20 unanswered questions in l’affaire Padmapriya

1) Padmapriya Bhat, the wife of Udupi BJP MLA Raghupati Bhat, went missing on June 10 (June 11 according to some other reports). Why did it take three days for Bhat to report her disappearance? From the video above, it appears he told the police she was missing only when they contacted him about the abandoned car. Did he already know where she had gone, and why?

2) The distance from Udupi to Mulki is 32 km. The car was found 12 km from her parents’ place. Even if her husband or her family did not notice her disappearance, how come the abandoned car was not noticed, or reported to the police for three days? How come Bhat’s children were staying with his parents in Udupi?

3) Padmapriya’s mother’s house was just 32 km away from Udupi. She had a car and she knew how to drive. Why would she take Bhat’s permission to go there for a pooja, as Bhat claims?

4) Bhat claims the land line of his in-laws was dead, which is why he couldn’t reach them even when Padmapriya was not answering her mobile phone. Was the dead landline reported to the telephone authorities? If so, when?

5) On what basis did home minister V.S. Acharya claim in a newspaper interview it was a “half-kidnap”? And what exactly is a “half-kidnap”?

6) If there was a compelling reason for Padmapriya to take her life so suddenly, why would she do it in faraway Delhi, and in an apartment she had rented just three days ago, so far away from her parents and her children? Why would she not do it in Udupi or someplace close?

7) If Padmapriya wanted to flee to Delhi to stay away from her husband or to start a new life, why would she have left the cash she was carrying (estimates range from Rs 8,000 to Rs 70,000) and jewellery in the abandoned car?

8) Having moved to Delhi, was she shamed or scared into taking her life after her whereabouts had been detected by the police and the reasons were being speculated upon by television channels? Who is the “Sunil” to whom she made her last telephone call, according to television reports?

9) If Raghupati Bhat and Padmapriya had a strained relationship and were on the verge of divorce, how come neither her father nor her brothers seemed to catch any whiff of it, especially when news reports suggest that a divorce was in the offing for quite some time?

10) If Bhat and PP had a strained relationship, as is being alleged, and were only carrying on the charade of living together so as not to hamper Bhat’s electoral chances, just what changed after his victory that made it impossible for the couple to separate amicably?

11) Unnamed police officials claimed on June 14 that PP was in a resort in Malur (Kolar) and that she would be brought to Udupi on June 15. Home minister V.S. Acharya was “all right she was alive and she would be re-united with her family in matter of hours”. Was she really in Malur or was it a red herring thrown by the police to keep the media off the tracks and to buy time without indicating to Padmapriya that they knew where she was? How come Malur police did not know PP was in their jurisdiction while Mangalore police did?

12) Home minister Acharya claims that “Our police had established that she was in Delhi three days ago“. If true, did the Karnataka government make any effort to keep a watch on her movements for three days? Acharya says Karnataka police was in Delhi by 10.30 am. Why did it take them four hours to get in?

13) Did Padmapriya return to Bangalore from Delhi with Raghupati Bhat’s close aide Atul Kumar on June 12, and was she taken back to Delhi from Malur on Saturday evening or Sunday morning after the home minister’s statement?

14) On what basis does home minister Acharya, a trained medical doctor, claim that Padmapriya was suffering from “temporary depression”? Did he speak with her after she went missing and before she killed herself? Did trained psychologists try to engage her and get her out of her “temporary depression”?

15) If Padmapriya went to Delhi/Malur/Goa of her own volition to lead a new life, why were broken green bangles suggesting use of force found in the abandoned car?

16) Who is Prem in whose name a Maruti Wagon R car (DL 8, CD 6949) had been bought from Manjit Motors in Delhi on June 12, just a day after she had reached Delhi? If Padmapriya went missing on June 10/11, can a car be booked, bought, delivered and registered in just 24 hours? Or was it booked much earlier?

17) TV9 reports, quoting security records, that Atul Kumar, the close aide of Raghupati Bhat, had visited the Delhi apartment earlier in the month. So was her decision to flee Udupi and stay in Delhi planned in advance? Had she gone missing earlier than is being claimed?

18) If Padmapriya had intended to settle down in Delhi for good, as evidenced by the renting of a three-bedroom, fully-furnished apartment and the purchase of a new car, why would she suddenly decide to kill herself? Who paid the advance deposit for the apartment?

19) B.S. Yediyurappa, M.P. Renukacharya, and now Raghupati Bhat. Why are so many BJP leaders increasingly finding it so difficult to handle their personal lives? Or are Congress leaders more adept at hiding their warts because of “60 years of experience”?

20) And this bonus question: in 21st century India, is a strained marriage such a terrible thing and the possibility of divorce such an anathema for a politician that death is the only way out?

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79 Responses to “20 unanswered questions in l’affaire Padmapriya”

  1. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    They have you, jounalists, tracking and managing their personal lives, ain’t it?

  2. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I can almost hear JDS supporters saying “Namm Kumaranna thara yawangoo mescene bidakke barakilla Guru!” :)

  3. SumneNeeve Says:

    God, what an article. Of all the points, point 19 takes the cake.

    Seriously, I think there is a line that one should not cross and 19 does exactly that. Where is your sense of decency Churumuri?

  4. Shrinidhi Hande Says:

    If she had travelled by air to Delhi, some airline staff/passengers/officers would have got a hint after seeing news of her going missing…

  5. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:

    If M.P. Renukacharya could be re-elected by our wise voters, despite those affectionate pictures with the nurse, then Raghupati Bhat clearly overestimated the taste of his wise voters. And a hapless young lady lies dead as a result of the MLA’s prudishness.

    For a party which climbed to power on claims of providing “good governance”, V.S. Acharya has provided some real proof of what is in store. But there is no question the Yediyurappa government has got off to a rocking start. A farmer being shot dead, an MLA’s wife being found dead, a controversial circular on poojas. On second thoughts, maybe he should have retained the pooja circular. Only prayers can save his government from the mounting ignominy.

  6. Radhika Says:

    All my pity for the unfortunate lady who did not get a chance to start her life a new. I’m afraid she must have taken the extreme step not being able to face the cruel world with all the raving stories floating around. Thanks to the alert media which is invading all privacy. If there were no media which would record every minute of people’s life – she would have either returned to her husband or started a new life.

  7. ks Says:

    I agree, Radhika. It is the speculative media which has made her to lose her self-confidence after she fled to start a new life independently. Especially TV channels like TV9 are really shameless to broadcast rumors /speculations without even trying to verify the facts once.

  8. ks Says:

    Answer to 6: She didn’t flee to Delhi to take her life. She wanted to lead her life independently by joining call centre/BPO which shouldn’t have been possible if she live nearby.

  9. suri Says:

    These are Stupid questions really .What is the difference between the TV9 trash coverage of various incidents and this post from Churmuri .

    The truth is a Married Woman committed Suicide unable to handle things of her own in new delhi.It could have been anyother person.The MLA tag is incidental not coincidental.

  10. oochara Says:

    @ KS, Radhika..wake up

    A few days back churumuri questioned the rights of journalists/writers (especially the feature journalists) to speak, write, blog what they think and feel with less or no restraint. We the churumurian candidates were propagating free speech.

    The time now is right to answer that question along with this question: Would Padmapriya survived if not for extreme media intervention in her personal life?

    May be she would have, but how long does India want its women to live such a life? Hidden, supressed and sauteed? If not for padmapriya’s martyrdom today, more women in Karnataka and India will be forced to live a closed-door life. They dont like their husbands, but live with them for the sake of society, kids, parents et al. They always have their neighboring good looking guy in mind everytime they sleep with their tormenting hubbies (courtesy Upendra). Hell to do with those rickety old traditions of ours.

    If not for media, may be PP would have reconciled with her husband with an indelible scar of incidence in her conjugal life or led an independent life today, but how did it help or educate the supressed women in our society? They are all bound to follow the age old practice.

    So holding strong pseudo secular and a wee bit of pseudo yankee attitude in mind, I think media’s voice has raised a different awareness in the men’s world. And stood by women’s cause.

    Hold on, i’m not saying PP’s death was right…I’m just supporting what media did today as the best thing that has happened to the women’s world in Karnataka.

    BTW, its not clear as yet if PP commited suicide or was murdered. If it is the latter, then media’s role in highlighting this is bigger than PP. It is for our womanhood by large, and PP will remain as one of their freedom fighters.

  11. ks Says:

    It is also complete failure of State govt. Mr. Acharya says police knew about her whereabouts three days back. Why didn’t they act for two days? Why didn’t they take the help of local police immediately? What was the necessity for Mr. Acharya to announce about knowing her whereabouts on Saturday itself when police landed in Delhi only on Sunday afternoon? No doubt news in media has resulted in mental stress which lead her to suicide.

  12. Anil Says:


    According to some TV channel, it was a second hand Wagon R what they bought for Rs. 1.45 laksh.

  13. SRK Says:


    VS Acharya is the most dumb guy in the whole cabinet.

    First, this person has to be put under lie-detector test.

  14. sumkirla in english Says:

    wow,when it came to kumaraswamy or Sm krishna people were so happy to comment about their personal lives.Now suddenly when BJP leaders are into lime light people want to avoid venturing into personal lives of politiscians.

    See the Comment of BJp supporter Doddi buddhi,it proves what level people can step down to support their leaders.

  15. koppal Haida Says:

    Its disgusting how the media folks have made a suspense thriller soap out of the murder of the little noida girl and now out of padmapriya. I think the poor woman was caught unawares. She probably wanted to get away from the family and start afresh when these violent ‘news’ channels snuffed her life away.
    Its a very sorry state when personal lives are trivialised to this extent. It doesnt seem possible anymore possible that one could lead a private life without incessant monitoring cameras and frivolous public opinions making ‘Roadies’ and ‘Splitsvilla’ kinda cheap spectacles out of it.

  16. Subbulakshni Says:

    ok, i cant help but tell you folks.

    1. Padmapriya was deeply in love with this man and wanted to go away with him. Bhat knew about the affair but did not know when she left. After she went he got the car abandoned drama- complete wtih bangles, purse, blood, money, purse intact – staged.

    2. When they found out she was in Delhi Bhat arranged for the killing.

  17. cynicprasanna Says:

    Hindu Fascist in Karnataka draw second blood.Blood of a peacefully demonstrating farmer earlier and now an innocent girl .Sangh Parivar is quite deeply entrenched in Delhi and there could be more to what has been ‘alleged’ as suicide.It cant so facile and straightforward.Secular human beings of Karnataka are already paying the price for electing blood thirsty fascists to power(like in Gujarat).We should have been alert to the sane voices like Gauri Lankesh

    Impartial FBI enquiry is needed to unravel the probing questions that responsible media outlets like TV9 and blogs like Churumuri have painstackingly pieced together

    From Govindacharya to Renukacharya ,there is also a compelling case for truth commission to investigate the personal misdemeanours of BJP leaders .As the left intelligenstia has all along maintaining ,women have always been hapless victims of the maruading Hindutvadwadis.

    Saffronisation of Karnataka has just began and as informed and unbiased observer Prashant remarkably articulates”Yediyurappa government has got off to a rocking start”

  18. Subbulakshni Says:

    Its official. it is suicide. case closed.

  19. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Suicide or murder, the result is the same: the media always gets blamed in the end. So we can speculate as we wish depending on which button we pressed on the voting machine. But the larger point surely has to be the handling of the issue by the government of the day?

    How on earth can a home minister claim a “half-kidnap” one day, announce that she will join her family in a few hours, and then say she committed suicide after being kidnapped? If this is how nonchalantly an MLA and his wife are treated, shudder to think what kind of justice a woman in some god forsaken village will get.

    The same home minister was busy doing a whirlwind trip of temples and conducting poojas on the day the Haveri golibaar incident took place. No wonder this government is running on a wing and a prayer.

  20. mayura Says:

    Is “half-kidnap” something similar to “half pregnant” or “semi virgin”?


  21. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Before we all jump in and ask the whys and why nots…it is clear ole PP was not happy with her life. I definitely suspect a lover and I don’t buy the suicide angle. Sorry MLA Bhat you are not coming clear with your explanation. But it is a concern because you might have driven PP to other man’s arms by your own actions…pity the kids, though!

  22. pulikeshi the last Says:

    Summakirla in English–

    DB’s earlier comment does not seem to show that he is a BJP supporter. What even if he is?

    You are right. That a woman died a tragic death is what matters. Why does marital discord in India in more cases than not lead to suicide?


    Please continue your “Murder, She Wrote” scenario.

  23. Vitlan Potli Says:

    Agree with DB, there’s more to the story than what is played out. Bhat is certainly hiding a lot.

    coming to the “half-kidnap” talk by the home minister. If this is the kind of obfuscating talk we get from him then God save us all.

  24. Doode Says:

    Tragic end. RIP.

  25. Nastika Says:

    “It is a suicide. I had gone to the flat after getting information that she was there. I went to persuade her. Policemen broke open the door in my presence. I trust her, I love her (even now). My friend Atul has somehow coerced her. She is not a woman of that type. I repeat that she is not like that. Our lives were good,” Bhat told reporters.

    Home Minister is a misfit. Imagine visiting god-men to enquire about missing person and claiming about a good news tomorrow – pathetic. Thats the bane of BJP – absolutely irrational scourges

  26. blogolog Says:

    I doubt if any truth on the case will ever come out. Our Home minister is doing a excellent job of taking care of his fellow MLA home issues.

    My heart goes out to the kids who lost their mother.

  27. etvraviraja Says:

    Why the media wants to pass judgements, when there are investigating agencies?

    Only after PP saw the report on TV9 about police arriving at Delhi, she committed suicide…and the TV9 was on inside the flat…What TV9 got was viewership at the cost of a life. And you may present an award for investigative journalism.

    Give the BJP a break…they have been in power for only 2 weeks…
    Dont be stupid to suggest that there were no Murders/ Suicides/ Police firing/ abductions during others regimes…(dont forget nargund firing, Dr Raj abduction, MLA nagappa murder etc…)

    Can anyone tell us where did the home minister make a comment like ” half kidnap”? it also must be the making of the media!

  28. Poli Hudga Says:

    [i][b] Bad boys* Bad boys,
    watchya gonna do
    when they(CBI) come for you ? [/b] [/i]

    Bad Boys casting*,

    Raghupati Bhat in and as Main Suspect,
    Atul Kumar in and as another main suspect,
    V.S. Acharya as Homey who is main accused in derailing investigation process, attempt to destroy evidence & protect main suspect,
    B.S. Yediyurappa in as incapable politician giving irresponsible statements !

  29. srivatsa Says:

    YEDDY AND ACHARYA LIED BLATANTLY..they have abetted suicide

    WE saw them telling the press that she is safe and sound and will go to her house ….how can they lie so blatantly….

    I am sure she was forced to commit suicide by pressure tactics…

    CBI must be given the case…we indians have lost respect for womens freedom…that MLA but seems to have had 3 extra martial affairs and now he is trying to label his wife as the one who left him…dosgusting..

    home minister should resign for his novice handling

  30. suri Says:

    srivatsa , prasanna , poli huduga : i guess you guys need to have a examination @ nimhans for obvious reasons.

    Guys spare us from the consistent crap that you come up.

  31. Madhu Rao Says:

    Brilliant piece. This is in no way compromising an ambush or lives. It is a provoking article asking questions about the gaping holes in the alibis, motives and lame explanations doled out by the parties involved. Loved the bonus question

    ” In 21st century India, is a strained marriage such a terrible thing and the possibility of divorce such an anathema for a politician that death is the only way out?”

    Like DB said “Sorry MLA Bhat you are not coming clear with your explanation..”

    @Aatmasakshi, Very good points..


    Dont be stupid to suggest that there were no Murders/ Suicides/ Police firing/ abductions during others regimes

    So we do need to to give BJP a break and let them commit some crimes of their own ? kivi mele kamalada hoovu ittkukondiri antiddiri ?

  32. srivatsa Says:

    Churmuri super article…great points…especially 19th haha…abs true… yeddy in shobha’s maayaa jaal….bhatta is in whose will come out in some time…

    yeddy in a press conf said he wanted to congratulate the police on thier successful search…haha so bloody moronic….he is totally unfit and does not know whats going on…he always has notes he reads from even when answering journalists he keeps repeating the same stuff again and again…

    now our kung fu panda acharya dude…. whats a half kid nap ?? haha he must be in the mad ads business….so so amateurish speak…how can they make him home minister…

    he consulted astrolgers as to when Padmapriya will come home….god save our beautiful karnataka from these morons…..

    I miss SM krishna now…. rather the congress than these buffons

  33. srivatsa Says:

    guru suri u are the one who needs full body check up…anyways u are a knickerwallah so shout on

  34. cynicprasanna Says:


    Are you serious with your questions?Or are you a idiot?

  35. cynicprasanna Says:

    Learned commentators of Churumuri have asked probing quetsions.As stated earlier,even CBI cannot crack this case given diabolical nature of Sangh and given that it has spread its tentacles across legislature,judiciary and executive.FBI ‘s services needs to be requisitioned.Many in left intelligenstia rightfully demanded setting up of international justice tribunal for Modi’s trial.In this case justice too can only be rendered through impartial enquiry .Remember Modi specially campaigned for Bhat

  36. Rajinaame Ottaya Says:

    It is hilarious to see demand for resignation for all and sundry incidents. BJP would have done the same dharnas, protests if such things had happenned during Congress or JDS rule.

    Very interesting to see how these “Demand for resignation” thing works.

    No one gives a damn – and even those demanding know it – even public know it – but “Demand for resignation” religiously occupy pages of newspapers, blogs et al – as if resignation of someone in power solves all the problems.

    Wot to do – vee are like this only!! Country of resignation seekers!!

  37. Rajinaame Ottaya Says:

    One more question – why is everyone thinking there is foul play when facts are:

    1. Hospitals which conducted post morterm are managed by Central Govt (ruled by Congress)

    2. Delhi again is ruled by Congress Govt so why should Delhi Police hush up?

    If Karnataka Congress seriously think there is a coverup perhaps they should contact their brethern in Delhi.

    Anyway Hindu Delhi edition has published official post morterm report – suicide is confirmed.

    We all now can switch off TV9 and get back to work.

  38. etvraviraja Says:

    Please do not pass rumours on the dead…as the dead can not defend…
    let the investigators come out with facts…

    all the media wants everyone to believe that the story they telecast/ write has come true…

    problem is there are many such media created stories…

  39. srivatsa Says:

    le tonicprasanna u must be the dim wit crow brain idiot…what questions? i have not asked any u idiot

  40. dharma Says:

    Was the blood in the abandoned car was of Padmapriya?

  41. Chintaka Says:

    Srivatsa… just a question… if suri is knickerwallah…. you run around in plain underwear or what????

  42. Poli Hudga Says:

    This is exactly why one should never argue with Unreasonables. I challenge you to come up with answers to my accusations/questions first, later we can engage in personal vendetta.


    Neenu kocche mele kal hakidre ninmele sidiyathe, Husharu!

  43. Nastika Says:

    * A mother of 2 young kids (in a country like India)
    * A brave woman (who continued & finished studies after marriage)

    And the Home Minister & his buddy MLA claim that she committed suicide fearing SOMETHING. What is that SOMETHING?

    Home Minister & his buddy MLA must make a clean breast of it.

    Instead of Questioning, Intellectuals on this forum are busy giving clean chits !!!

  44. ks Says:


    You are 100% right.. How can a chief minister lie so blatantly in press conference on Saturday that she is safe and he even congratulated policemen for successfully solving the problem. What surprising is Police landed in Delhi flat only on Sunday afternoon. Either this is height of irresponsibility as part of Govt. or there are some hidden motives.

  45. Sidelock Homayaji Says:

    This is an excellent murder mystery. As one news channel mentioned the whole of India has become Sherlock Holmes in solving the Arushi murder case. This case is even more intriguing.

    My Take on the Suicide Story:
    Characters: Padmapriya, Raghupathi Bhat, Atul Rao, Home Minister Acharya, Yediyurrappa, Karnataka Police, Delhi Police.

    Theme of the story: Adultery, Political Maneovring, Media Propoganda

    Plot Summary:

    Raghupathi and Atul are chaddi friends. Raghupathi is married to a beautiful girl Padmapriya. Ragupathi is also busy building his political career. Too busy he neglects padmapriya and his two children. In comes Atul. He knows the ways to get into a woman’s heart. He is charming and also hypnotic. Padmapriya falls in love with Atul. Both decide to elope and live together. But Ragupathi is agasth and he negotiates with his wife to defer her plans of abondaoning him till the election sare over as it will affect his reputation. Elections are over and Raghupathi wins the election. Padmapriya now decides to elope and they go to some location close to home near Udupi. But Raghupathi comes to know about it. Meanwhile the home minister Acharya goes overboard and orders the police to fake a Kidnap scenario with broken bangales and all. Meanwhile Raghupathi and gang get hold of Padmapriya and transport her to Delhi. Acharya feels all will be well so he announces that Padmapriya is well and will be back in three days. However Padmapriya commits suicide scuttling all the intelligent plans of Acharya and his political gang. Acharya now feels like a shamed monkey after giving all kinds of fake statements to the press.
    Padmapriya is dead and the her children are mourning.

  46. kssomeswara Says:

    Entire incidence which is etting unnecessary media attention rather the media is exposing is a bullshit. There are innumerable instances of such affairs in the country. Better the media focusses on more trivial problems of the cmmon man and try to fin answers / solutions. Your 21 point questionnaire is more than I.Gandhi’s 20 point programmes. Stop such nuisances tobe highlighted

  47. srivatsa Says:


    howdu guru i walk around in that only..u have a problem…i have no problem with u knickerwallah’s ..have ur own intimate timepass on sunday mornings

    @Poli huduga

    howdu guru neenu heliddu correct….ivarella koche mori nan makkle



  48. Can A Diga Says:

    Ha..ever since Modi got reelected…Yeddy became CM…this Churumuri has a very bad itch to get back to BJP by hook or crook. Shame on you that you make filty comments on Yedi Renukacharya and Bhat…its their pesonal lives…let them handle it. BTW when will we know about your personal life? If you cant write about ur shitty life in public what business do you have to comment on others lives? “Yellar mane dose yallu toote ”
    Get a life…you moron.

  49. Manvantara Says:

    “in 21st century India, is a strained marriage such a terrible thing and the possibility of divorce such an anathema for a politician that death is the only way out?” — Such a pity!

  50. goobe Says:

    i saw Home Minister Acharya almost shivering while speaking to CNN IBN about this matter. Why such person was made home minister? Surely the police officers senior most there in the department will take a huge advantage of this soft hearted, true RSS supporter-doctor.

  51. Hasu Says:

    goobe – I saw the same video and did not see him shivering?


  52. M K Vidyaranya Says:

    Sources within the Intelligence Department, on condition of anonymity spoke to ‘Churmuri ‘ point out that some days back there were hot verbal exchanges between the MLA and his wife Padmapriya over the relationship, he allegedly had with two other women – a muslim and a brahmin. Padmapriya had threatened to expose her husband’s alleged link with a person (a ‘reformed’ former underworld don settled down near Bangalore) who had provided him huge funds for the election, if the MLA did not severe his connection with two other women forthwith. The former don hails from Dakshina Kannada.
    Was the MLA worried about his political future if his alleged links with the underworldthe were exoised.
    Are not these points worth a CBI investigation ?

  53. Nastika Says:

    And the Home Minister & his buddy MLA claim that she committed suicide fearing SOMETHING. What is that SOMETHING?

    That SOMETHING is:
    1. Extra-marital affairs of MLA Mr. Bhat
    2. Mr Bhat’s link with Muthappa Rai

    So Mrs Bhat paid the ultimate price.

    Sad state of affairs in BJP regime

  54. anna Says:

    shame on TV9,, bloody pokers,,
    they put their nose in every damn thing,,,

    yaar maneli yaaru oDi hodalu,, yaavanige anaithika sambandha ide,, bari intadde suddi,, they are spoiling the quality of kannada media.

  55. ks Says:

    @Sidelock Homayaji,

    I think you got it wrong. Just because Atul helped her to elope, it doesn’t mean she fell in love with him. My take is Mr Bhat’s extra-marital affairs led to incompatibility between couple and she wanted to lead her life independently. She wanted to get a call-center job and take the children once she is settled in Delhi , so she took the help of Atul Rao. Meanwhile the home minister Acharya goes overboard and orders the police to fake a Kidnap scenario with broken bangales and all. Meanwhile Raghupathi and gang get hold of Padmapriya and try to convince her not to expose the plot. They waste two full days threatening her and she is mentally stressed and commits suicide.

  56. Sidelock Homayaji Says:

    Intresting Very Intresting
    Okay let us assume Ragupathi had an affair with the two women and also got funds from Mutthappa Rai. Padmapriya knew this. Now whay did she commit suicide. She could have gone to the press. Especially TV 9. Me thinks it was Murder.

  57. suri Says:

    The most simple explanation is that PP was younger by 7/8 years and must have felt that RB was ageing and hence not paying too much attention to her.After siring 2 kids politics was the priority for RB. She must have been feeling lonely and the entry of ATUL must have dared her to take some foolish and childish decisions.Coming from a small place she must have wanted to enjoy life to the maximum.She was no saint and her act of deserting her 2 Sons for the sake of some Physical relationship proves it.
    Unfortunate that even after a new get up with short hair and new style statements she was tracked and having been exposed and considering the humiliating Press Coverage she had no choice but to DIE.

  58. surekha Says:

    PP is gone,her kids are orphaned,MR Bhat will marry again…life will go on,would a mother of two little kids commit suicide???

  59. arunkumarp Says:

    Why are people blaming TV9 they are just doing their regular job.I think its a murder and since Acharya is a relative of Raghupati Bhatta they are trying to close the case.

    Raghupati Bhatta and his brothers are misleading the media with their crocodile tears.

  60. sumkirla in english Says:


    Yes you are cent percent right.Raghupathi is a innocent.he looks so innocent.He cant have done anything wrong at all.

  61. ks Says:

    >>She was no saint and her act of deserting her 2 Sons for the sake of some Physical relationship proves it.

    @suri, Did she call you before suicide and tell you this? what physical relationship are you talking about? Apparently she is very close to kids and she wouldn’t go away leaving kids anywhere. She probably wanted to settle down in Delhi before taking kids so that their education wont get affected. Please for god’s sake ,don’t act like a TV9 reporter

  62. bengalurumanja Says:

    1. Narco-analysis tets & TRUTH tets are to be carried out on Raghupathi Bhat,VS Acharya & Atul . Then only the real things will come out.

    2. Why Vijaya karnataka on 17-6-2008 mentioned that since Mr.Bhat is troubled by Over publicity they are down playing the matters. Would they have done the same if a Gowda or Reddy was involved instead of a Bhat.

  63. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Bengaluuru manja navare
    The question you have raised is good!

    I think there are many downplaying games going on here!!

    If a Gowda or Reddy involved in such a incident, these bloggers would have blown it out of proportions!!

    It is a clear indication what forces at play behind blogging.

    Please stop assasinating character of a woman like this.

  64. Chintaka Says:

    Just another wild theory to add to the already circulating wild theories in this forum!!!!

    PP got bored with the marriage.

    PP got bored with her husband.

    PP got bored with the melancholy of daily life.

    PP wanted to break free.

    PP wanted to work in a call center to enable her to break free.

    PP left home with the help of her friend Atul.

    PP was traced and so Acharya said boldly that things would be back to normal in a short time.

    PP feared that upon returning she would face social stigma.

    PP had no moral courage to face her children after the way she ran away from home.

    PP knew that police and her family would be at her doorstep sooner rather than later.

    PP committed suicide.

  65. mayura Says:

    What happens to the those innocent kids now. They will have to live with the stigma of this incident through out their lives for no fault of theirs. If by chance Bhat marries again which most likely he will, they also have to endure the step mother. Pathetic, I really feel sorry for those kids, the parents be damned.

  66. Darshan Says:

    Not even 1 month since the BJP came to power it seems these so called BUDDHIJEEVIGALU community are trying to cover up a murder done in filmi style.Hats off.Still there is more to come.

  67. bakedgrainappa Says:

    @Suri what you have said reveals your dirty mind. what you do is not analysis but cheap gossip. Stop it and wait for truth to come out

  68. krishna Says:

    The truth will never come out as an MLA’s reputation is at stake.They will not do much with atul except give him a stern warning that he is on watch and any more indiscretion he will have to face with some or the other unfortunate accident. There is more slime than can be revealed here.

  69. suri Says:

    Inspite of the overwhelming evidence which points to suicide , i saw several guests here stating that she was murdered and the hat and Acharya are withholding information.

    The morons who make these statements have an axe to grind against the bjp and hence came up with some really stupid and silly theories.None of them have been backed by any evidence.

    Not that i support all that the BJP does but this is a bit going too far.

    On the other hand initial media reports have clearly mentioned that ATUL had admitted to a physical relationship with PP.Their botched up car abadoning plan , the visit to delhi by flight , Flat lease , cell phone booking , car bought , entry in security register all proves that BOTH of them tried to hoodwink the respective families.

    No one can deny all these matters.Why she comitted suicide can be debated but to say that some one murdered her is like saying RG killed IG.
    So guys grow up and accept the reality.No point in beating around the bush and being in self denial mode.

  70. Anonymous Guy Says:


    “So guys grow up and accept the reality.No point in beating around the bush and being in self denial mode.”

    Your dirty version of reality? :)

  71. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    These postings are definitely not in any good taste.

    Are you great friends of the late Padma Priya or her MLA husband ?

    Do you have access to her family or her people?

    I think it is a shame to assasinate her character like this.

    It is(was) her life. She had everyright how she should have lead her life.

    You should be discussing how the media or the political party is handled (handling) the issue than trying to say who is innocent or who is guilty.

  72. ks Says:

    “On the other hand initial media reports have clearly mentioned that ATUL had admitted to a physical relationship with PP.”

    What are those reports? please justify.. or don’t let your dirty fantasies run wild :)

  73. suri Says:

    iam not referring to the trash that TV9 or Churmuri dishes out frequently.The 20 questions are all crap with the intent to malign and raise the stakes in a case of suicide.It would be appropriate if you could ask for justification from the person who has asked these 20 questions .

    We are all grown up and there is no need to hide things under the carpet.we have seen a would be 3 rd rate actress sleeping with many men for a role in bollywood and eventually murdering a person..Be it BSY with SK or HDK with Radhika or PP with AR at the end of the day we are not fantasising.It is the reality which so many of you refuse to acknowledge.

  74. Suchitra Says:

    I know personally Padmapriya… She was my sister’s schoolmate at Mulki.Came many times to my house and attended my sisters marriage.Very sincere,simple ,god fearing akka…..Very ordinary didn’t change much even after marrying Mr:Bhat. Don’t spread rumours against her….She is very straight forward and honest. Atul was a family friend never had any illegal relation ship with him…..Anyway politicians know how to act ,unfortunately she didn’t become a politician .Paid a big price for that.

  75. bengalurumanja Says:

    Suri avarae,

    I am not telling its murder in the exact literally sence.its a suicide Ok but who drove her to that ! is it Rbhat,Atul or the Acharya or the BJP let us find out.How about truth test on all these men.at least let us know what they are covering up .

  76. Raghavendra Puthraya Says:

    I feel the whole story is created by Mr. Raghupathi Bhat and Dr. V S Acharya. I am very sad to know that stupid Dr. Acharya is (so called HOME MINISTER) is from beautiful place like UDUPI.

  77. harkol Says:

    Well, now it seems Raghupati Bhat has been caught with his pants down. In coastal belt it is popularly known that this guy had ‘loose pajamas’, and that is what drove his wife to depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Atul sympathized with the woman, and helped her escape to a place where she could live peacefully, instead of succumbing to depression. VS Acharya, Police, TV9 and Mr Bhat ensured she was tracked down, and pushed to commit suicide!

    Atul, for his good Samaritan work done with honest intention – was harassed, punished and made to suffer for years. He now lives a low profile life near a temple in Mangalore with his family, still fighting the cases foisted by these two UDUPI MLA duo. Acharya is no more, otherwise perhaps he’d have thought up ways to save Raghupati Bhat from this scandal too!!

    Such is the state of our politics.

  78. Nastika Says:

    Well, epilogue is being written in this unfortunate story of Padmapriya:

    1) The lady was fed up with her husband’s ‘loose pant’ activities and also probably sensed a sinister plot against her (why part is still unknown).
    2) For the part played by Acharya, he paid dearly with the most painful of deaths (heart attack).
    3) The lady’s curse is still on the loose pant. No God will save him. His beginning of end has started. He will suffer for many years and will die a painful death (like Mohan of Raktha Kanneeru).

    PS 1: Check my comments above in the year 2008.
    PS 2: Where are loose pant Bhat’s cheddies like suri, Chintaka et al now?


  79. harkol Says:

    Nastika: Are you sure you are one? ;)

    Seriously- Sudden death from Heart Attack is one of the most painless ways one can die. Typically, such a heart attack will only give pain for a few seconds, before the subject passes out. The more horrible ways to die would be to get cancer and be eaten up slowly. Believe me I have seen both from close quarters.

    I don’t believe in divine retribution, so I don’t think VS acharya paid for what he did. He was old and died.

    But, in case of Mr. Bhat, he is certainly paying for his ‘kacche haruka’ mentality. That lady deserved much better things in life than a ‘Ayogya’ husband.

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