Why Tamil Ghajini is better than Hindi Ghajini

ARVIND SWAMINATHAN writes from Madras: I was forced, kicking and screaming, to see Ghajini on new year eve, and it warms my Tam-Brahm cockles enormously to report that Surya‘s Ghajini scores over Aamir Khan‘s Ghajini lock, stock, and 15 minutes.

The fact that both movies were made by the same director (A.R. Murugadoss) and with the same perky heroine (Asin) does little to erase the pro-Tamil bias in my mind that the Tamil version was decidedly a lot more fun than the Hindi one.

Fun, mind you, from a mindless viewer point of view.

Both versions are totally mindless, of course, but there is some pleasure to be had from mindlessness without a method. Sadly, mindlessness with a method of the Aamir Khan kind is not quite the same thing and it shows in the empty balcony seats after just a week.

Reason #1: Surya: Not one film critic (if any members of that species exist in India today) has had the guts to acknowledge that Surya was more convincing in the role of Sanjay Ramaswamy than the older Aamir as Sanjay Singhania. Surya was warm, spontaneous and vulnerable; at times Aamir looks as if Madame Tussauds lent out the wax look-alike. In some shots, Aamir scarily arches his eyebrows so like Jack Nicholson you wonder if you are watching The Departed.

Reason # 2: Harris Jayaraj: A.R. Rahman and Prasoon Joshi may have burnt a lot of midnight candles for the Hindi version, but brother, take it from me. Harris Jayaraj‘s music had more zing, and was more peppy. Of course, nobody understood the lyrics but who would clutter a mindless movie with meaning? (Answer: Rahman and Joshi.)

Reason # 3: Nayantara: Sanjay Singhania may suffer from amnesia, but the medical student (Jiah Khan) in the Hindi version seems to positively suffer from anorexia. OTOH, Nayantara in the “original copy” was cute, chubby and vivacious. Speaking as a shameless ogler, there was tonnes of baby fat to ogle at, but then that was before Nayantara herself had a (hopefully) short-term mammary loss.

Reason # 4: Hype: With the Tamil version, everything was a surprise, even for those who had seen the original Memento, but was there anything the Hindi movie goer did not know for months: the haircut, the Van Heusen Ghajini line, the six-pack abs. If you had a Tata Sky connection, you would have seen the ‘Making of Ghajini’ like they had made Casablanca or something.

Reason # 5: Climax: Aamir Khan has said he found the last 30 minutes in the Tamil version problematic and Murugadoss has confessed Aamir rewrote the climax for the Hindi version. The mindless violence in the Hindi climax shows that there was nothing elevating that Aamir brought to the table. At least, Surya’s Ghajini had some mindless imagination in the mindless climax.

Many moons ago, another Tam-Brahm, Mani Ratnam, revealed why he had not directed the Hindi version of Nayakan (and left it to Feroze Khan to screw it up, as Dayavan). “It’s like eating your own vomit,” he had said. Murugadoss has tried bravely but failed.

If imitation is the best form of flattery, wonder what making a copy of a copy amounts to?


(Of course, it’s my opinion but I am unanimous about it.)

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Conceited, egotistical, narcissistic. The greatest?

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85 Responses to “Why Tamil Ghajini is better than Hindi Ghajini”

  1. Dileepa Prabhakar Says:

    I haven’t watched the Tamil Ghajini, but the Hindi version was absolutely terrible. Aamir Khan gets 3 out of 10. One of his worst acting performances in recent years.

    Ghajini is Murugadoss’s mis-interpretation of Memento. He, very obviously, didn’t get Memento.

  2. manjunatha K. Says:

    I agree with Dileepa Prabhakar

  3. Nimmy Says:

    I agree to all the listed points,especially about music and how Surya was more compatible and convincing as Sanay..Ghajini -hindi is a great movie,until and unless you make comparisons with the Tamil version..

  4. Abhi Says:

    I haven’t seen the Tamil version. Watched about 15 mins of Hindi version (YouTube had the whole movie), but could not watch any longer, pathetic to say the least. I am sure Tamil version is no better, infact I heard it was worse.

    If you want to have some good time, watch Memento of Christopher Nolan, from which this movie was inteded to be copied. One of the best thrillers ever made.

  5. My3 Says:

    I don’t think Mani Ratnam is the TamBram. His wife most certainly is. I have not seen Momento. But I enjoyed Gajini immensely when I watched it in Mysore. Yet to see Hindi movie.

  6. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Lovely writing; thanks, Arvind!

    I watched Ghajini (Hindi) on December 25. I could review the movie in one word, “mindless” — a word that Arvind employs so well.

  7. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    This is the worst movie I have seen in a long time. Asin looks good. The basic idea I guess has has been copied from a movie called ‘Memento’. So even the tamil version is not original. I can’t believe this movie is doing well.

  8. Alok Says:

    spot on… could not agree more

  9. Nastika Says:

    Memento is very

    Last Year at Marienbad

  10. Nastika Says:

    Memento is bewildering & curious. It requires multiple watching and logic to understand the story.

    I have a tip: watch the movie ‘Last Year at Marienbad’. You can crack Memento in a second !!

    BTW, don’t go near Ghajini – either Tam or Hin. Memento is a non-linear story and that is its hall-mark. Ghajini is just plain – any couch potato can understand in his sleep.

  11. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Why bother I ask? Kongas are known to ‘lift’ things and later claim them to be ‘waariginal’. Can some one do a review of Kannada movies please? I am tired of these ‘based-in-Chennai-for-my-daily-bread’ types whacking off a column every now and then to show they are sitting on top of a shit-culture Acropolis! Any one? Where is Sisya and all other creative types?

  12. Vishwas Krishna Says:

    Both are mindless. More so, the tamil version. Those who have seen both might like tamil version because of the novelty factor. But I couldn’t sit through the climax of tamil version and speaking of hindi version, it lacks pace and the surprise element.

  13. kashyap Says:

    I may stop reading churumuri as it is becoming of a typial kannadiga, more and more tamil/telgu/hindi crap.
    Why can’t we just keep this a clean kannada oriented blog?

    No other language blog allows people to bark saying thier movies are great, their actors are great blah blah….

    Gimme a break

  14. gjlraj Says:

    I think the article is about analyzing both the versions of Ghajini and it has nothing to do with Mr Mani Ratnam or Mr Aravind Swaminathan being a “tam-bram” or whatever. If the author wants to satisfy his castist ego he can use some other forum and not ‘Churumuri’

  15. harkol Says:

    I wonder why intelligent fellow like Amir waste time and money on a brain-dead movie like Ghajini! I don’t even have to watch the Hindi Ghajini as I have seen the Tamil one (Well atleast in fast-forward mode).

    The original was not inspire-worthy to be repeated! How can you spice up a rotten dish??

    I feel Amir would’ve been better off to do a follow up act on his Sarfarosh, if he really wanted to make a Action film. He could’ve shown off his 8pack in that too!

  16. Annonymys Says:

    Wonder why use this blog to advertise some one’s decadent caste feelings, Tam-Brahm cockles or any other decadent variety? It is a pitiable state when people cannot enjoy something like a movie unless they can detect a bit of their caste in it.

  17. PRUDHVI Says:

    the above factors seemed strictly rediculous,i &my entire college studets feel that the hindi version is worth watching than the tamil one.aamirkhans acting was far more awsome than suryas.atleast a violent climax is better than a vulger climax.

  18. Vitlan Potli Says:


    This is a conspiracy by Churumuri. It has been doing this time and again waxing eloquent and glorifying the tamil moviedom. Sometime back it was about a movie by that crotch squeezing high waist wearer, before that it was about one by the cigarette & sunglasses twirling chap, now this.

  19. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    I saw the Hindi movie and thought it was total BS. I don’t want to see the Tamil version because I don’t understand Tamil. I’m pretty sure I would find it total BS even if I did.

    Give me Satya Harishchandra any day ;)

  20. nitesh Says:

    If I put Tamil Ghajini, Hindi Ghajini and English Memento on three screens and run them, one realizes how rampant the ideas of plagiarism without any form of cinematic creativity exist. In my view, it’s pointless discussing which version was better. Beside it’s quite true that Film critics don’t exist, reviewers do, however, that does not mean cinephilia is dead in India. And in time to come the latter would be equipped to become the former.

  21. Lavanya Says:

    I think AR Rahman’s music in Ghajini is good.
    Memento is not a “classic” as well.
    The Hindi version is not so bad afterall…

  22. paciFIER Says:

    * What is Tam-Brahm?
    * Why the author makes repeated reference to this adjective?
    * Who to attains the status of a ‘Tam-Brahm’?

  23. Hiker Says:

    Tamil hero Surya does not agree!

  24. Not a Tam-Brahm Says:

    What kind of crap is this? Probably Churumuri’s worst article ever. Who the #$%^ cares if the Tamil vs Hindi Ghajini is better? They both stink! I puked at least 3 times watching Tamil Ghajini.

    Can someone from Churmuri write even an half-ass decent article about a Kannada movie?

  25. suripuri Says:

    Ok I never watched Ghajini either in tamil or hindi and probably never will.After reading these comments here I will be downloading Memento and Last year at Marienbad.

  26. Mumbai Says:

    I havent seen the tamil version but I didnt really enjoy the Hindi one.

  27. Tantric Ninja Says:

    Is the Brahm part of ‘Tam-Brahm’ an insurance against the hate comments a Tam is like to encounter here in Churumuri? Or is ‘Brahm’ pre-requisite for an article to be accepted by its editors? Enjoy maadi.

  28. SomeOne Says:

    Shame on churumuri ppl who are using a kannadiga blog to discuss some stinking hindi-tamil slut

  29. Bangalore Boy Says:

    Who cares!! its like comparing bad and worst!

    BTW, i feel the quality of articles and the authors perspectives are deteriorating day by day in all churumuri articles…
    may be its the time to find a better website to visit

  30. Sam Says:

    what if a Kannada version of Gajini is made?

  31. Hiker Says:


    Have you seen the movie ‘Aishwarya’ directed by the so called “star director” Indrajit Lankesh? It has lot of scenes lifted from Ghajini!

  32. paciFIER Says:

    Whenever I see “Tam” and “Brahm”, especially all together, I am usually extra eager to see what extra stupidity has been spouted this time around.

    This one didn’t disappoint.

  33. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I share your concerns but I don’t think there is a conspiracy by Churumuri editors. The correct response given by readers like you and others will enable the editor to gauge how useful these movie reviews are.

  34. andy Says:

    the movie is excellent in both tamil as well as hindi.it shows the hard work of those 2 great aamir and surya.some films should be seen in the entertainment point of view,but in films like ghajini ,should see only the hardwork,talent and the concept of the movie.but y u people dint like i really wonder.it is not that bad as u people have described.me and my friends enjoyed the movie and we r fans of both amir and surya.

  35. andy Says:

    mr.doddy buddy we might be kongas but thers no one to compete us in any ways.show me another kamal or a rajini or a vikram or atleast 10% talented when compared to our royal kongas.

  36. Roy, england Says:

    Ghajini was ok but amir khan could have done better……

  37. shameer Says:

    yea.becuase surya was first person to act the that role.aamir act is fair.the film only focus the amir’s six pack.in my view murukadas lost 10 marks in new ghajini.

  38. Sam Says:

    Thankx. I’d see that.

  39. Doddi Buddi Says:


    You are welcome to enjoy the movie however you like. Now on the Royal Kongas, before I present my side of the story, tell us what you know about other film industries starting from Kannada, Telugu and Malayalam. Thanks.

  40. soniya Says:

    Tamil audience love mindless movies hence even the original climax was mindless.
    Aamir gave a woderful perfomance
    AR murgadoss confessed he has not read the memento. Just hearsake. Hence ghajini turned out 2 b different
    Even all my s.indian friends agree that the hindi version is better. Most people luved hindi 1

  41. sanjay Says:

    When and by whom was it determined that is a blog about Kannada(exclusively) The websites own defintion seems narrower – confined to my hometown Mysuru.see below

    Forget the Mysore masala dosa.

    Forget Mysore sambar.

    Forget Mysore meals.

    Forget even the Mysore pak.

    The most authentic Mysore dish is the ‘churumuri’.

    No other city makes it, no other city consumes it, no other citizen knows about it.

    Faster than the fastest fast food, and far more convenient, generations of Mysoreans have waded through school, college and a million cricket matches on nothing more than this not-so-heavy, not-so-light concoction.

    Made with puffed rice, with grated carrots, onions, chillies, salt, masala and oil to taste (with four and a half kharada kadle-kai-beeja thrown in), every mother has tried to make it at home in the interests of the health of her kid/s.

    And failed most majestically.

    There is something about ‘churumuri’ made on the lanes and bylanes of Mysore that makes it difficult to replicate at home.

    Maybe it is the clean hands of the churumuri gaadi-wallah and his wife (?). Maybe it is the sterilised utensils they use. Maybe it is the fumes of passing vehicles. Maybe it is just the air of Mysore. But roadside ‘churumuri’ has a taste all of its own, and every Mysorean from Paduvarahahalli to Pasadena knows one ‘churumuri’ maker who can put all other ‘churumuri’ makers to shame.

    May no mother ever succeed in this subversive attempt to make to make Mysore at home.

  42. Vaibhav Says:

    I don’t agree with a lot of your points. Ghajini (hindi) is a work of art. Great songs and beautiful expressions. At every moment, you could feel what’s going on the the character’s mind. Be it revenge, confusion, anger, and most importantly the love. Asin puts forward the character of a bubbly girl in a charismatic way. The chemistry between her and Aamir was great.

    “The mindless violence in the Hindi climax shows that there was nothing elevating that Aamir brought to the table.”

    You’re not viewing the movie in the right direction. The so called “violent climax scene” didn’t have much important so say. It was just the culmination of his efforts to take revenge. The real climax is in the last scene where he feels the presence of Kalpan, thought her being dead. It is the real moment of victory, where his revenge doesn’t go in vain, and true love prevails.

  43. nitesh Says:

    If Ghajini is a great work of art Vaibhav wonder how would one categorize a movie by Girish Kasaravalli or Adoor Gopalakrishnan. On a view of a reader’s response your view is great but looking at it from the ‘ cinematic’ view, I don’t believe you, what you say is interesting. Maybe your more interesting than the film.

  44. Vittappa Rai Says:

    the jealousy and anger – then the castist/racist feeling that tamilians are lower and dravida -this is what rides few fellows’s comments here.go elsewhere ,kannadiga or konga or andhra you all are considered the same.regarding the colour ,you will sh1t on your face when you find anglo-european looking green/blue eyed people in coast lines of tamilnadu(Nagerkovil).aishwarya will look like a negro for them.get a life ,you low life scoundrals(that mangaloreans especially).

  45. hindi bolo Says:

    hehe…This article has noting to do with hindi/tamil versions of gajini . This tamil author has some some prejudices abt north indians and he/she just trying to portray his/her anti north indian thoughts in this article.

  46. Vinay Says:

    Vittappa Rai:

    You are the only racist on this page. And you certainly need better education, since I see that you cannot even spell words properly. Neither is your grammar proper. A typical ‘scoundrel’ education I’m sure..

  47. VISHAL GUPTA Says:


  48. subir Says:

    The tamil is bulshit.. no sense. hindi ghajini is great. certainly great.. stop this rubbish writing..

  49. Sandesh Says:

    “mera naam sanjay hai.. tumhara naam ghajini hai.. mein aa raha hoon”.
    Both are worthless junkies!

  50. larissa Says:

    These men just look grotesque with their tattoos and such–they obviously think they look cool but they do not. They are deluding themselves if they think they come across as attractive in any way.

  51. Ritesh Says:

    Surya’s acting is the best in Ghajini

  52. madhu Says:

    I wonder what makes the author specify that he is a Tam-Brahm (whatever it means) 3-4 times. Shame on people who take pride in the caste they belong to. That too, some one who is a journalist. I really don’t understand, what makes this person boast about in what he has written. Being Tam-bramh does not make one appreciate a movie in a completely different way.

  53. Sarthak Tripathy Says:

    Hey guys..i dont know yet if u r discussing this topic still now…but 1st im 12 years old …dude i watched Ghajini Hindi version its damn awesome….god knows why u guys keep barking ”bhao bhao” at it but it is really fabulous and i i seriously oppose those guys who said that Tamil Ghajini was better than the hindi one…the tamil hero is a good person and himself tells the truth

    Aamir Khan’s Ghajini released to packed audiences last week, and got everybody talking about it. We spoke to the film’s original hero — Tamil actor Suriya — and got him to tell us how he liked Aamir’s version. This is what he said:

    Every remake — or even a retake — is tough. It will never be the same again if a remake is made. It also offers the chance to better the original. That is why I always believed Ghajini’s Hindi adaptation would be better than the Tamil version.

    My hindsight was proved right when I finally watched the Aamir Khan-starrer Ghajini in Chennai. Needless to say, it is much better than the Tamil version. Comparisons are inevitable, especially when it was remade by Murugadoss him

  54. butty Says:

    ha ha.. :) watta stupid reasoning..!!! dis writer seems to be really lingustic and too much attached to tamil.. !!
    1. aamir is definitely older in looks compared to surya..!! but look at d effort dat he`s put in to project himself younger.. no matter wat dis writer is sayin aamir has made his impact among d youth.. surya did look young but tell me ,how many youngsters had a ghajini haircut after tamil ghajini was announced or even after it released??
    2.jiah khan has attempted acting atleast.. nayantara throughout d tamil version gave expression as if she had stepped on dog`s shit.!! again u seem to be biased
    3. the funniest reason n the one dat clearly shows u`re a tamil fanatic..
    sayin harris`s music is better than rahman`s.. :) ha ha:) jus cuz u dont understand d meaning plzzz don`t say d music is bad :) u don`t seem to hav amusic sense and all.. :) go n lisen rahatula, rangola and such crap :)
    4. climax is awesome.. they hav tried mending d mistakes in tamil version n its jus awesome..!!! aamir has tried to make a logical film out of a masala flick
    5. isn`t it great dat ur movie can help promote some brand..??? wats wrong wit dis mate??? :)
    u seem to be d funniest columnist ever :) :) better resign..!! or confine ur work wit editing, don`t write columns !! :)

  55. Simple Says:

    Why does an ‘intelligent’ Actor like Aamir go for remakes?

    Did he not find one ‘original’ script?

    So much for his hype.

    All Bangalore theatres reported empty seats within a week after its release.

  56. Music Fan Says:

    Harris Jairaj’s compositions were *way better* than Rahman’s. I agree that Rangola and rahatullah were mediocre. But why do you leave out the really great songs ? Sure Rahman is a great artiste. But his time is too valuable to spend on this kind of shitty remakes. Save Gujarish, no other song could live up to the hype. North Indians aren’t lucky enough to get to listen to the great Harris’ music!

  57. Rahul Mirchi Says:

    A silly remake of a stupid revenge saga turns out to be one of the biggest hits in the History of Indian Cinema. I wonder what it tells about OUR cinematic taste.

  58. Sheetanshu Says:

    I think aamir is the finest actor we have in the country, so i dont think surya could be better than him, songs were fantastic as well as action

  59. Chintaka Says:

    Simple… stick to your forte…. and you know what it is… licking…. dont comment on topics unknown to you…

    I had been to this movie in its 3rd week at a multiplex. The show was almost full. This on a weekday late night show. Incidentally, Urvashi which was screening this movie ran to packed houses even till the very last day it was taken out to bring in CC2C!!!

    Let us look at last few of Aamir’s releases….

    1. Lagaan – As original as it can get.
    2. RDB – Original as far as Indian audiences are concerned.
    3. Mangal Pandey – Again as original as it gets.
    4. Fanaa – Original as far as Indian audiences are concerned.

    So much for your wrong facts…

    Incidentally even The Departed, a much acclaimed movie in Hollywood which won several awards, was based on another successful movie made in Hong Kong.

    Wrong Facts… do you get some kind of weird pleasure in getting your facts wrong all the time???? HA HA HA…..

  60. Simple Says:


    1. You are nobody to ask me to stick to my forte. Like you have the freedom to air your views on everything from Bush’s gaffes to a rat’s ass, i too can talk about anything under the sun. so just shut up.

    2. I wasn’t talking about Multiplexes. I aint as rich as you to wander into multiplexes. All the other theatres, Maneka, Parimala (or Pradeep), cauvery ran to empty theatres in second week.

    I myself went to urvashi in the second week. The hall was 85% empty. go and check with Urvashi guys.

    3. I wasn’t talking about Lagaan or Fanna or RDB. As usual, your facts are wrong. I was talking EXCLUSIVELY, SPECIFICALLY, ONLY about Ghajini only. Ghajini is a remake. Aamir was fascinated by a non original script. So this ‘original’ actor chose to ‘copy’ it.

    My point is there are a thousand thousand thousand original scripts around. Creativity has no imagination. But yet, Amir chose to take the safe route (for this movie) and went for a remake.

    Next time, before you open your goofy mouth. think.

  61. Chintaka Says:

    Simple Simon…true… who am i to tell you to stick to your forte??? You are very good in that any ways!!!!

    The Urvashi you went and the Urvashi I pass must be in two different worlds. Because, everyday eve when I go back home, I used to see a whole lot of bikes and cars parked in the theatre. Or may be Urvashi management must have found a new way of earning mega bucks by letting the empty space for parking to outside vehicles…. !!!!!

    Dude, we know home food is best. Right? Still once in a while everyone ( including you, though you claim to be not rich) would love to eat in a hotel. As long as you eat 6 days a week at home and one day at hotel, nothing wrong with that…

    I hope you got what I meant….

  62. Simple Says:

    Commie cum Communalist Chintaka

    You claim you see a whole lot of bikes and cars parked in the theatre.

    Probably you are right.

    But my source is better than yours.

    Because I went right inside the theatre and sat in the empty hall.

    It was the evening show on a weekday.

  63. Chintaka Says:

    Poor Simple Simon… accepting something gracefully is never your forte…

    First you started by saying Amir should not have acted in a remake. Now you are harping on the box office collection.


    Remakes, I have already told you.

    Box office collection… go to any bollywood boxoffice collection site.. you will know what this movie has made…

    As usual WrongFacts.. you got your facts wrong … HA HA HA…

  64. Simple Says:


    You don’t have one gracious bone in your body.

    You said that there were bikes in Urvashi theatre.
    I said maybe you are true.

    But i went right inside to see an emtpy hall. So my source is better than yours.

    Of course we were talking about b.o. collection. scroll back and you wil see for yourself. get some focus, dude.

    Aamir Khan certainly won’t get my points for resorting to remaking. That shows poorly on his creative imagination. And i am talking about Ghajinii here not any other movie.

  65. as Says:

    I’ve seen both of the versions…Tamil is a way long better…I understand both languages..I live in India…The tamil songs are mindblowing by harrid…

  66. NR Says:

    tamil was so much better!
    surya did justice to his role much better !

  67. Chintaka Says:

    Simple… the last time i checked, urvashi was not allowing its premises for parking to outsiders…

    Like you close your eyes for all the things in the world and keep it open only for serving your madam, here too I think you are blind!!!!

    Simplleooo.. you know with what your name rhymes with???

  68. Simple Says:


    You were not inside the theatre.

    i was inside the theatre.

    i saw the hall empty in the second week, 6 pm show on a weekday.

  69. deepak Says:

    well i have not seen tamil version nor i understand tamil..bt i have seen aamirs ghajini..i like it..maybe tamil ghajini is also good but i definately like hindi one..no doubt about that

  70. Hindi Bolo Says:

    Dear Vinay or Vittappa… No, I am not racist. It is this columnist who wrote this article and boasts for his tamil Brahmanism -is racist. I can feel anti-north indian-ism from each sentence. But this is not new to me. I have seen many (in fact most of the) south Indians(especially tamilians) who are born raised to hate north Indians. Please forgive me for my English and spells. But at least my English pronunciations are much better than that of the people from south. Hope this helps.

  71. jillu Says:

    surya rockz

  72. Rus Says:

    You are all mindless, criticizing the tamil ghajini like fools. According to me Surya is better than amir but the hindi ghajini is not very bad The music of the tamil ghajini is better but the songs kaise muje and guzarish are outstanding by maestro rehman. At least this is a 100 times better than the 1000 romantic movies which crop up in both hindi and tamil in which they romance senselessly and show that they can even die for such stupid reasons. Surya looks much better than amir in the tamil.
    I disagree with all of you that Memento is masterpiece it is pure crap and unsuitable for children to see. Ghajini on the other hand is said to have violence but WWF has 1000 times more violence than this. And I am no Surya fan and not even tamil, but it seems that many of you don,t know nothing of tamil films.
    Verdict: both are good but tamil is better, in overall music and the lead actor surya

  73. Shiva Says:

    I have seen both versions of Ghajini. Aamir is a great actor. Surya is upcoming hero when commpared to Aamir. So i am not comparing the hero status but When saying particularly about Ghajini movie.

    IN Hindi:
    1) Aamir JI’s hard work(Almost one year he practiced in Gym).
    1) Song pictured is good when compared to tamil.
    2) of course AR Rahman is good in music
    3) Climax is better when comparing to tamil.

    In Tamil:
    1) Surya’s acting as Short term memory loss Role is very natural when comparing Aamir Role.
    2) Also Sanjay Ramaswamy role is good. Both are good.
    3) Song and pictured are good but Hindi leads one step more.
    4) Harris jeyaraj is assistant of AR Rahman four to five years ago.
    5) Climax is messed up when comparing to hindi and it looks lengthy when compared to hindi.


    Hindi(Out of 10)
    Song: 9.5
    Story: 8.5
    Aamir’s Hard work: 9
    Aamir ALL Movies: 9
    Aamir GHAJINI: 8

    Tamil(Out of 10)
    Song 9
    Story 8(Because of climax when compared to hindi)
    Surya’s Hard work: 9(As he is young and good body shape when compared to Aamir)
    Surya – ALL Movies: 6
    Surya GHAJINI: 9

    Because of Surya’s acting looks very nature when compared to Aamir espescially in the 1st half of the movie.

  74. RG Says:

    I watched the Tamil version 3 years back – oh my god what a torture the last 30 minutes was. It was such a horrible crap even by Tamil movie standards. I cannot believe how anybody can shoot that kind of mindless crap and expect people to watch it. To the “tam-bram” who liked it… I have nothing to say.

    Hindi version is much better. Yes, the climax is too violent but atleast I could sit through it. Both Aamir and Surya were good so no fair comparison. I thought Asin was better in Tamil, possibly because she is a southie after all. Same with music, though Rehman did a good job in Hindi, Harris Jeyaraj was exceptional in Tamil.

  75. barath Says:

    Hi I watched both the version as I understand tamil a little. If I make an unbiased coment Tamil version is really excellent. I have compared both scene by scene, the performance by south India artists are better. Some seens are better in Hindi. Songs in tamil are sweeter than in Hindi. Surya’ s acting is matching the charecter. Amir’s action looks little bit overacting. Any one can see it themselves. Both versions are in the Youtube. Thanks.

  76. aditya Says:

    Tamil version is a better package overall sans the climax.Surya-asin chemistry is mind blowing! aamir looks older and in the rich guy scenes,surya scores undoubtedly!
    I take strong exceotion to the casteism which the authour is trying to show off…outrageous!!!

  77. Sai Says:

    I watched both tamil n hindi versions. To me the diction n charm of suriya s far more better than amir. As a young businessman, suriya dons justice to his role. Aamir looks a little old. But both as a short term memory loss patient n as businessman, suriya proved his mettle. But he cant be compared wit aamir. Yet suriya was better. Comin to d music, 2 songs in tamil were really awesome n others r absolutely absurd. But in hindi all songs r good. But those 2 good songs n tamil s better than the hindi version. Climax was a dampener in tamil whereas in hindi in rules the roost.

  78. Anand bakshi Says:

    Hi friends i watched both hindi and tamil versions,though i cudnt understand tamil,i am sure tamil version is mindblowing,comparing to suriya ,Aamirs xperiance is 4 times,he shud hav done better than surya but Aamir fails to xpress it, Suriya acting at short term memory loss scenes are excellent.Though i am a hard core fan of Aamir,i can justify only the real fact as i like to do it in everything.

  79. /-/@di Says:

    Have you all gone mad! Huh! Ghajini is the best movie in the history of Bollywood. And as far as Aamir Khan’s performance is concerned, his performance in Ghajini is just out of our sense. He was the best, he is the best and he Inshaallah will remain the best.

  80. priya Says:

    ghajini is of course a gud movie….but compared to suryas performance,,amir stand behind…songs weren’t gud like the tamil version….asin was more bubbly in de tamil version….

  81. maria Says:

    I don’t see why everyone is hatin so much on this Ghajini film. I have watched both versions and I really enjoyed both of them. The story line is really cute and sweet but at the same time heartbreaking. Imagine living your life that way. I tip my hat to both guys for doing a great job. Honestly I think most of you are just jealous of Amir for his breat body! lol.. Get over it and find something more productive to criticize.

    Oh I forgot to mention the Guzarish song…I love it! So who got the idea that this movie sucks? If it was that bad then why was it the highest grossing film in Bollywood history? ………

  82. INDIAN Says:

    AGAIN another Tamil vs Hindi debate, Guys come on!!!!!!! do some work

  83. ria Says:

    i’m indonesian. i’ve seen ghajini hindi. i think this movie is great in half-first but becomes slips in the second until the end. boring love story, ordinary performance by aamir khan. not excellent



  85. raj Says:

    when ghAjini relesed less of indians watched the orignal version so the comparision is not fare

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