The make-up stays, just in case somebody asks

Just another year in the life of a tusker. Bedecked elephants, with the artful decorations still intact, clamber up trucks on the return journey back to the forests at the end of the Dasara festivities in Mysore on Saturday.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

One Response to “The make-up stays, just in case somebody asks”

  1. Shantarama Says:

    It is cruel to torture these animals.The practice of Kings and Queens to take these elephants out in a parade should have long been relegated to the dustbins of history. Elephants are not locomotives and warfare animals as they used to be decades ago. They can be replaced with Cars and tanks. Elephants are beautiful in their natural sorroundings. Let them stay in Nagarahole and Bandipur and not torture them in the polluted city of Mysore. The make up on them looks ugly. They are beautiful the way they are. We should stop this depolarable practise.

    In the past Kings used to go hunting and pride themselves on the number of Tigers they killed. Should we also start this practice in the modern age. There are only 1000+ tigers in the wild, it would not take long to make them extinct. Our Kings and Queens are not role models for the modern age we live in. We need to re-evaluate the value system espused by these kings in light of modern values and laws enshrined in the constitution. After all was it not the tax payers money that was used in the celebration of Dasara.

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