‘The Bajrang Dal doesn’t belong in Mangalore’

The tourist guidebooks don’t quite put it that way, but Mangalore has always been a bit like the City’s trademark ice cream, the ‘gadbad‘.

A potpourri of religions and languages—Hinduism and Islam, Christianity and Jainism; Tulu and Konkani, Kannada and Malayalam—that’s one delicious whole. Canara Pinto buses dovetail Durgamba; Yenepoya College isn’t far from St Aloysius which isn’t too far from Kasturba.

But there is poison in the pot today.

VIVIAN FERNANDES, the economic policy editor of CNBC-TV18, born in Kankanadi, on his hometown that has become yet another laboratory of hate.  



For those of us from Mangalore, it is hard to accept that a Catholic monastery could have been attacked.

On Sunday (September 14) morning, I got an SMS from a friend there that St Clarie‘s monastery had been attacked by about 20-25 youth, presumably belonging to the Bajrang Dal.

The nuns there belong to a cloistered group.

The monastery is in the centre of the City and the hoodlums apparently pulled down the sacrament, broke a cross, tore hymn books, damaged a statue encased in glass and beat up the worshippers.

Around that time a Church of South India outfit a few kilometres away, in Lalbag, was attacked and so was a New Life Centre in the adjoining district of Udupi. As I write , my friends tell me that people have thronged Milagres Chuch (the parish where St Claire’s is located) in response to the emergency pealing of bells.

It was with a sense of disquiet that I returned from Mangalore a few days back.

The previous week, a statue of Mother Mary installed by Bondel Church on a hillock was vandalized, again by the Bajrang Dal. The statue was on public land that had been encroached by the church, apparently for the past 60 years.

That was wrong. But if the Bajrang Dal had an issue it should have filed a police complaint, not got into freelance action itself.

While Hindus are the majority in Mangalore, Christians and Muslims have a sizeable strength and peace had held all along, even though the Konkani-speaking Hindus (more than the Tulu-speaking ones) have a particular affinity to the RSS.

In fact, I have held the chicken, mutton, pork and beef stalls located next to each other as a symbol of communal living.

Yet ever since the days of the NDA government, and the BJP’s association with two state governments, the Sangh Parivar has sought to disturb social peace in Dakshina Kannada district.

For the first time in our history, in 2006, curfew was imposed following communal rioting between Hindus and Muslims. Rivalry between the Vishwa Hindu Parishat and its break away group, the Ram Sena, stoked the fires.

At the feast of our Lady’s Assumption on 8 September, which is like Onam for Mangalorean Catholics, I was appalled to see the Mass being conducted under police protection.

The priests respond to every attack on Catholics with a call for prayer and fasting. Some Catholic youth that I spoke to disdained this namby-pamby (though civilized) approach and said the community should take up arms. They admired the eye-for-an-eye response of the Muslim community. There was approval also of Muslim terror acts, which they felt, was the only check on extremist Hindu outfits like the VHP and the Bajrang Dal.

The mass conversion activities that are said to be responsible for tension in Orissa are missing in Mangalore. Hindu, Muslim and Catholics are settled communities. Of course, cults and sects like Jehovah’s Witnesses, New Life etc are aggressive, and they have been converting even the Catholics (causing strife within families).

The communal events leading up to today are a call for rethink and action.

So far Mangalorean society has been more of a salad tray than a soup bowl. While maintaining our identity, we need to engage with each other so that we get a better understanding or each other’s culture. In a casual chat with Karnataka home secretary Upendra Tripathi last week I had broached the idea of inter-community dialogue.

The BJP wants strong anti-terror laws. It should first address the lawlessness within its own affiliated groups. A forked approach will be self-destructive.

The vast majority of people in Mangalore are peace loving. We must all come forward and isolate the extremists. We are a very enterprising people. Many Mangaloreans are leaders in their respective fields. We have a stake in India’s rising prosperity. We cannot allow Mangalore to slide.

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50 Responses to “‘The Bajrang Dal doesn’t belong in Mangalore’”

  1. Vikas Akalwadi Says:

    The year was 2000 and suddenly the national media focussed its attention to Hubli and Gadag. Gadag being my birth place and Hubli being the twin city of my native Dharwad – the reports drew my attention. I was doing my engineering studies then. There were some blasts in the churches and in response the christian organisations “peacefully protested”. They closed the schools and the students were made to carry the hoarding which read “Today in our churches, tomorrow in our houses” etc. The newspapers came out with lengthy reports and Prajavani went on to say that “they sighted the vehicle of local VHP leader in early morning hours near the church and the vehicle number was XXX XXX”. The pictures of kids, nuns, Fathers etc were all over the news papers and TV – all accusing Bajarang Dal/VHP/RSS etc. “Investigation journalism” was in full swing and calls for resignation of home minister L. K.Advani were being raised in full pitch. The reporters showed the pamplets of VHP at the places of worship. “Pen is mightier than sword” and what hurt Hindus like me was the statements of ‘peace loving’ Fathers and journalists. “Havent hindus mistreated their brothern as untouchables for millions of years “shata-shatamaana?” (History books need revision!) – so what if they get converted ? And after all it is by conviction – freedom guaranteed in constitution – assurances given at the time of independence – poor are being helped, whom ‘your community people’ have abondoned – indigenous Tribals are not hindus – Aryan invasion’ were the statements often repeated. Several busses were damanged in Hubli in the following days by christians coming out after church prayers – with whom the Catholics and Protestant church leaders said “had nothing to do”.

    This tirade against hindus continued in all news channels at home. At college i had to sit next to my close friend who happened to be a good christian, in whose mind the feeling of insecurity was sown. He openly said with great pain – he will be flying to US, once the graduation is completed. The state govt lead by S. M. Krishna was talking touch to “right wing” people and Muslim and christian leaders joined together in “peace marches” – where hindu hegemony by right wing people was criticised. The Dalit intellectuals from Hyderabad karnataka flew over while the intellecutals in Bangalore made sure that their statements were accorded proper place in the news papers.

    Days passed and some bombs got mis-fired. It was suddenly revealed that the bombs were really planted by Deendar Anjuman Organisation – an islamic movement. The state government insted of banning the movement, left it to centre to take actions. Seemed that the investigation journalists went for holidays. Muslim leaders when pressed for statements said that they “had nothing to do” as Deendar Anjuman was really not that islamic(though they repeated Kalima) and that they are a quasi-hindu organisation! The intellectuals now focussed on Orissa, J&K, Gujarat etc… The church fathers went into deep silence – after all the peace loving people dont talk politics! There was total black-out, a self imposed “moratorium” in reporting about this by the English media. The commom people were left to understanding that the bombing took place, VHP/RSS were accused and the “law will take its actions”… The venom against hindus in the minds of christian public was sown, hindus were made to feel ashamed about their brothern – and no apology was issued by any “God fearing father” who made false accusitions. Seemed like the “fathers” were too scared to criticise the culprits for they feared the wrath of “sons of God” now.

    After all who likes history ? The pope goes to every conrner of the world and seeks apology for slavery, butchering of natives, gay priests etc. But when he is in India he prays for “harvesting of souls” – forget about Goa inquisitions, forget about Kapaleeshwara temple, causes of 1857 sepoy mutiny etc.

    “One thing I would tell you, and I do not mean any unkind criticism. You train and educate and clothe and pay men to do what? To come over to my country to curse and abuse all my forefathers, my religion, and everything. They walk near a temple and say, “You idolaters, you will go to hell.” But they dare not do that to the Mohammedans of India; the sword would be out.”
    ~~ Swami Vivekananda in “HINDUS AND CHRISTIANS” (A lecture delivered at Detroit on February 21, 1894, and reported in the Detroit Free Press)

    Here is a news report,

    Do read the comments by readers. Read their names, content of the comments and the number of comments. Didnt u see the mangalore riots happening much before today in subtler form?

    The journalists would do yeoman service to this nation if only they stop looking at every event through communal/political prism and just reported the “truth” “consistently”.

  2. Coffee addict Says:

    It shouldn’t happen in a place, home to four religions and five languages.
    It is Mangalore in English, Mangalooru in Kannada, Kudla in Tulu, Kodiyal in Konkani, Maikala in Byari/Beary, Mangalapuram in Malayalam.

    Unique place!

  3. Anonymous Guy Says:


  4. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Vikas Akalwadi, thanks much for the evocative read.

    I agree 100 per cent with your observation, “After all who likes history ? The pope goes to every conrner of the world and seeks apology for slavery, butchering of natives, gay priests etc. But when he is in India he prays for “harvesting of souls” – forget about Goa inquisitions, forget about Kapaleeshwara temple, causes of 1857 sepoy mutiny etc.”

  5. hindu Says:

    @.Vikas Akalwadi Bajarang Dal karnataka head Mahendra Kumar has claimed that they attacked churches( if not all ).

  6. hindu Says:

    If people convert because of caste then why don’t VHP/RSS/BD start a nationwide campaing to eradicate it , have more intercaste marriage to destroy the fabric of caste.

    If people convert because of money then VHP/RS/BD should come up with a monetary solution. They did a great campaign to collect money for ram mandir( what happened to the money? ) , they could do the same for poor people. Build more hospitals, schools such that poorer section of our society get up on their own.

    But as the other post on KaRaVe when it comes to action we faulter.

  7. Arun Says:

    Very unfortunate. Catholics here are very friendly and nice people. I still can’t believe that clashes have errupted between H and C in this part. As Vivian has said, it is a salad, and a great one too. This should not be allowed to rot. Let the New Life types be reinged but this should not be generalised.

  8. Nitin Says:

    ‘The Bajrang Dal doesn’t belong in Mangalore’

    Missionaries,Catholics ,Jehovah’s Witnesses, New Life,etc are more alien not only to Mangalore but all of India.

  9. swamy Says:

    i agree …..also i would like to add my comment that the presence of the BJP National Executive Committee meeting is no coincidence to the timing of this “law and order problem” (as opposed to not calling it Terrorism). It is obvious that the Bajrang Dal is flexing muscles in Mangalore in response to their presence. It might even be acting on Encouragement from Bangalore….

  10. Tarlemaga Says:

    Vivian Fernandes has exposed his communal lineage by writing in favour of his community. He does not seem to express his views regarding banning conversion by the Christian Fundamentalists in this Country.

    He must learn to drop the baggage of his religion as he represents the mainstream media. It is bewildering to notice that he is holding the flagpost of the Roman empire while writing articles in India.

    Unfortunately he depicts the Pseudo Secularist media and not the Secular media.

    Loads of $$’s are dumped bye Bible Belt in the garb of NGO’s to change the demographic pattern.

    Conversion has literally made Hindus in Kerala a minority, while they are yet to be given a minority status in their state. Christian and Muslim population combine exceeds the Hindus population in Kerala.

    Karnataka and Orissa will soon have Christian Majority Population. Thanks to the Pseudo Secular Politicians and Media who will support their cause.

    Rules of equality in a Pseudo secular country is a lip service paid by the Pseudo secular media.

    I’m an atheist but I like the law for all religions to be the same. In a country like India communal violence has been nurtured by the politicians. Be it Kashmir,Orissa and Karnataka.

  11. Vikas Akalwadi Says:

    ” they could do the same for poor people. Build more hospitals, schools such that poorer section of our society get up on their own.”
    How much have “we” – non-RSS hindus done ?

    From official VHP site:

    It is an anti-Hindu propaganda that Hindus do not undertake social service. If one looks at the post-independence period, one will see that the Hindus have come forward in substantial numbers to undertake social service. This is not only in terms of establishing educational facilities, but also health service, and other noble causes. However, such institutes are not identified as Hindu organisations – as per the practice of secularism in our country. Social service organisations like Rotary and Lions are manned by Hindus in very large numbers.

    During the colonial times, Hindus were restricted from undertaking charity which is an integral part of Hindu culture. Simultaneously, the colonial masters gave large assistance to the missionary institutes,both administrative and financial. The latter was from the taxes that were levied on the people of this country. Given that the prosperous section of the society was Hindu, obviously it was the Hindu money that was provided for the missionaries. In addition, land and institutes belonging to the Hindu temples were appropriated and given to the missionaries.

    In the post-independence period, these missionary institutes continue to receive state aid for much of their activities. In quite a few cases, because the infrastructure was built and in place, the missionary institutes were not disbanded or replaced. A Hindu sees nothing wrong in this, and rightly so. But, to call such state funded institutes as missionary is a misnomer.

    To give an example of the work done by the Rashtriay Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in the field of education, the number of schools in the Vidya Bharati fold is 10,945, and 55 colleges. The total number of teachers in these schools in 74,000 and there are 17 lakh students. In addition, there are more than 2000 one-teacher schools being run in the tribal areas.

    Other projects of the RSS amount to 17,071, with and involvement of nearly 50,000 volunteers. The number of beneficiaries is more than 50 lakhs, of which 23% are from the rural areas, 42% in tribal and 35% poor urban. The Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, a unit promosted by the RSS to service the tribal population, runs nearly 10,000 projects, out of which half are in education and others in social-cultural areas. There are 1200 full time workers, besides thousands who devote part of their time.

    As part of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad itself, there are more than 1390 service projects all over the country. There are other Hindu organisations that are running education institutes, like Ramkrishna Mission, Swami Chinmayanand Mission, etc. In addition, there are Hindu philanthropists that are also doing similar work all over the country.

  12. Tarlemaga Says:

    I need to bring to Vivian’s attention that the Baptist Church has been fuelling insurgency in Nagaland ever since India’s Independence.

    Christian Population rules the Media,Business,Politics and Education Institutions in Kerala. The Hindus are displaced and un wanted.

    Nobody talks about Minority status for these forgotten Hindus in Kashmir or Kerala.

  13. Srinidhi Says:

    Christian missionaries, churches and conversion doesn’t belong to India. Bajrang Dal is a response to the aggression of these outfits in Mangalore and elsewhere in India.

  14. Ashwini Says:


    Please write against conversions. I think it is a fact, though exaggerated by the fringe elements in the Hindu society. By keeping quiet about the root cause, people like you and the opposition parties are only contributing to make the Hindu fundamentalists’ actions more and more legitimate in the eyes of ordinary Hindus. Let all the Fathers, intellectuals and journalists like you give a call to your community not to indulge in, not to support and not to tolerate any kind of conversion activities. And answer the following points:

    1) Is it true that the immediate provocation for the riots was a booklet in which the Hindu Gods and Brahmins were insulted (Udayavani carried a report but it quotes from the booklet made available by the attackers). Agreed the Hindus could have sought legal remedies instead of attacking churches, but shouldn’t the community leaders condemn such booklets and apologise for it. As someone asked what will happen if some booklets using the same language is used against the Muslims?
    2) If the Catholics and other mainstream Christians are not supporting the conversion activities, why did they join the protest against the attacks which were said to be, initially at least, only on the prayer halls of New Life group?
    3) You talk of christian youths who think that a tit for tat strategy a la Muslims is the right reaction. Is that so? For what? Why don’t they say that we should not indulge in conversion, either directly or indirectly….Why don’t they prove to the world and through the friendly media that the Bajrang and the VHP gang attacked Christians unprovoked..
    4) I completely agree with you the Bajrangis are a group of misled HIndus and they should have no place in a place like Mangalore but the sad thing is that it is there they are the strongest. It is only because we failed to call the spade a spade when it comes to the excesses of the non-Hindus…It is like Kannnada Rakshana Vedike emerging the champion of Kannada interests.

  15. Ashwini Says:

    @Vikas Akalwadi

    Please do not write that the English media ignored the issue the moment it became clear that not the Hindus but the Muslims were behind the 2000 church bombings in Gulbarga, Dharwad and the last one on July 7 in Bangalore just before the car carrying the bombs caught fire on Magadi Road. I remember that Deccan Herald followed the story till the CoD filed a chargesheet against the main accused in the case, an Air Force engineer!!!

  16. shyodha Says:

    They watched silently, nay, encouraged them- when their own, fattened with the cash infused from abroad, undertook the most despicable act one can do on native people; rob them of their heritage, abusing the native dieties, their language and their culture thus alienating them from their own family and their ancestors. They created the new-converts who turned on their own people.

    Now when the tables seem to turn, they churn out labels such as ‘laboratory of hate’.

    Here is a question for you: if this is ‘laboratory of hate’, then what is Vatican?

    You can fool all the people sometime, some people all the time, …. but eventually time will catch up!

  17. Bangalore Boy Says:

    Its a biased article full of selective amnesia!!

    Why does not the author talks about stopping conversion, which is the root cause for all these incidents!

  18. Yella OK Says:

    “The BJP wants strong anti-terror laws. It should first address the lawlessness within its own affiliated groups. A forked approach will be self-destructive”

    Words like these betray the honesty and integrity of our mediamen. To say that these attacks on churches are more significant than the bombings is biased and unethical, to say the least.

  19. mallapottell Says:

    Out of my 35 years life 20 of which spent in Mangalore , I haven’t come across a Hindu convert to Christianity. So, where are these converts hiding. Even if someone converts to Christianity or Islam, what is the big issue.

    The problem in my Tulunadu is not conversion. It is the hatred propagated by GSB community(Tarlemaga, i guess is one of them ) in the name of Bajrang Dal, BJP , RSS etc. It is high time we start thinking of deporting this black market/ hate mongering community to where they came from, may it be Goa or the buried river Saraswati.

  20. Justfine Says:

    Abrahamic religions scare me. More so because they are destroying different cultures, uniqueness, traditions associated with different regions, societies, ethnicity and people. We can’t find Polynesian war dances anymore because they are made to “realize” about their “barbaric life styles” by missionaries. We don’t see hand woven rugs of Nagas anymore because they are busy attending prayers in Churches. This very lifeless uniformity among people on the earth is what scares me. Abrahamic religions can never understand other religions and cultures. They carry their spectacles wherever they go and see the world through it and only through it.

  21. Christian Says:

    OK. All want to worship the living and a true God. I have a suggestion. Why don’t you (if you are not a Christian) just say this small prayer. Oh God I don’t know who you are but I know you are there. So tell me who you are and whether what these Christians are saying is true. Pray this with a thirsty and honest heart. And be sure that you will receive the revelation ! Yes you will and you will need no more convincing !

    When someone preaches Christianity, it is telling the love of Jesus. What Jesus did 200 years back for you and me. They shouldn’t and must not have an objective of conversion. Conversion is one’s own belief and decision. Telling about the love of Jesus is a commandment in the Bible and out of concern and love for everyone.

    The immediate next question is why don’t tell the Muslims ? Well, yes they can be told too. It is basically told to those who want to listen. If you don’t want to listen that is good. Not allowing others to listen, is it good ?

    Why does anybody feel if someone listens to Christianity the Hindu tradition will be wiped off ? No. not at all. However if one chooses to change his / her belief / life style what is wrong ? Isn’t that ones own choice ?

    Cow slaughter or sacrifice is not practised by Christians. However Christians have no eating restrictions.

    Please separate any political motovations from real truth. I beg all of you who are confused and want to know thw truth say this small prayer and believe me ofr this, since you have nothing to loose.

    With the Love of Jesus

    The Christian

  22. Right on Target Says:

    @ Tarlemaga
    Savarkar was also an athist as I read some where. It is disgusting to see human beings turning into rabid dogs (hindu dogs, muslim dogs, christian dogs..)

  23. Bhamy V. Shenoy Says:

    Sad to hear about the violence in my home town. In fact a year back while I was holding sessions on “True Education” and one of the subjects was World Religions, I was surprised by the comment of one christian students. She was complaining about the conversion efforts of one of the sects of Christainity. This is in a remote village from Bantwal which itself is a small town. I did not attach much importance to it. But now I see how such conversion has boom ranged. Still violent reaction is not the way to handle these things.

    Hope leaders of the district will resolve these issues peacefully not just in the short term but for very long term. I also hope that politicians will not try to carve out vote banks out of this incident.

  24. Thyampanna Shettru Says:

    Mmmm…..ok, now are you going to give a chance to present pro-Hindu side of the story?

    While I disagree with what Bhajarangis did (physical damage and attack), you can’t ignore what some of these churches have been doing. How come nobody is coming forward to condemn those ‘conversion’ activities or their activities offensive to Hindu gods?

    If you want to know how biased the whole thing, visit sites such as http://www.daijiworld.com and see how they engage in regular bashing of Hindus!

    Also, there is another dimension to the whole story. You can’t complete this without mentioning KFD. The members of this organization did their best to “contribute” during these chaotic days! :)

  25. ramu Says:

    Nice and matured politically correct statements, talks etc. can’t wash away the underneath real-issue. Every one knows Christian-society (in the name of different groups/churches etc.) are actively involved in conversion and that is not correct. I have seen many men staring at women in public places (park, road etc.) with “SOME Intention” which is not in good taste. If we go by law, there may not be any offence, but does it mean women are not getting pained/irrated by this? So, responsible people should understand this and go much farther than politically correct ways and only then this kind of issues will be fixed.

  26. Avva Madesa Says:

    Does the pentacostal evangelical church belong in Mangalore? Shame and Margaret Alva

  27. Simply Stupid Says:

    Why anybody should talk about status of Hindus alone in secular country like India? They are not some special people not to be minority in Kashmir/ Kerala.

  28. swamy Says:

    Bible Belt dollars are only one side of the coin…Massive contributions are also made by Indian diaspora in the US to representative organisations of the Hindu-right abroad. This also needs to be mentioned.
    Gross NRI remittances were around 27Billion in 2007…(this of course is a multi-faith figure- including remittances from the Gulf)…but it is an indicator for its sheer magnitude- and hence my mention for the need for such figures to not be ignored.

  29. swamy Says:

    Hindu, Muslim and Xian population, nationally, in the 2001 National Census was 80.5%, 13.4%, 2.3% respectively.

    In Kerela, Hindu population was 56.2%, while Muslim population was 24.7% in Kerela, and Christian population was 19.0%

    I offer 2 links to refute the supposed ‘overtake’ of Hindu’s in Kerela state….their socio-economic decline and numerical demunition:

    From these articles i mention 2 points:
    In Kerela the Xian population is not posed to eat into the Hindu demographic since they infact show a Decline between 1961 and 2001 from 21.22% to the 19.02% mentioned.

    Nationally speaking, the proportion of Christians in the population has increased between the 1921 and 1991 surveys by just half a percentage point. As of 2001 they represent only 2.3% of the population.
    Nationally, the rate of growth of Christianity, once well above the national growth, is no longer, and in fact has registered a fall.

    Significantly, 2 articles also elaborate on the difference between statistics- Showing “Percentage-increase-in-population” which only compares a particular community’s growth in reference to its old numbers….vis a vis “Percentage-in-Population” which compares as a Ratio, community-numbers to Total-population-numbers …from which increase in number of a community can be calculated.

    %increase in a population is a frequently and erroneously used statistic employed to show +100% increases which are then used to prove a mass-conversion-fuelled-overdrive of Xians.

  30. Ananda Gudi Says:

    Does Bajrang Dal know anything called peaceful protest? Nobody supports forced conversion. If Bajrangis has some valid evidence why can’t they adapt peaceful methods of protests? Did they complain to authorities? Is ransacking and beating up peole the real solution? Who has given them permission to take law into their own hands? This is nothing but goondagiri. Mr. Mahendra Kumar, Bajrang Dal leader in Managlore justifies the action publicly in a panel discussion on TV 9!!. He should be put behind bar for cretaing lawlssness.

    What do we do with someone like Pramod Mutahlik who publicaly announces that he is training a hindu army fo suicide bombers? ( See http://www.deccanherald.com/Content/Sep152008/state2008091490030.asp)
    Would the govt had kept quiet if any muslim leader had announced in a similar manne in public? He would have been branded a terrorist and put in jail. Why not for Muthalik?

  31. Chintaka Says:

    All these years, the evil trio consisting of church, communists and islam were thriving in India under the state patronage. Whatever their actions were, the government used to look the other way. After the emergence of BJP as a mainstream political party and subsequently the growth of stronger VHP and Bajarang Dal, this evil trio is facing the heat.

    No longer can they carry out their activities with gay abandon which they have been doing earlier. They are encountering protests for the first time in the post independent India and this is a new phenomenon for them. Naturally they are feeling aggrieved.

    In SLB’s Parva, when Bheema explains the episode of how he killed Bakasura, there is a paragraph which captures the current Indian political scenario very beautifully.

    The king of Ekachakranagar enters into a pact with Bakasura. Accordingly he will send one cartload full of food, two cattles and one human for Baka’s consumption. As long as this is done, Baka will leave the king to be on his own.

    Similarly, the earlier Congress government had this policy of allowing the Commies, Christians and Muslims do whatever they wanted to do as long as they allowed Congress to be in power. When this arrangement was questioned and their illegal activities were sought to be cut down, these people are raising stink.

  32. !Secular Says:


    I have seen so many conversion in my 5 years in mangalore.

    You have to observe and not just look.

    PS: i am not from Bajrangdal and i am not “SECULAR”.

  33. GSB Says:

    @ Mallapo**ell

    Hey man, with a juvenile name like that at 35 yrs of age, you will surely not mind if none of us here take your words seriously.

    And with a language like that, you are certainly doing an excellent job of proving you are an epitome of peace and brotherhood.

    And TARLEMAGA did not say anything but the truth. To agree with that you need to spend a couple of days in Kerala. Maybe you should try it, instead coming up creative names for your online self and spitting BS.

    And lmao just because you did not come across a convert means all GSBs are hate mongering. Yeah correct, it fits properly!

    Get a life man.. or at least get a manly name.

  34. Tarlemaga Says:


    I need to state that Pseudo Secular Govt has ensured that Donations and financial autonomy of religions other than Hindus.

    Most of the Hindu Temples are under Govt Controlled trusts. Name it Tirupati,Guruvayur or Sabarimala.

    Can we also bring the Roman Catholic Church under the control of Govt Trusts’s.

    We absolutely cannot have two different laws in a secular country.

  35. Vinay Says:

    Secularism means no importance to any religion. In India, people think that secularism means equal importance to all religions. Why bring catholic church under control of Government trusts? Remove Government controls for all religious establishments, leave it to the people. Also remove religious subsidies etc., the State should stay away from religion altogether. That is secularism.

  36. mayura Says:

    Vivian obfuscates the truth and tries to hide the real reason, for the rioting. Christians are not as innocent as they want us to believe. Just look at South America, North America, Africa, Australia and Europe for proof. The natives of these continents have been completely wiped out and their culture has been lost forever by evangelism. Asia is the only continent that is not completely conquered by these evagelists. They cannot even think of entering any mullah land in the middle east as they know the consequences very well. India is a prime target with its docile hindu population, for easy conversion. With church going people declining in Europe to 2-3% and Christianity coming under strain in the US, it is all the more important for these evangelists to find new converts to play their game of numbers. If we do not learn from mistakes committed by other countries of allowing this scum a free run, we will end up like Indonesia, losing out land to this demographic warfare.

  37. Madhav Says:

    I had the “privilege” to study in a school run by the Church of South India in ———–.

    What I remember was that we were given pamphlets and posters of Jesus Christ when we were at a very impressionable age and did not understand the implications of these.

    I do not see any reason why there won’t be a violent reaction to conversions in India. The Church wants to convert every person to the One True Religion. I, as a Hindu, accept that Jeus Christ is the Saviour of the Christians.But would the Vatican pay me back in the same coin ?

    These attacks were waiting to happen.I have the highest regard for Christians,not for the Vatican.It is an army in religious vestments.It is against the Hindu way of life.

    I do not need numbers to prove my point.Make no mistake:The Americas ,Europe and Australia were put to the sword.In India, this has been replaced by Social Work.Seriously,do we need the Christian schools to educate ourselves? We should constantly remind ourselves of the fact that the British introduced a new education system in India,educated a miniscule minority and declerd the rest illiterate.

  38. Enna Kudla Says:

    Read some of the comments ! Absolute rubbish ! are you guys even from Mangalore? Do you guys even know what is the demography of Mangalore?

    First As a Christian let me condemn the ‘print’ that caused all the riot . ITS WRONG , who ever did it are imbecile fanatics and need to be brought to Justice .

    Second As a Mangalorean let me condemn the Bajrang Dal who ransacked the ‘ religious places’ assuming themselves as the law, they must answer the Law . And let also condemn the Christian Protesters who pelted stones at the police and took law in thier hands and disrupted daily life, this could have been done peacefully if only they had paid little attention to Christs message of ”TURN YOUR OTHER CHEEEK”

    Third as a Indian , i condemn you all bloody thirsty cowards who hide behind the computer and participate in this madness , be you a Hindu or a Christian or A Muslim , you guys are disgrace to this great country which was founded on Secularism . If any one you have any more pride left in being an Indian STOP posting deregatory comments against your brother.

    Jai Hind.

  39. dhalitha Says:

    Dear Thampanna Shetru. You blast all minorities in every other blog. they are limited themselves to on site. wash your face first. then comment on others ass.

  40. swamy Says:

    I don’t know about ‘demographic warfare’…but if you actually wake up to figures by the Census Bureau you will realize that vociferations of “Hindu’s soon becoming a minority” are completely baseless. It even does not require figures and growth rates…just the common sense to look around you and count…
    This demographic-decline this is being neon-lit and cried about all over….but it is yet another Sangh-stat, a smelly steaming one at that.
    Besides, the Church is in Decline, true, in Europe/US, but not numerically- it is a faith thing- churches going empty and more atheists and such…. Dont assume that there is Acually a Negative-growth. And even if there were, so is it that the Church is re-locating to Asia to combat its decline????

  41. VP Says:

    The Church has been in India since the 1500’s, almost the same time as the missionaries went to South America. From then onwards India has been ruled by Mughals and the British, two religions alien to India. However if the force of the conversions was as strong as seen in Latin America then there would be no Hindu population. We would have had a Catholic or an Islamic state. The foundation of the Hindu religion is so strong that no one can shake it. Latest census reports show Hindu population growing while minorities (Indians and CHristians) population is going down. So why this insecurity. Especially when the conversions have been voluntary and not forced or bribed through money? No person can be dragged to the conversion altar. Its not like you tell someone to jump in the well and he/she jumps. Conversion is a process that takes a long time.

    Hinduism will continue flourishing. Right now it is being used as a political tool to fight elections. I am a Catholic from Mangalore and my friends who are in the Sangh Parivar have themselves told me that all this is done to polarize the vote bank for next years elections. When you hurt the innocents you are hurting yourself and God. So don’t do this to us. we have educated, taken care of the poor and is this what we get in return? I have never felt like a minority in Mangalore till last Sunday. The hurt was terrible. Especially when I saw the holiest of holy Eucharist smashed on the floor of the chapel. Even we are not entitled to touch this, but the way it was violated was terrible. The comments I see above show no remorse but only justification of the violence against us. If this is so, then I feel we are entering a state of Talibanization. Think, please think before you comment. We need support and security not thoughtless comments from our Hindu brethren.

  42. Hamsa Says:

    Read a lot of documents here about christian efforts for conversion etc.

  43. Hamsa Says:

    CNN-IBN in root cause analysis ?


  44. PRASHANTH Says:


  45. Vishal Says:

    I think the term ‘forced’ must be defined properly with regards to this discussion. ‘Dragging to altar’ ‘beating up’ ‘bribery’ are not the only ways of force. Uprooting age-old beliefs and inhibitions by using false and derogatory sentences about resident faith in persuading someone to change faiths is also ‘forcing’.

  46. Bharathi Says:

    Christians are only 2-2.3% in our country. Since many years it has not increased. What is all this hype about conversion?

  47. Mahabala S Bhandary Says:

    1. There is no inqusistion type conversions in India.

    2. Conversions happen because Hindus – including the Champions of their Rights, the lumpen Bajrang Dal / VHP types do not have the good sense or the guts to destroy the sole reason of conversions – our sick caste system justifying untouchability in its various forms.

    3. That the Christians soul harvestors do not dare try their tricks on Islam for fear that there would be any one left alive to protest is an unsaid truth.

    4. Until Hindus have a non-rabble-rousing lunatic hysterical voice of the likes of Bajrang Dal / VHP, we will be left to the fate of the results of words / actions of the Bajrang Dal / VHP / Congress “leaders”.

  48. software Says:

    our software engineers work for these Christian country based projects/companies. they do it for a far less amount such that those companies have high profits. these profits go into church coffers which they use here to convert people.

    I call for all software engineers to give up working for these christian country based projects. they should work only on indian projects.

  49. To Software Says:

    Dear Software:

    Please yes, do call all software engineers back who work in Chrisitian countries. Also please have the indian software companies not undertake any projects in Christian or Muslim countries.

    Oh by the way, we have an US visa for you, would you like to visit??

  50. A Pinto Says:

    Hello Vivian,

    Thanks for your wonderful writing.
    If possible can you please spread the message to all Christians to not engage in any form of protest – I know its only peaceful protest from Chritisans, but since the police is attacking them please ask them to refrain.
    We don’t need to protest any attacks from people who are so insecure about their religion and blame Chrisitians.
    In his time, justice will be done….

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