‘Bomb blasts are now doing what riots used to’

AMARESH MISRA writes from Bombay: The recent series of bomb blasts that have rocked India—a series which has become a proverbial dark tunnel where no end is in sight—denote a new pattern.

Till now communal riots were engineered by communal forces and the fascist part of the Indian state machinery to polarize society. This trend reached its apogee in the Gujarat 2002 riots.

The communal forces both inside and outside the Indian State machinery learnt some important lessons from Gujarat; chiefly that in this time and space, in the 21st century, it is very difficult to get away with organized pogroms. Ultimately you have to pay a political price which the BJP did in the 2004 elections.

The communal forces then conjured a new phenomenon: why not start engineering bombs first in Hindu dominated areas, and then in Muslim areas?

The trend began with the July 2006 Bombay serial train blasts in “Gujarati Hindu dominated” first-class compartments of the Bombay local train service; soon there were blasts in Muslim areas of Malegaon and Hyderbad.

In 2008, with elections just around the corner in April-May 2009, and the BJP getting relegated to the third position in electoral calculations in the post-nuclear deal vote phase, the bomb blast phenomenon has become endemic.

From July 2008 at the time of writing this piece here have been several blasts—in the past week, blasts have occurred almost daily.

One thing is clear: it is not that bomb blasts are being engineered to create communal riots. That (communal riots following bomb blasts) simply has not happened. The new mantra seems to be of bomb blasts replacing communal riots. This means that if in the past riots were engineered to create communal polarization the same kind of polarization is being sought to be created by engineering bomb blasts.

So the pattern: four blasts in a Hindu dominated area; then one or two in a Muslim dominated area. So Malegaon and Modesa after Bangalore, Ahmedabad and the two blasts in Delhi.

This is a foreign pattern for even Indian communal forces; this trend has been seen in areas where Mossad and CIA operate; a similar/exact phenomenon was seen in Lebanon where Beirut, a beautiful and cosmopolitan Asiatic city was turned into an arena of sectarian Muslim-Christian conflict with bomb blasts being engineered every day in respective Muslim-Christian areas, something which now even Hollywood films (see Spy Game) admit as a CIA ploy to destroy Lebanon.

The post-American invasion Iraq situation too sees a similar thing—of sectarian Shia-Sunni violence being generated by the bomb blast phenomenon, engineered by the CIA, private US mercenary firms like Blackwater and the US forces.

A third region is Pakistan where too blasts take place respectively, in Shia or Sunni, Sindhi or Mohajir, NWFP or Punjabi or Baluchi areas alternately and with regularity. Here the western game is clear: America and Israel have been working for decades to dismember Pakistan and control its nuclear arsenal.

India was spared of this ordeal till 1991 as Prime Ministers like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, and even Rajiv Gandhi, did not allow Mossad-CIA penetration.

Before liberalization during Narsimha Rao‘s regime, Indian passport holders could not travel to two places: Israel and South Africa. India was at the forefront of the International crusade against apartheid and the denial of a homeland for Palestinians.

Why is it that after liberalization, which was initiated soon after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination, India recognized Israel and established diplomatic relations, and then the Babri Masjid demolition incident occurred?

So three things are related: liberalization of the Indian economy, the change in Indian foreign policy from an anti-imperialist, pro-Third World position to a pro-American, pro-Israel stance, and the increasing persecution of Muslims, in an institutionalized form.

See that these three developments occur side by side, and now in 2008 we see India being turned into another Lebanon.

The biggest delusion of the RSS-BJP is that by blaming organizations like SIMI or Muslim “terrorists” for the recent blasts they are doing some service to the nation. On the contrary, by not exposing the foreign Mossad-CIA hand, they are going against the interests of India.

Why did the BJP-RSS not cry foul over the flight of Ken Haywood from India after the email sent by the so-called “Indian Mujahideen” group was traced to his computer in New Bombay?

Why was there no demand for a probe into the role of this dubious American national with shady evangelical, anti-Hindu and anti-Muslim connections in America? These connections can be seen by clicking on links like this, this or this or this, or even this or this.

Let this be very clear and sound today, supporting the persecution and the arrest and the torture of thousands of Muslim youth, is tantamount to being anti-national.

Today being anti-Muslim is tantamount to being anti-national.

What India needs today are not just protests. We need a special prevention of atrocities against minorities Act, something which makes refusal of housing and flats to minorities, refusal by a police officer to register a FIR by minorities, or to act in their protection, failure of a district magistrate or a senior superintendent of the police to prevent a riot or a bomb blast, the picking up of Muslims and other minorities without a formal charge, the very idea of detention of Muslim youths after blasts, or encounter killings, the calling of Muslms by the name Laandiya or Katua, a stringent crime with due punishment.

India already has a prevention of violence/atrocities against Scheduled castes act; it is a crime to call a Dalit a chamar; or not to register his or hers FIR. Why can’t a similar act, be enacted for the minorities?

In India the so-called war against terror, against SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen is a fictitious, bogus war. The recent bomb blasts were engineered by security forces, and foreign agencies and RSS-Bajrang Dal.

The real war is against Muslim/minority persecution, the appropriate response to Batla House type fake encounter killing, and the extension of civil liberties guaranteed in the Indian constitution.

See the history of nations:

In America and Europe mere constitutional guarantees were not enough. Specific new laws had to be enacted from time to time to abolish slavery, protect minorities, and end persecution, segregation and racism.

America passed through its civil rights moment in the 1960s. India has to confront its own civil rights moment now. There is a simple message to Indian liberals. Either support the demand for a special civil rights act for minorities or perish. For, soon the fascist forces persecuting Muslims will turn against you.

If there is a civil war in India on this issue, so be the case; in any case with direct American intervention in Pakistan, conflict between America and India is very near. Liberals do not understand this but the Indian army does. So there is bound to be a double civil war in India. One against foreign intervention in the Indian sub-continent and the other against anti-national fascist forces.

(Amaresh Misra is the author of Mangal Pandey: The true story of an Indian revolutionary (Rupa); Lucknow: Fire of grace (HarperCollins), and more recently War of Civilizations: India, South Asia, Europe and the World)

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73 Responses to “‘Bomb blasts are now doing what riots used to’”

  1. kkr Says:

    Bravo !!!! brilliant article.

  2. crusader Says:

    tremendous leap of faith..am just a bit short of foaming in the mouth with rage at this article…
    wonder how many barrels of intoxicants have been quaffed by this assh**e…
    this chappie beats the usual p-sec crowd hollow..

  3. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Err… so all these blasts are handiwork of CIA and Mossad?


    Rajiv Gandhi is India’s JFK, he was exterminated by the hawks of Right to carry on their Mission of Hatred?

    Sirji, when will you start writing fiction? If you do, I predict that you will get the Man Booker within your first three works.

  4. Harkol Says:

    Some one please find him his nuts, he’s simply lost them!

    Anyone who has been to US and have interacted with various people from various regions within US will realise the reality of US mindset. They’d support military actions, where they see themself in a morally justifiable position. That is why US has never attacked a genuinely democratic country. The US public will not stand for such a war.

    Besides, theories given here are simply outlandish. Mossad-CIA hand in bomb blasts.. These guys will ask for proof of Muslim involvement in any act. And when provided will say Muslims were framed! They’ll have a conspiracy theory about even Kafeel Ahmed who got burnt attempting a suicide attack on Glasgow Airport.

    You can wake up folks who are genuinely sleeping, not these kind who pretend.

    RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal are indeed dangerous, but equally dangerous are people who support Muslim fundamentalism with the belief that they are being secular.

  5. Karihaida Says:

    When is this movie going to be released ?

  6. captsubtext Says:

    wah! what a conspiracy theory!

  7. dodo Says:


  8. Azamgarh Says:

    It is a beautiful article. It is time Indian Muslims are recognised for their contribution to Indian Economy. Azim Premji has contributed significantly to Indian economy.

    Why cant he be made first Muslim PM of India ?

    Everybody in in India talk about NRN as the next President of India. Is this not siding with the same community since Independence.

    You talk about bringing Muslims back to the mainstream but even the secular parties in India are not secular. They dont even mention AZIM PREMJI as a suitable Muslim Candidate.

    Inspite of having the 2nd largest muslim population in the world, we are yet to see a Muslim PM after 60 years of Independence.

  9. ganjibhatta Says:

    an oversimplified argument!

  10. Manjeri Radhakrishnan Says:

    Nice piece of fiction. The author perhaps forgot to mention the recent stampede at Chamunda Devi Temple in Rajastan that was engineered by KGB with the assistance of M16

  11. ganjibhatta Says:

    ”In India the so-called war against terror, against SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen is a fictitious, bogus war. The recent bomb blasts were engineered by security forces, and foreign agencies and RSS-Bajrang Dal.”

    So, according to this author, everyone, every organisation, instituiton in India is responsible for Bomb blasts except Simi and Indian Mujahideen….

    Substantiate your argument man…cannot just say security forces and foreign agencies were behind the blasts….the only substantiation you give are: ‘there were similar patterns of bomb blasts in Lebanon and Pakistan, implying bomb blasts in India has a foreign angle, but then why bring in RSS and Bajrang Dal? The other evidence is the role of that American citizen in the email fiasco…Are these two enough for the kind of charges that you are making…

    Now I can guess how true could your true story of Mangalpande….

  12. SumneNeeve Says:

    Everything ultimately boils down to BJP and RSS. The last 4 years has seen the most insecure country with the last year taking prize for bomb blasts with bomb blasts almost every week killing people all over the world.

    Who is to be blamed? That is correct folks, the BJP and the RSS.

    article says: In India the so-called war against terror, against SIMI or the Indian Mujahideen is a fictitious, bogus war. The recent bomb blasts were engineered by security forces, and foreign agencies and RSS-Bajrang Dal.

    How does this guy know this? Does he have proof for this?
    Why do they hate Hindus so much?

  13. mayura Says:

    This Misra guy must be smoking something when he wrote this article…something very strong. Muslim atrocities is not yesterday phenomenon, it started with the partition of the country and has continued ever since in various forms.

    BJP is not in power in center. It is the responsibility of the Central Law enforcement forces and the Maharashtra state law enforcement force to detain the suspected american Ken Haywood. What were they doing? For a party which has a track record of issuing passport to a mother of a serial bomb blast accused, the very next day after the bomb blasts occurred in Bombay, and facilitate her escape to dubai, nothing is impossible. If ken haywood is a evangelist, is there Sonia’s hand in letting him escape, like she did for Quattrochi during bofors scandal.

    These p-secs never cease to amuse me.

  14. jack Says:

    Just shut Up!

  15. Bhup Says:

    This author echoes the standard lines of muslims:no muslim can be responsible for killing people,Israel and Mossad are responsible for 9/11,Mumbai bombings etc.Scums of the earth,unite!!! Mishraji has lost it completely..

  16. Salty Says:

    Amaresh Mishra’s generalisations are really funny.
    Have been noticing the frequent appearances of his humrous articles in Churumuri.

  17. Nationalist Says:

    WOW!! Another master piece of…..fiction! smiles. It’s almost like these ‘liberals’ love acting stupid with their twisted theories.

  18. Thalaeharatae Says:


  19. kkr Says:

    Nice to see all a** are burning at the same time..

    This guy has guts, atleast he dared to point out an alternative possibility to the usual theories of police and main stream media.

  20. CurryHurry Says:

    I would say Rajiv Gandhi’s elimination (to borrow from Karan Thapar) created a very convenient vacuum in the CONG-I leadership (not to forget the accidents that befall other netas with any potential ;) )

  21. Bangalore Boy Says:

    Wow..Mishra at his best…very humorous & highly imaginative Story!!
    He is giving a tough competition to the author of Harry Potter…man what a piece of fiction :)

  22. krishna Says:

    man when did churmuri start encouraging fictional writers can we have rushdie next please?

  23. Tathagata Mukherji Says:

    Laden claims responsibility of 911. Guess, he is also Mosad agent :)-

    Lashkar claims responsibility of Irshat Jehan, or Jehad against India. Guess, they are Mosad agent too.

    Its a work that Pakistani editor Najam Shethi would term as “fundoo Urdu Press”.

    Every bit of information here is deliberately wronged. All are at fault, except Islamists, Jehadis.

  24. Abhi Says:

    Mosad and CIA behind blasts in pak and RSS behind blasts in India? And gosh, what on earth has liberalization got to do with bomb blasts? Wow, Can’t believe anybody who can read and write can believe and publish such rubbish, let alone a journalist. or perhaps churumuri should have new genre for fictionor humour.

  25. Justfine Says:

    This article has everything except the most vital – the proof! Assumptions, claims, theories – everything needs proofs. But the bloody thing can’t be found anywhere! This article is by far the most successful extension of bloody sickular quote – “Terrorism has no religion”. My foot!

  26. Hiker Says:

    Its the Hindu-CIA-Zionist conspiracy, stupid.

  27. dharma Says:

    Throw all the Hindu’s out of India, call India a Islam state and all will be OK. No blasts, no FIR and nothing!
    Where will I go is the question, to Pakistan?

  28. MysooruBoyz Says:

    Wonder what this guy is smoking… I want it !!!

  29. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Good atleast some people have noticed manufactured “accidents” of strong leaders of Cong I.
    Scindia dies in a helicopter accident. Rajesh Piolt’s car had a head on collission, Jitendra Prasada dies of ‘heart attack’. Who else did I leave in the list? There is a vaccum for leadership.
    Things made easy for someone to occupy kursi.

  30. B.N.Gururaj Says:

    What gobbledygook!! Pray where does the writer get his inputs? From high heavens?

    You say to be anti-muslims is to be anti-national. See the pattern. Starting with partition of India, or Khalistani movement, or Christian separatism in North East, or J & K separatism, every anti-Indian movement is also anti-Hindu. It is anti-Hindu attitude that is also anti-national. Don’t you know contemporary history?

  31. Vinay Says:

    This is absurd. I agree 100% that the Bajrang dal and similar organizations are dangerous and should be nipped in the bud. But the extent to which the author has gone is silly, to say the least.

    India needs to mature and come out of the ‘Foreign Hand’ syndrome. Contrary to what the author claims, in the pre 1991 times we heard talk of the ‘Foreign Hand’ ever too often. The CIA has been a convenient punching bag all over the world in several countries, especially the so-called ‘third world’ ones.

  32. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    All bloggers here at Churumuri need some meditation. Pray for atleast for 5 minutes and get some peace/calmness. Then you come and write.

    Indian Muslims are anti-India and Hindus are pro-India??!!
    If that was the case Hindus who form the majority in the country, thus in many positions should not have made India a corrupt country. Bcoz they are pro-India! But that’s not the case.
    Why do we have so much of corruption among us?
    Why do we have so much of illiteracy?
    Can we belive India is heading ahead?

    Let’s not forget one thing. All muslims in India are Indians first. Once upon a time they were ‘Hindus’ or within the ‘Hindu’ system. (This applies to Christians too).

    All Muslims are not terrorists. All Hindus are not patriotic.
    Partition of India should be blamed on Nehru-Gandhi clique than on religion.

  33. simply thinking Says:

    Hmmm.. no blasts yesterday …..

  34. NKG Says:

    Next time, these Allahooo Kabooms should destroy this fellow’s family….
    UP and Bihar was under moslem rule for long time. That caused almost de-humanisation/islamisation of that part of India. Some attempt should be made to bring these people in civilisational fold. Otherwise, we have to see Indians writing these craps…It is like Allhopanishad written during moslem rule in UP….Oh from Ramayana/Mahabharata to Kalidasa to this level. What a degeneration!!!!!

  35. NKG Says:

    To mayura Says:

    Oh no. Bihar and UP was under moslem rule for long time and it has created a vaccum of civilisation there ( effect of islamisation/barbarisation). Their language, culture etc…matches with middle east barbarians, even though they have kept Indian identity. I don’t think this fellow is the only sample of this category. There are lot like this, you will find throughout cow belt…Urdooo speaking people….
    7th century arab beduinism had created enough trouble accross the world for centuries. During european colonical rules it had subsided little bit. With oil prices increasing steadily, these Allahoo Kabooms will increase manyfold. Now, Europe and USA is tightening the noose. Moslems/Jihadis can not do much in these countries ( fear of being screwed by NATO) only place left is India…….

  36. vini Says:

    Nice story when will you going to produce the film. But I think Hero’s are Churumuri moderators..

  37. naveen Says:

    Hope Mahesh Bhatt makes this into a movie…..guaranteed hit in Pakistan!

  38. SumneNeeve Says:

    @Sree Reddy

    I quite cant understand what you are saying. Is being corrupt and not-patriotic the same?

    And yes, we have heard “All Muslims are not terrorists” a million times. What exactly does that mean by the way? Isnt that like saying “All Hindus are not Vegeterians”, “All Indians are not poor”, “All Indians dont hate Pakistan”

    Quite frankly, all statements made are correct. But do they convey any relevant information?

    Besides, I didnt understand your rant on “Indian Muslims are anti-India and Hindus are pro-India”. Was there any specific comment that made you write it.

  39. ganjibhatta Says:

    I have a friend who is a known muslim-baiter. A supporter of Hindu rashtra. Recently he had been to Afghanistan on a UN/World Bank mission. On return after observing Afghan affairs for over six months and escaping death by a whisker on several occasions, now he tell me that it is possible that Al Quida is a figment of imagination!!!
    During Indira regime it was a favourite pass time of every patriot to blame CIA. With Misra patriotism of Indira Gandhi era seems to be back…

  40. Vivek Says:

    Dr.Sree Reddy,

    India does not have corruption. According to the pseudo-patriots, corruption in india is a myth propogated by western media. I never paid a bribe in my life :-)

  41. Tarlemaga Says:

    The script is likely to be picked up by the ilk of Mahesh Bhatt… A known India baiter …

    He knows his markets lie elsewhere…

    Amaresh Mishra is likely to find a new job…Bollywood script writer…

  42. Gururaj Says:

    I noticed your post on why not PM’s post to Azim Premji? I had seen a similar post by you earlier also on some other article on Churumuri.

    No one opposes Azim Premji’s name for the PM’s post. I am pretty sure of it. Do you know how many Muslim Presidents we have had, since independence? Never did any Hindu think of them being made a president because they were Muslims. They got there because of their merit or based on the strength of the political party backing them when there was election for the post.

    Do you really think that the status of Muslims will change overnight if there is a Muslim PM? What one really needs is education, overcoming of their religious DOGMAS, accepting universal laws, and true brotherhood with ALL. Whatever Hindus consider sacred is a matter for abuse by those who are politically active amongst Muslims or the so called secular parties. In such an environment how do you expect that ALL Hindus will trust your politicians? Here is a small story for your reading:-

    Recently, Salahuddin Owaisi died in Hyderabad. Mr. Gaddher, the revolutionary poet (Naxal sympathiser) made a stunning tribute to him – ‘Owasi had lot of influence on the city, the moment he called for peace, the city will return to normalcy.’. Do you know, he actually revealed that Owaisi controlled the violence. It happened at his will and wish, and it ended at his signal! This tribute was reported in a Rediff article recently.

    Finally, I have a serious question to you and ALL those who think like you.

    Have you ever wondered how many Hindu Prime Ministers or Presidents has Pakistan had since its independence? Why don’t you carry a similar campaign for change in Pakistan?

  43. Azamgarh Says:

    @ Gururaj,

    Why Pakistan should have a Hindu PM as it’s Consitution states that its a ISLAMIC country. The logic demands that it must have a MUSLIM PM.

    That logic does not apply to India as it is a Secular country as per Indian consitution. All religions are equal according to the consitution and it is time that the PM’s office is held by a Muslim. Hope this explains it.

    Nehru asked us to remain in India and got Hyderabad state,Kerala state,Junagadh,UP,Bihar and Parts of Karnataka included in India. Now it has become impossible for you to give me a equal treatment as Indian.

  44. clash Says:

    It will take quite a time for all the happy muslim baiters to accept other conspiracy theories other than the one that is helping them to finger point muslims. So till they fully understand their foolishness they will harp on the muslim terrorism rhetoric. For people like harkol who writes : That is why US has never attacked a genuinely democratic country. The US public will not stand for such a war. , they will be genuinely happy to accept the anti muslim rhetoric. Now, if US has not attacked any democratic countries, there are countless number of evidences that they have covertly tried to disrupt the democratic processes in many countries. Salvador Allende’s chile is one among the many.
    After destabilsiing Latin America for decades by using the continent as a backyard for all their neo-liberal policies, the people over there seems to have realised it by electing counter US presidents in almost all the countries there. Now our sardar PM who valiantly proclaimed that indians love Bush, is trying to push US agenda in India. The first step is the nuclear deal through which billions of dollars will be flowing to US because we will be buying their outdated reactors, defenitely it will help the US economy which is in doldrums. For all the nuclear people here, Greens which is a prty to reckon with came up in Europe because of their over indulgence in Nuclear Energy. Now, we are only robbing the lands of the farmers and tribals through draconian laws like SEZ’s but in some time we will see them dying of nuclear fall out as these private players will indiscrimately push the nuclear waste in our villages and hinterlands. lets all wait for such a time!

  45. Gururaj Says:

    You seem to be like an ostrich burying its head in sand.
    The PM’s post can go to anyone a party or a combine which has majority can (s)elect. Now, if a Muslim leader of Congress or BJP or some other party garners the support of enough MPs it can happen. No one can deny that in our country. But I do not know why you seem to be ‘begging’ for it on this forum all the time! Is Churumuri going to decide who will be the PM? But you do not bother to answer any of my questions on the Muslim PM, apart from speaking about Pak constitution. I know that they are a islamic country so it is ‘natural’ for them to have ONLY Muslim PM. But I deliberately made that point to show that the magnanimity of India, India’s constitution writers is being exploited now by people like you to make a ‘demand’ for a Muslim PM.

    Unfortunately, our political parties have stopped considering the merit of the candidate for any such post. Mr. Kalam was an exception to the rule, his presidency was one of the BEST, and his election was truly on merit. One must congratulate BJP and NDA for this reason. Leaders like Kalam are beyond religion. They are worshipped by millions of Indians.

    I hope you STOP your tirade for a Muslim PM. Indians want an Indian PM, who cares for ALL.

    If you have any problem with India, you should chose other alternates. If the Hindus are treated badly, we may not even hesitate to demand re-writing of the constitution. I am surprised that you speak of Kerala, Bihar, hyderabad ‘State'(!), UP, etc as possible ‘Pakistan regions’ and ‘you’ (muslims) were asked to remain in India by Nehru. First and foremost, these territories could never be allowed to be part of Pakistan – it does NOT matter what Nehru told anyone. The only thing that could have happened is migration of those who HAD their loyalities to Pakistan. I believe even NOW, if their loyalty is to Pakistan, they MUST GO there. Azamgarh, you too have the choice. Please decide soon.

    I speak harsh, but, please remember, I am forced to speak in this way by you.

  46. raj Says:

    R u an Anti Hindu . We dont need muslims in india .. Either they convert to hindus or they will be thrown out .. Traitors of this nation

    Check with ARmy chiefs what they say about them …Why army does not include them … who know son the name of jihad they may sell this nation to pakistan…..

    There will be war with muslims and no kashmir will be given to them ….
    (90 crore vs 15 crore .. Aa jai inka pakistan bhi .. we will can see today whole gulf ….. Bloody terrorist muslims

  47. elyas Says:

    Every Indian should aware of these facts. peace and communal harmony in India is shattered by the sangh parivar. From the biginning of its inception it has engineered communal riots, killings, demolitions, violence, etc, in the name of Hindutva. It is not strange thing that CIA and mossad are brain behind the blasts and other violene by the sangh parivar in our country because all these elements are anti muslim.

  48. Sanjeev Says:

    I’m just shocked that how someone with as limited capabilities as amaresh misra, is able to concoct such theories? he seem to be suffering from schizophrenia, or dementia!
    i’m appalled by such theorists. i’m sure he is also the one who would blame jews to carry out the 9/11 attack!
    i just shudder to understand on what sort of dog shit does india raise jerks like amaresh. he even painted aurangzeb as angel in his account of “war of civilizations” book. somebody tell this buffoon nincompoop dickhead, that aurangzeb had mercilessly lynched a sikh guru and killed thousands of innocent people. its just unbelievable. it almost feels like that paki mullahs are sending their bastards in india and telling them to lead a life of a writer or an intellectual!

  49. Arshad Khan Says:

    Wow! The reaction to this article is just brutal. Why are people so against the idea that CIA and Mossad are not friends of India. They are not friends of anyone who is not USA/ISRAEL.

    I commend you on this insightful piece. BRAVO!

  50. Arshad Khan Says:

    Two word for all those commenting on this page:
    The book by Canadian author Naomi Klein lists how such atrocities are used by fascist elements in governments to impose draconian measures on people to the detriment of the masses.

  51. ES Says:

    Friends, everyone has a right to voice their ideas, doubts n concerns…therefore the REACTIONS!

    Neways, i commend Dr. Amaresh Misra for his commendable insights and research….people should be open to ideas and try to think out of the box rather than close their eyes and listen to just what these filthy politician say…

    I myself have been watching all the news n researching on the net n discussing with my non-muslim & muslim friends who share the same broadmindedness as Dr Reddy and others….

    One news channel on the first night of the firing at Nariman house, (just as the firing started) clearly stated that there were israeli Mossad men surveying the area….

    Some questions unanswered:

    1] It made me think, how come the israeli mossad came to india so soon just within 2-3 hrs of the firing….Doesnt that make u think their involvement?

    2] Also, isnt it a little unrealistic to think that only 2 terrorists were holed up at Nariman house and that they had bought 35,000 to 50,000/- of Liquor and chicken?

    3] How come large gunnybags of RDX (as shown on the news channels) were found at the entrances of the Taj and Oberoi were carried by 2-4 terrorists there, without getting noticed?

    4] How come a room in Taj was entirely was entirely used as a store-room to store huge amounts of weapons…..how can 2-4 terrorists stash them there in such a short span of time?

    5] What about the police jeep which was said to be stolen and why is there no reference to it after the 3rd day onwards?

    6] Who called all 3 of them together (Shahid ATS Chief Hemant Karkare saheb, Shahid Inspector Ashok Kamte saheb and Shahid ATS Encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar saheb) to Cama hosp? only one of them should have been called….

    7] Why did the caught terrorist Kasab initially say that they had not shot the 3 and later detract?

    8] What was the secret about Praveen Togadia that was going to be revealed soon by Hemant Karkare Saheb?

    9] why did the police rebuke the fishermen to stay away and dont interefere, who went 2-3 days earlier before this incident to inform the police about the docked boats n the men who came in them?

    and many more….


  52. Monica Sharma Says:

    Thank God for alternative arguments/perspective on this subject. We as people are fed with media and government versions of all bomb blasts, events, murders and wrong doings. its only when we think or atleast start thinking out of box like mr Misra that we can defend ourselves. Why do we take govt and media that is only interested in our money so seriously and not fellow citizens so lightly?

  53. Devi Says:

    Why are you so angry? What are you so angry about? Not having a Muslim PM? We had 4 Muslim Presidents. Doesn’t that amount to anything for you? What do you want India to do? You are one of us, why do you always want to be treated specially?

    Two men say they looked like Israelis. Tell me, how can you make out an Israeli from a Pathan or some Muslims from Northern India? They have similar features. You go by what they say, rather than evidence? What is wrong with you? Why are we fighting against Israel? This is our own issue and we need to tackle it. Why are Hindus suddenly being branded by some morons as Zionist? What is wrong with you people?

    This guy Amaresh is even writing in the Muslim Brotherhood website. You want to follow him? Its good to think out of the box, but this guy is insane. And really, since when being secular has become ZIONIST?

  54. Devi Says:

    @ Raj : Why are you overreacting? Why call for war? I know we are capable of defeating Pak on any given day. But we don’t want war. We want peace. Why are we letting this incident create more barriers within the Indian Muslims and Indian Hindus? This is the time to unite. We need voices of reason, not voices of madness.
    Those who wanted Pakistan have left. If there are Muslims in India who want Pakistan, they should go too. But whoever remains, is ours. They are no different from us. Their problems are similar to ours. Why do we propagate hate then ? By doing this, we make the terrorists’ job easier.

    And all those who think the three police guys being together was not coincidental, you might have a point there. But have you thought about this – Dawood could have wanted Kalaskar (the encounter specialist) dead. And someone in the govt could have wanted Karkare. And as the phone call intercepted says, the Commissioner Kamte was a ‘bonus’. If the Sangh Parivar/BJP wanted him killed, they could have done so silently. There are many people finished off like that, and we don’t ask questions as a nation. It would have been easy. Why would they do anything this elaborate? As for the Bajrang Dal, its really a nuisance. Someone ban them too please. Its a shame. True. But we need to be together in this fight – as INDIANS.

  55. Ekalavyan Says:

    Mr Amaresh Misra is only intellectual among Brahmins. He is revolting against vested interests of Brahmins.
    congratulations Mr Misra!!!!
    Best wishes
    GOD Bless

  56. INDIAN Says:

    I am curious to know whether Pakistan and ISI have done any thing wrong at all OR in the interpretation of Mr.. Miserable Misra (and his miserable theories) only the Muslims are the sufferers.
    Does he also have a theory that India was actually a Muslim Country, part of Arabia and then the Hindus attacked it and used Ram’s Pushpak Viman to transport it to the present geographical location and thereafter the Muslims are exposed to all kinds of miseries perpetrated by the Hindus, Jews, Christians and all others (including that the fights between their different sects- Sunnis /Shaias/ Wahabis/Kurds etc. Is perpetrated by the Hindus, Jews, Christians and all others).
    Actually what Mr. Miserable Misra is doing is to fan the hatred for others (non-believers) in the minds of already brainwashed/ indoctrinated “believers” with “Persecution Phobia” ( a fear that all the world is against them and for persecuting them).
    This world will change only if Muslims start addressing the fear psychosis perpetrated by their own teachers in their minds and start accepting the theory of peaceful co-existence.
    THE FACT TO BE UNDERSTOOD IS THAT IF INDIA WAS A MUSLIM MAJORITY STATE, IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A SECULAR STATE and the MINORITIES WOULD HAVE HAD NO EQUAL RIGHTS/freedom of speech and expression etc. A living example is the Kashmir valley, because it is a Muslim majority state, it cannot be with secular India!!!!! and the theory of persecution starts.

  57. rahul Says:

    Hahahahahha….why mr Amaresh , i think aliens engineered the mumbai attacks , what do u think? hahahohohehe

  58. Village Idiot Says:

    Lagta hai isko paagal kutte ne kata hain, our woh bhi galat jagah.

  59. Abhishek Says:

    How about CIA and mossad are not humans. They are aliens who’ve come from some different planets, as they are jealous of us. We the inhabitants of earth are trying to keep a foot on different planets, so may be they’ve come to stop and destroy us.
    To all those who say kudos for Mishra’ conspiracy theory, can very well accept my theory also.
    Oh wait!!! I forgot to include RSS, VHP, BD even they are aliens. Oh no…Jews, Christians, Hindus are also aliens too.

    No religion, no sect, no caste has vested interests, other than a particular religion which says to kill non-believers. In todays world every Christian, Jewish, Hindu nation is becoming secular and accepting every other religion. But can we see that in Islamic nations? When others can accept, what is their problem? Blaming CIA, Mossad for everything is height of paranoia.

    @ Azamgarh
    Why do you need to beg for a Muslim PM. If we never had any Muslim PM so far, its just because that there was no “acceptable” candidate. Remember PM is elected by people and by the support of MPs. With due respect to Mr. Premji, if he is capable and can garner support from every inch of the country, he will definitely become the PM. Don’t come up with lame excuse that rightists/fascists won’t allow it to happen. Remember, a certain Muslim President was elected by almost no contest. So stop begging, and get someone who is acceptable to majority of the people.

  60. Reverse Paranoia: Pakistan Suspects World is Plotting to Make it Happy « Mystic’s Muses Says:

    […] Pakistanis were also shocked to see no one in India media calling Amaresh Mishra (a historian, activist and author) a victim of hypnosis (alias Voodoo alias Kala Jadu) of ISI after Amaresh had went on to shed light on the other side of the Mumbai Attacks picture. […]

  61. INDIAN Says:

    From the response this is receiving it is very clear that he has achieved his aim- getting publicity by creating controversy he is now a great Historian etc. WOW

  62. Extreme Dude Says:

    Sheer genius!

  63. PseudoSec Says:

    Crappiest piece of article I have ever come across…

  64. hehe Says:

    The world renowned chartered accountant “mike stiffelar” said in his report. “Who will lose more in india Pakistan war”.
    Even if no nukes are used the development of india is much more congested then Pakistan. On average one missile of Pakistan on major indian city will cost india $500 mill but on the other hand the Pakistan will hardly lose $200,000. Yep that’s what at stack. It is also very interesting but important point that if the insurance companies prove that it is india who attacked first then they will not be in any way liable for damages.

  65. kate Says:

    The indian are living in denial. If someone points out that the problem lies in you then he is either an idiot or a terrorist. But what makes me happy is that for years we suffered for helping america in afghanistan now it’s your time to suffer. we are going to have war and when that happens you are going to wish you didn’t made that mistake.

  66. lana Says:

    reply to “kate”.
    hey kate I agree with you. I am from UK and i here about all these things and these are very suspicious. but if you ask me all the hindus are raciest cuz there was massacre of muslims by hindus in gujrat and then the burning of christians and the same with the singhs. but I never heard about the same between muslim-singhs, muslim-christians or singhs-christians.

  67. vendetta Says:

    Reply to devi.
    hey so seem like the most sane. So please ans this
    Facts about the people that killed kurkure.
    1) They were speaking Marathi. no one speaks Marathi in Pakistan.
    2) They had siphon bands on their hands.
    3) He was shot in chest by 9mm bullets, police use 9mm bullets.
    4) He was wearing bullet proof jacket which 9mm can’t penetrate.
    5) What kind of an idiot terrorist with full rounds of AK47 will take out
    pistol and fire on that?
    6) Kurkure arrested RAW agent prohit and accused BJP of involvement.
    7) He claimed the same in mali attacks. And said he has proof against
    8) The only arrested terrorist kasab was kidnapped from Nepal in 2006.
    9) A case was filed against it in Feb. 2008. There was a press conference
    held in which Pakistani lawyer clearly mentions the name of ajmal

  68. vendetta Says:

    To Raj
    I don’t usually talk such nonsense but you are making me say these

    Take every major religion.
    Whether it is Islam, Christianity or Judaism.
    It talks about future incidents. Take a close look and try to find hindus
    in it. there are no hindus in future according to all of these religions so
    yes let’s have a war, 90 crore vs. 15 crore, the thing is that the
    highest point a Muslim can achieve is die for Islam.

    So if one Muslim die the rest of 15 crore will take a step forward
    whishing the same for them
    If one hindu dies the rest of the 90 crore will take a step back
    fearing the same for them.

  69. Vinay Says:


    Can we confirm if the IP addresses of vendetta, lana, kate and hehe are different?

    Dear foursome, if every Indian goes and starts pissing on the Wagah border, your country will be flooded for eternity. Nice, now?


    As far as Booker is concerned, after Adiga,India”s only hope is Mr Misra.

  71. opit Says:

    Wow. Well, you got feedback.
    Mumbai was too technologically advanced to easily ascribe to anything except a ‘False Flag’ event.I got quite a rundown from little indian on WordPress. The Mossad connection only adds current flavour to what in the U.S. is a 9/11 scenario, followed by Islamofascism hatemongering ( never heard of it before the fear crew came up with a new idea ), talk radio headbanging…all compatible with Naomi Klein’s ‘Shock Doctrine’.
    Which would go a long way towards explaining TV9’s ‘coverage’.
    Integral to destabilizing society is fearmongering and demonizing differences. India sadly knows the death and destruction resulting from such programs.

  72. Dr.R.K.D.Goel Says:

    Dear Misraji,
    What is now about the 2009 elections? these will be peaceful or we will be in trouble. Politicians will not improve.
    Now the BJP created another poster boy Varun Gandhi to replace hindu icon Modi.

    In his first election speach Varun has to be booked under NSA. If the BJP is going to produce or spoil young youth of a dynasty what will be the fate of Indian Culture?

    Let God give some sense to BJP leaders not to spoil our young blood.

    I hope Varun will come out from the NSA soon and will recognise his mistakes which his mother has not done. Varun already started reading Geeta and Ramayan. He will come from Etava Jail after reform himself and will know what is real Hindusm of Sanatan Dharma.

    WE should not spread Virus of hatered any more.

  73. HM Says:

    ha ha ha, mr. mishra, you have given me hope. I too can become a writer author, historian etc. If you predict civil war, believe me, I am looking forward to it. Lets have a final solution. India for hindus/kaffirs. Momins out.

    Azamgarh, please go and make pakistan a secular country, (my ancestors come from lahore) then talk about making india secular. nehru did a mistake, doesnt mean we present generation hindus have to follow that idiot.

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