Does the identity of Anglo-Indians not count?

D.P. SATISH writes from New Delhi: Former Indian all-rounder Roger Binny was a nominated MLA in the Karnataka Assembly under the Anglo-Indian quota. He never opened his mouth during his five-year term. He attended sessions just three or four times during his entire tenure. His silence was a topic of debate in the media. Gentleman Binny chose not to react to any criticism.

I was among those who thought that India’s first Anglo-Indian cricketer at the international level wasn’t doing his job well. Now I think he was right. He would have been stopped by overenthusiastic guardians of Kannada.

The Derrick Fullinfaw incident proves it. The new Anglo-Indian MLA is running for cover after he dared to speak in his mother tongue English in the Assembly.

Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) is busy ensuring that he will not open his mouth. These self-styled cultural custodians now tell Kannadigas what they should watch, listen, write, speak, support, and so on.

But do they know who Anglo-Indians are?

The Constitution of India has made a provision for nominated Anglo-Indian MLAs in some States and two MPs in the Lok Sabha. It guarantees this tiny community, whose total population in India is less than 2 lakh, the right to protect and promote its distinct identity.

Just as the Vedike has right to promote Kannada, Anglo-Indians have the right to use their language English in all spheres of life. They are as much a part of Karnataka as anybody else. The Vedike must understand that it can’t preserve and popularise Kannada by simply emulating the strong-arm tactics of the Dravida movement in Tamil Nadu and the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

The role of the Kannada media is questionable. It is stoking the fire by encouraging the deep anxieties and insecurity of Kannadigas. Barring one or two newspapers, the rest are supporting the Vedike and its mindless acts.

As eminent filmmaker M.S. Sathyu once famously said:

“No Vedike is needed to safeguard Kannada. First of all, why need protection for Kannada? The Vedike is just a sort of political outfit with no concern for the language… Are they aware of the latest novel of Dr U.R. Anantha Murthy or the stature of Dr Masti Venkatesh Iyengar? Do they know the achievements of Kuvempu and D.R. Bendre? With not an iota of knowledge on Kannada literature how they can protect the language?

They have constituted the forum to protect themselves, not the Kannada language. Devoid of them, Kannada can still survive and grow with full glory. For any language to survive and sustain the culture, poets and litterateurs are responsible. Their toil only can boost the language.”

I am writing this at my own risk. I know I invite the ire of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV) and its supporters by talking this way about the so-called sole custodians of my state. They will call me an insane journalist. Naive Kannada enthusiasts will say I am anti-Kannada…. But I know that I am a better Kannadiga and I have a much greater knowledge of Kannada and Karnataka.

Even I wouldn’t support anyone who act superior and make a big virtue of a closed mind. But, it is a fact that blindly opposing English will not help Kannada in any way.

How can Rakshana Vedike be the sole custodians of a great 2000-year-old language and culture?

If the KRV could celebrate when Cherkalam Abdullah took oath in Kannada in the Kerala Assembly and P.M. Sayeed replied in Kannada in the Lok Sabha, is Derrick Fullinfaw beyond his rights to speak in his mother tongue?

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215 Responses to “Does the identity of Anglo-Indians not count?”

  1. Alok Says:

    I hear the sound of pigs flapping their gigantic pink pigwings….

    … because for the first time EVER I completely and totally agree with everything DP Satish has to say in this post.

    Well said.

  2. jack Says:

    Throw KRV and their ilk in the gutter. Let them not have our sympathy or support in their barbaric art. Kannada has survived without their support all these years. If they continue with their acts, Kannada may die a earlier death.
    To begin with
    *Stop publicizing their acts in the media. TV9 please note.
    *BBMP should ban and fine them for their posters.
    *Police department should boot them and book them if they create trouble.
    I know what these KRV people are made of. They do not deserve any appreciation from Kannadigas.

  3. Vivek Says:

    One of the very few sensible posts in this blog..

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Nothing wrong in expressing your opinions. Admire you for that.

    It will be shameful indeed if someone tries to take any ‘action’ for what you are saying. In these days – can never say – who will do what in whose name just for their personal gains.

    If KRV is indeed on the right track and led by the right people, criticism like yours will be taken constructively and be a means of introspection (which is needed at all times to keep a mass movement from deviating and falling into the hands of criminals and politicians).

    BTW, I feel the objective of this article is not so clear. Also what in your opinion are things which KRV or any kannadiga or person from karnataka should do in order to safeguard our identity and culture? Or do you think that a movement itself is not really needed like Sathyu says?

  5. Nationalist Says:

    You are not anti-kannada for writing this post. You are either too naive to understand how world works or too arrogant to accept the work of foot soldiers such as Ka.Ra.Ve.

    What’s the deal with your (and Sathyu’s) twisted arguement on kannada activists and “stature of Dr. Masti Iyengar”? If I haven’t read Masti, I have no business protecting kannada? Remember – kannada is not protected only in the academic ciricles and the corridors of universities. It’s protected in the offices, streets, houses, shops. movies and other places.

  6. shyodha Says:

    So, the representitives from Karnataka can speak in their respective ‘mother tongues’? Does this mean a Karnataka born reperesentitive whose mother is from Tamil Nadu can speak in Tamil and the one whose mother is Phillipino can speak in Tagalok? What about Konkani, Tulu, etc?
    Sorry, but we expect you to know Kannada if you are born and raised in Karnataka; Anglo-Indian, panglo-Indian, convent-Indian or whatever you are does not matter. Shame on Binny if he did not know how to speak Kannada. Do you think a Indo-Anglian in London would be able to get away not knowing English and speak in Malayalam in British parliment? Huh?
    Ka.Ra.Ve. goes overboard sometimes. But can you blame them? They have to in the face of these kinds of twiseted logic.

  7. Sandesh Says:

    Sumaru varshagaLinda Karnatakadalli iddu, illina assembly member aagi.. kanishta onderadu kannada padagaLu upayogsi mataadokke ivrigella enu dhaaDi?
    Are they too ashamed to speak in kannada ?? What’s the deal? You may call me chauvinist, but learn from Sushma Swaraj….she speaks so nicely in kannada… (don’t agree with her politics…fine, but appreciate her kannada speaking enthu).

  8. Itsme Says:

    Let him speak English in Assembly,
    Also let SriRamulu,Reddy brothers,Katta Subramanya Naidu, RamaLinga Reddy speak Telugu in the Assembly.
    Let Bhats,Rais,Pais, Shettys Speak Tulu in the assembly.
    Let Marathi speakers speak Marati in assembly.
    Let XYZ speak Tamil in assembly. Beacause it’s their mother tongue & they have the right to protect and promote their distinct identity.

    And Kannadigas? Well we can still protect and promote our distinct identity trhough academics and literature.

    Dude, do you think there won’t be any protest in Kerala,TN or anywhere for that matter if someone continues to ignore the state language inspite of repeated requests?

    KRV is a Kannada organization. So they celebrate when someone uses Kannada elsewhere and protests when somebody refuses to use Kannada her.

  9. sisya Says:

    —-“I am writing this at my own risk. I know I invite the ire…”

    You invite nothing. You’re no Lankesh. Dont delude yourself so. Your piece is as inane as only one from the Great Indian English media can get. And while it will surely elicit some sniggers, rest assured, there’ll be nobody taking you or your insipidity as seriously as you’d fantasize we would.

    Having said that, it certainly is no easy task resisting the urge to dignify this pearl (which caught my eye for the second time in perhaps as many years) with a response.

    —-““No Vedike is needed to safeguard Kannada. First of all, why need protection for Kannada? The Vedike is just a sort of political outfit with no concern for the language… Are they aware of the latest novel of Dr U.R. Anantha Murthy or the stature of Dr Masti Venkatesh Iyengar? Do they know the achievements of Kuvempu and D.R. Bendre? With not an iota of knowledge on Kannada literature how they can protect the language?”

    First of all, Sathyu who? And like Nationalist above, I too wonder (been wondering for many months now, actually), what precisely is the Aristotelean logic connecting URA’s latest novel (URA of “yaaRRee URA?…” fame?) and protecting Kannada, Kannadiga and Karnataka’s interests? “aMD(u) mEle hODedare davaDe hallu udurtu” antaralla.. aa tharana?

    How devoid of imagination must a correspondent (one who fantasizes about being branded an insane “journalist”(!)) of a leading news agency be to make blather like this the ‘tiruLu’ of their thesis? No seriously!

    If we need to read the “Complete Collected Short Stories of Masti” to save Kannada and Karnataka, what about illiterates then? Are they, in your book, worth nothing — incapable of thinking rationally or fighting for just causes? Ironic then, isn’t it, that it is precisely they who continue to speak, sing and foster Kannada in Karnataka? How come the only few samples of a gi-gi pada or a kamsale on youtube happen to be from proud Kannadigas not fortunate enough to have gone to a school, much less ones who’d have savored a Kuvempu or a Bendre.

    Kannada uLiyOdu beLeyOdu pustaka Odi alla. English beLdirOdu jana Sidney Sheldon OdOdrinda alla. Nim Rajdeepge medal koDo thara Kongarige nim Italiamma kOTi kOTi koDodu avaru tamil pustaka Odtare antalla.

    KRV does not fight for Kannada. They fight for Karnataka. And all things Karnataka. Kannada happens to be part of it. Just as jobs for Kannadigas in Railways (and other Central Govt undertakings) or Kannada’s legitimate place is or ought to be in the administration of the state is.

    These are the issues you’re (“you” andre ‘you the media’) supposed to be raising and the govt., (of “Govt work is God’s work” fame) addressing. But in the perfect world we live in, riddled as it is by the apathy of the powers-that-be and the duplicity of the media, it just so happens that the KRV is forced to do both the ‘raising’ and the ‘addressing’. Well, atleast a bit of both. More than their bit of both.

    This they do, because unlike you, they have not lost sight of the fact that Kannada and the ‘aspirations of the Kannada peoples’ was the very premise upon which the state was founded and I’m sure none of our grandparents (yours included) would vouch that playing obsequious hosts to uncouth outsiders or bearing the brunt of a step-motherly Centre was one of their ‘aspirations’ for a Kannada Nadu (of “udayavayitu namma cheluva Kannada nadu” fame)!

    Forget Kannada and Karnataka… Only an pervert would rave against those who toil for the primacy of a native people and culture. Countless problems across the globe can be traced to an uncouth alien trying to take undue advantage of a naive native. Of course, the easy thing would be to paint the native as “parochial” and it would be business as usual. Right? Right.

    You can cry foul all you want, but regardless of how successful or unsuccessful KRV may turn out to be in years and decades from now, history will remember TANG as a visionary, achiever and a leader (‘Lead’ of the “Lead, follow or get out of the way” fame).

    Your ilk will perhaps be remembered as the ones who sought to drum up some cheap publicity for yourselves by bashing him. I don’t blame you. That’s the name of the game. Your boss earned himself a Padma bashing Modi. You should earn yourself atleast a Tamil Nadu Ratna or Bimaru Ratna or something. And along the way, with all your “much greater knowledge” of Karnataka and all, maybe you could bag some Bournvita quiz contests to shut us up (‘us’ of the “naive Kannada enthusiasts” fame). Go for it!!

  10. Tarlemaga Says:

    Being a Kannadiga I strongly feel that any Organization using methods of violence will only degrade the image of Kannadigas.

    Kannada is too rich a language to be hijacked by these Chauvanists.

    Kannada has produced the highest number of Jnanpiths and Kannada needs to go global rather than local.

    For this to happen we need to encourage our movies, food,dance and music festivals. This can highlight the nature of our Land. This can attract tourists. This can also spread the Language globally by even foreigners getting to know the Sihi Kannada very well.

    The minute Kannada is Globalised we can find market for our language not just in Karnataka but outside Karnataka as well.

    The Chauvanists need to travel other parts of the world and learn the reality. The French,Greek,Latin,Mandarin and Italian did not gain popularity through violence but because the people learnt to market their language well.

  11. dharma Says:

    I remember certain instance in the 60’s regarding the Anglo-Indians in Bangalore. Bangalore is known for the fine drizzles the whole day, during monsoon and any part of the year. The Anglo-Indians will say “A homely weather” as it is in their home indicating UK. These people had never travelled beyond White field during their life time. It used to be fun talking to some Anglo-Indian oldies in Kosiy’s over a cup of tea after going to the British Council library.

  12. Bhamy V. Shenoy Says:


    saving kannada requires serious thinking and not the political gimmickry. Let us not hesitate to learn from Lord Macaalay. What a masterful stroke he conceived in introducing English in India.

    I am a konkani from a small village town. While growing up I was studying in Kannada and was equally conversant in Kannada and English. But when people asked me what my mother tounge was, my response used to be kannada though at home I sopke only in konkani. It was not that I did not like konkani. But I genuinely felt that kannada was my mother toungue.

    Look at what is going on today in many private schools which are mushrooming all over karnataka at the rate of 5 to 10%. Childern attending these schools at best may speak in broker kannada even if kannada is their mother tongue and spoken at home. This should be the most disturbing tendency and not weather some MLA or activists speaks in kannada at meetings. I vividly remember Pratham office being attacked for a misunderstood statement by its managing trustee allegedly against kannadaigas.

    Let me give an example of a tiny country like Georgia (birth place of Stalin) which was under communist rule till 1991. Not only they have been able to wipe out Russian language of their colinial masters, Georgia is the state language. They have also started to learn English as the second language. When they take pride in knowing English, they take greater pride in speaking their own mother tonue Georgian.

  13. D P SATISH Says:


    My article explains it well. Anglo Indians are NOT north Indians like Sushma Swaraj, who come here for vote and note. They are a very much part of Karnataka like me and you. If you expect them to speak in Kannada, Anglo Indian quota will have no meaning. They have equal rights to speak in English like we speak in Kannada.

  14. Chengappa Ramesh Says:

    For D P Satish…
    ” For Sushma Swaraj to come here for vote and note ” ….why not?
    Didnt Indira Gandhi come to Bellary for Vote and note? Doesnt Sonia Mata Come to Karnataka for Vote and note ? Karnataka belongs to India…stop spreading this separatist mindset.. We all remember watching you with sunken shoulders and sporting a mourning face while you were interviewing S M Krishna on CNN-IBN after getting Royally TRASHED by BJP in recent Karnataka elections…So we know where your loyalties lie.

  15. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    Bhamy V. Shenoy: You cannot force Kanada (or any language for that matter) on kids by Govt action alone.

    It has to be taught AT HOME. I know many kids going to high school in (say) USA but speak probably more accurate Bengali than myself without a single English word.

    Its how we bring up our childs at home, what Samskars we teach them that makes all the difference. Blaming others will solve no problem.

    Its not kanada alone that is loosing place today. Almost all Indian languages are facing same situation.

    Lets instill some pride, nationalism in people. They will follow their own culture. But there are political ideologies, media who are out to deny their own- what you/myself can do.

    As far as Roger Binny’s issue is concerned – guess Anglo Indians are confused lot. I have such friends from Calcutta- who don’t know whether they belong to India, or West.

    Binny is a nice guy. Guess, he did not do that deliberately. Give him benefit of doubt.

  16. Sathya Says:

    DPS, “they are very much a part of Karnataka….” , when that is the condition they will have efinitely learnt Kannada. When they go out for shopping do they still use English? Never argue for arguments sake. Every child learns the surrounding language very easily and They are no exception to this. I am not supporting KaRaVe or others in this matter. And if an MLA or MLC wants to ask the question in Kannada it is not very difficult, even if it is for their own cause…What is the fun in bringing Sushma Swaraj into the picture… In whichever state you live try to learn the language of the state….

  17. jack Says:

    Dear Nationalist,

    I was zapped to read your comment. If you think chest beating about Kannada on the roads, destroying public and property in the name of the language then being Kannadiga, I want to stay away from the language and its people.
    Do you know what KRV up to. One case explains all. Recently there was a labour trouble in a garment factory in Peenya and police had to intervene and there was lathi charge. A pregnant woman was injured and hospitalized. What did KRV do? Intervened and in the name of getting compensation to the lady made the money from the management and the poor lady had to be contended for paltry sum.
    Have you or anybody wondered how KRV sustains itself in this so called battle for Kannada and its people. Simple by robbing them with threats, goondaism ala shiv sena in Maharashtra.
    Kannada cannot grow with such people. Take a good look at them and recognize them at the earliest.

  18. Madhu Says:

    Why media is acting as a ENGLISH GUARDIANS ?? , rather fuming their anger on KRV, let our so called journos do some home work. The implementation of Official language was well followed during British Raj and many Brit lords supported this cause. If brits(born and bought up ) can do this, whats a problem in expecting from Derrik ??

  19. Amara Says:

    The great author is under the impression that he can fool around anybody and churmuri is anyways against the core kannadada siddhanta.

    Let me make a point clear. Let any tom, dick and harry stay in karnataka, they have to talk in kannada and they have no other option.A politician is a public worker..He is a servant of karnataka and karnataka is kannadigas property..
    Why the hell should he take not learn kannada is my question..The central government can have 1000 rules to shut down the doors of kannada and kannadigas. Should be blindly accept whatever they say?

    They said, kannada boards have to been removed from all trains commuting to and from karnataka?Should we have accepted that?
    They try to impose Hindi on kannadigas as against the constitution?Should we support them?
    Same way, what ever be the reason to impose non-kannada language, we just oppose it.
    We have nothing against Anglo-Indians..They can speak what ever language they want at home. We have no issue even if they reserve 10 seats for anglo-Indians in the Assembly. The question is not about the race ot caste or creed. Its about the language, the culture of Karnataka which is put in the back seat here..
    The Author is somehow trying to dilute the issue by playing the caste/creed/religion politics like our traditional politicians..
    I know a Anglo Indian person near ooty in a place called Masinigudi. His name is Horace Cunningham and he talks to everybody only in TAMIL there.He said he would use English only at home but he is a tamilian by heart as tamilnadu is giving him the food and shelter…That should be the “niyattu” of any citizen of any state.

    Coming back to the topic, In public, they should use only KANNADA as kannada is the official language of karnataka and its not English..
    KRV has done a fantastic job in making the dumb politician understand that he is residing in Karnataka and not in England or America

  20. bellad Says:

    DPS sir,
    I used to admire your writing until now. Always felt happy that there is someone in English Media who genuinely feels for Karnataka, Kannada and Kannadiga. I think, I am wrong.

    First, How much do you know about KRV??
    I am from North Karnataka region and I know What KRV has done in my region. Just 5-6 years back, Kannadigas used to get their Kannada news papers wrapped in a marathi paper in Nippani region. My friend’s uncle who had a news paper agency in Nippani, was thrashed by Marathi goons for keeping Kannada news papers, not once or twice,, but seven times. All this in one of our very own district called Belagavi.

    KRV entered Belagavi district 4 years back and worked hard to unite all the kannadigas here and have instilled the confidence to get together. KRV worked as a torch bearer to awaken the Kannada spirit in this border district. Results are there for everyone to see. A Kannadati becoming a mayor after 18 long years in Belagavi paalike. All the MES goons are shown the door in the recent polls. Mind you, this change didn’t happen over night. KRV worked day in day out to get this change happen.

    Be it Kaveri, Group D recruitment, Kalasa banduri implementation, BIAL, Belagavi.. KRV has led from the front and have shown the guts.. In the process, hundreds of KRV memebers were jailed, beaten up badly by police, were made to roam from court to court.

    Be sensible enough and do your homework before writing something as crap as this sir.

    nimma abhimaani,

  21. Madhu Says:

    Well said Sisya and Amara,

    DP Sathish, we have lot of other hot issues burning up in Karnataka, please use your time and energy on that.

  22. Simple Says:

    Kannada should be learnt by every kannadiga and every person who has made his home in Karnataka for a certain period of time.

    hindi should be learnt by every indian.. otherwise how would i a kannadiga communicate with a bengali or a malayalee when there is no common language between us? how can i even relate to people from other states when what he speaks is totally not understandable?

    english should be learnt by every human. simply because it breaks barriers and allows us to communicate with every other human being on earth.

  23. Janasamanya Says:

    What nonsense article is this. Derek Fullinfaw KNOWS Kannada. If KRV or anybody asks him to speak in Kannada, in what way it is over-enthusiasm? And you quote a stupid pseudo intellectual like M.S. Sathyu. If everybody should be allowed to speak in their mother tongue, why do we need to categorize national language, official language etc. Kannada is the native and official language of Karnataka. It is but natural that in official fora, it is expected that people speak in Kannada. And you call it chauvinism, over-enthusiasm etc. Afterall, you are not going to Tamil Nadu and demanding their MLAs to speak in Kannada! Please go to neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra and Hindi-speaking states and see for yourselves. In their assemblies, they do not speak in any other language except the language of their respective states. But if it is Kannada, everybody objects. Why don’t you people quit Karnataka, go and die in other states.

  24. avinash Says:

    Few questions for you.

    1> Is Derrek representing Anglo Indians of Karnataka or British people of London? The question is not about Derrek’s mother tongue or against English. Question is someone who knows Kannada ( yes, Derrek speaks very good kannada), but refuses to speak in Kannada in vidhanasoudha, and even fumes ” Don’t ask me to speak in Kannada, I’ll not do it” and we should accept this and should go on?

    Kannada is the official language in Karnataka. Going by your logic, tomorrow a bihari might become an MLA ( very much a possibility, seeing the demographic change happening in Marthahalli area), and he will dare that he will speak in Bhojapuri,, and a telugu MLA from some border dist will speak in Telugu, and somebody else in someother language,, do you expect us to take this and simply move on?? Kannada is the official language in Karnataka annodu bari pustakada melashte irabeka??

    2> KRV is not against English,, Very recently in a TV interview, I have seen Vedike expressing it’s support to globalisation and English knowledge. Why are you English media hell bent to distort a story and show KRV in bad light?? As sisya said,, padma bhushana sketcha ???

    3> Anglo Indian community is so very small in count and hence this special quota for their representation in Assembly. They have become an integral part of Karnataka’s society.. What do you mean by becoming an integral part of society? Learning the local’s language and adopting with locals? or showing stubborn attitude and fuming about kannada? You can’t call someone as a part of Karnataka’s society, if he doesn’t feel for the place, the language, where he is staying all his life.

    KRV bashing doesn’t help DPS, They have the vision, the leader, the will to work for my state, my people and my language. If KRV members doesn’t look like a MAch 3 models, they can’t be termed as illiterate anti social elements. Why don’t you go to KRV’s office and meet them in person to know about this vision, dream for the state? Stop this minority appeasement..

  25. Sampige Says:

    Ihad thought DP Satish was a sensible person. But after seeing this insane article I have changed my opinion about him. Who is this MS Sathyu? What has he done for Kannada? LOL KRV is Kannadigara Ashakirana.

  26. Amara Says:

    @ Simple,

    you are under the huge misconception..Hindi is not only our National language. All the 18 constitutionally approved languages are National languages..SO Hindi doesn’t deserve any special birth..Its just because of the dirty education system in practice and the central government Crookedness, people are under this assumption…All the languages listed on our Indian Currency are national languages
    No matter what…Anybody going to tamilnadu should learn tamil.Anybody travelling to West Bengal should learn Bengali…
    Similarly, Anybody coming to Karnataka must and should learn kannada..they dont have any other choice..

  27. rar Says:


    agreed, in such a hostile environment, people must return the aggression. in Nippani, it was a matter of preserving ones civil liberties to distirbute a kannada paper. you dont necessarily need a Kannada organization to accomplish that task, but if they were the catalyst to changing the scene there, credit goes to them. i still dont think we can go ahead and give them carte blanche to pursue their agenda anywhere.
    as far as propagating a robust culture of spoken and written kannada is concerned, i think the basic formula is as follows. people who know the language already, should not be shy to initiate converstations in Kannada. we must speak more Kannada amongst ourselves first! it is only when we have created a culture worthy of emulation of which kannada language is the key to participate that the language will grow. it cant come from diktat. spreading the language through force, if anything, will create resentment and backlash, or worse still, ridicule. it will only hasten the death of the language.
    In India, people are motivated by class aspirations. yes, this is true of many societies, but it is pronounced here. in bangalore,a disproportionate amount of upperclass kannadigas use a great deal of english, if not complete english in their social lives. this creates the perception to newcomers that kannada is “cheap”, and its absence is conspicuous from from aspirational contexts.. we know this is not true, and that the world of kannada is still rich and abundant, but that is the consequence of language abandonment of influential groups.

  28. S.Manohar Says:

    Dear Mr.Satish,

    I agree with a few other people here who have already commented that either you are too naive or you choose to ignore a few realities of the day. Ka.Ra.Ve might not be a perfect organization and the credentials of the people leading it might be questionable. I also do not agree with them 100 %. For Eg : We should NOT support that kannada MLA who took oath in Kannada in Kerala. We have to be consistent. You talk about Kannada’s literature and how those who do not have a complete knowledge of this have no right to fight for any Kannada cause. But you please remember that a language(like kannda) is mainly SPOKEN and it’s survival depends on the number of speakers. We may win Oscars and Gyanapeetha awards but if the speakers/readers are not there, then wahts the point ? I don’t want Kannada to become like Sanskrit whch has a rich literature and history but no speakers today (This was just an example and does not reflect any fear in my mind).

    Ka.Ra.Ve must become more broad based and be turned into a people’s movement and it must be a voice for the Kannada and the Kannadiga cause, and should not solely rely on shutting others. For eg: Overcoming the north-Indian lobby in Railway appointments etc etc. Let us learn to repect all Indian languages and the state boundaries.

  29. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    DP Satish Uncle. Sushma Swaraj unlike your channel’s favourite leader Madame Sonia Gandhi was not here only for the elections.

    She respects our culture than these anointed members of legislature, varamahalakshmi habba hatra bantu… nODi nimge gottagatte.

    She is better than other Rajya Sabha MPs who had been sent to RS from Karnataka, at least she is serious enough to speak about our issues in the national media!

    About Mr. Fullinfaw, I bet your moustache that he is more comfortable conversing in Kannada than Mr. Vijay Mallya and Mr. Mohandas Pai(sorry for taking their names but their Kannada is funny!). I feel instead of haughtily refusing to speak in Kannada he could have politely pointed out that he was entitled to speak in English and they were entitled to get it translated.

    Anglo-Indians whom I know, speak excellent Kannada.
    Remember Guv. Chaturvedi falling unconscious unable to tolerate Vatal’s incessant vociferous protests demanding him to speak in Kannada? :-)

  30. Sandesh Says:

    I made it explicitly clear that we will not discuss Sushma’s politics…it was only about the enthu she puts in speaking kannada (and as others pointed out, in observing namma habba such as Varamahalakshmi vrata).
    And you want t o trivialize her enthusiasm by saying she does it only for votes, you are just a fool (no offense meant).
    And please follow up on others’ comments…I am sure you will like them :)

  31. Rama Rao Says:

    I am neither a Kannada Chauvinist nor a supporter of Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (Ka.Ra.Ve.) or other such aggressive Kannada organizations. However as a Kannadiga who has been living in Tamil Nadu for the last decade, all I can say is that so called Kannadiga English intellectuals like DP Satish and many others, repeatedly make use of such topics to be in the media, create controversies and ultimately prosper. If only such knowledgeable writers realized the treatment & respect given to mother tongue in other states, especially Tamilnadu, Maharashtra, Andrapradesh or Kerala.
    These so called intellectuals need to be firmly showed their place since it is such irresponsible personnel who have conveniently ignored the fair demand for some recognition for Kannada, jobs for Kannadigas in Railways (7 selected candidates out 10 in any interview conducted in Blr circle are Bihari’s or Mallu’s)..all this at a time when even the key state Govt’s cabinet ministers are non-kannadigas!
    The original subject of Anglo Indians is a diversionary tactic. Anglo Indians ‘elected or nominated from Karnataka’ ought to at least understand Kannada; otherwise they better make way for someone from their community who speaks Kannada. Simple.
    Bottomline: there is no battle for Kannada. The real need of the hour is to show pseudo kannadigas like DPS their true idiosyncrasy and reveal their ignorant stupidity. I can’t even imagine the treatment DP Satish will get on the streets with the common man, had he been a Tamil in Chennai or a Marathi in Mumbai and made similar statements.
    I am sure DPS will not apologize since inflated egos are bigger and humbleness is not what such folks understand.
    At least, we now know his true identity!

  32. Chet Says:

    Derrick Fullinfaw, being a people’s representative, whenever speaking in public, should make it a point to speak in Kannada. If he cannot speak in Kannada, he should learn Kannada and then speak.

  33. Madhu Says:

    “If you expect them to speak in Kannada, Anglo Indian quota will have no meaning. They have equal rights to speak in English like we speak in Kannada.”

    There you go wrong again, suppose if someone takes 35% percentage in PUC and gets a Engg seat , do you expect him to take always 35% through out his career ??. Denying him to prosper is what you call as threat to quota, then you are same as any political leader.

  34. Ravichandra Says:

    See we all know that Kannada to survive as a language, every kannadiga has to contribute especially people who sits the Vidhana Soudha, has contribute more for our language. Now Mr. Derrick Fullinfaw may be from any origin, but he eats the food from our land, his family is here, he is getting all facilities here, then why the he will not respecr the language of the land. What he thinks of himself?. Let him respect our language then we will also respect him, otherwise he should be kicked out of karnataka.
    The Ka Ra Ve people are identifying these sort of politicians, bureacrats etc who are all anti kannadigas and they are fighting against them, we all have to support Ka Ra Ve in this role.
    Ans you said about Mr Satyu’s statement, I have answer for this, all our GnanaPeetes, Poets etc are all surviving because of the common people of karnataka who reading their books and honuring them where ever they go. Just enquire about these Gnanapeetes grand children do they know any work of their Grandfathers or ask them did they understood what their grandfathers are written in kannada. Then you will get the answer.
    A language will be survived by the common people who use it daily in their day to day life. It is not because of these poets or any gnanapeetes.
    Don’t support these idiot’s like Derrick Fullinfaw otherwise it is very difficult to protect our cultural identity in the hands of these people.
    Ka Ra Ve people are not chavanist, you meida guys will simply call any body as chavanist, think about their agenda, they are fighting for the cause of kannadigas.
    If Derrick Fullinfaw has done the samething in Tamilnadu or elsewhere he would have been kicked out by this time. He knows that kannadigas are very kind hearted what ever he behaves it will be ok, no one can stop him and behaved so.
    Ka Ra Ve has taguht a good lesson to him and also it is warning for others.

  35. Ranganath Says:

    Mr. DPS,

    I think the context of this protest was totally mis understood. Here the protest was not just because Mr. Fulinfaw did not speak kannada in the assembly. But inspite of being in this state for more than 4 decades he is still unaware( may be deliberately) of the language of the land. There is good saying in English “When in Rome be a roman”, which is missing in Mr. Fulinfaw’s action. It is very natural for us to speak the language of the land (despite our mother tongue is different) when we are settled in a particular state or country. KRV is not demanding Fulinfaw to speak kannada in his home or with relatives, but in the assembly of karnataka where kannada is the language. It is the question migrants not willing to come into the mainstream (Mukhyavaahini) though he found his livlihood in karnataka. KRV is not demanding Shivraj Patil or suresh kalmaadi to speak in kannada in Parliament!. Nobody is taking away Mr. Fulinfaw’s identity. The great indian english media is making such hue and cry about this pitty issue, but why cant you look into International airport in bangalore where english is a dominant language and kannada almost lost there. Could you imagine frankfurt airport on the similar lines?

  36. Simple Says:


    its not as simple as u make it out. When we say one nation, there should be one language that unites us all. People move in and out of different states for one thousand reasons. Each time i go to calcutta for some reason, i am not expected to learn bengali, it would be best if they knew hindi.

    When i visit Kerala, I find it so difficult to communicate with people, simply because i don;t understand malayalam …….

    ditto any place

  37. nijavaada Says:

    As always, I go by the title churumuri flashes on its articles as a good indication of the blog’s psyche (at that moment, say! :o)

    Well in that case, let us understand What is exactly the identity of these anglo-indians that we’re all bent-upon counting on?

    Is it that these are people who belong(ed) to the old english era, and they who followed on the english footsteps when the british quit this land, and they who still dont seem to understand where they belong, and are scattered on our land, wherever there is a quota available in their favour?

    And is that why we dont have to be surprised to find that this anglo-indian population (of how many ever lakhs, and growing) can be spotted only in those some states of our nation where this quota reigns?

    And how exactly is this identity planned/expected/constitutioned to get inherited in their successors? Is their identity an endangered one so that they really need to be protected – in which case has anyone done a recent evaluation of their species-count, and the latest level of endangerment and cared to find out if the species actually thinks alike (we were always thinking people speaking English would be the last to be endangered on any land!)?

    Or has this identity been so plentifully blessed that their lineage is contracted to speak nothing but pure english, and that they’d be destroyed if they committed a good-deed of speaking Kannada in Karnataka and attempted to coerce with the identity of the mass they live amidst?

    And BTW, who in the world has honoured these rights upon anglo-indians, and what is the exact history behind this? Do we want to be the blinded horse treading on its slaved path, or do we want to open our eyes to reality – which is all about being a Kannadiga in Karnataka – no matter whether you’re an anglo-indian, a zimbabwe-india, or an austral-indian or whatever?

    I think the original author of this write-up has shown his choice already – the first one. Now the rest…

  38. avinash Says:


    The link language for India should be English and not Hindi.

    Is Tamilnadu not surviving without knowing hindi? Are they not as much Indians as we are? Are they not cheering for India when India takes on Pakistan??

    This hindi as national language concept is completely flawed theory..
    The positioning of the Hindi language as the only “official (Indian) language of India”, as well as the absence of true federalism and consequent disproportionately high stakes for the central government in internal matters of the subscribing states – both constructs ill-begotten in a hurry – have polluted India.

    Hindification has destroyed the very idea of unity in diversity and accorded a higher status and undue advantages to the speakers of that language. This, together with the constitutional right of all Indians to work and settle anywhere in India, has placed speakers of Hindi (and close-by languages) at an advantage over and above other linguistic peoples. When once you declare the knowledge of Hindi as a prerequisite for any central government job, it is natural for the speakers of that language to fill those jobs.

    The states subscribing to any federation of states do so for personal material gain and for not any spiritual reasons. It’s as simple as that, and India is no exception. In an environment which does not treat the subscribing peoples as equals but instead accords a higher status to one people over the rest, songs of the sublimity of the Idea of India start to sound like the harsh calls of a predatory bird! Who can care to appreciate the beauty of the common sublime thread of culture when the harsh reality is that you are not being treated as an equal? How long can anyone continue to sing the praise of the Idea of India from his heart when the harsh reality is that he is being considered as a second-grade citizen when it comes to employment?

    In short, although the Idea of India is fine, there are flaws in the implementation of that idea. It is these implementation flaws which linguistic groups oppose, and not the sublime common thread of culture.

  39. Gaby Says:

    This is totally off track – the story of Varamahalakshmi is set in Kundinapura in Magadha- so this thing is actually another Bihari import and not namma habba- well it would depend on how ‘ namma’ is defined.

    I do hope to be amused by a lot of santimonious/ hypocritical/responses.

  40. ramchandra kulkarni Says:

    If the KRV could celebrate when Cherkalam Abdullah took oath in Kannada in the Kerala Assembly


    Sir, Have you fogotten that Kasaragodu is a Kannada bastion and should have been a part of Karnataka during state formation? 80 out of 100 still speak in Kannada/Tulu in that district ( mind you,, this is the story after 50 years of Kerala ruling there).. There is nothing special in Abdullah taking oath in Kannada.

    Same is not the case in Belagavi,, Belagavi was a Kannada city right from the beginning. Belagavi name was derived from Balli Gaavi . The Mahajan commision awarded Balagavi to Karnataka based on land ownership then and 70% of the city land was owned by Kannadigas.

    Don’t link Kasaragodu with Derek .. He has been here all through his life and can speak very good kannada. Even then, it is his sheer arrogance that he refused to speak in the language of the land. Nobody is forcing him to use Kannada at his home. He is a public figure and should speak the language of the land.

    If your logic of anybody can speak anything holds good, then our vidhanasoudha will need Telugu ( the reddys) /Tamil ( AIADMK MLAs) / Hindi (Anand Singh of hosapete) /Bhojpuri ( coming soon) /English (Derek) /Malayalam(Harris of Shanti nagar) translaters to translate to Kannada. ashtaada mele Kannada aaDalita bhashe aagi yenu bantu maNNu??

  41. Srikanth Says:

    Good one Sathish. This is a new shift in your stance :)

    Ka.Ra.Ve can promote Kannada but not resort to strong hand tactics.
    I very much agree the view that it is “used” by which ever party is in opposition to put the ruling party in tight spot.

    And these bunch of people who operate under Ka.Ra.Ve are just opportunists, who misuse the name or organization for personal benefits like behaving in improper and illegal manner by sporting the banners, flags etc.

  42. Simple Says:


    Why should we have a foreign language (English) as a national language?

    This is ridiculous…when we have 100s of Indian languages, its strange to have a foreign language as a link/national language

    It is quite impractical for an Indian to learn all the 100 Indian languages in order to be able to converse with an Indian from other states.

    The sense of oneness will come only through a native language. and that is hindi. and not an elitist english.

  43. anonymous Says:

    “The Vedike must understand that it can’t preserve and popularise Kannada by simply emulating the strong-arm tactics of the Dravida movement in Tamil Nadu…”

    why not? did the dravida movement get penalized for trying it, or did the Dravida movement prove it did not work?

    the dravida movement today is a rock solid component of secular UPA. may be the vedike will have a similar future. would that be bad?

  44. Gaby Says:

    Which Hindi would you advocate as the official fevicol for this country of 100s of languages? Shuddh (tatsama) Hindi of Akaashvani/Doordarshan, Tadbhava Hindi with Pali/Prakrut adulteration, Hinglish of Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor, Hindustani of Amir Khusrau or the enchanting but sadly neglected dialects like Maithili and Braj Bhasha ?

    While you make up your mind we Kannadigas will continue to debate whether a good kannadiga should know his Masti or not !

  45. Hope Says:


    Wud lik to answer u…
    I do not think English be used as national language.. It;s fine to be used for common communication.. other wise, it will be like giving undue advantage to hindi over other languages.. Will any mother prefer one of her kid above others? all languages of India are very much Indian.. the constitution actually says that the Hindi speaking states should be taught south indian languages. But no where this is implemented. Only the southern states lik karnataka are being bombed with hindi.. why this disparity?

    And comin back to english, pls do not forget that it was English itself which united Indians of different regions during the independence struggle…
    I think it’s fine to use English until some one learns the local language

  46. Alok Says:

    @ Mr. Ranganath.. and others defending KRV

    Mr. Fullinfaw sits in the Assembly because of his identity as an ANglo India. I think that point is made very clear DP Sathish.

    What Ka Ra Ve is trying to do is prevent him from expressing his identity in the place where he is supposed to be a representative of the same.

    Whatever his personal linguistic capabilities maybe, you cannot seek to use linguistic chauvinism to deny him his identity as an Anglo-Indian.

  47. Ranganath Says:

    Mr DPS,

    i would like to bring to the notice that media which acts as moral teacher??, you would not coverage any work done by KRV like mass blood donation camp, helping the down trodden, but you would cover incidents like this and act as if they have done a blunder by asking someone to speak in kannada. What a pathetic situation we the common people are in where we can not even ask a person to speak in the language of the land Shame on the media which is supposed to be unbiased but unfortunately its not????

  48. Gaby Says:

    Even if Mr Fullinfaw’s place in the Assembly is due to his identity as an Anglo-Indian how does the demand that he speak in Kannda infringe that identity. I cant think of any rational argument that would say an Anglo-Indian has to automatically speak in English. The high handed demand of the KaRaVe, I would think it infringes rather on his freedom of speech. But hey I am not the lawyer.

    I wonder if a member choose to speak in Tamil or Telugu in the Karnataka Assembly would that be legigitimate?

  49. pedda Says:

    Maybe it is time we stopped having reservations for Anglo-Indians. Just because the British deemed it fit to give reservations to there descendants does not mean we have to continue it after 60 years.

  50. pedda Says:

    Maybe it is time we stopped having reservations for Anglo-Indians. Just because the British deemed it fit to give reservations to their descendants does not mean we have to continue it after 60 years.

  51. nagesh v Says:

    Satish, you have grossly understood what happened in Legislative Assembly when Derrick spoke. As I was present very much in the House, let me educate you. You should have chcked the records before firing a mail to churumuri.
    The first time when Derrick rose to make a statement, he was requested by other members in Assembly to speak in Kannada. Speaker Jagadish Shettar too requested him. MLA C T Ravi said that he knows Derrick well and he was also aware that Derrick’s knowledge of Kannada. in fact, ravi expressed why Derrick was not inclined to speak in kannada. Derrick made his presentation on plight of anglo indian schools and children in English.
    On the second occasion, Derrick when tried to speak in English the members including the Speaker said “as you know kannada, why not you speak in Kannada? Let the House deliberate in Kannada”. Derrick was hell bent on not speaking in Kannada. He preferred to sit rather than speaking in Kannada! That was the arrogance exhibited by the MLA.
    When he can live in Karnataka, when he can make best use of all the facilities provided by Karnataka, when he is a public representative, why not he speak in the local laungauge?
    Those people who are raising jhanda against Karnataka or KRV, can they surive in any other State in India without talking the local launauge. Let them try that in TN or AP assembly, then they will see the consequence.
    It is not that I am supporting KRV or any Kannada supporters, But I totally condemn the arrogance of Derrick. The same Derrick used to come to newspaper offices begging for coverage for himself. He used to promote his cause in Kannada only! Once he became MLA, he is behaving as though daily he is drinking Thames water.

  52. Sandesh Says:

    The mere fact that he “sits” in the assembly is a proof that he is recognized for being a anglo-indian. However, to whom is his basic responsibility lies? Towards the segment of people he represents or to his colonial grand fathers? I think speaking in kannada won’t make him less anglo-indian. He can proudly and boldly state, in kannada, that he is an anglo-indian. That is all I want.

  53. naveen Says:

    Dear Sathish,
    I completely agree with your thoughts regarding KRV and some of its insanic activities. But at the same time, what if the same Derrick Fullinfaw were to be in the Assembly of either Tamilnadu or Keral? Would he have dared to care a damn to the local langage? I subscribe to your view that constitutionally an Anglo-Indian has the right to protect his language and culture. But, it is only in Karnataka that an outsider can survive without learining even a single sentence in Kannda. This applies not only to the so called outsiders but also to some of the minorities who are born and brought up in Karnataka. It cannot happen in any other states in India.

  54. Hoysala Says:

    Dear Mr. Satish,

    You expect 224 members in the house, all of whom understand only Kannada to adjust to 1 member who insists on speaking in English but knows Kannada very well. Ridiculous. If we go to any bank, public sector office or Union govt office we find only English and/or Hindi and that is totally acceptable to you. Are we in our country or in some foreign country. What have you done for that Mr. Great Satish?

  55. Hiranyaaksha Says:

    I don’t really get the relation between M.S. Satyu’s example and Pullin Fa.

    And talking about the need of KRV in this hour, is very much true. Neither M.S Satyu nor you could have

    1. Brought a stay in illegal Railway recruitment.
    Quote :

    2. Made a Kannadiga a Mayor in Belagavi

    3. Made SC accept the plea with respect to Kaveri verdict

    4. Stopped the Hogenakkal Project

    5. Gotten Pulin Pa to speak in kannada- surprised, are you ;)

    You seem to have been forcefully confused by some english media.

    This hour, you need to wake up.

    Signing off
    Naive Kannadiga

  56. Hiranyaaksha Says:

    I don’t understand the relation between M.S Satyu’s comment and Pullin Pa behavior.

    The need for KRV at this hour is very much. Neither M.S Satyu nor you could have

    1. Stopped illegal Railway recruitment in Karnataka

    2. Made Kannadiga a mayor in Belagavi

    3. Made Apex court to accept the plea regarding to kaveri verdict

    4. Stopped the hogenakkal project

    5. Got Pulin Pa to accept his mistake – surprised, take a look at this

    I feel this speaks a lot about the need of KRV at this hour.

    Signing off
    Naive Kannadiga

  57. Madhu Says:

    Hahahaha …. its pity to see the plight of English guradians;

    Breaking news:- As per the evening news, Mr.Derrik visited KRV office and expressed his apologies for not talking in Kannada. He extended his promise to use Kannada in future in assembly.

    Mr.Anglo Indian has taken a Membership in KRV, if you have the stomach to read that, you can learn a lot (perhaps more than you’d like) about the fact.

    Mr. DPS & Others
    Stop misleading the janataa, Anglo indians and other minorities want to mingle with main stream. Media like yours avoid this .. from now on be careful in attacking the KRV members, since Mr.Derrick is also part of “NEW KANNADA GUARDIANS”…

    Anywayz, thanks for all entertainment.

  58. Sundara Says:

    Our Rashtrakavi Manjeshwara Govinda Pai was very fluent in 15 langauges. He wrote in Kannada. PV Narasimha Rao too knew as many as 14 languages. Those who have seen the world will say that more the languages you know, it will be better for you.
    If someone is refusing to learn Kannada or any other language it is their problem. Kannada will not lose anything. I come from Kasaragod. I speak Tulu at home. I take pride in saying that I am a Kannadiga. I have studied in Kannada medium. I speak Malayalam, English, Hindi and a bit of Tamil and Telugu. If I am transferred to Chennai I will learn fluent Tamil. If in Hyderabad, I will learn fluent Telugu. I feel, it would be better for me to know more langauges. If someone doesn’t think so forget them. Kannada is too great a langauge to be bothered by such mean minded people.

  59. ಹಂಸ Says:

    Please check this

  60. Doddi Buddi Says:

    DPS and ALOK,

    First of all you must know that the ‘mother tongue’ of 90% of Anglo Indians is Tamil–it is not English! The best reply came from our friend the ‘Nationalist’. …”You are not anti-kannada for writing this post. You are either too naive to understand how world works or too arrogant to accept the work of foot soldiers such as Ka.Ra.Ve.

    “What’s the deal with your (and Sathyu’s) twisted arguement on kannada activists and “stature of Dr. Masti Iyengar”? If I haven’t read Masti, I have no business protecting kannada? Remember – kannada is not protected only in the academic ciricles and the corridors of universities. It’s protected in the offices, streets, houses, shops. movies and other places….”

    Sure Anglo-Indians are welcome to speak whatever language they prefer at home but Kannada is the language in Karnataka Assembly!!

    As usual you have had a few ‘secular’ drinks, one too many and needlessly lapsed into KRV bashing. I think if you read Sisya’s post you will be more sober in future. Thanks.

  61. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Wonder how long the anglo-indians can protect their anglo identity.

    Many Anglo-Indians have migrated to Australia, England, the US.

    There isnt much ‘anglo-ness’ being added, most Anglo-Indians in India either marry amongst themselves or non-Anglo Indians.

    2 MPs to the lok sabha for a population of 2 lakh! Another throwback from the British raj. What is so special about the anglo-indians to warrant this reservation in this day and age?

  62. KolikeRanga Says:

    Hope avare,
    Hindi is the primary official language of India, with English being the subsidiary official language. I find it surprising that you are apprehensive of giving Hindi a preference over English. How many Indians do you think you can communicate with, using your SMS lingo?
    We beat our chests when Mr. Fullinfaw speaks in English, but have absolutely no problems in declaring English as the unifier language of India.
    I do not expect a visitor from our Hindi heartland to know English or Kannada, unless ofcourse, there is an intention of domicile in Karnataka.

  63. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    BTW… didn’t Satyu do a typical Secular™® trick saying mannisi O guruvE to Ka.Ra.Ve when he was rounded up by them in Rangayana. Didn’t the venerable red rag report it?

  64. BB@B Says:

    Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and many other MNCs makes billions by having their business in Kannada land..Can we ask them to learn Kannada.Can any of us get a job in MNC if we don’t know the MNC matter how fluent you are in Kannada..its English which is paying us for our Bread n Butter. SO the fact is first one cares for his stomach and then heart.. by heart I might be pure kannadiga..but might be forced to go to bed empty stomach if I decide not to speak english.

    SO what’s wrong if Mr Anglo Indian decide to speak in he by any chance insulting kannada by speaking in English…if thats so..all of us insulting Kannada by using english language to defend kanadda language

  65. Yella OK Says:

    I wonder why is it that only the Kannadiga English journalists should have the following traits – doing very little to protect the interests of KKK (kannada, kannadigas and karnataka) and going out of the way to appease other linguistic groups. Journalists from other states dont seem to be requiring these traits. I am yet to see one kannadiga english journalist standup for (and so write) the cause of kannada, kannadigas and karnataka.

    Denounce violence by all means but dont throw the baby (interests of kannada, kannadigas and karnataka) with the bathwater pls.

    The English media is well commented upon here.

  66. gaby Says:

    I cant see why some people are finding it difficult to comprehend the fact that Mr Fullinfaw is a nominated member of the Karnataka Assembly representing the Anglo-Indian minorities of Karnataka and has Cultural Rights endowed by Constitution ( One of which is recognising English as their mother tongue)as well as a freedom to speech (and the language he chooses to speak in). If he wants to speak in English and not in Kannada we can sulk at Mr Fullinfaw but any other action is pure hooliganism.

    Further if an individual member chooses to speak in Telugu or Tamil it does not mean the language in which the House proceedings are conducted have changed. Kannada is strong enough to withstand these things. My opinion is that it is simply the political aspirations of thugs like the KaRaVe which prompt them to become activists in the face of such incidents.

    I wonder what they would do if a member chose to speak in Halegannada shaili instead of the Gramya of the KaRaVe ( I intend no offense here- I like the rural and folk narratives much more than the hyper cilivlised texts in all language I know).

    Not a wicky etc – that’s not a trick of the Secular person- its simply something every sensible person does when they are threatened by thugs and hooligans.

  67. Phaneesh Shetty Says:

    Its so funny that the people around supporting the sick stand taken by Derek and the english media is just trying to cofin the local language, culture and poople…
    Mean while, Derek himself visited the karnataka rakshana vedike office and assured everybody that he would talk in kannada hence forth.
    he has also taken the membership of karnataka rakshana vedike.
    This is a fitting reply for all..KRV is an organization with a goal, with a vision, with a forethought, with an agenda…

    @ All supporters of Hindi as National language – Tamilnadu is still progressing, prospering without Hindi and its the same dravidian party which is helping your so called Hindi based central government to survive in power..Hindi imposition will not benifit the state in any way..Opposing the Hindi imposition is not desha droha
    A strong karnataka, A strong Jammu and Kasmir , A strong Tripura can build a strong India..Instead of imposing Hindi in all other non-Hindi speaking states, its better if the government concentrates on improving the infrastructure and the inturn the life of people

  68. Jayaprakash Manjegowda Says:

    you say- “Just as the Vedike has right to promote Kannada, Anglo-Indians have the right to use their language English in all spheres of life”.

    ok so.. Just how far can they go to protect their DISTINCT IDENTITY in Karnataka?

    you ask – “How can Rakshana Vedike be the sole custodians of a great 2000-year-old language and culture?”

    What makes you stereotype the word “sole custodians”. If a well qualified Kannadiga is denied a job for an outsider in Bengaluru, will you come and fight for the cause. So what exactly makes you say that “…..But I know that I am a better Kannadiga and I have a much greater knowledge of Kannada and Karnataka”. Are you the Custodian then?

    Don’t try to fool people here, as Everybody knows what Ka.Ra.Ve has done to Karnataka. In the Group D selection for Railway jobs, can we imagine DPS to come and protest demanding jobs for Kannadigas. No, he is just busy enraking public ire and making money out of his stories….. KRV’s struggle in Kaveri water share, hogenakkal issue, Hindi Imposition, BIAL…… One should say they are a better custodians of Kannada than you (you and the great Indian English media).

  69. Alok Says:


    “However, to whom is his basic responsibility lies? Towards the segment of people he represents or to his colonial grand fathers?”

    Please… don’t bring dead grandfathers into the picture.

    …and unless you are Anglo-Indian, I think it hardly matters what you think is the right way the Anglo Indian community ought to be represented.

    I’m not, so I think Mr. Fullinfaw is best placed to decide that.

    Not you, me or Ka Ra Ve.

  70. Jayaprakash Manjegowda Says:

    Do we, south indians really need to learn Hindi, though we stay in Karnataka.

    SMS lingo? – our english is atleast 100 times better than hindi. It is international language and the world wide info is in english.

  71. Jayaprakash Manjegowda Says:

    @ Alok

    Mr. Fullinfaw is not best placed now. He will be speaking in Kannda next time onwards, he has assured Ka. Ra. Ve.

  72. Rajesh Says:

    Good job by KRV. Derek has apologized for his mistake..
    He has even gone to KRV office to assure that the mistake would not repeat again.He also took the membership in KRV

  73. Sandesh Says:

    OK… from tomorrow whatever he does we can’t question.. cause ” he is best place to decide”, right?
    His identity is already in built when attends the assembly sessions. Now, you are telling me that he CANNOT speak in any other language lest he will no longer be an anglo-indian. Hmm … strange!

    Asking a person who is born, brought up and living here to speak in kannada is “linguistic chauvinism” ?? Devre gati

  74. dharma Says:

    Kannada is spoken all over Karnataka in various styles. Which is the original style? People of old Mysore speak Kannada which is well understood by all like the BBC English. The Kannada spoken by the people from Mangalore, Hubli, Darwad is much different. This you can well appreciate in the Kannada news readers style. Do the Kannada chauvinists have anything to say about this?

  75. Balaji Says:

    D. P. Satish,

    Why should we continue to appease Anglo-Indians with unnecessary representation in Legislature and Parliament?

    And do you know of a language called Sanskrit which has had enormous literature without ever being a major spoken language? Kannada can sure die as a spoken language and continue to excel in literature. Don’t belittle the efforts of KRV even if they are crude.

    Finally, if that Anglo-Indian MLA is speaking in English only as a symbolic gesture and can speak/understand Kannada, then there is nothing to object.

  76. Madhu Rao Says:

    It is sad that people live in a land for decades and cannot/do not speak the state language no matter what their mother tongue is. If a peoples representative, irrespective of the quota, cannot make basic spoken Kannada, it’s a shame. Why the hell do we lament about the IT outsiders not blending in ?

  77. S.Manohar Says:


    Firstly, let us get our fact right : Hindi and English are the official languages of our country according to the constitution AND India has no national language. We also do not need one.

    You have a prejudice that in a nation everybody must and should speak one common language. This may be the philosophy of many countries like Germany, France etc. But there are a lot of exceptions to this rule. Like Switzerland where there are 3-4 national languages. There are many central American countries which despite speaking one language are not one nation. So Natioanalism may or may not depend on language.

    Hindi has no routed-ness in entire India. So it CANNOT be our national language. The only link language can be English. The very fact that we are having this discussion in English means that. Whatever we deceide for out country should be based on “Equality Of Sacrifice” from all parts of our country. Also, India cannot be about One language, One religion etc. India is and will be plural in nature.

    Wait for a few more years, then, when u go to Kerala try English and try it in Bengal also. But if u stay there for a long time please make an effort to learn Bengali or Malyalam. All our languages are beautiful, so let us not try to arrange them in an order or priority………

  78. Chengappa Ramesh Says:

    All the comments overwhelmingly declare what a cheap argument this journalist DPS is making here…In Bengaluru kannada…er sorry Bangalore kannad it is called ” Kyaaakirs Uguskonda…”
    Why dont you take a break from Bengaluru …and help ur buddy Rajdeep Sardesai or his idiotic wife..they seem to be very lost on how to communalize the situation in Jammu…and blame the 5 lakh hindus for running away from Kashmir…and show that not giving 39 acres for pilgrim shelters is a very secular display of Kashmiriyat.
    By the way…while you talk to Rajdeep…ask him if there is anything called Kannadiyat on similar lines as Kashmiriyat ? That will hopefully make you convey to this Derek Funnyflaw that he needs to speak in Kannada as a public servant of Karnataka.

  79. Janasamanya Says:

    KaRaVe, Vatal etc. may not be ‘sophisticated’. Yet, not only Kannadigas but all those who have made Karnataka as their home, must support them in their goal. Whatever little bit Kannada you see in Bangalore is surviving because of them (also). Great nationalists (sorry, Internationalists), global citizens, progressive-minds, forwards like DPS, Sathyu should be exiled from Karnataka, because Karnataka does not deserve to keep such great personalities. Siberia or Alaska is a better place for them.

  80. Simple Says:


    If your reply was meant to be taken in a light vein, then i shall just laught it off.

    But if you meant it seriously, you must realise that every langauage has several dialects. English too has its hundreds of variants. Similarly Kannada too . Do you know that there is Akashvani Kannada? Hubli Kannada? Mangalore Kannada? Mysore Kannada? Filmi Kannada? Bangalore College Kannada? Official Govt. kannada? Literature Kannada? Etc. Etc.

    So lets not nitpick here….the normal standardised hindi taught in schools should be sufficient for a sense of national integration.

  81. Simple Says:


    Point 1: You say english united India during freedom struggle. yes, true. English united 5% of english speaking India. while the rest 95% were totally indifferent because they did not know english.

    A malayalee could nt understand a Punjabi. A gujarati could not understand a Bengali. A tamilian could not understand a Kashmiri . an Oriya could not understand a Kannadiga…

    What a joke that you talk about uniting India!!!!!!!!!!

    point 2

    You say that the constitution actually says that the Hindi speaking states should be taught south indian languages.

    Does that mean Delhiites should study Tamil, Telugu, kannada, Malayalam, Konkani, Tulu? And why should they learn only south indian languages? It would be unfair if they did not learn Oriya, Marathi, Bengali, Manipuri, Kashmiri et etc…at this rate we should have only languages in school instead of other subjects like maths and science….

    point 3

    your point about southern states being bombed with hindi and disparity is baseless.
    There should be one language that is understood by everyone in India. If you don’t want Hindi, then which language do you propose as our national language?

    tell me.

  82. soumya Says:

    To be a political representative, Mr.Derrick must have spent a considerable amount of time in K’taka. He must be an extremely careless man if he has not learnt Kannada.

  83. kannadiga Says:

    Derek has visited KRV office yesterday and promised that he will talk in Kannada in the assembly in next session for sure.

    He even took the membership of KRV..

    Here is the Sanjevaani report of yesterday

    Derek has realised his mistake and by yesterday’s gesture has shown his willingness to become a part of Kannada main stream..

    Atleast, now, you should stop this appeasement

  84. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Mr Sathish
    Open your eyes. Mr Derrick is not running for cover!!
    Stop spreading malicious rumours about Karave!!
    Dont forget Mr. Derrick is born and brought up in Karnataka and he is a MLA in Vindhana Soudha. I see nothing wrong in expecting him to speak Kannada in the assembly. If he was raised in the Queen’s country, then it was a different issue.
    Mr Derrick does not mind speaking Tamil, but speaking Kannada would be a problem for him.

  85. Alok Says:

    I can’t believe I am making three posts defending DPS, but here goes….

    What I think most people here are missing is not whether Mr. Fullinfaw knows or does not know Kannada.

    When he is in the Assembly as a representative of the Anglo Indian community, he should be free to speak in the language his community speaks in. Nothing in the rules of the Assembly prevent, and certainly his constituents have nothing against it.

    This is not a debate about the larger issues of Kannada use, but a simple one about an individual legislator’s right to speak in the tongue of the people he represents.

    … and I can’t believe that Ka Ra Ve has so many supporters on blogosphere.

  86. Gaby Says:

    Simple anna,
    You could certainly take it in whatever vein you want to- you could even take it with a mug of cold kingfisher beer if you like. All I was saying is no Indian language has the potential to create a mood of Integration throughout India. In case of the Standardised Hindi you speak of- it’s shown itself to be a cause for division especially in the South. Further why should an artificial version of Khadiboli be given preference over Brij basha or Hindustani? let’s face it this promotion of ‘ normal’ Hindi is a political game and not with an intention of national integration.

  87. Gaby Says:

    Simple anna,
    Also while every language has numerous spoken variants none other than ‘ standard normal’ Hindi are asking to be used as ‘ National ‘ language.

  88. Simple Says:

    Respected Gaby Jee

    What is your point?

    Do you or don’t you want Hindi as the national language?

    If you don’t approve of Hindi, which is the other language you approve of, that can be understood across India.

    So that if I go to Orissa, i should have no problem conversing with the auto rickshaw driver or the grocery vendor or my hairstylist.


  89. Bharat Says:

    If you have to live in Oriya for a few months, better learn basic Oriya.

    The link language for educated class is English. For the rest, it depends on where they are moving to. For example, construction workers who move to Bangalore from TN quickly learn Kannada.

    North Indian officials who get transfers to TN quickly learn basic Tamil. If they get transfers to Karnataka, they DON’T learn Kannada, but expect Kannadigas to speak to them in Hindi.

  90. tarlesubba Says:

    to converse with an ‘auto rickshaw driver or the grocery vendor or my hairstylist’ all you need to be is your own man. you dont need a constitutional language to communicate with a fellow human being.

    and a bit of commonsense perhaps… if you have business in orrisa you better learn odiya. if you want to eat the food in your plate, you dont put the plate to your mouth do you? you extend your hand, take a morsel and put that in your mouth.

  91. Bon Jour Says:

    Why can’t English be a link language tell me? I am living in Switzerland right now and here there are 3 official languages French, German and Italian and although almost everyone knows English in Geneva no one speaks it just because I know only English..ditto with Hindi speakers when they travel to karnataka or else where in India…I have learnt most of teh basic french phrases for my own survival…I did get a haircut where the salon guy didnt knwo a word of english , I went to google translate and printed out all the basic phrases in french which I would need to communicate with him and I did just fine..ditto applies to you when you travel to orissa or any where in India…
    And what good everyone in India are gonna achieve by learning Hindi, i know soo many north Indian colleagues in my company who speak soo much hindi and use it in all the official discussions that they find it soo hard to communicate with clients…or they speak funny english..isn’t it funny to see a mallu and Telugu guy although they know english speaking in broken and funny Hindi just because its an Indian language..
    Talk to any orisssa guy and he will tell you how his language is dying because of Hindi hegemony…
    I feel even without of knowing an iota of Hindi I can survive and do just fine in whole of India as long as I am pro active in picking up the local langauage and reserve English for official communication..

  92. S.Manohar Says:

    Sorry to interfere, but we do not need a national language. Just like how 50% of India will have to learn Hindi as a new language, let everybody learn English (Which will also boost our chances of employement etc) and connect with the entire world…..Even if we decide to learn Hindi today we cannot do away with English.

    To quote : ” Let the small dog also use the big door, why make another small door”

  93. Simple Says:

    S. Manohar

    Your logic is flawed. If 50% of India has to learn hindi as a new language, then a MUCH BIGGER FIGURE OF 95% of India has to learn kannada as a new language

    similarly 95% have to learn tamil /bengali/punjbai/marati/kashmiri/oriya.

    isnt it better for 50% to learn Hindi rather than 95% to learn any other new language?

    We need a national language. just like we need a national flag, national boundaries, national PM, national President. national defence…..

    Of course everybody should learn English (the international language)
    Everybody should learn Kannada (the local language)
    everybody should learn Hindi (the national language)

    If you say there is no need for national language, and everybody should learn English, then the same logic can be used to say, there is no need for local language like Kannada, everybody can learn english!

    We need Kannada as much as we need HIndi as much as we need English.

    It’s quite simple. We should learn to love and master all three.

  94. S.Manohar Says:

    Simple, I NEVER said that whole of India should learn Kannada. That would simply not be fair to the non-Kannada speakers and is also impractical. There is this unnecessary fixation on Hindi + National language. Hindi is just another Indian language and since it is the most widely (<30%) spoken our constitution gave it a place as official (not national) language along with English. Practically, we all HAVE TO learn english in todays world for jobs, exposure etc. So without any extra burden English can be the link-language. For an auto-driver in bangalore both Hindi and English are equally new, so he should learn english and not hindi.

    It is just about priotorising and protecting. We have one common language English and that itself is very clearly hurting all other languages including Hindi. But we cannot do anything here. Making space for another common language would have even more negative effect on all non-hindi languages. So why not make FULL-USE of English as the link language? What do we have against English ?

    Anything like a national language should logically follow from the countries past history and culture, sadly, Hindi does not fit these requirements. Not everybody feels connected to Hindi. Given this, trying to force Hindi down people’s throat will only have adverse impact on our great and diverse nation.

  95. hinfinity Says:

    For a society to progress, it has to welcome diversity . The behavior of kannada activists today is like a spoilt child throwing a tantrum and a fit at not getting its way. What’s really painful, is that so-called educated people encouraging mobocracy in the name of Kannada nationalism and people spewing vitriol at anybody daring enough to express an opinion different from their own. The emergence of organizations like KaRaVe is a sign of talibanisation of indian society.

    Ironically, Churumuri -an english blog- is the place where the budding right wing Kannada taliban (aka Ka Ra Ve) comes today to hone his/her skills in heaping abuse on any opinion that should differ from his/her own.

    Encourage organizations like KaRaVe and you will set in motion the decline and fall of the wonderful and great kannada language and culture.

  96. Gaby Says:

    Simple Anna,
    Everything else you have mentioned serves a symbolic or actual purpose in integrating the country. Please enlighten me as to what purpose Hindi- particularly the standard Hindi that you speak of, serves. For emotional, local commerce and transactional reasons one has the local language and for larger technical and commercial reasons English is better suited than Hindi.

    I reiterate Hindi is a lovely language but the imposition of Hindi is part of a political agenda and doesnt make any sense at all to a non-Hindi speaking person and to all sensible Hindi speaking people.

  97. calling spade a spade Says:

    What the hell? U R Anantamurthy is a clown and his greatest achievement so far is to pass irresponsible, envious comments about Bhairappa’s works and through that try to project himself as some kind of intelect. Neither ur URA nor MS Satyu come forward to safeguard the interest of Kannadigas. They sit at home and give press statements like impotents to get some cheap publicity.
    Ka ra ve defenitely goes overboard sometimes. But they are on streets to fight for what they believe in. They get beaten up, frequently get imprisoned, roughed up by the police but they still fight for our rights, for our language.
    Would you goody goody lot do that? it is easy to sit in your airconditioned offices and write for the heck of writing something and quote some
    self-proclaimed intellects to support your stale arguements MR. If you are a ‘better Kannadiga’ like you said, do something to prove it. We don’t care how many Anantamurty’s books u’ve read or how many girish carnad’s plays you have watched. We need action.
    In bangalore even auto drivers dont talk kannada. ‘kitna chahiye madam?” asks vegetable seller. If someone comes to the city from small towns and can’t speak Yo-man-wassup kinda convent english, they are not just humiliated but treated as outcastes. But no. why should it bother u? Lets beat up ka ra ve guys. Long live satish, long live URA and long live Kannada…Jai Karnataka Mata

  98. complex Says:

    Here is some thing for you

  99. baby doll Says:

    i am 4 kannada bt i do not agree with cheap stunts what these orgns do. only a handful of people, just 2 appear on tv, rail roko maadtaare.

    why should we name the busstand as satellite busstand?
    we kannadigas say ramaswamy circle .
    aadre hindi navru noida circle annalla.noida gol chakkar antare
    even bus stand ge bus adda antare
    why do we have english names everywhere?
    does that really mean we do nt care 4 kannada?
    i have been staying in delhi 4 17 yrs and the way they ues hindi shows their love 4 their language
    even an IAS fellow switches back 2 hindi fm english

  100. Tarlemaga Says:

    Progenies of Nehru are having a gala cock fight here. Indians will never ever learn that they are a genetic accident.

    Barriers such a Language,Religion,Caste,Sub-caste and so called culture will drown this “SO CALLED SECULAR DEMOCRACY” into turmoil.

    To drill a hole further into your brains we can come up with DNA Test of all the divisions and then possible pour some sulphuric acid and create a genetically modified hybrid version of your purity. This will further refine your purity.

    Secular democracy is a mobocracy. Some cheapo during his “ONE NIGHT STAND” decided these progenies are out for a BIG ALL INDIA DIVIDED FIGHT and the world laughs at him.

    Churchill will be turning in his Grave now.

  101. Sandesh Says:

    “For a society to progress, it has to welcome diversity”

    I am sure you don’t know (or don’t want to know) about welcoming others to Karnataka. We have tamil brahmins (escaping from dravidian clutches), tibetans (a colony exists for them..where we have become outsiders) and so on… So, you calling the kannada activists as narrow minded is really stupid.

    Moreover, Mr Fullinfaw has been in Karnataka for ages!.. He ain’t no “outsider” and “kannada talibans” (wow.. what a lame name to come up for people trying to spread kannada in our own state) are not against diversity (or whatever you call it).

    “Churumuri -an english blog”
    Please look at it’s tagline ……… “Swalpa sihi, swalpa spicy”.. It is half-english and half-kannada :)

  102. tarlesubba Says:

    diversity cuts both ways alva?
    locals enriched by global ideas. globals enriched by local ideas.

    krv is a response to ghettoization in bangalore.

    ghettos can sometimes be large parts of a city, with its own routes, restaurants,events and its own rhythm. p number of such people in blr cant tell a gowda from a goDe forget the nuanced purport of the term goDe that polisubbas know. live in a make believe random world.

    krv has no agenda in mysore or arkalgud. even cauvery people fight on their own terms in mysore. not so in bangalore.

  103. Nitin Says:

    Ka Ra Ve and like organizations did bring in hope to lot of kannadigas to bring back pride and put kannada back in Bangalore and karnataka. But increasing they seem to lose their way.
    Ka Ra Ve would do us proud if it would
    1) Think ,analyze before taking up silly and trivial causes like ‘Bendettu Bangalore’, sasken etc
    2) Stop collection of money and mindless celebrations in the name of Rajotsava and instead use the money collected to help kannada schools and kannada kids in need
    3) Stop misuse and resurrect genuine respect to the karnataka flag which are being used on new buildings along with Dr Raj photo pasted on its glass facade as some sort of protection .
    4) Involve citizens from all walks of life like retired professors,teachers,doctors,bureaucrats,etc unlike the now which is a brigade of young men.
    5) Take up causes against hindi imposition.

  104. BTM Says:

    Britishers attacked INDIA 200 years back.. now Karnataka is under attack from HINDIA.

    @ hinfinity
    spewing vitriol….
    What should the educated class do then. Hindia snatching jobs (Group D recruitment) from Kannadigas. Imposing Hindi through Centralised Banks. Arrogance of Hindians denying to learn Kannada though they have made Bengaluru their home.

    According to you the educated class should join you in KRV bashing ceremony.

    Stay on Hindia’s Illegal Railway recruitment: –

  105. Rajesh Says:

    @ Alok,

    You are shocked as why there are no many supporters for KRV..the reason in quiet simple..All sensible people residing in karnataka will have their eyes open.They all see everyday’s problems, challenges and issues faced by karnataka. They all know who comes to the common man’s rescue when they are stuck in a issue..They all know only KRV can do this..

    Thats why there are lot of supporters for KRV…
    KRV will surely excel and climb new levels in the next few years

  106. Rao Says:

    More than 100 adverse and strong comments. Time for DPS to apologise.

  107. MallaPottell Says:

    I was born and raised in TuluNadu and my mother tongue is Tulu. Kannada is forced on to us. If given a choice, we would rather learn English than kannada. Why do some people make such a fuss about Kannada. Kannada is as alien to us as English, but learning English presents us withemployment opportunities. Kodavas are in the same boat like us. To sum it up I would say ‘ Take kannada and show it into your ass’ or ‘Tika muchkondu sumne kutkolli’


  108. sanjay Says:

    Roger Binny speaks very good Kannada. I don’t think lack of Kannada knowledge was the reason he did not speak in the assembly. he was either uninterested or quickly got disenchanted ( easy to do).
    We should be mindful of the rights of special minorities within the stae- Tuluvas, Kodavas, Sanketis etc who need to preserve their languages- their languages are spoken almost entirely within karnataka. Should these languages not be viewed on par with Kannada?

  109. Faldo Says:

    The responses to this post have become a churumuri of issues with two main threads running. people.
    # On the main issue about Derrick, it is nice to note that he has agreed to speak in Kannada the next time around. It is best to leave it there. Raising the temperature on this could have been avoided on both sides.

    #The other issue about national/ official languages always raises a red flag. @Simple please look at the section on Official Languages under this link There is not one but 18 official languages. Also note that Hindi is the most widely spoken but not spoken by the majority. Even among Hindi speaking states, there are several mother tongues some of which do not have official status yet. Think of Bhili, Bojpuri, Santali etc.

    To help people better integrate into the mainstream, many states adopted the three language formula, even though it seems unfair to them. However, any attempt to impose or mandate a language should be resisted. We have to live with this problem and individually find solutions based on our need, instead of using a one size for all approach.

  110. Truth From Facts Says:

    He is one those guys who writes “I, a Brahmin”, believes in “untouchability towards Sangh parivar” and is “ashamed to be a Hindu”. Our own Raja of Psecularism is back:

    “Every time a blast occurs, a dozen Muslims are picked up. Why is this being done after every incident? ”

  111. tarlesubba Says:

    TFT, from that article it is obvious he does not know much about the A’th issue. Why do you look up to his opinion on that?

  112. Sandesh Says:

    “Raising the temperature on this could have been avoided on both sides.”

    Only after the heat was raised did Derrick agree to speak in Kannada. Until then we had to talk. We will leave the matter for now…..

  113. dharma Says:

    Churumuri should stop this English version and switch over to Kannada version. Then we will know as to how many of the blogers really know Kannada, or, are they just write about loving Kannada in English! Ellera bele horage baruthe!

  114. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    We could stop this practice of installing British stooges in the guise of providing reservation to Anglo Indians in select assemblies and the Parliament. Anglo Indians have failed to assimilate and are quite anti Kannada in general. Their loyalties lie else where. Let them be happy as rightful citizens but do not need to enjoy the privileges provided to them by coward leaders of post Independence who tried every way to placate their former British bosses to secure their own powers and positions.
    We can do without an Anglo Indian in our Assembly.

  115. Simple Says:

    Honourable Gaby

    Now I understand you. You are rankled because people like you feel Hindi is THRUST upon unsuspecting, unwilling south Indians.

    I wonder why you guys don’t feel the same way about English. Isn’t English being THRUST upon us south Indians by the western world? Hollywood movies, BBC, English papers, English Novelists from Sidney Sheldon to Enid Blyton to what have you. English was thrust upon you by the British, but you had no problems with this ENGLISH IMPOSITION. Strange.


    You said we don’t need to learn Hindi. But you never explained why we need Kannada? Shouldn’t everybody in Karnataka just learn English? Won’t be it easier that way?

    I never said India should have one language. I merely said India should have a national language. Because, it makes communication simpler. Nothing unites people more than language. Language is a powerful tool to build bridges, to break down barriers.

    Right now I am constructing a home and my tile layers are from Rajasthan, my painters are from Uttar Pradesh, my mason is from Bihar.

    Today these guys are in Karnataka, tomorrow they will be in Kerala, day after in Tamil Nadu, and then Maharashtra. Does it make sense to speak in the local language when they hardly stay for a year or so in each place? How do i communicate with my Bihari labourer who is building my home? Its allright to say he has to learn Kannada. Surely yes, if he is here on a long term basis. Otherwise it is extremely impractical. I cannot speak in Bihari , he cannot speak in Kannada..what language will i use to communicate with him? My home is going to be the biggest loser because people like you say, there is no need to learn Hindi.

    Likewise if i have business interests in fifteen states, does it make sense to spend all my waking time, learning 15 different languages instead of concentrating on my business and helping India’s economy grow? Won’t it be better if all of us knew Hindi in these 15 different states, so everybody gains?

    We cannot adopt a foreign language like English as our link language. It must be Hindi, nationally and regionally it should be local languages, and internationally it must be English. Kannada must thrive and grow as much as Bengali and Gujarati or any other language.

    When I am in Karnataka, I prefer speaking Kannada as much as possible.
    When I am in any other state of India, I prefer speaking Hindi
    WHen I go abroad, I have no choice but to speak English.

    It;s so beautiful , simple and practical.

    People who never leave karnataka have no idea, how difficult it can be to communicate with people from other states who cannot speak Hindi or English

  116. Simple Says:

    Quite strange.

    manohar seems ok to adopt a foreign language as a link language
    While he doesn’t seem to adopt an Indian language as a link language.

  117. subbulakshmi Says:

    Mr Satish

    You have presumed that any act of showing love for kannada as that of Ka Ra Ve. Sorry. I am against the excesses of Ka Ra Ve. but love and defend kannada. if a legislator does not speak the language of the region he has no business to be there. even nafis fazal spoke in “namduke nimduke…” kannada and it was ok. Now Derek Fullinfaw KNOWS Kannada. your argument hold no water. Period.

  118. Jayaprakash Hegde Says:

    Mallu pottel,

    Even I was born and brought up in Bramhavara in Udupi dist. I speak Tulu at home. I am proud to say I am a Kannadiga.

    I never felt kannada as something alien.. Remember, Tulu is spoken by 50% of the population in Mangalore dist and other 40% speaks Kannada and a 10% konkani, where as 60% of Udupi dist speaks kundapur kannada.

    We have been living in harmony since centuries,, don’t create a fuss now saying Kannada imposition and all..

    Karnataka Govt is doing all that to preserve our language,, Tulu and kodava academies are here to promote our language.

    You must be some filthy rich shetty settled in Mumbai,with no roots to tulunaadu,, and just crying foul as though everybody will sit down and notice..

    yenncha Ullar? .. brain is working right?

  119. Sandesh Says:

    dhama avare
    tumba dhanyavadagaLu nimma salahege… haage madidre oLLedagutte…

  120. Sandesh Says:

    Ee englis aikLu sorry keLo jaati alla…. taavu nambidde siddhanta anta saadhistare..

  121. Shravan Says:

    It was not right on Derrick Fullinfaw’s part. He should have spoken in Kannada in the Assembly. By this act he has alienated his community further. He has drawn a line of separation instead of trying represent their interests. No one says that they should speak in Kannada amongst themselves but as a nominated MLA and having been in Karnataka for so long. He should have spoken in Kannada.

  122. dharma Says:

    Sandesh avare, nimma sandesha namma sandesha!

  123. Rajesh Bhat Says:

    I wonder why is DP Satish suddenly so silent after trying to…defend his stupidity initially. Surely the number of passionate responses to this topic is indicative of the fact that Kannada and Kannadigas are already marginalized in their own state in every sphere.
    The MLA and MP seats as well as key portfolios in the state Govt are sold to non-kannadigas, the major Govt tenders go to others, the Engineering and Medical seats go to others, the real estate is controlled by others, the various lobby’s like excise, liquor and tax are run by the non-kannadiga cartels, even the staff who welcome the travelers in the new international airport at Blr are not Kannadigas!

    The day is probably not far when an odd MLA in the Vidana Soudha, who dares to speak in Kannada will be shouted down by the Reddy’s, Mallu’s and Settys.

  124. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Well said Jayprakash Hegde! This MallaPottell fellow jumps up once in a while makes these inane comments! May be he is in Mumbai doing all sorts of illegal activities in Tulu:)?

  125. BTM Says:

    “the major Govt tenders go to others, the Engineering and Medical seats go to others, the real estate is controlled by others, the various lobby’s like excise, liquor and tax are run by the non-kannadiga cartels, even the staff who welcome the travelers in the new international airport at Blr are not Kannadigas! ”

    DP Satish, as you boast of being a better Kannadiga, why dont u write on these above problems of Karnataka, which Rajesh is listing above.. than to to teach Kannadigas what language they should speak in Karnataka’s assembly.

    Swamy MallaPottell ravare, yaarri heliddu nimge, Kannada na hertidivi anta..? I guess you must be really mad to make this statement or you must be living outside Karnataka. As I understand from my friends from Mangalore – Kaarkala.. etc., they call themselves Kannadigas and the amount of Sahanasheelate what we have is the very reason Tulu & Konkani are still alive. If Kannadigas would have forced Kannada on Tulu (Cant imagine this) then Tulu would not have been there.

    Please understand what will happen to Kannada,Tulu & Konkani.. if the Hindi Imposition from Hindia grows like how it is growing. I guess MallaPottell is just a fake name who is testing our unity.

  126. KM Bhat Says:

    Assembly nalli Tulu mataadboda ?

  127. Tarlemaga Says:

    INDIAN CRAB’s from erstwhile princely states have undergone genetic accident of birth. Their Pseudo secular approach is again governed by corruption of thought(Caste,Sub caste, Language, Religion,Region).

    Now they howl and cry hoarse about their loyalty to British and Native tongues.

    This country is an accident and learn to live or atleast learn to die but peacefully.

    Get a change to germinate you in IVF labs rather than through one night stands then you will loose your identity. Till Cloning gets legalised you can keep howling about your identity and butcher each other.

  128. Arun Says:

    I had never seen such an unanimity in any earlier post.Considering magnitude of the issue I had found many of the comments bolstering their quotes with TN and Tamil history. It did raise the curio factor on how tamils achieved their status today.

    Few had quoted Dravida movement, but what they failed to mention was-Dravida movement was self-respect movement(pretty similar to piquant status in blr today).But when you ponder over their modus-operandi it’s intriguing-they achieved it thru brain,not by brawn.They did thru strategy, not by alienating locals. There was not even a single incident of attacks on other linguists(incl NIs) during dravidian movement.

    Most of the tamils in hinterland are rustic,ignorant and innocent, severly compartmentalized on caste just like any other part of india,but what is unique among them is their love for their language(even muslims speak only in tamil). To achieve their goal they never alienated other linguists,even today.(First CM-Telugu,Periyar-Kannadiga,Karunanidhi-Telugu,Vaiko-Telugu,MGR-Malayalee,Vijayakanth-Telugu,Rajni-Marathi). However any language which is not economically viable- rested-in-peace without second thoughts. Oracle 8 when it was launched, the only indian language edition was in Tamil(because of Tamil being one of the national language in singapore).The only google edition apart from hindi available today is in tamil-

    No second thoughts,there are enough fanatics in tamil as well,but what differentiates them from any other indian language is how they conflate economic and language development (incl arts). Their language development doesn’t happen at Chennai,but at Thanjavur, Norway, Singapore and Canada(mostly SL tamils). I haven’t seen a single comment here on economic viability of learning kannada. How do they use their language for commerce? It’s not bed of roses in TN for tamil,they have all the challenges which kannada is facing in blr today- however their solution was unique. How many are aware the reservation in TN is 69%? There’s connection between language and reservation.The so called rustic rural population is the picket fences for the language survival, not the suave urban.Last year the medical entrance cut-off for forward and backward quota was same. What is significant here is most of the backward castes medium of instruction is tamil .Now if they know their is avenue to success,which can be achieved thru one’s mother tongue,their affinity towards it grow manifold. It was achieved over a period of time not by one fine morning.

    It’s important for kannadiga’s to maintain compusure in exuberance.If u alienate-Kodugu,Tulu and Konkanis in love for kannada it would be self-destructive.

  129. gaby Says:

    Simple Anna
    The truth is that English is not being thrust down our throats like Hindi is being with State sponsorship.- unless you are talking of America’s cultural hegemony (like Comrade Karat does while wearing Nike shoes). The reason why people prefer English is the commercial advantage it gives unlike Hindi.

    Most of all standard Doordarshan Hindi is boring and is not at all the Hindi spoken by nearly 300 million people across India. As for the unifying language you yearn for there is the mongrel mix of the hopst’ and vistor’s languages, a spattering of English and Hindi and sign language- trust me works all the time:)

  130. Jayaprakash Manjegowda Says:


    KRV Sole custodian aagbardu andre.. naavu nu kelsa madNa.

    1) KRV can help only if we asnwer tele marketing calls in Kannada and dare enough to speak to Bihari only in Kannada. BTW who is your apartments security guard.
    2) People from all walks of life like retired professors, teachers, doctors and bureaucrats are not left out.
    3) Genuine respect? First lets show respect for Kannadigas by giving them jobs in their own land. If we keep losing all Govt. jobs then one day without your knowledge you will be ruled by someone else. Remember Group D recruitment and how KRV postponed its proceedings.
    4) “mindless celebrations in the name of Rajotsava” – What do you have to say about August 15th -is it also mindless… One day you would say buying a Karnataka flag is also mindless. ah, Yes, the GOVT.. we should pressure Govt to provide for schools and for kids in need. KRV is not Govt.
    5) I know about Sasken issue and how the Sasken management ignored the complaint made to the HR earlier to the incident and how they have rectified it now. What is Bendettu bangalore.

  131. jeevarathna Says:

    As an aside, what is the logic behind Indian Constitution providing for nominating a Anglo Indian as an MLA. It is absurd , by the same logic we should have had a member from Ursu community as an MLA as they (wodeyar) ruled us for nearly 600 years (They also must be smaller than Anglo Indians in terms of population !)

  132. dr ramesh Says:

    the very fact that KA RA VE triggers debate ,evokes passion and names of NARAYANA GOWDRU and praveen shetty has become synonymous with pro-kannada agitation is a clear victory for kannada chalavali.

  133. Simple Says:

    Honourable Gaby

    Of course Doordarshan Hindi (yawn) can put anyone off that language forever.

    i AM CERTAINLY NOT an advocate of Doordarshan Hindi or Cricket Commentary in Hindi.

    I am only talking of colloquial Hindi, and if that requires a smattering of English, why not. kannada too is never spoken in its purest form, we use a lot of Kanglish in our everyday lives.

    So, if you feel a pinch of English in a bottle full of honeyed colloquial Hindi is the key Indian link language, I am all game for it.

    Let’s give the masses like me the language we are comfortable with.

    Of course, English is being stuffed down our throats (what you call cultural hegemony). the signs are omnipresent.

    There is 1000 times more English in Bangalore than Hindi. the bill borads, the hoardings, the magazines, the newspapers, the nameplates, the packaging on brands, the business language, the office language, the pub language, the restaurant language, the multiplex language, the spa language, the school langauge the college language, the kitty party language …oh well Gaby jee, you get the drift

    everywhere it is English English English…yet, strangely you feel strongly about Hindi imposition, rather than English imposition.

    And yes, Gaby…here’s a compliment for you: you are one of the few guys who speaks objectively/logically/rationally on this blog

  134. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Indian constitution says all the 18 regional languages as the national languages of India, not just Hindi.

    Please open the constitution and read!!

  135. Don Says:

    (Narayana Gowda ) KaRaVe has grown to heights. So is the Outburst. In Simple its a VICTORY.

  136. S.Manohar Says:

    @ Simple

    I am not saying we should not learn Hindi. We should not give any preference to Hind over Kannada, Tamil, Bengali etc etc. Say tomorrow we all magically become Hindi experts, then can u DO AWAY with English ? You cannot. This model is sure to FAIL. But if we all in the long run learn basic English, then we don’t need Hindi as a link language. English is todays reality, please understand that. An auto rickshaw driver who has never spoken/heard Hindi in his life will be doing a huge favour to himself if he decides to learn basic English instead of Hindi. Also, it is we expect the ppl from lower strata to speak non-english langaue. That itself is extremely discriminatory and unfair.

    English here to stay, given that we cannot make room for another language as another link langauge. It simply amounts to loss of bandwidth for all other Indian languages. Let hindi thrive where it’s roots are, nobody would object to that. In ur example Hindi can be the link language, in work place it is English, in markets it will be kannnada etc. Those guys who hope to have Pan-India buisnesses must learn English, few other local languages and employ locals.

    R u saying that u have not accepted English as a link language in ur workplace or on this webpage ? Now coming to the true national character of Hindi :

    It is not even half as old as Kannada or Tamil. National status of Hindi is just a myth and truly forced in nature. Germany was formed by Unifying all German speaking land as one nation. Was India formed by uniting all Hindi speaking lands ?

  137. Hope Says:


    Answering ur points (don’t care if some one is worried abt my SMS lingo.. i use it cos it’s fast),

    Point 1: You say english united India during freedom struggle. yes, true. English united 5% of english speaking India. while the rest 95% were totally indifferent because they did not know english.

    A malayalee could nt understand a Punjabi. A gujarati could not understand a Bengali. A tamilian could not understand a Kashmiri . an Oriya could not understand a Kannadiga…

    What a joke that you talk about uniting India!!!!!!!!!!

    Ans: Yeah, I still claim India was mainly integrated cos of English cos inspite of having hindi at that time, people were united at national level by english n in states by the state languages,,,, I dont think there were lot of hindi spekers comin to karnataka n were speakin hindi.. they either spoke english or spoke kannada

    point 2

    You say that the constitution actually says that the Hindi speaking states should be taught south indian languages.

    Does that mean Delhiites should study Tamil, Telugu, kannada, Malayalam, Konkani, Tulu? And why should they learn only south indian languages? It would be unfair if they did not learn Oriya, Marathi, Bengali, Manipuri, Kashmiri et etc…at this rate we should have only languages in school instead of other subjects like maths and science….

    Ans: then why shud kannadiga learn hindi, hindi is spoken in north.. simple see?

    point 3

    your point about southern states being bombed with hindi and disparity is baseless.
    There should be one language that is understood by everyone in India. If you don’t want Hindi, then which language do you propose as our national language?
    tell me.

    Ans: tell u wht? why do u need ONE national language, India has so many beautiful languages.. All of them r quite ancient… India is India cos of its diversity.. pls accept it… There are lot of us who go and stay in places like Japan.. no one knows even a bit of english there… still we can survive.. pls use ur instincts n learn the language of the place

  138. BB@B Says:

    Mr Hope, One clarification, Language was never a problem during freedom strugle as it was centered around Hindi belt. Just google some info on india’s freedom struggle or quit india movement to be convinced on this. If you feel that Hindi is as foreign to Non-Hindi speaking states as Japanese is then we are only yo be blamed for our current state of affair when any thing in English is Indian while any thing in Hindi is Foreign. No prize for guessing that any language conflict always turns out to be an Anti-Hindi movement. Can we think of teaching English to 95% of our population when 50% of our population still struggle to manage two meals a day. When Japan China Germany can become developed state with their anti-English approach then why can’t we..The reason is simple..if we need a third party language to talk to fellow india then how can we progress without any third party support. Do you think Hindi in Mumbai is same as it is in Delhi or Hyderabad or Gujrat. Everywhere it is influnced with the local language and have become very effective link language with the rest of india (except tamilnadu and Kerala)..Can you imagine any Tamil leader talking to National media in Hindi the way Narendra Modi ( CM Gujrat), Deshmukh (CM Maharastra), TRS leaders from Andhra, Karat and other CPI leaders from W Bengal do whenever they appear on national television. We can progress on our strength as single nation not as divided states on the basis of language. Just some food for thought..Just compare Chennai Vs Bangalore what it was 20 years back and what it is now on economic front. Remember Chennai has been a metro city for a long time and now what Bangalore is..A City with Global Importance ;-))

  139. Ashwini Says:

    Fight Linguistic Terrorism

    Satish, do not lose heart because of the outbursts of self-styled Kannada protagonists who champion the cause of an organisation which is claiming to protect Kannada by its ‘rowdy’ methods. People like you who have the guts to call a spade a spade are the need of the hour to protect Kannada. The points in defense of KRV’s rowdysm which were showered plentiful in response to your post are not even worth replying to. People do not seem to even understand that there is a lot of difference between the possibility of someone speaking in Tamil or Telugu in the Assembly and an Anglo Indian’s right to speak in English. (@Subbulaksmi, pls understand this difference. Supporting KRV just because the MLA spoke in English will do more harm to Kannada that you and I so fondly love) Linguistic terorism unleashed by Karnataka’s Osama called Narayana Gowda and his poor clone Praveen Shetty is simply dangerous and will make Kannada and Kannadigas an object of hatredness in the rest of the country. They will make Karnataka an Afghanistan. If people from other states are buying lands and getting jobs, compete with them, do not beat them up. Send your children to Kannada schools and ask Yeddi to improve those schools instead of giving money to Mutts.
    We need more DPSs and no KRVs for a glorious Karnataka where even the media has remained spineless under the threat of linguistic teorrism…

  140. Arun Says:


    Just some food for thought..Just compare Chennai Vs Bangalore what it was 20 years back and what it is now on economic front. Remember Chennai has been a metro city for a long time and now what Bangalore is..A City with Global Importance ;-))

    HOLD ON for a second.Are you saying blr is a global city because of Hindi.RIDICULOUS. Blr is because of outsourcing and the Lingua franca is English :) as simple as that.

  141. Vinay Says:

    On paper, KRV has a noble agenda but the people who actually do the ‘groundwork’ are thugs, and nothing more.

    Olle jana iddare illi churumuri alli!! Lots of people here are strongly opposed to OBC reservations but they encourage thoughts and concepts of Kannadiga reservations. They are worse hypocrites than Arundhati Roy. I am personally opposed to any kind of reservations, on any grounds, and certainly not on linguistic grounds!

    Some of the posts I have seen on Churumuri are laughable. Some lady actually said that “Northies in Bangalore should be forced to eat Ragi Mudde etc..”. In that case, that privileged lady, who stays in the US, should be forced to eat beef, or hamburger, or whatever the Americans of the city where she lives in define “American Cusine” as..

    Fanaticism is what several contributors and commentators to Churumuri are encouraging.

  142. Vinay Says:

    A lot of these KRV supporters go to any lengths and rake up the most childish issues.

    FM Radio works on pure demand and supply. There were a large percentage of Hindi songs on FM 3 years back, the trend has reversed now. This happened because the FM stations realized that there was a market for Kannada music. Pure demand and supply. Who are these KRV hooligans to *demand* kannada stations? What has to happen, will happen.

    Instead of hiring thugs, why does the KRV not take in a few intellectuals who can actually provide better service and a better image? It does appear from this blog, that there are enough educated people who would love to join the KRV.

    Silly protests against IT, especially *Infosys*. The KRV might not understand about the ‘ecosystem’ around any economic growth. But the ‘educated’ guys who contribute to Churumuri should know that for every single IT job, four more people are provided employment indirectly. Who drives the autos and buses? Who works in hotels? Who is involved in construction work for new infrastructure? Have aliens come from Andromeda to do all this?

    I can almost hear it coming now.. “I sat in an auto that day where the driver was a UP-wallah”, “I went to a hotel where the waiters were from Kerala” etc. etc. etc..


    These are exceptions. Most of the jobs are with locals. This point is proved straightaway by the FM audience in Bangalore (mainly Kannada). And if there is indeed some kind of “outsiders entering Bangalore and taking jobs” threat, it is us Kannidigas who need to wake up, pull ourselves and our brethren up, and *compete*. Demand and Supply.

  143. Simple Says:


    1. English is hardly spoken in France Japan and Germany, yet today they are among the developed countries in the world. THE MOOT POINT: THEY HAVE BECOME DEVELOPED INSPITE OF NOT KNOWING ENGLISH. English is not necessarily the passport to success.

    Why should we let go our national pride and adopt English as a link language? My point is very simple:

    2. There has to be one INDIAN language that can be understood through the length and breadth of India. You can of course resort to English, but it would be at the cost of National Pride.


    The single largest indian language is Hindi. It may not be spoken by the majority, but yes it is the SINGLE LARGEST. so it is common sense to have the single largest indian language as the link language.

    I am emphasising time and again. All languages should thrive. That is the beauty of India. Kannada should thrive as much as Hindi as much as English. I am not for killing of any language.


    With people’s economic power increasing, indians are travelling like never before. Indians from one state travel to different states for personal, health, official, business, holiday, professional and a thousand other reasons. When these people travel, they have to speak to others..They have to speak either English or Hindi. I prefer Hindi over English. quite simple. Hindi is our Indian language. English is a foreign language. Is it so hard to see the point?

  144. Simple Says:

    Hope jee

    Point 1

    You still are sticking to your english unification angle. I am only focussing deeper, on a larger truth. English unites a small chunk of Indians only. You cannot DEBATE this point. A majority of Indians are far far far removed from English

    Point 2:


    POINT 3

    Of course we should celebrate India’s diversity. nobody is askign for you to sacricifce your local language, local customs, local culture, local everything. we should celebrate the full glory of kannada.

    I am merely saying that we should have ONE INDIAN language ( as opposed to a western language) as the link language when we travel to otehr states for health, professional, personal, business, academic, holiday, official and a thousand other reasons.

  145. irsumursu Says:

    All right, it looks like some of you guys are convinced that Hindi is the national language and India needs Hindi as the national language. While the former is false statement, the latter is flawed.

    Let’s try this. In the 2000 plus years of the history of the Karnataka (or the Carnatic region) Kannada was/is the king and Hindi was non-existent. This few hundred year old, non-original language of Hindi is as foriegn to Karnataka as English.

    Hindi should be limited to original Hindi speaking regions and Govt. of India should not give any special treatment to Hindi. Requiring central govt. workers to know Hindi is huge disadvantage to all non-hindi speaking states and especially south-indian states. Why should a Kannadiga learn the additional language Hindi, while a Bihari can get by just learning one? Isn’t n’t this unfair? What is your solution for this?

    Speaking of English, it has become a necessary evil of our times. I speak Kannada at home but I cannot survive by knowing Kannada alone, in this global economy I have to know English. That said what purpose is Hindi serving for me? It is completely useless from me.

    However, the ideal situation for Karnataka is to have Kannada as the only language and not have English as a necessity. It’s probably a pipe dream but we have a lot of examples of this.

    @simple – it’s a shame that you speak the language of the people who provide a service to you. They shud be speaking Kannada if they want to have a business in Karnataka and not the other way around. Just for the record you are causing more harm to Kannada, Karnataka and Bengaluru than you realize.


  146. BB@B Says:

    Arun, My point was Bangalore is preferred place for all the Indians as well as MNCs as there was no oppositions to diversity in spoken language. I never said it was because of Hindi. Bangalore is a place where anyone from any part of India can feel like home. Can you imagine same situation in Chennai..just do a sample survey of the peoples who do not know tamil and kannada..and ask their preference..I think majority will opt for Bangalore. And this is the the reason why so many companies are ready or have made their base in Bangalore.

  147. Hope Says:

    BB@B :

    First of all freedom struggle was not focussed along the hindi speaking belt.. u think all the south indians spoke hindi to gain freedom or did not participate in freedom struggle at all?

    U urself say that there are lot of countries like japan, france etc etc which hav developed without english… Then why can;t karnataka develop with kannada, tamil nadu wit tamil? so on.. why shud kannadigas be made to learn hindi to gain knowledge? is it only so that a north indian can come here n live with ease? cant u see how unfair it is for rural kannadiga kids who struggle to learn the basics n r made to learn a language thts foreign to them?

    I never said english is Indian n hindi is foreign… it’s just not fair to give preference to hindi over kannada.. I do not see any reason why a kannadiga shud learn hindi cos he is only statyin in karnataka. Any one else who come here needs to learn kannada n not the other way round.. why shud kannadiga be prepared with hindi knowledge cos some hindi fellow is goin to come to karnataka?

    Karnataka had advanced quite well in technology even before independence.. it hd electricity by 1902… there was no need of hindi at tht time… see the point???

  148. Hope Says:


    Sir wud lik to quote somethin that I had read by a tamil professor:

    he said this:
    Why shud we make Hindi the national language? just cos it’s spoken by majority of people?
    then why did we make tiger the national animal? we shud hv made rat cos it’s found in very huge numbers…

    hope this answers ur questions

  149. BB@B Says:

    Hope, go thru the link and see which area was in support / opposition to British Government.

    Well, about countries like Japan Germani becoming developed nation without english was an example that we don’t need English to become a developed nation. But the underline fact is that first we have to become united and need some link language to talk to fellow indians..we want to progress as a nation and this can never happen in Isolation at state level..Untill unless we think of as a united nation we can never think of a develoed nation.

  150. S.Manohar Says:


    1. Are you suggesting that we should also completely eliminate English from India ? Why do u think India got all the BPO contracts instead of China etc, it was bcos we could speak English. We must acknowledge this fact. As we speak all the French and German universities are thinking of ways in which they can introduce English into their system to attract students from all over the world. English is (becoming) the standard of international buisness, education etc. Let’s not live in denial……

    2. I see a very dangerous trend emerging from your arguments that treat Hindi as a symbol of India, with an assumption that there is something more Indian about Hindi than Kannada, Oriya etc. French and German nationalism depended entirely on the language, Indian nationalism and nation does not depend that way on Hindi. Also, the definition of India and Indian-ness should be broad, and not a narrow one. Having any ONE language as a national language will do exactly that….

  151. nijavaada Says:

    @ Ashwini about linguistic terrorism – using rather strong words about something that is working on a constructive line!

    Your stance towards the (non-)apparent difference between speaking in English and speaking in Tamil/Telugu in Karnataka assembly is unacceptable and holds no water. Your stance for English seems obvious for it may actually be winning you your food everyday. But that importance taken away, one important similarity you will visualise is that any language apart from Kannada is language of a foreign land inside Karnataka and in its assembly, and so is the case with assemblies in neighbouring states as well.

    If you think the neighbouring states are NOT foreign lands since they all belong to India, well, in that case Srilanka is our neighbour too in the world map, and arent we being a BAD world citizen by discouraging Sinhalese from our governance? Why not Pakistani?

    The answer to all these lies in understanding that by building a language barrier around one’s governance system, one is not inflicting pain on other languages – they are better off playing their roles in their own native lands.

    If you do not want to open yourself to this comprehension of the importance of a language in governance, I think it makes no sense in your continuing with this discussion. And without doing so, if you wish to call someone’s thoughts/actions rowdyism, it would be in place to call such actions as rowdy-like and nothing else.

    Besides, I feel the fear of facing hatred from the entire nation is uncalled for, and not going to happen. If you think this nation is hinged upon an expectation from Karnataka (or any other state) to be able to speak (& accept) every other language then your fear must in fact be about whether that system can ever succeed at all. You seem to be in need to question the system (that you perceive) for reality and clear yourselves about certain myths about it. This system around us is actually built with a vision to make each state to function well in its language (its very basis of formation) and strive to bring about welfare using this language. You confusion about the system seems to stem from the illusion that the flawed implementation of our system. Its this confusion that needs to be liberated before commenting about this matter.

    @ Vinay:
    While your perspective is right about the business angle and employment and owning of property and all that, it has failed to understand that the KRV’s existence itself reflects something going wrong in the way this system is implemented. But what we all need to remember here is that KRV is not an organisation alone whose people you know as protestors, but indeed a body containing the hugest congregation of Kannadigas across the world. And when Kannadigas demand for Kannada songs on a FM channel in Karnataka, your question of “Who are they” just doesnt surface, buddy! Dont be under your self-created image of KRV. Explore and find out what these people are indeed about.. and play your role.

  152. Simple Says:

    S. Manohar.

    YOU are certainly trying your best to not see my point.

    1. I am CERTAINLY NOT suggesting that we eliminate English from India. Of course, English has helped us grow economically without doubt. I am not even for a second in denial at all. Agree? I repeat: English is very much essential to prosper in a globalised world. ok>

    2. What is dangerous about treating Hindi on equal footing with kannada and other languages? you are deliberately not seeing my point. I REPEAT A THOUSAND TIMES. I AM NOT FOR ONE LANGUAGE IN INDIA OK? I AM FOR ALL LANGUAGES TO FLOURISH. KANNADA SHOULD AND MUST FLOURISH . OK? I NEVER SAID WE SHOULD STOP LEARNING READING OR WRITING KANNADA. PLEASE DO NOT TWIST MY WORDS.


    surely i cannot speak kannada in andhra pradesh or maharashtra or tamil nadu or kashmir.

    and why should i speak english, a foreign language in andhra/ maharashtra/ kashmir when i speak with the auto driver, with the receptionist, with the room boy with the waiter with the flower seller with a hundred other guys? i rather speak hindi our own language with an andhra guy.

    If kannada guys learn english today, it gives them a global advantage, we have more opportunities once we learn english. similarly when we learn hindi, we should have no problem going to any part of india, our opportunities open up when we learn hindi.

    but at the same time, we MUST AND SHOULD take all steps to ensure kannada flourishes in our state.

    got mypoint?

  153. Simple Says:


    your logic about making rat the national animal is absurd.

    if you say, why should hindi be made a national language, just because a majority speak Hindi, by teh same logic, then one can say
    why should kannada be made the official language of karnataka, just because a majority of people speak kannada?

    we should make any one indian language as our national language. and hindi happens to be the language that is understood by more people than any other language. hence we should all learn hindi along with our local language along with our global language called english.

    I love my kannada. I love my Hindi. I love my English.

    kannada is my mother tongue. i read write and speak Kannada.

    Hindi helps me connect with people when i visit andhra, kashmir, orissa, west bengal, maharashtra, gujurat etc.

    english helps me grow as a professional.

    as simple as that.

  154. Hope Says:


    whatever i said abt rat was a quote… it’s not my idea.. i just gave it to make it clear to you that why we should not have hindi as national language
    Why is kannada official language of karnataka?
    not just because majority of ppl here speak that language.. it’s because kannada is the language of this place from about 3000 years. An entire culture can be associated with this language. Do not compare Kannada as language of Karnataka with Hindi as language for entire India.
    I really do not understand why a kannadiga can’t communicate with a tamilian in tamil; nadu in tamil instead of as u say in hindi.. it’s ridiculous to have a kannadiga speakin to tamilian in hindi …. there’s no need to have hindi as link language… If u go to othr states for wht ever reason u hv do ur best with ur instincts… if u stay there for long enough … or even abt 3 months, u can easily learn tht place’s language

    I do not lik the idea of a kannadiga kid who is struggling for a meal a day, in school having to learn hindi for absolutely no benefit for himself at all…

    Any Indian can at any point of time learn any language at his or her wish when it’s necessary.

    Why cant u see how unfair it is for kids of states who are made to learn 3 languages while their counterparts in another state can do fine with just one or 2 languages?

  155. Simple Says:


    If you quote somebody, you better stand up for it. in democracy,majority is king. elections are decided on majority, govt. is formed on majority basis. so peoples opinion matter, don’t rubbish the majority opinion because there is no alternative to that.

    also i see you are rubbishing hindi while glorifying kannada.

    this is very childish. its like children saying my dress is better than yours, my toy is better than yours. you are merely saying my language is better than yours…this is ridiculous

    no language is ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than any other language. all languages have their own flavour, their own beauty, their own speciality, their own distinct individuality. you cannot run down other languages.

    surely, if hindi is spoken by more people today than any other language in India, surely surely surely, there must be a rich history behind that.

    35% of indians did not start speaking hindi in fifty years right?

    By your logic if a kannadiga has to speak tamil in tamil nadu, then he has to speak the other 18 languages if he travels to other states of india. I as an Indian have every right to travel to all states in my country, for a 1000 reasons. And i cannot learn the language of each state i go to. its absurd, and impractical

    stretching that logic further, if i go to spain for a few weeks, should i learn spanish? if i go to germany should i learn german? if i go to china should i learn chinese? would it not be better if all learn english, globally.

    yes, if i permanently settle down in that particular state, i SHOULD learn that languague. Like if gujjus or tamilians settle down in Karnataka, THEY MUST AND SHOULD learn KANNADA. as simple as that.

    If you completely shut off kannadiga kids from learning Hindi, that decreases their ability to go outside karnataka for job opportunties, that decreases their communication abilities when they go to other states for health, official, business, acamdemic, holiday and a 100 other reasons.

    it also puts them at a disadvantage when they need to communicate with customers who have come here FOR A BRIEF TIME, but are from outside karnataka. if they know hindi, they can connect better with outside customers and grow economically.

    Counterparts from other states you say, learn just two languages, but they are, in my opinion severely disadvantaged.

    let me quote a simple example..when i went to andhra, the waiter at a posh restaurant did not know hindi and his english was pretty lousy. i had a great amount of difficulty in communicating to him what i was excruciatingly painful to observe myself struggling to make a point with a fellow Indian…..and that too a south indian.!

    however, the captain of the restaurant soon helped me out. he fortunately knew hindi well..and we connected immediately…..i was relieved. my food was served. happy, i left a hefty tip to the captain…

    the poor waiter who did not know hindi had to suffer because people like you insist he speak only telugu in andhra pradesh. people like you insist there is no benefit by speaking in hindi.

  156. S.Manohar Says:


    I get ur point. I know you are for looking at the bright side of having one language for communication. But according to my understanding of India, having one national language in India will be totally anti to the philosophy of India. Just because we don’t all speak Hindi doesn’t mean Hindi will be gone tomorrow. It will continue to thrive in the north. Why don’t u understand that not many Indians feel connected to Hindi ? It is as foreign as English to many.

    Secondly, as I have already said. There are ppl in Bangalore who have lived in Bangalore with just English for 10 yrs without ever speaking kannada. Now if u give this kind of an acceptance to Hindi then all our local langauges will have to compete with English and Hindi. Instead it will be better if more bandwidth is kept reserved for the local languages.

    U did not know Telugu in AP, U know English. Instead of the waiter learning Hindi to talk to u, he can learn English and talk to a bigger set of ppl.

    Let us give it some time : If Hindi has that appeal ppl will involuntarily learn Hindi, if not (as I already see) English will be the link language for the middle-class (which will be the determining factor).

    Also, a SEPARATE question : Why should we be like France or Germany, Dont u see that India is more diverse than the whole of Europe ? Can German or English be the language of the Europe continent, will anybody accept it ? National identity need not always be linked to one language.

  157. irsumursu Says:

    @simple, ur example here is quite dumb. The waited missed out on your “hefty tip” because he didn’t know Hindi! Wow learn your Hindi, else you might not get tipped.

    If the waiter knwe English there wudn’t have been an issue. He wud have been able to communicate with people from throughout world, who would have tipped in $s and pounds! At this point Hindi becomes totally absurd and useless.

    Hindi is good for libraries in non-Hindi speaking states. It is as foriegn to me as a Kannadiga as English, but I wud rather learn English and increase my chances than learn stupid Hindi.

    When you start talking about majority it’s even more funnier. Since when 35% become majority? You don’t what you are talking abt, but arguing for the sake of arguement.

    Kannada and English and are good for me, I do not need useless Hindi in the mix.

    You starting this arguement with set mind that we are Indian and we should learna Hindi. Instead start thinking about this from your kitchen.


  158. Ramesh Gowda Says:

    The whole argument that one needs Hindi to get a job outside Karnataka is flawed. Those jobs that you get outside Karnataka which need Hindi are available right here in Karnataka. It’s not Hindi which is needed to get decent jobs outside Karnataka. It’s English. Simple.

    Now the feeling that Hindi is somewhat “nearer to us” and that English is somewhat “further away from us” is the product of decades of political programming to which non-Hindi-speakers in India have been subjected to. In reality, Hindi and English are both languages which are very very removed from the language family to which Kannada belongs.

    The reins of the central government at Delhi has always been held by Hindiwallas. Indeed, their definition of India involves languages such as Kannada as only a black mark on an assumed and illusive cultural and linguistic unity which prevails in the India of their assumptions. There is no such unity in India.

    There is one and only one forum on which Kannadigas and Biharis (for e.g.) can unite, and that is the forum of religion. We all are one in only one thing, and that is the common acceptance of the great religions of this land (Sanaatana Dharma or the religion of the Vedas and Upanishads, the Bouddha, Jaina and other religions). Nothing else is common to us. On everything else, we need to simultaneously compete and cooperate to achieve greater and greater material success.

    The fact that we have one religion cannot and must not necessitate our acceptance of foreign languages. Hindi is a foreign language for Kannadigas, like it or not. This is a hard fact. There is nothing in the structures of Hindi and Kannada that can lead anybody with any sense to conclude the contrary. Yet, many conclude the contrary because of the effects of years of political programming.

    Go ask the French to accept English inside French because they’re all Christians, and you’ll see what I mean. Or French inside Britain.

  159. sisya Says:

    >>”Today these guys are in Karnataka, tomorrow they will be in Kerala, day after in Tamil Nadu, and then Maharashtra. Does it make sense to speak in the local language when they hardly stay for a year or so in each place?”

    Yes. It makes perfect sense! Its infinitely more sensible than your idea that *I* should be taking the pains to learn a foreign language in order to help *them* earn their livelihood! If I migrate to another place, it is for me to bear the burden of the problems that may come with it. Language is one of the initial problems.. And it is upto the migrant to suffer it until they learn the language. The same uncouth, anti-national, anti-social bihari and konga labourers you mention, will learn French or Chinese if they move to France or China. And they have a problem learning Kannada?

    >>”Likewise if i have business interests in fifteen states, does it make sense to spend all my waking time, learning 15 different languages instead of concentrating on my business and helping India’s economy grow?”
    Yes. It makes perfect sense! What would make even more sense is for you and your business contacts in the 15 states know/learn English. You could then spread your business across continents!! And you can become like L N Mittal and buy a house in London’s costliest street. Wow!

    >>”We cannot adopt a foreign language like English as our link language.”

    yaake? mailge aagbidatta? And talking about it, hindi is as much a foreign language to me as English or Swahili or Pashto. At least, English earns me my livelihood and to that extent, I care for it. Hindi on the other hand is worth little more than the shit sticking on my shoe.

    **If** given a choice, I’d choose Kannada. If 70% (thats 70 crore people) non-Hindis can be expected to learn Hindi from scratch, I don’t see what could possibly be ridiculous about expecting 95% (just another 25 crore) of them to learn Kannada. What *is* certainly ridiculous is your twisted idea that 35% actually constitutes a majority!! yaar guru ninage lekka heLkoTTOru?

  160. BB@B Says:

    with force we can get the action but not the feeling. We can force a person to visit a temple/mosque/church but can not change his/her feeling / love for religion. We don’t know..force might backfire harming the religion more than promoting it. We might get instant satisfaction with the action but in long run its going to harm in big way. We have seen the fate of taliban. The better would be to create a eco system where people feel the love for religion / language than forcing them to love it. Here people have been living peacefully and are quite comfortable with multiple language based on their needs/love. Many people in Bangalore have learned hindi/tamil/telugu just by/for watching movies in those languages. Nowadays many auto wallah/ vegetable vendor have started speaking in the language of their customers. Why do we have Japanese French German as Language course in our it making students to perfer these language over their native language. The fact that if we have decided to be part of a country..we can not live in isolation. We should better focus on spreading the love for language than forcing the love for language.

  161. Jayaprakash Hegde Says:


    Hindi is not as simple as you suggest. Mostly you might have forgotten the great hindian injustice meeted out to kannadigas during our railway group D post recruitments.

    The very rule that knowledge of Hindi (or English, but preferably Hindi) is an absolute must for entry to Central Govt. jobs is a defeat of democracy. The concept that there should be one and only one administrative language for central government purposes simply does not apply to countries with plural cultures, languages and peoples. Disregarding this basic fact, the central and state governments have geared up to destroy our language and culture, to use only Hindi in our central govt. offices, to impose Hindi in very way possible, through every available channel, every available medium. This is nothing short of a plot to destroy the identity of the Kannada people.

  162. phaneesh shetty Says:

    @ MallaPottell,

    Looks like you have gone crazy..I dont think you are a “tulu-ite” either..
    As Jayaprakash hegde said, even I speak tuLu at home..We speak kannada too…My brothers, my cousins all of us studied in kannada medium schools..
    As uDupi maTT’s pejaavara swamiji, “namage ibbaru taayandiru..tuLu-amma mattu kannadamma”
    We are living in peace for centuries..crooked worms like you are just trying to break the bondage between tuLu and kannada speaking people…
    Mind you, its impossible..
    We are very much tuLu-ites and very much kannadigas too…

  163. phaneesh shetty Says:

    @ KM Bhat:-

    khandita tuLu matadi..we will feel proud about you..You can talk in kannada/tuLu/konkaNi/koDava
    If you are using any of the other languages than kannada, please translate to kannada so that the MLA’s from outside of coastal belt can also understand…

  164. Hope Says:

    I stand by quote tht i referred to.. i just said it was not my idea…

    i think u hav a fixed and rigid mind to see everything only from point of view of a north indian comin to karnataka or see a kannadiga going to othr state.
    If a hindi guy can come here and earn his living without any problem(just because ppl like u will talk to him in hindi), why shud not the same happen to a kannadiga? why shud a kannadiga learn another language when one indian can do with just his own kanguage…
    Why do u nt think of those poor kids who are struggling to learn even their own mother tongue? dumping them with 2 foreign languages is really a sin.. why cant u see things from that point?

    U said u had painters in ur house from bihar… I too had bihari painters in my house.. but I told thm to learn kannada.. u know wht he said? he said u ppl learn hindi cos it’s easier tht way.. i dont want to learn kannada? see the result of kindness of people lik u???

    U have a very closed mind and probably some one in ur school put this idea into ur mind that Hindi and India go together and rest of all the Indian languages are regional… U continuously claim tht Hindi is spoken by 35% of ppl… thts mainly cos UP n bihar are most densly populated states not cos it’s spoken every where in India… N one more thin, I have nothin against north India or Hindi…. Speaking for kannada does not make me a hindi hater.. pls understand this… Till now I have never said any wrong word about Hindi as a language.. I’m just telling u the flaws of burdening Kannadigas with hindi

  165. Simple Says:


    In Parliament,540 MPs should actually speak in a foreign language to understand each other. Imagine. because all of them don’t understand our own hindi.

    This blind love for foreign language called English, by neglecting our own rich repositry of languages, is indeed shameful.

    There are some people on this blog who are denigrating Hindi. I rather not comment on such people’s comments. It only shows how narrow their world view is. HOw can any language be bad?


    Iyou are not getting my point at all. I have repeated adnauseum HINDI MAY NOT BE THE MAJORITY LANGUAGE< BUT IT IS THE SINGLE LARGEST LANGUAGE. By way of common sense, it is better to use the single largest language as the link language.

    it is better to use an indian language as a link language rather than a foreign language.

    The french don’t use english as their link language
    the german don’t use english as their link language
    the chinese don’t use english as their link language.
    the spanish don’t use english as their link language
    the brazilians don’t use english as ther link language
    the pakistanis don’t use english as their link language
    the italians don’t use english as their link language
    the japanese don’t use english as their link language.
    the tibetians don’t use english as their link language.
    the mexicans don’t use english as their link language
    the saudis don’t use english as their link language.
    the dubai people don’t use english as their link language.

    one UAE national speaks to another UAE national in Arabic, not in English. It is only in India we hear two indians speaking to each other in not their own language but a foreign language.

    only in india we are expected to use english as the link language!

    when other nations can survive and flourish without using english as their link language, why cannot we?

    It shows how much we have become slaves of english. it shows how much the great deal of contempt we have for our own about our own rich history of languages.


  166. BB@B Says:

    Just out of curiousity…why do we need english news paper in Bengaluru when everyone here is expected to read and write kannada. I don’t see any economic value of english news paper for me..if the same news items are available in kannada news paper ( even TOI has Kannada edition) why the hell Hindu, DC and TOI are much ahead in circulation than our kannada news papers including kannada edition of TOI. Why Non-Kannada movies are much ahead in collection than kannada movies.. are they not destryoing our language..

  167. S.Manohar Says:


    The basic point of disagreement is :
    Should a nation (as diverse as India) complusarily have A language as a National language ? I say we need no national language, u say we need one.
    I can also give a long list of examples where there is no one national language and where imposition of a language has caused spoiled all the existing harmony. For Eg : Mandarin imposition by China in it’s Xinjiang provice on the turkic population (Which is a part of the problem there).

    Unless we agree on the above issue there is no point in making Hindi specific arguemnts.

    U r right, but kannada paper circulation is on the rise. The same will be true in Delhi also where English paper circulation would be more.
    Movies — Again collection may not be the right parameter, since Kannada movies are subsidised. But true, Hindi movies may run. So what ?? Rajnikant movies have run in Japan, Raj kapoor’s movies have run in Russia ? Indian movies run in PAK also and a paki movie ran to full houses in India recently.

    One more thing : Have u noticed that all the Bollywood actors today speak in English to the camera. Award functions are hosted in English. This I condem, but it proves my point that English has a wider appeal than Hindi.

  168. Ramesh Gowda Says:

    Simple Dude,

    Get this straight: There is nothing common to Hindi and Kannada. Even simple things such as gender, sentence construction and word formation are absolutely different in these two languages.

    Ditto for Kannada and English. Realize that Hindi and English are therefore equidistant from Kannada.

    However, English’s got bread attached to it (which the Hindiwallas know too) and Hindi’s got stinking North Indian Imperialism attached to it and absolutely no bread. You’re confusing North Indian Imperialism to with a feeling of “my own, my native land” because you’ve simply been subjected to decades of political programming. There is nothing in Hindi which would make it closer to a Kannadiga than English. This is a fact known to any linguist worth his name.

    There is no reason why the people of India should use Hindi as the link-language. English has proven itself to be the best link-language between the people of any two languages (and dude, you got it all wrong when you quote how the French do not use English as a link language – dude, the French speak one language unlike the Indians, so you’ve made a fool of yourself there). Even between two Indian languages, English is the best link-language.

    Even if one were to go by your argument to choose the best link language for the whole of India, one could get only as far as finding two link-languages, one for South India and some parts of North India (called Proto Dravidian) and one for North India (Called Sanskrit). Even then no one language, sorry.

    Your argument that Hindi should be chosen because it’s the single largest spoken language is flawed to the core. It’s highly undemocratic to suppress Kannada because it’s not the single largest spoken language. I see you crying out “No, No, I don’t mean Kannada should be suppressed”, but that’s exactly what happens when the language of a people is sidelined by the system.

    Yes, it is nothing but suppressing Kannada because once you call Hindi the link-language (which your friends already have, by the way), you start giving jobs to North Indians, you start giving them higher salaries because they can speak Hindi, you pass on the feeling that Kannadigas are inferior beings – all even if that is not your intention!

  169. Gaby Says:


    There will always be a debate about Hindi vs other Indian languages possibly because of two reasons. One is because we feel so emotionally attached to our own languages and the other that there is no overwhelming Commercial / Economical or emotional reason to adopt Hindi as the LINK language. If you will call English a foreign language then Hindi is as foreign to Kannadigas. After all National borders arent the only parameter for a language to be learnt or not learnt.

    One must acknowledge the immense growth in the use of Hindi ( from 202 million in 1981 to 422 million in 2001) but acknowledge the real factor in this being the rather poorly controlled population growth in the Hindi heartland.

    Promote Hindi by all means as a language of singular beauty, promote the Hindi of Shailendra, Premchand, Agyeya and Mahadevi Varma. Stop twittering about Hindi having to be THE National Language .

    Thanks for the kind words in an earlier comment but I am not a guy!:)

  170. BB@B Says:

    we will keep fighting for our languages till all of them will be swept by english.. going by the growth rate of english I am sure it won’t be much far..may be 10-20 years down the line we will have english as national language..and may be only language.

  171. irsumursu Says:

    @BB@B, correct. So let’s make Hindi the national language and burden ourselves with a third language. This will fix all our problems, correct?

    Making a majority of non-Hindi speaking states learn a third language, will only contribute to the faster decay of the local language. Let’s simplify the problem to English and local, and then think about what needs to be done by each state (including the Hindi speaking states) to address the issue with English.

    @Simple, let your simple mind think about these things:

    1. Is India a country like England or France, or is it more like a Switzerland or Singapore?

    2. How have the countries which do not have a single language speaking population dealt with this problem? and Why? This shud give you an answer for if we need ‘a’ national language.

    3. In democratic country sworn to unity in diversity, is it fair to ask one group of people (non-Hindi speaking – 65% – I believe that constitutes a MAJORITY) learn an additional language? Ond kannige benne, innondu kannige sunna!


  172. Arun Says:

    India is a sub-continent similar to European union. So compare EU with India not Germany or France. Doesn’t EU collaborate and co-operate on both economic and political front with myriad of languages and cultures.Then,why can’t India survive and prosper with its diversity?

  173. BB@B Says:

    To begin with I am against any kind of imposition. Lets people decide if they need any language as link language or not depending on their requirement. Having said that, like it or not, Hindi is becoming a link language everywhere in India except few “known” places. you know what is link language when
    a Benagli speaks to a Punjabi in Hindi ( Karat and his team with Punjabi leaders)..
    When Indian Cricket team with just 2-3 players from Hindi heartlend talk to each other in Hindi on the field..
    whan a Gujrati talks to a Marathi in Mumbai in Hindi (Ambanis)..
    When Sachin Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Pathan talks to whole nation in Hindi..
    when our beloved DeveGowda address the whole nation in Hindi on independence day when he was PM..
    When Kumble ask Ishant Sharma to bowl one more over ( in recent australia series) in Hindi..
    When our Shettys speak in Hindi in Marathi capital place…
    When Martahi CM talks to Gujrat CM in Hindi..
    When VVS Laksman speak on national media in Hindi..
    When Abhinav Bindra ( punjabi ) speak in Hindi…

    So the point is..lets people choose what they have to when there is any need for any link language..We are no one to decide and impose any language as link language..On paper there is no need to declare any language as link language..I know what language to speak when I go to Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai or Kolkata

  174. S.Manohar Says:


    Funny, u should give so many skewed examples and finally say let ppl choose. But I agree that link language is severely situation dependent. Me and my Telugu, Tamil friends in Bangalore talk in Kannada. I used to talk to my northy friends in Chennai in Hindi. But these things dont mean anything. My only concern is : When a Hindi guy knows he can talk to a marathi guy in Hindi, why will he learn Marathi ? May be that is the reaseon why Marathis in Mumbai feel so very offended.

    It is when u quote these instances as examples that we(ppl who talk in Hindi to north indians) feel like completely boycotting Hindi…..

  175. BB@B Says:

    I really apologise if my examples have hurt anyone..actually my point was we are no one to impose anything on anyone..we live in democracy and want to enjoy our freedom….Who are we to force anyone to learn a language or not..Did anyboby force me to learn english..I learned it because there was a need for it for my employment..If I don’t know Bengali I know what would be my loss if I have any business in Kolkata. I should have the option of learning as many languages as I want at the same time have full freedom to remain illiterate for the whole of my life. Learning a language is not an easy task..had it been easy Chinese would have taken all the outsourcing contract by learning English in a year or two…So don’t impose any link language.
    Jai Bharat

  176. Prashanth Bhat Says:

    A language is essentially a means of communication which along the way of mans intellectual development has found itself as a tool of creative expression. To believe that someone or a geographical region is the custodian of a particular tongue speaks of a despisable mentality, coming especially from people of the land of Dr. K.V. Putappa who gave the “Vishwa Manava Sandesha”. The sub conscious psyche of assuming responsibility for preserving of a culture, is an increasingly displayed trend in our present day society. The KRV would do a great service to the society by curtailing its hooliganism and behave in a more culturally sensitive way. I have personally heard the volunteers of KRV speak amongst themselves in a uncivilised barbaric tongue, which a civilised fellow would find hard to even mouth it. Kannada, as someone said of course grows not just in the academic corridors of our universities but in the villages, streets and in the homes of every Kannada speaking individual. At the same time, Kannada doesn’t grow in the mouths of KRV activists most of whom cannot utter a complete sentence in Kannada without a mis pronounciation.

    If the KRV really wants that Kannada should prosper, inspite of my firm belief that a language is a custodian of its own self, they would do well to learn and teach Kannada for atleast a couple of hours everyday to those willing to learn. They could distribute copies of the great works of our literary geniuses to the common man and create in them the ability to appreciate the language.

    Literature in most civilised societies is a mirror of the condition of language in the society of its times. We had such stringent grammatical and poetical structure utilised in composing of literature in the olden times and then came the times of middle age literature which were largely simplified inorder to reach the common man (also a result of evolution of the language). In the navya, navodhaya period literature reached a different level with society rather than mythology forming the basis of literary expositions. Today we live in a society where hardly any good literature is being produced. The likes of S L Bhyrappa, U R Ananthamurthy, Karnad are the last leaves of a falling tree of creative writers. Is KRV really looking at where the problem lies?

    As the famous poet once said, “Aarankushavitoddam nenevudenna mana banavasi deshavam”, “Magudhondhu janmavendire puttuvudhu nandanadhol banavasi deshadhol”, is there anything that breeds in us a feeling of such warmth or will the barbaric, uncivilised acts of the KRV create any feeling of belongingness to the common man. I sincerely request any supporter of KRV to kindly take a objective view of the situation. I am not against a forum for activities of promotion of language(though inherently I do not feel it necessary), but let it not be constituted of petty politicians, hooligans and uncultured country brutes.

  177. BB@B Says:

    Shashi Tharoor on “Celebrating India’s linguistic diversity”

  178. jp Says:

    if i as a non kannadiga have spent the last couple o hours on this blog and more particularly on this comments’ section then kannada pride has reason to celebrate and not feel threatened. (btw i visited b’luru in 04 and really liked the place. ur right… people ARE humble cultured and couteous)

    so then… how would you debate this fact – the time ive spent following the nuances of all your arguments. what could be the point over here? i really want to know like. (i’m asking for it aren’t i… ur prolly saying ‘more fool this jp’)

    i like churumuri… what more can i say guys!

    i’m going to let the cat among the pigeons and ask, what do u really feel about us mallus

  179. Anonymous Guy Says:


    I dont think anyone cares.

  180. Simple Says:

    Ramesh Gowda

    You keep saying there is no need for one language that is understood by all in India.

    Then what language will yediyurrappa speak to advani?
    what language will yuvraj speak with kumble?
    what language will a. r. rehman speak with sonu nigam?
    what language should the prime minister use to address the nation?
    what language should the CMs of different states use to communicate to each other?
    what language should officials of each state use to communicate to each other?
    what languge will mani ratnam use to speak to aishwarya rai?
    what language should deve gowda use to speak to the president of india?
    what language should manipuri CM use to speak to the centre?
    what language should we use to communicate with north indians? with north east indians? with other south indians? with western part of india?

    surely, there must BE ONE LANGUAGE for all the above? speak up. TELL ME WHICH LANGUAGE WILL YOU USE FOR THE ABOVE SITUATIONS?

    and that one language, according to you is ENGLISH.

    I prefer to use one of our own languges for all the above situations i have mentioned. and that language is hindi.

    you prefer being a slave of english. you prefer english because it comes with bread attached you say. but thats a ridiculous suggestion.

    If you think Kannada will get affected if we start speaking Hindi, then by the same silly yardstick, kannada should be affected because all of us have become slaves of English. Its English everywhere. …its quite silly to think one language will eat into other language.

    simple, isn’t it?

  181. Gaby Says:

    Simplejee you are truly SIMPLE in your thinking. Yeddy Talking to Oddvani, Yuvi to Kumble and Mani Rathnam to Aish- do these great people need a medium of talking – I thot they had mastered the art of telepathy!!

  182. jp Says:

    how does one master the art of telepathy… and what use would it be when right now one guy knows well where the other guy is coming from and yet both are at each others’ throats (not referring to any posts here.)

    btw, i’m glad some headway has been made in the ahmedabad blasts. DP Satish’s channel wondered if Mr N Modi has this time been a mature politician – I think he’s definitely been restrained in a difficult situation. Dunno if its his lads who’ve managed the SIMI leads but (altho a minority) I wish him more luck in bringing justice to his people, which lets face it, is the brass tacks of good governance.

  183. jp Says:

    edit – “when right now one guy knows well where the other guy is coming from and yet there’s all sorts of deliberate miscommunication (not referring to any posts here.)”

  184. Hope Says:

    Replying to BB@B Says:
    12 August 2008 at 12:58 pm

    Hope, go thru the link and see which area was in support / opposition to British Government.

    I went thru the link…. I agree the revolt of 1857 was concentrated in northern Indian… I was talking about integration post this revolt…
    Any ways, I have a question to ask to u: Do u know abt rani Abbakka? and Chennamma? i’m sure u ‘ll know… We kannadigas learn abt rani Lakshmibai.. similarly do the northern states kids learn about Abbakka or lakshmi bai or hadagali’s revolt etc etc????

  185. Simple Says:

    Respected Gaby jee

    telepathy..umm…well so english should be replaced by telepathy then? ooh lala


    knowledge should not have barriers. what you are talking about is knowledge dissemination. it has nothing to do with language.
    of course, north indians should know about lakshmi bai..if they don’t it’s their loss.

    what we are talking here is about having one single language that is understood by all people in india. otherwise:

    what language will gujarat CM speak in to communicate with yediyurrappa?

    what language will prime minister use to address the nation?

    what language will naveen patnaik use to speak to advani?

    what language will you use to speak to your counterparts in another office in kolkotta>?

    what language will you use in all india get together of various offices of various cities?

    waht language will rajnikant use to speak to amitabh bacchan?

    what language will south indian doctors use to speak to north indian counterparts?

    what language will ramgopal verma use to speak to sudeep? sudeep is the hero in Phoonk, an RGV film

    what language will cricketers from different states use when they speak to each other

    what language will kannada newsreporters speak in to get news from other states?

    Clearly, you would say its English.

    I would say Hindi. simply because i would prefer to choose one language among our own rather than to look a western language.

  186. Sudugaadu Sidda Says:

    No need for any link language. Train few thousand translators. For temporary assistance use translators otherwise learn the language of that place. China is running such a big event like Olympics with translators. Why should one force people to learn alien languages like Hindi and English. Only Hindi speaking people got freedom from British. For others it just change of Masters, English to Hindi and slavery continues inundated

  187. Simple Says:

    translators? make it more complicated? more time wasting? imagine the endless hours and hours wasted on mere translation when two individuals are communicating…

    so, if a kannada MP speaks in kannada in the parliament, it has to be translated into telugu for telugu people to understand, tamil for tamilians, punjabi then gujarati, then hindi, then bengali, then marathi, then what not.


    in any meeting/conclave/seminar/ one language is essential..and that one language is our own hindi not a foreign english.

    this must be the poorest suggestion so far on churumuri

    when communication has to become simpler with each passing day, imagine having a translator!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Sudugaadu Sidda Says:

    I don’t understand what is ridiculous here. You expect 65 Crore people waste their time in learning some alien language like Hindi and/or English and appointing few thousand translators is waste. If Japanese and Chinese can do business (manifold compared to India) in US with translators what is the problem here.

  189. Simple Says:

    Sudagaadu Sir

    Can you tell me what language 540 MPs in parliametn should speak to each other?

    if an MP from karnataka stands up and speaks in kannada for half an hour, then one whole day will be wasted in translating it into telugu, tamil, punjabi, marathi, bengali, kashmiri, oriya, gujarati and tens of otehr languages.

    that means in one whole day only one MP can speak as opposed to hundreds of MPs speaking now.

    what a poor comment.

    Japanese and Chinese use translators to speak to people from other country and not from the same country.

    Lakhs of chinese have realised that their economic growth will be effected if they rely on translators, therefore they have started learnign English in a BIG BIG way.

    they have realised translation doesn’t work, so they are surging ahead in learning that things will be smoother, faster.

    Every HUMAN BEING SHOULD learn English so that he can communicate with anybody in the world.

    Every INDIAN must learn Hindi so that he can communicate with every Indian.

    Every KANNADIAGA must learn kannada so that he can communicate with every Kannadiga.

    We need a link language…
    otherwise people from different states won’t understand each other.

  190. Gaby Says:

    Translators doesnt have to always mean Humans doing the translation- use technology to get immediete transaltion to respective languages as the speaker is talking in Kannada/Hindi/Tamil or whatever. It isnt expensive at all and is used in even smallish conferences on the Continent.

    BTW there are large swathes in the real world where English is not understood /spoken.

  191. Simple Says:

    Gaby dude

    of course english is not spoken in huge swathes

    it would be nice if everybody leant One Universal Language, ALONG WITH their own local languaes and national languages

    simple isnt it?

  192. Ramesh Gowda Says:

    Simple says:

    I prefer to use one of our own languges for all the above situations i have mentioned. and that language is hindi.

    you prefer being a slave of english. you prefer english because it comes with bread attached you say. but thats a ridiculous suggestion.

    My answer:

    I do not consider Hindi as “one of our own languages”. I don’t have more than one language to call my own. Even you don’t. You have been politically programmed to think that you do, that’s all. Everything other than Kannada is “not my own”, “foreign”. Simple.

    I do not prefer to be a slave of anything. Embracing English is not slavery. It used to be branded as slavery in the times of the struggle for Indian independence to win Indian hearts and unite India against the British. Those days are gone. We don’t need to unite against the British. Today, the enemy has changed. Didn’t you realize? The enemy now is poverty, not the British.

    Even your own Hindi friends embrace English when it comes to bread. They themselves don’t believe Hindi can bring them bread.

    You say that my suggestion is ridiculous, but your saying that it is ridiculous does not make it ridiculous. You need to prove that it is ridiculous. Do you have anything analytical or logical to support your allegation?

  193. Sudugaadu Sidda Says:

    Many MPs talk in their own language in parliament. Parliament already has translators. Karnataka MP Shivanna always talks in Kannada only. For the sake of few translators you want to force some alien language to more than 65 Crore people. If someone one insists that I speak Hindi to be an Indian then I would prefer rather not to be an Indian. Country is just place to live. People switch countries just like that. Now a days every family has few foreign nationals as their brothers, sisters etc. But no one can ever change their language. Note India is an Union and not a homogeneous country and India has to be compared with Europe.

  194. Gaby Says:

    Simple Anna,
    Youve got a regimented mind. All I can say is ‘ Good Luck’ to the people that know you:)

  195. nijavaada Says:

    Say, unlearn Hindi on your side, and then rethink about what all you’ve written here. Give it all a re-look dude! I think your problem is you’ve fallen too deep into the Hindi well and feel no need to get out of this well. But the point is the linguistic union of India is out there, out of the well where multiple languages (need to) survive. If you want all of them to fall into this Hindi well too, this would be a bloody well soon!

    My suggestion – Unlearn Hindi, and then return to this page.

  196. BB@B Says:

    I think this issue has been blown out of proportion never realising the fact that human nature will always resist any kind of imposition. Promotion and imposition can have same motive but results will be disastrous if it is done through imposition. If we leave two linguistic different person in a room, they will somehow manage to communicate with each other by some means may be with a combination of sign n verbal language. If there is any need for any link language, people will learn and will always choose least effort path. What is a need of a link language if I know I am not going out of my town and have no business/professional need outside my linguistic circle. At the same time I will try to find some least effort path if there is any need to interact with other linguistic circle. I agree that in the era of globalisation, boundaries are fast loosing it significance. If we have China town in India and Little India in Singapore its obvious that people from different state and linguistic background go to places for better career opportunity. But to generalise the fact that everyone needs to interact with people from other linguistic circle would be a bit exaggeration. People should decide in what language they want to communicate with the people from other linguistic circle if there is any need.

  197. Simple Says:


    I am not insisting that you speak Hindi to be Indian. I am only merely stating that we should use one an Indian language to communicate with people from different states.

    Why do you complicate such a simple issue?

    You eat a north Indian Naan and Roti

    You take pride when a north Indian Yuvraj Singh slams six sixers in an over

    You take pride in a northie Abhinav Bindra wins a gold medal

    You take pride in northie Kashmir being a part of India.

    You take pride in the Taj Mahal in north India.

    But you simply won’t use their language, but rather use English to communicate with people outside Karnataka.

    I am astounded by the double speak.


    If i have been politically programmed to believe Hindi is my language, I can say that you have been conditioned to hate Hindi, an Indian language. you have been brainwashed into liking English, a foreign language.

    By you saying that i am politically programmed, does not mean that i am actually politically programmed. You can say 100 things about me, but that does not necessarily make it true.

    I NEVER ever said hindi is your language. Just like you use English for several reasons, likewise its easier if we use Hindi to communicate with people within our own country.

    Hindi may not be your language, but it is DEFINITELY an Indian language. I prefer using an INDIAN languge to communicate with people from outside Karnataka rather than using a FOREIGN languge to communicate with Indians outside karnataka.

    Gaby and the rest

    You guys have all conveniently ignored the following situations. You prefer that people in the following situations speak a FOREIGN language, but I prefer that in the following situations an INDIAN language should be used.

    what language will gujarat CM speak in to communicate with yediyurrappa?

    what language will prime minister use to address the nation?

    What language should cabinet minsiters speak to talk to people of India?

    what language will naveen patnaik use to speak to advani?

    what language will you use to speak to your counterparts in another office in kolkotta>? in mumbai? in chennai? in delhi?

    waht language will rajnikant use to speak to amitabh bacchan?

    what language will south indian doctors use to speak to north indian counterparts?

    what language will ramgopal verma use to speak to sudeep? sudeep is the hero in Phoonk, an RGV film

    what language will cricketers from different states use when they speak to each other

    what language will kannada newsreporters speak in to get news from other states?

  198. Simple Says:


    I am not insisting that you speak Hindi to be Indian. I am only merely stating that we should use one an Indian language to communicate with people from different states.

    Why do you complicate such a simple issue?

    You eat a north Indian Naan and Roti

    You take pride when a north Indian Yuvraj Singh slams six sixers in an over

    You take pride in a northie Abhinav Bindra wins a gold medal

    You take pride in northie Kashmir being a part of India.

    You take pride in the Taj Mahal in north India.

    But you simply won’t use their language, but rather use English to communicate with people outside Karnataka.

    I am astounded by the double speak.


    If i have been politically programmed to believe Hindi is my language, I can say that you have been conditioned to hate Hindi, an Indian language. you have been brainwashed into liking English, a foreign language.

    By you saying that i am politically programmed, does not mean that i am actually politically programmed. You can say 100 things about me, but that does not necessarily make it true.

    I NEVER ever said hindi is your language. Just like you use English for several reasons, likewise its a question of national pride when we use Hindi to communicate with people outside Karnataka.

    Ramesh Gowda saaar, Hindi may not be your language, but it is DEFINITELY an INDIANlanguage. I prefer using an INDIAN languge to communicate with people from outside Karnataka rather than using a FOREIGN languge to communicate with Indians outside karnataka.

    simple isn’t it?

    Gaby and the rest

    You guys have all conveniently ignored the following situations. You prefer that people in the following situations speak a FOREIGN language, but I prefer that in the following situations an INDIAN language should be used.

    what language will gujarat CM speak in to communicate with yediyurrappa?

    what language will prime minister use to address the nation?

    What language should cabinet minsiters speak to talk to people of India?

    what language will naveen patnaik use to speak to advani?

    what language will you use to speak to your counterparts in another office in kolkotta>? in mumbai? in chennai? in delhi?

    waht language will rajnikant use to speak to amitabh bacchan?

    what language will south indian doctors/technicians/engineers/lawyers/other 1000 professionals use to speak to north indian counterparts?

    what language will ramgopal verma use to speak to sudeep? sudeep is the hero in Phoonk, an RGV film

    what language will cricketers from different states use when they speak to each other

    what language will kannada newsreporters speak in to get news from other states?

  199. Gaby Says:

    Actually it would be preferable if Yeddi didnt talk to Bangalore Tata glass buildingModi at all and similarly RGV and Sudeep, Rajnikant and Bacchhan, All the cricket players of India, Naveen Patnaik and Oddvani, and the PM and Rahul baba. In any case the Cabinet ministers dont talk to anybody and talk nonsense when they do talk.
    If foreignness is the issue then a Hindi sponsored by the Central Government will ALWAYS be a foreign language in South India. What makes you think Simple that English is any more foreign than Hindi!

  200. BB@B Says:

    We are also part of central governemt and we have our ( south india) representives in Central Govt. Gaba, your point is valid if you do not believe in Democracy.

  201. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    How many in India understand ‘the National Language’ Hindi?
    Why should every PM, Prz address the nation in Hindi? They can address in their lanugages and get a interpreter translate in the other reigonal languages.
    It is simply imposed on us and our children!
    It is just a burnden for non-speakers of Hindi. Northies have to learn only Hindi and English. We in Karnataka have to learn 3 languages.

    How many in the north even know the existence of south indian languages? How many care to learn even after settling in southern states for ages?

    If someone been to North and stayed there for a while would understand their attitudes towards south indians.

    Learning English has more advantageous than wassting time o Hindi.

    By the way, the Frenchies, Japanese, Koreans have great admiration for English speakers especially those with blue eyes and white skin.

  202. BB@B Says:

    One correction Dr Reddy, Northies also have three language policy. They learn Sanskrit as third language..though the reason its being considered as “scoring” subject than anything else.

  203. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Kannada sathyavu alla, nithyavu alla. As long as there is a need to use it, it will last. When the need disappears, so will the language.

    Our concern should be with protecting the rights of those who speak Kannada and only Kannada in a state where it is the language of sixty-five percent of the residents. The rights include the ability to live a decent life within the borders of the state without having to beg others to understand us, to show us kindness as if we were stray dogs.

    If we stop thinking about jaathi and start thinking about the needs of our Kannada speaking brothers and sisters, we will find a way. In the meantime, ignore everything that our title hungry literature people and movie mad dogs say. No national awards come to those who say Kannada and Karnataka have to find their own means of survival. They have little to do with the flourishing of the language. They are no better than the politicians.

    Derreck F, or whatever his name is, makes no difference to the situation. His people expect him to speak English because their identitity is so closely allied with the language. No Anglo-Indian in Karnataka is known for something he has done for Kannada.

    Hell, I know I am saying all this in a language that is not even remotely genetically related to our poor Kannadamma.

  204. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Doddi Buddi–

    I don’t think you are correct when you say that ninety per cent of Anglo Indians speak Tamil as their language. Don’t disturb poor Frank Anthony’s ghost. Perhaps John Masters’, too.

  205. Karunaada Kuvara Says:

    You eat a north Indian Naan and Roti
    *****I eat only anna saaru, mudde saaru, raagi rotti, idly, masaale dose which are very much Karnataka food not the one mentioned by you which are imported from Persian/Arabic countries
    You take pride when a north Indian Yuvraj Singh slams six sixers in an over
    *****I take pride when Kumble gets 10 wickets in an innings, who is a real
    Kannadiga (unlike Dravid). Not those who run behind film stars, get embroiled party fights and land in police station.

    You take pride in a northie Abhinav Bindra wins a gold medal
    *****I do not take pride for achievements in which I do not have any contribution nor Indian union has any contribution and it is purely his personal achievement supported by his wealthy father.

    You take pride in northie Kashmir being a part of India.
    *****For me Karnataka is India and rest of India take pride because of Karnataka

    You take pride in the Taj Mahal in north India.
    *****I take pride of Belur and Halebeedu. I take pride of Pattada Kallu which is the cradle of Indian temple architecture. Definitely not for some Samaadhi built by a cruel king in an alien style and cutting the hands of the labourers who toiled day and night to build the structure.

    But you simply won’t use their language, but rather use English to communicate with people outside Karnataka.
    *****I advocate Kannada, Kannada and only Kannada, neither English nor Hindi as both are equally alien to me.

    I am astounded by the double speak.
    *****I should be the one to be astounded by your double speak all through you are praising things which are mostly not Indian.

  206. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Tiger;s Whiskers Ultimate,

    Saar I have lived among the Anglo Indians on Davis Road in Cantonment in the 80s! All Anglo-Indians are fluent in Tamil and that is almost their mother tongue because the British soldiers had their dalliance mostly with native wome of easy virtue when they were based in Madras. It is also possible they had their wicked ways with courtesans from Kerala, erstwhile Mysore and Andhra. Dr. Sree Reddy will help me out here on this point. In fact the locals in Cantt call Anglo-Indian males, ‘Dorai’…

  207. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    The early miners, railway people were low paid British workers, who could not have made their way back home. They came to work India and the upper caste British wouldn’t have much to do with them and they had to find willing local partners to carry on. And carry on they did, fiercely identifying themselves with a stratum that did not include them. Speaking a brand of English the ruling class found “Desi,” the offspring kept hoping that eventually they would be like the ones “back home.” I very much wonder if the Anglo-Indians you know would ever confess that their home language is Tamil. I remember a classmate who was as dark as our own beautiful Kannada women who claimed to know no other language than English.
    It is my understanding that the older generation of Anglo Indians in Bangalore and elsewhere still refer to England as “back home.”The “Anglo” part took precedence over the Indian part. It is certainly true that in the early days of the miscegenation British males were considered superior to the Indian women they cohabited with. Thus the practice of speaking English.

    The best illustrations of the life of Anglo Indians is to be found in Ved Mehta’s “A Portrait of India” and John Masters’ “Bhowani Junction.” The latter is banned in India because a character in it speaks contemptuously of Gandhi.

    Now, who is this Fullinpaw? How did he become the Joe Christmas of the BJP?

  208. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Tiger’s Whiskers Ultimate,

    Sure they would not admit it but they are fluent in Tamil. There are a lot of darkies who claim to be Anglo-Indians mainly for the effect:) These were simply the Railway Christians!

    The Anglo-Indians you describe were found in the pages of those two plus several other books. But they were the genuine article. I may add it was the British soldiers and some railway workers who sowed their seed in India.

    I don’t know much about Fullinpaw…

  209. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    @Karunada kuvara
    Chenngai helide.

    Well said!

  210. Pulikeshi the last Says:

    Nanna naadu kannada.
    Nanna nudi Inglis.
    Nanna guru NRN.
    Nanna devaru IT.

  211. Pulikeshi the last Says:

    Karunaada Kuvara–

    I agree, but how exactly do we keep our naadu from being stolen by fake nationalism?

  212. Henry Gidney Says:

    With All Respect,
    I have enjoyed reading the comments regarding Anglo-Indian roots. Of coarse, at conception I was not there nor were you, we have only urban myth and oral history to base any true understanding of how we originated. Discrimination was occurred in India long before A-I’s were on the the scene….or any Europeans in fact. Indian History has recorded abhorrent acts of Indian against Indian. In all honesty, I ask…..what if the Brits never came to India, what if Anglo-Indians never existed. As far as Loyalty to India, I know many A-I’s count themselves as Indians, served with distinction in the Armed Forces and gave their lives protecting India. Many, many, A-I’s around the world call “India Home”. As far as language is concerned, my Nana spoke 5 Indian dialects. Thank you for your debate and may your God go with you.
    Regards, Henry

  213. Jagdish Kumar Gowda Says:

    Derrick Fullinfaw knows Kannada extremely. He is lying

  214. JKG Says:

    Derrick Fullinfaw has no class,

  215. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Derrick Fullinpaw, go on with your bad self and keep sticking your finger in the chauvinists’ eyes.

    The issue certainly is not whether the man should speak Kannada. Insisting that he do so in the Legislature is similar to uneducated pegagogues in our third rate English medium schools insisting that their students speak only English no matter where they are. The issue is, as some here have said very persuasively, whether Anglo-Indians should have a special unelected, unvoting representative in the Vidhanasabha after all these years.

    I see many persons worried about unity. That unity will not come from our speaking Hindi. It comes from Kannadigas speaking Kannada proudly wherever it is understood as their first choice. For life to go on, there must be communication, especially in a diverse capitalist oriented nation. If Kannada fails, and I need to buy or sell something to make a living, then I have to speak whatever language I have to. Economic issues always take precedence over cultural matters. If it were possible for us all Kannadigas to make a decent living when we live in Karnataka using Kannada solely, it would have happened a long time ago.

    Sri/Sir Fullinpaw has been wonderfully generous in the face of whatever threat our KRV threw in his face. Another masi-on-the-more missile. So much for our respect for other people’s constitutionally guaranteed choices.

    I see that our fearless Kannada fighters say that the KRV actually pressured the Supreme Court to do right by us in Kaveri matter. If it is true, it is the end of whatever little respect that court has enjoyed so far. Anyway, now let the all powerful KRV change the constitution overnight by outlawing interstate immigration and have Kannada declared the sole language of Karnataka. We should also have a Kannadiga governor and one hundred percent Kannada IAS, IFS, and IPS cadres in Kannadaland.

    People who talk sense like Gaby are dangerous to our pride as Kannadigas. They should be flamed immediately. Poor Sathish, he deserves all the abuse heaped on him, for he had no business assuming that we are open to reason.

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