With so many legs, who on earth needs a tripod?

On World Photography Day on Tuesday, Karnataka Photo News editor Saggere Ramaswamy captures the great orb preparing to take a dip below the now out-of-use Wellesley Bridge at the island-town of Srirangapatna, the erstwhile lair of the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan.

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4 Responses to “With so many legs, who on earth needs a tripod?”

  1. jeevarathna Says:

    sriranagaptna is the abode of Adi Ranga – sriranganatah swamy , why qualify with such epithets like the erstwhile lair of the Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan ?

    For the record Wellesley Bridge was built after the 1799. Though there were three Wellesley brothers in all, Wellesley Bridge was built after the eldest of the Wellesley Brothers – Richard who is also known in the History records as earl of Mornington and was the Governor General of India ( Presidency of Fort Williams ) between 1798-1805. Diwan Poorniah on behalf of the minor King Mummadi Krsihna Raja Wodeyar built the bridge . An inscription to this effect can be seen at the far end of the Bridge even today. This bridge was in use till the great floods of 1962 , when the water level was above the bridge for several days and damaged the top layer of the Bridge.

  2. tarlesubba Says:


    neevene anni nammoore chenda. most awesomest place on earth. not artificial beauty spots but actually lived in and broken in abodes with crazy little idiosyncratic people. thats about as best as i can describe it.

    but of all things i constantly remember, i love those godhi banna oakish coloured narrow paths and trails in our country. in random little places like KM doDDi and all you can find those. not to mention one of those bright days just after the rains, when the dirt is washed off the pale gray roads criss-crossing the country. absolutely awesome. the only thing even remotely as awesome as that is actually being care free enough to be able to follow those trails without a care in the whole wide world.

    even the gods think the grass is greener in their neighbors yard.

  3. tarlesubba Says:

    do you take apprentices?

    my other comment is in Mod Q.

  4. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    we need a website like Wikipedia/Wikitravel, basically a wiki, for Mysore with peer reviewed content contributed by the knowledgeable people like jeevarathna and others!

    what do you say?

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