Who killed Ketu? Television cracks the mystery.

VADIRAJ HOMBAL forwards a YouTube video (in Kannada) in which the stars of S.K. Jain, the in-house astrologer of Udaya TV, and Ravi Belagere of ETV’s erstwhile “Crime Diary”, comingle at the hands of Harish N Kumar, Arjun Sharma, and Swaroop G. Ramachandra to find out who killed Ketu.

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16 Responses to “Who killed Ketu? Television cracks the mystery.”

  1. Hiker Says:

    Harish, Arjun, Subba,

    Great going guys!

  2. Hiker Says:

    Also see http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=QtwKb0jny9c

  3. Jammy Says:

    This video is no longer available….

  4. SM Says:

    lol, hilarious …. :D

  5. S K Kumar Says:

    S K Jain is the in-house astrologer of The New Indian Express, too. Look what has happened to it.

  6. D P SATISH Says:

    You should get academy award/s! Great!

  7. Rama Says:

    Associated Videos: Who is Prof GSS (G S SUndareshan)?

  8. Thyampanna Shetty Says:

    These guys are hilarious. I saw one of their videos on Advani few weeks ago. It wsa funny too…

  9. nagesh Says:

    Prof GSS was a Maths Lecturer at National College, Jayanagar, when I studied there from 1997-1999. He wouldve probably retired by now.

  10. Pulikeshi the last Says:

    Humour in Kannada is alive. Raashi, Goruru, etc. would be proud. Keep up the good work, fellows, assuming you do exist.

  11. Mysore Peshva Says:


    “Teertha pradana: UB Group, BengaLuru.” hahahahh!!

  12. Dr. Karthik pandit Says:

    Good work… why only S.K jain is targetd…. there are many other cluprits…. ( K.N. s…..) & ( pa……..)….etc.. OOPS … not to mention more….. I liked it…

  13. Gaby Says:

    Amazing work- Yes RaaShi and BeeChi would certainly be proud and happy.

  14. Simply Stupid Says:

    Really great work.. People who watch SKJain, please open your eyes!

  15. Malaveeka Says:

    Really funny.

    You guys are awesome!

  16. Shipwreck Says:

    Would have loved to see more of pakkadmane kamalamma!!

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