Greatest batsman in Test match cricket today?

Mukul Kesavan in The Telegraph, Calcutta:

“The true significance of the [Madras Test] match was that it marked Virender Sehwag’s unofficial coronation as the greatest Test batsman in contemporary cricket….

“In spite of his string of enormous scores (he owns two treble centuries and three double centuries, besides 10 other hundreds, most of them big ones) and the ridiculous rate at which he scores them (no opening batsman in the history of Test cricket comes close to his strike rate of 78), there hasn’t been much talk of Sehwag as a batting great. This is partly because Sehwag sets no store by consistency.

“Sehwag has been undervalued because he is an original. His take on opening the innings is so radically contrary to cricket’s conventional wisdom that he had to suffer being seen as something of a freak.”

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21 Responses to “Greatest batsman in Test match cricket today?”

  1. Ullasa Vadan Says:

    Virender Sehwag is the eternal fall guy in Indian Cricket. He is the Anil Kumble of Indian Batting. Whatever he achieves, critics always try to highlight his technical faults and belittle his immense contribution, similar to what they did to Kumble. Sehwag has won most matches for India and he is better in that than many of his colleagues who always hog the limelight in his place.

    Lets hope that people appreciate his efforts from now on.

  2. Simple Says:

    How is greatness measured?

    After all, there must be some yardstick

    All his triple centuries and double centuries, ultimately find their way to the ICC rankings. Inspite of his heroics, why does he languish somewhere lower down the rankings order?

    That’s because Sehwag is highyly inconsistent. His double and triple centuries are balanced out by his more than generous share of failures.

    Not even once has Sehwag been the number one batsmen in ICC rankings.

  3. Nastika Says:

    Recognize where its due !!!
    Sehwag is the greatest batsman in all forms of cricket – Test, ODIs & T20

  4. vinay Says:

    another TamBram troll

  5. Chintaka Says:

    Wrong Facts AKA Simple… stick to Sonia hailing dude…. you are good at it….

    In the marketing blitzerkeig unveiled by Brand Sachin endorsers, Sehwags and Dravids of the world will simply wither away…

    That and that is the true reason for not acknowledging the true genius of Sehwag…

    Also may be the other great opening batsman this country has seen is an open supporter of Sachin…

  6. bhup Says:

    gimme Sehwags fearless batting anyday,anytime in place of the measured ‘consistency’ of the ‘technically correct’ batsmen..This guy will hit a six if the ball demands it,even if he is on 99,199,299..carry on,Viru..!!

  7. ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ Says:

    at least in this match he got his due and won the Man of the Match award….

  8. Salty Says:

    Sehwag is a daredevil natural cricketer in the “Kapil Dev Nikhanj” mould. Like Kapil, Sehwag can change the complexion of any game and truly snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. But to use the criteria of “strike rate” for calling him the greatest test cricket batsman today, is far fetched. Generally opening batsmen are always successful in pairs. Gambhir has also been in tremendous form in recent times. This is a fact that needs to be considered.

  9. Karihaida Says:

    agree 100%.
    May I add that brand Sachin is now being slowly phased out and replaced by brand Mahi, but result is still the same.

  10. kaangeya Says:

    The great Don was the only one to have scored two triples until Lara did so. Still the Don’s triples were both away innings in England, while Lara’s are against England at home. Sehwag deserves recognition for scoring one of his triples on tour, and joins the likes of Taylor, the Don, and the truly great Hanif Mohammed whose away triple -a 2nd inning 337 in West Indies – is surely the greatest test inning ever. I love Sehwag’s disdain for reputations and the utter contempt he treats genuine quicks on their home turf.

  11. Simple Says:

    Communalist come Communist Chintaka

    Free speech is my right. I shall comment on whatever i feel like. You cannot say that I have to stick to hailing Saint Sonia.

    My question is earnest. If he really is the finest batsmen, then why does he not become the first batsmen in the ICC ranking?

    After all, ICC rankings, just like tennis rankings, just like political ratings, just like Entrance exam rankings, just like any other ranking, is an indication of the greatness of an individual.

    Sehwag is truly good. But THE GREATEST?

  12. Janasamanya Says:

    One of the greats, Yes. Certainly not the greatest.

  13. kaangeya Says:

    ICC rankings don’t mean a thing.

  14. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Remember it was Dravid who persisted with Sehawag when he was failing repeatedly against popular opinion with his belief he is a match winner and now it will be Sehawag more than anybody who will rejoice at Dravid scoring a century today. if only our politicians had shown this spirit of Sehewag 26/11 attack would not have happened

  15. Simple Says:


    ICC rankings don’t mean a thing?

    Oh, then sure, Zimbabwe is the best test team in the world.

  16. Hiker Says:

    Greatest?? Did you see how Sehwag got out cheaply in Mohali where there was green cover on the pitch with overcast conditions? I agree he is one of the best. But not the greatest. On the other hand Dravid showed why he is a class act!

  17. Robin Says:

    i doubt those who criticise cricketers have ever played cricket.

  18. Nastika Says:

    >> Hiker
    Dravid scored a century and it was so slow that the match ends in draw !!

  19. bhanu kishore Says:

    no way. he isn’t the greatest

  20. gaurav Says:

    sehwag is one of all time greatest batsman of world in tests

  21. vasanth Says:

    yes, sehwag is the greatest & father of modern cricket

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