‘Our netas have raped every part of Mother India’

It is open season on the Indian politician.

E.R. RAMACHANDRAN forwards a copy of an open letter to prime minister Manmohan Singh, purportedly from a resident of Nepean Sea Road, which captures the urban middle-class rage against netas, post the Bombay blasts.


Dear Mr Prime Minister

I am a typical mouse from Bombay.

In the local train compartment which has capacity of 100 persons, I travel with 500 more mouse. Mouse at least squeak but we don’t even do that.

Today I heard your speech. In which you said “Nobody will be spared.” I would like to remind you that  14 years have passed since the serial bomb blasts in Bombay took place. Dawood Ibrahim was the main conspirator. Till today he is not caught. All our Bollywood actors, our builders, our Gutka kings meet him but the Indian Government cannot catch him.

Reason is simple; all your ministers are hand in glove with  him. If any attempt is made to catch him everybody will be exposed. Your statement “Nobody will be spared” is nothing but a cruel joke on the unfortunate people of India.

Enough is enough. As such after seeing terrorist attack carried out by about a dozen young boys I realize that if same thing continues days are not away when terrorist will attack by air, destroy our nuclear reactor and there will be one more Hiroshima.

We the people are left with only one mantra: Womb to Bomb to Tomb. You promised Bombayites a Shanghai; what you have given us is Jalianwala Bagh. Today only your home minister resigned. What took you so long to kick out this joker? Only reason was that he was loyal to the Gandhi family. Loyalty to Gandhi family is more important than blood of innocent people, isn’t it?

I was born in Bombay 58 years ago. I was brought up here. Believe me corruption in Maharashtra is worse than that in Bihar . Look at all the politician, Sharad Pawar, Chagan Bhujbal, Narayan Rane, Bal Thackeray, Gopinath Munde, Raj Thackeray, Vilasrao Deshmukh all are rolling in money. Vilasrao Deshmukh is one of the worst Chief minister I have seen. His only business is to increase the FSI every other day, make money and send it to Delhi so Congress can fight next election. Now the clown has found a new way and will increase FSI for fisherman so they can build concrete house right on sea shore. Next time terrorists can comfortably live in those house , enjoy the beauty of sea and then attack Bombay at their will.

Recently I had to purchase house in Mumbai. I met about two dozen builders. Everybody wanted about 30% in black. A common person like me knows this and with all your intelligence agencies and CBI, you and your finance minister are not aware of it. Where does all the black money go? To the underworld isn’t it? Our politicians take help of these goondas to vacate people by force. I myself was victim of it. If you have time please come to me, I will tell you everything.

If this has been land of fools, idiots then I would not have ever cared to write you this letter. Just see the tragedy. On the one hand, we are reaching the moon, people are so intelligent and on the other hand, you politicians have converted nectar into deadly poison.

I am everything Hindu, Muslim, Christian, scheduled caste, OBC, Creamy Schedule caste… Only what I am not is Indian.

You politicians have raped every part of Mother India by your policy of divide and rule. Take the example of former president Abdul Kalam. Such an intelligent person, such a fine human being. You politicians didn’t even spare him. Your party along with the opposition joined the hands, because politicians feel they are supreme and there is no place for good person.

Dear Mr Prime minister you are one of the most intelligent persons, most learned. Just wake up, be a real sardar. First and foremost expose all selfish politician. Ask the Swiss banks to give name of all Indian account holders. Give reins of the CBI to an independent agency. Let them find the wolf among us. There will be political upheaval but that will better than the dance of death which we are witnessing every day.  Just give us ambient where we can work honestly and without fear.

Let there be rule of law. Everything else will be taken care of.

Choice is yours Mr. Prime Minister. Do you want to be lead by one person or you want to lead the nation of 100 crore  people?

Prakash B. Bajaj

Chandralok ‘A” Wing, Flat No 104

97 Nepean Sea Road

Bombay 400 036

Phone 98210-71194

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54 Responses to “‘Our netas have raped every part of Mother India’”

  1. Vinay Says:

    Shouldn’t you black out the mobile number (at least)?

    Not sure if this is a real number, haven’t tried it myself, but I sure hope you have..

  2. prasad Says:

    Letter addressed to the wrong person.Most of the netas and goondas belong to the congress and if the PM is not aware of the nexus , then he is a fool and in any case there is no point expecting him to take action.Lets not forget that the first 60 odd crores looted by the bofors agents which would amount to 600 crores today and was looted by the First Family of India and MMS owes his position to them

  3. larissa Says:

    Why blame the PM. He is a decent educated man. He has no power in the party which is why he is unable to do anything. Blame the party leader and the overall party. What kind of credentials does this person have? It seems that India can only be run by a dynasty… Hindus have become pathetic. Please do not tell me that out of more than a billion people they could not put someone better at the helm of the Congress party. Why is it that Congress has not produced any decent politicians? Even Abdul Kalam you mentioned was brought in by the BJP.

  4. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Bajaj Saahebana mazha pranaam.

    Bajaj Saab ko mera salaam.

    Bajaj Saahebarige nanna kritagnyate.

    But Mr. Bajaj, prepare to receive visits/calls from unwanted individuals — and thank Churumuri for it.

  5. Enemy of the Kings Says:

    This is the silliest letter I have read till date. It is because of spineless citizens like Prakash Bajaj who only crib and find fault with politicians that we have politicians like the politicians we have today.
    Nobody has forced us to vote for them. It is our inability to dirty our hands in nation building that has given opportunity for the present breed of politicians to grow and fourish. It is just because people like Bajaj have romanticised the ‘Great Victim in the hands of Politicians’ syndrome that we are just unable to have any way out of this current political system. Mr. Bajaj, please start your own party, contest elections and win. Do you think it was easy for any politicians you mention to win their elections, however unfair and flawed the process was? You sound like a social eunuch to me. Your lamenting sounds like a shrill squeal to me. If you cannot do it yourself don’t blame the alternative you have got. We are in a democracy. Don’t blame politicians, show what is the alternative. You have got what you deserve, or please elect a dim witted Rajdeep Sardesai or Arnab Goswami in place of Vilasrao Deshmukh. Anyway every journalist seems to believe that he is more capable to run this county than any politician, only that the CM’s post needs to be gifted them on a platter.
    Ha Ha. Shame.

  6. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    While I agree with the content of the letter, why its addressed to a “Prime Minister”, who is not even elected by people of the country?

    Why its addressed to a “prime Minister” who said on the floor of the parliament that “Muslims have first rights on resources”?

    Why its addressed to a “Prime Minister” who does NOT have any authority, political base?

    Why its addressed to a “Prime Minister” who is at that seat thanks to another member of Parliament- Sonia?

    Partha Chatterjee, one of the finest historian of our times, wrote this immediately after MMS was annoited as PM:


    “But the Congress refuses to think of life without Caesar. It has made an astounding constitutional innovation by electing Sonia Gandhi as chairperson of its parliamentary party and authorizing her to nominate the leader of the parliamentary party. It sounds as though the prime minister of the country will hold office at the pleasure of Sonia Gandhi who is, of course, formally speaking, just another member of parliament.”

    We are seeing the disasterous effect of this dual-powerbase after 4 years.

    Not a single case of terrorist attack of last 4 years have been solved (except latest Ahmedabad bombings) thanks to Muslim Vote centric politics of UPA. Everytime police caught some jehadi terrorists, Muslims hit the streets and probe was stopped, handed over to CBI to delay.

    Even Court’s ruling on iMDT were not implemented.

  7. Singh the Sardar Says:

    Hi Mr Bajaj

    Good that you called me ‘Sardar’. I should check and find out whether
    Dawoodji has contributed to the Congress election-fighting fund. I would ask Rahulji and my leader Soniaji for advice and do what they tell me. I am sure you would understand me. My life is dedicated to serving the Nehru family.
    Thanks for your letter.

    Singh, the Sardar at the feet of Soniaji and Rahulji

  8. Writing Cave Says:

    A great, moving letter. If only Manmohan Singh would read it. But then that wouldn’t make much of a difference because most of our politicians have a very thick hide; they don’t have the expression conscience in their respective dictionaries. Incidentally we have developed this habit of ranting without being proactive about making political and social changes. I mean, an average person can make a big difference by voting for people who really deserve to win.

  9. Nitin Says:

    It should be an opportunity for the common citizens to stop law enforcement forces from serving netas. Almost every single of them are so rich they arrange their security instead of NSGs protecting them and police personnel manning their gates. For rallies and other party activities police personnel should not be used they should employ their own. All use of defense and public owned aircrafts by politicians should be stopped. Police and other law enforcement agencies should be re galvanized to be focused on public safety and law enforcement rather than serving politicians.

  10. Venky Says:

    I am a typical mouse from Bombay.

    No you are not …. you are interested in only these issues,

    I would like to remind you that 14 years have passed since the serial
    bomb blasts in Bombay took place. Dawood Ibrahim was the main conspirator. Till today he is not caught.

    conveniently forgetting that a lot of person were charged and sentenced by the court, not to mention how many innocents spent years in jail.

    Mr.Bajaj, if you were you concerned Indian citizen you would have called for prosecution of perpetrators of Bombay riots where hundreds of Muslims were butchered. If you were just EVEN a Mubaiker you would have asked for Srikrishna commission inquiry report be acted upon, when mentioning “93 bomb blast.

    Alas you were not …but as mentioned just

    I am everything Hindu, Muslim, Christian, scheduled caste, OBC, Creamy Schedule caste… Only what I am not is Indian.

    But no one forced this on you….you choose to be no Indian.

    Enough is enough.

    Mr.Bajaj why did you not tell Enough is enough when a 2000 Muslims were burnt alive in gujrat.

    If you had just said Enough is enough, when hundred of Christians were murder savagely in orissa as an India?

    It is not an attempt to belittle your effort, but just to remind you that had we acted as Indians in every tragedy as Indians, maybe just may be no one had dared this dastardly act.

    As such after seeing terrorist attack carried out by about a dozen young boys I realize that if same thing continues days are not away when terrorist will attack by air, destroy our nuclear reactor and there will be one more Hiroshima.

    So please first act as a responsible citizen, feel the pain of every citizen irrespective of his belonging.

    We the people are left with only one mantra: Womb to Bomb to Tomb.

    We the people!! Are you joking here??? Are Biharis included???

    If this has been land of fools, idiots then I would not have ever cared to write you this letter. Just see the tragedy. On the one hand, we are reaching the moon, people are so intelligent and on the other hand, you politicians have converted nectar into deadly poison.

    This land also has castiest, communal people who only feels pain of their “own”, but not others. Since you feel concerned Citizen of India let me ask you, did you wrote any of these letters on the issues like MNS terror, persecution of Christians??

    You politicians have raped every part of Mother India by your policy of divide and rule.

    This take the cake on your self righteousness?? Who let the Politicians to get away with it?? It is not British anymore ruling through their gun! You choose these scoundrels every time, didn’t you Concerned Indian Citizen??

    Dear Mr Prime minister you are one of the most intelligent persons, most learned. Just wake up, be a real sardar.

    What does this suppose to mean, be real Sardar?? Helooo!!!

    First and foremost expose all selfish politician.

    What will that archive? as if you don’t know who is who!!

    Ask the Swiss banks to give name of all Indian account holders.

    you need to wakeup here, not the MMS.

    Give reins of the CBI to an independent agency.

    Who is that suppose to be Independent agency and to whom will this independent agency be accountable?

    Let them find the wolf among us.

    wow, you do have imagination!

    There will be political upheaval but that will better than the dance of death which we are witnessing every day.

    Why should there be any upheaval? wolf is neither national animal nor endangered species!!!

    or is it??

    Let there be rule of law. Everything else will be taken care of.

    You mean rule of Law for all the Citizen or only designated communities??

    Choice is yours Mr. Prime Minister. Do you want to be lead by one person or you want to lead the nation of 100 crore people?

    Man, now you are threatening Mr. Prime Minister, whom you have just wokenup, on top of this you also wants him to be real Sardar.

    Man you do have some guts!!
    Do you know what real sadars do to boys like you??

  11. Abhi Says:

    Could you not use a more direct title like ‘netas are mother f**kers’? Instead of that really long ‘Our netas have raped every part of Mother India’.

  12. B.N.Gururaj Says:

    This passionate letter had been making rounds on the internet. But, our timid, spineless prime minister has already made his choice. He continues to hang on to power with the blessings of Sonia Sphinx Gandhi. His bleatings are neither heard, nor cared for by anyone, especially his cabinet colleagues. This is an example of a good person becoming good for nothing.

  13. KolikeRanga Says:

    Signs of frustration and hopelessness. But is there any hope for Mr.Bajaj? Is there any hope for any Indian?

  14. Vipin Says:

    liked the bit about Deshmuk and other ‘rolling money’ for next elections. This is precisely why government owns railways, elecriticty, controls housing, and regulates most other parts of the economy, so that they can extract rent from us to convince us that they love us!

  15. Narayana Says:

    I think we need to stop blaming the netas!! It is important to use the technology similar to http://enjoymypassion.com/blog/?p=11

  16. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    The real damage done by Indian Press and Mumbai ATS can be guaged from this video of a Pakistani talk show with Hameed Gul (ex ISI Boss):

    (There are three additional videos).

    Indian Psuedos, Media may hate Sadhvi, or BJP, or Modi. But for Pakistan- its Indian Army that blasted Samjhuta.

    When will Indians learn the damage they do to our Army?

  17. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    Hats off to Prakash B Bajaj!!! He has conveyed everything which every right thinking Indian wants to pour out!
    The most touching lines are: “On the one hand, we are reaching the moon, people are so intelligent and on the other hand, you politicians have converted nectar into deadly poison.”
    But, one thing I beg to differ with Prakash. He seems to have a very high opinion regarding our Sardarji. He has asked him to be a real sardar. This is more than a dream. What we have as PM is a puppet.
    He JUST could NOT act. Remember what happened to Sri Krishna Commission Report? It may be gathering dust in some bureau in some govt office. Similarly the perpetrators of the Sikh massacre of 1984 too were spared! The rapists, murderers, looters and arsonists of Gujarat of 2002 are still roaming free! So, I think that Sardarji is not the right person. He just cannot ACT. He cannot deliver JUSTICE. And we should not forget that JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. That’s all.

  18. Vinay Says:

    The Pakistani media cannot fathom that any country can actually have a disciplined and non-political army. Their own history is such, that they are used to the Army and ISI acting like a ‘State within a State’. This is the reason that they believe that all countries are similar to theirs, with the Army and intelligence agencies working independently from the Government.

    The Pakistani media is a fledgling institution. After being suppressed for a large proportion of Pakistan’s history, they have not had the time to build the media and provide media freedoms like we have in India. Their comments about the Indian media being ‘Overtly Nationalistic’ should be laughed off.

  19. Karihaida Says:

    Guess what our “prince”, the would-be king, was doing when Mumbai was under attack …

  20. Janasamanya Says:

    Mr. Enemy. What are you blabbering? Instead of simply criticizing, give some alternatives. Let us see. People do have the right to express their, anger, their frustration. When you don’t have any alternative, option and have to silently suffer, you do feel angry. Bajaj has expressed the thoughts of lakhs of the people if not crores.

  21. ponnaps Says:

    interesting to see if Mr.MMS responds to Mr. Bajaj…or will our fat slob bureaucrats sleep over this letter(or its response) from reaching the intended..perhaps Mr. Bajaj needs to slip in a Rs100 note in the envelope as speed money…(OK I know its an open letter)..

  22. Ananth Shenoy Says:

    The piece is in today’s “The Tribune”. (I read the Bathinda edition). Dont we need more such ‘fed up’ citizens who’d blow themselves up?

  23. Srikanth Says:

    Lets only hope if our “PM” reads this letter.
    Can some political party promise me a country, where law is equal to every one, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, economic status?
    I will vote for them, and all problems will be solved.

    As rightly said, all black money and hawala etc goes into funding terror. All govts know that, but they get share and are happy.

    When will this stop?
    No one stops that route because “some minority” communities are worst affected if they stop all illegal stuff.

  24. krishna Says:

    this is the only article the PM needs to read and act upon if he is an Indian.


  25. anilrgowda Says:

    why the F**k did MR.Deshmukh joined ramgopal varma

    I guess planning to start a Movie..

  26. Abhi Says:

    Looks like we have one more ‘misled youth from the religion of peace aka Islam’ in the making. Better Indian intelligence agencies keep an eye on Venky.

  27. Isotot Says:

    Well everybody says “we don’t want to dirty our hands in nation building” and “you voted for them then,so you suffer now” or “you brought in wrong people”, But what I say is how can we vote for somebody good, when there are no eligible candidates? all are the same,rotten,looting, pocket filling people.

    A decade ago there was certain distinction between Cong and BJP politicians, but now they are same, insensitive,numb, money looting mass.

  28. prajwal Says:

    hmmm…been wondering, as a democracy we are supposed to vote our representatives, then why are we voting for any particular party, aren’t we supposed to vote for indivuiduals whom we know to be active in the social services arena, and someone whom we trust to be able to impart thorough governance. Then why are we busy busting our heads in voting for parties?

    Does any think this could be a possible solution?

    As in pass a law that ensures that no election candidate will be allowed to use his/her political group in his/her campaigning and even during the polls the party of the candidates will not be shown!

    This way if u vote for some1 on the list it wud mean 1 of the following:

    i. u have done ur homework and found out the required details about the records and activities of ur choice of candidate.

    ii. u just chose someone bcos u felt they were all useless/equally good

    iii. u chose cos u had no interest in doing ur duty as a citizen by voting consciously and hence u decided not to vote or to choose any tom dick and harry as it really didnt matter to you.

    With any of the above choices there is no question of 1 party being preferred over the other or for that matter an entire party’s “ideals” coming into question.

    Is there anyone who agrees that something along these lines could be the beginning of a solution?

  29. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    India’s 59-hour Infamy:

    Legendary voice of Bhupen Hazarika in “O Ganga” with this outrage Jehadi attack on India:

    There could be no better tribute than this.



  30. Karihaida Says:

    Mr. Bajaj, this kind of a letter makes for good reading and fetching symapthy, but is of little practical use.

    A good article by a libertarian and how US gov’t has grown into the monster all in the name of “great society”. It equally applies to our gov’t also and how we have turned into people like Mr. Bajaj (no offence meant), cribbing and ranting to the gov’t , which is ironically the source of the problem.

  31. Karihaida Says:

    Another example of why governments are the problem and not the solution.
    Canada which was supposed to be a great liberal democracy and which had supposedly delivered all that a true democracy should, has resorted to halting its parliament, which is technically a coup.

  32. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Time to pass comments after the event, criticise and be cynical is over but it is time the country starts taking stock of the situaion and take corrective action to prevent recurrance of such deadly attack. First thing that politicians should realise is that the attitude of the people has radically changed and they are not in a mood to tolerate any nonsense about high sounding rhetoric and what they demand is action to match them. The first thing to do is to build accountability in the system which should include the politicians, bureaucrats and the judiciary. For too long the parliamentarians have remained above the pale of accountability because they are protected by various laws, regulations, conventions etc as though they are all holy cows. Therefore, the same laws that are applicable to aam admi should be made applicable to them for this is the real meaning of democracy. There should be provision for public trial for failure and they should be punished if found guilty. The security provided should be drastically pruned as thousands of police, commandoes etc have been diverted to guard politicians and others more as a symbol of prestige than necessity. In case of threat to country’s security no other country can be relied upon to come to our aid and hence basically we should be self-reliant as far as possible. This is not a counsel for political isolation but we must cultivate alliances with powerful countries and our foreign policy should be tailored to derive maximum advanatage from this. In otherwords,’Panchasheel’ attitude had relevence to a byegone era and should yield to more pragmatic politics. This would see beginning of a change in the system that has never existed till now.

  33. desi gooobe Says:

    Where is Teesta Setalwad ?

  34. desi kaage Says:

    desi gooobe,

    She is having tea with Amaresh Mishra in Karachi.

  35. Jem Savery Says:

    True feelings Mr. Bajaj. Each and every true Indian is filling this situation, but he can’t do anything except just wait and watch till another attack. I think this is the worst condition ever in India since Britishers left India. Even though the Government has all the support from the people of the country, the Government is quite.

    Every Indian can do only one thing while leaving his home in the morning. He/She can just pray to God, “Oh God, let all of us bring back home in the evening today”. Thats it.

    India has most intellegent persons. But they are useless because even thoug the intellegence agencies give information about such attacks before it to take place, the Government doesn’t take any actions.

    This is the most shameful event in last 50 years.

    Dear Indians, do save yourself and your family members on your own way. Don’t expect Government to do anything. They are just speechless statues.

    Hope God Saves Us.

  36. Vivek Gautam Says:

    What a cogent n gutsy articlee dripping with truth.Lets all Indians come together n atleast give a try to elect better representatives .

    Bajaj hats off to you for writing such an inspiring piece.

    Lets all hope that we all implement our new found resolution of finding better candidates.

  37. Arry Says:

    Bajaj hats off to you for writing such an inspiring piece.

  38. Karihaida Says:

    Our very own son of the soil says that we should be grateful to get raped by people like him.
    And since he was a PM, he expects to be protected by an army batallion and not some Gs like NSG,SPG etc, while he is raping us :)

    “Reacting to public outrage against politicians after Mumbai terror attack, JD(S) chief and H D Deve Gowda said the country cannot be run without politicians, and it is not proper to blame politicians for everything.

    Asked whether politicians need tight security and protection, he said the security is not just because of terrorists, but there are so many other reasons. He also added that he neither has NSG nor SPG protection, despite being a former PM. ”


  39. Nationalist Says:

    Bajaj is expressing his point. However, if you analyse various reports on this incident, be the reports are from pakistan or India, a clearer picture emerges. Pakistanis could not have achieved this without intrinsic Knowledge of Mumbai and the places they attacked. If we rule out Pakis, who could be the perpetrators. My guess is that the people who planted bombs at malegaon, but this time with precision that points to RAW angle. Any person with a working brain can guess the motive.

    There was no panic in stock market. Sensex was unaffected This points to a Gujarati angle too.

  40. Vinay Says:


    You make me laugh. “Sensex was unaffected, so Gujarati angle”. Wonderful, so you say now that every stock market investor was party to ‘the plot’.

  41. Abhi Says:

    Nationalist and other nutty conspiracy theorists, while you are free to stroke yourself with such imaginative BS, remember that living in such denial ad defecating on online forums will only justify people’s hate for your community. RAW, RSS, Indian Govt, Mosad, Hindu Zionists, Jew Zionists and what not.

    You want to know the truth? Here is it. You are right, it is not just Pakistan against India. Its the cultural war between relatively progressive, secularist society based on values of freedom against oppressive, barbaric, premedieval, insane Islam. Pakistan is only a small instrument here. Even if Pakistan never existed, we would still have 9/11, Bali and Mumbai blasts. This is the truth that most of us do not want to believe in for the sake of peace. Guys like you are reminding us of this reality every time you speak and strengthening fundamentalists on both sides.

  42. Karihaida Says:


    Our PM complaining that people are not cooperating while getting raped. He asking us to tolerate the rape, not least since we have been getting raped for 100s of years

  43. Karihaida Says:


    A thought provoking article by Noam Chomsky, that can explain why we get raped by the elected representatives.

  44. NILESH Says:

    Very good i apriciate your first step towards Navjagruti
    you don’t worry about the -ve comments because everybody make mistake that too while leading it happens much but some points you should notice for your future leading steps!!
    -> If you really want some actions to be taken then make sure that the letter has been received by Hon’ble PM
    -> what can congress or bjp can do terrorist attack try to be politically nutral… don’t support the netas…. of BJP also netas that you have decribed don’t have a party like bjp or congress. they just want their vitamin M “MONEY”
    ->All five fing ers of a hand are not the same so it is possible that you have a bad image of netas of either party but the fact is both the parties may have currpted people more or less!!
    -> Everything else you have decribeded perfctly but the only thing you couln’t make your image as mouse of your definition
    -> NICE EFFORT OVERALL WE ARE ALWAYS WITH PEOPLE  LIKE YOU each ancd everybody wants change in a positive way but the initiator is needed …

  45. SJS Says:

    Rhetoric, hyperbole and nationalist jingoism aside, strongly recommend everyone to read Venky’s comments (10th comment on Bajaj’s letter here) on this posted on

    4 December 2008 at 5:15 am

    Good show Venky, wherever you are :)

  46. sheetal Says:

    Politicians Like Raj Thackeray – Cause of a weakening Indian Society
    Don’t blame Pakistan or the terrorist. They had the courage and pride to inflict damage to a country they believe is there enemy. We have to blame so called Indians like the Thackeray’s and the people who follow them (Marathi Manoos) who are making our society weak. These people unlike the rest of India have never had to struggle and have lived off the wealth created by outsiders. They have negligible contribution towards the growth of Mumbai which was created by outsiders who believed in national pride, hope, hard work and continuous struggle for progress. Mumbai was created by British, Gujaratis, Marwadis, Parsis and companies like TATA’s whose wealth came from their flagship company “Tata Steel” in Bihar. In fact most of these people don’t know or care about Indian History, have never stepped outside Maharastra and are not aware that Mumbai wasn’t even a part of Maharashtra.

    Lack of enterprise, ethics, courage and hard work has resulted in a society which demonstrates incompetence in every area and has the potential to adversely effect the Nations growth and prosperity. This is not a simple problem. A weak society influenced by paranoid cowards, completely detached from reality, confused and megalomaniacs like Raj Thackeray has the potential to completely destroy the country to take india to fragmented pre-1947 india , which was a period of intense repression from foreign forces where we saw large scale genocides, large scale destruction of hindu temples and blatant conversion of temples into mosques

  47. Abhi Says:

    Sheetal – You prove again that there are unbelievably dumb humans. What kind of logic is that? You seem to be a equal and opposite dumb of Raj Thakre.

  48. Prashanth Says:

    Hypothetical Reply from the PM copied from some other forum :

    Dear Mr. Mouse,

    It is finally a relief to be able to hear your squeak in person. I am now convinced that though you are definitely not mute, you certainly are dumb.

    I accept the fact that I said “Nobody would be spared”. However, this is a country governed by law, not a dictatorship regime, hence, I can punish someone only after their guilt is proven in court, not based on the squeaks of mice. I might add that Dawood’s guilt is proven and not only is the entire government security apparatus trailing him, but that there is also a red-corner Interpol notice and a reward for his arrest and capture. Also, if you would help me to prove which of my ministers are in cohorts with these criminals, I shall be the first to punish them.

    I agree with you when you say – Enough is enough. As long as there are traitor mice in our midst who will sell the safety of the country by offering safe haven to such terrorists, nothing will change. I must remind you that as the terrorists came to Mumbai, they definitely had local support from within – from some of those mice you mention in your letter. As long as such traitors exist, even the most heavily fortified installations are at risk.

    I understand that you are born and bought up in Mumbai for last fifty eight years. I also believe you when you say that corruption in Maharashtra is worse than that in Bihar. However, you must remember that in bribery and corruption, there are two sides – the taker and the giver. Now, ask yourself: Who is the giver? Is it not one of you that’s equally responsible for the way things are? Is it not you that’s paying 30% black money to the builder? Please do not think that I am shirking away from admitting to my share of the blame, but you must realize that I don’t have a magic wand to wave away corruption one fine morning.

    You state: Vilasrao Deshmukh is one of the worst Chief minister I have seen. His only business is to increase the FSI every other day, make money and send it to Delhi so Congress can fight next election. Now the clown has found new way and will increase FSI for fisherman so they can build concrete house right on sea shore. Next time terrorist can comfortably live in those house , enjoy the beauty of sea and then attack the Mumbai at their will. So let me ask you, who was it that elected this “clown” to power? It certainly wasn’t me, you see.
    The problem with mice like you is just that you are too comfortable in your arm chair shooting off letters to the PM. How about moving your a** off of the chair and doing something? You keep blaming the system for what it is – how about realizing that you are part of that evil system yourself? How about some action from you? How about a bit of thinking before casting your vote in the next elections? How about saying a firm “No” to the local MP when he comes over to “buy” your vote by offering you free booze?

    All of that said, I must admit that our party has made some mistakes. But remember, everyone makes them. There are certain factions in our coalition that have their own agendas and they drag us in a different direction at times. It is at such times that I feel sad in my heart about the fact that though everyone is suffering, no one wants to actually make any change. For example, what did the mice in Mumbai do when the goondas of MNS went on a rampage? They wasted no time in blaming the government for it. If you believe that caste and regional politics is wrong, why would you elect representatives of the Shiv Sena, MNS, RJD etc etc in every election?

    Now the choice is yours Mr. Mouse. Do you want to consider the good of the nation or will you keep voting into power the same politicians who keep dividing you based on religion? Are there any men left in this nation of 100 crore people or have all of them become the non-squeaking type of mice? The next election should tell us.

    Jai Hind!!

    Note: Before you flame me about this comment, please note that this is a hypothetical reply and is to be taken with a pinch of salt. I’m not a supporter of any political party and I’m not saying that the PM is right or even that he is wrong. This is just a satirical piece designed to get the writer (and the reader) to think before making an accusation. Thanks!!

  49. Vinay Says:

    Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

    I agree fully to the points you have stated, but I have a sincere question. I have moved my a** and gotten myself a voter ID card. Now, when I go to exercise my democratic right, what can I do if all choices before me are scoundrels and double dealing rascals?

    Can you take one decisive step of kicking out ALL candidates with criminal records from at least your party? Can you make this one small beginning?


  50. No BS Says:

    Its For Sheetal
    As you said you stayed in Maharashtra……why did you go there?
    Becuase you yourself wanted either job, or opportunities or wealth….did they invite you? Did they beg you to come? Did they request your services?
    No right?

    why you didnt go to bihar,utterpradesh for job or wealth? How about Orissa, TN, MP, KL, WB, Kashmir-N number of such places. You could have gone anywhere and built institutions. Why you chose Maharashtra?
    Did Maharashtrians invite you to build institutions? You could have built institutions in Nagaland or Mizoram or Timbuktoo? How about putting your enterprise and energy in Chennai or Trichy or Kochi or Vizag?

    Take your institutions and put them in any other state-if you can! We never wanted and do not want your institutions!

    you talked about Maharashtrians surviving on non-Marathi businessmen…..are you business man? If yes then you would have also known that businessmen invest where they get the maximum bang for the buck-not out of any patriotism or love for the state. As you yourself have admitted-the businessmen are not Marathis. Which means they invested purely for their own selfish reasons. So why Marathis should be grateful to them? You invest in my place for your benefit and bring employees from other places and expect us to be grateful?!

    If the environment for investing is good i.e. hard and soft infrastructure is in place and of a good standard and law and order is reasonably good, investment will always flow in. That’s why now GJ,AP,TN are now coming up. There’s no magnaminity involved whatsoever in Parsis, Gujjus investing in MH. It’s just business.

    These people unlike the rest of India have never had to struggle and have lived off the wealth created by outsiders…

    Really? You mean outsiders loved Marathis so much they came and gave them wealth? Is there really so much love for Maharashtrians in other states? Where rest of India struggled and what is the struggle that they did-where is the proof of this? Can you tell me who were these strugglers and precisely what they struggling for? When and how they struggling?

    Wealth was created by outsiders…because outsiders invested….why they invested…because public transport was good…law and order was good, roads were good, hospitals, schools, colleges, were good…enabling environment was there-(by good I mean better than other places in India)
    So other places were not so good as MH and so they invested here…Marathis who were capable got some jobs…your point was what-non-Marathis did charity to MH by investing?

    Why they didn’t do charity in UP? Bihar? MP? Nagaland? Mizoram? Tripura? WB? Kerala?

    Any answers?
    They have negligible contribution towards the growth of Mumbai which was created by outsiders who believed in national pride, hope, hard work and continuous struggle for progress….

    Really? Then why outsiders never created any Mumbai-like city in their own states? Marathis were there? And why after 62 years, Mumbai is still no.1. city in india in jobs? Because of outsiders?

    Then why Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai are not Mumbai? Because of outsiders?

    You talked about Marathis not making Mumbai world-class….Marathis were not there in Indore, Patna, Lucknow, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad etc etc-these cities did not become world class either.

    In Calcutta all the investment was by whom-Bengalis? In Chennai all the investment was by Tamils? No right? So why you want to blame Marathis for attracting investment to their state? Is it their fault?

    After 1960, Mumbai became part of MH right? Get over it-it will always be part of MH. What’s your problem?

    Why don’t you argue that Chennai was never part of TN? Kolkata part of WB? Or Hyderabad part of AP? Or Kochi part of Kerala? Or Patna part of Bihar?

    Because there is no prize involved? No money or business or nothing worth fighting over?

    Is that also because of Marathis?

  51. Aryan Niyukti Says:

    The more it changes, the more it remains the same. SRP resigns, RRP listens to his inner voice for the first time in months, VRD offers to go – and the game begins in full swing. Who would replace VRD ? AC, no he is a small fry. PRC, no Not him. He is too strong.He would infringe on the maratha votebank of SP. Then let us bring back SKS, who was orginally replaced by VRD for being ineffective. But then why did we kick out SKS in the first place and who wants him now. No, not any one in particular, but he is the least dangerous of them all. But why has VRD offered to go now. Because the situation is too dangerous out there. So you see Politics comes a full circle. The more it changes, the more it remains the same.

    VRD takes a stroll at the sets of the next reality film from RGV starring his son RD. AN decrees that all ‘normal’ citizens of his state will be called cats and dogs. MAN says women with Lipstick have no right to protest. And the show goes on. Whoever said that Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people – must surely have been drunk as he could not separate polititians form people.

  52. Vikas Verma Says:

    Dear Mr. Bajaj,

    You have written a good letter. But do not you think that we blame others for the our faults. We means all indian are selfish. We want every faciliry for us. What do you think prime minister should take a gun a look after the whole India. One person can not change the india. For that we will have to cooperate with tham. There may be some persons who have helped the Mumbai attakers in tha attack. They are also indian. First we are the to change ourself country will be changed automatically. I undestand that we are sufferd with the terrorism but it is also true that we are habitual to blame others for our work. What we do to save a small money we do not take the bills. we give the money under the table what do you think is that right. First change your self and tell other to change then you will be able to change the country. If you will start the youth of this india are with you. But if you are onle to give the lectures and to blame the others for the your weekness then it is better that you should not post the comment like this.

  53. Vincent D'Cruz Says:

    Dear Politicians,

    Every politician in India is having more than what they require and they do what ever they like without any accountability. They play hand and gloves with Media and try to escape themselves in any dirty role they play.

    I feel narco test should be taken of all the politicians before they take some post in cabinet and after their term to find out what they had with them and what they have made during the period and how it is has affected the common man.

    All politician take major share of any income/ any government facility to themseleves by giving it to their relatives/ their trust or very close people.

    I sincerely feel as a Common man that no Government in Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha should be repeated. Every election we should see that we get new government with full majority, because this changes will help us to bring the new ideas, new thinging and less of corruption. Being continuously elected they get to know all the loopholes and weakness of all the people and this politician become one handed and take the comman man for a ride as they require.

    Every Politician during their period does any wrong should be accountable and must by labelled `Deshi Drohi’ because these are the people who promise common man and Government that they will serve people with proper intention and after this they take our country and its people to ride they should not be spared.

    Evcery politician knows the dirty trick/dirty steps of other politicians but they don’t open their mouth till election. Once they are benefited they keep quiet. I would like to ask one question our law says “One who knows and One who does it both are culprit under law” then the moment one poitician announces that I know something about other politician why this politician is spared, both should be banned and taken into law till they get cleared.

    Politicans easily escape all law matters, their verdict in the court is always settled as early as possible before election. That’s why all politician bring their son/daughter/relatives in their field so that they get maximum power and get hold of the situation very strong.

    Now Mr. Sanjay Dutt is contesting the election. I feel this is Congress plan they brought forward Samajwadi Party to sponsor Mr. Sanjay Dutt so that if he gets one chance, he will be free from all the bad and then Congress can take them in their roll. Now if they take people will ask many questions which they don’t want to get effected. This is all eye wash, people only should decide that he should not be given chance. That’s it.

    Now we are having a case of Kasab terroist. I feel Indian law will not do anything, it will waste money. One fine day the politican will gain mileage from there and they will think about leaving Kasab and also somebody will offer Election ticket and some politician will bargain with pakistan and will leave this man to bring friendship alive with pakistan. Daily we see our minister asking for action from Pakistan. I would like to ask our Government what is that we need to remind every now and then for their action, they are not serious about us our about our action. so they might be taking lightly.

    We are spending crores of rupees only to clear the terrorist from our soil, first of all how they enter our soil, and how they settle in our soil, instead of spending crores of rupees only to defend ourselves without attacking is rubbish. This is the way the ministry can only good amount for themselves by showing more expenditure and buying less. One more thing I would like to know wheter our Defense is well equiped or its only on the paper because the movement of the Government shows that they dont want to attack because they would be exposed of their equipment/material how it was exposed during Mumbai terrroist attack.

    Sincere request to all politician and corrupt people, don’t make mess of your family, I know your family is safe due to heavy expenses of common man. You all are exposed by the mumbai attack, kindly sincerely start serving and reaching comman man instead of seeing your family/relatives/trust/accounts/shares. Just I would like to see one honest politician with his country & with himself.

    We need a chang. Let ‘s jointly change the present into better and better ways.

    Yours truly.

  54. Ajit Says:

    Good Analysis…It’s we people who elect these Poloticians.Though they make good money ,they also build up the infrastructure.So we too are related with them indirectly.Yes cities get crowded because of employment cayse.Have we ever thought of generating employment instead of being an employee..Better start thinking.In a pond we will find few dead fishes,so we need to remove it instead they spoil the whole pond.So it is in our own Hands,which helps these politicians.

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