What’s the best way to say well done, keep it up?

PALINI R. SWAMY writes from Bangalore: The wikipedia entry says he was born to Shrikanth and Sri Shyla in 1996. Since the age of four, he has acted in 23 films and 1,000 episodes of a TV show.

At 10, he directed a full-length feature film into the Guinness Book of Records. And at 12, which is how old Master Kishan Shrikanth (in pictures) is today, his C/o Footpath has bagged the Golden Lotus for the best children’s film at the 54th national film awards.

All very creditable stuff.

Standing ovation, please, and an equally big round of applause to his parents.

How should a State Government recognise and reward a young star such as this one? (Remember, he is 12.)

Should it pick up all his school and college bills? Should it pull out all stops to help him make more films and realise his full cinematic potential? Should it help him go abroad and do a major course in film making from one of the great Universities? Should it lobby to get him on to the children film festivals and juries so that his voice is heard? Should it use him as a brand ambassador to get more Kannadiga children interested in film making? Should it help him meet Spielberg and Soderbergh? Etcetera.

Yes, it should, but that’s the kind of silly, boring suggestions that silly, boring intellectuals with nothing better to do would come up with.

Our politicians, on the other hand, with their finger on the pulse of the people think outside the box of silly, boring ideas.

Kishan and his proud parents called on B.S. Yediyurappa at the Vidhana Soudha yesterday, to congratulate the new chief minister and convey the good news of the national award. The CM doubtless remarked on the happy coincidence of Kishan bagging the Swarnakamal so soon after the kamal ki party had come to power.

And, as a token of appreciation,

Yediyurappa said the Cabinet had decided to allot a 60X40 site in Bangalore to the child prodigy…. The site would be allotted through the Bangalore Development Authority.

This might seem like we are pulling down a prodigy (we are not). This might seem like we are questioning the divine wisdom of god’s own government (how dare we). This might seem like we are jealous like those crabs (keep guessing). But is a 60×40 site in Bangalore for a 12-year-old the only way the “State” can say “shahbash, well done, keep it up”?

Thankfully, Kishan’s appa and amma didn’t tag him along to the Reddy Brothers, or they might have donated a small mine in Bellary while simultaneously giving him permission to use their spare helicopter for shooting aerial shots—for free, for life.

Still, a house-site as a reward for a boy who has not even entered his teens shows the ridiculous real-estate mindset that has gripped this State, especially the “adults” who persuaded, pressured, cajoled and convinced the government to do so.

(Notice, also, that no such 60×40 announcement has come in the case of the other three national award winners from Karnataka this year, T.S. Nagabharana, B. Lingadevaru, or R. Dhanaraj, although one of them might already have been the beneficiary of a 50×80 or two a long time ago.)

Obviously, it makes good sense for Kishan and his parents to make the most of today. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for Kishan’s talents, or for them? So, they would be foolish to look a “G” category gifthorse in the mouth, given Bangalore’s land rates.

(And if dozens of Bangalore’s journalists and “journalists” have secured similar largesse for a few helpful inches, then we shouldn’t grudge 2,400 square feet.)

Obviously, the modern maharajas should also take care of artists and artistes. If their basic needs are covered, it will enable them to concentrate on their core competencies. At least that’s the theory because the pavements are littered with the specks of fallen stars.

Still, is a roof above his head a crying need for Kishan at this juncture?

Is this how we should “provide encouragement”?

Will it motivate him to do better?

And what will he tell teacher if he misses a day a school: “Taarsi haakastha-idde, miss?”

(The bigger scam in the chief minister’s announcement is sanctioning 2.5 acres valued at Rs 16 crore at Sri Kanteerava Studios for a Raj Kumar memorial, but that’s another, bigger story.)

Photographs: BBC (left), Karnataka Photo News

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24 Responses to “What’s the best way to say well done, keep it up?”

  1. Karihaida Says:

    Looks like churmuri is in deep depression.. pointless rambling about anything and everything yeddi does or doesn’t do.
    PS Soderbergh (X,Lies and Videotape :) ), Spielberg ? Bere yaru olle director sigle ilva ?

  2. Chintaka Says:

    When you want to find fault, you will find fault with anything and everything!!! Same thing applies for BSY.

    What other things could he have done?

    1. Promise the child that the state will bear all educational expenses? 5 years down the line, when someone else occupies that chair, do you think his promise will have any takers? Also, knowing the way the babus work, it would be nightmarish to think what they would say in future.. i mean will they even know what this boy did then???

    2. Should the govt spend money to make more movies from this boy? Question then, what if these movies dont turn out to be as good as his first one? Why should the govt spend money on this? Would that not invite more criticisms?

    3. Make the boy a panel member, send him abroad for studies etc and etc look good only when one is arguing. Practially, they will not matter.

    What the CM did was:

    a. Well within his powers;

    b. something immediate instead of waiting till eternity.

    c. would add value to Kishan’s personal life.

    Why is it that people try to find fault with everything??

  3. Paapi Says:

    The site is for his parents because movie was made by his parents.
    Please please dont tell me the boy at the age of 10 can direct a movie. It is simply ridiculous.
    “Topi hakond action’u cut’u andre director agolla” :P

  4. Kalburgi pora Says:

    I agree with Chintaka,
    I don’t know what happened to Churumuri (Puffed rice)…. its becoming Avalakki (pressed rice) now a days. I had a great regard to Churumuri that this is one blog site where it is not biased to any religion /caste /political party. But now a days the way how the articles are published it looks like its Pro – Congy or Pro – Appa Makkala Paksha…..

  5. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Land is clearly the most precious asset around in Bangalore. That the government of the day, be it Krishna’s Congress, Kumaraswamy’s JD(S) or Yediyurappa’s BJP can go around handing it out all whom they please without scrutiny is stunning.

    How can 2 and a half acres in the heart of the city be gifted to one family sans any questions? Is a museum for Rajkumar the best use the land could have been put to? Couldn’t it have been located elsewhere keeping in mind the existing congestion in the area?

    As for Master Kishan, I congratulate him on his first site. May he make many more award-winning movies in a long and distinguished career and may he get an award for each one them, and may the government give him a site for each one of them in each of the districts.

    Here’s a simple message to applicants who have been waiting for years and decades: get your children to take care of your needs from a young age. Younger, the better.

  6. Karihaida Says:

    This kid has acted from age 4, now he is 11.. so In 7×365 = 2555 days, he has acted in 23 movies and 1000 episodes of a TV show :O
    Going by the rate at which child prodigies r popping up in recent times very soon the gov’t would need to have a ministry of child prodigies ( with a child as the minister ;) )

  7. Shipwreck Says:

    Kishan is a ‘child’ prodigy??

    In all those interviews on the news channels, he sounded like a ‘kidult’

  8. Janasamanya Says:

    I remember the story of a father, son and a donkey.

  9. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Excellent post.

    Someone had to cry halt to the whimsical practice of politicians gifting away state land. Arbitrary decisions, even when they favor legitimate achievers such as Master Kishan, are a symbol of corruption and abuse of office. Yeddy is not Tsar Nicholas II or Shahjahan Jahapanah — Yeddy’s office is not a durbar.

    Yeddyurappa’s arbitrariness is lethal to any systematic development of the rule of law, which democratic theorists such as Robert Dahl argue is required for sustainable democracy. Yeddy’s arbitrariness can be fatal to our institutional democracy.

    In order to establish and respect due process, Yeddy should develop a publicly announced policy on all discretionary gifts of state property. That would enhance his leadership stature and boost the legitimacy of our democracy.

  10. VSK Says:

    My old school master H. Narasimhaiah used to have question mark in his room. “Question everything” was his motto, and he belonged to the “National School”. Do those who do not want to question everything or want to question selectively belong to the “Anti-National School”?

    Our governments do not have land for parks and playgrounds. They cannot resettle slum dwellers and illegal hutments. They cannot clear the waiting lists of thousands of hard-working people who applied for sites decades ago. And yet, they magically find land to gift to journos, judges, and others who fall at their feet.

    Master Kishan deserves every encouragement without a shadow of doubt. But it’s got to be what a 12-year-old boy would appreciate, not something that his parents want. Yediyurappa has the right to encourage people, but he needs to find ways and avenues not explored by the Congress before.

  11. Hiker Says:

    Personally meeting the boy and congratulating him is fine…but a 60*40 site is too much..it could also have a negative effect on the boy.

  12. H.R.Bapu Satyanaryana Says:

    Remember a boy named Manju of Malgudi days, nobody remembers him for we made too much fuss about him Better leave the boy as he is he will find his own level for when we try to push all sorts of distortions take place.

  13. Sandesh Says:

    “we made too much fuss about him”
    No one made any fuss of him. He was loved by everyone and as he grew he branched off to other fields. Now he is an Engineer earning his money and happy! He did not receive any special offers from anyone!

  14. Nastika Says:

    @HRBS, really pathetic to take a dig at Master Manjunath !!

    @Sandesh, Manjunath is an Art’s Graduate and is currently pursuing a Masters course in Sociology at the Bangalore University. He was with onlinebangalore.com, He joined DCF software. He is non-technical coordinator and takes care of the advertising part of the company.


  15. Sandesh Says:

    Thanks for correcting me…. I remember in an interview some time ago he said that he was working in a software company. Didn’t know the details. I really appreciate his talent….I guess he was clearly the most talented child artist ever!

  16. gagan Says:

    some senior actors and actresses do not have own houses to live and own sites to build a house.

    kareem khan, a great litterateur and lyrics writer for films was assured a house by govts which came to power. but he died without a house.

    and just for a gimmick, yeddi assuring him a house. why ? doesnt kishan have a place / house to live in?

    i used to always wonder why many senior artists do not have houses… one day a newspaper report said “dharam singh’s servant was also granted a house.. not just servant, even vatal nagaraj”… so now you know where the sites go.

  17. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I agree Yeddi needs to get his head examined! But then again we are such a bunch of fools that we named a famous corner of a road Anil Kumble Circle or some shit like that…

    May be Yeddi thought Swarnakamal price was given to BJP and hence wanted to reward the young lad:)

  18. Chintaka Says:

    Doddi Buddi…. you left your brains in handi doddi or kuri doddi????

    1. We did not name a corner after Anil Kumble, we named a CIRCLE after him.

    2. And it is not some shit… do not remind us of the place where you stay. Anil is an achiever and he has been aptly recognised by the government.

    3. Please do not say WE are a bunch of fools. Others in this forum and outside do now wish to join your exclusive club. Keep it to yourself. Anil Kumble did a rare feat in the game of Cricket and we lauded him for that.

    4. What did you expect the Government to do? Atleast be happy that unlike in the past, artists today are getting recognised and government is doing something for their welfare.

    5. BSY (not Yeddi) has far more intelligence than you have. Atleast he will not confuse a corner with a circle!!!! He rewarded this lad in a way which was befitting his achievement and more importantly what he could do within his powers as a CM.

  19. Doddi Buddi Says:


    !. It is all the same to me!
    2. Oh really?
    3. What is that game again? Test Cricket? Does any one care?
    4. I thought the award was excessive considering there are many artists deserving recognition. May be you would like to be ..remembered as Thinker @ Nimhans Circle?:)
    5. BSY unfortunately has rewarded his GF and I personally find his taste in women appalling but ‘agricultural’ :) Why should I object when he likes.d to wrestle with an Anaconda from Dakshina Kannada for fun and profit?:)

    However I must admit Yeddi is a better man than Kumaranna any day!

  20. Chintaka Says:


    Many artists deserving recognition is one thing, rewarding the deserving at a time when they deserve it is another.

    What is excessive and what is not is very subjective. Is there any point in debating that? How many 10 year olds do you know who have made a full length feature film which have won national and international awards? To my limited knowledge, there is none. When this is the case, why not reward him like it has been done???

    Test cricket may be dead to you… but not to everyone…read an article in outlookindia.com by Vinod Mehta… you will get a little enlightened…

    Is kumaranna a benchmark to be compared??? May be for you…. we would rather prefer BSY to be compared with the best of the CMs and let us see where he stand in a year or two down the line!!!
    Thinker @ nimhans circle…. nimhans does not have a circle Sir… so there you go again…

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:


    That should be, …”here we go in Circles again” :)

    How does it matter? Squaring the circle or Circling the square. I am merely pointing out the disconnect between a Kumble circle and common man, deserving actors and a 10-year old actor!!

  22. Chintaka Says:

    @ DB.. its not WE, its YOU since I hae no intention of going around in circle!!!!

    Clever use of words will not mask the thinking behind it. Society at different times find different ways of honouring achievers. Erecting statues, naming roads and circles, awards etc are means of recognising the talent, achievements and good deeds.

    And please do not bring common man into the equation. The same logic could be used for all occassions and the very process of awarding can be questioned. For instance if there is a disconnect between Kumble Circle and common man, isn’t there a disconnect between naming airport on Kempegowda??? In what way is the common man benefitted by naming the airport after Kempegowda? or for that matter naming it after anybody???

  23. Lakshmisha Says:

    adella bidi,
    all the national channels NDTV, CNN IBN and the likes announced that hindi, tamil and malayalam movies getting the national awards. but never there was a mention of Kishan, who is also the guinness award holder? why this bias? if that was a hindi or a tamil movie, this would have been the greatest feat by the kid and they would have take a 1 hr long shoot to talk with the boy.. this is where the bias is..not acknowledging the existence of such talent.. this is where we need to rise and get ourseleves heard as kannadigas.. CNN IBN is coming out with a feature on malayalee director.. why not on Kishan whose feat is far more commenadle?

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:


    The disconnect is in relating to white-flanneled fools vs the man who actually gave Bangalore the blueprint for a great city!

    Resistance is useless we are going around in Circles!

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