On humble earth, God proposes, Gowda disposes

From television studios in Delhi to advertising agencies in Bombay—and the drawing rooms of Bangalore—unanimous conclusions are being reached over caviar and foie gras that Haradanahalli Doddegowda Deve Gowda is the kaddi in the Karnataka kabab. But can the former prime minister be written off so easily, exit poll or no exit poll?

Photograph: via V.R. Chandar

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50 Responses to “On humble earth, God proposes, Gowda disposes”

  1. Andy Says:

    Deve Gowda is simply indispensable to the political system in Karnataka. He may be hated, humiliated and made butt of jokes but he will play a crucial role on government formation.

    BJP and Cong realise this truth bloody well and therefore have not dared to indulge in personal attacks on HDG..Just in case you need his blessings on May 26.

  2. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    If there were no jaathi politics, would this illiterate thug be as powerful as he is today?

  3. Madhukar Says:

    Dear Andy,

    You are exactly right. Also Devu is a founding father of modern Karnataka. Wait a minute, KMF is on its way.

    HDG pholosphy is “take any insult as a compliment”. Any underprivileged class should abide by this to come up in life.

  4. Odd-man-out Says:

    Can he be called ‘necessary evil’ of Karnataka politics?

  5. Bengaloremanja Says:

    There are hardwaorking people in every industry and in every field.Bottlenecks never worries them ,they take it as a challenge. Remember they are always focussed.Similarly Devegowda is always focussed.His strength is hism caste also apart from his rural base. Is not Yediyurappa using his caste. Jaffer sheriff & Cm Ibrak\him is also using his caste.Why single out gowda. He stays focussed and trying to come out of the present situation.His real test is next GElections in 2009.Present is firefighting and consolidation.Test it on 25th May .He & his perty is needed for Govt.formation.

  6. Janasamanya Says:

    I wish it comes true.

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    To say Devegowda capitalises on caste politics is not to absolve the rest of the same sin. Casteism is the greatest curse ever laid on Indian society. Look at the seemingly equality promoting religions practise it. If the Congress wins and Sonia Gandhi makes Kharge our chief minister, it won’t be because of his intellect or ability to serve us well. Also look at the many Karnatakas that have come into being since 1956–Lingaayatha Karnataka, Vokkaliga Karnataka, Dalitha Karnataka, Kuruba Karnataka, etc.

    That Gowda can pursue his goals singlemindedly is indisputable. They are his goals, not of Karntakans or Kannadigas. Therein lies the rub.

    I am not much of an admirer of Kuvempu, but I do give him great credit for saying that we have to terminate our affiliation with temple, church, and mosque to evolve as humans.

  8. Anonymous Guy Says:

    It is a little strange – Deve Gowda is drawn with his normal skin color, which the other politicians around him are of the same milky complexion as the Amul girl. Betraying the mentality of the ad-agency moron who thought this one up?

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I want to play it safe…but what a nice cartoon! X Guy, what this means is only Gowda is real and the rest are cartoon characters:) Are you happy now?

  10. Byanna Says:

    Some people don’t know to recognise the good of a person. They always think or search for the bad things of another person. Ondu kuri bidre, ella kurinu hallakke bithanthe. Media says, everybody believes it. Media needs to sell their papers and make money………who knows this.

    Why don’t people search for the “elephant” on their plate instead of searching the “ant” in Devu’s plate.

    Why leave out Brahmin Karnataka ……oh….they may not have the affinity towards their own state dear pulikeshi.

    “All white is not MILK”.

    Tendencey of any person is to like the “white/milky white etc.,………..but they don’t know what all could be behind this whilte or milky white !!

  11. Madhukar Says:

    Dear Buddi/Pulikeshi,

    It is not caste issue, it is race issue. Banna ree Banna, bilupu, ree bilupu in the entire world. Namma-nammali yake kittata, horaata irodu delhi nalli. Namma jeevana eerodu delhi avara kaili.

    Madave agoru banna nodthare, rajkiyadoru banna nodthare, kelsa koduni banna nodthare horadisahadalli. Navenu south africa hogonva or Tamil nadge hoganva?

    Delhi avarige bilupu beku ree, kappa jana alli-thanka hogokka bidalla, Yavagly kelakke yelitha ne irthare.

    namkintha, tamilnad ge chennagi gothhu e vishya. That is they protect regiional party.

  12. thoughtwudmail Says:

    As Mr.Pulikeshi (THE LITERATE) says HDD is not illiterate, get your facts right and talk people, as you might all be professionals in your so called fields I think he is a through professional in his field (which is known as politics) and he knows how to play and is damn good at it.

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Ree Madhukar,

    Regional party in Karnataka is good but we don’t want a DMMP (Devegowda Matthu Awana Makkala) party!

    Can’t you take a joke? Look at Devegowda–yaawaglu kaiyenney kudidha haage awan mukha iruthhey!

    One more thing…by opposing roads like NICE Dirty Devegowda is denying the chance for Kannadigas to become more entrepreneurial. That is something that ole retard will never understand because he has suddenly discovered the virtues of a local regional party. Unfortunately for him some of us seem to have our heads on our shoulders unlike others,,,:)

  14. Madhukar Says:

    Delhi politicians are trying to rule Karnataka politics as they are meant for racisim. An x Prime Minsiter from karnataka rejected the support from Vajpayee to continue as a Prime Minsiter to reatin his secualr ideas.

    Instead of Kamraj becoming Prime Minsiter, they prefered India Ghandhi by trickking Nijalingappa. Think about PV Narsimha rao, they didn’t even allow to crimate his body in Delhi.

    What a sad story for south Indians and does this racism ends some day? or Do we allow them to dominate us forever?

  15. Boring journalist Says:

    You may rile or praise him. But you cannot simply ignore him. You have admire him for the sheer guts and determination in pursuing the path that he thinks which serves his political personal interests well. I do not think that anybode else in Karnataka has the kind of raw guts that Gowda has displayed over the decades in Karnataka. Ramakrishna Hegde lost the race for upward movement in politics, mainly because he had not the kind of guts that Mr Devegowda had. Many people prefer to throw in towel at the first sign of their political plans going awry. But not Devegowda. In a way he is better than Devaraj Urs in a way. The only person who could stand some comparision was the late K H Patil, the father of H K Patil. BUt the essential difference between him and Patil is that Gowda is not averse to hitting somebody below the belt if occasion demanded and can afford to be mean. But Patil was not.
    Another trait of Gowda is that he is pitable when out of power but insufferable when in power.

  16. Anonymous Guy Says:


    I thought the Amul girl lived!

    Wish the politicians were imaginary.

    BTW the Amul ads, check out the ones from the 70s and 80s and tell me you didnt feel any nostalgia :)

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:


    About northies and their racism and feelings of some kind of superiority – you are bang on the target. I have seen this time and again esp. when they discuss about ‘south indians’ or ‘madrasis’ among themselves. And unlike anywhere else in the world, they seem to be open about expressing this too. Added to it – their disregard for family planning and general disregard for the law, gives them a definite edge (superiority?) in our democratic system.

    Our hatred for one of our own politicians who has gone over to the dark side, shouldnt blind us to this reality.

  18. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    Is our lord and master DG represented as dark because there is no metaphoric equivalent for black as denoting unadulterated evil?


    Sayebre, banna maththe race eradu onde alla. If you feel so blessed that our DG supposedly rejected Vajpayee’s help, tell me why he would join hands with the BJP in his own land. I mean our land. Gowdru all these said the JDS was a national party. Now that he realises that there is not the chance of a snowball in hell of his becoming PM again or Rashtrapathi, he babbles about the need for a regional party using his son as his mouthpiece.

    All this tear shedding notwithstanding, I cannot help dreaming of DG as Rashtrapathi, HDK as Prime M, Revanna as CM. Yes, dark skinned people must rule India as well as Karnataka. There is no better family than the Haradana Halli haidaru to perform that laudable function. Then we can say to the northies, quite a large number of whom darker than we aadikarnatakas, “ham kaale hai to kya hua, dilwale hain.”


    Literacy is a little more than being able to read and write; it is more than the ability to hoodwink people. I equate it with “jnaana” which can come only through “saadhane.” Let Gowdru demonstrate the trait and I will worship at his feet, as will the rest of us poor folks.

    DB and AG,

    Let’s welcome Byanna to our forum. As somebody has already said, he is as close to a clone of Dr. Ramesappa as we can get. After the departure of Mriganayani/PN, (was AG responsible for that happening?), we will have no one to keep our wits exercised if we don’t have the Ramesappas in our midst.

  19. Anonymous Guy Says:


    About PN – what did I do? I just pointed out the mriganayani and PN were one and the same. It isnt unusual on online forums, you find people going in under a second nick and praising/arguing with themselves. And as such, I liked her point of view and would agree with a lot of what she wrote. I believe no one really departs a forum, they just come back with some other nick. Hope PN and Dr. Ramesh (especially!) are well and among us albeit under different pseudonyms!

  20. babuds Says:

    Gowdara gaddala vannu ondu kadege bittu, Bannada vishayakke bandare, ee bannada kobbu north south antha bittu namma deshadalli yella ‘banna vantharigoo’ ide. Katthe bannadavanu kage bannadavanigintha meriyutaane.

    Ee bannada kobbu briteesharu namage kotta varagalalli ondu ira bahudu. Athavaa adakke munchene ideyo? Puraanagalalli Neela megha shyaama antha kappu bannada krishnanige dodda peethavanne kottarallave? Andare, ee bannada kobbu itteechina vishayavandu hela bahude?

    Why talk about northies? Show me one goergeous dark complexioned heroine in any Kannada, Telugu or Tamil film. Even if one is on the verge of being called dark, that lady will be painted with half bucket of make-up. In this age of maximum exposure southie film makers are going for pale skinned northern ladies as heroines for the films, as they need not waste make-up material on their midriffs, thighs, etc. apart from face. We can not find fault with them as they are into serious gambling activity called movie-making.

    Let alone Cinema be but what about TV? Apart from anchors, news readers, reporters, even the invited experts such as analysts and commentators have to be as fair as “fair and lovely”. Does it mean that dark skinned Indians are a bit low on mental faculties or simply retards?

    I have not seen any high ranking dark skinned executive in private sector, unless one is a direct stake holder in the enterprise. But I have seen many dark complexioned IAS and other government officers, who are as efficient or inefficient as their fairer colleagues. likewise politicis accept members and leaders without color discrimination.

    Except in politics and government, I feel there is a strong discrimination, though covert, based on skin complexion in our country.

  21. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I am tickled to think of the time when PN posted a note thanking Mnayani for her support. I have a feeling that she is back as Subbulakshmi, punning on our usually prolific TS.

  22. Madhukar Says:

    Dear Pulikeshi,

    I am very happy to read your responses. I am from Chamarajpet living in San Diego/USA, following politics from my childhood even though I personally didn’t get into politics. I was also in Kannada movement and I am not biased for any caste. I believe in Kuvempu ideas.

    I just happened to know politics as I have met most of the politicians in Delhi & KA when was in India. I also generally read lot of news around the world. People say that i have a wealth of information and call me as a database.

    So, I want to make it very clear that I am not a Rameshappa – by the way who is this Rameshappa?

    We Indians are getting bad names since Gujarathi merchants exploited Africans and other countries. Now, Modi and company is doing the same thing to Karnataka people. Here in US race is color.

    At this juncture of political crisis, we need a strong southern leader. Please tell me who can represent south in Delhi platform as a strong leader?

    Karunanidhi is hospitalized, Karunakaran is immobilized, Chandrababu Naidu (?) is not agreeable to KA. I am sure about his CB Naidu’s capabilities.

    In politics there is no permanent friend or an enemy (that is why it is called Rajaneethi). “A real King never had friend” – Machiavelli.

    If all of the intellectuals like you give second thoughts about HDD, anything will be possible.

  23. suri Says:

    H D D and Family are Pests and best avoided. The ad guys has only tried to present them is a more decent manner. The family has made Thousands of Crores from Land scams and other dubious Deals and it is time they are put behind bars for the rest of their time on this Humble Earth.If Zardari was nicknamed Mr 10 % for the deals he brokered , this FAMILY should be named as GOWDRU %& Co 25 % Stake Holders.

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I will never tire of saying we don’t want DMAMP (Devegowda Matthu Awana Makkala Party). I am all for KRV as the political party for Karnataka!! Here is a missing record from your database: Your hero Dirty Devegowda sold his RS seats to MAM Ramaswamy and BPL Chandrashekar. Now can you explain the logic behind this sale? Don’t try to things like Dirty Devegowda needed cash to build the party and so on:)

  25. krishna Says:

    Devegowda is first a Gowda, then he is from Karnataka and then he is an Indian , so you know what his priorities are. He has mastered the art of political blackmailing and unfortunately the strong Vokkaliga community has no alternative leader to challenge his rationalistic politics. Since the last 20 year I have been seeing how the community as such is losing its virtues and values thanks a lot to vermin’s like HDK and sons. People of the state will reap what they sow if they do elect HDK and sons they better be prepared to suffer.

    First lets clean up our act here in South India before we talk of going and controlling Delhi.

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:

    ‘X’ Guy,

    Thanks for the Amul link. It is very nice!

  27. Madhukar Says:

    Dear Buddi,

    idenry hos-kathy buddi.
    – BPL chandrashekar is Advani’s & Anathakumar’s right hand. They might have accommodated to build BJP in Kerala, the birth place of Shankaracharya. RS seats are not as honorable as they use be in politics since, lots of youth congress leaders once considered as rowdies, are nominated.
    – Idenu andre TP Kailasam yaru, VS Krishn Iyer yaru, Ramswamy Iyengar yaru, Harnalli Ramaswamy yaru, VT Valu yaru andenge aayathu. It is like what is the relationship between Karnataka and these people. Like that, don’t you think accommodating MAM Ramaswamy in RS is a great thing?
    – MAM R family is like JDR Tata family in North India. The present finance minister Chidambaram is also a legacy of MAM family. How money can play in this level?

  28. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Ree Madhukar,

    I think you have totally lost your senses! Are you a crypto Konga or else you are proving Dirty Devegowda to be a ‘wannabe Konga’???!!!

    The rest of the so-called Tamils you have mentioned have done yeoman service for Kannada and Karnataka, man! Get your facts straight–are you sure you are called a database by your equally educated friends!!? You sound more like a freshly formatted HDD (Harddisk Drive). From what you claim, why bendover to hard core Kongas like MAM and Chidu and the like? BTW what is VT velu’s contribution? Please enlighten me. He was only one of the many Mudaliars who got rich doing deals with the British Army of the yore. I don’t think accommodating MAM was a great thing. How about URA? Much I don’t admire his viewpoint at least he is a Kannadiga of great merit.

    Now do you see why we all thing Devegowda is a retard!!

  29. madhukar Says:

    Don’t get bored dear Journalist.

    That is why HDD could become a CM and PM while KH Patil did not become either CM or PM. Another reason, KH Patil could not be a CM, is due to North Karnataka political immaturity and pity politics, which is sad thing. “Opportunity never knocks second”. If HDD didn’t have a thick skin, he would not have achieved his goal and Karnataka wouldn’t have been respected by Delhi. However, HDD has taken lots of leaves from late KH Patil books.

  30. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Another difference between RKH and DG is that RKH was the one who started selling off large parts of Bangalore to North Indians. Even RKH’s daughter Mamta Nichani is married to a Northie ‘business’ personality in Bangalore. On the other hand most of the selling DG has done has been to his own family.

  31. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    In discussing Devegowda’s rise, we should not forget the role that bhakti has played in his endeavours. He is one of the greatest bhakthas of our times. There is not one god or swami in the south that has not received “dakshine” from him, especially Shani. Gowda was so succeessful in cornering all the south Indian gods that Yediyurappa had to travel all the way to Kashmir to find a protective deity in Vaishnodevi.

  32. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    HDK’s next movie–“Bhaktha Devegowda” to premiere at Chennambika in Holenarasipura and Picture Palace in Hassan. Proceeds will go to building a Devegowda movie hall and a museum in Haradanahalli. Free rides to Haradanahalli from Bengaluru, Ramanagara/m, and taluk headquarters in Hassan.

  33. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Madhukar swamigale–

    Dr. Ramesappa is, or used to be, a regular champion of the Gowda clan in his responses to anything we said about the so-called First Family (perish the thought!) of Karnataka. His conclusions and hopes are similar to yours and Guru Byanna’s.

    This is the first time that I have come across a post that actually lauds Gowda selling Rajya Sabha seats to outsiders who have no interest in Karnataka’s well-being. Unfortunately, neither do the locals. It cost the horse-trader (no pun) thirty crores to buy that seat. I would be interested in knowing how many crores he slid into his pocket in addition to recouping his investment. By the way, Gowda said MAM was virtually a Kannadiga because he (MAM) owned vast tracts of coffee growing area in that land of our martial race, Kodagu. As for DG’s other retainers, think of the Malayali man who not only found his way into the Rajyasabha but also was awarded the most lucrative contracts near Hassan like the airport.

    Poor Kodagu dreams of autonomy. Within the next few years it is going to be split among TN, Kerala, and Karnataka, unless Sakaleshapura by that time is also bought up by the likes of MAM with the assistance of the Gowda family. In that case the district will be shared between TN and Kerala. Gowda’s plan seems to sell as much of Karnataka as he can. It seems to be succeeding too.


    The theory is that URA was put up for the RS seat by the disgruntled Siddharaamayya. That should explalin the seventeen votes the Jnaani garnered. Earlier, URA had offered to run for the Bengaluru South Loksabha constituency if the Congress and the JDS agreed to field no one against him. No such luck. He was no Bangaarappa. In any case, I think Gowda asked the scholar to join his party first.

  34. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Gowda’s plan seems to be to sell . . .

  35. madhukar Says:

    Ree buddi avare, don’t make or call me a Konga as I devoted my life for kannada from my child. I had respect for URA as a Kannadiga writer.

    Based on my view, Vijayamalya has already been elected to RS, it is hard to accommodate URA in RS. I prefer URA contest for any Karnataka MP seat for 2009.

  36. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Nicely analyzed, Tiger’s Whiskers the Ultimate! That is the uncomfortable truith regarding DMAMP! Looks like our friend Madhukar is a fast learner. He has seen the light and it is not coming from Padmanabhanagar:)


    HDDG can do it he is a politician. How about ravi Belegere ? Is he ethically right to Canvas for Reddy & ramulu in bellary. A Journalist .what he wants to do in future.Turn his paper as Reddy 100% mothwaggon.Its alraedy 40%

  38. sumkirla in english Says:

    Pulikeshi the Last,

    bari maathu maathu maathu.mane haaLu maathu.Devegowda will start haunting you after 25th.Until then have sweet dreams.

  39. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Sum in English,

    The scenario you sketch is not going to be just my nightmare. It is going to be our collective fate.

    True all this is talk. Aadre manehaalathana yaraddu annodu ellarigu goththu. To be endorsing it for whatever reason is suicidal for Cheluva Kannadanaadu.

  40. Old Mysorean Says:


    Manehaltanano yeno …what we need is our elected leaders work for us.
    I too used to criticise DG & sons like you before. After having travelled from Holenarsipur to Mysore i changed my mind. I had travelled from Melbourne to Tweleve apostles on Great Ocean drive in Australia and this road is same as that. Hats off to Revanna. He may look like “Pedda” but why can’t other elected representitives be as selfish as him when it comes to his constituencies work?.

  41. sumkirla in english Says:

    Old Mysorean

    Looks guru looks.kelsa maDtharo ilvo ivarige beDa.ivarige chennage english mathaanaDo krishna swatha tanna jilleyanne udhaara maDhaadha kharge, bari dharmadha adhaaradha mele janarannu ODedhu sahisoo yedyurappa ivare beku.

    ivarigintha duddu tindhu tamma jagagaLannu udhaara agabeku antha dudiyo kumaraswamyne nange uttama ansutte.

  42. Anonymous Guy Says:


    I agree with sumkirla and Old Mysorean.

    So you hate DG sooo much. Good for you. But in what way are SMK or Yeddi-cheddi in anyway better for Karnataka or kannadigas? Why the special hate for DG and making out that anyone else is better?

    I think SMK is the worse than DG when it comes to kannadigas. Maybe good for a few land grabbers and IT labour drivers and outsiders but not for anyone else.

  43. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Interesting to see that our resident danthavaidhya has company in his devotion and bhakthi towards Devegowda & Sons.

    Madhukar says:

    How money can play in this level?

    Man you must be really naive or feigning naivette.

  44. Pulikeshi the last Says:

    I have clearly said in an earlier post that to tax Gowda with corruption is not the same thing as absolving the rest.

    I am of course delighted to read all pro-Gowda responses.

    The reasoning behind some of them are a bit troublesome, however.

    The road to Mysore from Holenarasipura is as good as one in Australia. Therefore, Revanna is doing a good job.

    Kumaraswamy may be corrupt, but he serves the people well.

    If you are not for Gowda, then you are for SMK, BSY, and an assorted bunch of political criminals.

    I am, as a result, tempted to join the chorus.

  45. Pulikeshi the last Says:

    The reasoning behind some of them is a bit troublesome . . .

  46. Old Mysorean Says:

    What we Kannadigas (and infact Indians) imagine about our leader that he should be posh with lighter skin and good looks and well groomed and good english and wearing wig(If he is old) and who doesn’t step out of his house without a makeup so that we can present them to other people. This may be the reason why many people perceive SM Krishna, RK Hegde and Yedyurappa as good leaders and Devegowda as a poor leader and hate to see his face.

  47. sumkirla in english Says:


    The reasoning behind some of them is a bit troublesome . .

    oh yeah….again bullshit…cheluva kannada naadante maNNante.. summne peetel kuyokke barutte ninge..

    Some north indian company has tried to look down upon a PM of karnataka.If you cannot support him at this juncture whats use of your badanekaayi cheluva kannada naadu principles.

    Listen,if you even know 10% of politics you will be knowing who was the person who got thousands of crores for almatti project.No Congress ministers were capable of that.They had bent to pressure of andhra and maharastra.It was the same blackky devegowda who eats mudde and wears panche who sanctioned more numnber of railway projects to karnataka during his 1 year rule than jaffer sharif who ruled 15 years as railway minister.

    It was devegowda who started janata darshana as Cm during 1994.no one had done this before.

    And still people like you hate for his colors,rural looks and etc.power transfer is just a nepa.many had bad opinions before that also..

  48. Pulikeshi the last Says:

    Sumkirla in English,

    As far as I can tell, I have made no mention of Devegowda’s skin tone. My comments have been about the man’s penchant for corruption.

    If Gowda has accomplished the things you mention and if people’s life became a tad easier as a result, then hats off to Gowda. I cannot claim my knowledge of the politics is 10% of yours. I, however, would greatly appreciate if you could guide me to a source that documents Gowda’s service to the people from an impartial angle. If that source happens to be an on-line one, so much the better.

    I find the reasoning behind the conclusions in your last paragraph no less troubling than the kind I talked about before and which you used as a starting point of for your exposition. I am not one one of the people you allude to.

  49. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Could not resist the temptation to re-read these posts.

    DB, this is a Pyrrhic victory at best.

  50. Gowdara Maga Says:

    Dear Mr Pulikeshi,
    wow dude, what hatred you have towards Mr Deve Gowda. It is like republicans vs democrats in USA. I left preparing for my Calculus Exam to read all of yours comments on Mr Gowda. The most common word from your comments was corruption and I totally agree with you on that aspect. If you can please give me one person except Dr Manmohan sigh who is not corrupt it would be a great help(online source would be best :) ).
    many people tell he is devabhakta, I do agree with that. what is wrong in visiting temples dude? I always wanted to point out that there was no single party in india that worked for the betterment of farmers. give me one national party that worked for farmers. you the so called educated person will never mention the struggles of farmers. what is important to you guys are world class roads at the cost of our country’s farmers. Mr Gowda was one of the only few that are working and worked for them. and it is also his party’s agenda and manifesto. And this is one of the reason why BJP and congress would never win in agricultural heartland of Karnataka.
    And the most hilarious part of this politics is about voting. you guys are so good at debating and arguments that when it comes to voting days, you are afraid to ditch your working days for voting. I’m not talking to you personally Mr Pulikeshi, but it is for the whole educated spectrum.
    If you agree that 60% of the people are farmers and the voters in India and Mr Gowda can win in record breaking difference in elections, hey you got your answer buddy.
    And by the way I left our jaathi right?.sorry. yes he is winning because he is Gowda and what is wrong with that? Brahmins ruled this country for century’s together where was jaathi back then? they are the one who created this system and placed themselves on top of the king itself.(wow that is so freakin selfish). they created untouchables and placed themselves on top. Even obama won because he is black. Mr Pulikeshi, if you want to talk about other guys there is a sense of infiniti. (by the way it is not connected towards my calculus exam).
    Mr Gowda is the only one who became PM from our state and we should be glad for that. I do accuse him of family politics but congress is doing the same thing. they are ruling us since independence. BJP is a tool in the hands of RSS extremists. Every party and a person has a loop hole. no one is perfect in this field and that is what politics is all about. Let us not make a big mess of this. And if you know, political leaders are best friends even if they are from other party. why should we get stressed out for their sake.

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