Shivanna, Maadesha & the legacy of Dr Raj Kumar

A variety of factors—inexperience, incompetence, disinterest, conflict of interest, the fear of ostracism, sometimes plain fear itself—have made it nearly impossible for movie critics to say what they would really like to say about films in most Indian languages.

Result: a review has become a kind of feel-good “text ad” which leaves movie makers happy, safe and smiling all the way to the next underworld don wanting to finance a film.

The Shivaraj Kumar starrer Maadesha is a case in point. The censors found the “gangster film with a difference” so mind-numbingly mad that they didn’t bothering giving it a certificate. Yet, the film gets hailed hailed as an enjoyable film here, here, and here.

Not one reviewer mustered the gumption to ask the key question: if the son of the great Dr Raj Kumar acts in a film like this, associates himself with film makers like these, where does that leave the legacy of the great Dr Raj Kumar, and where does that leave Kannada cinema itself?

Thankfully, S. Shiva Kumar in today’s Hindu fill the breach:

“I fled after the last shot in Maadesha, which was mauled by the censors. I was shaking with disbelief because if this was allowed then imagine the scenes which were cut….

“It’s sad. Shivraj Kumar should realise that he’s a star today only because a fraction of his father’s fans felt beholden to him. Raj Kumar left a legacy of morally rich films. The characters he played were virtuous because he felt indebted to his fans [whom] he referred to as ‘God’. That’s also the reason he endeared himself to family audiences.

“Stars do have a social obligation at least as far as their frenzied fans are concerned.

“Ironically, a sequel [to Maadesha] is being planned and a film called Hodi Maga starring Shivanna has been launched.”

Read the full article: Spewing red

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57 Responses to “Shivanna, Maadesha & the legacy of Dr Raj Kumar”

  1. alvaa matte Says:

    But its not just the responsibility of Shvarajkumar here. There is one more guy who should be held responsible, and its none other than Ravi Belagere!!

  2. anonymous Says:

    When Dr. Raj Kumar passed away, Shri T N Seetaram had written a nice obetuary in Vijaya Karnataka. He had observed that as long as Dr. Raj kumar was in the centre stage of Kannada movies, the violence was never depicted/glorified on screen. Not that the movies always focussed on romanticised topics, even “sampattige saval” shows the extreme anguish, but never the bloodshed/longu/swordu etc.

  3. Sandesh Says:

    Some days ago I asked churumuri to publish something about Kannada movies instead of the usual stuff about tamilu, telugu and hindi language movies.
    Churumuri obliged and how :)

  4. boomerang Says:

    Movies are the reason why violence is shown on the big screen. Ban movies?

  5. Chintaka Says:

    I find it weird… weird that just because Shivanna is Rajkumar’s son he is not permitted to act in a movie which has long and sword…

    I find it weird… weird that just becuase Dr.Raj acted in Kannada movies, we cannot make a movie with violence in it..

    I find it weird… weird that our journalists pan movies with violence and skin show in kannada movies and remain silent when same violence and skin shows are aplenty in the hindi/tamil/telugu movies running to packed houses in namma bengalooru…

    I mean, how long can you keep dragging Dr.Raj’s name into everything??

    There are movies worse than Maadesha in terms of violence in other languages, specially in Tamil and telugu. Samara simha reddy, anyone???And these movies are exhibited in Bangalore. So what are you cribbing about?

    And by the way, is there a different standards of morality for people of different states???? Because a Moggina Manasu will be treated as an adult movie in Karnataka while movies with huge skin shows and titillating scenes and dances will get passed by the censors with a U certificate from Chennai and Hyderabad censor boards. The less said, the better when it comes to Hindi movies.

    Shivanna is an actor. He acts in a movie. Period. Why should his lineage be a matter of controversy????

  6. Shravan Says:

    Whatever happened to the movies where the protagonist actually would defeat the violent with force rather than use force for survival (Jogi 2005).

    I think the Shankar Nag/ Sangliana style movies became popular because of a real life crackdown on the rowdies (so reel does reflect the reel, with masala of course). Unless there is an actual crackdown on the machhu crime, it will be hard to find a good social film on urban life.

  7. vinay Says:

    wonder if he ever sees the films he has acted with his family and friends

  8. Ashwini Says:

    At last one article which questions the Sadashiva Nagar gang

  9. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Depicting violence, blood shed, macchu culture, rapes etc should be controlled, in movies. (If it is necessary, it should be depicted less: just symbolic). Many of the youth ape the movie stars.

    Many critics dont open their mouth fearing for their lives.

  10. Abhi Says:

    What’s this crap about non violent movies? Are we watching movies or participating some kind of Gandhian movement? I am not saying Madesha is clockwork orange and Shivanna is stanely kubrick and I guess movie is as bad as any ‘tavarige baa tangi’ kind of movie. Critisize the movie for its cinematic qualities and not for some time/space restricted social acceptance. I am sure there are 101 other reasons why this movie sucks.

  11. Ashwini Says:

    Yes. The ‘critics’ fear for their life. Does anyone remember the infamous Gangadhara Mudaliar incident?

  12. Sandesh Says:

    “Shivraj Kumar should realise that he’s a star today only because a fraction of his father’s fans felt beholden to him ”

    For the last time… No one can survive in the film field if not for some talent…. if Shivanna’s movies are seen only by a “fraction of fans of Raj” then he would not be acting for so long…. with success.
    Remember how people rejected Raghavendra Rajkumar ? Why did the same theory not work for him ?
    There are many fans of Shivaraj Kumar and they are fans not because who his father is…they are fans because of his talent (whatever he has).

    Who are “Sadashivanagar gang”? If they are the controlling authority of everything related to Kannada movies how do we explain the emergence of Ganesh, Darshan, and older artists like Vishnu, Ambi, Shankar and Anant Nag, and many others…..

    @Sree reddy
    “Many critics dont open their mouth fearing for their lives.”

    Did you read what ravi belagere wrote about Puneet’s first movie and the language he used against Puneet ? But I did not see Belagere running for his life from whoever it is…. Same goes with Vishnu’s movies…some of his atrocious movies were written off…still nothing happened to the critics. About Ravichandran’s movie Naanu Nanna Hendtiru, the Kannada Prabha reviewer Jogi wrote, “Ee chittradalli villain illa…aadare ravichandran sangeeta ide”… Most critics tend to write reviews keeping in the expectations of the movie and not to please some unseen power.

    “wonder if he ever sees the films he has acted with his family and friends”
    Not only he sees his movies…even Raj used to watch his movies…and I along with family are regulars for Shivaraj movies….some of them were really bad but most of them are quite good and enjoyable. Till OM happened, Shivu’s movies were less violent… the tendency of depicting violence is a fad .. and it will go away. BTW, he also acts in family movies every year (involving anna tangi sentiments….neevu gamansidiro ilvo gottilla).

    Kannada movies bagge olledu bariri andre … ee thara chilre article baritira.. Just come and see in Chennai…. not only the tamil but english movies never write negative about tamil movies…even when they are absolute crap…
    Namma Kannadadavru ishte aaytu… bereyavru maaDidre OK.. naavu maaDidre tappu.

  13. Mayura Says:

    None of the Rajanna’s sons can claim his legacy. Shivarajkumar is pretty much moulded as a Rowdy character and seems to immensely enjoy his roles(?) that he plays. As somebody mentioned in their comment, Ravi Belagere is also responsible for general lack of sensitivity to human life, by glorifying rowdies/antisocial elements in his rag magazine. Add to this one more Ravi..Ravi Srivatasa, who has excelled in making skin flicks and meaningless movies like Madesha.

    Come to think of this, in the 70’s almost every year Kannada movies were winning national awards, and we have sunk to such depths of making movies like jogi, madesha etc


  14. Alok Says:

    aah at last. Finally, finally someone who calls the emperor’s nudity.

    It’s not as if we are genetically incapable of making good, commercial movies (granted Satya Harischandra is a height we will never be able to achieve again), but surely we don’t need to pander to a bunch of cretins living off a famous father’s unmatchable legacy( all the while pissing on the same).

  15. Extravagant Says:

    All the four reviews that you have provided the link to is written by the same person; the RGV of Kannada films! You probably did not read reviews written by others. RGV is the same person who has acted in the film in the role of Home Minister. how can you expect him to criticise the film?

  16. Mayura Says:

    >>Yes. The ‘critics’ fear for their life. Does anyone remember the infamous Gangadhara Mudaliar incident?

    In the 70s/80s when Rajkumar was at the peak of his career, his fans hounded out Dwarakish and Vishnuvardhan out of Bangalore, just because they were posing serious threat to Raj’s movies. Dwarakish/Vishnuvardhan remained in Madras for a number of years due to fear of Raj’s Fan association hooliganism.

  17. Hiker Says:

    Kannada movies bagge olledu bariri andre … ee thara chilre article baritira.. Just come and see in Chennai…. not only the tamil but english movies never write negative about tamil movies…even when they are absolute crap…
    Namma Kannadadavru ishte aaytu… bereyavru maaDidre OK.. naavu maaDidre tappu.”

    So, Kannada movies should be praised irrespective of whether it is a good movie or a total crap is it? Grow up dude. Whats the use of review then?

    First of all what is this aNNa business?? Why Shiv_aNNa_?? If Rajkumar was called aNNa, he used to behave/act like one. According to VK report, this Shivrajkumar threatened the censor board official for suggesting lots of cuts in the seems he said “idella chennagiralla noDu”!!

  18. Nitin Says:

    Kannada Industry follows some set rules and thinking based on their data for success or at least a break even,Shivanna is just a part of it.
    1. The movies should be made ‘masses oriented’ since they make it to theaters more often than the rest
    2. Masses like only laangu, macchu movies .
    3. Songs should be song by Sonu Nigam,Udit Narayan,etc for it to be hit – music composers has less confidence in his music and relies on the bollywood singer.
    4. Mandatory item song by a bollywood import is must for success.
    (Above two constitutes substantial percentage in the film budget)
    5. Throw in Hindi words in the title or songs – a new trend which i dont understand again
    6. Remakes will guarantee success

    While the article criticizes Shivanna all the way, did anybody bother to appreciate when he made a attempt make ‘Kumara Rama’ ?

  19. sathya Says:

    All said and done, glorifying violence, bloodshed ,crimes and murders may appeal only to a few people. Should we call it entertainment? There are definitely many other ways by which the same message may be conveyed. Whatever may be the politics of Hero-worship and immortalizing, truth will come out in a short time. And insiders in the filmland – many of them are afraid to open their mouth in public – know this very much. Whether it is Gangadhar Mudaliar or xyz they know how to suppress the opposing voices.

  20. dr ramesh Says:

    hold on guys, how many of you guys commenting watched CHIGURIDA KANASU—- produced by annavru. it was a classic ,but movie flopped.
    an actor should be versatile,and sometimes he has to play to the gallery.
    agreed MAADESHA has overdone violence , questioning RAJ LEGACY— LEGACY WHICH HAS GIVEN MOST NUMBER OF NOVEL-BASED FILM IN THE WORLD is a bit harsh.

  21. Ready4obbatu Says:

    A question has been taunting me for quite a while now and I felt this website with mostly kannadiga readers is a good forum to address this question, it does not have much relevance with the above article but nevertheless I want to post it.

    WHY SHOULD I OR ANYBODY ELSE FOR THAT MATTER, LEARN KANNADA? How does it benefit the individual financially? I am asking this question ONLY from a monetary and financial perspective coz I know there are other reasons to learn Kannada.

    There are very few fields that practically need Kannada at all and to name a few below

    To become a Lawyer – I don’t need to know Kannada, coz the law is written in English based on English common law and there are no Kannada medium law colleges

    To become a Doctor – I don’t need to know Kannada, coz there are no institutes whose medium is Kannada that can issue a MBBS certificate.

    To become an Engineer – I don’t need to know Kannada, coz there are no institutes whose medium is Kannada that can issue an engineering certificate.

    To become a Chartered Accountant – I don’t need to know Kannada, coz there are no institutes whose medium is Kannada that can issue a CA certificate.

    To be a Civil Servant – I don’t need to know Kannada, coz the exam and interviews are in English

    So basically for most of the highly paid professional white collar jobs I don’t need Kannada, the only reason I can think of using Kannada, is if you want to be a local retail businessman, writer, to be a politician or if I just want to be 12th (PUC) standard pass, and not many want to do that.

    When answering this question please bear in mind that I am a proud Kannadiga and like all proud kannadigas I live in the United States (sarcasm implied), I ask everyone replying to this question to be practical and post factual information rather than what you ‘feel’, I am also a chest thumping kannadiga who sympathizes with KRV (Even though morally and intellectually I don’t agree with them all the time), also I am not questioning anybody’s patriotism to kannada or Karnataka and giving examples of Kuvempu, Masti and other geniuses does not answer the question for the other 50 crore kannadigas, I truly want to understand why an individual has to learn Kannada if he wants to enjoy a good standard of living in his own state, so do not tell me that money is not everything, and all that, coz we all know it matters, I am not suggesting money is everything but it does matter significantly in once life. Finally please try and be as practical and productive as possible.

  22. Justfine Says:

    Aren’t the movies an art form? Isn’t Shivrajkumar an actor who has the liberty to act in whatever roles he likes? I’m sick of this bloody “social responsibility” crap already. As Chintaka says, world is weird.

  23. tarlesubba Says:

    very interesting. painters can paint anything they want. writers can write anything they want, journalists,who have comparable reach, can take any position they want, media can show gory pictures of mutilated bodies, but cinema, ‘poor’ cousin to all high art and thinking activity, cant depict violence, nudity and sex? do paintings, stories -short and long, fiction and non-fiction, and media writings always have a moral? so are you saying there is a contrast in the morals of raviverma’s fully clothed godesses and Hussain’s fully naked godesses?

    only moral stories from cinema? yaake? intha doDDa burDennu?

    and who watches movies for morals? if somebody is paying money to reinforce his moral standing in cinemas then he has some serious problems. such people should either go to their favourite godman or psychiatrist for help.

    paapa, Shivanna burdened with his prarabdha and Raj Kumar with his purushaartha. So what justifies ravichandran and kamal hassan objectifying women and how does that reflect on their respective fathers?

  24. Sandesh Says:

    “not only the tamil but english movies never”

    Sorry… a typo.. it should read

    not only the tamil but english newspapers never”

  25. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Tarlesubbanavaru is right!

    Why should Rajkumar be held responsible for crass films of his kith and kin?

    Like Alvaa Matte opined, Belagere is answerable to this question!

    Is it the same man who derided Sandalwood movies and asked them to take a cue from good movies of Bollywood like Ab tak chappan and learn to make movies about underworld from such movies!

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Ree swamy Ready4obbattu,

    The same argument can be made for/against any language. Swalpa neevu ondhu English operation idhe. Dayavittu adhannu madisikolli. Adhu ‘Ready4Lobotomy’ antha! Cheers!!

  27. jack Says:

    He has only one expression, curling of lips. He and his brother are in industry because of his father and unfortunately we have no option but to watch these ‘stars’. Pity us.

  28. avinash Says:

    it is a full of BLOOD FILM. SHIVANNA acting was so briliant

  29. Sandesh Says:

    “So, Kannada movies should be praised irrespective of whether it is a good movie or a total crap is it? Grow up dude. Whats the use of review then?”

    Geez….. Did I say that? Of course, a review should talk about why the movie is bad/good. All I am saying is … there will be bad and good movies in any language. But why do we always have to talk -ve about our movies ? Review a movie on its cinematic qualities and not on your prejudices and expectations of what a movie should contain.

    What I said was.. lets encourage our movies… Today, Kannada movies have the smallest market in South India (even Kerala movies get released in TN, Karnataka..our movies are not released in TN..even when some did (last year).the response was pathetic). KeTTaddu oLLedu idde irutte…).

    “Why Shiv_aNNa_?? ”

    Why not SivaNNA? It’s one way the fans call…. Nimage haage karibeku anta yaaru balvanta madtilla alwa? Matte enu problem? VK report link idre koDi.. otherwise your rumour is BS.

  30. Sandesh Says:

    “He has only one expression, curling of lips. He and his brother are in industry because of his father and unfortunately we have no option but to watch these ’stars’. Pity us.”

    Jack sir……. you don’t have to be steeped in so much “self-pity”.. You can choose not to watch their movies. Tumba simple solution alwa :)

  31. Sandesh Says:

    @dr Ramesh
    Illi dialogue hoDeyavru CHIGURIDA KANASU elli noDirtare……adella lekkakke illa swamy.. Eno ishta banda haage baryodu…Raj hesaranna eLeyodu….

  32. Tarlemaga Says:

    Kannada movies have not gathered PAN Kannadiga momentum as yet except for Mungaru Male in recent times. I watched Mungaru Male in Melbourne and it had a rousing reception for a long long time.

    The creativity in Kannada movies has been stymified by the dominance of one family for long. This has hurt the prospect of both Kannadigas and Kannada film industry.

    The result is obvious we have had recycled waste being thrown at us time and again. More violence in Theatre Onscreen and outside the Theatre during the natural death of the famous actor. It is not that anyone killed him, innocents had to pay the price for it.

    We had few directors like Puttana in the past and he had directed some wonderfull ones.

    While the rest of the actors either settled in Chennai or moved out as they feared their lives.

  33. Ready4Obbatu Says:

    @ Doddi Buddi,

    I know that entry was totally out of context and I agree with you that this is the case with almost all the languages in India atleast and with recent statistics which says 462 million live under a dollar a day means that almost half the population has no knowledge or idea about the constitution, law etc, so in escence what I can infer from your message is that no other language is truly needed apart from english in India if you want to be educated that is. This reminds me of that song “Tanna maneyali tane Parakiya”

  34. Hiker Says:


    “VK report link idre koDi.. otherwise your rumour is BS”

    Aug 21st 2008 Front page, Bangalore edition.

  35. Madhu Says:


    “there will be bad and good movies in any language….Review a movie on its cinematic qualities”

    Precisely. Even among Kannada movie audiences, many viewers like me heartily welcome the occassional ‘aa dinagaLu’s (in fact watch it multiple times and recommend it as a must watch to all) and shun the dime-a-dozen ‘maadesha’s….purely based on their cinematic qualities and are quite agnostic to other external factors. Its these arguments such as yours which urge us to appreciate kannada movies with a common yardstick that they are ‘Kannada movies’ that drive us up the wall!!

    But you’ll never get what we are saying, will you…?

  36. oochara Says:

    If there is an actor who needs to walk out of his Daddy’s shadow, Shivanna is definitely the last one. By now he already harbours in his own. The one that put him in spotlight the moment he lit his cigarette in the movie OM (the scene where he gets prema kidnapped to bring her to his adda to celebrate her b’day). It was nifty depiction of local love-lost hooligan.

    Om had destined Shivanna where he rightly and independently belonged—his dad had not hovered anywhere close to any such roles. The second and third break came timely between AK47 and Jogi, especially in the scenes from A.K.47 where his bursts of anger and anxiety caught every hot-blooded kid’s mind. And Jogi’s “mother is the only sole purpose of life” concept.

    Honestly, after watching Jogi’s leap over a wall keeping his maachu clutched between his teeth, I have come to believe there is a nary an actor in South India who can wield his maachu better than shivanna (what I personally like calling ladaysadu). If there is genres of movies that Kannada industry gave to the filmdom, then this one also finds its place in the list. Elites might not like to associate this with Kannada, but you can’t ignore it.

    My fetish for shivanna especially with a maachu in his hand is really unbelievable in these days and times. I fall out with almost all close friends on this one. His scraggy looks are another day’s discussion. But if this is what the actor excels, or rather is liked for, he is surely bound by obligations to perform the same again and again.

    It is at these obligations Shivanna has come to be called as the cult rowdy figure. And Madeesha promised to add more spice. Is the story for real or fiction is yet to be ascertained (in concept). But there is something about local hooliganism that both Ravi Beligere and Ravi Srivatsava portray in tandem.

    Bengaluru they paint in the movie Madeesha is scarier and remote-controlled than I ever thought it to be. Madeesha, the character, seems to represent a whole new cult of rowdies who are cold-blooded and wicked, entering rowdism for the sheer fun of it (Unlike all of Shivanna’s movies before, that hung out on family reasons)

    Whatever, my first reaction was similar to the author “what a wreck can this movie do to the society”. Nudity/Hooliganism shown on canvas has a different bearing on the society than shown on the celluloid. After all I concur with the author again “stars do have a social obligation at least as far as their frenzied fans are concerned.”

    I’m hoping rowdism loses its sheen as a concept, as Shivanna loses his charms for the role.

  37. Justfine Says:

    @Ready4obbatu – This problem is with all the Indian languages, not only Kannada. But for me personally, I need Kannada to read S.L. Bhyrappa, one of the greatest novelists of all time in my opinion and several such great writers who write in Kannada.

  38. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    To all kannadigas who criticise kannada movies

    Produce or Direct a good movie and set an example for others to follow!!

  39. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Civil services can be taken in your own mother tongue. You can write the exams in Kannada. I am not very sure if the interviews can be held in Kannada. But if the interviews can be held in Hindi, why not in other regional languages. This is discrimination.


    Vishnuvardhan used to stay very much in Jayamahal whenver he did not shoot in Chennai. The Vishnu and Dr.Raj fight is more of a media creation.

    There are very good movies of Dr. Raj that one can watch with family members.

  40. Abhi Says:

    Awesome logic Mr. Kadana Kuthuhala! So now onwards to critisize Sachin Tendulkar, you have to be a better cricketer than him; to critisize Manmohan singh you should have been a prime minister of India once and so on.

  41. Mayura Says:


    Vishnu and Dwarakish were hounded out of Bangalore. I studied with a nephew of Dwarakish, who told me actually what happened to both these people. Vishnu was even attacked several times by Raj’s Fan association members. It was only then that Vishnu decided to have his own fans association to counter this menace.

  42. Sandesh Says:

    “Even among Kannada movie audiences, many viewers like me heartily welcome the occassional ‘aa dinagaLu’s (in fact watch it multiple times and recommend it as a must watch to all) and shun the dime-a-dozen ‘maadesha’s….purely based on their cinematic qualities and are quite agnostic to other external factors.”

    So are many Kannada audiences who welcome Machchu movies… And what if they demand movies such as Aa DinagaLu to be shunned (based on cinematic qualities they perceive) ?

    ….. There are some movies for class…..some for mass…. both have their own niche..And it is the same in all languages. Idralli “not getting” enu bantu ?

  43. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    Abhi..If you know what you could expect of shiv raj kumar or his brothers, you won’t be criticising them. They do what they think is good. Choice is yours ..either you watch it or you don’t watch it. If you want to see some change you need to bring about the change.

  44. Murali Says:


    Sorry if you feel you’re being targeted here…That is not the intention…

    As I scrolled down this page, I read various comments you’d left behind. Some went “If its kannada byteera, bere bhaashe aadre ok”…Where did you get that from? Nange ansodu, namage kannada andre abhimaana, adikke namge bejaar aagatte intha movies “JAASTHI” barakke shuru aadre…Illi bere bhaashe movies bagge discussion shuru aagidyo ilvo nange gottilla (I’m a super newbie here), but shuru aadre, senseless, violent and other waste of celluloid type of movies bagge baay tumba ugiyakke saaaaaaaakasht scope iratte I bet!

    Nimma kone point tumba ishta aithu…Some for masses, some for classes. Agreed. Opkoteeni. Aadre munchina “masses” movies hengiddvu anta swalpa kaNN haaisonva? Ishtu violence itta? Ishtu mind numbing inanity itta films nalli? Ishtu skin show itta? Nidhaanavaagi 70s end, 80s madhya and 90s nalli beLedu bandirodu idu…2000s nalli explode aagide. And can u visualize the impact such violent movies can have on the masses? Aren’t they being dangerously inspirational? A small kid singing “Ee kaige machchu sikkida mele baduku kaNo” (even though he may not know the entire meaning of that line!) is a sad sight as far as i know…

    And where’s the line that’s delineating the masses and classes? Eegina educated youth kooda maadesha na hogi “entertainment” anno kaaranakke enjoy maadi bandu, indirect aagi support madta idaare alva? Somebody has to raise a voice against this class of movies saying “enough’s enough…there should be a limit to the liberties u can take”…

    Notice that Dr Raj, Shivanna etc topics are now out of scope…Bhaashe mukhya alla, content…Kannada nalli ‘Aa dinagaLu’ bandrunu appreciate madana, tamil nalli ‘anbe sivam’ bandru nu appreciate madana… Especially Kannada nalli oLlolle movies bandre bere avr munde higgana, “baddi makkla nodro entha movies maadidieevi!!!” anta…But adikke tumba scope illa itteechige alva?

    My 2 cents. (Ducking for brickbats)

  45. Sandesh Says:

    I don’t feel cornered or anything. But being a big fan of Kannada movies and residing outside of Karnataka for past 6 years, it pains me to see that Kannada movies don’t get the respect they deserve…even from Kannadigas.
    The reason I keep harping on “other languages” is because I’ve seen even movies such as Aaptamitra, Mungaru Male not eliciting any positive response when they were released ..not so far .. but in Chennai !!!
    My point is this: It’s ok if some movies such as Maadesha are made…making movies on rowdyism is a fad.. it will go away in few years (as and when people get bored of it). But to drag on Raj’s name to this issue (as the OP did) is unwarranted. And those who think that our movies should make us proud..please start seeing the movies of GK, TSN and so on…I remember the mediocre response to KallaraLi Hoovagi… and it was a good movie.
    We can’t keep wishing for movies such as Satya Harischandra..the times have changed. And in almost all languages the trend in movies is towards glorification of hero and scant respect to story. But commercially these movies are a big hit. Let our movies become hit, the market expand. Seeing how even the crappiest movies of tamilu, telugu and mallu make loads of money in Karnataka pains me. Add to that the disinterest of north Karnataka in Kannada movies, interest in telugu movies of the border districts (kolara, ballary, mangalore et al) the situation today for Kannada movies to cater to the audience it gets..and sadly that audience is not the ones who have been commenting here but people who like the machchu longu movies…

    “tamil nalli ‘anbe sivam’ bandru nu appreciate madana”

    Sorry bejaru maaDkobDi…. olle cinema ellidru ollede.. illa annolla.. but nimma enthusiasm-na bere baasheyoru swalpanadru reciprocate madidre chennagirutte alwa? Nambtiro ilvo.. Jogi anta commercial (mass) movie Karnataka bittu bere kaDe release agle illa (not overseas I am talking about)…. naavu anbe siva na appreciate maaDovaga, avru swalpa MM na appreciate maaDli anta ansodu sahaja taane ?

    “Nidhaanavaagi 70s end, 80s madhya and 90s nalli beLedu bandirodu idu…2000s nalli explode aagide”

    Tumba nija nimma maatu. Neevu gamansidiro ilvo.. ide taraha trend hindi, tamil matte telugunalloo start aytu.. yaakandre budgetgaLu jaasti aytu, star value jaasti aytu, movie openings bari stars mele depend aytu… oLLe movies koDtidda hindi Yash-Raj banner avra maga charge tagonDmele bari mindless useless movies koDokke start maDda.. and the worst part is … for liberated India, ee tarah movies ishta aagokke start aytu.. the downfall has become a general trend in all languages… bari kannada onde alla.

    Bari shivrajkumar na yaake question maaDbeku? Middle class kannada movies na desert maaDokke start maaDiddu, Jaggesh, Upendra antics indaagi… remember the “xxx maga” series? Amele Upendrana “A”, “Upendra” reeti movies which appealed to the neglected strata of movies bandmele ee trend tumba explode aytu… the 2000’s have been the worst. Illa anta yaaru heLokkagolla :)

    Parihara enu ? Raj hesarna, avra maga is only due to his father’s name anta heLi crib maaDoda ? or innoo movies noDi, kannada movies market jaasti maaDoda? Dayavittu illi comment maaDtiroru kannada movies na hechchu hechchu noDi (for some time nimge ishta aagilla andru noDi…producers will dare making offbeat movies once they believe that audience will appreciate and encourage them). Make it a point of seeing one kannada movie (rate kaDime swamy… 20 Rs gella local theatrenalli aaramagi nodbodu) movie every week. Market beLili ..standards will return.

    “Somebody has to raise a voice against this class of movies saying “enough’s enough…there should be a limit to the liberties u can take”…”

    Actually neevu heLodu nija.. naavu movies na support maaDidrene ee tara movies tegyodu jaasti agutte.. on the other hand … movies na hit maaDilla andre market beLeyodu hege ?? OLLe tricky situation… :) I don’t know the solution…..

    Last remark: Just take a look at hindi movie industry.. alli hero-gaLu, villian-gaLu ella avra appa, ajja hesru iTkonDu bandovre …. haagagi Shivu is surviving based on his father’s name annodralli artha illa…

  46. Madhu Says:

    I am curious enough to ask. What do you percieve objectionable about ‘aa dinagalu’?

  47. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Oh really. That’s sad.
    But media really writes lot of nonsense.
    I will give you one example. Few years ago I translated Upendra into Japanese for a film festival(It was pretty dirty language.). This Japanese guy who wanted to make money out of India, wanted to show that movie to Japanese film goers. In that film festiival only 6 people were present to watch his movie, all of them were connected to that Japanese fellow. I did not go as it was held far away from Tokyo. But the Kannada newspapers, wrote “Upendraravarige yaake ii gurava? Japanadeshadalli movie houseful”, as if he was admired and the movie was well recieved. Later no distributor bought that movie for release. I think many must have believed that story. The journlists (may be sundry variety) wrote columns and columns about his success in Japan!!
    It was big zero.
    Dwarakish now a days lives in Vijayanagara.

  48. Sandesh Says:

    Nanna perception biDi…. janara perception important ;)

  49. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    yaa dinagalu?
    nanage gothilla :)

  50. Mayura Says:


    I cannot believe you agreed to translate a film like Upendra into Japanese…LOL :)

  51. Giridhar Says:

    The best way for sending a message across to a movie maker is either by watching the movie or by ignoring it. Just do not watch any crap movie that is made! Simple – No money no movie!

  52. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Which don financed a movie or what type of movies sell are just a reflection of the society we live in. The movie makers will give what the audience wants, not other way around. In fact what type of movie makers thrive depends on the audience.

    Geriatric heroes playing 18 year old college students, low production values being hailed as good movie making etc. will happen as long as the audience laps up whatever crap is produced.

    If you have a problem with some movie – dont watch it. Let the people who want to watch it – do so.

  53. Anonymous Guy Says:

    BTW to Chaitanya who made ‘aa dinagalu’ – keep it up dude. I knew this guy from long ago – he is a sensitive, intelligent person like the people who comment on these forums. The sort you want making kannada movies.

    Go watch his movie before commenting on it… Looking forward to what he does in his coming movies. Hopefully more youngsters of his kind will take to making movies, will not be crushed by the ruling family of kannada films as ‘competition’, and will be supported by audiences.

  54. anonymous Says:

    if you would allow artistic freedom to m.f. hussain, why would you pick on a movie? mind numbingly mad or not, those who like it will like it. you stay away, no? otherwise there is no difference between the cheddis you despise and your solemn self.

  55. Ashwini Prasad Says:

    Madesha is a movie full of violence and blood shed. I am a fan shiva raj kumar and i like his movies like “chigurida kanasu”, “Anand” and many more. Please act in decent films without violence. These people target mass which are affected and follow their heros blindly. It is true that Vishnuvardhan suffered a lot. And Ganesh was attacked mungarumale director Yogarajbhat got threatening call. It is unfortunate that our kannada industry is maintained by a family!

  56. Kumaraswamy Says:

    Check out the movies Mr.Shivrajkumar has acted in recent years

    Anna Thangi
    Thavarina siri
    Thayiya Madilu
    Gandana Mane
    Lava Kusha
    BAndhu Balaga

    What do u understand/observe seeing the list of movies he has acted
    One sentiment , one Rowdysm. again sentiment Rowdysm
    This is Variety for Shivrajkumar and his Fans …

    he did a Perioddic Movie called Gandugali Kumara Raama – ohhh Goddd Ee manushya iro colourge Raajana Dresss haakidre Yaar guru nodthare – Ashtu thale bedwa …..He is just surviving of 20% Dr.rajkumar fans have been supporting him ..Me being an ardent Fan of Dr.Raj – would never support Shivrajkumar or puneeth rajkumar who just entered and got a place in KFI because of the surname they have got.

  57. Kumaraswamy Says:

    Vishnuvardhan is the only actor who has sufffered like anything in Kannada industry ..he was literally tortured – but as per his Title goes Sahasa Simha – he fought like a lion and survived – not only survived – but gave a tough competition to Dr.Raj – which no actor ever did so or even think of it. Unlike all other contemporary actors with vishnu were trying to gain confidence of Raj family – vishnu carved a niche for himself and he had his own SET of fans – MASS and CLASS –
    Unlike other actors he never showed Raj’s Photo in the songs or any sequences or talk about Raj in his movies or what so ever –

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