Who will book the offender on the wrong side?


nageshpanathaleThis news photograph of an elephant from the Chamarajendra Zoological Garden on the run on the streets of Mysore, shot by NAGESH PANATHALE of the Mysore bureau of the Kannada daily Vijaya Karnataka, has bagged the second prize in the journalism category at the national photography salon 2008 organised by the Photographic Society of Madras as part of its 150th anniversary celeberations. (Mohamed Khalid Khan of Dainik Jagran won the first prize.)

The jury comprised Benu Sen of Calcutta, H.S. Ganesh and T.N. Perumal from Bangalore, Iqbal Mohamed from Ooty, and Venkat Ram from Madras. The valedictory function of the photography was attended by India’s bestknown photographer Raghu Rai, who is also the Magnum member of world photography.

Photograph: courtesy Nagesh Panathale

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12 Responses to “Who will book the offender on the wrong side?”

  1. Mumbai Says:

    Seems to be an ordinary picture. Without the associated text, it just looks like another mammoth strolling on the road.

  2. nagarajrao@tarikere Says:

    astoo gothilwe swamy, aane nededaddee daari. Anedu rajagambiryada nedege. Hagagi, baki ellaroo, adanna anusarisi nedibeku. Foto thumba channagede. Aneya nedege nodkondu, baki janaru careful agi vehicle odisbeku. It is teaching road sense to many law breakers.

  3. sarvagna Says:

    That’s difference b/w ordinary photo and being in right place at right time.Good work Nagesh

  4. Mysore Peshva Says:

    I don’t recognize the road. Someone help?

    Congratulations to Nagesh Panathale!

  5. Jitendra Pawar Says:

    I agree. What is so special about this picture? It appears photographer was just lucky to be in that place. To be honest it is a horrible composition for a “staff photographer”!!

  6. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    I am proud of our Kannadiga commuters. This is proof that nothing ever bothers us.

  7. subbulakshmi Says:

    agree with jitendra pawar

  8. B.N.Gururaj Says:

    I am glad that the pachyderm was shot with a camera and not with a gun. Excellent phogograph. It is not every day that we see an elephant on the road, without its mohut.

  9. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Pulikeshi the last


  10. Sir Vibhudi Aatmapudi Says:

    An excellent photograph! Here wee see the lord ganesh quelling all obstacles to clear the road to a better life. He is followed by his many worshippers. He cares little for the man-made chaos behind him. Move forward he says with giagantic steps towards tomorrow.

  11. bamboo basappa Says:

    It sayyaji raya road .. just before samskruta college.. the jumbo is heading from Padma Stores Circle….

  12. umesha Bhatta Says:

    Nice picture with live Action. Thidi Thinnalu banda Gajaraja..

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