‘Imperialism is knocking on India’s doors again’

Amitav Ghosh, author of the newly released Sea of Poppies, in an interview with Amrita Tripathi of CNN-IBN:

“The age of imperialism is not over. It’s actually now starting all over again. It’s really starting in earnest. Just yesterday, we saw the American army attacking the Pakistan army on the borders of Pakistan. I think recolonisation is a real prospect for Pakistan. The age of imperalism is not only not over, it is knocking on our doors again.

“During the Iraq war, during the George W. Bush presidency, we saw imperial historians literally saying ‘We want Empire back’.

“It’s important for us, people who have our histories, who lived through histories, to stand up and say no, this is what your history did, what you are thinking about your history is a myth. We Indians, as writers and intellectuals, we do have a large presence. In this debate, we were able to anything at all; we were completely ineffective.”

View the video: Reading between the lines

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12 Responses to “‘Imperialism is knocking on India’s doors again’”

  1. Murali Says:

    Imperialism is knocking Pakistan’s doors, not India’s. Dont you know that it has been 61 years since the partition.

  2. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    America has already colonised Iraq and Afghanistan. Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and host of middle east countries are already in its pocket. Its next target is India. It has already sapping Indians’ energy in the garb of BPOs, MNCs, SEZs etc. etc. The era of slavery too has arrived back. In the past, they transported ships full of slaves to their land. Now they extract work from them sitting in their own land. That is the difference.

  3. N Says:

    Amitav Ghosh is staring down the wrong side of the barrel. If any recolonization will happen, it will happen with Eurabia…

  4. SumneNeeve Says:

    LOL, at the thought of America re-colonizing Pakistan.

    Let me explain this a little further. (Apologies for being indecent) Suppose I go to a brothel to get service X and Y. I would obviously pay for them, of course. Now I go to the same brothel again and again. At some point, I perceive I dont get service and I slap the employee of the brothel. Can such an act be called as “colonization”.

    Lets face it gentleman and ladies, Pakistan and US share a similar relationship. The Taliban were found to have captured American chopper engines and were suspected of handing the same to Chinese (through the Pakistan ISI). America decided to slap Pakistanis.

    Where is the coloniaztion here?

  5. Shravan Says:

    Where does the “proposed” Indo-US nuclear deal sit in this new Avatar of Imperialism and Colonisation?

  6. Alok Says:

    I smell the taint of “Commie” all over this interview.

    In any case, the ghosts of Curzon, Lord Kitchener and Rudyard Kipling are probably falling over each other laughing over America’s childish attempts at “empire”.

    The American military of today is many many times more powerful than the British Army pre-World War I, but is running around in circles trying to “pacify” Iraq, and getting humiliated by North Korea’s and Iran’s sabre rattling.

    If the British empire had had nuclear weapons in its heyday, large areas of the world today would be nothing but glass.

  7. MM Says:

    Between US imperialism and Islamofascism,give me the former anytime,anyday..

  8. Kashyap Says:

    T Azeez Luthfullah,

    Is bashing USA a kind of fad? I am not supportingthem either. Speaking about BPO, IT and BT, it is not slavery. Nobody is forcing you :).

    Also do you think indian polticians are any better than US of A?

  9. Poli Kitty Says:

    @ T Azeez Luthfullah,

    I would it is better to work in IT ,BT ,BPO … companies rather than wasting time in Somberi Katte.

    In 1980… Unemplolyment was the biggest problem of India.

    I graduated just after indan economy opened. In our time getting “A JOB” was biggest thing. Today a guy/gal in 6th sem will have 3-4 offers.

    It is not that I am neglecting or unaware of the -ve side of these things.
    Yet we have to leave with it.
    If your kith and kin gets and offer letter from MNC what will you suggest them ?

  10. raiko Says:

    hmmm ok ok article

  11. gaddeswarup Says:

    Shri Alok’s statement above about American military power not being able to ‘pacify’ Iraq may be an indication of some of the changes from the old days. Though there is still a lot of injustice both global and local, I wonder whether there is an overall shift of the balance in favour of weaker countries and sections. Though there is much truth in what people like Ghosh, Arundhati Roy, P.Sainath say, I feel that they may be presenting a somewhat lopsided view of the world. I may be completely wrong.

  12. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Read too much war nerd?

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