From their own correspondent: the inside story

G.N. MOHAN forwards a picture of a Lakshmamma, an agricultural labourer from Andhra Pradesh, doing to three journalism students of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Bangalore on Tuesday what they will eventually do later in their careers to everybody else.

The woman and four of her colleagues from the community media trust of Deccan Development Society of Andhra Pradesh have been handling cameras and creating documentaries of how their lives have changed since globalisation, and have created some 35 of them so far.

The documentaries have been screend in Peru, London, Philippines, Kenya, Germany, Mali and Indonesia to rave notices.

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6 Responses to “From their own correspondent: the inside story”

  1. Gouri Satya Says:

    DDS, NGO of Andhra Pradesh, is doing excellent work in empowering women and creating awareness on issues like impact of globalisation, genetic seeds etc. Its efforts need to be more made known to the public.

  2. Tarlemaga Says:

    Andhra Pradesh is also the place were Dowry is not Sin, but a business deal.

    Crores are sought as Dowry at the time of marriage. For NRI’s ticket to freedom is dowry.

    Women are treated like cattle.

  3. Uma Chandru Says:


    Thanks for sharing this and helping build greater awareness of the empowerment of these fabulous women video film makers from Medak District who have been able to voice their own individual and community member’s concerns, facilitate power reversals in their communities to others in India and other parts of the world and also influence local, AP’s government and global policy in the food sovereignity arena.

    Their powerful messages to those in urban media as well as to other grasroot NGO constituencies on Wednesday was exhibited not only through their films (btw- the voice over in some of their films, which was reminiscent of Doordarshan style needs changing) , but also by their conversations and even by their very body language. Like many, I was personally impressed by the confidence they exuded and knowledge they had of not just film making (one woman was even focusing her camera on the furious notes I was making during the presentations), but also their deep engagement with their own traditional knowledge systems and cultural and other rights as well as being conversant with local and global politics.

  4. N Says:

    But surely, this is a plot right? How can globalization do any good to anybody? I am sure they have been paid to say the right things. Naxalites and leftists are the only hope for progress in this country. See china?

  5. Subbulakshmi Says:

    hey stupid N, they talk about the ill effects of globalisation. not about doing good. they are also not saying anything. they are just making some films besides living their lives. its you who is talking through your whatever. a true naxalite or leftist would not talk like you.

  6. Madhu Rao Says:

    Kudos to these women.

    The fact that dowry is rampant and women are treated as pawns of a marriage deal is more the reason to applaud these women ? If an ‘agricultural labourer’ can teach herself a new trade, excel at that and express the plight of her ilk, it is heartening. Karnataka, Bihar or Andhra and it’s ills should not eclipse/diminish the positives in the story..

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