another newitem from no less than the Hindu !!


    “Radicalism, support for Sharia strong in UK varsities: study
    London (PTI): A third of British Muslim students believe killing in the name of Islam can be justified and support the creation of a world wide caliphate or Islamic state, a study indicated on Sunday. ”


  38. Karmic reaction Says:

    For all of you who think Islam teaches peace: http://www.faithfreedom.org

    Please leave Islam and become human beings again. You people were not demons always. It all started with a pedophile called Muhammed brainwashing a major section of barbarians by teaching them to justify what they did well (killing people). And today’s terrorists still follow this. Islam is just a killing cult.

  39. Karmic reaction Says:

    Some people make ridiculous statements like: “…history is replete with examples of incidents where people from the time of the prophet to the present day have turned to Islam voluntarily, touched by the fine ideals it has preached or by the exemplary character and conduct of its prophet…” which are downright laughable. Here’s why:

    The primary reason why there are so many muslims in the world and in India is because Islam favors reproduction. Yes. Reproduction is at the heart of Islam (and not Universal love, brotherhood… what crap!). This reproductory-tactic to spreading of religion is astoundingly innovative. Get the orgy as well as spread the religion… one stone-two hits! In 2 decades, muslims will form the dominant tribe in India and you hindus will be treated the way Pakistan hindus are treated today. Hell, India will be an Islamic republic. Just imagine: Islamic republic of India… just like Islamic republic of Iran of today.

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