If he was an offspinner, he would be Muralitharan

Chubs, a five-month-old Basset Hound, in Jayalakshmipuram, Mysore, gives his doctor “the look” as he waits for his monthly shot.

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14 Responses to “If he was an offspinner, he would be Muralitharan”

  1. dharma Says:

    “If he was an off spinner, he would be Muralitharan”, this comment is in bad taste. Why is it not an Indian?


  2. Hiker Says:

    Well Mr Dharma, look straight into the eyes of the dog.

  3. Saakshi Says:

    Great.. wishing the dog very well..

  4. Megha Says:

    he is soooo adorable!

  5. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Man’s bestest friend!!!!!!!

  6. rama Says:

    visit Amir Khan’s blog. He’s written: Shahrukh licking his feet. Meanwhile Shahrukh is his dog. He says he didn’t name it. The dog came along with a villa he purchased…

  7. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:


    “Why is it not an Indian?”

    Darling, one of these days you should drop your saffron-tainted, ultra pseudo-nationalistic glasses and try to look at the world as it is. It might improve your taste. Vasudaiva kutumbakam and all.

    For the moment, let us just say that there is a likeness between Chubs’ eyes and Muralitharan’s, which no other Indian offspinner past or present can provide.

  8. Karihaida Says:

    yavdu naati breed naayi siglilva.. seeme naayine bekitta

  9. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    saffron-tainted, ultra pseudo-nationalistic glasses

    What’s your taint-paint?

  10. dharma Says:

    We always have a tendency to compare non Indians with other animals, as we cannot get away, if similar comparison is made about Indians.
    Some time back in the Deccan Herald there was an article by an Indian author about Indian sweets. There was a comparison made between Jilebi and Jahangeer. It was said in the article that both sweets taste almost the same, but Jahangeer was well shaped like Gabriele Sebatini, and Jilebi was all flat like Mary Jo Fernando! What a comparison?
    If the author had made similar comparison with an example with some Indian Women or Kannada women from Bangalore (spouse of some renowned personality ), what would have happened?? Let us be fair!

  11. Thalaeharatae Says:

    yeah…what ever

  12. Megha Says:

    Even an innocent dog can kick up such a controversy!

  13. SM Says:

    I remember reading sometime back in Deccan Herald’s letters to editor where a guy was pissed over the fact that all Villians, his side kicks in most Indian movies had Christian names.

    Anyway “Who let the dogs out ? “

  14. Sathya Says:

    Friends, just look at its painful eye. At least thank the master for he has taken it to a vet. Many people will have dogs for their safety and after sometime they take it and dump it in a far off place where it will not have shelter even. Love tha animals till the last.

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