‘Home’ is where the chief minister’s heart is

A photograph may convey a thousand words, but a cartoon conveys a few thousand more. With Karnataka home minister V.S. Acharya caught on the wrong foot twice within a fortnight, once on the Haveri firing incident and then on the Padmapriya suicide, Praja Vani linesman P. Mahmud hits where it hurts most.

Cartoon: courtesy P. Mahmud/ Praja Vani

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26 Responses to “‘Home’ is where the chief minister’s heart is”

  1. cynicprasanna Says:

    Cartoonist name is Mahmud .Good

  2. Shrinidhi Hande Says:

    Let us see if this cartoon gets reflected in VS Achar’s blog tomorrow (http://drvsacharya.blogspot.com/)

  3. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Excellent cartoon.

    It is a sad reflection of how we have been systematically brainwashed that the pseudo-cynics amongst us are only equipped to look at the name of the cartoonist and arrive at their own conclusions, as if the home minister has no need to provide answers for his cock-ups in the fortnight gone by.

    I was on the road from Bangalore to Mysore last week and was astonished to find Shobha Karandlaje’s toothy grin staring out from posters at every village and town, in Kengeri, Bidadi, Chennapatna, Ramanagaram, Maddur, Mandya…. For holding some insignificant portfolio?

    The way a first-time MLA is being projected by the rank and file of the BJP, it is clear that the party’s protestations of sycophancy against the Congress are as bogus as everything else it does and says. And the ordinary BJP worker knows which side of Yediyurappa’s bread is to be buttered “to get things done”.

    As the saying goes, behind every successful man, there is a woman, but she needn’t be your wife.

  4. cynicprasanna Says:

    Spare us your holier than thou attitude and manufactured moral outrage that manifests in all your retorts

    A Cartoonist from a commie ragtag who flippantly trivialises a serious agraraian crisis that took a poor farmer’s life(fertliser issue is fallout of systemic delivery mechanism failure ) by linking it with alleged bedroom preferences of the CM deserves utter contempt.

  5. vmanava Says:

    Whats with few people? Can’t take a joke? Punishment is, let them to be born as Sardar (if male) or a Blonde (if female) in their next life :)

  6. subbulakshmi Says:


    ..and what did you mean by your first post? eh? typical.. typical…

  7. D P SATISH Says:

    Great cortoon. Mahmud is the best.

    UNRELATED LINK – Raibhag BJP MLA’s name is Dhuryodhana! Kagawad MLA’s name is B G Kage! Heard that both are good people.

  8. Narayana Says:

    super cartoon.. A picture here is worth two thousand words.. with another innuendo!!!

  9. Aatmasakshi Says:

    @ cynicprasanna

    Since your advertised cynicism prevents you from absorbing anything that doesn’t meet your expectations without labelling it as “commie”, permit me to inform you that there are several words in the English dictionary for “cheddiots” like you. Feel free to choose one that fits you best.

  10. Vakrachatri Says:

    True to their ‘secular’ leanings Prajavani and Mohammed have published this cartoon. Why did they not publish such cartoons when sa-majaavadi Bangarappa was ruling this state. Remember, during his esteemed tenure Kaveri riots happened.

  11. Vakrachatri Says:

    The whole world knows who instigated ‘Haveri’ incident. The frustrated and corrupt Congress and JD(S) are ‘Hand’ in glove in creating unrest in the state.

  12. 3pinjoint Says:

    Great cartoon. Mahmud is one of the best around.

    Cynicprasana, why are you trying to defend Yeddiyurappas sex life. Its his choice to do it with who he wants. And it is our choice when we choose to laugh about him being controlled by her. :)

  13. Bangalore Boy Says:

    Nice n funny cartoon…

    interesting facts ;)

  14. ray Says:

    ha ha churumuri is chormuri just like its boss congress.Now it is doing its job of an opposition and when congress was ruling chormuri had no problem with all the millions of scandals and corruption scams.Chormuri got a commission.

  15. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:


    If someone questions somebody I like, he must belong to the other side. And if someone publishes something that I don’t like, he has probably been paid by the other side to do it. Such imbecilic, George Bush-ian logic that it boggles the mind.

    No one wants to debate V.S. Acharya’s “performance” in the first fortnight of “good governance” and whether he is fit to occupy the post. No one wants to debate Shobha Karandlaje’s barely concealed ambitions. But we will debate the cartoonist’s religion, his paper’s ideological moorings, and churumuri’s motivations in reprinting it.

    The BJP government which has been in power for barely a fortnight has taken out a full-page advertisement in today’s ‘Hindu’ with seven—yes 7—pictures of Yeddyurappa. And it has taken out a four-page supplement in today’s ‘New Indian Express’.

    For a party which was always so self-righteous about the Congress wasting tax-payer’s money, what do these expensive ads say? At least the Congress buffoons wait for a year or some birthday or occasion, but Yeddyurappa & Co can’t even wait for the vaikunta samaradhane of the dead farmer or the dead housewife before advertising their greatness.

  16. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Sooper cartoon. Mahmud is the boss!

  17. Cynicprasanna's alter ego Says:

    All that cynicprasanna noted was that another person named mahmud was as good a humorist as the original mahmud of Hindi cinema.

    With this understanding, all those who questioned CP’s intentions, and trashed every BJP supporter, go eat humble pie and apologize.

  18. Aatmasakshi Says:

    @ cynicprasanna’s alter ego

    I suppose that since all cheddiots think alike, it is easy to read one another and help stub out the ants in each other’s half-pants. Now that you have firmly established your skills as a professional mind-reader, we now eagerly await your clear-eyed exposition on “commies” and “ragtags” for our “understanding” and the inference on “bed-room preferences”.

  19. karihaida Says:

    All anti-BJP folks are only interested in what Yeddi is doing with Shobha, who in BJP is sleeping with whom.. while your secular kaangi gov’t is throwing the country to dogs.. today inflation is at 11% and will only go up, growth rate is going to fall to sub 7%.. 7 years of absolute growth is about to wiped out.

  20. srivatsa Says:

    yeddy bidda shobhana sheragige…anyways i found this good posting about the sad state of affairs in bangalore…yeddy if u get bangalore to become like old then even though i had decided i will never vote for bjp i will vote for it…

    illi channagi barididdare namma bengaluru haalagi irodanna…i feel so nostalgic about the old lost bangalore

  21. SumneNeeve Says:


    Neevi cheddi hakolalvaa? Baree lungi athava pant dharisi oddatheera?

  22. Vakrachatri Says:

    Why did not Mohammed chose Kumaraswamy, Radhika, DKShi, Tejaswini Gowda etc. for his ‘superb’ cartoons so far in Prajavani? I bet he would not do so, true to his ‘secular’ stand!!

  23. Vakrachatri Says:

    >>> Prashant Krishnamurthy >>>>>>>>>>>>

    I know you would have been happier soul if Sonia Gandhi’s picture is accompanied in all the Congress ruled state government’s advertisements. It is good to give freedom from security check for the son-in-law of India a.k.a. Sonia Gandhi. You would exonerate the ill- treatment towards former prime minister of India repeatedly by Sonia Gandhi’s gate keepers, for the sake of saving ‘secularism’. And of course Afzal Guru should be decorated with state honours to safeguard the minority votes. Your own Kumaraswamy offered government doctor’s position to the terror-suspect of Heathrow bombings. He securely protected Karunanidhi’s daughter’s house, though no untoward incident took place. The people of Karnataka are fed up with this high drama called ‘secularism’. Let thousands of Mohammeds draw millions of such cartoons. No harm done.

  24. CynicPrasanna's alter ego Says:

    Aatmasakshi – What surprises me is that no one thought of any good intentions when CynicPrasanna came up with his Mahmud name comment. Because what I said about Hindi comedian Mahmud was what first stuck my mind, honestly.

    My BJP supporting credentials or otherwise aside, this whole debate here shows how closed minded we all are in interpreting a simple comment. So, let us first accept that most of us are bigoted, conceited, biased and completely “illiberal” in analysing things.

    I am sorry to disappoint you by not providing the much awaited . I think there are enough in this thread as well as in others – if only you open up your “liberal mind”.

  25. Aatmasakshi Says:

    @cynicprasanna’s alter ego


    “What surprises me is that no one thought of any good intentions when CynicPrasanna came up with his Mahmud name comment.”

    What surprises me even more is that CynicPrasanna could not accept or reject the humour in the cartoon in a newspaper he may or may not like, by a man belonging to a community he may or may not like, reproduced on a website he may or may not like, without labelling and slapping stereotypes to the newspaper, the cartoonist, or a fellow-commentator.

    Therefore, who is “bigoted, conceited, biased and completely ‘illiberal’ in analysing things” is all very obvious.

    End of story.


    In my opinion Dr.V S Acharya is senior most to one and all to the BJP and the cartoon should hurt every one who loves Dr.Acharya. Since the ‘Janasangha’ a political party of RSSS Dr.Acharya’s presence is common at every aspects like meetings, conferences and even a little functions organized by Janasangha & BJP in south kanara. However political rivals could do anything, just like Dr.Acharya faced this critical situation in his own home time., hence this is not a joke but really is a SIGNAL OF WARNING to each one about RIVAL is near to us !

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