What music does his holiness recommend forgers?

Three things stand out in the case of the momentary “arrest” of Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji, the postman turned pontiff of the Avadhoota Datta Peetham, on Sunday, 25 May 2008, in connection with the alleged forgery of documents in a land encroachment case next to his ashram in Mysore.

The first is its astonishing timing. Coming as it did in the middle of the swamiji‘s 66th birthday celebrations which were on in full steam, the negative publicity generated by the sight of “one of the rare living avataras” in the cop-house has impacted the enthusiasm of his VVIP guests. Former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has dropped out. Union home minister Shivaraj Patil too is said to be having slightly cold feet.

The second is the not very happy spectacle of a “divine guide” (who preaches music as therapy) standing accused of as murky an earthly activity as fudging land records, with the alleged connivance of city officials, for 120,000 square feet. Running parallel to this is the ham-handed attempt by ashram functionaries and factotums to bulldoze their way and to prevent government officials and the media from doing their job.

The third, most remarkable, aspect of l’affaire Sachchidananda swamiji is the extraordinary display of steel and spine by our top bureaucrats and police officers.

The cynical view is that they all uniformly have knees of cheese when ranged against the rich, powerful and influential—and that everybody is on the take. But in the case on hand, we get to see a welcome demonstration of the long arm of the law doing what it is expected to, without fear or favour. (It’s another matter that further investigations in “crime no 26/2008” have since been stayed by the high court.)

The documents below provide some evidence of that. The first two pages, in English, is the letter that deputy commissioner and district magistrate P. Manivannan wrote to the investigating police officer in the case on May 22, three days before the swamiji‘s “arrest”. And the last two pages, in Kannada, is the report of the department of land records, on May 15, which after months of dithering, finally got its act together.

On page 2 of his letter, Manivannan notes:

“During the meeting [with ashram neighbour Dr S.R. Anil Kumar], three issues struck me

i) There is an interchange of survey numbers, which is normally not noticed in most of the survey documents. There was no convincing replay by the representatives of the [Ganapati Sachchidananda swami] ashram as to why the survey numbers have been interchanged.

ii) The documents produced by Dr S.R. Anil Kumar showed that there was a Gift Deed executed by the pontiff of the ashram, Shri Ganapati Sachchidananda to the ashram trust wherein the survey number mentioned was 106/3. But this survey number was not owned by Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda at that point of time.

iii) A part of survey no. 106/3 has been acquired by the government. But, surprisingly, the whole survey number has been shown as private property transferred to the ashram.

Manivannan places on record that when he ordered a survey to have a better clarity of things, “ashram representatives approached me and desperately wanted to stop the survey.”



The report of the deputy director of land records, dated 15 May 2008, affirming the alleged switch of survey numbers, that has resulted in the Ganapati Sachchidananda swamiji getting embroiled in the case, leading to his “arrest” last Sunday.

Photograph:courtesy Avadhoota Datta Peetham

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46 Responses to “What music does his holiness recommend forgers?”

  1. Saakshi Says:

    Pretty long take on the issue, also recommended reading of Sri sri’s article in the rediff columns.

  2. tarlesubba Says:

    chef-in-chiefu please post links to the full resolution scanguLu please.

    hirey arm-chairmenru
    akham maabhsa
    akhila antarjaala manivannan abhimanigaLa sangha

  3. ERR Says:

    Why have the local press which has ben covering the birthday bash daily with half page photographs, totally ignored this news?

  4. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    What is the point in putting these low resolution images?

  5. tarlesubba Says:

    answer gottidroo kwashne keLthiralla raayre!!

    afa gaNpathi is considered perhaps everything is sat chita aananda.

    90s alli pajero + himaalaya + mekedaaTu visuals iro video-li sinthe sijar baarsdaagale (nuDsodalla) ankonDe yaraadru hyaapa sikkre sat chita ananda yella parcel maaDo plan ee voyyandoo anta. site bere parcel maaDthaare andre voyya level-e bere.

    idella hogli CAC innu naDeethidya saar?

  6. krishna Says:

    Now that we have a government lets see how much of freedom does yeddi give people like manivannan to do their job, this is their very first test and if they resort to cheap politics you know where this government is heading too. As far as the swamiji is concerned he should be simply ashamed to even come out and face the public.

  7. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Totall unrelated, but this man was seen at the US Consulate in Chennai earlier this month with another person, waiting his turn for an interview like any other mortal.

  8. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    Congratulations to Churumuri for this latest expose.

    Like ERR, I am also surprised why there has not been greater expose of this startling but very important news item on the media?

    Let us hope some magazines will take this up not so much to expose the land scam, but to highlight what few committed individuals like Manivannan and Dr. Anil Kumar can do to help the society.

  9. rama Says:

    Ganapathy will not write about Ganapati.

  10. NS Rao Says:

    ee land scam nalli namma mannina maga enaadroo…..? nandoo ondirli antaa…..

    ayyayyo!! abbabbaa!!
    kila kilaa….

  11. ravi Says:


  12. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Well, well, well. I guess the low res images are to repelIsn’t it libel suits.
    Ain’t it?

  13. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Did Manivannan also make a name for himself by kicking out belevennugalu in Kamaripet?

  14. bakedgrainappa Says:

    If only Manivannan is to be appointed the dc of the neighbouring Mandya and Ramanagaram District, he can recover more encroached land. And you know which God man will be in the dock then but it is too late now. The State is not under the Governor’s Rule any more and there will be no Homis Taharakan or Krishna Kumar or P P Prabhu to protect Manivannan

  15. Karihaida Says:

    This swami is indeed eTra powerful.. he has made lot of the comments disappear :)

  16. Sree Says:

    One has to think before acting.

    It is an absolute responsibility to check for the facts before publishing rumors in the media as this poses as a threat to TRUTH in our society.

    The entire media has given the wrong picture of mere summons given to Swamiji as an arrest that was done.

    This is an act of mere irresponsibility. There is nothing else that I would like to say.

  17. gagan Says:

    very nice article by churumuri.. thanks for posting the documents too.. where are the followers of ganapathi swami?

    As tarle subba asked, can churumuri host the high resolution (i mean a bit larger size) photos of these documents on sites like http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.tinypic.com … i know on flickr, the photos get resized automatically.

    ravi, thanks for that sampada link.

  18. All for 4 guntas Says:

    It is quite possible that there was an honest mistake in the survey numbers when the land was registered. There is very little fact in the statement that 120000 sft is at question. The survey numbers got interchanged and instead of 28 guntas Anil Kumar owns 24 guntas of which the government grabbed some land under urban land ceiling act.

    It looks like Manivannan got worked up for no good reason (unless the reason was deposited in his Bank or other properties) . Instead of catching the big land grabbers, they go after 4 guntas land ? Dont you guys smell some huge money changing hands with a different motive ?

    Read deccan herald article on the 4 guntas…question.

    If you think about it, The Ashram has ~ 40 acres of land all donated by devotees or bought from donations. Why would there be a need to encroach 4 guntas, for establishing a free hospital that serves the poor people ?

  19. steel and spine Says:

    The steel and spine of babus always gets activated when they get their wallets stashed.

    After all they learn all the rules to see who is breaking it and see how they can benefit from them.

    It is interesting coincidence with the Kanchi seer case (Diwali weekend arrest) that the police decided to take the action during court holidays so that bail cannot be issued.

  20. Ram Says:

    I have made an investigation on the above case and I have furnished the facts yesterday in this site. To my surprise it was deleted. Is this site impartial? I believe journalists are real eyes to the society? Why my message has been removed from this page?

  21. AndhraBhoja Says:

    You Bloody idiots…..realize how dumb you are.
    Look at what swamiji has done to society. Look at how many temples and seva kendras he built all over India. Thank goodness, why would someone encroach on such a tiny bit of land.

    I guess there is this zeal in some people that they are some god damn rationalists who can prove all swamis are fake. Well..look at your lameass shameful face in the mirror and try to understand spirituality before writing and publishing this nonsense in the blogs..god..such idiots

  22. Gaampa Says:

    Why did Manivannan issue orders in Village Palate case as Deputy Commissioner, which legalised the entire enterprise of Anil Kumar just 10 days before his complaint to police?

    If Manivannan was so truthful as claimed by many on this website, he should have refrained from passing such orders. Also, the previous DCs had deposed under oath in Mysore courts that Anil Kumar’s village palate is entirely illegal and should be assumed by government. Side stepping the entire issue, Manivannan should not have done that if he was paragon of justice as claimed by many here.

    It is well known fact that Anil Kumar and Ashrama are in civil courts for the past 10 years and suddenly police take interest in teh case and on the last day of Governor’s rule, that too a day before popular govt comes to power, they take this dark step of arresting a citizen on his birthday! does it not sound fishy??

    Bhamy Shenoy was found in AShrama in Panche many times and he has the audacity to cry foul now??? Come on guys. Lets stop this farce

  23. Manku Thimma Says:

    A close friend of mine in Regalis said that Manivannan, Police commissioner Ravindranath, Anil Kumar and a high court official met for dinner in May first week and were seen huddled in a serious discussion. I wonder what they could have discussed????

  24. lakshman Says:

    Why is Dr Anil Kumar who is a medical graduate runnung a bar?
    why has he abondoned medical profession and gone into illegal activities?
    Where is he getting all the money to spend on courts and officers?
    Has he no family or other interests except blackmailing people?
    Why is Dr anil kumar Wasting His whole time on scandalizing things?
    Why Is anil kumar so evil?
    Is he possessed?
    Is he a psychiatric patient?
    Why are the officers doing wrong things at his behest ?
    I think Dr Anil Kumar needs a lot of love and affection to cure him and Only Sachchidananda can give him that .I hope HH does that sooner than later and reform Dr anilkumar.! AMEN

  25. Rama Rama Says:

    One more instance of Doctoring Documents…..One of the Paid Advertizements in IndiaToday Is “Doctored ” to Look like an Article In The Magazine and widely circulated in US to sell tickets to a music concert by swamiji….

    “”Please click on the link given below to read India Today article on Sri Swamiji:

    About Sri Swamiji visit the web sit: dattapeetham.com

    For more information, contact:

    Nandini & V. V. Prakasa Rao 601-856-4783/601-918-7111

    when The Editor is contacted this is the Reply “Ratnam to Prabhu, Malcolm, me
    show details 4:18 am (9 hours ago)

    It’s an Impact Feature carried in India Today Oct 22nd, 2007 issue. It’s a paid advertisement. You can see the ” An Impact Feature” slug in our PDF. But it seems somebody has removed the “An Impact Feature” slug from the PDF link you that you given below to mislead the readers. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.


  26. parvatham Says:

    Dr anil Kumar,GET WELL SOON. Leave your evil ways. Evil ultimately loses all battles. History tells us enough about it.
    You need to know and experience Sri Swamiji to understand His magnanimity and motherly affection for the erring son as well as the good one. He never discriminates. He loves them both equally and feels for them .Like Jesus, He suffers for the sins of His devotees if they would be useful to the society.!
    Learn to love . Learn to be respectful. Know the facts before you jump to malign people. One day this body will fail you and will fall like a dead leaf.No one has seen tomorrow.Make arrangements for a peaceful life. be at peace with yourself and the world.

  27. Rama Says:


    Point noted. Running a bar is illegal (w.e.f next midnight!)

  28. AndhraKing Says:

    @Rama @ Rama Rama..

    Now I dont quite get it!! what exactly has been doctored? please be clear..
    Its looks just a scanned copy of

    and you can see the ” impact feature” in the pdf file on yogasangeetha.org…
    Do you have selective blindness?

    Try again!

  29. AndhraKing Says:

    “when The Editor is contacted this is the Reply “Ratnam to Prabhu, Malcolm, me
    show details 4:18 am (9 hours ago)

    It’s an Impact Feature carried in India Today Oct 22nd, 2007 issue. It’s a paid advertisement. You can see the ” An Impact Feature” slug in our PDF. But it seems somebody has removed the “An Impact Feature” slug from the PDF link you that you given below to mislead the readers. Thank you for bringing this to our notice.


    Now when you say “when the editor is contacted”, which editor are you talking about? Is it india today editor?
    Do you want us to believe that you got a response just like that? That too in India? I mean..whats your day job dude? cooking some lies and selling..
    get a life already…

  30. Rama Rama Says:

    Dear AndhraKing
    Don’t ask me ask Editor send Email RATNAM@intoday.com. and also your
    friend Wttp://www.yogasangeeta.org

  31. sindoora Says:

    Sri Swamiji is one of those rare beings we are fortunate to be living in this time with. To view him as a mere human itself is a sin.
    Being born a human birth itself brings certain struggles that Sri Swamiji will face on behalf of us. this is part of Datta Leela.
    Be the silent observer and witness without emotion.

  32. Maria Says:





  33. NishthaGarishtha Says:

    Dr. Anil Kumar showed up during birthday celebrations in the ashram in 2010 and admitted, how he misread Sri Swamiji. He said “this incident shows how it is hard to read a book if it is held too closely. Him being the neighbor he could not read Sri Swamiji well.”. He also retracted his case against ashrama.

  34. Truthseeker Says:

    Bhamy V Shenoy is a highly educated, erudite and well respected individual in the society and has done well – actually very well for himself in the US and he runs an NGO in India – good, he is serious about making a difference to his country. But what also ails people like Bhamy Shenoy and their like is that the book education and the degrees and the prosperity that they have earned has made them blind to the higher and subtler forms of existence that have salvaged India’s stability and continual growth for thousands of years. This is the super cosmic power that time and again revisits our earth to help us all . These kind of things definitely cannot be understood by people whose claim to fame in this kali yuga is based on parameters that are decided based on the often abused term called ” Science and scientific methods”. I also came across his stupid write ups against the Art of Living course and its founder Sri Ravishankar ji. It is not easy to understand people like Sri Ravishankar and Sadguru Sri Swamiji, even people who spend long time with them will vouch for that fact. Then how come a completely idle and gossip forum like churmuri collate this nonsense and how come a Bamy Shenoy convey his congratulations. This is an apt reflection of the troubled times that we are living in this age of kali , where a higher education degree, a well paid job and some bank balance can make you a person of importance. Pity! By the way I am an IIM grad apart from being sadguru sri swaniji’s disciple and hence I think I have earned the right to question Bamy Shenoy and his deplorable remarks!

  35. rama krishna Says:

    one should not comment by having a look from outside the ashramam but should see and participate in the activities carried out by an organisation like datta peetham such that one can know how the activities are carried out by an organisation.please dont misuse media sources by creating confusion and wrong news where the faith on divinity and culture will be lost forever.

  36. ex-devotee Says:

    This fellow is a cunning crook, cheat and liar who manipulates people to extract money from them. Hope somebody busts this scam…

  37. arnabh Says:

    this man is a charlatan of the first order…. why does not somebody start a blog for bad experiences with him? apparently, many people seem to have been cheated by him

  38. Truth Seeker Says:

    arnabh and ex-devotee. please stop speaking nonsense – do you have any proof. how did you get cheated . No one is forced to go to the ashrama. You go there on your own- you expect miracles which dont happen because you dont have belief and then you bitch and moan and stupid idiotic sites like chrumuri – my foot write crap. You should be ashamed that you as an ex devotee is writing this.

  39. ex-devotee Says:

    1. He runs a business empire under the name of a spiritual organisation. I have witnessed first hand his cunning manipulation of facts in order to influence people. Like a shrewd businessman, he keeps a tab on the wealth of each of his devotee families.

    2. He does not have the so-called ‘ashta siddhis’ which he claims to have. Several marriages he himself has organised, blessed and conducted haven’t worked – where is the evidence of his ashta siddhis or avatara status?

    3. His love for wealth (both accounted and unaccounted) is well known. The inner circle (including his relatives) is growing more affluent and arrogant by the day.

    To summarise, he has a healthy hunger for money, power and fame. Shamelessly, he compares himself to Ramana Maharshi – the Maharshi never travelled in Mercedes Benz, lived in a palace, dealt with unaccounted money of dyed his hair black. What qualifications does this man have to compare himself with Ramana?

    Wake up people! It is your gullibility that feeds scamsters such as this man!

  40. Truthseeker Says:

    Oh COme on- Having Ashta sidhis does not mean he uses it to save some fool’s marriage. He need not prove anything to anyone.It is an experience that has to be experienced. You might have come with materialistic desires- paid some money and expected instant grant of boons and desires which did not happen because of your own lack of faith. Dont make foolish statements without proof- what have you witnessed first hand- if you are so knowing of everything why dont you publicly come out and do what you are doing here you coward. How does he keep tab- why should he do that- what does he do with money- the ashrama runs so many charitable institutions, the cost of medicines monthly in the mysuru ashrama and other ashrama itself is huge- they donate free. Sri Swamiji travels in a car ( cheaters, crooks, smugglers can travel in merc but not saints why?)because it is easier and more comfortable, because there are people who get pained in case sri swamiji does not travel. It is faster and easier. Since some one is a spiritual guru does not mean he will use his spiritual powers to fly in the air you fool. Sri Swamiji has no inner circle- there are people who serve him and their behavior is of no consequence to you-Sri Swamiji is all forgiving and merciful. Pray to him to forgive you and dont waste your time here. If you dont belive him fine, dont malign his name unnecessarily- the only person who will lose something is you and you will lose your energy by doing this.

  41. ex-devotee Says:

    @ Truthseeker

    The language you are using conveys the level of brainwashing you’ve been through.

    May the Almighty show you the truth!

  42. Truth Seeker Says:

    I dont even want to call you an Ex-devotee. You must be one of those wandering material beings trying to buy peace and harmony with money- you came to this ashram and failed. And now you are writing left right, center nonsense. Yes I got brain washed by my own wisdom and culture and yes Sri Swamiji did that. I have become a better human being. And- Sri Swamiji never asks anyone to come – people go on their own.
    Stop writing nonsense.
    Once there were two holy men waiting at the banks of a river. The first man used his energy and powers to cross the river and went along . He met the other holy man shortly and asked him how did he come- The other person replied- why I paid Rs 2 to the boat man.

    Having energy and ashta siddis does not mean they are demonstrated to all- especially in this age where educated fools like you abound everywhere.

    You expect swamijis and other god men to travel in bus – or by auto- Yes they do when the need arises. But they need to travel faster. There are devotees who own 10 mercedes and they feel bad when their master travels in anything less and hence they donate. This happens to all swamijis.

    Why dont you go an question political leaders who buy ridiculous items with our Tax Payer money. At least godmen dont use public money. What is your problem you jerk and joker.
    You should be ashamed of yourself to write nonsense without proof.

  43. Rahul Says:

    Is thereno difference between a Sanyasi and a politician. By using the same argument for both Truthseeker is implying that there isn’t any difference !

  44. TruthSeeker Says:

    No There is no difference between any human being, that is the core essence of vedanta.
    You need to learn some basic stuff before coming to conclusions based on simple english language.
    Sanyasis are those who renounce everything to realize the one eternal truth – only those who have realized the truth can chose to come back and live amidst humanity. A true self realized master either chooses to stay away from the maddening crowd or chose to come back and help the people based on the divine ordination. Many have done that – that does not mean that they should stay in a hut, or travel by foot or sit on the roads.
    They have reached a stage where these things do not matter to them but it is stupid and NAIVE to expect that they should use their ashtasiddhis to fly in air or stop using any material things for their survival.
    This is the wrong notion based on shallow understanding of a subject that is abstract beyond comprehension.
    They, like others have to take care of their physical body – since it cases the one and the only omnipresent soul. In our case – material beings- we take care of the physical body by worshiping and indulging our senses – all five.
    In the case of a self realized master- he/she needs to take care of the basics of the physical body- need to preserve it.
    You people expect them to neglect it and heal it after it rots using their energy. That is the basic problem here.

    Now coming to the question of why they collect money and take money- They do that because devotees who contribute have the belief that this contribution towards social and humanitarian activities give them good karma. No one is forced to do so , and there are many devotees who dont – they do service in other forms. So what, for Sri Swamiji or for any other master all devotees are same.

    Some fool was writing about pajero, mercedes and all. There are milliions of people waiting for the holy masters blessings. They take the fastest way to travel to reach them – and their devotees who can afford provide the same to them. What is wrong , you expect them to travel by bullock carts? Ridiculous.

    This is the problem with hinduism and this is the problem with India. We straight jacket everything based on our limited understanding. Oh Sanyasis should renounce everything and should confine themselves to himalayas or the forests, he should help people but he should do from there only and use his energy to save himself- Anything more – there is a hue and cry. Look he is amassing wealth, look he has a pajero, he is flying in an aero plane, look he is coughing, look he is sneezing, he is a normal human being – COME ON GUYS STOP THIS RIDICULOUS LOGIC.

    No one realizes that they are doing it for the benefit of so many distressed souls, and needy people.

    No one looks at the larger benefit accrued to millions of people due to their mere presence and glance.

    How will we realize – we dont because we dont have time from chasing money, drowning in sensual pleasures , vitiating the mind with gossip, bad mouthing others etc etc. We dont have time to discover the inner truth which is within ourselves because it requires tremendous mental discipline which comes from physical discipline. All religious rituals are done for that purpose- physical discipline which will lead to mental discipline.

    In today’s world- we hindus dont go to temples in the name of secularism, even if we go it is to seek quick boons or for instant granting of boons. Today everything we want instantly- instant cash, instant everything. But nature does not give anything instantly . True God does grant boons- but there is a method and process and timelines for everything and most importantly it all depends on one’s faith and intentions. The more stronger your faith and intentions, the faster are your results.

    The problem arises because some people approach god men and people like Sri Swamiji expecting instant solution to their problems- oh my daughter did not get married even after spending x amount of money, he has no powers. Some other people keep going there but dont understand the divine tattva or meaning and keep commenting at the back that he claims he has ashta siddhis but look he has broken his hand- hahaha he cant fix it. How can help me in making more money.
    Did Swamiji invite them to come- NO, NEVER. He never invites anyone except some people and those people are different. They have immense faith and devotion towards god and realized masters like Swamiji.

    I would be glad to provide more and more statements but my humble request to all those who are writing because of their ignorance. Think before you write anything against god and godmen. Yes in this age of kali there are fake godmen but that does not mean all are the same.
    Sri Swamiji is a divine manifestation and the realization of the same can only be experienced. For that one does need to approach with a pure heart and immense faith. Nothing less, Nothing more.
    Jaya Guru Datta.

  45. ram Says:

    even i had seen some marriages conducted with the permission of ganapathi sachchidananda swamiji failing. what is the use of his powers when he can’t save a marriage agreed by him?

  46. ex-devotee Says:

    Truthseeker has absolutely no idea of advaita or hinduism.
    If there is no difference between two human beings, then why should a realised master need a pedastal for himself and his relatives? Somebody who preaches non-attachment or renunciation should display these very qualities they try to preach.

    The anger and violence within you (evident by your use of foul language) shows what you have learnt by associating with this organisation. It pains because you yourself are not sure of your belief in him isnt it?

    I repeat – the man is a cunning crook , looks for opportunities to usurp money and property from his devotees – I’ve seen it first hand. Besides, the media is already full with his fraudulent activities and people are slowly willing to stand up for the truth.

    You have no business to ask me to shut my mouth or anybody else’s – this is a free country and it is a fundamental right.

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