CHURUMURI POLL: Are MLAs deceiving voters?

The decision of four newly elected MLAs, two each of the Congress and Janata Dal (Secular), to resign from the Karnataka Lesiglative Assembly and join the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party with the intention of contesting and winning from their constituencies once again, exposes the inadequacies of the first-past-the-post system. In theory, the MLAs are well entitled to quit, trotting out any reason they wish. In this case, they seem to uniformally believe that the development of their constituencies was not likely with their parties in the opposition.

The resignations are designed to sidestep the anti-defection law, on the one hand, and the opprobrium of power-mongering that usually accompanies defection, on the other, while giving the BJP government a semblance of greater stability. But they raise fundamental questions. One, is being part of the ruling dispensation the only hope for legislators and their constituencies? Two, can a legislator come to the conclusion inside 45 days of 5-year, 1825-day tenture that his constituency is not going to be well-served if he sits on the opposition benches?

Questions: Is it right of the MLAs to quit so early? Is their reason valid? Or have the constituents who had plumped for these candidates been tricked? Is the BJP right in admitting these MLAs for whatever reason or requirement? Or is a stable government more important? Should the parties be made to pay for fresh elections at such breakneck speed? And, at this rate, hypothetically speaking, if all opposition MLAs decide to join the ruling party, are we headed for one-party rule?

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80 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Are MLAs deceiving voters?”

  1. Andy Says:

    The MLAs have no moral right to quit their seats. Its sad and a sham. The MLAs have insulted their electorate by choosing to quit have absolutely no right to impose another ( unwarranted) election at public cost

    People are not fools and can see through the games played by these MLAs and reasons of their quitting.

    I really hope the people will reject these ” leaders” and teach these MLAs and BJP a fitting lesson

  2. manju Says:

    1.there is law in criminal cases to file cases against the instigators.Here in this instigators are also to be penalised by Citizens/voters.

    2.I had voted for a BJP in election of may 10 2008. If BJP is no different from other parties why should I vote for BJP.They are no more virtuious than other parties.

    3. Onus is on people to reject the latest 2008 deefctors.

  3. Yella Ok Says:

    The answers are obvious. Aren’t they?

    As long as we have political parties that were pre-poll enemies who will become post-poll friends, we will have this kind of situation.

    “Yatha party leadership, thatha MLAs”.

  4. D P SATISH Says:

    All of them should be defeated in the next election. None of them deserve a second term.

  5. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    These MLAs should be levied non-refundable fee(five times the value of the normal deposit) instead of deposit for contesting the election!

    BJP is clever, all it needs is 5 seats.

    Siddaramaiah and GTD getting together again! :O

    Mysore will see more “development”! :(

  6. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    Since these guys are joining the ruling party they should be allowed to contest and should win as it will only strengthen the ruling party..

  7. Chet Says:

    MLAs are not definitely not deceiving the voters. Voters get a chance to re-elect them or elect someone else.

    It seems Cong was slow in trying to get the 6 independents. Perhaps having too many leaders is affecting their decision making process?

    The question is why BJP alone should practice ‘moral’ politics and be at a disadvantage? They have seen how partisan Governors are. Right from Ramakrishna Hegde in 1983, other parties have taken BJP’s support to come to power, but then blamed them ‘communal’ afterwards. Mayawati ditched them 3 times in UP and JD(S) ditched them in Karnataka.

    BJP is now showing that they too can practice machiavellian (in kannada ‘kutila neethi’ ) politics.

  8. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    There is nothing wrong with these four MLAs. It is the problem with us the vaoter. If there is any value based politics, it should be practised by the voters. All the time we point out the inadequacy of our political leaders as if they are from a different planet or a country.

    Ours may be a flawed democracy. Still it is a functioning democracy and we have the power to throw them with our votes. How many of us practise our rights?

    I agree with those who have suggested that we need to defeat all of them. But how? Who is going to bell the cats?

  9. Doddi Buddi Says:

    I am happy BJP has lured these MLAs and it is up to the voters now:) This will keep the likes of Dirty Devegowda and his sons busy during the reelection. Sure I feel very sad for JD (S)! How can any MLA leave the divinely led party of Dirty Devegowda?

    The grapevine I hear is that JD (s) and Kangress were ready with their plot of winning the six independents and seizing power. Only BJP played ‘dirty’ and beat them to it.

  10. Shravan Says:

    I would say that the resignation of the MLAs is welcome. At least it ensures that the person who is not ‘interested’ does not continue in the office any more. But it is a pity that the by-election which has to be held would be such a waste. Sometimes I feel that in the quota-age there would be nothing wrong in having some quota for the Independents.

  11. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Is churumuri going soft on BJP or what?

    Sure, the MLAs who are quitting their parties and joining the BJP are deceiving the voters. But it is the BJP which is deceiving democracy even more with its brazen desire to stay in power come hell or highwater or both. The “party with a difference” which grand-stands about its ethics and principles has mounted a naked assault on democracy and is mocking all those who voted for other parties by wooing their chosen representatives away.

    Unheard-of sums of unaccounted money and blandishments have been dangled in front of MLAs. The speaker of the assembly actually has the temerity to go to a minister’s house where the MLAs are lodged to receive their resignation letters rather than having them come over to his chambers to hand in their letters. And all that a bankrupt media seems to be able to do is to salute these machinations in a backhanded manner?

    Already, three members of the Reddy family, Sriramulu included, have a place in the Yediyurappa team. The six independents who were wooed earleir too owe their allegiance (and their bank balances) to the miners. With the gang of four also being lured into the fold on the loot from Bellary, the writing is on the wall for the chief minister. Later if not sooner.

    If the Congress and JDS were planning something likewise, it shows their bankruptcy too, but what about the BJP’s?

  12. cynicprasanna Says:

    This was a practice pioneered in Goa by honorable Digaambar Kamat when he became ‘secular’ by defecting overnite to Congress from BJP.Today he is firmly ensconed as CM as reward for his somersaults

    And this practice was perfected by Honorable Ex-CM Narayan Rane and his 12 camp followers when they too magically transformed themselves overnite as secularists- by ditching Shiv Sena and joining the ‘secular’ Congress. Rane was long the focus of spirited campaign by Padma Shri Teesta ,Javed and rest of the gang that calls itself Communalism combat .Last heard that Congress High Command was nearly persuaded to make him the CM of the Congress/NCP government.Not much is known about Teesta’s campaign once Rane secularised himself

    And let me add there is nothing morally/politically/constitutionally wrong in the action of Kamat/Rane..And also of these 4 MLA’S.They faced/will face their electorate to get their decision endorsed .Couple of MLA’s who defected with Rane were defeated in the ensuing byelections.So let the voters decide in all their wisdom-like in 2004 when millions of masses were supposed to have expressed their anger by voting against the phoney India Shining campaign

    Stop this manufactured outrage.

  13. Alok Says:

    I would much like to be in a constituency where elections take place every 6 months or so.

    More free goodies….

    Look at it this way, at least some of the Reddys’ ill gotten wealth is going to the public..

    … and in a lot more efficient manner than the NREGA too

  14. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Oh please wait let me reach for my HMT (Hegal-Mel-Towel). I did not see you outraged by the antics of Dirty Devegowda earlier?:) or even by the ethics practiced by Kangress?

    So the Party with a difference has buried its ‘differences’ so that it can be counted just the same as another party! So is BJP ‘secular’ enough now?:)

  15. Aatmasakshi Says:


    “So let the voters decide in all their wisdom-like in 2004 when millions of masses WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE expressed their anger by voting against the phoney India Shining campaign”?

    trust you are referring to your own “manufactured outrage”.

  16. sumkirla iin english Says:

    Some of the arguments here are like,”They eat shit,so its no wrong for us to eat shit”

  17. Doddi Buddi Says:


    A nice observation! Now critics like SoulTruth are finding it difficult to navigate these secular waters because there are no ‘fundamentalist’ rocks any more! It is all secular and it is all good and it is all shiny and corrupt!

  18. Nitin Says:

    Enact a law which enforces the MLA resigning to pay up all costs incurred to hold the election he won plus the cost for the new election to be held plus return all expenses incurred as perks with interest and also add a hefty penalty.

  19. sumkirla iin english Says:

    Doddi Buddi,

    Atleast Devegowda did not cry for what happened now.He did not try running behind lingayat matadhipathis to help him out of this situation like yeddi did.

    Gowdru Gowdre.GanDedheya Gowdru yelli aLLumaare Yeddi yelli.

  20. Anonymous Guy Says:

    We should have elections every six months.

  21. Prathima Says:

    One thing is becoming clear…There is no difference between political parties. I am one of those ignorant voter who expected more from BJP and casted my vote to them in 2004 and 2008.They are doing absolutely the same thing Congress might have done….In fact BJP is owned by Reddy brothers and Sri ramulus. Very disappointing!!!

  22. sumkirla in english Says:

    Can moderators explain why my post was not allowed?Simply because it showed some harsh truth?

    If the usage of word lingayat is a problem,then any usage of word gowda is also not allowable.

    Moderator maDtha iddhira,nispakshavagi maaDi.

  23. sumkirla in english Says:

    Doddi budhi,

    Atleast Devegowda did not cry for what has happened now.He did not run behind Lingayat maataadhi patis to help him.

    gowdru gowdRe. ganDheya gowdru yelli aLumaare yeddi yelli.

  24. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Just Like That!

    Like you correctly observed Gowda maneyli Yeddi CM chairnalli:)

    I can understand your pain!

  25. Bangalore Boy Says:

    I like it, there is nothing wrong with these MLAs :)
    This is payback time for Con-gress and JDS!!

  26. Vakrachatri Says:

    @Sumkirla, the Devegowda Fan,

    Can you please elucidate us on the ethics of Devegowda. Few days back he was having a Tea Party with Left. For the Rajyasabha and Vidhana Parishat, he had an alliance with Congress. Till few months back, he (through Kumaraswamy) had an alliance with BJP. He is the root cause for all the ill-will inherited by Karnataka. We are all ashamed to have him with us as Former Prime Minister, as he is ashamed of being born in Karnataka. Let his wish fulfill to be born as a Muslim, not in India, in Taliban!

  27. sumkirla in english Says:

    Bangalore Boy,

    yes you are right.

  28. Poli Hudga Says:

    Interesting to see what BJP does after these chumps lose in re-election ? What happens if Independents withdraw support to government now ? Devegowda was very cheerful on TV today, must be happy to see BJP goverment which is trying very hard to fall on its own ?

    Cheddyurappa … Cheddyurappa,
    yenappa ninna grahacharane chennagilvelappa,
    Immediately contact Jyothishi Somyajappa !

  29. jeevarathna Says:

    Our Election Rules allow a candidate to stand for election from more than one seat. This is happening for along long time and even many great stalwarts have resorted to this vice. The most recent one was Sonia Gandhi from Belllary ! Even this method also imposes unwanted elections and waste of tax payers money. Similar has been the method adopted by people like Nijalingappa and Devraj Urs while occupying the CM’s post. The made a incumbent MLA resign to facilitate their elections within 6 months to the Legislature. Last year Siddaramiah enacted the debut act of the current drama by resigning from JDS and getting elected as a Congress MLA. So what is new ? Why this cynicism. If you read todays SOM, Anil Lad is at it also ! Take the case Anil LAd istelf, he was a BJP MLA but acted as HDK’s side kick and now stood as Congress candidate but lost !id That deter him or Congress from kicking him upstairs to Rajya Sabha ! Why blame BJP for not practicing value based politics ? Gandhigiri no longer works in politics. It is survival of the fittest and you have no choice to play the game according the Rules set by your opponents. As otherwise they will have to wail as they did after 20 months of HDK’s Radhika parinaya ala Anil Lad !

  30. kaangeya Says:

    There is nothing wrong with the MLAs resigning and running again for their respective seats. The anti-defection acts are meant to outlaw defections, not re-election. When the MLA changes the terms of his contract with his constituents, mainly the party affiliation,he has every right to run again for office on a different ticket. The BJP should work with the long term goal of marginalising and rendering the Congress ineffective in Karnataka, while taking over the entire spectrum of the Hindu space. For too long the communal Congress has played the fool in Karnatak by pitting the Hindu communities against each other – Lingayat vs. Gowda, as it has in AP by pitting the Kammas vs. Reddys. Ideally all Indians must come together irrespective of any communal affiliation. But minorityism is such a powerful gambit as the Congress and its “secular” al-lies have perfected the art of splitting the Hindu vote. That gambit has been rendered ineffective in Gujarat, and we will see if it has been in Rajasthan (Gujjar vs. Meena manufactured unrest notwithstanding). Some day we may grow up and reject all communal affiliation. Until then at least let the Hindu constituency give up all sectarian affiliation and vote in the national interest.

  31. Doddi Buddi Says:

    In Praise of Dr. Ramesh I have decided to revive Gramayana, the fastest spreading ‘quiz sensation’ in Karnataka!

    Grama Gobbara—creation of urea rich (rasa gobbara) soil created by the likes of Kumaranna and his troopers after a valiant night stay in a suitable hamlet!

    JD (S) = Jathi Dala Sanghataney

  32. ray Says:

    Bjp MLA’s r not deceitful.They arae asking the voters to either defaet them or vote for stability which many voters want.It was the congress-jds power grab after congress rejection 2004 that was a betrayal.No outrage from seculars at that time.

  33. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yaarappa ee hosa spam-raja rayray?

  34. Avva Madesa Says:

    Its seems mind boggling to see loser Sidda flirting with the bjp. This is a man who called bjp all kinda of names, launched virulent tirade against them and compared them with nazis and now he wants to join the same party. tippe mele kaasu esedru naalige etkolo jana.. chee

  35. ramu Says:

    On one-hand at micro-level, this resignation and re-election is not a right thing to do. But at macro-level, this is the best thing for Karnataka. Because, if this was not done, Gowda+Karrrrge (DiKeShi or whoever it is) would have succeeded in getting independents and forming government. So, that is much more shameful act and also very dangerous for Karnataka.

    – Every day, Kaangress guys shouting that Independents will ditch BJP and govt. will fall in few days/weeks/months. Is it right? What is the motive?
    — Gobra politics – Is it right on Kaangress+JDS to instigate violence in the name of Raitharu? What has been done so far is known to all
    — Governance – Has the BJP sent reasonable message so far or not? If the governance goes the way it is started now, is it better than earlier situation or not? Quick objective analysis will reveal this.

    Some More —
    –Chanikya – “Dont be too honest”
    — Ethical? – Shrirama killing Vaali hiding behind and Arjuna killing Karna

    CONSIDERING ALL THE ABOVE, What BJP is doing is FOR SURE RIGHT. We should not get lost in the name of democracy, ******ism etc. and lose the sight of LARGER-GOOD-FOR-KARNATAKA/SOCIETY/

  36. soumya Says:

    It is not right for the MLAs to quit/defect so early? Don’t they have any principles?It must be so traumatic for the officials to conduct re- elections. I think there must be some sort of a contract wherein an elected representative cannot resign from his party until he completes his term.

  37. soumya Says:

    It is not right for the MLAs to quit/defect so early. Don’t they have any principles?It must be so traumatic for the officials to conduct re- elections. I think there must be some sort of a contract wherein an elected representative cannot resign from his party until he completes his term.

  38. Curry Hurry Says:

    >>so traumatic for the officials

    Won’t be anymore traumatic than it is now.

    >>representative cannot resign from his party until he completes his term.

    Are we back to bonded labour ? And what happens to the time honoured tradition of “Netas” running for election from backup constituencies and then resigning ? What MMS being nominated to Rajya Sabha from Assam on the basis of him being a “resident” on a piece of paper and a token rent ?

    Hoodlums in Kaangress created riots after Da Rajkumar’s death. They repeated the same circus in Haveri in the name of fertilizers. And everybody is after Yeddi’s Chaddi. (the same folks didn’t have any qualms when kumarannas chaddi was missing at a “Dollars Colony” residence ;) )Give him a break and then you can put all your Lallu Yadav brilliance and cook up (c)ommissions of enquiry and come up with Banerjee theories of self combustion.

  39. sumkirla in english Says:

    Doddi buddhi,

    Devegowda has seen defeat much more worse than this time.Last time when he was defeated by Sm krishna every one said he is collapsed and dead.Enaytu,next elections he went on to become a king maker.

    Solu gelevu rajakaaraNadhalli saamanya.

    BTW,I am actually happy for the happenings right now.JDS is concentrating in building the party right now.So whatever happened is a blessing in disguise.

    It has now brought morally high BJP(as claimed) to the same level as that of JDS and Congress.

    It has brought Congress and JDS more closer which means a tighter fight for BJP in lokasabha elections.

    Overall i am happy for what has happened.adheno gaaDhe idhyalla
    “agidhella oLLeyadhakke”.

  40. sumkirla in english Says:

    BTW,come out of ramesh syndrome.”kaamaale kaNNorge kanDidhella haLdhi antharalla” haagidhe nimma paristhithi.

  41. oru mukulya Says:

    well it is good that BJP is poaching the opp MLA’s , else we could have seen the spectre of kangress + deva louda comming togetheir with the independents and forming a circus in karnataka.

  42. bengaluru manja Says:


    what is that ????

    BSY & others will pay back dearly.

    Its going to back fire ?

    One more thing these national Virtue keepers (BJP ) when Krishnaiah setty shall resign !!! CBI has field a charge sheet against him. remember

  43. VJai Says:

    I am no lover of Congress, BJP, JD(s)… I am ok with anybody who gives good governance.
    As many of the you have said since Congress and JD(s) have done these earlier let the BJP also do it then why did we vote for BJP. Where is the values which the party proclaimed to have. Everybody are the same they just want power…

    Some of the mistakes of the state government after comming to power, in such a short period.
    1. Issue of fertilizers not provided at the right time and blaming the central government, doesn’t the state government have any other means to get fertilizers or atleast handled the situation better
    2. What was the reason to renovate the government provided residences for ministers as per vastu, spending tax payers money
    3. The Petrol and Cooking Gas prices were reduced by 1 and 10 rs accordingly, but look at other states(both ruled by Congress and BJP) have better deal. AP govt went up to an extent of waiving completely 50 rs on Cooking Gas.
    4. Why is there no CBI involvement of Bhat’s wife murder.

  44. Janasamanya Says:

    Anti Defection Law should be made stricter. Let us not think in terms of BJP, Cong or JD etc. All are in the same league. After winning election, while an MLA or MP should be free to join any party, he must immediately resign his seat and contest again within a month or so from the party, whichever he intends to join. This way, people will approve or disapprove his action. It is the only fair method to judge his action.

  45. ramu Says:


    ” 1. Issue of fertilizers not provided at the right time and blaming the central government, doesn’t the state government have any other means to get fertilizers or atleast handled the situation better” —-

    “2. What was the reason to renovate the government provided residences for ministers as per vastu, spending tax payers money” – what is the amount spent? Do u see a state-minister spending few lakhs is not required? Be realistic.

    “3. The Petrol and Cooking Gas prices were reduced by 1 and 10 rs accordingly, but look at other states(both ruled by Congress and BJP) have better deal. AP govt went up to an extent of waiving completely 50 rs on Cooking Gas.” — there was a posting about “Petrol economics” on churumuri couple of days back and if you have got hang of that, you wont make this comment.

    4. Why is there no CBI involvement of Bhat’s wife murder. —– Since you are so go in judging this as murder, I guess it would be better if you investigate, rather than CBI. (Because, at the end of the day, even if CBI says that it is not murder, you wont beliveve!!!)

  46. Kishor Cariappa Says:

    Give BJP a chance…forget MLAs switching over, fertilizer chaos, Raghypathy Bhat eposiode, etc, for a while. If BJP government manages to deliver “10 percent” of its poll promises in the first year, then its a win-win for the people of Karnataka.

  47. Rajesh Says:

    The BJP stands for Bellary Janatha Party, The INC for Italy National Congress and JDS stands for Just Deve Gowda & Sons. All are same , its the way politics has always been and will be. However if MLA/MP’s wish to resign they can do so but will be eligible to contest only in the next General Election, that will shut them up!

  48. Simply Stupid Says:

    Some Jyotishi would have told Yeddi to increase his supporter count to X, to stay in power for long. So he is wooing MLAs. We don’t deserve such a superstitious CM.

  49. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    sumkirla in english:

    I remember reading that Devegowda hates mutts, he had them removed from the vicinity of his house!

    About Maths and its patis… Devegowda didn’t go to Lingayat Maths because he did not belong to that buDakaTTu!
    That’s why he tried to spawn newer Vokkaliga Maths(the old Math usurping the wealth, he had parked, is also a cause!) and create more powerhouses.

    So secular, isn’t it?

    Don’t tell me that Congress has never got anything to do with any Math, they equally manipulate(or get manipulated by) every sort of religious institution in India.

  50. ray Says:

    Vjai,you are a biased anti-bjpite.

    When congresss was doing worse things for 60 yrs you were sleeping along with media and maybe profiting from congress corruption.Which is worse what congress did in 2004 with JDS despiite BJP being largest or

    what BJP is doing now for stability for 3 mlas and they are asking voters to decide..Did congress go back to people like these mlas.And congress has done such nonsense for 6o yrs.remeber ntr 1984,bihar ,goa,jharkand,

    You do not see a difference between going back to the voter who can yet defeat them if he agrees with hypocrites like you.On the other hand the voter also understands the value of stability.

    Let the voter decide.Who are you?Dont fake such bs outrage that only bjp haters and ignorants will buy.

  51. ray Says:

    Vjai types why no coverage by media about deceit of congress at center with 39 SP MPS?Where is your outrage.

    The issue is that voter can decide on BJP mlas anyway.The issue is also your evil hypocrisy and fake outrage and double standards nad your fraud in typical congress style.

    Do you have an answer?Any idiot can tell how evil you guys are faking outrage only when bjp does it.You are on the congress team.You have no locus standi.Ask your congress to call general elections instead of withdrawing cases against mulayam and mayawati before for president election support.You guys and secular media as usual were sleeping.

    Ball tampering can be done only by congress when they field and only 1 stump for congress when they bat,with corrupt secular media as referee

    One more thing Congies were trying to delay elections in karnataka just like they are doing at the center now?

  52. ray Says:

    DP SATISH ASK Your ibn bosses to lecture on deceit to their congress masters.

    Ask deep and sagarika to lecture congress not to be deecitful by making
    deals with SP about CBI cases against Mulayam and son like they did with Mayawati.Looks like you will go back into your rathole and come out only to rat at the bjp.

    And remember you have great jihadi credentials.Helped you get an IBN job after all

  53. sumkirla in english Says:

    News has came that few BJP mla’s who did not get ministership like shankarlinge gowda and narayanswamy and few more are planning to resign and join congress.

    Main hand here: Anil Lad

    Dont know how will BJP supporters react to this.

    Totally its a democracy at its lowest.But for BJP supporters who are supporting such acts “maaDidhu uNNo maaraaya”

  54. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    sumkirla: That’d be awesome!

    We will see whether HSS won because of his leadership or because of his political affiliation!

    Would he team up with Siddu and join his new political party which is supposedly called as Karnataka Janata Paksha?

    I am sceptical, he is too entrenched in BJP and the “parivar,” to leave it.

    If it was rumoured that he would be joining JD(S), a year or two before, I would have believed.

  55. sumkirla in english Says:

    Not A Witty Nick

    Its currently just rumour as published in newspaper and news in JDS office.But nowdays rumours become truth.Anything seems to happen anytime.

    I would be happy if JDS or congress do not step such low for power.

    saying so i am happy to see the fight between jalappa’s son and chennigappa again.

    Last time narshimswamy won by 3700 votes.But he was favoured by splitting of vokkaliga votes by narayan gowda of BJP.Since this time narayan gowda wont stand,it will be still more tough for narayanswamy.Need to see weather narshimswamy can take complete congress vote bass there along with them.

  56. Ananda Says:

    It is nothing but murder of democracy. To say that any party in the situation would have resorted to these tactics is justifying the unjustifiable. This actually proves that BJP is no different than any other indian party – all the talk of value based politics and that the party is different from Congres is a heap of crap.

    The question in fornt of us is

    What should be done to ensure that these party hopping MLAs are defeated in the bye elections when they contest on BJP ticket?

    If this is done, it will teach all the politicains that they can not take voters for granted. The pitiable part is neither the media – so called the largest kannada and english dailies in Karnataka who start campaign for trivial reasons – rememeber how Vijaya Karnataka hounded UR Ananatha murthy when he spoke against communal novel AVARANA – is not interested to start a campaign to clean up. About opposition parties – Congres and JD – less said the better. They have lost the spunk to protest anymore. They seemed to have resigned to thier fate or may be waiting for good omen to start.

  57. VJai Says:

    I am one of the voters to BJP, I am one of their ideology fans.
    As all of them who voted for BJP, I had some expectations from BJP when they formed their governments. I have no problems in they strenthening their party by buying MLA’s. My only concern is on somethings which could have been handled better is not being handled which will leave a bad taste.

  58. ray Says:

    Vjai assuming for a fake minute,you are a BJP supporter,what do you want them to do?

    Let the corrupt secular scum pull down their govt by horsetrading with the independents.I do not understand the deceit here.Most MLAS try to avoid reelection.These guys are asking the voter to decide.That is much more ethical and less deceitful than congress 60 yr record.

    See how congress and JDS united in 2004 even after fighting each other.See how they put up a common candidate against yeddy while denying it.Did media and DP Satish IBN types say a word about deceit.

    Mulayam and communists fought against congress on an anti-other vote,
    in their states.Yet they combined at center even though their voters voted against the other.IS THAT DECEIT? A MILLION TIMES MORE.DID they have guts to go to vote and say,reelect us to support congress at center.

    Did any one like DP S ,English media or the other hypocrites posing holy here say a word.

    Man If I agree with your kind,I would have to be an idiot and a hypocrite
    and worse a traitor like rajdeep and DPS.Anyone would have been
    punished for treason after what congies have done in last 6o yrs to this country. we dont give our workers a second chance if they steal or cheat us.But people like DPS and Sardesai know where there bread is buttered and get crumbs from Congress from their 60 yr loot.

  59. ray Says:

    VJAI what do you mean handled better?
    Give a concrete idea.Otherwise you are either an idiot or a congressi fraud.

  60. ray Says:

    Ananda,who are you.The voters are smarter than stupid hypocrites like you..

    They understand that BJP has to do this for stability and BJP has decency
    to go back to voter honestly,unlike congress which plays games like it is doing at center with commies and SP making deals about CBI cases while
    getting votes in WB,KERALA ON Anti Commie vote and in UP on anti-SP vote.
    The BJP is different.It has the guts to go back to voter and let him decide.
    The voter understands this is far more honest than your congress and your fraud outrage here.Read my previous posts also.bUT LIKE A fraud congress supporter,you will not understand them.

    Or else you are so stupid that to you murderer and a delinquent farmer
    are both equally bad.

    Read my previous comments.With characterless clowns

  61. sumkirla in english Says:


    LO yenu yeNNe hoDkondu baritha idhya yenu?uchu uchuagi baribeDa.

  62. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Rightly said, Ray!

  63. Ananda Says:

    It is not the question of being Congress or BJP or JD. Ultimately they are all same. So let BJP not have the “holier than thou” attitude anymore.

    The issue i am raisisng is that these guys have to be defeated when they contest again so that all the politicians who indulge in these activities get a kick up their ass. Who will compensate the money spent for this relection?

  64. Vikrama Says:

    We should scrap the anti defection law now. Horse trading is better than re-elections.

  65. Sumkirla in english Says:

    It seems Yedyurappa was unhappy for not being able to provide ministership promise to umesh katti as umesh katti is fellow lingayat as the pressure from reddy brothers who funded them was too much.

    All the other four members belong to non lingayat communities and yeddi wanted umesh katti to get ministership by excluding one of the other members for ministership(shivana gaouda,jaraki holi and aspotikar – none of them are lingayats)

    BJP has now become – bharatiya lingayatara party and bellary reddygaLa party.

  66. k Says:

    BJP _ bellary reddy’s party. Yediyurappa has no guts to give ministry to Umesh katti because Reddy’s are opposed to it. Whole state government works for these Reddy’s.

  67. So.Sorry. Says:

    This episode as set a bad precedent.

    Within 40 days of being elected from a particular party, you jump ship for the sake of a cabinet berth.

    THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED IN INDIA. and so it is not manufactured outrage, cynic prassanna. ALl the examples you quoted, didn’t resign their existing MLA membership…they got into the opposite camps during the election process

    If MLAs and MPs keep resigning throughout the country for the sake of cabinet berths, we shall have elections every day.

    Thank you BJP for giving democracy a new meaning altogether.

  68. So.Sorry. Says:

    So if Umesh Katti wasn’t given cabinet berth as per the wishes of teh CM, I wonder who is the real CM of Karnataka>

    Janardhan Reddy? or Yediyurappa?

  69. Sumkirla in english Says:

    Yeddy or reddy is a big question now.Irrespective of origin and language i think janardhan reddy is more intelligent and a capable person compared to yeddi.

    Atleast reddy will have a iron hand in rulling the government.yeddi is too soft to handle things toughly.

  70. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Why do you all assume that our MLAs are burdened by ethical/moral considerations? Look at their leaders. Regardless of their political affiliation, they are a pepetual plague inflicted on Indians.

    Yed: “Pray to God that Devegowda’s vamsha be destroyed.”

    Devegowda: ” I am performing Sudarshana Yajna and Chandi Homa so that my political enemies will redden the streets with blood and die.”

    Now don’t think Gandhi didn’t politick to quiet the supporters of Jinna, Bose, and Patel.

    We are entropic.

  71. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Thank you! At last you have come out of GRV (Gowda Rakshana Vedike) :)

  72. sumkirla in english Says:

    Pulikeshi the Last

    Before commenting on leaders look at have wasted your entire life in gowda bashing and finding faults only in him.

    Now where is siddha? I heard he is about to trigger gun and immediatly he and his followers will jump into BJP.

    Like DKSHi told,yella raNa heDigaLu. adhakke nan maKKlagige yellu sariyage noDkoLLolla.

  73. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    I hope I will live another hundred years and waste that time on “Gowda bashing.” Or maybe there will be a jnanodaya for me and I will campaign for the Holenarasipura clan in the next elections.

    Ramesappa, where are you?


    Who is the new doctor in disguise you mentioned elsewhere?

  74. ponnaps Says:

    it seems we have forgotten that the single most important need in karnataka politics today is stability…this was the main issue that all parties sought votes for…current actions from the govt. is just reinforcing the same…we cant afford to have a govt. constantly in the fear of losing power and the attendant time and effort spent in the politics to prevent the same…where is the time for governance if all time and effort is lost in politicking…we have already lost 50months in this..
    to this end what the BJP has done is for the best of the state…and its neither violative of the peoples mandate(like the earlier congress-JDS tie-up)..the MLA’s are going in for a reelection so its not defection really..

    so what is the problem??..pls dont give me ethics…BJP wudnt have had to do this if the hawks werent constantly preying…

  75. Vitlan Potli Says:


    he is the former owner of all that was bengaluru or so he claims

  76. Vakrachatri Says:

    @ sumkirla in english

    You said it right, sir. Excepting the Gowda all are RaNa HEDis in this state. Look at his bravery, how courageously he is waiting for an appointment of Sonia Gandhi’s watchmen. He shows utmost courage in having Tea Party with Leftists. At the same time his courage is outwardly expressed in shedding tears Muslims (infact he bleeds for them). He bravely fought against Ramakrishna Hegde, Bommai, JH Patel, with single minded agenda of installing himself and accomodating his kith kin. He has shown greatest bravery against NICE road project. His bravery is recorded in the Upper Krishna Project swindlings. None of us should ever forget his bravest fight against poverty (of his family). He has bravely amassed 1000s of crores of our money.

    I wish Gowda and his clan rule us bravely for another 1000 years. Let Karnataka become the bravest state with these brave politicians!

  77. rao Says:

    I voted for BJP out of sympathy in this election ,now after witnessing this dirty politics by Yeddiyuurappa I’m planning on voting for Deva Gowda’s JDS in the coming loksabha elections ,he will do some good to the state and our state can expect some benefits from the centre.

  78. Vakrachatri Says:

    @ rao

    Please vote for Mr Devegowda.

    He would definitely do ‘something’ for the state, which we have witnessed for the last two decades or so. To support Sonia, he has already seeking lot of benefits to our state from the centre. I wish he wins all the 28 seats in the coming Loksabha elections. He should get one more term as Prime Minister of the country, so that not only Karnataka, the entire country would get benefits. You can also suggest roles for Revanna, Kumaranna, Mirajuddeen, YSV Datta etc in Devegowda’s cabinet.

  79. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Rao = Dr. Ramesh!

    Dr. Ramesh strikes again!!

  80. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Just read Dirty Devegowda’s reply to the reporter who sought his views on nationalizing mines. DDG simply said, “I don’t react to a mad man’s statement.” referring to Yeddi’s simple comment on why PM Gowda did not think of nationalizing mining industry:))

    Liars need good memories and most often do not have them! DDG is a shining example, heh heh…

    Not a day goes by where Dirty Devegowda is pontificating on some issue or the other and exposing his criminal rowdy mindset!

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