CHURUMURI POLL: Can dope help cricketers?

The confirmation issued by the Indian Premier League that Pakistan (and Delhi Daredevils’) fast bowler Mohammad Asif was indeed the cricketer who tested positive during a random drug test conducted by the World Anti-Drug Agency (WADA) gives another claim to infamy for the IPL, which mostly made news for non-cricketing reasons, starting with Harbhajan Singh‘s Rs 3 crore slap on S. Sreesanth. As it is, Shoaib Akhtar‘s entry into the Calcutta Knightriders team had been preceded by reports that he was carrying an abnormal number of syringes.

Questions: Can performance enhancing drugs enhance the performance of cricketers? Is cricket like athletics? Can a batsman bat better, score faster, or notch up a century or two under the influence of performance enhancing drugs? Can a bowler bowl faster, spin more, or pick up more wickets? Can a fielder dive around and stop unstoppable balls? Given the vagaries of the game, can drugs be used to good effect in Test cricket? Or is Twenty20 cricket, with its shortness, speed and accent on power over short bursts, tailormade for a grand entry of drugs into the gentleman’s game?

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13 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Can dope help cricketers?”

  1. Shravan Says:

    Well, if it doesn’t enhance performance, why would someone use it? Is it free?

  2. Hiker Says:

    Asif boards a plane at Mumbai and lands in Dubai. Dubai authorities arrest him for carrying drugs. How come custom officials in Mumbai missed it? Surely, drugs were not supplied on the plane!

  3. Alok Says:

    Drugs can help only one type of cricketer. It is useless for a batsman, spinner, keeper or a fielder. Doesn’t help improve their performance on te field.

    However, it is useful for a young (23-) fast bowler seeking to build up muscle power and stamina in a quick period of time instead of putting in the hard miles and difficult years in first class cricket and the gym.

    Ergo Mohammed Asif.

    I hope Ishant Sharma is watching carefully and taking note… of the need to put in the hard miles and difficult years first class cricket and the gym and not the drugs that is…

  4. Karihaida Says:

    Drugs don’t work in cricket for the simple reason that if were to work there would be lot more people caught. If drugs did work do you think lazy indian cricketers (ganguly, sehwag) wudn’t have done it? At most they can help in recovering quickly from injury or putting on some muscles quickly, but these can give only little benefits..
    BTW how in the world is weed performance enhancing? :)

  5. Madhu Rao Says:

    Baseball is no cricket, but if it helps Barry Bonds slug it out of the park, it surely would help cricket batsmen as well.

  6. Swetha Says:

    Different performance enhancing drugs are used to gain speed, strength, stamina. So surely drugs will add some advantage. Drugs are more common is athletics, boxing, weight lifting, only these days its been seen in team events like cricket, foot ball etc.

  7. Rama Says:

    Yes. Why not?!

  8. WrongFact Says:

    Drugs play a marginal role – limited to enhancing one’s stamina in cricket.

    Drugs certainly don’t help a spinner to spin more or a pacer to swing more a batsman to acquire better technique, or a wicket keeper’s flexibility or a fielder’s catch taking abilities.

    Cricket is just too laidback, an easy paced game, which doesn’t really require you to be fit . Cricket in one of the few games in the world where you can be very fat and still play it…..from inzamam to powar to david boon…to almost everybody sports a paunch of varying degrees in cricket..can u imagine a footballer with a paunch?

    Imagine the top sportsman of the country, sporting a paunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Drugs cannot alter the performance of cricketers dramatically.

  9. Shravan Says:

    Well, Shane Warne was banned for drug abuse. How do you explain that? The rules of the sport and games are very clear. If there is a violation, there should be punishment.

  10. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Shravan, supposedly that big idiot gobbled his mom’s PMS’ prescription. :-D

  11. Andy Says:

    May be the batsman can hit the ball hard enough to clear the ropes…

    May be the bowler can pack the pace for that one extra over…

  12. dharma Says:

    Enhancement drugs are like fast food, it has a leading role to play in T20 cricket. With plenty of money at stake this is bound to happen. Beware Indians, this is a Imported habit from Mac Donolds!

  13. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Can we give these drugs to Indian sportsmen playing other sports?

    If they can get away with it, at least we will gain something in national pride…

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