What is so “world-famous” about Mysore Dasara?

DEEPAK THIMAYA writes from Bangalore: Ministers and bureaucrats, correspondents and reporters, tourist operators and hotel owners… nobody, it seems, can utter the words “Mysore Dasara” without happily slapping the label “world famous” before it.

Is it?

Is the Mysore Dasara “world famous” because we assume that it is indeed a world famous event? Is it “world famous” because we think people all over the world are aware of it? Or is it “world famous” because we think that the things we see in the procession are really world class?

Let us give a moment for yesterday’s “grand procession”.

Do we really believe that people from the world over would pay to come and watch the rolling out of grotesque structures made of cardboard, canvas and plaster of paris, passing off as exhibits representative of the great “culture” and “progress” of Karnataka?

Have we stopped even a moment to see whether the way we conduct Dasara deserves the great “world-famous” claim we so loudly and liberally grant it?

Isn’t there anyone who can ensure better tableaux and also design the whole show as a colourful and attractive pageant by still ensuring that the deliberate messages from the State can be built into the visual delight?

Apart from the Jamboosavari which is unparalleled, unquestionably unique, interesting and awe inspiring, what we see in procession after “grand procession” are the same stale choreographed folk dances, the same cliched images of the State, and the chaos and indiscipline intrinsic to our lives.

All these turn the beauty of an elephantine spectacle into a damp squib. And yet we call this “world famous”?

The procession should compliment the howdah bearing the elephant’s regality and not look like a hurried set-up to spend some money in the most unprofessional way possible.

There is so much talent in Karnataka particularly in Mysore with its numerous artists, artistes, and artisans skilled in carving and the arts—and far more can be done. Even the Madikeri Dasara and Mangalore Dasara can teach a lesson or two to the old and stagnant mindset behind Mysore Dasara.

The same money spent on the tableaux and dances can be better spent by monitoring the quality of the displays and also by encouraging the artists who create spectacular tableaux.

Unless such steps are taken, we will continue to see only a handful of white faces staring at the insipid show after having been fooled by the hype and claims for a long time to come, and our dream of making Mysore Dasara a truly world class event will remain just that, a distant dream.

Or, we could just have the Jamboosavari which is good enough by itself by any standard.

(Deepak Thimaya is the host of Udaya TV’s interview programme, Time to Talk)

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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47 Responses to “What is so “world-famous” about Mysore Dasara?”

  1. Anil Says:

    A really interesting thought. I always wondered why is Mysore Dasara same every year. We know some of the traditions have to be kept alive like the Jambu savari,the jatti fight etc. But man it’s high time they change the old trucks with cardboard boxes. It was great in 1970s, there are so many creative people around who would like to be part of Mysore Dasra. Keep few of those trucks, to keep the tradition,bring in more interesting stuff. You know what the problem is, the authorities just did there job again. They are not hired to think differently.

    And for god’s sake please change those bulbs to CFL. We have faced enough load shedding.

  2. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Please read the the following article in this blog to get an idea of the past glory of the world famous Mysore Dasara.

    How can you you expect anything but tackiness from corrupt governments run by mediocre vote whores. It will only get worse with time…

  3. Aatmasakshi Says:

    Going by Thimaya’s logic, forget the Dasara procession, what is really “word-class” about anything Indian?

    The grand procession which Thimaya chooses to put in double quotes for reasons best known to him, is only the culmination of a ten-day festival. It may be awful in the eyes of the man who conducted the Mysore Utsava last year, but who is to deny grandness of the nine days leading up to it?

    Art exhibitions, dance shows, music concerts in several different places, movie festivals, flower shows, the lights, the poojas, the air shows, the boating, etc, etc—and most of them free to the public—is truly something world famous. Is there any city in the world that has so much going on at the same time?

    It may not be the ultimate thing in terms of quality, but what is? Is Thimaya’s TV show world class? We are a ocean of the mediocre, but thankfully Mysore through this one stupendous burst over ten days bobs up above the mediocre. Tourists, Indian and foreign, seem to be much more grateful for what they get than Thimaya.

  4. Janasamanya Says:

    For people of Mysore Dasara festival is a great event and they take pride in hosting it, organizing it with much fanfare. In the days when terrorism and bomb blasts were unheard of, quite a lot of foreigners used to visit Mysore on this occasion. So the Mysoreans thought or assumed or felt proud that this event is ‘world famous’. It is a loosely used term. Just enjoy the festival, fun and holiday and be happy. Pl don’t try to split the hair into 100 parts and cry about the ignorance of English knowledge among the natives.

  5. Gouri Satya Says:

    The Dasara processions now are no longer ‘world famous’ as it was in the days of the Wadiyars. It attracted visitors from abroad because of the Maharaja, the royal grandure, the royal paraphernalia that were part of the Jamboo Savari, and the well-planned and disciplined march. Even till about 60s, it was being planned well in advance and was given publicity in international mags and newspapers, like the Readers’ Digest, to attract foreigners. As Thimaya rightly suggests it can be made more attractive. The fact that it is attracting less crowds each year is itself an indication that it is losing its charm. Still left with the essence of the Dasara celebrations, it can be made more attractive taking ideas from creative people and those who have seen and the Dasara of the Wadiyars. I feel an effort was made this time by getting the Army machines to highlight its significance as a victory march.

  6. ಜಗ್ಗೇಶ್ ಅಭಿಮಾನಿ Says:

    ಅಯ್ಯೊ! ಹಿಂಗ್ ಅಂದ್ರ್ ಹೆಂಗೆ? ನಮ್ಮ ದಸರಾ ಹಬ್ಬ ಅಂದ್ರೆ ನಮ್ಮ ಊರಿಗೆಲ್ಲ ಸಿಕ್ಕಾಪಟ್ಟೆ ವರುಲ್ಡ್ ಫ್ರೇಮಸ್ಸು!
    ನಾನು ನಮ್ ಬುಡ್ಡಿ ಇಬ್ರಾಳುವೆ ವರ್ಸಾವರ್ಸಾ ವೋಗಿ ನೊಡ್ಕೊಂಡು ಬತ್ತೀವಿ. ಅಲ್ಕಣ್ಮತ್ತೆ!

  7. myshanks Says:

    When the King’s Dasara came to an end in 1975, a group of industrialists and Politicians joined together to conduct what was then called ‘Janatha Dasara’ with active help and participation from the government. Every one of them was intrested to do somethig and show the world the class of Mysore.

    Unfortunately now certain uninterested bureaucrats are given the responsibility, who neither know about Mysore nor its culture. So when you have these Babus conducting Dasara what else can we expect.

    The best thing is for the government is to take a back seat and have a local committee run the show.

  8. Sujata Rajpal Says:

    Mysore Dasara is far from being global; it is good as a state cultural festival. No doubt it is a cultural extravaganza for the masses but considering the funds allocated to it, the output is not something great to talk about. Wonder where Rs 10 crores allocated to this festival this year has gone. The preparations start months in advance but nothing is visible till the last day and the programme list is released only a day before the event. Except one or two events, it was a lack luster show this year. This year’s Torch light parade lacked professional touch and the events were choreographed poorly. Almost all of it was repetition of last year’s show. There is already an element of monotony.
    If nothing else it should at least beautify and improve Mysore infrastructure on a permanent basis so that we Mysorean can benefit from it. What Asian games did for Delhi and Olympics for Beijing, Mysore Dasara should do for Mysore.
    But let’s compliment the authorities for the fool proof security arrangements at the venues this year.

  9. Tuluva Pelkai Says:

    This is something sensible that Deepak Thimmaiah has ever written or uttered so far…..

    In a way the procession that he describes here is something like his interviews on Udaya TV…same style, same interventions, same more ‘ugulu than mantra’ strategy, and more than anything whenever the interviewee makes a sensible point, Deepak would intervene to deprive the viewer anything serious except his own futile attempt to exhibit his Dasara-tableau like thoughts!!!!

    This article shows that he is past his infancy….

  10. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Rs. 10 crore?! Incredible. Whose father what goes.

    Excellent piece; thanks Deepak.

  11. Vishwas Krishna Says:

    Except for the final day procession, other things are very well done. When you talk about dasara, its not just the vijayadashami, but the nine day event. May be a bit of professionalism would have added value to other events. But the jamboo savari surely lacks any charm apart from the jamboos themselves.

  12. U.B. Vasudev Says:

    As I have mentioned in my article reminiscing Dasara of yester years,
    “It is sad to think that the ten-day festival that was once the crown jewel for the City of Mysore has become just a crown without any sparkling jewel in it. Thus, it is a pleasant though poignant memory for the Mysoreans of yesteryear!”
    I happened to read an article in Deccan Herald yesterday why the scion doesn’t want to attend any meetings or even witness the procession. Wish our politicians and officials involved in planning the celebrations consult the right people about customs and traditions instead of thinking how much they can have in their pockets by getting involved in the celebrations!

  13. Justsomeguy Says:

    Define world Class. If you think that cardboard, canvas and plaster of paris doesnt deserve to be world class , so be it. Do you really want everything in PLASTIC like, or have a tag of ECO friendly , or make it in Titanium or EDF material?
    Its part of our culture and let it be like that. Let ppl do this event for ourselve rather than doing this for the few foreigners who come or to impress anybody. Dont try to make it world class, but just drop the association of being world class.
    Somehow , Indian ppl dont have self-respect and dont have pride in having any regional association. Its world class only if its done the AMERICAN way, Pls dont do this to this event. Pls dont get COKE to sponsor this event, Pls dont get american cheer leaders to come to this parade , Pls dont stick ad’s on the elephant or some Beer company. Pls lets not make this WORLD CLASS.
    Just stop calling it world class. Thats it.

  14. etvraviraja Says:

    have you seen this?

  15. Faldo Says:

    As several others have mentioned, we should enjoy this event for what is without looking at it through our own narrow prisms.

  16. sathya Says:

    You can look at a thing from many perspectives. No complaints about it. Whether it is world famous or otherwise it is immaterial. It may be a jargon. One thing nobody from Mysore sould forget. At least in the name of Dasara many of the roads of the city gets asphalted, parks get some life, many repair works are undertaken. 10 crores may sound a bit high. But the cost factor cannot be ignored. And Mysore is not what it was 25 years ago it has grown. Naturally it has to be taken into account. All may not be very sincere but at least there are a few people who will work and who have worked. You can shoot 100 arrows but how many will each the target? Doint post mortem work is always easy, is it?

  17. Chetan Krishnaswamy Says:

    Deepak: Excellent perspective. And very true…I saw it on Chandana channel and it was a complete let down. In no way, did the show instil spontaneous pride or reflect the true glory of the occassion. The commentary was shrill and over-the-top… The uniformed Mahouts perched atop the elephants looked dull, tired and emaciated. The spectacle was sad and painful…

  18. Mysorean Says:

    I agree with most responses here. Dasara is not about Jamboo Savari alone but the nine days of festivities to soak in classical music, dance and other fares. Dasara is an experience. Not an event. The only redeeming factor in the Jamboo Savari are the caparisoned elephants that are majestic and graceful despite the cacophony around them.

    And whence else will Mysoreans get a chance to see in flesh artistes like Yesudas, Shivkumar Sharma, Ronu Majumdar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Rajan Sajan Mishra, Lalgudi Jayaraman, Amjad Ali Khan, Parveen Sultana, Priya Sisters, late Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan…. I have been visiting classical music concerts since 1991 and thanks to Mysore Dasara, have been lucky to attend most of their concerts.

    It is not classical music alone. Even the indipop variety. Colonial Cousins, Louis Banks, Neeladri Kumar, Gurukiran, Ashwath, Vasundhara Das, Sonu Nigam…Dasara makes Mysore vibrant and the city comes alive. Critics can stay indoors and watch Deepak Thimma on Udaya TV

    BTW, have attended other festivals too including Garbha, Bihu in Assam and Ramaleela in Delhi which is nothing more than effigy burning. Nowhere in India do you get a setting as gorgeous as the illuminated palace for music and dance.

  19. Nationalist Says:

    Good one by Deepak. Everytime I watched the ‘world famous’, I also had the same thoughts. It’s a great tradition, but long due for changes. And, little more discipline and structure can add tons of value…!

  20. Anil Says:

    @Mysore Peshva and @Sujata Rajpal, wonder where the 10crores went ?
    It was mostly used to by our politicians to have there photos published everywhere, fun travel and stay blah blah. Some was spent on LIGHTS,some were used for paints, remaining I think its still there with someone unused.

  21. tarlesubba Says:

    tuLuva pelkai.

    goLL. hoTTe noyytide. nakku nakku.

    In a way the procession that he describes here is something like his interviews on Udaya TV…same style, same interventions, same more ‘ugulu than mantra’ strategy, and more than anything whenever the interviewee makes a sensible point, Deepak would intervene to deprive the viewer anything serious except his own futile attempt to exhibit his Dasara-tableau like thoughts!!!!

  22. Bhamy V Shenoy Says:

    If we are really serious and want to make a difference the way dussera is celebrated we need to get involved. I was involved in the efforts of celebrating dussera from the beginning. It is sad to see how very few took part to give suggestions when the deputy commissioner Mr. Manivannan organized a meeting. Even less number of people came forward to do the work later. There were not many out of the box kind of suggestions made during the meeting. None of the political leaders who finally were appointed as chairmen of 23 different sub committees took part in this planning meeting.

    Thimmayya is correct in his observations that many bureaucrats involved were uninterested and most political appointees were incompetent with no particular abilities.

    There was no need for so many sub committees. But they had to accomodate many of the party followers to spread the political largesse. There was hardly any coordination between different committees. Every sub committee was working independently. Till the last few days it was not clear how much money was available either. In fact sub committees were formed so late, most of the real work and planning was done before the formation of these sub committees. Since the political appointees had to show their “power” and “expertise”, they arbitrarily changed the decisions, tried to grab the publicity etc.

    Thimmayya is right about the procession. But for jumboo savari, there is nothing to write about it. The crowd was totally undisciplined.

    If we want to make this really “world famous” and bring back the glory of the earlier dussera we need to hand over the organization to some competent private group of people and keep the politics out of the organization. let CM and ministers be part of the ceremonies, but not the executioners of the planning process. For next year’s dussera we need to start working soon. The government should select a company which has competence in planning these mega events and delegate the responsibility. This can be done through a transparent bidding system.

    The government should not spend one paisa for celebrations. The company should be able to raise enough funds from the ad revenues and from donations from companies. The government of cousre has to spend money on road imporvement, providing public toilets etc and nothing more. Politicians should be kept away as far as possible.

    But who will bell the cat in trying to bring about the needed reform? As some earlier bloggers suggested we are a mediocre people. All we do at best is to make some suggestions, blame the politics, and do nothing.

  23. Vishnu Kumar Says:

    Nope. not world famous.
    I have a hard time telling people where Bangalore is sometimes. India is basically blooywood-goa-delhi, some ashrma place.. etc.

    What ever happened to Kannada cinema seems to happening to Dasara. Basically amateurs running the show, very unprofessional.

  24. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Sour grapes-O?

    Remember this chap’s coordinated event in Mysore last year?

    It has awesome brand recall value that I forgot its name!

    Yaak aNNau nim gowDru sOtbiTru antha nimge sopp haaklilva? ;-)

    of course, eegina dasaradalli dombi jaasti ne… aiklu crowd alli manage maaDodu hege antha kalilee… bengaLoorge immigrate aagakke sulabha aagatte! :P

  25. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    I am sure Tulu Pelkai and Tarlesubba are Thimmaya’s jealous classmates when he studied in Mysore. I am yet to watch Tulu Pelkai’s and Tarlesubba’s interviewing skills to know how bad Thimmaya’s shows are. The last I heard is that he has millions of viewers. His opinions matter, do yours? Sour grapes, hanh? And before I forget, I think Mysore Utsav was Thimmaya’s one man effort against this world famous Dasara with its million hands behind it. Some effort, it must be.

  26. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Lotsa effortE!

    I did see many villagers watching delightfully the fireworks after the Torchlight Parade, that moment it occurred me(long after cursing the organisers for not arranging sufficient number of seats/overselling tickets/police bringing in their kith and kin) that the event had served its purpose.

    Who wants your dumbed down, squeakily clean version of Dasara for elites and gileeTs!?

  27. tarlesubba Says:

    really?! he did MU single handedly? good for him.

    but why is it jealously if i dont like his way of interviewing?
    check this out. and see how many times he cuts his guest in between his speech


  28. Tuluva Pelkai Says:

    @Enemy of the Kings

    You say I have criticised Deepak’s interviews because i am jealous, sour grapes etc. By your logic: Deepak criticises Dasara here. Whom he jealous of? Shri Kantadatta Narasimha Raja Wodeyar? Shobha Karandlaje? Subhir Hari Singh? Manu Baligar? P Manivennan?

    I think i have the right to criticise him, and my motives are immaterial, because i pay for my cable connection, and my time has an opportunity cost and i am an empowered consumer of the media…

    I do not care how many viewers his programme has. May be millions so what? Crime Diary has billions of viewers perhaps

    And why I being a Tuluva would be his classmate in Mysore….? No I am not even critical of him…I just want him to let the persons he interviews to have an opportunity to complete their sentences. pls follow the link that tarlesubba has given above. i had the same in mind. Of course there are many more which made me think that even Tejaswini alias Tejaswini Sriramesh alias Tejaswni Gowda was better…after all alida oorige….

  29. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    @ Tarlesubba and Bengaluru Manja,
    I am compelled to reply. Sorry.
    Why don’t you just stop watching Thimmaya if you don’t like his shows instead of lecturing him. It is his style. If you don’t like it start your own shows, maybe I will watch it. It is his show let him do as he pleases. You have a choice not to watch if you can do a better job if you are given the job, if ever. Why is that people who have never done a job are the ones who give the most advice on a topic? I am wallowing in my confusion.
    Guys if you don’t like his shows why don’t you just go and get yourselves a job in tv and show us how you would do it? Anyway, who made the rules for an interview? I don’t rememeber that the rules were made in Mysore.

  30. jeevaratna Says:

    Mysore Dasara once figured in National Geographic Society , May 1959 issue as Mysore Celebrates the death of a Demon by Luc Bouchage with photographs by Ylla.


  31. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Can you put up a video of yourself in action?

    We can compare you to Deepak and shut your critics up once and for all.

  32. babuds Says:

    I don’t know if Mysore Dasara is considered world famous or not, but one thing is certain. That there is utter lack of creativity and artistic expression. This is evident from the photograph of a work-of-art of a mother feeding her child. This looks like logo of a film production company of bygone era. In those days the figure denoted the average Indian mother breast feeding her child. At present, the same figure may probably remind that of a construction laborer feeding her child, taking time of her arduous duties.

    Both tradition and culture are important, while tradition is constant culture changes. One problem with Dasara festivities is its depiction of a stagnant culture and dated values.

  33. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    TS may be good in what he does… why should he prove his interviewing skills to redeem his worthiness!?

    Just because you dislike Britney Spears’ music are you supposed to create teenybopper cacophony to prove yourself?

    Does not Journalism have its share of clichéd principles that Mr. Thimaya is supposed to adhere to?

    ivaru pekr-pekraagi interviwee answer maaDokke munchenE baayi haaki gabb yebbstidre yen maaDodu?
    What is the point of the interviewing? If he is so enthusiastic to showcase his knowledge then he should be doing a programme akin to Crime Diary/whatever it’s called now, not interviews!

    IMHO, Hosts of Chakravyuha(on TV9 Kannada) — Hameed and the earlier host are much better interviewers, they patiently listen to the interviewees and logically string their questions.

  34. Tuluva Pelkai Says:

    @Enemy of the kings

    Ok, I will take your advice seriously and choose not to see Deepak’s interviews on U.TV, but then that applies to you as well. Why are you worried about our comments on Deepak. You can read other comments and choose not to read any comments critical of Deepak. And extending the logic, why shouldn’t Deepak ignore Mysore Dasara and watch some other Dasaras which he considers better. Well you may say public money is spent on Mysore Dasara and it is the state festival etc. Then I will say the media is a public space. We are not worried how D speaks to his guests at home but we are talking of a media programme. There is nothing like Deepak’s programme. I think thats the logic with which you have chosen to comment on what we write on churmuri, because it is a public space. If someone criticises the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister, or a cine actor, actress, a columnist, or a tv host like Deepak, you cannot challenge the person to become a PM or CM, cine actor etc and perform better….I think there was no ridicule in the comments. I think Deepak also should be open to healthy criticisms from his viewers. As a viewer i am entitled to my views no matter whether it is about Deepak, Rajdeep or Pranoy I do not care how you or he takes it….

  35. Tuluva Pelkai Says:

    @Enemy of the kings

    you cannot be the enemy of the kings and the enemy of public criticism at the same time!!

  36. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Please dont listen to people like Nick and deprive everyone the pleasure of viewing your interviewing skills. Nick and friends dont want you to step out and dazzle the public.

    Do put up a video of yourself interviewing someone the right way. One which will show Deepak Thimmaya how to do things.

  37. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    Yes Tuluva Pelkai, going by your friends praising the likes of Tejaswini and Hamid, I must rest my case in your favour because now I know what your standards are and how well you understand interviews and what are the biases on the basis of which your likes and dislikes are decided.
    I would still watch an intelligent and natural guy like Thimmaya than someone who corrects his questions on the editing table like the TV9 guys. Yes, let me also cook up reasons to throw some stones at Deepak, the next time I see him. I am glad that a veteran like Deepak has the courage not to change because you don’t like him. I don’t know what is your problem to acknowledge his unique style whether you like it or not than saying how he should follow your instructions which would make him just another interviewer.

  38. myshanks Says:

    Dear Friends,

    It is not logical for anyone to be brilliant to pin point mistakes. So asking someone to upload a video to comment on another interviewer is as illogical as asking the coach to first run the 100 mts in less than 10 sec to be able to coach another one. Each one has an aptitude and competence. Some has the competence to run in 10 sec 100 mts and someone has the competence to pin point errors the runner is doing so that he can run in less than 9 sec.

    Some logic here?

  39. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Dont let myshanks and his defeatist logic deter you.

    Please keep working on your video – and unleash it on your naysayers once and for all!

  40. tarlesubba Says:

    Talking of bad interviews here is one:

    Mr. Haorld Channer interviews Prof. Nassim Taleb

    To be fair this would be a tough interview to pull by even the best of interviewers’ standards.

    For one Taleb’s thesis, even when practically relevant, is conceptually fundamental, and highly technically nuanced and therefore requires a fair amount of preparation in probability theory, statistics and stochastics(PSS) to really appreciate.(For example, check the part where they discuss entropy, and Channer drops 2nd law of thermodynamics.) But, based on personal experience of dealing with sophomores, I know knowledge of english and a handle on common sense will take you some useful distance. So, for this reason, I request folks here, irrespective of their educational backgrounds, to listen to this hour long interview.

    #2, structurally, the 2001 Taleb is sitting on minefield of a discovery that he is eager to explain. And Mr. Channer, as wise and knowledgeable as he is, cannot tap into his own knowns to extract the unknowns from Taleb, which Taleb knows and is eager to explain. This is the common condition of all interviews. The interviewer is not as knowledgeable as the interviewee. And yet he has to extract all the knowledge that the interviewee has. A bit of genuine curiosity and a lot of preparation on the part of the interviewer helps.

    Good solid interviews, even if not of this class of complexity, include those by Terry Gross, the late Tim Russert, Jim Lehrer, Gwen Ifill and even Charlie Rose, in the US. Perhaps the BBC has good folks on its rolls. Sampada.net has had some awesome interviews. And Mysore Posts’s Rashid has done some awesome human interest stories. (Actually Rashid is god only, when it comes to his types of stories.)

    In anycase, the interview proceeds and is valuable only due to Taleb’s eagerness to communicate all that he knows and his sense of urgency about his thesis. Taleb explains all that he knows, and in an order that he deems is required to appreciate his thesis, entirely out of the eagerness of his own spirit. Mr. Channer’s questions, even when knowledgeable, have no bearing on the discussion. At many points, Mr. Channer is letting a parade of dasara tableaus of his thoughts in the middle of important connections the professor is making.

    PS: For me personally, Taleb is my new god. I have debated with some folks here at churumuri about how outliers are an outcome of a model and not a statement on a phenomenon. Taleb also validates my rants against theories that I keep ranting and riling against in all my posts. The three articles I read of his in the last week underscored my intuitions. And I have found my peace. I have ordered his ‘black swan’ and plan to devour it.

    That election results prediction-wala Yoginder, and and all those who believe in the false/tenuous science of vote counting, and all those believers of political and social science should listen to and read Taleb. All these linear models work when you have a handle on uncertainty. In social ‘sciences’, psychology, election-ology, sociology etc etc there is no handle on uncertainty.

    Its one thing to analyze uncertainty in images and develop jpeg and jpeg 2000, and a whole different thing to reduce human condition to fake statistical grand civilizational, economic and political narratives. The wall streets of the world fell despite hundreds of uber brilliant PhDs in PSS and Economics, working on finances, imagine the hoopla and the hand-waving that is going on in social sciences and political sciences!! When there is something so fundamentally wrong* with the actual sciences themselves how good can something as Orwellian-ly named as social sciences and political sciences be?

    *well it is not wrong. The math itself is correct. But the English that surrounds the math and the meaning that is attributed to it is wrong.

    Sorry for the bombast, but this is one ‘I told you so’ moment that I am relishing and don’t want to let go a chance to rub it in to the peddlers of fake theories and oh-I-am-so smart-than you because I have a mic in front of me and degree from snobbier than thou college.

    Tata bye bye churumuri. I am done here.

  41. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    Perhaps, Thimmayya’s banter in his shows is akin to Tarlesubba’s rant in the above post. I am plucking my eyes out trying to make out the purpose of his effort in this display of langauage. Is he trying to say something or showing off his knowledge or is he telling us that he has a better vocabulary than all of us?
    How can he decide that Deepak Thimmaya is not intelligent enough and how has he concluded that Thimmayya’s shows are bad, is certainly a question worth half hour of me watching his shows. I watch Thimmaya’s shows for his questions than the answers or knowledge of his stupid guests.

  42. Anonymous Guy Says:

    “Tata bye bye churumuri. I am done here.”

    So TS will be changing his pseudonym? or did he mean only this post?

    Will help the sanity of all readers if the new avatar was less bombastic.

  43. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Anonymous Guy, is Deepak Thimaya your alter ego IRL?

    I want to see a video of you watching Thimaya’s interview on TV, both should come in the same frame! :-D

    Guess, it will be like seeing Siddartha getting enlightened!

  44. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Are you TS’s other nick?

  45. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    There are a bunch of morons here who want to some how prove that Deepak Thimmayya is less intelligent that they are. I wish them all the luck.

  46. bhaaduku Says:

    Mr. Deepak Thimaya! Every tradition gets older like everybodies Mother or grandmother. Just because ones own mother doesnt look so agile, or and beautiful, it doesnot mean the granduer is lost nor can you call mother as no-longer-loveable/worldfamous. Similiarly just because hi-tech shows have comeup in recent times, we cant judge the Mysore Dasara as insipid. Many love the grace and tradition followed again and again.

    Many villages have traditional events and festivals performed in age old style which may not entertain or impress onlookers from hitech world but still that is the beauty of such events.

  47. bangaloreraja Says:

    Thimmaiah’s programme on udaya tv isworld famous !!! He does not allow the other person tomanswwer.He only keeps on speaking & raventing

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