Once upon a time, when the gari did not put mari

SAVITHA G.R. writes from Bangalore: Growing up in the Eighties. Studying in an ‘English-medium’ school in Bangalore’s Vijayanagar. Walking to school all the way from Saraswathi Nagar. Collecting gasgase hannu on the way back, looking for kaage bangara (mica) in the playground, singing sihi-kahi, sihi-kahi, sihi-kahi, or talking about cricket (the era of Reliance Cup, Ravi Shastri‘s Audi car)….

Where have they gone, I wonder, that batch from “F” section, who will identify with all this.

“What man, eh?” “Come man, eh.” “Tell man, eh,” still rings in the air some times. “You only”, “then only”, “giveaa”, “yessaaa” were often corrected at home by mom, grandparents, aunts and uncles, but we didn’t let go. That was how we spoke.

That was school.

That was typical Bangalore English way back then.

Back in the ’80s, there was little pressure to be smart. And so, in our naïve ways, we believed what our classmates told us. We couldn’t come home and Google™, you see. And so it was that the navilugari story gained credence.

It was a wave, like that Mexican wave in cricket matches.

One girl brought it to class after summer holidays and proudly showed it off to the rest of us. She even told us that the “gari would put mari” (meaning, it would multiply). Now, I can’t remember who that girl was, but I certainly wanted to keep one feather in my textbook too.

And then, we waited.

No mari, nothing!

And soon, it was forgotten. We had moved on to other stuff, like collecting pencil shavings to make something out of it, I don’t remember what. Was it to make “scent rubber” (the perfumed eraser)? Our notebooks were full of those shavings, our bags were full of that. But we never would make it, eventually.

Showing off collectibles was our greatest source of entertainment those days.

So, classmates would flaunt a new pencil box, mostly of that magnet variety, which only some would have, a new sketch-pen. We would take out the refill once the ink was about to get over, and press the refill hard to get any ink left on to the paper!

I had this great desire to show off, of all things, a weaver bird’s nest (from my village) to my classmates.

My thatha had promised he would get me one nest from the village. So, each summer holidays would begin with hope, and end in disappointment. My grandfather never gave me that nest!

Soon, such trifles were glossed over. We were growing up. Maybe, when we were in the fifth or sixth standard, the next new wave had begun. Collecting stamps. So, there was this boy named Shankar Nag (yeah really!) in class, who promised to give me a stamp. And so, I walked up to him. And he did stamp my foot really hard!!

But, collecting stamps was an all-consuming madness. The times when Rajeshwari would lend me stamps, or I would lend her some. The deal was: two less important stamps for one rare stamp. So, some of us would go for the numbers, while the others for the rarity.

Nanage rare stamp siktu!” we would exclaim. This deal would constantly happen, at lunch break, between classes, during class. Much politics, many complaints, much anger, several fights would follow.

We had so many British stamps and we would constantly palm them off to unsuspecting victims, in exchange for the highly rated Magyar Posta (Hungary) stamps or CCCP (erstwhile USSR) stamps.

CCCP brings back memories of the days of Russian books. Growing up in the eighties, that was another passion for me, collecting those Russian publications (they were so inexpensive then). And hence, the innumerable trips to Navakarnataka in Majestic.

I still remember that colourful Russian alphabet (after the English version) and pictures. And that page about sending in your feedback to some obscure Moscow address. The Ukranian Folk Tales was a big fat book that we would re-read so often!

So, if that was about collecting stuff, other memories abound. Of the games we played: Kalla-police, kallu mannu (in–out), topi beka topi (in school), maneyaata, panna, lagori, chur chand….

Panna was a strange game, where we would have to take a bet with someone, and every time we’d meet that person, we would hit that person hard and shout ‘panna’. Whoever said ‘panna’ first would be the winner for that particular time we met. Now, why or how it was called panna, I don’t know!

Does anyone remember, “Ajji mane kaayangilla, Bajji madkondu tinnangilla!” a slogan that meant no dilly-dallying during kalla-police, or “ice-spice” (I spy)! And ‘oofi‘ meant foul! The loser would be jeered back home with shouts of “sotpurka soutekayi“!

Nicknames were another source of fun. Kencha, dhadiya, nalakk kannu (for the spectacled ones), and the big guy opposite my house would call my two plaits kottambari soppu!

If T-20 is the flavour of the season now, our favourite was a very innovative form of cricket. Played without a bat, ball, wickets. All we needed was a big fat book. Book cricket. Any page number that would end with eight would fetch one run. We’d form our teams and play the game by slamming the book on and off!

A page that would end with zero was a wicket!

The game would go on even during a class, and was a nuisance to our teachers!

Summer holidays meant sleepy afternoons. Being lulled into sleep, even as ajji would be arguing with a steel patre saman fellow (gatti jarinappa, yenu agilla!), or making kodubale, chakkli or haal bayi. (“Nidde madi edda mele ondhu tamashe kodthini!)

Nothing would be more satisfying than gulping down the bakery stuff that amma would bring on the way back from office from one of the ubiquitous Iyengar Bakeries. Benne biscuit, khara biscuit, puff, dil-pasand, dil-kush, and that perennial favourite palya bun!

Summers also meant eating “Pepsi” (those multi-coloured long tubes with flavoured ice) or son-papdi, from the vendor with the ghante.

Then, there would be errands. “Kaka angadi hogi kadle hittu togondu baa,” meant there would be bonda in the evening. Or “Shivanna angadi hogi hurigadale togondu baa…” Or getting milk in the evenings from the milk booth. Or accompanying friends to the “mishan” (flour mill) for getting “godhi hittu” or “ragi hittu” done. A long rubber pipe would be shaken vigourously before the godhi would be fed, and there was the invariable “ghatu.”

Going to the post-office was another important errand. We had to get postage stamps worth some rupees for grandfather every now and then. Standing in front of that counter and reaching out to the woman there was quite scary. Then, there was the constant fear of whether we had put the covers in the right dabba, one marked local and the other metro, I think.

Then, there were other demands. Finishing holiday home-work, buying KG cardboard from Madeshwara angadi, for the posters, buying ice-cream kaddi for craft…

If it was the cricket season, then there would be radio in the background. Growing up with “mamas” for whom cricket was also about Ranji cricket was fun. Tagging along with them to the stadium and watching those Hyderabad vs Karnataka, or Tamil Nadu vs Karnataka Ranji matches at the Chinnaswamy.

I vaguely remember a match where Vivek Jaisimha made his debut, made a duck and walked back to the pavilion. Another international match where Mohinder Amarnath walked in, red kerchief peeping out of his pocket, and walked back, first ball out!

Yet another India vs Pakistan test match, with the iconic Imran Khan! Another one where we were told by an aunt that we’d get a piece of the home-made sweet, if Ravi Shastri hit a six, which he never did! (think it was India vs New Zealand at the Chinnaswamy).

Soon, high school was just round the corner. And from there, it was the beginning of the end of the simple, carefree life. Rajiv Gandhi was shot dead killed, the USSR disintegrated, Sunil Gavaskar and Viv Richards had retired, the markets opened, and life changed forever. Heartbreakingly, achingly so.

No more “sihi kahi, sihi kahi sihi kahi“, no more cries of “rare stamp siktu“, no more Shrimathi miss, no more Prema miss, no more KLG, BLM, RLN, TRS, CSV, (any VVS alumni?), no more Raje (where is she now?). My thatha is no more too (you never gave us that weaver bird nest!)

The world had changed and the children of the Eighties had grown up. Where are the little Madhus and the Vidyas?

Can someone bring it all back for me, please?

The glory days of Vijayanagar of the eighties?

And the New Public English School of the eighties?

Photograph: pica colour

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321 Responses to “Once upon a time, when the gari did not put mari”

  1. krishna Says:

    Excellent article brought back all the memories of my school day in vijayanagar ,Bangalore but a different school called st Johns , when we friends get to meet at all we still feel as if we are still in school, those memories can never be traded for anything in life.

  2. Dheerendragopal Says:

    I am from Vani school ,Rajajinagara.

    Missssssssssss He is beating SIMSIMPLY ( SUM SUMMNE )

  3. chatri Says:

    I had gone for admission to Vani schol rajajinagar……… but did not want to join and I cried like hell coz the school did not have a proper play ground. I am speaking of an era when the school was in that 5th cross. Instead I joined East West school in 9th cross as it had a big playground………. :)

  4. Dheerendragopal Says:

    That is CM.Nagaraj School . Ravi ,his son was my friend .
    namma kapi chestae in east west school is a long list to type in a Blog
    82 bus stand and venkateshwara bakery

  5. Varun Says:

    even though I am from nineties, life in Mysore was similar to that explained by the author till ’96… the post just moistened my ears!Thanks for the wonderful post….
    ajji mane kaayangilla bajji maadkond tinangilla, bega reply maadu:)

  6. namitha Says:

    A beautifully expressed article! So much detail! Just brings some good ol’ memories rushing back! Especially the ice spice and oofie and trips to the mishan! :) great stuff.. looking forward to your next article :)
    PS: I’m a child from the 90’s but still could relate to it. thanks!

  7. soumya Says:

    Not to forget ‘outu, outu,adigemane soutu’!
    I’m from VVS SPHS – passed out of SSLC in 1986.

  8. Dheerendragopal Says:

    VVS SPHS ..bejaan hudugru gothu bidi ..Namma adda Ist block VVS groundu . namdhu sumaaru adhe byaatchu .
    Ist block masala Puri ..Juicu .

  9. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Dumma Dummi Duplicate
    Door number 88

    Snehadha kadalalli..Gourment bussalli
    Dumma Dummi Koothidru
    Dumman Hotte Hod dhoythu
    Dummi aLtha Koothidhlu

  10. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Soumya neevu Deepthi byaatcha?
    Ravimurthy nimma byaatcha?

  11. Vinay Says:

    I wonder if all of those 80’s-90’s childhood were the same….If ever that I were to write about my childhood, it would probably include exactly the same experiences. The navilu gari, pencil shavings, stamps, Ranji cricket with mamas…..oh…I’ve been there and done exactly the same things…

    Maybe once thing I’d definitely not forget to write is the craze for WWF ( the wrestling thing)

    Like everyone above, thought I’d add a rhyme too: for all you shaven heads

    Boda boda bakkachi, Oor yella uppinkai, Kaas kottre kadlekai!

  12. Dheerendragopal Says:

    Vinay it is
    Bod Bod bakacchi
    Kaas kottre kaLLekai
    Oorgella Upinkaai

  13. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Am reminded of some poli kavanagalu I heard while growing up. Not sure if I should post them here.

  14. KolikeRanga Says:

    Ah, those days of VVS SPHS, sneaking in a quick cricket match in our 15 minute lunch break, grabbing a 1 rupee churumuri on the way… those were the days.

  15. Shravan Says:

    Superb Article…. Keep it up Churmuri!!!
    The comments are equally good!!!!

  16. Sanjay Says:

    Me too from SVEC, Rajajinagar, 98 passout. Heart still revolving around Lepakshi ground, the corner bakery on 80 ft road. Juice and chat center near VVS, not forget that little shop which used to sell WWF cards ( almost similar to stamp collection).
    By the way authentic name for son-papdi, from the vendor with the ghante is “ajji koodlu”..
    Dheerendra gopal avre..nanna mattu nimma paravagi moosange Jai…..

  17. Janasamanya Says:

    Ms Savitha, Are you talking about mid-sixties or eighties?!

  18. Radhika Says:

    Nice break from dirty politics :)

  19. Thimma Says:

    Was Rajiv Gandhi Shot Dead?

  20. kkr Says:

    Savitha, ‘ then the markets opened ‘ – there you are…

    We, children of eighties were Born into the pampering 80’s, but have to survive in the new millennium.. don’t know where we have lost our competitive advantages..

    Refreshing post Savitha.

  21. raghu Says:

    no words can express my feelings its just like I have written this lines

  22. HJ Says:

    Excellent article! I forwarded to some of my New Public High School batchmates to bring back good old memories.

    To add to the list of countless timepass activities that we used to – dabba mathu lagori aata, chepekaayi, maavinakaayi, hunse mara hudukaata ..

    Eegina makkalu childhood na video/ computer games mathe pogo/nick/cartoon network alle kaledhu bidthaare ..

    Simplicity was Fun :-)

  23. Mohan Says:

    I never knew the gals did the same things as the boys…Especially the Panna, Lagori and Choor chand. Thought that was a boy’s game.

    But you really did bought out those wonderful, naive days back. Those days of Gilli dhandlu, Baccha (neer kudithaithe maga), gori packs (all ITC brands). Kaat golis, kutringal..still remember every single of those instances and words used in slang Kannada….


  24. soumya Says:

    Illa,Ravimurthy nanninda eradu varshakke junior.Namma batchalli yaaru famous anta nenapu barta illa!!

  25. soumya Says:

    Sanjay, the corner bakery ( my standard Sat morning break- time food was cream bun/ toast) on 80′ road, sorry, Dr.Rajkumar road is now a shop that deals with mobile phones.
    Anonymous Guy, are you also thinking about the Vascodagama rhyme?

  26. SM Says:

    I too studied in St.Johns in Vngr :)… they had a small little playground inside the campus and at lunch hour, the din was heard to be believed :D…

  27. Harsha Says:

    Manorama Year book. Compitative Success, Chandamama, GK (General Knowledge), SportStar, Fortune…………. Visiting City Central Library during summer holidays. 11th Cross Malleshwara Library

    Savitha…reading your post is like watching movie of our own childhood of 80’s. Thanks for your post.

    I used to be Mukya Shikshak of RSS Shaka in Rajajinagar (Behind Varamahalakshim Nursing Home). Boys from VVS, Vani, East West and all the near by Schools used to be apart of it. Even our Hon’ble Mr. CM (Yedurappa) & Mr. Suresh Kumar(Hon’ble MLA) used to attend our SHAKE those days. In those days our Hon’ble CM Mr. Yedurappa used to stay near Navarang (Behind APTECH) whenever he used to visit Bangalore.

  28. Sree Says:

    ohh yes, I would vouch for all of it, navilgari, haalbai, kodbaLe, iyengar bakery…amazing! I am sending this link to all my buddies, sure they will enjoy reading it too!!:)

  29. Abhi Says:

    Awesome to read! You really put a smile remembering them! :) Thanks for writing!

  30. tantrik-porter Says:

    I read this and realize how much *I* have changed.. for both good and bad.. This is like a tsunami wave of nostalgia…. all of my action was in Jayanagar though … siiigh!!! Thank you so much! Thank you Thank you! some things if I may add would be:

    Jhonny soko and the flying robot
    loosy show (?) (this was sometime in 83-84 i think)
    some obscure german sitcoms (DDs comedy show)
    “sorry for the interruption, please stand by” “adachane gaagi kshamisi”
    janatha bazaar (here was one in most big areas)
    “ration angadi” .. where we got stuff, especially sugar
    people had “love birds”
    joy ice cream
    disney hour on TV
    NP bubblegum (25 ps)

  31. AK Says:

    Wow its too good . Me being from Mysore – Nirmala played a lot of Goli , bugri , chap atta , lagori and of course the four squares . Oh remembering those Ice candy for 5ps , chikki and vegetable puffs which our parents used to buy once in blue moon . Compared to the present genx I still feel We enjoyed to the core without any tension in our intital days . …

  32. Karthik Says:

    its a nice refreshing post which brings back all the memories back from school…. but the place was mysore… :-)

  33. sridhar o.s. Says:

    I was in SVEC and passed out 10th in 89. Anybody from that batch? I stayed near the east west school – 8th main “A” block. I was from Srinivas batch

    Most of these things we used to do as well. One more thing was the road side – cricket, shuttle cock.

  34. vishal Says:

    Good one,reminded me of my school days

  35. Dileep Says:

    Sweet memoirs! You have made me think. But you have missed couple of famous once, like converting coin to magnet by keeping it on railway track. Making kark ball, catching butterflies. What an amazing and adventurous childhood we had.

  36. Pooja Says:

    A very well compiled post.

  37. Vitlan Potli Says:

    ahh!!! the sweet joys of growing up. Nice to see a lot of guys from the kannada speaking regions of Bengaluru. Anybody here from Rajajinagara 4th block? I would like to mention the gusto with which the ‘Chamak 11’ cricket team use to play tennis ball cricket in the Rama mandira ground.

  38. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    This is like S. M. Krishna crying about the loss of his hair and teeth.

    In those good, old days there were plentyof beggars and kolageris where children could not have imagined a better life that what they were enduring.

    Anyway the article has provided a forum for old friends to have a cyber reunion.

    Anyone from Government High Schools in Malleswara, Chamarajapete, and other unfashionable enviorns? Let’s feel nostalgic about lunchless days and going to school soaked when it rained and coming back home dripping when it rained.

    Not many maris of navilugari. Plenty of kaagepukka, though.

  39. HS Says:

    Wow! This really brings back memories. I am thrilled that you too are from New Public English school. Anyway we can reconnect?
    Great post!

  40. jayashree Says:

    Priceless are those days. Lucky are those who are born in 70’s or 80’s . I worried less about homework and score. No IIT to crack. Spent all Saturdays and sundays in the field with the colony kids playing lagori, cricket, goli, chinni dandu, kallu kutu kutu and what not. I feel so sad for today’s kids. What will they have as their memories? Video games, Exams, Home works and grades. They are not to blame, nor parents. It is just their struggle to survive in the race.

  41. Jayatheertha Says:

    This post really bought out all the memories of my childhood.
    Lagori was my favorite. Road Side cricket anthu beda beda.
    Summer alli yavaglu aade kelesa. Cricket nalli agthidha jagala, kadana gypskondre nagu barothe.

    I wish i can go back in time.

  42. prashanth Says:

    Everything is nostalgic and i felt as if I was watching a movie.
    The kids then used to have the similar likes and dislikes.I remember how my elder brother used to stay at home and boss over me when I wanted to go out and play with friends.He used to bolt the door at the top which I couldn’t reach and then I used to use the back door climb down the guava tree and run barefoot to the ground knowing I will get my due when I came back home with the dirty feet and soiled clothes.We used to take the used and discarded tyres and run with them on the streets with a stick.kathri cycle when we were not big enough for those cycles.Business,Name place animal thing(NPAT).Kavade,alagulimane…madhyana ootada time nalli bandu maneli 1.10 radio news nalli cricket score kelodu mathe oota bega mugsi aata adodu.Some one wrote “it moistened my EARS” I think EYES are more apt..:)

  43. Naveen.AC Says:

    Simply Awesome..it is very Nostalgic..It brought tears to my eyes..and I wonder if those beautiful days would ever come.. I guess not..that is Y those are called memories I guess.


  44. Thalaeharatae Says:

    as someone said earlier..aa dinagalu…

    Thanks for bringing those memories back…

    Savitha: Did Shrimathi miss come from Tumkur…even we had one Shrimathi miss who was absolutely brilliant…

  45. Nastika Says:

    Kids, now in 2008 will be nostalgic about T20, Google in the year 2028 !!!

  46. chethan Says:

    Guess ‘The Ukranian Folk Tales’ was like harry potters of those days!! Got to search for it the next time i go home.

  47. Balaji Says:

    Wow …u made me misty eyed there:).we did most of those things too?And u forgot the “elastic” game that became very popular( dont remember whether it was in the early 90s) and also the WWF cards that we would hide in our bags and play during classes.

  48. Abhiranjan Says:

    hey u captured 10 yrs of our lives in a page .. awesome!
    how can there be so many things common in our childhood ? is it only bcoz we are/were from vijayanagar and studies in NPES ??
    i`m a bit nostalgic now … never missed NPES and those days so much untill now :)
    may be bcoz i made the NPES-VVS shift a bit too early .. (in 5th std)
    sadly i hardly remember any of my school friends’ or teachers’ names .. just their faces ..
    i’ve even forgotten which section i was in .. E / F .. will check in the marks cards today :)
    which batch were u in ? (me – SSLC in ’98)

  49. Jayaprasad Says:

    sakkat aagide…nanna haLe nenapugaLella eega chigurida aagide. andaaage naanu saha gari na book nalli ittidde. :)

  50. Shashi Says:

    The article made me go back in time. Though I grew up in outskirts of bangalore, the article made me nostalgic. Suddenly the enlightenment of what all I have missed rushed upon me.
    I wish life had an “Undo” button!!!

  51. Amitha acharya Says:

    That was great.My life was so much similar to what u have written.i studied in Carmel school rajajinagar which is now in basaveshwaranagar.We used to play ratho ratho..which is totally missing in today’s games.Kids dont seem to play such games at all.
    Also,the old milk booths…remember???.We had to take a pathre and get a coin from the milkbooth>it was vending machine before…..i was always getting worried that the froth will fall out ..by then the m/c wud stop.
    Even i used to collect flowers to make perfumes out of it.I used to crush it and bottle it..only to find it stinking the next day…he he….

    Life was great in those days!!!

  52. Bheema Says:

    Bombbat article

  53. Swaroop Bhushan Says:

    Kaka angadi and Shivanna angadi! were right behind my home. I feel so close to you reading about things like palya bun, book cricket, NPES and VVS.. I’ve enjoyed all of these. BTW I was in D and then A till 5th in NPES. What a time! I too exchange such memories with my sisters and cousins who are all grown up and far apart now. Just cannot escape the nostalgia, and the warmth.

  54. Sunil Says:

    Sakhath well written… Studied in St. Josephs/Kumarans… I did the exact same things… So, it was all about the 80’s… not the place!!

  55. lakshmi Says:

    This article has just made me smile right at the beginning of a work-day.. and that is an awesome feat.
    Its ironic how we feel that we have made our lives simple now with cell phones, wireless, Google, GPS and yet our lives was sooo much simpler, beautiful and enjoyable then.
    Some more things if I may add:

    – He-Man show on Sundays at 9 am
    – Ramayana, Mahabharatha on Doordarshan
    – chitramanjari and chitrahaar
    – ice candy and kulfi ..
    – uppu khara iro maavinkayi summer holidaysnalli
    – lalbagh outings
    – waiting Vidyarthi Bhavan masaladose
    – ondu roundu badige cycle nalli..
    – and Tinkle, amar chitra katha..
    the list is endless and the memories abound

  56. Vijay Says:

    Excellent blog! A few more things I’d like to add to the list..

    – Hire Cycle, “Luna” was my favorite
    – Kite season, making maanja

    I grew up in the Cantonement, but I think we all were after the same things. I also will never forget the day my dad gave me a digital watch when I was in Std. V.

  57. Manju Says:

    Hello Savitha – iam also from New Public high school – right from lkg to 10th. 91′ pass out.
    Very nice article, could really relate to this. have very nice memories from this time.
    Vividly remember “thooth building, oil building, hi school bldg”, those PT periods, school days, saturday cricket/football matches, pepsi ice, morning prayer, shylaja, juliet miss, KRK tuitions, many crushes on pretty girls in high school, rivalry with cambridge, st johns guys.
    Man – those were the days. good to have these nice memories. reading this article made my day. Thanks.

  58. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Amitha Acharya,

    Did you study when Carmel school was still in Rajajinagara or when it moved to basavaeshwaranagara?

  59. Chethan Says:

    Hi Savitha,

    I got to read your post through one of the fwds. I grew up in Mysore in
    the 80s and I can relate to every bit of what you have written!
    What a wonderful post, it brought back so many fond memories and
    made my day!

    >>Can someone bring it all back for me, please?

    You certainly brought it back for me :) Well.. Huh :)


  60. savitha Says:

    Hi all, thanks for the wonderful response.
    Thalaeharatae: Don’t know if Shrimathi miss was from Tumkur. But she taught us in the 4th standard in NPES, Vijaynagar
    Krishna: yeah, I remember St John’s, we from NPES used to compete with St Johns and Cambridge!
    HJ: Thanks for forwarding it to your NPES schoolmates. I cannot forget that CPWD quarters ground, thoot building, oil building et al:)
    Abhiranjan: Hey, I passed out from VVS HS in 91. Was in NPES till seventh std. Think hard! You’ll remember all those teachers!
    Swaroop Bhushan: You stayed near Shivanna angadi? You know that kaka angadi across the main road? Which batch? I was also in A section till 4th. Fifth, we shifted to Saraswathinagar building…
    Manju: Wow man! I am also a ’91 pass out. we are from the same batch, then:) Yeah, I do remember thooth building, oil building, that PT period in the playground, High school building, remember all those ayahs too…remember girijamma ayah?!
    Amith Acharya: “Also,the old milk booths…remember???.We had to take a pathre and get a coin from the milkbooth>it was vending machine before…..i was always getting worried that the froth will fall out ..by then the m/c wud stop.”
    Ditto ditto here:))

  61. Deepak Paramashivan Says:

    Hi Savita
    An excellent article, capturing the finest details, days to reminisce and mull over and over again. I could not help crying my soul out when I read those lines senti lines “soth purka sorekayi mane mundhe heerekai”…what ever it meant idiomatically God knows…I recall a famous ghazal by jagtjith singh “woh kagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka pani”..which reads as follows

    “Take away my wealth, youth and fame but please give me back my childhood spring season, with those paper boats and rain water”…


  62. Sreenivasa Says:

    Hello Savitha,
    You brought tears to my eyes early in the morning :-). I got to read your post via a fwd from my colleague. Those days were the same throughout the country. I am now settled in Bangalore but I grew up in Hyderabad and passed 10th in ’84 and I went through every bit of the experience that you had. Only the names and the language were different. TV came into our lives only when we reached Class 7th, and even then, it never intruded into our time as it does now. There were a few more games that I would like to add:
    1. Putting cuttings of comics in books and asking friends to select randomly a page, in exchange for sheets of paper torn from their notebooks, If the selected page had a picture, it was theirs,
    2. Treasure hunt in the school campus,
    3. Then there was “Statue” or “Stop” where you had to freeze as you were,
    4. French cricket, where you stand in a circle and bat.
    5. Five stones , where you throw one stone into the air and then gather the remaining four into one hand before the first came down,
    6. There was “billa” where you make a pattern of boxes in the ground and throw a flat stone and push it with your foot into the other boxes while hopping on one leg……
    7. Sailing boats in the water after it stopped raining.
    The list is endless….
    Saturdays used to be fun in school with co-curricular activities (CCA period), where the teachers used to be free with us and make us play sit-stand on our benches or have singing contests, or tell jokes or even read stories to us.
    I have a 4 – year old daughter now and I want her to have the same amount of fun, so I try to play some of these games with her at home :-).

    There was a class library where kids donated old comics and whatever little money we could to subscribe to new ones every month.
    There were so many places to play in those days – which is something today’s kids are missing. There were trees to climb and swing from :-), So less traffic and so many places to explore – we used to roam around in gangs and wander in the summer to places outside our locality to collect match box and cigarette box covers, scared of street dogs, we used to write letters to our friends who had gone to their grandparents’ villages and wait excitedly for their replies……
    Festivals were more fun – the night after Deepavali, we used to go around looking for unburnt crackers, collect them and pour out all the explosive material onto a newspaper and then light it – whoooof !!! It used to be a great white ball of fire ….

    Times have changed due to the way things have shaped up. Can’t blame any one circumstance for it. We have to accept and live with it. But we should make our best efforts to make sure our children get the maximum joy of growing. Give your children the time and share your memories and experiences with them, let them live our experiences. That is the best gift we can give them – memories of a happy childhood.

  63. kala Says:

    How come you all have forgotten kannada films especially for children like prachanda putanigalu, putani agent 1,2,3 etc. My mother used to take us only to these kind of movies,

    A Very nice article, brought back memories of those good old days. Feel like going back to those carefree days.

    Some one is there from Rajajinagar 4th block. Even I am from the same area,
    S.R. Dinne.

  64. uma sastry Says:

    Excellent Savitha
    Brought simple sweet memories of my School days

  65. Amith Says:

    good one.. thank u

  66. Harshitha Says:

    Hey TRS, KLG, BLM, CSV, RLN, PVR …. of course remember all thise guys… Which batch and section were you in?

  67. Vidya Says:

    Hey hi,

    Super!! I had a wide grin throughout while reading this. Guess what, I am a VVSHS alumnus. God, which batch were you in? I was put up in Basaveswarnagar though!

  68. Harish Says:

    Got it thru a forward, this post made my day :D thanks.

    How could you(girls) forget your favorite – kunte bille?
    And in my schools there was coins collections, missile (little plank with nails placed triangularly, with rubber band and match stick acts as a missile), rocket (our own paper MIG), collecting miniature electronics and boost off(the best was match box radio), cork & marbles, And whole lot of Ogattu bidisodu and puzzle solvings.

  69. Gavee Says:

    What a remembrance.. I dont have words to express.. everything is dito happend in our lives. I am from Mysore (142kms far from Bangalore), still we were having the same fun. We are connected ! To add to it, friends going to public libraries and reading lot of comics “Dinakondu kategalu”, “Mandrakes”, “Poppeye”, “Tintin”.. Playing cricket, football, caram board, chess.. Hiring a cycle for 25paise for 30mins or 50paise for 1hour ride. Going to park and playing cricket with lamp post as wicket. hahahha. Sometimes playing cricket in our own street and hitting hard to break neighbours window.. hahhaa Playing lagori.. anyone remember lagori? Exchanging the front sticker of match box. Making things out of match boxs. Buying food stuffs ‘Joy’ icecream, chur muri (parched rice), sibekayi (gauva), sauthekayi (cucumber).. etc., at gadi (Trolley). Fun.. Fun.. Fun.. Fun..

  70. Vitlan Potli Says:


    SiddharamaDinne very close to 53rd cross

  71. Vikas Y V Says:

    wonderful article savitha. Brought back all those memories from school. Even I was in nphs F section in late 80’s and early 90’s and I remember doing most of the things mentioned some time or the other. One more thing we used to play was “coconut coconut”, statue and I remembered we used to say this:
    yellow yellow dirty fellow
    go and marry buffalo :D

  72. Srikanth Says:


    Though I studied in bangalore for 2-3 years, they are quite famos adda’s that I know of. Like janata hotel, annapoorna bakery in 13th cross for samosa, Uma bakery in 8th cross for bisi badami milk, coffee in Indian coffee bar near malleshwaram circle.

    This article really took me back to schooling years and munching those wonderful moments. Really missing those simply superb years. Now, it’s all memories. I am surprised looking at these days kids. Hardly has seen any kid going out and playing Gilli-Danda, Bachcha, Goli, match box collection…Where are those days? I am waiting for the history to repeat so the new gen. kids also enjoy their childhood instead of going behind the internet era, NGC, Animal Planet…Some years down the line, almost all animals will become extinct and these channels will definitely there will be increase in their TRP ratings.

    Thanks for taking time off and writing such a nice article.

  73. Sujay Says:

    First and foremost, Thank you for bringing back the memories…when the memories did start to emerge from their hibernation, they did not drip, they flooded…I am a 100% bengaluru boy or baay (shout out to all the baays and gals of Gate 77…u all know who u r :)), settled elsewhere. I just wanted to say that I miss those days, not because I am not in bengaluru anymore but because even if I was, those days of utter innocence and rambunctious fun are well and truly gone….but I savored it for a fleeting moment….Thank you Savitha. PS: I am a product of NPES and NPHS as well…whoohoooo!!!

  74. Yashwanth Says:

    Simply superb …

    excellent …!!!

  75. Swaroop Bhushan Says:

    Savitha, I am from 11th cross. Kaka angadi used to be our usual jeerige peppi stop on the way to “mishan”. Kaka isn’t there anymore. It was a boutique when I saw last.

    I graduated high school in ’98. So we might not have met.

    Your page is going to be highest ever on the list when people Google anything related to good old V’nagar.

  76. Sharath V Says:

    thumbane chennagide…bringing back the good old memories…

  77. Praveen Nimbalkar Says:

    realllagi helidiyaa…

    splendid write up this one.. i am sure most of us who have surpassed eighties in namma bengaluru will agree with you..

    some more
    VCP VCR cassette angadige hogi cassette tarodu,
    stick cricket adodu..
    school bus.. PHS service, peak hour service
    cycling to school, career mele bagu
    schoolinda manege barta,, uncle unsle lift kodi anta kelodu..
    dhanurmasa ( dec 15th to jan 15) visting temples in the morning and aa prasaada tagolokke jagala
    once in a while malleswaram janata hotel nalli appa ammana jote masale dose..
    cricket campge beligge busnnanli hogi barodu
    bal bhavanalli summer campu…
    summer nalli ajji manege hogodu
    thaati ningu.. have eaten this..
    star fruit…cubbon parkalli sigodu.. i was studying in St Josephs Indian High School, we use to get something like African Head antha…cubbon park nalli. i dont know what it is called now.
    yaarigadaaru, TASTE THE THUNDER ad nenapidiyaa… cricketers du action flickers.. MY FAVORITE WAS SUNNY`S
    BIG FUN bubble gummu…with those runs collection guys do you remember
    fido dido – pepsi had just launch leher 7 up… those wrist bands were a run away success
    Gaalipata, painch hakodu ( hijaking) letting one piece of paper and calling it as telephone…
    TOP (aka Bugri) mele gunna …

    ahahaaaa…. yentha maja adu… im sure my daughter will miss all this in her childhood.
    How much has to world advanced…

    keep writing folks, i shall watch this space regularly

    Thanks SAVITHA, whereever your are you have created a spledid blog. hats off to your writing.

    signing off for now

  78. ಕುಮಾರಸ್ವಾಮಿ Says:

    ನಿಮ್ಮ ಈ ಲೇಖನ ಹೊತ್ತುತಂದ ನನ್ನ ನೆನಪಿನ ಸುಳಿದಾಟಗಳು…
    ಆ ನೆನಪಿನ ಗುಂಗಿನಲಿ ಈ ಕವಿತೆಯ ರಂಗು….
    ಅದ್ಭುತವಾದ ಬರಹ. ನೆನಪುಗಳಿಗೆಂತ ಶಕ್ತಿ ಇರುತ್ತದೆ ಎಂದರೆ…ನಾನು ಈ ಲೇಖನ ಓದುವಾಗ ಕಣ್ಣು ತೇವಗೊಂಡಿತು. ಕೋಟಿ ಕಳೆದು ಕೊಂಡರೂ ಇಷ್ಟು ದುಃಖವಾಗುತ್ತರಲಿಲ್ಲವೇನೋ.. ಕಳೆದು ಹೋದ ಆ ನೆನಪುಗಳನ್ನ ನೆನದು ಮನಸು ಮುದುಡಿತು.
    ಹೌರದ ಸ್ಪರ್ಶಿಸುವಂತ ಬರಹ.

    ಆ ನೆನಪಿನ ಸುಳಿದಾಟಗಳು
    ಗತದಲ್ಲಿ ಬೆರೆತ ಬಾಳ ರಮ್ಯ ಪುಟಗಳು
    ಎದೆಯಂದಳದಲಿಂದು ತಿರುತಿರುಗಿ
    ಸುತ್ತಿ ಸುತ್ತಿ ಆಳಕ್ಕೆನ್ನ ಸೆಳೆಯುತಿಹವು ||ಪ||

    ಮರೆತು ಹೋದ ಆ ನೂರು ನೆನಪುಗಳು
    ಹೃದಯ ಗೂಡಲ್ಲಿ ಸೆಲೆಯಾಗಿ ಹರಿದು
    ನದಿಯಾಗಿ ಸೆಳುವಾಗಿ ರಬಸದಿಂದ
    ಬಂದೆನ್ನ ಮೌನ ಸಾಗರಕೆ ಸೇರುತಿಹವು ||ಪ||

    ಮೌನ ಕಡಲಿನ ಕನಸಿನ ತೆರೆಗಳು
    ನೆನಪಿನ ನದಿಯನು ತಿರದಲಿ ಕೂಡಿ
    ಮಧುರ ಮಿಲನದ ಯಾತನೆ ಮಿರಿ
    ಇಂದಿನ ಬದುಕಿನ ಸವಿ ಸೆಲೆಯಾಗುತಿಹುದು ||ಪ||

    ಬಾಲ್ಯಜೀವನದ ಮೋಜು ಆಟಗಳು
    ಹಕ್ಕಿಗಳಾಗಿ ಹಾರಾಡುವ ನೆಚ್ಚು ಕನಸುಗಳು
    ನವಿಲು ಗರಿ ಮರಿಮಾಡುವ ಆಸೆ ನೋಟಗಳು
    ಸುಳಿದಾಡಿವೆ ಮನದಲಿಂದು ಆ ದಿನದ ನೆನಪುಗಳು ||ಪ||

    ಗೆಳತಿಗಾಗಿ ಕಾಯುತಿದ್ದ ಆಸೆಯ ಕಂಗಳು
    ಅವಳ ಕೆನ್ನೆಯನಿಡಿದು ಮಾಡಿದ ಹುಚ್ಚು ಕೀಟಲೆಗಳು
    ಕೈಯಿಡಿದು ನಡೆದ ಹೆಜ್ಜೆ ಗುರುತುಗಳು
    ಮೂಡುವೆ ನೆನಪಾಗಿ ಮನದಾಗಸಲಿ ಈಗಲು ||ಪ||

    ಬಿಟ್ಟು ಹೋದವು ದೂರ ಆ ಸವಿ ಕ್ಷಣಗಳು
    ನೂರು ನೋವಿನ ನೆನಪಿನ ತೊರೆಗಳು
    ಸೆಳೆಯುತಿವೆ ಭೇದವಿಲ್ಲದೆ ಒಂದಾದಿ ಜಿನುಗಿಂದು
    ಭಾವಸೆಲೆಯಾಗಿರು ನೆನಪಿನ ಸುಳಿದಾಟಗಳು ||ಪ||

    ನನ್ನ ಗುಬ್ಬಚ್ಚಿ ಗೂಡಿಗೆ ಸಮಯ ಸಿಕ್ಕಾಗ ಬಂದು ಹೋಗಿ.



  79. Veeresh Says:

    This article made to think a lot and brought all memories . How things have changed now , before every Sunday all friends we is used to meet . Now days it hardly have time to call them. Thanks for article it made my day.

  80. Divya Says:

    This article has truely made me nostalgic… Its always difficult to remember these smaill incidents that are sooo close and valuable in our lives. Btw, we used to call Son-papdi -ajjana gadda…

  81. Som Says:

    nostalgic and emotional…. yes our kids will miss this ….. Savitha, very well captured…..and the write up had a good flow…

  82. Lokesh Says:

    Wonderful that was a great article and it just refreshed my golden moments and memories

  83. Lokesh Says:

    I am fro NPES School and i belong to 1987 banch of Passing 10th Standard. My classmate was Prasad Shetty who is still staying next to the park and corner of the our school grounds and in those days we had a school bukiding whcih was known as shetty building. The school resembles like a match box and today we have some printing press and mobile shops. Ours was the 4th batch to pass ou the 10th std from NPES school. In our class we had Narendra, Champakamalini, Aravind, Jyothi, Nagaraj to name a few. The article written above is really good and we miss those days…. For my fond memories and goodness and the quality of the education that NPES is maintaining even today my daughter is going to the same school. If any of you are from the same batch or you know some one from that batch please connect us. U can reach me @ lokesh.swetha@gmail.com.

  84. Sumanth Hathwar Says:

    fantastic write up.. sooo true.. brought back those cherished old memories.. Yes yaa. . seriously yaa.. tumba ne khushi aaytu idanna odhi :)

  85. A R Sudhindra Says:


    Even I got my good old days remembered. All those days of games!! Do our children still play those or get addicted to Cartoon Network or Pogo.

  86. Sujay Says:

    Aiyyo Savitha, You have bought back so many memories. I am feeling so Nostalgic….

    FYI… I am from vijayanagar, studied in NPES and VVSHS…….
    Though in 90’s your article still hold good…

    Thanks for making me stop my work and drowning me in old sweet memories….

  87. Sangeetha Says:

    This is too good. It reminds me of my school days too….. but studied in New Oxford English School in Gandhinagar. Gone are those days…. Memories are everlasting.
    Thanks Savitha…… for reminding me of my childhood days…………….


  88. VG Says:

    superb!!! reminded me of everything that we used to do during school days and summer holidays.. i would love watching some of my friends making “gaali pata” during kite season, put “maanja” for thread using glass powder (for which i got good scolding from my parents), prepare kaark ball etc.. i remember i once tried to make “deelu” for the kite and failed miserably…:-( also can’t forget the “gang wars” that we used to have with the kids from the other streets…!!! i used to stay in srirampuram and our adda was mostly around malleswaram, passed out of SSLC in 1991. can’t forget the day I watched QSQT in one of my friend’s house who had a VCR at home….

    thank you all for reminding me of those days… :-) now i don’t feel like getting back to work… :-(

  89. Vijay.B.M Says:

    what a wonderful memory lane u have taken us thru !!!!!

    i am more excited that u are from The New Public English School of the eighties in Vijayanagar. I am also one of those products passed out 7th in 83 and moved to Josephs for high school.

    60 to 65 in a class room and as and when the building gets filled then a new building being introduced, the oil depo building, the killing of pigs which used to happen next to the hospital close to the Anjenaya temple, the cholas, hoysalas groups which we unknowly sweared on.

    the most memorable ones are the dance rehearsels which used to happen in the so called miss (today`s mam) houses.

    namma oorali the biggest thing which is missing is our gubbachi gudu which was almost a part of every house in vijayanagar.

    namma hosahalli parkinalli Ganesha habba, rajyostava mattu srirama namami na sambrama. full park thumba jana iddru film, orchestra mattu hari kate kelo majja ivagina BOSS home theatre nalli sikkolla.

    more to come later.

  90. Manasa Says:

    Hey thanks for bringing back all the wonderful memories…
    It was a good break from all everyday tension and running around…

    Along with all the above mentioned, we also used to play FLAMES, book cricket, BOLLYWOOD, a-meena (some sort singing and clapping), dog & the bone, Donkey Play, lock and key, chain cut, sudden touch and lots more…

  91. Bhargava Says:


    Very nice collection of experiences and use of good kannada slang which brought back lot of fun filled and cherished memories. I almost lived through it again while reading it. Thanks for posting it. some of the things which I remember very well is Markoti aata, Kappe Goodu, Tyre odisodu, Kambi kachiso aata. Innondu vishaya bahala rochakavadaddu andre aaga Bharat TV antha ithu mathu adaralli naavu world cup cricket nodidvi. cricket andre iga T20 aga cork ball madodu ondu vacation pass time. Adallade manja hakodu galipatakke mathu cycle nalli double peddle madikondu Libraryge hoguthida nenapu nanage igalu chennagi ide.

  92. Kiran Says:

    Superb Article, definately takes you down the memory lane. Thanks “Churmuri”, for rekindling those golden days of simplicity.

  93. Ravi kumar P Says:

    Hi, It was really good. I am Ravi kumar and studied in VVS-Saptharsi Dhama-C section. Still we remember Ramachar mestru then from highscholl- Dwarkanathnath, KLG, PVR, PT mastru(HKN, TR) then Drawing mastru and finally AV a sanskrit mastru and pantru. I along with my sister Bharathi and younger brother Shashi P all are from Kethamarana halli/I n block studied in VVS only. i cannot forgot ‘Spiderman=Spiderman’, Mr or Missess, Buniyad, Giant robot, Tiger tea add, Lijjath Pappad add, Washing powder Nirma add. Now the new gen are having so many facilities-mobiles, internet, videogames but still the fun we had at 80’s not matchable. VVS SD batch (esp 86 batch) – please be in touch – ravi_kumarp@hotmail.com

  94. Hari Says:

    Very nice article..I want to play LOCK and KEY ! :D

  95. SR Says:

    Are you Manohar’s sister by any chance?

  96. KRamanna Says:

    hey savitha , i must say this read is simply superb. I studied in north bangalore through out . hope somebody here knows daffodil school , sanjayanagar and stella Maris high school,sadashivnagar.

    As i sit here to find words to appreciate your article , my eyes are filled with tears and not able to find words.

    to add to all the above comments , i shud say that we girls also use to play this crazy game of collecting differents colors of broken bangles and try to find maximum match.

    I also remember those days rather nights i shud say, where we had those “ajji kudhalu – very similar to son papadi ” ( folks coming in front of your home to sell it in the nights), tatiningu and also the pink mitaye wala making different shapes according to our wish . and my most fav one was “watch”. my mom use to have tuff time to take that mitahi out of my wrist as it would always stick to our skin like fevicol.

  97. Shilpa Says:

    Superb article…… i coule relate to most of the things written in the article….

  98. Rajan Says:

    Illi nODi churmuri mari haaktu!!!!!
    Some how today morning I felt like listening to ‘Guruvaara banthamma’.
    (Yes it is Thursday in US). I Googled and to my surprise not a single Youtube site came up. But there was a nice article on the great thespian Dr. Raj.
    It was a nice eulogy and was followed by a series of emotional responses.
    As I was thinking of adding my comments I was called to take care of the demanding grandson. you know what happened next. I just closed the EeePC and went down with him and for got the Churmuri blog which I ahd kept open.
    Evening as soon as I opened my Yahoo account there was an URL of this thread. And I read the whole thing!
    It flashed to me that this is such a nice coincidence that the morning churmuri had put a nice mari by evening.
    Another coincidence is that at about 11-30 in the morning I was nostalgic about the mica mining which we used to do when we were in primary school. That was when I was showing the shiny piece of ‘shankhu’ from the snail shells which I was showing to my first grand son.
    I never had imagined that I would read about “KaageBangaara” and other stories on the same day!!
    Those days….(1950s and sixties) in rural karnataka were no different.
    In this contest I remembered one of my teachers in Middle school who gave me a Kannada novel and used to bug me to read it. The book was ‘Kaanooru subbamma heggaDathi’. The author was none other than the national Saahithya award winner Kuvempu. In this book there is a nice discription of haLLi school makkaLu. A long list of goli gajjuga chiltEri pencil bottli muchLa etc etc which were found hidden in the pocket of a child character in that story. (I vaguely remember).
    Coming to morning ‘raaga’. I am a Raj fan. But the day of his demise is very much a painful memory because it reminds me of my friends predicament. He had to go to the Airport escorting his son. He some how managed to do that and come back in one piece but his luxury car’s windscreens were smashed. Ghosh!! Dr. Raj must have wriggled in his grave!!!
    Eee navilu gari kathe ello kELidda haagideyallaa….haa…vaasane barthaaa yide.!!!

  99. Shashi Says:

    Wow, this sounds so very like my own childhood, down to the very last detail. This could have been my post. Shivanna angdi , kaaka angdi… had me wondering if you lived nearby. I did, on 11th cross.
    Savitha, When did you graduate highschool ?
    BTW Hi Chikoo! :)

  100. ARAVIND Says:

    NEW PUBLIC ZINDABAD! Did ma schooling there and those memories are etched in ma heart…. oil building…. high school building…shakeera miss…. icons of childhood…!
    Tis a real sweet story just like those memories are!
    savi savi’ nenanpu. Thanks ‘Savi’tha!

  101. somberi Says:

    very Nice Article, brought back the old memories.. those were the golden period of our lives. Miss them soo much :(

  102. Arun Mahendrakar Says:

    This article just took me back 20 yrs or so.. you’ve seemed to capture many of the things that we went trough.. i also remember keeping the ‘golden’ wrapper of a chocolate or lollipop in my books and my sister playing
    se se se
    achchacho belladacho
    alli nodu illi nodu
    maradalli sampangi gumpu nodu

    Wonderfully written and exceptionally well worded.. NOSTALGIC.. VERY NOSTALGIC.

  103. degreecopy Says:

    saturday evenings we would all sit in front of the tv watching a kannada film on good old dd. while munching palya bun that my dad would get from ganesha bakery, gandhi bazaar. that’s what a weekend meant for us back then. ah, memories that had been abandoned in attic of the mind have been pulled out and wiped clean by a lovely article! my compliments, savitha.

  104. Prasanna Says:

    Wow…Nice article and good comments too. This is one of those articles that I read almost all comments. St. John’s High School alumni here… Vijayanagar was awesome those days.


  105. Sanjay M Says:

    ” the gari did not put mari” yakendre you had not put “Navilu Thindi” ;-)

    great stuff brought back loads of memories i studied in a obscure school in Cubbon Pete.. me an my class mates always imagined that kids in English medium that too in places like “Rajaji/Vijay Nagar” never played games like “Panna”..thanks for dispelling the myth ;-)

  106. Ane Says:

    sakath aagi bardidira Madam…hats off!!!!!aa dinagalella hoythu…iga yenidru we are running behind materialistic pursuits ashte…aadru this is one of the best articles I have read….I simply could not stop crying….Gone are those days..They will never come back :(

  107. Venkatesh Krishnan Says:

    Amazing! Amazing!! Amazing!!!

    This is a constant topic of discussion in my car pool – yes – I am lucky enough to have a couple of like minded similar background middle-middle class colleagues who travel back on the long drive home each day!!!

    I passed out of MESKK Mwm in 1993, and lived in Nagappa Block near Devayya park.

    A couple of rhymes :
    Kudiyiri Kudiyiri Tick-20
    Adhara bele 4-20
    Aadhare saayodhu maathra Gyarentee :-))

    Ajjine bandhilla – koothu koothu saakaythu.

    I also vividly remember :
    – Road ge tar hakodhu or borewell thododhu – and how the more “technically” inclined amongst us would stand for hours on end in scorching summer sun to get every bit of it.
    – Saturday evenings and Showtheme, Vikram our bethal, Sunday morning Disney hour and He-Man!!!
    – 5 paisa chikki and Boti – One who had 25paise would be the king of the day and his friendship much sought after!!!
    – Birthdays – “Color Dress” – Distributing 10 Paise Parry’s orange mittayi or the green cover nutrine candy costlier at 15 paise each) to one and all in your class. Going round the school with one “best friend” offering “Miss my birthday miss, take 2 choclates miss” :-))

    I could go on and on – only I have a conf call to attend!!!

    Amazing reading after a long time :-)

    – Knife Sharpeners

  108. Nachiket Says:

    Excellent post..bought back all the golden memories of the 80’s. Yet another experience that i cannot forget is watching Mahabharat and Ramayan on Sundays at Home. The streets used to be virtually empty those days..imagine that happening today!!

    I did not read all the posts…but yet another hobby that had caught craze was collection of match box tops..I still remember match boxes with names like Joker, Koyal, Raja and were traded similar to stamps..

  109. savitha Says:

    hi, i am from new public english high school. i passed out in 1995. this article was amazing…just went back to those good old days…i was always carzy for entering college…i would dream of it since the time i was in my class seven. but my brothers would always say, school life is golden life and i its soo true…..nothing can beat those days…..i do rem shrimathi miss and prema miss……anyways thanks for the wonderful memory….happy blogging.

  110. ms Says:

    thanks for all who has responded,

    it brought back our memories of namma bangalor( no more namma bangalore). it has lost his charm beauty innocence and everything.
    as a kid we used to play lagori, goli, soda flying disc and ofcourse who can forget Giant Robot at 7pm.
    in summer apart from going to native place and meeting grand parents we used to walk all the way to malleswaram 18 cross, to pick up some kind of cant remember what we used to say to make karik ball.

    thanks once again for bringing back the memories of NAMMA BANGALORE

  111. Anand Chintalavadi Says:

    Brought back some really amazing memories. i was in davangere recently for a few days. the tier II / III cities continue to be like the old charming bangalore in culture (except that they have cell phones).

    grt reading. brought bk some really nice memories.


  112. Sri Says:

    Excellent!! Very Nostalgic. I remember going to Shivanna Angadi to get Kadle hittu….But a different Shivanna though…. [:)]

    Thank you for taking us through those lovely memories which we all have experienced one way or the other.

  113. gurupawan Says:

    Brought my mood back to old days its so wonderfull to have such memories yes we 80’s guys are blessed with such beautiful games and wordings , i rem kork ball madadhu , hitting stone to that tree with which we use to make kork ball and than buying sabar gadda which is sone-papdi now , getting 5 Piece we used to get koli mottae pepperment and also shunti perpment which was the only cooling mint we had ( O i really wish i could go back to those days back ) and in summer holidays parents forced us to stay home in afternoon and we used to play atguli manae and going to mysore means KRS dam which was the most happing things of summer holidays , i still have the match box cover and stamp collections, i can only wonder if this coming 21st century kids know whats match box and markothi atta ( jumping from 1 tree to other without touching ground & kalu manu the stone and mud game ) Thx for this wonderfull article i simply went back to my old days by the way i am from DBM School from koramanagla it had the biggest play ground where we used to play merigo round and jaro bandae where can i ever find such lovely days , I now feel i have really enjoyed my school days compared to this school kids now.

    I have lost the mood of work and feel like getting in touch with my school mates thx for this article. share more such views.

  114. Vijay Says:

    Splendid ! You just brought back my Lagori days and feelings and memories deep inside that cannot be put in words. all I can offer is a humble thankyou.

    Deepavali days used to be fun, with we “technically” minded kids getting together and making a big custom rocket by combining pataki pudi from various rockets and “Tuss-patakis” some of which would be scavenged from the road to the launch pad (local public playing ground), jamming all of it in a oodhbatti kolave stuck to a bunch of parke-kaddi with twine-dara , the fun would be after the custom rocket flew and we kids came up with our own stories as to how OUR rocket would reach aliens ! while all of us would gaze into the darkness of the smoke filled night.. LOL :)

    Fun time those…

  115. Rahul.K. Says:

    NPES (New Public English School)??

    Who can forget that……and later NPHS (High School) too. I studied throughout from LKG to 10th Std.–passed out in 1992.

    Names of friends I can recall are: Rahul.K.C. (in a KPO now), Vijay.S., Ravi Kumar & Arun Kumar (twins)…. these 3 share same birthday are s/w engineers now, Dharmu, Anil, Parivarthan (sorry to hear that he’s deceased now), Rama, Anand, Dinesh (in LIC), Ravi.G. (lecturer), Joseph (who’d come back from St.Josephs’s school??? in high school), Nanda (who’s RJ in FM radio now and also compering in TV shows) and many more……I’ve almost forgotten the names of girls from middle school.

    In high school the School re-organised and shuffled everyone, changing it from co-ed sections to separate all boys/all girls sections and also based on 1st language we opted (8th & 9th). I was in ‘C’ section upto 7th and ‘E’ section from 8th to 10th (had opted Hindi). It was back to co-ed in 10th.

    Other names of mostly girls (who came from ‘A’ section, I think) I can recall from high school are those in my section. Rupali (1st rank holder…doctor now??), Charita, Sarita (..all last benchers), Nippa (s/w engr.now…I still remember your God theory), Swarnali (may be shifted to West Bengal??), Shalini (from ISEC qtrs.??…wanted to become researcher), etc…..Others pardon me if I’d remember names of only the prettier ones.

    In fact remembering all those names I wonder why don’t they organise a Re-union of sorts….. would be curious to know what have become of all those guys now……Too late, I guess.

    In fact, I’m nostalgic about not only School days, but also the 1st company I worked in (a Medical Transcription co.). I think we are always nostalgic about the happy days we spent and about people who leave lasting impressions on us. Hence, College days were so forgettable for me, and I remember only 2 guys (Nanda Kumar…PUC only; Ganesh Kumar…PUC & Degree) from College.

    I can definitely vouch for Savitha.G.R. here that middle school was more enjoyable than high school for obvious reasons that we had entered 90s in high school which was life-altering for many. The whole country and also the whole world had changed for Indians. But high school too was, let me say, Second Phase of fun days, and also due to the nearness of those times to that of my present time I’m able to remember more of those days. My most enjoyable years were the 7th Std. (I forget the nick-name of the building) & 10th Std. (in ‘Oil’ building).

    Since I’m married now and have a son, I wonder which school my son would go to. I believe now my School has shrunk (I’d say disintegrated). Hence, I may not opt for the same school for my son, contratry to one of the bloggers above.

    What-ever it was I’d still enjoy getting in touch with all those people from good old days. I’d love to chatter with all of you. Mail me at or orkut me.

    My mail address is rahulkumble(at)gmail.com

  116. Roops Says:

    Excellent article Savitha, brought back all the memories of my school days in Kormanagala and then jayangar,Bangalore …. i could relate to most of the things u wrote and i really wonder if these things are still happening in schools these days???
    Thsnka gain

  117. Sharath Says:

    Nimma ee article thumba chennagidhe. Idanna oodi nanna balya nenapige banthu. Naavu kaleda aa madhura kshanagalu innu namage sigalu sadyavilla. Innenidaru aa savi kshanagallanu melaku hakutta kootirabeku.

    Nammellara aa savi dinagalannu nenapisidhakke nimgage anthantha vandanegalu.

  118. krishna Says:

    I also remember walking back home from shantala talkies(now veera something) after 2nd show after seeing anath nags na nina bidalara, every step we counted and wanted to speed up to get to home near iyengars bakery in hosahalli, whew what a time it was.

  119. SK Says:

    naanu VVSHS, 1st Block
    ondhu thara aa dhinagaLu gnaapaka baruthe
    thaatha angadi masaale puri
    Saptharshidhama school hathra iro churmuri chennagirthithu
    I remember talking on 176 route with driver,
    swamy nirvahakaru elli antha..
    aaga driver asked yaaravnu?
    aa dhinagaLu bari nenapugaLu

  120. Akshatha Says:

    Superb article…..
    It brought back sweet memories of child hood
    whether in B’lore or other place, child hood was the same everywhere.
    We used to play mara kothi ata in the space meant for cycle parking in school, where pillars served as “mara” for a bunch of “kothi’s” :)

  121. Ajay Says:

    Nange School life nenapu aithu.. navu heege yella madtha edhvi adhanna nenpsukondange aithu…
    Gr8 days and School days are golden days in my life………. forgetting is not possible but we can review the same.

  122. shashank Says:

    Naawu ee thara maadta idwi annode marth hogittu……
    Thanks ree savitha avare……
    Hale pencil hereda sippegalu, stamp collectionnu, navil gari mari, pustakada kai chendina aata ;) he…. he…. he…… enenella maadtaa idwi………
    nijakku aa jeevanane majaa itthu……..

  123. Sandeep Says:

    Article is superb got to read this thru fwd mails .even though i belong to early ninghties.. childhood experience is same. navilu gari..pencil shaves, stamp collection ..ellanu naavu maadidvi. eeglu aa navilu gari itkondiddini..mari hakalla anta gottu but for those memories. In those days we didnt had cable connection for TV.. so every sunday.. sanje 4.00 ghantege DD1 naali movie haaktidru.. vaarakke onde movie.family ella ottige kootu nodtidvi.. film start aagostotige ajji used to prepare kharada kadale kaayi besige rajadalli thathana kelsa madkodau..like post office ge hogi stamp tarodu, mashin hogi hittu madsodu.. ajji jothe hapla,sandige hakodu..idella gnpaskondre estu kushi agatte. busy kelasada madhya dalli idella martogittu.. nenapugalannu vaapas tarsidakke thanks ree.nija.. . aa life matte barbarda ansatte. your article brought back my all those wonderful memories…

  124. batista Says:

    one of the best articles i have read……. :)

  125. bharathi tejas Says:

    oh that was a nice article where my memories became fresh.these talks where same even during ninties since i am also from VVS SHS 95 batch.

  126. Ashok Says:

    Simmply superb
    while reading those articles I can identify myself doing all those things
    so funny!!!!!!!!
    best ever article

  127. rags Says:

    life’s too short, just f#$@k the past and savor the present

  128. Gunda Says:

    To add few more things to it…

    Exam ques: Who is the Prime Minister/President of India

    & the reason for frequent breaks..especially nature calls..Miss Resesss !!!

  129. Shobha Says:

    Superb article… i can relate to it… though i studied in B.S.V.P school, it was the same… often there would be small fights betwen New Public and B.S.V.P, they would call our school Bonda Sambhar Wade Paaysa… and we would call their school by some equally funny name…
    Oh good ol’ memories…
    how i wish to hear “”Nidde madi edda mele ondhu tamashe kodthini!” again… :)

  130. Shilpa Says:

    A fantastic article !
    I studied in St. John’s, Vijayanagar and remember our rivalry with Cambridge students and our interschool sports competitions vit New public School.
    U have brought back memories of my school days with their finest details. Excellent post !

  131. Srinivasan C.R. Says:

    Hi Savitha,
    its funny & nostalgic.. If you remember so much about F section, you cant forget me! Howz ur brother Aravind! Prema miss was the best, and I hated Sunitha miss!
    email me at crsri@yahoo.com

  132. Srinivasan C.R. Says:

    btw, there was no shankar nag, it was ananth nag who used to live in that pinewood convent building.

  133. Shivaraj Says:

    What an article uhh!!! Thanks a lot for bringing back all those memories. Well written and well articulated. We all from 80s childhood share so similar memories, similar activities. Thank you for getting me back to my childhood days. I am from VVSHS passed out in ’93. Excellent post!!

  134. Kiran Says:

    great blog!! i stayed in vijaynagar during late eighties. Really miss those small things …

  135. Maiya Says:

    Thanks Savitha for this article, it brought back lot of my memories from VVSHS. (1990 pass out, C section). With AV as our class teacher, it was really fun. I still remember when RLN asked me to go out of the class till I bring my parents to the school, almost 2 months I was out from maths class. NSP used to come and tell if we all PASS in 10th grade (specially C section since we all from VVS primary kannada medium so called locallites for B section guys) he gives sweets to whole school…. getting scoldings from BLM, slaps from AV, going in bus 236 by 5.45 on west of cord road on foot board… miss those times, my wife doesnt even know how to make Haal bayee :( I almost forgotten that taste
    Thanks again for bringing back those memories

  136. Pachi Says:

    some more flash back games lagoori, leg cricket

  137. savitha Says:

    @srinivasan cr: hey. aren’t you ranganna!!! thrilled to see your comment, of course i remember you. aravind is fine! was that anant nag, somehow, i’ve always remembered him as shankar nag:)

  138. Ashwin Jayaprakash Says:

    Lovely post! Haha. I had almost forgotten all this.

  139. Thalaeharatae Says:

    Shobha: B S V P = ‘Bonda Sambhara Vaadae Payasa’ ….Excellent..:)

  140. Chintu Says:

    Wow!!! It was like reading about myself….only difference was that it was Basavanagudi instead of Vijayanagar and Sri Aurobindo Memorial School instead of New Public English School……really brought back some old memories…..

  141. Mahesh Says:

    Great article. Actually i am from mysore. really it was the same things we did in our childhood….can not forget all those things we used play…kallu monnu..bache..lagori..ice spice..chinni dandu..

    Still remember that we used to collect those gasgase hannu.. going to mishan and post offices…I am one who was always sent for these things.
    Elder brother was collecting stamps..and that navil gari that we used to keep in school dairies..very good article..truly it moistened my eyes also.

  142. savitha Says:

    @shobha: yeah, i remember that bonda sambar wade payasa bit:))
    @maiya: going by bus, 236! did the same thing. same bus number! remember how the driver would stop at first block! otherwise we had to walk till navrang:)

  143. swetha Says:

    hi….superb article…am from cambridge and vvshs alumni…can never forget those good old days…vijaynagar was a best place to live at that time i guess…most of the experience was same…roaming in summer holidays…collecting stamps,marbles,matchbox…playing on the roads…get shouted from our neighbours,still not stop our play…and those holi celebration on road,keeping ganesha on road,collecting money for it,oh god it was so much fun….thanks a lot for getting back all our memories….wish to go back in time and enjoy all those small small things again….

  144. Vinay Bhatta Says:

    Brought the smile onto my face effortlessly….
    I’m from St.John’s, Vijaynagar, but from late 90’s batch… Still remember those words like “CATCH HIDI, CATCH HIDI”, “COMPUND GODE HAARU”, “GATE BAAGILU HAAKODU” :) …
    Who can forget those nutties and Bhelpuri parties on birthdays…
    feeling very nostalogic…

  145. Marigowda M.R Says:

    Very nice memories recollected in a nice way.
    I have passed out from vvs during 94-95. namma adda is Hasan Iyengar bekari..

  146. Susmitha Says:

    Ahh you’ve taken me back to my childhood days! Well I’m a late 80s-90s child and so much of what you said was such a large part of my growing up years… *sigh*
    I want it all back too!! :(

    Thanks for the sweet nostalgia! :)

  147. siraj Says:

    Reading this article brought back wonderful memories of those days, though am from Jayanagar, we all played the same games….

    I finished school in 80/81…going through the responses from all you people, one thing is sure, we all still have the same feelings, howmuchever
    and whatever Bangalore has changed to. Amazing article Savitha

  148. Deepika Prabhakar Says:

    Hi Savitha,

    That was a great article. We really shared similar experience its just that the school was in koramangala…Thanks by getting back all our memories in just one article.

  149. Sreekanth Says:

    I was born in Malleswaram and studied in Hymamshu Jyothi Kala Peetha school (1987 batch). We moved to Vijayanagar in 1982 and have stayed there since 1982.
    How many boys and girls of the mid-80s in Vijayanagar remember the BTS TC (Traffic Controller) by name Narayanappa? He was a terror for errant drivers and conductors in those days. He would ensure that buses left on time and commuters always followed proper queue system. We were all amazed at the way he used to shout “yaree…..prasanna, 6th block, powerhouse, navrang, circle, 18th cross” at the bus stop for route 75 and would repeat the very next second ” yarree mysore road, chamarajpete, ashrama, southend, 4th block, 9th block” at the 60A bus stop !! He would always ensure that kids got seats in buses even when they were crowded. How many of you remember bus no 63 going inside hosalli taking a left turn at manuvana stop?
    The Vijayanagar and Malleswaram of the late 70s, 80s and 90s was a heavenly abode. Lagori and ice pice were definitely the major games we played at all times. We also enjoyed 3-legged race in school where the left leg of one guy is tied to the right leg of another guy and there is a race between such pairs of boys and girls !! It would make a hilarious sight, as some of them would fall down when running. I myself participated in one such race. I was tied with a big classmate of mine, who lifted me literally and ran the race !!! Those were the days………

  150. arathi Says:

    tumbaa chennagide article…sweet ol’ memories..:)
    innu maja andre…winter holidays homework nalli question papers ge answers bardu togondu hogbeku antaa… aata aad de bardu mugisidre aavattu cinema ge karkondu hogtiivi anta maneli …announcement…so ella bardu mugistaa idhvii:) …………
    ehstu chennagittu aa dinagalu.:)

  151. VIJITH Says:

    Hi, i really donno the author in person but its a kind of article with which everybody can can relate himself/herself with………Thats the reason y it has got so many replies…..I was in school in the early ninties but year doesn’t matter for the childhood, its all the same….
    I really liked the simplicity of the article,
    some of my memories are,

    kudos savitha…..

  152. VIJITH Says:

    some of my school days memories are,

    as the school bell ranged we used to scream
    -> ‘bell hoditu ajjimane kall hodithu”

    we learnt english in our own way, for every year we spent our english got better

    1st standard
    -> “miss is telling”
    2nd standard
    -> “miss is tell for U”
    3rd standard finally
    -> “I will tell to miss” :)

    games we played
    -> leg cricket, book cricket, rut cricket(played with a cardboard and a plastic ball), ‘jootaata’ ‘wwf trump cards’ , label ‘bacche’,’chukki aata’,
    ‘name place thing animal’…………
    hmmm those were the best days of my lyf…….

    kudos savitha

  153. Bhavana Says:

    :) Appreciate the way the article is written!
    Complete nostalgia… Brought all those good old memories and a smile on my face… :) Wish I could catch up the same kinda life now!!!! Alas!
    Childhood memories are the best. I’m sure these are remembered all throughout…

    Thanks for that wonderful article.


  154. Prapulla Says:

    I also studied NPHS passed out in 94.
    Very Nice article.. refreshed my school days.

  155. Megha Says:

    Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooo sooooo true……. so beautifully written….
    Almost in tears readin this one….
    VVS days were like d golden days…. miss em sooooo much now :(
    how i wish we cud go back in time….

  156. KESHAV.S Says:

    Brought Happy rears in my eyes. I was been there, done that. Best part we lived our greatest days.

  157. Sri Lakshmi Says:

    A lovely article which brought back my enery of Eighties for the day. It was just like my school days . Thanks a lot for putting everything into words.

  158. manoj Says:

    Russian books!!
    That’s one thing I had totally forgotten. A week without MISHA was unimaginable. Now getting hold of one is impossible.

  159. siddi Says:

    Siddi is my name, (in school Sridhar M N).. Savitha…. nijavagalu.. sooooperraaaaaaaaagi bardhedeeya!!!! After traveling places,, this still Remains THE BEST place …..nannna childhood nenepu ayathuuuuuu… naanu CPWD quarters nalli 25 varshagalu idde.. I did my schooling in NEw PUblic English school right from LKG to 10th Standard….. though i am not sure if you were in my class…. we had couple of savitha(s) in the class.. but GR,, hmmm not sure… adhare iee ninna article nodi… filled my eyes with tears…. i miss those days and I miss my dearest friends…..deepak, manohar, sudesh, shetty, satisha, saleem, masood, sharad patil, archana saboo, shamira rai, preethi kamath, shashikala, sumana rao( she is in contact, now is US).. yelli iddeeero yella… orkut nalli iddare Sridhar Rao antha search madi….. naanu sigutheeene……. be in touch…..

    Thanks lots savitha…..

  160. vani Says:

    hi savitha, you really made me cry..after so many years it is like waiting for you at the 60A bus stop and talking away to glory till 3rd block, i am at kushtagi, koppal district, i could not wait to call niju and both of us are so eager to see you.myself and niju want to wish you a very happy friendship day . it is so heartening to find you on this special day. keep in touch, bye

  161. savitha Says:

    Hi, waiting for me at the 60A bus-stop, of course I remember all that!! It’s great to hear from you and niju. Spent a lot of time thinking about those days, our Kerala trip, our trips to niju’s house, ‘c’s house! Will definitely keep in touch. Bye!

  162. Basavaraj.H.Kurgund Says:

    Hi, My name is Basavaraj.H.Kurgund. I was born in the early seventies. My childhood was similar to what is mentioned here in this website. Life before the coming of the TV was wonderful. Daily evening we used to go to Kamalammana Gundi [K.G. ground] to play Cricket. We used to play with marbles, top [buguri]. Then we used to go to Anjaneya Temple Park to play games there. Life after the coming of the TV was also good. We watched the first Kannada Movie “Shankar Guru” on TV. We used to watch Giant Robot, Spider-Man, Jamie and the Magic Torch, Star Trek, Oliyam Oliyam, Chitrahaar, Chitramanjari, Didi’s comedy show, The Old Fox, etc. We used to eat Guavava [seba kayi], Totapuri Maavina Kayi [Mango]. It was all great fun. They say “The childhood shows the man as the morning shows the day.”. I don’t know what lies next. I really pity the children now-a-days. We really enjoyed our childhood.

  163. Nandu Says:

    Hi Savitha,
    Me a product of NPHS too. Passed out 10th in 1990. studied in oil building and Highschool building.
    Tumba chennagidhe nim article. Pulls you back to those golden days !
    Anybody from this batch ? please find me in orkut, I am forming a group for 90 passed outs from NPHS.

  164. Meera Says:

    Iyengar Bakery dilpasand/dilkush and the carrot toast – bayalli neeru sureethaa ide :). And the aloogadde bun! I had joined NCC just for the bakery thindi that they gave us.
    Does anyone know National High School kaka in Basavanagudi??

  165. Prashanth Says:

    Savi Savi Nenapu… Saavira Nenapu (Sigh!!)

  166. Veena Says:

    Hey Savita,
    Awesome! article reminded me of my school days in BEL school(Jalahalli, Bangalore). Brought me back those memories, especially this one . There was a kid in my class who had some health problem and would faint a lot(Sorry did not mean to make fun of that) but when the girls sitting next to her had to let the MiSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS know they would say Miss,Miss it seems her head is roundinggggggggggggg………:)).

  167. Naren Vijayasimha Says:

    wonderful article.

    I also remember PGD, HGN, PVR, NSP, KV …. from Vidya Vardhaka Sangha. Great teachers. Great school.

  168. seshu Says:

    Hi it was great and I think we all had a similar life only difference is different schools. I just relived those golden days, thanks

  169. yogi Says:

    Good blog. Most of the teachers CSP,RLN, PVR retired when i passed out(2004 batch). BSV is headmistress.

    I find many VVS students. Please check VVS’s alumni website vvans.org . There was a reunion 3 months back. You can register. They have uploaded some old pictures. Infact some are rare.

  170. Tejaswini Says:

    Totally related to all of this ! I also remember “Naale Baa” ….lol. And then Sunday evenngs , play and play till coming home for spiderman followed by Vikram Aur Bethaal. Tons of neighbourhood kids congregating in the one house with a color TV. Definitely simple times!!

  171. Tejaswini Says:

    The other one I forgot was going with my aunt to get milk from the “booth”. I would love to put in the coin and watch the milk fill in the containiner. If i went 4 or 5 times with her in a week, there would be a snack or one of those flavoured milks in it for me……lol. Awesome stuff!!

  172. Vidya Vaidyanathan Says:

    The quintessential student of the 80s – Nostalgia Royale. This article is making my yearn for the “lovely” days of yore, all the more. But things have changed and the earth has gone around a few more times than i wished it had.
    Sometimes I wonder how we got along without the “Google” and “Mobile numbers”, but possibly the simple life has shaped each of us into the fine people we are.
    Sitting in the US, my cousin and I and thirst for a glimpse of 8th cross, Malleswaram whenever a festival goes by.
    More than anything, I pity the coming generations who have absolutely no clue about the “bliss of ignorance” and “pleasures” of the now-called plain and boring life.
    Thank you so much, tis been a pleasure reading.

  173. Prasanna Javagal Says:

    Simply awesome! Chilled my heart when I read thro in a meeting.

    Thanks for those who shared this link.

  174. Kumar Says:

    An amazing account of the 80’s and early 90’s!!!! Can’t help feeling nostalgic about it all… especially since I have been away from my dear Bangalore for quite sometime… in fact I miss B’lore so much so that I am trying to get back!

    I am a product of Sudharshan Vidya Mandir, Jayanagar!

    I believe I haven’t seen any mention of “Scouts & Guides”… was I one of the few? Dont believe so… learning all those knots, trekking :) How I miss those too… “Be Prepared!” :)

  175. Kumar Says:

    Oops… forgot to add… Wish I had got to read this article much earlier!

    Does any of this ring a bell???

    – Bombatle!
    – ITC Kings (I think we used to pay 75paise for it then)
    – Love letters (Those were the times of “First Crushes”)
    – 25/30/50Rs entry cricket matches with tennis/rubber balls
    – Cycle race
    – Tyre race

    What else??? :)


  176. Aravind Says:

    Putting atom bomb below kappe chippu or bournvita dabba on the road, Pitch catch cricket, charles sobraj escaping, being caught and escaping again, roller skating, hide and seek, ganesha habba on the road, 6 by 11 tea at canteen, renting and playing NINTENDO Mario brothers all night for 50rupees inviting 2 other friends to share the cost with, typing 4 pages of data from a game book into ZX Spectrum plus and current going and nullifying the efforts, trying to ride bicycle while leaving hands from handlebar, pulling a friend on roller skates behind the bicycle, atlas concord Pro5 with speedometer and bent handle.

    I think this list can go on forever! Glad you starting this thing off Savitha…

  177. Harish Acharya Says:

    This article is simply brilliant and almost brought tears to my eyes. I am one of those kids growing up in the seventies and eighties and almost everything you have mentioned has happened to me! I was in Rajajinagar 3rd block in those days and attended the National English High School (now called NPS). In addition to this school, most neighbours’ kids used to attend Vani, VVS, Carmel, Tagore Memorial (is it still there?), Parents’ school and the like and I never missed out on the fun.

    I still remember playing “ice-spice”, cricket, Lagori, kunte-bille in the streets. There was another games which I played but cant recall the name, maybe one of you can – one guy would stand with a stick held over his head on his 2 outstretched hands, one other guy would hit it away as far as he could, then all others with sticks would try to take away that stick from the chaser. Whoever was caught would be “it” and had to hop home all the way with others chanting “nammoora koli kaal kunt hoyithu! (our village cock has broken its leg)”.

    Another important annual ritual comes to mind – visiting houses all over the area for Ganeshas, armed with a bowl of raw rice mixed with kumkum!! “Aunty, nimma maneli Ganesha iddiya?”

    Those were the days, the age of innocence…. now gone with the wind….

  178. Harsha Says:

    This article is really sweet….it brought back all fond memories of my schooldays too…while i did my schooling in Oxford school near vijaynagar and highschool at VVS rajajinagar……

    Those days were great fun…. eating the ice lolly, alu bun and dilkush during lunch breaks which were right opposite VVS school… I still relish them….there were no hotels around at that time… except for one gloomy ashoka hotel where all our teachers used to flock for coffee/tea….Udupa hotel was a later addition to the surrounding…during my 10th…..

    Also….can’t forget the parry’s chocloate wrapped in green wrapper….kismi toffees and nimbe hulis.., shunti peppermint (white & coin shaped).., kalle burfi, haal khova….ajji koodlu (which used to be sold by pedlars in a glass jars)……..

    there also used to be circus at palace grounds once in a while….. those days, palace grounds was considered quite far, it used to be an all day event visiting there… special buses were arranged sometimes..

    I also cant forget the leg cricket we played, when the elder boys around dominated the ground with multiple teams playing, we would group-up somewhere in the corner of the gound and play leg cricket…. that was quite a fun…

    while i used to travel to school by bus from RPC layout…i was very fond of taking 176…we used to call it super 176…the driver I still remember his face….. used to drive very fast and he had competition around from 75B…plying on the same route..its driver was a sabi..and we used to even remember the regn numbers of these buses…. let me recall, CAF 153 was one of the 176 buses……..

    Now, at 30….. it seems like things have gone through a sea change over the decades….I still have a small group of old friends still tied up with me… we keep visiting these places whenever we can…

    I think those days we spent with these basic means were much more joyous for me than the ones now filled with all gadgets, Xboxes,…etc..while these are fun too.. but are not exposed to natural expressions….anger, fight, jealousy, bonding,groupisms…..they….are all worth an experience at that age.

  179. Sindhu Says:

    Article is too good….”nenapina putas” came in front of me…..One more thing…I remember the 25 ps fine in my school (english-medium)for not speaking in engllish..!!!!!…its 25ps per kannada word..!!!!!..So, we used to add..”ing” for every kannada verb we cudnt translate….”guraaising”(for “staring”)…..”hotteursing”(for “jealousy”….)….”kaatakoding”(for “irritating”)…..hahaha…saaku..

  180. VT Says:

    This is a great article, a friend (Naga) of mine fwd this to me today. Eighties is when I and a few of my childhood buddies did our high school and College. Any one remember “Gurukula Vidyalaya”.
    I can relate most of these with my own memories. A few of my friends from that era still get together and guess what we talk ? Only things down the memory lane. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article.

  181. Shruthi Says:

    Man that was awesome.
    I was in Vijayanagar and went to St.Johns that time. I had a particular teacher called Shrimathi are you from St.johns too???
    Wonderful I remember all the things, you said it lady, every one of it is totally true and yes it was the pencil shavings and yogurt ( curd) making it a scented rubber I remember collecting it and mom chucking it every single time.

    Totally rocks.

  182. Sudheendra Achar Says:

    This was simply amazing and highly refreshing a blog . I studied in Vani , Rajajinagar , till my 1st standard , and then joined Florence English School in Sanjaynagar.

    If any of you who reads my comment and knows me can contact me at achar.sudheendra@gmail.com

  183. Sudhi Says:

    I remember very well the “kaka” in front of National High School in Basavanagudi. His delicacies like tomato puri, masala puri etc. are unforgettable. I always used to wonder how the “kaka” was never featured in the Deccan Herald – in a section like “City Beat” or something like that..

    When I visit Bangalore now, I walk around the place, trying to relive all my memories. The “kaka” appears to be long gone! :-( The whole place has changed a lot. It is not only those who left Bangalore that miss it. Even those who live there probably miss the good old Bangalore!

  184. Sharath Shetty Says:

    Hey good one…. Havin completed my edu in HUBLI i still relate to so many of ur experiences.. good work… :)

  185. v.subrahmanian Says:

    Does anyone remember the ‘meese aata’? This was played this way:

    The sugarcane (kabbu) vendor’s place was the venue. A piece of kabbu is selected and the vendor would make a somewhat deep cut round the kabbu. Two boys would hold each end and pull to make two pieces. The one whose piece has the longer strand of the interior of the kabbu would win. What is the prize? He would walk away with the tropy – both the halves. The loser will pay for the kabbu.

    What about ‘kaamanna makkalu kalla soole makkalu….’

    A hot hobby those days were: collecting cigarette packs: passing show, charminar, berkeley, etc were favourites.

    Collecting matchbox pictures: Cheeta fight, Key brand, kuyil brand, etc. were favourites. Those were the 60’s and 70’s.

    Any one remembers ‘statue’? One boy will suddenly utter ‘statue’ addressing another guy. Even if the other guy is running or bending, he will have to stay motionless in that very posture. When ten or twenty is counted he will be ‘released’ with another uttering: ‘down’.

  186. Anu Says:

    my god! this is amazing! sakkattagide article. naavu chikkavariddaga maadiddu, keliddu odi bahala khushi aaytu :)

    ganapathi habba dalli “ree ganesha ittidira?”, dasara dalli “ree nim maneli goMbe ittidira?” anta keltaa 108 ganapathi nododu, ellara maneloo goMbe baagina tinnodu – eshtu maja ittalwa?

  187. BV Says:

    Was an amazing article – helped me connect up with my childhood friends all over again!

  188. Amused Observer Says:

    If you are from VVS SPEHS , you might still remember, Iyengar Bakery’s POTATO BUN!!!
    I am from 1980 batch…

  189. srivalli Says:

    Hi I too studied in New public english school in Vijayanagar.
    I did my 4.5.6 th standard in Amarjoythi nagar new public school where mohan pt master and sujatha miss used to teach.

    I lived in Saraswathi Nagar. I did my seventh standard in Oil building block of new public english school near the Vijayanagar grounds.
    The years of study in New Public english school was 1984-1987.

    Nice to walk through the memory lane with you :)

  190. RLC Says:

    VVSHS 10th C – 1986-87 batch

    PVR and RLN favourite teacher
    AV class teacher :-)
    NSP never liked our 10th C batch :-(

    Nice days ! I used to cross Chord on Cycle and go down without holding handle. Last i went to India in 2006 ..so scared to cross that road now.

    Globalization, world economy in Bangalore took away simplicity.

  191. Sanjana Says:

    It’s lovely. I lived through that stage over the ’90s but it doesn’t look like too much changed. :) I guess it’s a never-ending struggle for simplicity and small joys in the face of improving technology and globalization. As many before me have said, it brought back a lifestlye of simple joys and for that, thank you.

  192. Anand Says:

    VVS rocks! 2001 pass out.. guess am a kid here among all the seniors :P

    Vijaynagar – Cambridge – VVS combo was very famous in those days.

  193. Suman Says:

    Wow…very nice post Savitha. Tumba kushi aaithu oodi. Brought a big smile on my face. It was like re-living my childhood, all those lovely memories from bangalore. Been a very long time since I remembered those.
    I too went to New Public (5th,6th,7th : 1987-90) and then passed out of VVS SPHS 10th C in 1993. Hope to see some familiar names here!!!

  194. Vinay Says:

    soooooooopar blog I say!! Loved every bit of it… yeah, sad part is, thrz no Srimathi miss, Vasantha miss, peetappa (PT master), Suma miss (oh boy!! I had a bog crush on her in 5th std.)… shetty building, oil building… oh btw, naanobba khatarnaak pen kaLLa aagiddhe school’nalli! I used to whack ‘Hero’ pens… whn I left NPES in ’90, I had abt 70 Hero pens!!!! I’d be happy to return those pens to the users if only I cud meet ’em all :-)

    A BIG THANKS TO SAVITHA… all the very best wherever u r & whtevr u r doing!! :-)


  195. Vinay Says:

    Summers also meant eating “Pepsi” (those multi-coloured long tubes with flavoured ice)… adhu ‘pepsi’ alla, ‘popsicle’ anthiddhvi… & how did u forget the Mewad ice cream??????

  196. Avinash Says:

    I should say you have great memory to remember each and everything.

    It also reminds me of 7PM kannada serials, Ramayana, Mahabaratha, He-man, amitabh movies on fri night, Chitrahar etc.. and of course DD news deen deen di di…di di … namaskara vartegalu………(me trying to imitate music)

  197. Sharath Says:

    i am from VVS SPHS batch of 1988, ravimurthy, kedar, shruthi, kencha (praveen), shylaja, sachin – yeshto jana – yella yelidaaro…

    hello u guys, v shd try 2 meet with our families and maari galu saha.

  198. Rajesh Murthy Says:

    Hello Savita,

    Kudos on an excellent article. Tumha chennagi barediddira. I lived in Rajajinagar I block and did my primary education at Vani and High school in VVSHS(Saptharishi Dhama). Neevu barediro aatagalennala naavu aadidda nenapu tumba chennagi bantu. We also used to play couple of more games : Mane jootaata and Mara kothi aata. Boy, were we having fun those days !! Wow!! russian books..really hit a nostalgic note here. I still remember the bakery in front of VVSHS and the corner one you quote(diagonally opposite to Punya-dhama). I was recently in B’lore(mid-April) and took a stroll down the VVSHS street. Boy, all the stores have changed, except for the Shetty angadi in front of Dhruva Dhama campus(I think). A big Thanks to you for taking us down the memory lane.

  199. RLC Says:

    Check this site http://vvans.org/school.html
    Nice memories!!!!!

  200. Raghu Says:

    Very well written… takes us back to those old memories which we can cherish forever!!!! Nothing to beat those days. No internet, no T20 :)

  201. Aparna Krishnamurthy Says:

    Awesome article! :)
    Brought back all those lovely memories of school and childhood..
    I lived in Basavanagudi and I could still relate to most everything you’ve written about! Its amazing how you’ve recollected the small details that made our childhood in the 80’s so much fun.. :)
    Your article brougth smiles galore!
    Thank you for making my day :)

  202. Sameera Rao Says:

    Really good writing and article! Brought back all the awesome memories of Vidyaranyapuram and St. Thomas school, Mysore! Thanks for the article!

    You should certainly track your content and see where/how it gets picked up and how much publicity it gets by going to http://fairshare.cc

  203. Anjali Says:

    Hey Savitha!!!!

    Amazingly written!! The kannada words!!! all those just made me a 10 year old girl again!!! so nostalgic…..Thanks a ton!!!

  204. Harini Says:

    simply superb article.. gone are those days when we as kids used to on roads playing all throug the day during holidays. And I still remember when there were power cut we used to be out of the house to play. Long chain, crocodile crocodile (forgot how to play this game).
    Thanks for bringing back good memories. Good day!

  205. Gopinath Says:

    Awesome!! nevligere, stamps, what ya, come ya, go ya…man can’t forget those days…. looks like this was common in those days in all the schools :)

    The days are gone, I sometime feel that our generation was the last who knew nothing about gizomos, gadgets and techonology. Given a chance, I would like to go back to my childhood days eat those “bai banna, nimbe huli, kulfi, chepe kai and NP chewing gum” again.

    Thanks for posting wonderful article

  206. Subramanya Says:

    Hats Off Savita.. You have just summed up my Childhood days….

  207. Rajini Sreekanth Says:

    Wonderful!! Missing the good old days.

  208. Sreekanth S Says:

    Very nicely written :-) the magazine’s name I remember is “Soviet Union” I used to look fwd to those stampls every edition and just to make them look like real stamps. I used stick the back of the stamp with white paper since the reverse side had some printed material :-)

  209. Lakshmi Says:


  210. ramya Says:

    Girl….I feel like I wrote this piece. Who are you?:) Seriously! What batch are you from?

    Kaka angadi , shivanna angadi were right round the corner for me. Now ofcourse, kaka angadi is not around anymore and shivanna has moved closer to our home. Shivanna’s milk business is still thriving and so are his cats that were brought in to eat the rats!!

    Green touch, Anubha’s flying snakes story, revision class where girls used their pencils till they disappeared and tried to save paper with their microscopic writing, waiting to meet Rahmata miss the HeadMistress while Bunny miss made PC with you, going to minibazzar with tatha to buy notebooks for the school year, selling used notebooks to the hale paper guy and buying ice for the whole family with the loot,
    PT period….


  211. Kshama Nargund Says:

    abba… nijavaglu kannu tEva aytu… aa dinagaLu, aa aata, aa kuNidaaTa dinavu habba iro feeling irtittu… maja bantu odi! tumba thanks… nenepina doNiyalli payaNa.. :-)

  212. Ashish Pattanashetty Says:

    hahaha, one of the best articles i’ve ever read…. odi thumba khushi aaythu, bought back my memories growing up in Rajajinagar and my VVS school days…. good job lady, hope to read more of such articles ever though i believe nothing would top this!!!

  213. Aparna Says:


    Evn though i am not from the 80’s I felt so nostalgic reading this.. nan 90’s allu yen maha change irlilla:) all of us were tarle parties.. Thanks for ur memeories!!! kunte bille was one more game we wud play.. i spent my childhood in a quarters wit so many kids.. bari aata all day.. amma wud hate holidays.. and we wud in summer holidays instaed of sleeping wake up early and go for morning morning jogs.. and we had rasna afternoons ,wher we wud steal sugar.. mathe, mango afternoons wer also there..we wud steal uppu khara pudi.. tumba ne khusi aythu idana odi.. thnaks..hope to read more of ur sihi kahi nenapugalus..

  214. kavitha Says:

    this is nostalgic! i am from SVEC Rajajinagar, left the school after 7th std ( in 1991). havent kept in touch with anyone. Now, am trying to find at least one classmate… (sigh) those were the most amazing days of my life. where are you guys… Naveen, Archana, Suma, Prashanth, Avinash…

  215. Venkat Says:

    This is really so nice to remember all those good old days. I was a student from V.V.S & Sardar patel schools – 1st block Rajajinagar. I still visit my school and surrounding areas. I used to go to the Raghavendra temple on the hillock just opposite to my school; eat churumuri – hope some of you can recall this churumuri vendor was just standing by the compound wall of my school. We were a bunch of guys cycling all the way to Mahalakshmi layout Hanuman temple those days – and you bet we termed that as a school trip ! Life was really so nice those days….

  216. Rukmini Says:

    Hey, this is a fantastic read ! reviving the good old days !! :-) wow ! life was so carefree and requirements (kage bangara, stamps, gasa gase hannu ….) so simple …. I was brought up in jayanagar and we had the similar iyengar bakery, rubbo angadi and the same hangouts ….. hey, i don’t know if any of u collected cigrette covers ! we played this lagori on the roadside with these covers ! A wills got 5 points and Scissors scored less, i think ! :-) we also noted down vehicle numbers – we believed the first 500 entries got us a free sketch pen set !! :-)) did any of u take cycle for “badige” ? i think it was 2s.2 for an hour or so …. thatz how I learnt to cycle ! from the badige cycle ! our children would laugh if they hear this !! :-)) thanx to the author for reviving these memories …..

  217. Narendra Kumar Says:

    I am surprised to see this post going on for more than a year!
    Today I got this link from my wife and started reading the post and after that the comments.
    After reading for a long time, I checked the timestamp and was surprised to see that they were posted in June 2008!!

    I am also from the 80’s – passed my 10th in 1985 (from MES school Jayanagar) and this post and all the comments are bringing back those old memories back.

    We have lost all those today. I don’t see children playing “buguri”, “goli”, “Kunta-Bille”, “mara kothi aata”, “Sur chand”, “Ice-Pice”, “Gilli-Dandu”, “Kabaddi”. Except for RSS, I don’t see anybody else playing Kabaddi! Should we blame Cricket for wiping out all these local games?

    Yes, we also collected stamps, matches, cigarette packs. But, I never played with the cigarette packs. I used to fancy for the silver/aluminium foil inside. And used it to create some fancy items with some grass kind of a thing.
    We also used to collect the caps of milk bottles and make small garlands out of that.

    I think, I can go on telling like this…….
    looks like kids of modern day don’t get to see any of these things……they only watch TV, play cricket, goto school/tuitions!!

  218. Chaya Says:

    Hello Savitha,

    Nimm articles ella thumba chennagirathe. Do u still live in Bangalore? Nimanna hege contact maadodu. I would love to say hi.

    Naanu huttiddu belediddu ella bangalore…ivaga as ususual US nalli iddini….nimma articles nodidre nimm jothe maathaadbeku ansathe…if u dont mind contact maadi ….email aadru parvagilla…..Thanks
    nanna email id: chaya.dwarkanath@gmail.com

  219. Re Says:


    Very good article. Though I might have experienced this more in my high school days rather than the primary. The best days of life. amazing that this blog is very alive even today after more than a year of its posting.

    I studied in Rajajinagar 1st block and can relate to all those stuff including playing logori, bugri, collecting stamps… etc…

  220. Re Says:

    In continuation to my previous post………But was wondering as I read all the posts, why is everyone saying that our children or these days the children do not enjoy simple things.

    How have they missed it out, aren’t we responsible for it. Do we allow our children to indulge in these small things. The need for them to excel is thrust upon them early in age and then we reminiscence about our school days.

    That is definitely not fair. Take time off from your busy schedule and introduce them to all the small things that you did and enjoyed when you grew up. I am sure they will appreciate and take in a few of those things.

    Thought to address this large group which has been expressed their delight of their school days…

  221. Anitha Says:

    I am still reading all the posts..havent started work at all though its noon almost!!

    probably, all the old friends should get together and play some of these games in the weekend…lets not worry what others would think:-)

  222. vani Says:

    hi myself and niju have traced anitha rao, she is in hyderabad, u sure must make time for friends, keep in touch

  223. LAKSHMAN Gowda Says:

    its really good remember our days in 80’s , I completed my 7th standard in NPES in the year 1984 -85 and we were the champians in KHO – KHO match which was held in ground. I think I belonged to B section . some of us are still in touch namely B.C Jagdish, K.T.Ramesh Abdul rehman and few more. some one who knows me or remember you can either call or write to me 9845553629 laxman78@gmail.com

  224. Ajay Says:

    Oh my god! I thought I was the only one who tried making scent rubber out of pencil shavings & coconut oil :) Even I had a peacock feather that was supposed to reproduce but never did. How did these legends come about!?
    Panna! God..I had totally forgotten about that one. Out of habit, I’d stick out my little finger all the time, even when I slept!

    Good fun reading this article! Cheers! And I went to New Horizon Public School a sister school in Attiguppe :)

  225. Vikas Says:

    Refreshed my memories by reading your article…….

    Wish we would get back to those days at some point of time!

    Even though i was from different school from vijayanagar the flow of the memories remain the same….

  226. Madhusudhan Says:

    Great article.. Thanks for refreshing my 80’s memories..

    I am from NPES basaveshwarnagar, we used to play trump cards during the class breaks and lunch breaks, and while returning from school baccha (played with stone) and many times tree tree.. those good old as the author said carefree days.. Miss those childhood life..

    Cheers!!! was a great article..

  227. Adarsh Says:

    Wow! Simply amazing! The author has captured all the simple things that young Bangalore kids grew up with and loved in those days.
    Although I grew up in the Southern part (Padmanabhanagar/Carmel School), I can completely relate to more than 95% of all the things mentioned here. Very well written!! Thanks!

  228. Chethan Says:

    Wonderful article Savitha.
    I am from the same school as yours Vidyavardhaka Sangha Sapatarshidhama.. I completed my primary in Florence High school (Basaveshwaranagar) and high school in VVS..
    thumba santosha agthide ee article na odhi.. Ella friends bagge yochane madthidini ivaga.. Most of my friends are not in touch or they are not in Bangalore like the person above (Madhusudhan)..:-( hope to get them back..
    Really miss those childhood days.
    There is an Allumni of VVS. Currently BSV is the HM.. CSV, HGN, RLN are retired..
    Thank you very much its been a pleasure reading this article..

  229. Ramya Says:

    Hey guys,
    wat an article for which no comments and just tears rolling down eyes.
    I’m also from Cordial High School…remember walking down the streets of saraswathi ngr, dancing, drenching in rain while back home… :) With our busy schedules we are missing such small funs in life. I also remember eating Ice Candy on d way home lol….
    Thanks all for cherishing our memories with ur comments..
    Cheers guys!!!!

  230. Rashmi Says:

    Seemed like a trip to my own memories!
    ur words capture feelings… simple and great! :-)

  231. NANDITA Says:

    Terrific article..tho my school dayz was in 90’s..i have most of d similar memories..studied in st john’s vijaynagar.. there is a shop called dolleps which used to b crowed during lunch hours for fata faat n nutties..which v used to get for 1 or 2 rupees, eat in d class without d notice of d teacher..n those yummies red blue green orange coloured packet’s frayums..n mtr softies where in big time demand..n not forget treating frndz in iyangar bakeryz which is no more preferable to des dayz kids :) and collecting stickers which used to b for 25 paisas..n that panna game..uff even if we get back hme our fingers used to be crossed :) and the rivalry between the diff groups during d sportz dayz and btw d other schools espl new cambridge are so memorable..
    long live our school dayz memories …

  232. Narendra Kumar Says:

    somebody wrote “Stickers”.
    Those stickers used to have a peculiar smell…..nice one!
    I haven’t seen such stickers now a days.

  233. Chaitra Says:

    Wonderful article…….though I’m from nineties, I have experienced each n every bit of all these. When I was in my college, I used to think abt my childhood n react how childish we were. But Now I actually miss my childhood.
    mumbai alli irodrinda, illiyavara jothe baalyada savinenapu share maadodu thumba kashta aagtha ithu. Nannantha nooraaru mandige savitha avaru platform maadiddare. Dhanyavadagalu.
    Haalina cover in exchange with hurigadle…….pink mittayi becoming a finger-ring/Naga-bracelet…….

  234. Savitha Says:

    Very nice article…. brought back all the memories of our class…
    I studied with you .. hope you remember me :)
    I still remember we used to gather at your place and from there we used to go to school.

  235. Deeps Says:

    Oh man, that was beautiful. I’m from south Bangalore as such, but we’d do the same things – especially the kaage bangara (that was like treasure, I remember I had a plastic dubba full of that) and navilu gari. We’d actually put pencil shavings on the navilu gari (had the idea that it’ll feed on the shavings and give mari, hehehehe) – feels so silly now.

    Thanks a lot for the nostalgia and the smiles your post brought to my face :)).

  236. Pradeep S N Says:

    One of the best blogs I ever read…As u said kunte pille, lagori, markothi,
    have been replaced by cyber games…todays childrens donno bugri, chur chandu, kalla police…goli…ur blog reminds me of shunti peperment, shama choclate…haalkova …silli fights with my friends afternoons lunch sharing in schools..miss galige benne haakodu…ultimate one’s are cycle race, combined studies anta harte hodiyodu…and in my school biggest craze was playing wwf and cricket trump cards…mishan nalli ragi bittidre adrmele akki hitt maadaskond barodu amman hatra baiskolodu….chrumuri, congress masala etc etc….lovely blog…
    and navil garidu awsome i used to quarrel with my bro saying evathu nandralli 1nd gari jaasti aagide anta…:)…
    Those days will never come back…and future kids will never see them…
    all have become savi savi nenapu…

  237. Manju Says:

    Hi Soumya….

    Super article……
    I am also from New public high school…………
    Thanks a lot for bringing back the old memories……

  238. Shashi Says:

    New Public English School … the N P ground….saturday PT classes…seebe kayi (gauva) & Jola (corn) in front of new public park ..the tiny tadpoles off the fountain tank in the park…the small benck in the corner…..good old memories…

    Very touching Article…

  239. swetha Says:

    awesum blog..thank yu all frm makin me go down de memory lane..itz simply beautiful!!i cherish doze dayz
    itz surprisin hw many of us had d same xperienz n doze lil mischiefz v did…m a product of sri vani high skool…basaveshvarnagar…i really miss all de fun v hd together….DOZE VER DE DAYZ..!

  240. Sunil BT Says:

    Super Akka. . . Its too good :)
    I suppose even the nineties was the same for us . . . . . .
    Amazing blog.

  241. Basavana Gowda Says:

    Thanks for posting this lovely article…
    I cant remember my school days @ Assumption School, 3rd block,Rajajinagar.Only thing i remember is ,I was coping while writing GK test from text book but the funny part , I was caught later after 1 month just because a girl from next class had seen it and she informed my class leader… I ran around the class as my class teacher chased me with a thin stick … hahahaha…big story

    But about my High school days…yep
    Am a 2002 VVHS(1st block Rajajinagar),from ‘c’section.Still can’t forget apple cake from cake palace(although frnds said it was made from left out of other cakes),cream bun from the bakery infront of the school,idli sambar from sagar next to school on every saturday…i remember we used to call 1 frnd by name sambar (praveen)because he used to take 2 idlis and have 5 times sambar hahahah.forever i dont forget CSV who scolded me for peeping through the door for college girls(girls college on top floor),but later he pushed me out of the class as i was still doing the same.My 1st group dance,1st nataka,so on….holy f, i cant remember my class teacher name…lady with spectacles…i think it should be BLM
    I guess ,if i keep on writing then it will end up as an article…

    Thanks a lot for those wonderful memories.

  242. Pallavi Says:

    Too gud.. i jus went back to my childhood for a while.. i m jus half done with reading the stuff… felt like posting a comment now itself..

  243. Anup Prakash Says:

    Im from Vani school too!!!! what great memories!!! mummy i want it all back :(

    Summer holidays majaano maja!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. Chandan Says:

    Awesome post yaar…..I guess all the 80’s something born ppl can relate to it pretty closely with the same experiences….


  245. Nagesh Kumar Says:

    Good One……..U forgot that ajji kudlu,haal khawa,Boti and bombai mitai…..he he….. TV serials——–> Ek se badkar ek , Street hawk, Night Rider , Alif laila etc etc…….

  246. Harsha from nagarbhavi Says:

    I was really spellbound by the topic….i knew that ppl from our time(1980’s )really had a wounderful time that current children are misssiing

    those wre the wounderful time we had with our bengaluru and its life ( as it was a small town)

  247. rutwick Says:

    awesome!! Vijayanagar to Rajajinagar the story is still the same… whoever this churmuri is. awesome article..!! please do let me know when a new article is written..!!!

  248. ಪಾತಾಳ ವೀರ Says:

    This is a very good article.

    In reply to, “Can someone bring it all back for me, please?”, I would say,

    Time moves on, and we need to move with it. If Churumuri was online in the 1980s, I am sure there would have been someone yearning the 1960s and if it was online in 1960s, there would have been someone form the 40s praising old days. This is never ending.

    Living in today is the best thing we can do :)

  249. Ravindra Says:

    An amazing and awesome writing about our childhood memories. Every bit of the school days are captured with even the finest of the details being covered. By the way I am from parents school, rajajinagar and SVEC(Vani school), basaveshwarnagar.My brother and few of my friends studied in carmel, national and VVS.
    Hey Harsha from Nagarabavi, did you also study in SVEC, basveshwarnagar? b coz one of closest school friend was harsha who is put up nagarabavi.
    Hi shweta(from SVEC). In which year did you pass out. I remember the following teachers- Prema, Bhatt sir, Aruna
    Hey Sudi, Bhel puri kaak is still there near national college. Please check out.

    Thanks Savita for such a cute write up

  250. Ashutosh Says:

    Ammmazing writing Amma :P… me passed out of SPHS in 98.. pretty much the era…i couldn’t agree more…i still remember the match box collection from the streets of rajajinagar (analogous to your stamp funda).. true pokris we were… great job…keep it going…

  251. Ravi Says:

    Sooooper , dono when will i ever get to do all those back again ……….. Me passed out from VVS in 2001 .

  252. Pooja Says:

    Amazingly nostalgic post… I am an alumni of VVS school too.
    BLM, KLG, RLN (who was such a girl-fearing man. He wouldn’t even take a pen from a girl’s hand. He would ask us to put it on the desk) and RJ (She used to cry every time we gave her a hard time) Such excellent teachers and TP Kailasam drama competition every year. Those are unforgettable memories…
    Sad the school is no more.

  253. R R Says:

    Gud one!!…i have discovered my time machine….scientists hear that??

  254. Prasad Dudhgaonkar Says:

    Your writeup is appealing. Thanks. I grew up in a different part of the country in a similar time. I can relate to your narration.

  255. Sudheer Says:

    Fantastic stuff….very nostalgic indeed! had grown out of so many of those words and now this article brought back those memories….one thing that we said differently was “sotpurka sorekaayi!” lol….those were the good ol’ days!

  256. Sundip Says:

    Really awesome. Very difficult to put in words how beautiful those days were. You’ve come as close as anyone can.

    But I do wonder if coming generations will be as nostalgic about their memories of life right now – ‘hanging out’ in malls, playing PS3 for hrs on end, surfing infinite channels, watching endless cartoons or crap shows like Big boss, or the hours and hours spent at tuition classes….

  257. Balakrishnan Says:

    that was a very great write up.. brought a lot chilhood nostalgia flooding back to me.. the navilugari was the most spl..

  258. anish Says:

    Beautiful post.
    This post is for not just people from Vijaynagar or some part of Bangalore. It is for a whole generation of people who grew up in this great city in the 80’s and 90’s.
    I still remember playing mara kothim, choor chand, lagori.
    Who can forget the “Nalee baa” controversy, book cricket, collecting match boxes, looking forward to disney hour [1 hour a wee].

    thanks a ton for writing this post. A trip down the memory lane.

  259. anu Says:

    hi savitha great article
    i also remember taking the ‘badige cycle’ wit my cousin & riding it it in the prakashnagar park(near navrang)
    wud cost us 50 paisa for half an hour!
    Ofcourse WWF, cant believe i hate it now!
    we even played it hehehe…
    mewad icecream the greatest then
    going wit appa & getting congress kadalekayi & ravalgon candies from iyengar bakery!
    my brother getting me 1 rupee milk lollies!
    hiring video cassettes & the player as well
    my brother also had a great collection of stamps!(wonder wat happened to them)
    i was so jealous of it, that i once went to shetty angadi & bought sheets of the same stamps & made my own collection!
    thanx once again for the great article

  260. Nishanth Says:

    Beautifully written and really brings back memories of the 80’s and I can really relate to al most all of them, By the time I finished reading this, I realized life was so simple then and our needs were so small and beautiful. Time and tide never waits for anybody but certainly our memories are ours forever.

    Thank you for putting pen to words so beautifully.


  261. jyothiprakash Says:

    Great trip down the memory lane!
    80’s (And the early 90’s) to me, was the decade of Chandamama, Phantom, Mandrake, Amar Chitra Katha and Target!

  262. Chethan.k Says:

    savitha indeed its a very well written article.. really brought me back all the old memories. I too studied in NPES from LKG to X std….i still stay in vijayanagar…but v’jngr and place where NPES was is dragstically changed…i feel vry bad abt it…. iam not sure how many remember in my batch NPES high school we had three clubs in ….Literary, Cultural and Science… we had gr8 time on evry saturday in school…… People who have studied in NPES high school should remember….the walks we used to do it on compound walls….of the open drain near NPES hi-school building….

  263. Chidananda Says:

    Unknowingly my eyes were rolling wet. Bought back my found memories of child hood ( primary school),
    i remember especially those false permission we used to ask “miss toilet miss”, those PT classes,… getting drenched in those rainy days….Running out to play lagori w/o changing school dress,… getting dirty…
    Taking a rupee from appas pocket n that would be sufficient for 4 chepekai’s.

    This is one of the special articles , thanks

  264. Kulla Vijay Says:

    Yellarigu namskara – tund batte skirt haakond bartidda yeduru gade school hudugiraaaa and iron maad de, tye sarige hakolde, inshirt sarig maad de butt mele ode tinda hudugraaaa(naanu nimallobba)….

    Savitha – hats off re… :)

    I passed out 4rm St. Joseph’s Boys High School(Chamrajpet) – 2000… I was called Kulla Vijay as there was another Vijay who was taller than me(buggar who made people to prefix the title to my name throughout the school days – happy though:) as i hv an identity to project)

    Swalpa vishyagalu innu mariyakke aagde irodu andre –
    1. School yedrugade iro hotelna idli matte bari chatni(yummy)…
    2. Bamboo stick ge pink matte red colour suttiro sweet(hesaru baayige bartilla – pls help)…
    3. PT time nalli aadiddu footballo illa rugby no gotilla…
    4. School munde sigo 50ps Ice candy galu..
    5. Nammelara hrudaya gedda biology teacher(Happy days movie tara)…
    6. C. Vijay and Vivek’s – hudugira mele storygalu (ade aaaa stories)…
    7. School building corneralli nintu yedrugade school girlsna iniki iniki nodtaiddidu…(as our’s was boys school)…
    8. First time life nalli maths test 25/25 bandiddu….
    9. joru maleli cyclenalli school ge drop togondiddu…
    10. School day nalli joker dress hakond audience ge maja kottidu…

    Yella nenapagoitu Savitha… superb re…u made my evening blossom with good old tarle memories…

    Good part is – we 20 people from school met in the school itself after 8 years and went for a dinner…(One of the awsm memories in my life)

    Next catch up yavagro – Nanda, Vivek, C Vijay, Madan, Nachiappan, Rajesh, BP Rakesh, Rajendra, Manuel, KN Vijay, Bharat, ayyo martoito…

    On my toes to hav a catch up again…

    C ya.. take care..

    Manadalada maat adodakke platform maadidakke matondsari hats off – Savitha :)

  265. nagaraj Says:


    Most of you here are from Urban side of Bangalore and good to hear that you miss those good times.
    I come from more of rural area in outskirts of Bangalore , Ramamurthynagar.
    MY SCHOOL : ITI Vidya Mandir school.
    this article has made me cry.
    I dont have any friends whom I can say these things to, hence posting here.
    Hoping some one reads this.
    Vivek : You were, you are and you will be my best friend. Thank you for wring my history notes for me in 7th standard when I broke my hand. because of you I was able to study that year. No one can fill the vaccum your absence has created.
    Shesha Prasad : the song sathiya yeh thune kya kiya , still rings in my ears. that was the first hindi song I remember hearing to , thanks to you I started enjoying music and you have always been a constant source of inspiration
    Raghuram : you are brilliant beyond belief. first time when I saw your handwriting in 8th standard I was bowled over, I have tried to copy you , I could not. you are one in million.
    Rajashekar : Nicked named viewing , it was because your house was facing one of our classmates house( dont remember her name) , and we thought that you were looking at her always. but the fact is I used to come there to look at her. She was beautiful.
    Venkatesh : tapa as you were called, man.. thank you for letting me know what determination is all about. it was fun locking ourselves in your small room and discussing about sanskrit , lanuages, digging up old poems , WOW man what a time it was. you are a rock star
    Rashmi : you are my first Love.. from the time I saw you came in raji’s house in 1990.. I was in Love with you ( we both were in 9th standard ).
    sonali : you are one of the best competitors ever… I dont know if you remember… Once in 4th or 5th standard , after a class test, when baby saroja madam gave our papers, I had scored 49 and yours was 48.5 , you had searched entire paper to make a correction and got it to 49. I would not agree , searched my paper for correction and made it 49.5.
    that was fun… I think that fightings with you made me more competetive and taught me how to win.
    thank you so much for giving me that fighting spirit
    Shivaji : actually his name is Satish. Once in 5th or 6th standard, teacher asked some question some thing like who was first PM of India, this guy said shivaji. hence till today we remember him as shivaji.

    Mary Madam: when I first entered the school , you were the one who wished me. thanks for that wish.
    kantha Madam : Thank you for being such a fantastic guide during my Primary school tenure.
    Elizebeth Madam : thanks for telling us importance of playing on field and excercises during my primary school .. we are fit today because of you.
    KPSS Sir: You are my role model in Dicipline , Sorry for not obeying you while you were our class teacher in 9th standard. we also did a class boycott , that was wrong , I know now. Pls forgive us.

    there are many others whom I want to talk about…
    GOLDEN AGE : 1986-1996

    as they rightly say…..
    Internet mein sare jahan se touch mein hain , lekin ek dost tak le chale aisi koi network nahin…
    Love you friends.. I have started crying..


  266. viji Says:

    that article made for nostalgic reading. am alumnus from vvshs. does bring back memories

  267. shaila Says:

    yep…..funny though it is lengthy articl can’t stop myself from reading since it brings all beautiful memories back…almost transported back in time n place. i studied primary in St.Mira’s school (surprse visit byprincipal Abdul Rasheed which everryone including the teacher’s dreaded ) & high school -VVS

  268. Manjunath Says:

    OMG!!! you made my stomach to tickle, eighties was such a sweet decade, walking in 4th block jayanagar was a fun, Chinese was only the cuisine of rich, masala dosa and panipuri was favorite favourite program was giant robot(http://www.ceveni.com/2008/05/giant-robot-johnny-sokko-and-his-flying.html), chirtrahar, spiderman etc etc…

  269. ravikiran.r Says:

    eh itz really a gud thing 2 remember our old chwt memories!!!… fr a sec i felt bad of missin evry1 in diz lyf!!!… i luv frenz a lot, i neva 4gt ne1… itseemz lyk 2 be a grown thron in a beautiful rose… ma humble request 2 yo frenz neva let ne1 2 4gt in yo lyf bcoz it cant b regain back which iz lost 1nce….i lost a luv of future wid ma frenz who were close 2 me!!!.. but nw m hpy bcoz again a god provided me a such a gud frenz in ma lyf again!!!!… i completed ma education in florence english high school, sanjayanagar.. itz wz a gr8 part of in ma lyf… @ last i lyk 2 share yo iz be hpy n lvly n make others 2 be hpy!!! ve a chwt loving lyf!!!….@RK@..

  270. Shyam Sundar Says:

    Wellll…I read the whole article by Savitha with all the patience in the wrld since its so much relating to my school days @ Sri Kumaran Children s Home where I studied frm LKG – 10th. I wish…. I get all those sweet friends back. I can still name all of them looking at my class photos.. I really miss all my teachers, Principal Mrs Meenakshi Balakrishnan whom we used to call ‘Mother’ ,our PT masters, Van drivers, Aayammas and last but not the least ‘uncle angadi’ which used to be a small cozy corner shop where we used to throng during break hours to get those chocolates, stationary stuff etc… Thank U SAVITHA :) I wish I had a rewind button to go back to those days :)

    If any1 of U cud recognize / recollect this crazy chap, call me on 9611800723

  271. Shyam Sundar Says:

    Mrs.Kokila Amarnath was my class teacher in I std and also my 1st crush;) She also was my teacher in my 10th. Such a gr8 teacher.
    Mrs.Deepa Sridhar was my English teacher in my 5th std who brought in some american / australian accent to our school . There are many like that …..I would like to thank all of them :)

  272. Aravind L Naik Says:


    Naanu VVSHS 92 batch nalli passs maadiddhu. D section. EE article thumba channagidhe. Oadhi haleya nenapugalella bandhavu. VVS Alumnige ellaroo member aagi. Its available in orkut

    VVSHS: Kannada medium: Upto 7th Standard:
    Teachers Name: Akkamma, Parimala, Jayanthi, Nirmala, Rathna,Meenakshi, Jayamma, Leelavathi(My favopurite Teacher), Subbalakshmi, Ramachari Master, Prasad Sir, Ramanand Sir, Jalaja(Photographer), Ahalya Bayi,…. (Not getting from my memories).


    If u remember pl update my tlovely teachers names

  273. saritha Says:

    hi savitha, i graduated from npes 1989. Mine was the first saraswathinagar npes batch. I lived, Parents still near the now raghavendra matt. Brough back all the old memories. There were absolutely no houses between school and the nagarbhavi road. stading onthe playground, we could see all buses going on the horizon (now i am thinking mysore road), my forth grade sujatha miss was the best in those days. Waw!! time flies fast..i now have kids going to school…i don’t know if they would have as much fun as we did…may be they will…its a cycle, i guess

  274. VVans Says:

    Saw a lot of ppl from VVSHS here.
    Just to let you know that there is an Alumni Association for VVSHS now.
    For more details visit http://www.vvans.org .
    Do participate n relive those magical days :)

  275. Hitha Mandrira Shivappa Says:

    This is the exact image of my childhood not in banglore though…..mom getting snacks on the way back from work…….love those days. Miss them badly. Navilu gari mari hakuthe, pencil box, stamp collection, ice-spice list is long…….fascinating ya :)
    Hope we colud get back to those days and correct few things……
    Thanks for sharing it.

  276. Ramya Says:

    Dis brought back so many memories ……………….the Good old Bangalore Life ……
    I swear now a days ,children do not have that innocence .
    Thanks for sharing :)

  277. Mumbai Paused Says:

    Those were the days!

  278. binesh Says:

    superb, reading this article bought back memorirs of
    growing up in the grew up in mathikere, 96 batch passout from st
    lourdes, 80s and 90s, the days when gubacchis(sparrows)were all
    around, the days when we used to play tree tree which tree, dabba,
    topi beka topi, under over, road cricket until we got scoldings
    after we hit someone and continuing once they left, also we kids
    were referred as half tickets, the imitating of ramayana and
    mahabharatha, we used to have neighbours brooms kept outside behind
    our shirts depicting arrows, krazy kernel , vikram bethal, beingan
    raja, chota chetan, giant robot, he-man were our favorites, any one
    remember nale baa, remember mane suttoythu, yaava mane poojari
    mane, yaava poojari, juttu poojari, yava juttu , koli juttu, yava
    koli, baathu koli, yava baathu, thinno baathu, dont remember the
    rest, also remember in our 1st standard, bat rubber was a
    craze,scent rubber, rubber pencil, mender, penpencil,

  279. Jayashree .S. Murthy Says:

    I studied in VVS DHRUVADHAMA and then VVSSPHS- 1985- 10Tth ‘C’.
    These memories are awesome…I had tears inmy eyes when I connected with all those wonderful writings all you guys have put up. We might have studied in different places and schools…but that era- 1970’s and 80’s hold us all together now, I guess.

    I am looking out for my own classmates- Venkatesh R, Diwakar, Shashikumar, Venkatesh N, Vinay Simha, Sudheendra Madhyastha, Suneetha BS, Bharathi J, Vishwanath, Suganthi Roy, Vidya Prabhu, Uma K, Kanchana LR, Rajalakshmi, Shobha BS, Babitha Khanapure, Guruprasad N….Where are all you guys?
    Our teachers- HMR, MBS, MS, KR, KLR, AB, TGK-
    Oh, what fun- with those teases, crushes, side glances, Iyengar bakery POTATO BUN, sandwiches, Kho-kho game, throwball in the “back-ground”…..My eyes are wet again…I can’t go on…

  280. aslam Says:

    hi iam aslam, i always live in my memory’s bt this article just brought back my memory . it ws so gud reading it. i also studied in nphs nd i lived in saraswathinagar for 10 yrs which ws my best yrs. there ws amerland, netraj stores, najuda store nd my friens store ankit bangle store. i still remember after school i will walk till vijaynagar bus stand nd tk 4.20 pm bus num 196. he drive d bus so fast. some times i would tk auto they will charge 1 rs bt i will b packed with 8 people :)

  281. VVSHS Alumni Association Says:

    Nice article!!
    To all the VVSHS folks here..

    We have our Alumni Association now and our own site.

    Do reconnect and relive those magical days .
    http://www.vvans-sankalpa.org . there is also a link to our Facebook group with more than 800 people including teachers there!

  282. Atul Belur Says:

    Wonderful to get involved in all the nostalgia posted here, I may not be old enough to appreciate the depth of your reminiscence but i invites me to plunge into my own high school and primary memories. I would like to correct a previous comment about VVS Alumni post and give the correct link http://thevvans.blogspot.com or find the alumni on facebook, type vvans, its that easy! and you can reconnect with most of the batches, I am sure you will find a classmate to share memories about since our alumni dates back to the 70s and beyond..

  283. anitha Says:

    even if i am not from your school i am from the other stella maris school but from 80 ‘s of course . those school days are memorable ones. reading your article you reconnected me with those days, batches , friends and other things. thanks

  284. sajeev Says:

    I’m a VVS SPHS – 1993 pass out

    Brilliantly written…just the way i spent my child hood. I still remember the red thighs i used to carry back home during the “panna” wave :)

    There was another kick ass game called “lagori” ….where you stacked up little rocks and pelted them…

    also another favourite was the ball badminton balls that were made of wool …i think that game has now been extinct for a decade or so :( . Life was just about perfect then ….

    Another notable miss was the “nimbe uli” “paan” and the “rose mint” candies …. Even a Rs 50 candy now cannot give the satisfaction of the 5ps candies then ….

    Good Ol’ days which our kids will never see :( !!!

  285. Ashok SC Says:

    Angge Agabekku…Nin Alabeku….na Nagabeku….:)

  286. Vanisri Says:

    Great memories, that time unfortunately will never come back for our kids to enjoy:(

  287. nehamalloli Says:

    Hey.. I am from mysore.. I grew up during the nineties.. and we had a very similar up-bringing too.. Awesome blog.. Gone are those days.. just memory remains.. I traded sticky notepads for feathers.. bigger and more colourful the feather was.. the bigger the notepad I had to lend!!! OMG!! It was very refreshing to read your blog.. there was another slogan which we screamed our lungs out.. “Marco Polo.. Mexico Greece.. ” God knows what it meant.. and while playing “Ice Spice” remember the “dubki double ice spice”!!! hahahaha..

  288. Sreemathi Says:

    Wow Savitha. a very good article. it brought back to life all the good old days. I studied in carmel school till 6th grade and moved over to Ammasandra. i stayed in rajajinagar 5th block.

  289. sundaresh Says:

    Is there a alumini association for Sardar patel english high school (Dhruvadhama)?? This school is a associate of VVS. I was a student of SPEHS 1977-1980

  290. sundaresh Says:

    Is there a alumini association for VVS Sardar Patel English High school. I am from 1977-1980 batch

  291. Nithyananda.G.S Says:

    just it was supeeeeer article.really liked it. reminded me of my school days at new public.it was nice to have lunch in new public park with friends even my house was near by in 3rd main.really went back 15 years and it was good to remember our GOLDEN DAYS…………………………….

  292. Ashok Says:

    Beautiful Article and indeed made me put myself in the story.
    “go da de”, “good morning teacher”, “i will tell to teacher”, “miss may i drink water” “may i go to toilet”….hahahaha wonderful memories of school

  293. Maddy Says:

    Sometimes I feel the kids of the current times will never find that kind of joy or friendship in reality. It’s all become so virtual that their entire childhood seems to be lived online or in-class! Sad! Lucky we had such wonderful times and a memorable childhood! :-)

  294. santosh Says:

    This blog post is a time machine!! It took me back to my childhood…wonderfully written

  295. princesspoo Says:

    Excellent writing :).
    I really loved how you have written about your childhood.
    I wasnt born in 80’s :(. My brother even now tells me about all the wonderful things that happened to him in his childhood.!!

    My childhood? – Computer, Laptop, Mobiles, Ipods… Need any more?
    Gosh! I am really jealous of you guys!!
    You had the real deal.
    I wish I had been in your era!!

  296. Amogha Says:

    woah… !! nostalgia inducing it was and I travelled back in time to my growing u years in the 90s where we too had a similar childhood !! Where are those blissful days gone when playing in the road in the evenings with friends seemed te brightest thing in the enitre day after scribbling in the H.W books hurriedly;when mangoes were much awaited in summer !!

    The kids of these days might have evrything at their disposal but I consider us luckier than them to have spent golden childhood with real companions!!

    Great post. Loved it totally !!

  297. Sathish Says:

    Wonderful post, so good that it is still getting comments even after three years of posting. Amazing… Thank you Savitha

    It brought back my memories of National School (H Narasimhaiah). I used to stay in Jayanagar & go to National School at Basavanagudi. One craze was to bet on the buses which will go fast, route number 11 or 14. Oh… Those buses with KIRITA & LIGHT on KIRITA; it was just craze. During high school days, if we miss the bus in front of the school we friends used to run / walk till Shanti talkies to get the SAME bus.

    Ruby-cube was another craze & we played inside the classrooms while the lessons were going on. One day my uncle caught me in the middle of the road, I was playing it while crossing the heavy traffic road. My Uncle even today tells this incident to my children.

    And then we used to roll the small fruits which used to fall on the footpath on to the road & count the numbers smashed by the vehicles passing by. The one, whose count is highest, is the winner.

    Anyone from NHPS, I can’t forget the films (documentaries on freedom fighters etc…) which BSD used to show to us in M4 class room.

    AND can anyone from NHS, just can’t miss mentioning FERFECT DVN ; Peddu mudeva from SRP & the long lecturers of BRC after the prayer.

    Collecting stamps, cigarette packs, matchboxes were real, real craze, for that we were not less than any rag-picker.

    OMG, just can’t miss out telling about our Ajji making obbatu for the festivals, mudde & kattina saru, hitaka bele avare kai huli- was her best; nobody can match it till today!!! & our tata bringing prasada from temple (always pachha bale) every day for us. He would give us only after hearing to a sholka.

    Yes, baccha, ice-spice, dabba, buguri, goli, cricket, was real time pass games in the evenings. My favourate was Gavaskar, I had collections of his scores in all the innings he played. Used to tune to a remote SW station to listen live commentary all night (West Indies series)

    My childeren are missing all these; there are on TV, laptop, mobile, karate or cricket coaching !!!…

  298. Rajeev Says:

    Brilliant article! Brought back all the memories of the good old days! Now to think of it, I miss them so much.
    I would do anything to get back those days, but sad that it would never happen. Memories are all we have now.

    Thanks for this post! It brought back all the good memories of my school.

  299. Deviprasad Hemanthkumar Says:

    classic :)
    luv’d it completely..


  300. kaduri Says:

    thanks for the post :)
    doordarshan days .. DD1 and later DD2 also :) … watching movies on every sunday at 5pm with bajji and tea… i used to hate that 7 to 7:30 news in between, before the remaining 20 mins continued :) … flying kites, collecting big fun coupons, WWF, posters of cricketers / filmstars and what not…. miss those byomkesh bakshi and wagle ki duniya days …. tehkikaat, alif laila … list goes on :)

    for those who would like to refresh their memories ….. here is the list that i could remember :)

    tamas, telematch, tarang, tenali raama, hum panch, jungle book, shanthi, sansaar, swabhimaan, junoon, guddada bhoota, mayamruga, flop show, malgudi days, dekh bhai dekh, karam chand, kile ka rahasya, mahabharath, ramayan, chanakya, chandrakantha, the sword of tipu sultan, nukkad, school days, shaktimaan, shriman shrimathi, dekh bhai dekh, stone boy, spiderman, star trek, sigma, street hawk, surabhi, rangoli, spirit of india films, oshin, vikram aur betaal, sarabhai vs sarabhai, byomkesh bakshi, captain vyom, wagle ki duniya, tehkikaat, alif laila, ajnabhi, bharath ek khoj, disney hour, duck tales, ek se badkar ek, fauji, guinness book of world records, living on the edge, turning point, mungeri lal ke haseen sapne, potli baba ki (kahani), reporter, rajni, the world this week, waqt……………………

    i never thought i knew so many :)

  301. vinayparatala Says:

    Damn! Your post mirrors my childhood in Basavanagudi and N.R.Colony

    The cricket in Krishna Rao park, running from one friend’s place to another friend’s place across the road when there used to be alternating power cuts on different sides of the street, kalla police in Shamanna Park, Ganesha Habba on the streets and in APS grounds

    Eating Idli Vade in Upahara Darshini, Masala Dose in Vidyarthi Bhavan, tatte idly in Brahmin’s cafe, the toast from Iyengar Bakery and the Pani Puri in front of Vysya Bank at Netkalappa Circle

    Before the days of Pepsi and Coke, there were the Torino, Gold Spot, Maaza and of course goli soda!

    Gawd! I could go on forever… That’ll become another blog by itself. Thank you for rekindling those memories!

  302. Bharath Says:

    The post is from 2008, but will probably stay alive and be commented upon for another 50 years. After that along with the comments, it can be handed over to anthropologists – since its a strong imprint of our social lives in those times.

    I could relate to every single thing posted there. Thanks for making my day. I’ve had a good childhood :)

  303. priyakarini jain Says:

    it matches word- by- word to my school days in late 90’s in karkala, Udupi district.
    those days were….hmmmm….too too good :)
    thanx for reminding those moments again!! :)

  304. nirupa Says:

    thumba chennagi ellara savinenapugalannu neene barididiya!
    i experienced all these in 70s.
    i was in small town, kuppam,our daily routine used to see the movie poster in the morning, collecting notice,in colors,mostly telugu films with NTR, ANR faces.
    putting rangolis,learning embroidary in our time.
    i remember the day for send off in z.p.girls school 70 batch for ssc first time wearing white saree, how we all wept.
    Nagamani, who came always first, where r u now ?

  305. Prabhat bhat Says:

    Nostalgic post appa, childhood full flash back aytu.
    However I was born in 90’s, and most of it was true until 2001, then came the computers!!
    Seriously amazing days, love my childhood @ rajajinagar going to vani school for bhanu miss’s class….. Sob sob.
    Thanks a ton!

  306. jks Says:

    Ejactli…Id yella naav yella madi bitirodu…..

    “Goobe” has been all time fav slang….Agree with “she is simsimply hitiingu miss…”….

    “Shaal I go to toilet?”(along with the last finger being shown to the teacher n entire class….)

    Where did all this go…

  307. Vinod Says:

    u just brought my childhood memories back. Those days were simply superb. In those school days of 80’s every monday in the class the topic would be about the films that was telecast on saturday and sunday evenings. Remember those Gaint Robot days which would be telecast on wednesday………..

  308. Ashwin Babulkar Says:

    Hey !!! it was like 10 mins of Time machine and back to 2012 – Really had my refresher time reading this article – if you dont mind – im gonna publish this is FaceBook as im from St. John’s High School Vijayanagar – Thanks again for bringing the memory back!!!
    Ashwin Babulkar
    St. John’s High School Vijayanagar :-)

  309. Suresh Raju Says:

    Good article !. I used to think my parents were nuts when they shared their school years. Reading your article i ( or my kids would) feel the the same way about my school years. I passed out of NPES (or NPHS) in 1986.

  310. Radheevar Says:

    I was not as lucky as you. I was a very serious looking guy [Till actually a gal told me I am very serious looking and I need to change] I kind of had different experience though, with all my friends at school but more or less your this writing made me think about all my friends.

  311. rachit nahata Says:

    hi thanks for making me remember my school days. i want to know 1993 batch of new cambridge english school rpc layout

  312. Sathya Says:

    Hi , Thanks for bringing back memories. Really beautiful times, remember Satyavati kannada/Math, sujath Science and Shamin. I dont know if its the same shyama sundar here (in my times). I had used all his paint :), tell that story to my kids here. Wonder if there is alumni site.

  313. bhuvanesh Says:

    I was hunting for this link since 5 years… am lucky I got this today.. you re-live your past if you go through these comments.. thanks for all those who have contributed..

  314. sudheer Says:

    flooded with memories….nice article…any one remembers trumph cards(WWF Cards) and time spent in summer holidays in ajji mane…luv the old days…by the way im from nphs 97 pass out …

  315. shobha Says:

    Hi sudheer, i am also from nphs (97 pass out batch) i mean 97% pass out

  316. Vinay Says:

    5 years ago, I had forwarded the link of this blog to my friends group. Today I was going through my mail archives and found this link again, still it held me in the same nostalgic light as it had the first time I read it.
    Being an ex-resident of vijaynagar, having grown up there, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Please send me link if this article has a sequel, if not I request you to come up with one… :)


  317. Abhishek B Says:

    Thank you…I went back to “THE” days!!!

  318. Madhu Gargesha Says:

    Hi savitha,
    If I am not mistaken, I am the Madhu of “where are the little madhus and vidyas” that you mention towards the end of your articke… I was in new public English school, vijayanagar, during 1984-1988, and I clearly remember your name.

  319. Naveen Says:

    This is Naveen Gurjar studied in NPES till 7th. ’87

    Was satying is CPWD qtrs..at that time…

    Enjoyed playing in the NPES groundu…

  320. ravi g Says:

    You have painted life of eighties with your words. All those nostalgic days came rushing back to me. You have relished, cherished and eschewed each and every moment which is reflected in your blog. Do read my blog at rationalism.rediffiland.com and I have many interesting blogs of yesteryears.

  321. Narendra KV Says:

    I passed out of VVSHS in 1983. Fantastic article. CSV’s poli kitty play, I guess, was a staple for all batches. It was sad that we lost AV and BSV, but it is always a pleasure to speak with HGN and NSP and nice to see KVN, PVR, BGR and Gnana Prasad Rao on Facebook. Brings back memories of some of the best time of our lives. We used to also collect matchboxes, stickers and color goli while in school

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