One child per family. One Ganesh idol per colony?

Ganesh Chathurthi, the festival of “the god of every man” that freedom fighter and social reformer ‘Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak reshaped from “a private family celebration into a grand public event”, to stir up nationalist sentiment and bridge the gap between Brahmins and non-Brahmins, has become a game of oneupmanship, as streets, localities, lanes, bylanes, gullies and colonies compete in a gaudy surge of revivalism.

Is it time to pick up the cue from Sandap and Ghariwali?

The two villages in suburban Bombay follow a “One village, one Ganesh” model, reports the Indian Express.  The whole village has only one Ganesh festival celebration, held in a temple, and there are no private celebrations in the nearly 2,000 households, nor in other areas of the village.

Less expense, less pollution, less tension.

Good idea? Bad idea? Too socialist for post-liberalised, consumerist India?

Read the full story: It’s time to pick up the cue

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16 Responses to “One child per family. One Ganesh idol per colony?”

  1. N Says:

    Great idea. Community Diwali, Id, Christmas – sure, why not…

  2. Simply Stupid Says:

    Very good idea… Should be implemented Nationwide.

  3. Rampa Says:

    What next? Will pseudos dare suggest:

    1. Only one mosque per town – less noise pollution every morning from azan, less tension every Friday?

    2. Decorate only one house in the town with electric lights on Xmas – less energy, less pollution, less tension?

    We all know what would be the answer…

  4. Tarlemaga Says:

    Religious Pseudo Secular freedom enshrined in our constitution has been a curse.

    Religion is used as a weapon by all the political parties regardless of party affiliation to score votes.

    Most Indians are illiterate to understand this point….

    As Karl Marx stated “Religion is an Opium fed to the masses”.

    The more you smoke the more u need to be fed with

  5. Mayura Says:

    How about sacrificing one bakra for the entire city, for bakr-id…less killing,less impact on environment,less tension etc.

    Also, encourage once christmas tree per city, so less tree felling, less impact on environment, less tension etc.

  6. indiaonedge Says:

    Brilliant .. I would love one bakra per city and one christmas tree per city too .. Or maybe one in your home .. You could burst all the fire crackers you wanted on your couch ..

  7. Sandesh Says:

    Completely agree with Mayura and Rampa

    Churumuri, would you suggest these ?
    Good idea? Bad idea? Too socialist for post-liberalised, consumerist India?

  8. anser azim Says:

    one bakra for the entire city, for bakr-id!!! great Idea. The only down side is that we all have to shed our Nike Shoes and will have to adopt to “kharaoo” and wooded sandle days….

    No azan on loudspeakers, No Hanuman chalisa on loud speakers, No ringing of temple and Church bell on loudspeakers is also a good idea..

  9. Tathagata Mukherji Says:

    One Xmas tree per city as it helps nature, global warming. One Bakra for Bakr-Id for the sake of Sacredness of life. Anybody interested?

  10. Tathagata Mukherji Says:

    Tarlemaga : You would interested to know how followers of Marx are treating Ramadan in China:

    “The rules include prohibiting women from wearing veils and men from growing beards….”

    Religion is NOT problem. Problem is TOTALITARIANISM- Semitic creeds and Marxism who claim sole agency of truth and condemn others.

  11. Tarlemaga Says:


    That is true secularism. Not growing beard’s and wearing veils.

    It’s a riot out here in India. U grow beards and u blow bombs.

    Kripan and Trishul is used to attack common citizens as well.

    Women have more freedom in China than under a veiled Indian Raj.

    Religious dogmas have created a mess for less.

  12. BrahmakShatra Says:

    First of all the word “idol” is not appropriate.
    (I’m not connected to the above blog)

    I recently read in DH or Vk that Ganapati habba was also used to as a reason for desilting of our tanks (which may or may not be true). Why should we spoil our environment on the pretext of following our customs with zeal. Certainly lord Ganesha will not be happy if we keep on adding plaster of paris and lead paint to or lakes. I don’t think that in our shaastras it is mentioned that we have to use chemicals and harm the environment during festivals.

  13. Chintaka Says:

    I wonder why the secular brigade always comes out with suggestions which affect our cultural celebrations.

    Come ganesha habba time, you see all kinds of articles in newspapers, journals etc on the environmental hazards of using paint on the idol. Can there be anything more idiotic than this?? The same publications conveniently forget that, we as citizens, are polluting our lakes and water resources thousand times more than what a ganesha idol is doing. And everyone is keeping their mouths shut on this.

    Same happens when it is time to celebrate deepavali. Suddenly their conscience starts pricking them about the noise pollution and the smoke pollution caused by bursting of crackers. These crackers do add to the pollution, I am aware of that. But can’t we overlook this for one day in a year? Afterall how much damage can one do to the environment by bursting the crackers??

    The secular brigade is not likely to stop here. I am sure one day will come when all our festivities will be stopped quoting one pretext or the other.

    Incidentally I had read a couple of years back, the British Government asking its citizens not to celebrate Christmas in the customary style. The reason??

    It will hurt the sentiments of the muslims in UK!!!!

    We are also going the same way, I feel.

  14. Anonymous Guy Says:


    No no. Go ahead and do whatever you want in the name of religion. And if someone objects just kill them.

  15. Mahesh Vijapurkar Says:

    One SMALL ganesh made of CLAY and not Plaster of Paris and kept on spot which does not hinder traffic, helps people mix and meet would be my ideal.

    And since we have vulgarised Ganesh Chaturti to being something beyond what Lokmanya Tilak did not even intend, time we go for correctives.

    This year, In the colony I stay – upper-middle class, upwardly mobile, genteel – the 5th year of the celebrations once again encorached on an entire road, the first day had ‘Bollywood Hungama’ as the main show and I refused to contribute. That was my contribution to change.

    Any like-minded people around?

  16. suhas halwai Says:

    no.. not one Ganesh Idol per colony, but one Ganesh Idol per City… let it be mumbai or pune or kolhapur or belgaum… and this is ideal way, i think…

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