A lifetime achievement award for L.K. Advani?

PRITAM SENGUPTA writes from New Delhi: He has been called Loh Purush, the Iron Man of our times.

Some even say the title of Prime Minister of India is reserved for him later this year. But till that stamp of popular approval arrives, is Lalchand Kishinchand Advani aka L.K. Advani deserving of anything more than a kulfi for “a lifetime of service to the nation”?

Like a piddling award, maybe, from our “p-sec” TV channels?


Every new year, a torrent of tamasha pours into our drawing rooms through our TV channels. And so it has been this year, with awards being given left, right and centre to the bold and the beautiful, by the bold and beautiful, among the bold and the beautiful, to fill up boring weekends.

Unfortunately, this year, the script has been marred somewhat by the television honchos having to include the untelegenic martyrs of the Bombay terror attack and their untelegenic relatives. Still, on 20 January 2009, in the midst of an avalanche of awards, Prannoy Roy‘s New Delhi Television (NDTV) called Advani on stage and handed him the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

According to a news item put up on Advani’s website, the NDTV citation read:

“He (L.K. Advani) is a grassroot (sic) leader and is credited with having made the BJP a formidable force in Indian politics, through clarity of vision, precise statements and an astute sense of timing. Always in favour of anti-terrorism laws, he abolished Press Censorship and repealed anti-press legislation during his tenure in 1977-1979 as the I&B Minister. BJP has named him as a Prime Ministerial candidate for the party and the National Democratic Alliance for the 2009 general elections.”

There were two surprising things about this:

1) Advani was being given an award (which he was only too glad to accept) from an English language television station that he and others of his ilk have firmly cast in the “pseudo-secular” mould, a cynical portmanteau that is Advani’s sad and singular contribution to the English language, all because it was willing to show and say they don’t want to see and hear.

2) The jury comprising, besides Roy, Anu Aga, executive chairperson, Thermax group; Fali S. Nariman, senior advocate, Supreme Court; William Dalrymple, historian and writer; Harsha Bhogle, cricket commentator; Rahul Bajaj, businessman; Shashi Tharoor, former UN official, were reportedly not aware that such an award was being bestowed on Advani.

There is a third element that is even more unsettling: the unwholesome sight of a major journalism outlet handing out a prize to a designated prime ministerial candidate, by talking of his pro-media stand 33 years ago, while ignoring his more recent “contributions” to Indian scoiety.

The media website, The Hoot, run by Sevanti Ninan, wife of Business Standard editor T.N. Ninan, has picked holes in the ethics behind the handout.

“What exactly, some of us want to ask, have been Advani’s  contributions to Indian politics which deserve an award? Setting in motion the events that led to the destruction of the Babri masjid?  And contributed  to a heightened  communalising of the Indian polity?

“An award coming from a channel that helped to expose the 2002 pogrom in Gujarat which took place under the watch of a BJP government? The party Advani is leading into the elections this year? A channel that doubtless sees itself as a champion of secularism?”


The seven-member jury, according to The Hoot, had not voted to give Advani an award on awards’ night. It was also not made clear at the NDTV awards’ function that the jury had no role in choosing Advani for a lifetime of achievements.

Indeed, two members of the jury wrote to Roy on the issue, with one of them reportedly saying “he would not want to be associated with any award which gave prizes to communal hatemongers”.

(At least one member of the jury, Anu Aga, is known for having confronted Advani’s protege, Narendra Damodardas Modi, with the situation prevailing in the relief camps set up in the state for the victims of the 2002 Gujarat pogrom.)

Roy reportedly clarified that it has been “normal practice every eyar for NDTV to reserve the right for its editors to select and present one or more non-jury awards.”


Just who NDTV’s editors picked in previous years is uncertain, but one of the strongest criticisms for this year’s choice has come from Siddharth Varadarajan, the strategic affairs editor of The Hindu.

On his blog, Varadarajan writes:

“After all, Advani was widely acknowledged as being one of India’s worst Home ministers when he held the job between 1998 and 2004. And he’s no great shakes in his current avatar as Leader of the Opposition either.”

Varadarajan then goes on to make a “brief list” of Advani’s “achievements” during just 11 years of his life, starting 1992, a period NDTV clearly ignored in its citation, while waxing eloquent on his “anti-terror” stance:

1. Demolition of Babri Masjid (contribution to conspiracy thereof), 1992
2. Hijacking of IC 814 and release of deadly terrorists like Masood Azhar, 1999
3. Massacre of Sikhs by terrorists at Chittisinghpora, 2000
4. Massacre of Kashmiri Pandits at Nadimarg, March 2003
5. First-ever terrorist attack on Amarnath yatris, 1999
6. Terrorist attack on Parliament, December 2001
7. Godhra and the Gujarat massacre of Muslims, 2002
8. Terrorist attack on Akshardham and Raghunath temples in 2002
9. Harassment of media from Tehelka to Iftikhar Gilani
10. Failure to take any decision on dozens of death row mercy petitions pending before him from 1998 to 2004 and now demanding the Congress government move swiftly on the mercy petition of Afzal.

So,does L.K. Advani really deserve a “lifetime achievement” award? Should a media organisation be giving an award to a potential prime minister it might have to cover? Should a potential prime minister be so over-eager to receive it?

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79 Responses to “A lifetime achievement award for L.K. Advani?”

  1. Palahalli Says:

    If not for anything else….just for the Rama Ratha Yatra, should he have got this award.

    Doubtless our Secular Hindu haters see their respective noses being rubbed in the sand! That’s another reason why I applaud this award.

    The Hindutva horse does not depend on Advani to ride it to victory..but for sure, I am thankful that he spurred it (Hindutva) on when it mattered the most.

  2. Gururaj B.N. Says:

    Advani’s greatest contribution is that he has given spine and self confidence back to the Hindus with his Rath yatra. He has restored the pride back to the Hindus after nearly half a decade of Nehruvian secularist attacks on the Hindu ethos.

    After nearly eighteen years, you still lament about one dilapidaed mosque sitting on a Hindu holy site, while you have nothing to say about destruction of over forty temples in Kashmir in early nineties, not to speak of similar destructions in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Advani’s failure is that he helped BJP ride Ram Rathyatra to power, but did not keep the promise of restoring the site to the Hindus. Advani has ditched the chariot that lead him and his party to six years of power.

    Coming back to the person himself, he was not the cause of whatever happened post-1992 till date. It is the result of acucmulated frustration of the Hindus. Do you have any legally admissible evidence to say that he was the cause of destruction of the wretched Babri mosque or the perpetrator of so-called ‘pogrom’ of Gujarat? Don’t use terms like ‘pogrom’ so lightly. At least in the European history, it is meant to refer to what Nazis did to the Jews and Gypsies, and Stalin did to the dissidents, Ukranians and other Russian nationals.

    If twentieth century and twentyfirst century statistics are taken together, more Hindus have died at the hands of Muslims than otherway around. Look for statistics on partition massacre of the Hindus (750,000) and 1971 Bangladesh genocide of the Hindus (between 1 to 1.5 million), not to speak of ethnic cleansing of Kashmir, killings of Hindus by Khalistanis. Your so-called ‘pogrom’ of Gujarat does not merit comparision

  3. Siddharth Singh Says:

    Haha I guess they have presumed he won’t be the Prime Minister and he has ‘contributed’ his worth. I hope he wont be but Vajpayee is unwell and if he passes away and there’s a “sympathy wave”…. *sigh*… he might.

  4. prakasha Says:

    ಆಡ್ವಾಣಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಚೇಲ ಎಡ್ಡಿಯಿಂದ ನಮ್ಮ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಗುಜರಾತ್ ಆಗುವಲ್ಲಿ ಸಂಶಯವಿಲ್ಲ.
    ಮಂಗಳೂರನ್ನು ಇನ್ನೊಂದು ಗೋಧ್ರಾ ಮಾಡುವ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಪ್ರಯತ್ನ ಶ್ಲಾಗನಿಯ

  5. hypocrite Says:

    an explanation given by a pseudo-hindu friend ( who btw was concerned why ndtv gave so much importance to mangalore incident…you would have to wonder if the incident was justified and many hindus approved it more publicity would be better na … ) was the they are playing up to Advani since he would be the future PM. And NDTV is a pro-hindu channel , only CNN-IBN is anti-hindu …ofcourse if they give an award as well they are pro-hindu as well :)

  6. Shetty Says:

    Advani is the HOPE for India. Congress party ruined India for all these years. It is time for change. PEOPLE….THINK AND VOTE THIS TIME. Don’t fall into Media trap. Section of Media is anti-national. They don’t want BJP to come to power.

  7. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    Security Issue:

    The very fact that Congress (Sonia, MMS, Pranab…) are speaking hawkish tough language on Pakistan lately, which so far spoken only by BJP, shows which way the wind is blowing :)- Its Cong that is trying to match BJP’s tough position, not the other way round !

    Opposing BJP/Advani is ideological position of Varadarajan. However, Advani has the last laugh on host of issues where Varadarajans of Indian media failed miserably:

    Aborted Agra Talk with Musharraf
    Mush signing dotted line as demanded by Advani on Jan 2004.
    Havana Deal
    Equating victim of jehadi terrorism (india) with its perpetrator (Pakistan)
    Joint commission of enquiry with pakistan
    Illegal bangladeshi infiltration, fencing border
    IMDT …..so on and so forth.

    If Advani failed to stop Jehadi terrorism it was not because he lacked the iron hand, or constrained by votebank. Advani was not fully successful because (1) he did not have majority, (2) irresponsible opposition, (3) Varadarajans of Indian journalism!

    Solution of India’s Jehadi terrorism menace is: more of Advani’s tough positions. If Varadarajans path were to be followed, it would have been a disaster. That’s what even Cong lately understood it, and took u-turn on host of issues related with security.

    Poor Varadarajans !

    NDTV and Advani:

    NDTV desperately wanted to award Advani to remove its tag of biasness. Advani does NOT need award from NDTV, the Hindu. He is the biggest Indian leader in last 1000 years of Indian history. India has been ruled by minority for last 800 years, Advani CHANGED that single handedly. History will judge him- and Advani will take more central stage in future centuries than even Gandhi, or Nehru.



    When Advani’s rath crisscrossed remotest areas of India, tribal, poor, destitues particularly the women stood hours dresseD in red-bordered Sari, with elaborate Kumkum on their forhead, floral garland in their long hair (particularly in South india), holding thali, gangajal, upachars, lamp to have a glipmse of the Rama. Voice of Lata Mangeshkar prasing the Lord was filling the air.

    This is high poety that can only match Kalidasa, Jayadeva, Tagore….

    Ayodhya has united Hindus like no one in 5000 years of this civilization.

    Ram Janmabhoomi movement is the largest mass movement in the world where MORE people took part than Gandhi’s non-cooperation movement, or Mao’s “Long March”. Its success was guaranteed when assorted Communal marxist-left-libs started demanding birth certificate of Rama, questioned existance of Rama, or the temple and supported Islamist hardliners.

    Varadarajans can CRIB, SHOUT, CRY, CURSE, ABUSE..–do anything they want, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Ramlala is stationed in Ayodhya in a small temple at that very place. Indian Homeminister under UPA built a bullet-proof wall around it, after aborted Jehadi attempt to blow up the existang temple. And no power on earth can remove that and build a Babri back.

    The more stringently Muslims oppose coming up grand temple (a small temple already exist), the more damage to social tolerance it makes. And make Hindus more united. Its the same mistake that left-lib did by aligning with BMAC prior to demolition.

    Ayodhya, in the heart of Ganga-plains, world’s largest contiguous fertile streatch of land, is world’s most precious real estate. It was under Islamic rule for over 6 centuries, and is the ONLY area that did not become Islamized like NW India, Afghanistan, Iran.

    Ayodhya will always remain a symbol for Hindus to rally around and its strategic location will always ensure it will remain a potent political weapon.

    Fundoos like Varadarajan, political parties can abuse BJP, but nobody will dare to touch the Ramlala there. Babri, the symbol of slavery is indeed history.


    I think we are paying undue, unnecessary importance to Varadarajan, who is a confirmed commie.

    Commies in India are a complete failure (as elsewhere). No wonder, they have become 2 Karat Party (Prakash & his wife) today.

    Its limited to 2 states, that too infighting, directionless politics, rubble rousing, extreme communal politics played to rouse rubble of Muslims for votebank…etc etc. Just watch how it becomes less than 25 in the coming election (unless Sonia rescue CPIM by ditching Mamata at the last moment).

    Communist project on history rewriting is a grand failure
    Communist project on secularism is a big failure
    Communist’s education, industrial policy are gigantic failure
    I doubt we can say even one argument positive for commies.

    Even internationally, all bombastic, rubble rousing talk of CHAVEZ shows his nervousness as oil price drops.

    Quitely, Chavez invited all those multinational ’scums’ back for oil exploration. COMMIES LECTURE WILL FURTHER BE MUTED AS CAPITALISM GOING THRO’ BAD PATCH. Capitalism, high oil price empoered Chavez.

    Lets talk where Congress stands vis-a-vis BJP on Ayodhya, secularism, national security. Will we? No point in discussing Varadarajan whose ideology represents miniscule 3-4% of vote. Its sheer wastage of evergy, time.

  8. Mysore Peshva Says:

    This is a stimulating post. My two points:

    1. I have a problem with Shri. Advani getting the award, but it has nothing to do with him.

    The award shows NDTV’s corruption. I expect the media to be a watchdog of our politicians, not lapdog. NDTV betrayed my expectations; destroyed its own credibility. Consider this: We have Indian politicians giving journalists the Padma and other awards, and then media organizations reciprocate by giving politicians such faaltu prizes in return? Their nonsense isn’t funny.

    2. If anyone deserves a lifetime achievement award in India’s politics, it is Shri. Advani. Since the early 1940s he has played a seminal role in advancing the Hindu interest — which, for those who know anything about Hindu dharma, means the secular interest.

    Advani has not advanced a sectarian, proselytizing, evangelical, “my book, my prophet or Hell!” agenda. Instead he speaks for pluralism — the philosophy of Vedanta ingrained in Hindu dharma’s best practices.

    As “Simple” has pointed out in past comments, no government was more generous to Muslim causes (Haj or other) than that in which Shri. Advani served as Home Minister.

    Over sixty years Mr. Advani has crystallized the fragmented Hindu peoples into a formidable political force — one which advances pluralism, patriotism, and a sense of purpose. Whether the all-knowing journalists of Tehelka/Outlook/Churmuri agree or not, the fact is that Hindus’ growing political strength has only increased the security of our Christians, Muslims and Parsis.

    If it is inevitable for political power to coagulate (George Orwell), how dangerous if it did so not in pluralistic Hindus but in the “my way or the byway” Abrahamic theologists? If our psedo-seculars’ weakness were not a lack of understanding of Hindu dharma it would be sheer intellectual myopia.

    Mr. Advani came to the fore with his arrest under MISA during the 1970s — his commitment to a free press and a plural society is unquestionable regardless of the Tehelka fiasco and his inadequate performance as Home Minister.

    I am neither a BJP member nor a Hindutva activist. I will leave it to others to make a detailed case for the man. But I am convinced he is deserving of any recognition for his lifetime of positive contribution to our politics, regardless of whether we agree with his politics.

    The only reason Shri. Advani would fail to be an effective Prime Minister is age. I would prefer a much younger individual to be Prime Minister. Now is time for Shri. Advani to retire from a “lifetime” of active politics and instead aspire to be President.

    PS: The grammatical miscues on Advani’s site remind me of the recent report of the British schools minister’s poor spelling: See http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jG7fPf9xeUCMeaVXvUsIRCWhflsA

  9. naveen Says:

    NDTV is a shameless media org that will stoop to any low to please anyone and this award to Advani is one of those dirty acts by shameless NDTV.

    Its like insurance policy in case BJP returns to power in May elections and NDTV is hounded like Tehelka for being anti- BJP all these years.

  10. Karihaida Says:

    Sigh, if we could just anoint Rahul baba as the King of India, churumuri will be free to post other articles.
    I presume there won’t be much to read at churumuri till the elections are over :(

  11. Dr.R.K.D.Goel Says:

    About Mr.L.K.Advani to be waiting PM. I have my doubts. The situation in Gandhinagar his constituency from where Mr. Advani is a candidate for MP. Let Mr.Advani first get elected MP. It depend what Mr. Modi do for Mr. Advani.
    Mr. Modi is also a candidate to be waiting BJP Priminister. Modi will see that Advani may not become tall.

  12. Gaby Says:

    Thank goodness I read this before rushing off to my date – yes at a pub and with a hot medical student ( Whose ancestors came from Bangladesh:) ). This T Mukerjee guys is a hoot. If Advani ranks as the BIGGEST Indian leader in the past 1000 years I wonder where that puts HINDU monarchs like Vishnuvardhana, Krishna Deva Raya, Maha Rana Pratap. Majaharaja Ranjit Singh, Shivaji etc, Hindu Philosophers like Ramanujacharya, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharshi, Aurobindo and political leaders such as Vidyaranya, Tilak, Gokhale and indeed vajpayee himself. I have laughed enough at cupidity now I am off for my pint and evening with Raqibul!!

  13. sashi.m.l Says:

    Election time hattira bartha ide,inthaha rajakiya preritha blogs,newspaper articles thumba jaasti aagtha ide.

  14. Adithya Says:

    I am quite frankly shocked by this and I agree with what one of the jury members sent to Roy that Advani is a communal hatemonger. I also agree with the analysis on the Hoot.

    What makes me fear for my country’s future are the comments above mine. These people who believe that what fanatical Hindu fundamentalists are doing is right. I just have one question to ask them — All of you people keep going on about the frustration of the Hindus and the need for protecting Hindu interests. I would like to know what the cause of your frustration is. You are the majority in the country and you are given every opportunity and the most well to do people in the country are primarily Hindus. Despite all this if you feel frustrated I would like to know why.

  15. Manju Says:

    Please and please give any awards to anyone, I dont care!! even if I do, it doesnt matter really!

    People like advani themselves dont realise that they have a threat to the existence of normal working class people but instead deeper they go, in to corruption and buying awards.

    As a consolation atleast I would have thought that his age would make him wiser? but I was expecting too much from these swiss bank crorepati public servants.

  16. Gururaj B.N. Says:

    Barring Pakash’s post, all the comments are in favour of recognising Advani’s achievements. That should tell the secular fanatics which way the public opinion wind is blowing! Merely because the Secs have control over media, they must not ignore public opinion and go around airing their views as that of the Public.

  17. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    Manju>>People like advani themselves dont realise that they have a threat to the existence of normal working class people

    hehe..So, you want us to believe, Indian oragnized labor is fool that they have made a Hindutva Labor Union (BMS) India’s largest labor union, whose membership is BIGGER than that of 2 biggest Communist labor unions taken together?

    Its psuedos who are hell bent in appeasing jehadis, islamists are biggest danger to Indian Capitalism, Indian labor.

    GABY: Yes, Advani is biggest Indian leader in last 1000 years, because he was primarily responsible for ensuring that for first time in last 1000 years, MAJORITY RULE WAS ESTABLISHED. By the way, you forgot a big name- that of Guru Govind Singhji in ur list.

    Again, you can, crib, cry, shout, scream, abuse…anything you want- NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE.

    Hindutva is here to stay, expand, as India faces more challenges from Islamists, Missionaries and psuedo Marxists. Its most successful cultural revivalism movement anywhere in the world in last 100 years.

  18. wiki Says:

    Awards given by nepotists cannot have any credibility and ask any one from the media and he/she will tell you that there is no bigger nepotist than Prannoy Roy in India. Just look at his recruitment policy – most of the NDTV employees are relatives, friends of his cronies and political/govt/media big shots. The bottomline is Prannoy Roy and NDTV just dont have any credibility and whatever there was, that was the creation of the leftist-liberal media.

  19. sathya Says:

    First of all, define secularism.. Secularism means hating Hindus… Is there anything on their agenda…A leader should be respected for his personality and principles…whether X rules a particular state or not it is immaterial..whether he eats kulfi or piaaz it doesn’t matter to the common man. Good governanace is the need of the hour and the country. Yes, Sardar Paterl was caled the Iron Man and …

  20. theprudentindian Says:

    “Should a media organisation be giving an award to a potential prime minister it might have to cover?”

    No It is NOT.


    Well, when a Barkha Dutt, One Rajdeep Sardesai, Some Vinod Dua or our very own Shekhar Gupta are ‘awarded’ Padam Shri’s, Bhushans by the Sonia led Government, it is fair for these worthies to accept and flaunt!!!

    I pose to you same question, should an active media person ACCEPT an award from the Government he/she is suppose to cover, critically? What if it is not ‘out right’ bribery in advance or price paid to make the Media person favorably ‘disposed’ to wards Government or worst, to become shamelessly biased against an opposition party and mouthpiece of The Party spearheading government?

    Any Answer, SIR!

    Media and those in media should ask selves some questions which they pose to others.


  21. Ram Says:

    What is this fuss all about? Rajiv Gandhi was awarded Bharat Ratna. NDTV award is a small issue before that. Take it easy folks!!!

  22. Hari Says:

    LKA is a classic example of all hype and no substance. I hold no brief for the Congress/UPA/Left but frankly, this LohPurush business is just bunkum. His performance as Home Minister was no better, if not worse than any other who held the office before him. (Shivraj Patil, the worst HM ever, came after him and shows LKA in a relatively better light.) This is essentially a NDTV stunt to show themselves on the right side of the BJP before the elections. But they will switch sides if therea are signs that BJP/NDA is not the winning horse. Instead of celebrating such silly awards and furthering NDTV’s agenda, the BJP needs to show they can provide good governance. Looking at the Sene-raj in Karnataka, Badal-raj in Punjab, they do not seem to have learnt that. Winning Gujarat will not be enough to head the next government.

  23. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:

    In an inverse sort of way, NDTV seems to have exposed Advani as much as his dyslexic cheerleaders who do not even the decency to spell a perfectly decent word like “secular” without trying to score a silly point or who cannot enter a debate without slapping labels.

    Even if you doubt NDTV’s intentions, and let us assume it is the very worst since it is “pseudo-secular”, the “lifetime achievement award” has shown how Advani is thirsting for any kind of approval for his divisive, blood-laden brand of politics from anybody when his own party and several members of it, not to speak of the Sangh Parivar itself not too long ago, are unwilling to give it.

    At the same time, can Advani’s supporters oppose something he himself has blindly accepted?! Therefore, it is now his sad fate to collect certificates of “the biggest Indian leader in last 1000 years of Indian history” from trollers. Advani’s recent career and reputation is built on the blood of innocent Indians and any amount of hand-wringing or Google ads isn’t going to erase that horrific record.

    Advani’s advocates cannot confront that fact without talking of Indira Gandhi’s excesses or Rajiv Gandhi’s, or wagging fingers at “p-secs”. Therein lies the answer: he is no different from those whom his supporters decry, and only as human (or inhuman).

  24. Pramod Says:

    The way to think about is as a “lifetime achievement award”. The achievements don’t have to be of the positive kind. :-)

    On a more serious note, who in Indian politics deserves an award of any kind? They’re all a bunch of thieves. However, some thieves have a longer staying power than others, and perhaps that requires some skill.

    On an unrelated note, taking a dig at Advani for coining “psuedo-secular” is unwarranted. The media does seem to love to hate the RSS boys. Such an attitude is partially justified as events in Mangalore and elsewhere have shown, but what the media loves to forget is that the other members of the political spectrum as just as bad.

  25. Poli Hudga Says:

    Adding a Regional spin to the issue ….. NDTV (and most of the indian english channels) is biased towards ‘north’ india. If Advani could get a Life Time Achievement Award, why not our own equally qualified(challenged) ‘South’ Son of the soil Deve Gowda?

  26. Dr.R.K.D.Goel Says:

    Let us respect our old man Mr. L.K.Advani. He paraises Modiji and Modiji praises Advaniji. In the present era where is the respect for old persons. Their place is in OLD PERSONS HOME. Atleast the Saffron family maintaining the tradition to respect elders.

    Every one praises including Mr.L.K.Advani Modiji for his development of Gujarat, I do praise Modiji that he attracted the Big Industrailist of INDIA and NRAs. Given best hospitility to them. They are looked well by the Senior Bureaucrats IAS officers of Gujarat. The Modi’s IAS officers given the duty that all the places are to be cleaned under the supervision of IAS officers. Lavatories / dustbeens should be well cleaned and so on.

    Come to Vadodara and see where is “NIRMAL GUJARAT” Vishwamitri River is nothing but a gutter Ganga. All waterbodies are highly contaminated and polluted with sewarge of Vadodara.


    How Modiji provide safety to Indian Citizens who could not Controlled a Congress Activist and slum lord Mr. Chinnam Gandhi who is running all the slums of South Zone of VMSS Vadodara with patronage of Mr. Ahmed patel to Mr. Chinnam Gandhi. All criminals are residing in South Zone of VMSS Slums and Zopdipatti under the protection of Mr. Chinnam Gandhi. The biggest Masia Kans can’t be freed from encroachments due Mr. Chinnam Gandhi’s Naxalwadi’s force.

    No officer including Mr. Narendra Modi can’t dare to ask his bureaucrats to shift the Dholikui Slum from a Kans let the 15 lakhs Baroda citizens suffer in all the Moonsson days due to stagnation of Rain water mixed with searages in the houses since last 12 years.

    Mr. Chinnam Gandhi has a brigade of Naxalwadis in Vadodara. Modi say Zero tolerance of rerrorists but can’t check a Naxalwadi force which Chinnam Gnadhi established with the help of Mr. Ahmed Patel. Senior Coingress men of Vadodara say “don’t talk about Chinnam Gandhi with us he is a man of Mr. Ahmed Patel MP of Buruch.

    Chinnam Gandhi used might is right and Modiji can’t check him. ARE WE SAFE UNDER MODIJI WHO CAN’T CHECK CHINNAM GANDHI A CONGRESS ACTIVIST.

    EVERY ONE KNOWS NOW THAT THE BOMBS OF AHMEDABAD SERIAL BLASTS ARE MANUFACTURED IN BHARUACH. YESRDAY ONLY ATS Seiges 1.8 Tonses of ammonium nitrate near Bharuch. ALL IS IN GUJARAT. SEMI / INDIAN MUZAHIDEN’s training centre in Pavagarh near Vadodara. All mastermind Muslim terrorists are arrested from……… THIS IS THE INTELEGENCE FORCES OF MODIJI IN GUJARAT.

  27. Alok Says:

    On NDTV:

    What a joke. How much more transparent can an attempt to curry favour with the next government get? “Lifetime achievement”? seriously? I thought it was called the post of the Prime Minister… But then again, these days it is the post for those past their prime and sufficiently marginal enough to be denied the post of an actual minister.

    On LKA:

    Give the guy a break. He has, together with bff ABV, managed to take a party from 2 seats to single largest party in a little more than a decade. Where everybody else made caste calculations, Advani and Co. decided to think bigger and turn the Congress’ game on itself. Others will point to the socio-economic, politico-histoircal reasons why the BJP rose, but without his brains and energy, added to ABV’s diplomatic and oratorial skills, it wouldn’t have been possible.

    It’s a different matter he was as shitty an HM as anybody (save maybe Sardar Patel). India and Indians were in no stronger position to defend against terrorists from Pakistan despite his endless sabre rattling. and no, suicide bombers/attackers are not exactly deterred by POTA or any such similar nonsense. At least he wasn’t as plainly callous as Shivraj Patil. That is how low our standards have sunk to btw.

    If someone were to write the history of post-Independent India (the first 75 years), Advani will get a chapter or two. And that is no mean achievement.

  28. Melange Says:

    Advani should be charged with crimes against Humanity for the blood bath He unleashed with his Rath Yatra. He is solely responsible for opening the Pandora’s box that will ultimately consume and destroy India.

    I hope he never, never, never gets what he most covets: The office of the Prime Minister of India.

  29. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    Melange>>Advani should be charged with crimes against Humanity for the blood bath He unleashed with his Rath Yatra.

    Prove it with data, statistics. Will you?

    Mumbai riot did not start by BJP. But by fundamentalist muslims who started rioting. Now, Mumbai is 1000 miles from Ayodhya. What has muslims of mumba has to do with Ayodhya?

    Did BJP started rioting in Mumbai after 500,000 pandits driven out from Kashmir? Answer is no.

    Most communal riots in India starts because of aggressive minority. There is a good compilation of facts in “Riots and Wrongs” by RNP Singh IPS officer and Ex IB Official). Go and read the book if you want.

  30. bamboo basappa Says:

    Churumuri is getting so rabidly secular that it has no time to discuss the Bengaluru serial blast case that has been solved…That may hurt people of the religion of peace, esp because all the terrorists hail from “His own country”.

    Melange, i remember u write that u are setlled in the UK. Please dont ever set foot on Advani’s India. I wish ur mad mullah of multiculturalism mr Ken Livingstone ,UK’s PM post, such that people like u could celebrate inclusiveness by accepting shariat and some public executions.

  31. Melange Says:

    T Mukherjee,
    You are missing the forest for the trees. Riots don’t occur in a vacuum. Hindu/Muslim tensions are historic, ancient hatreds that are passed on from one generation to another. But , Having said that, Advani’s communal project is the root cause for most religious conflicts in India post 1992. The Rath Yatra vitiated any semblance of communal peace that remained and stoked ancient hatreds. If you will look at riots pre-92 and post, you will find a huge spike in their occurrence after 92. The issue is not about who started the riots, It is that riots occur at all.

    Basappa navare,
    The Shariah is already in India, case in point : The tribal exhibitionists in Mangalore. The Mullahs did not even have to lift a finger! Swalpa yochaney maadi! Bogal bedi!

  32. kingkhan Says:

    I fully agree with melange. BJP, Advani,Modi and gang will ultimately ruin India totally. We have seen what happened with the erstwhile USSR. These guys are desperate to come to power. And they are willing to sacrifice the whole country for it.

    If they were really pro India..they would fight the election on development issues,basic necessities,etc not raking up the Ayodhya controversy again.

    I appeal to all my fellow nationals to see through the facade. And for God’s sake I am no Congress fan either.

    My only suggestion is elections should be fought on issues not by raking up sentiments and communal fights, just for electoral benefits. We recently witnessed the US presidential elections, each party clearly spelt out their road map and stand on all development issues like economy,creation of jobs, development, basic amenities,social security,etc. Why dont our political parties replicate the same.

    Am we wrong in expecting development and pre election commitments from the political parties?

  33. Sandesh Says:

    Some questions:
    1. Who will “charge” LKA ?
    2. Who has stopped YOU from “charging” LKA against “humanity” ?
    3. How are you so sure that he “unleashed” bloodbath with his Rath yatra ?
    4. Please elaborate on your “Pandora’s box”
    5. What if he does get the post he covets? What will you do ?

    (NB: I am not a supporter of LKA and do feel that at this age he is unsuitable for PM. )

  34. Palahalli Says:

    But the biggest grouse I carry against Advani is the reverence with which he approached the word “Secular”. According to him, anti-Hindu parties and assorted “luminaries” did not automatically deserve the accurate epithet, Anti-Hindu; but “Pseudo-Secular”. In other words, if these worthies had been “truly” Secular, they would not be Anti-Hindu!

    That’s a laughable proposition!

    But Hindutva-vadis must not laugh. They must seriously consider the terrible chain they place upon their very being by accepting such a perverse notion as part of their discourse.

    A person or group that espouses Secularism of whatever shade; must adopt and maintain a position inimical to Hindu interests. Indeed, there does not remain a Majority Hindu National identity at all! The reason is simple. If such a Hindu National identity and least of all a “majority identity” is acknowledged…then such an identity or “idea” must be promoted and protected against assault from its enemies.

    An individual or group that has accepted and espouses the Secular perversity….if he or it is worth his or its salt, will NEVER defend the Hindu Majority identity because that will mean going against one or more Minority’s identity. Especially one that asserts itself strongly.

    **Therefore also, it does not surprise me that Secularism and its favorite child, Multi-Culturalism, are inseparable; not just in this country but across the world.**

    Hence the BIG LIE that a majority of the Hindus are “Secular” and not simply HINDU. Hence, “Hindus” and “Hinduism” need not be especially defended..nay…need not be defended at all. A right ready alibi!

    Advani felt weak enough not to confront and destroy this virus in our body politic. His admirers must pick up the gauntlet!

  35. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    As media goes haywire in pursuing its political ideology, a very sensible idea has come from Karnataka Home minister- ombudsman in media.

    Each media in every form, should have this mechanism which will screen reports, analyze facts, deal with public and pronounce judgement.

  36. anonymous guy Says:

    prashanth is a photographer.So his IQ is definitely better than IIT IIM,ENGinerreing science,commerce, business law graduates.THese arts guys are dominating the media.PK works for you know who.

    So he is entitled to his arrogant confidence because he was the smartest guy in school, even if had no choice but to choose an arts major like his secular media friends.

    My only problem is where ws PK when MMS and Sonia were awarded indian of the year for the last two years respectively by NDTV and IBN.It is NDTV the sycophants who is choosing these leaders for obvious reasons.

    As someone said they want to suck up to BJP just in case.Roy is a congress establishment man.He worked in finance ministry in 80s and then was rewarded with a WTW tv show by DD a congress monopoly.

    Now he is mending fences with BJP as a model sycophant.

  37. alvaa matte Says:

    To me it sounds like One Pseudo(Churumuri) commenting about another pseudo (NDTV).

  38. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    NDTV is hedging their allegiance, in case BJP wins, they want to be in its good books.

    IMHO, NDTV and co. too are as much guilty as Advani & co. for communalising our politics.

    Yes, he was a bad home minister to a effect that he did nothing to remedy things that he had campaigning against for the past so many decades. He simply replaced the position normally held by congress-men till then and continued the same customs.

    Is that scum — Maulana Masood Azhar, so powerful that he single-handedly can bring down India?

    India’s failure was in preventing the plane from flying out of Amritsar and not in the release of those terrorists, that was necessary to save the innocent lives.

  39. nilesh Says:

    It was LKA, who was the Information minister which Shimoga Subbana got the national award for playback singing. LKA is pro karnataka.

  40. Vinay Says:

    I am no fan of either the Congress or the BJP. Can we have one party that focuses on development, makes election promises related to economy and the eradication of poverty, infrastructure, heavy industry, etc. etc..

    I agre with kingkhan above. Just look at our election issues and contrast it with the US election. Is it any wonder that the West is much better off?

    I recommend that everyone should watch the movie “Swades”. SRK is an NRI in that movie, and in his native village, people sit around the tree and gossip, cribbing about the state of affairs in their village. SRK tells them how well the American state provides for its citizens, and one of the villagers retorts saying, “Amreeka ke paas sab kuch hoga, Hamare paas hai – Sanskaar aur Sanskruti” (Rough translation: America might have material stuff, we have ‘ideals and culture’). SRK says, “kab tak tum log Sanskaar ke naam par hamesha ki tarah aise hi zindagi jeete rahoge?” (Till when will you guys keep harping on culture while living the same kind of life as you have been living for ever?)

    Can we have one party that promises police reforms, social security, and such issues? And we get pissed off when a foreigner makes a movie depicting poverty in India. It is not pleasant viewing, but it is the truth, isn’t it?

  41. Palahalli Says:

    There are folks who compartmentalize a nation’s history. They see no connectivity between and within its events. This is the bane of the Liberal-Secular tribe.

    This happens when you ignore the fact that a Nation is an organism. A whole body that will react to wounds and bruises or amputations that has been inflicted but has not been allowed to heal.

    Advani of 1992 and the Hindutva movement, can be faulted only and ONLY if it is proved that India’s Muslims and Hindus had reached an understanding based on mutual respect and accommodation by then and it was THAT that was broken by “Advani”.

    Even a brief recall of the history of the Rama-Janmabhoomi negotiations, all very well documented, will tell us that there was never and could never have been any such “accommodation”. But that is just one issue.

    For those who will wave the “Secular” agenda…I will say that Secular upholders have only surrendered to Muslim gangsterism at the cost of their Hindu backers. 1946 time and time again!

    Let Liberal-Secular sowers know that they cannot ignore their crop. They have to reap it!

    Melange – How can Advani be root cause when Rajiv Gandhi opened the locks? And why was it locked in the first place when puja was going on daily?

    Kingkhan – You are barking up the wrong tree.

  42. Sophist Says:

    Lifetime acheivement awards are usually retirement awards. It means after a lifetime of achievement it is time to retire gracefully and rest on past laurels. At such an advanced age Advani does not have the energy to fulfill the role of PM. We did have an Octagenarian PM – Morarjibhai Desai. Thanks to Gandhian discipline and the daily dose of PEE morarjibhai was physically energetic even in his eighties. Morarji had more physical stamina than most of his younger collegues.
    But Advani can collapse any day and he also sounds quite senile. His clear thinking is not so clear anymore. He takes a hell lot of time to answer simple questions and has long pauses in his speeches. It is risky to have him as PM. Unfortunately BJP does not have any second line leaders of the stature of Advani. Modi is too tainted and unacceptable to the pluralistic indian populace. There is no way BJP is going to get majority in the next election. They would have to depend on the coalition partners. Advani himself being a hardliner would find it very difficult to get in alliance partners. They do not have the Mask Vajpayee this time around. The Rath Yatra and its emotional appeal to Hindus is now history and highly unlikely to be repeated.
    In all probability we will have a fractured Mandate and Mayavathi with around 40 seats will rope in all the firnge elements to become the first Dalit PM of India. It is very unlikely that Advani will retain his leader of opposition post in the next election.

  43. VAlale SUbbanna Says:

    1.Does this Award obsolve him of all the crime he has committed and charges he is facing.
    2.Can we compare/equate this Award with IGNOBEL.

  44. Vinay Says:

    However, what scares me more than anything else is the prospect of the “left” and a collection of similar ragtag parties getting together to “run” the country. In such a scenario, it will be a wonder if the country is not completely ruined.

    Either the BJP, or the congress, will be a million times better any day, with all their shortcomings. The choice should be just between these two.

  45. Simple Says:


    I liked what you wrote.

  46. Sandesh Says:


    1. Please list his crimes and charges he is facing.
    2. Go ahead and compare it to whatever you want. No one cares.

    The problem with our electorate is that they care a hoot about development, debate and agenda. To put it mildly, we are not responsible electorate like US (well, most of them anyway). We vote based on money, regionalism, and petty politics. I don’t know when we will get to see the PM candidates of opposite parties engaging in a fair debate. Probably never will..!!

    “Riots don’t occur in a vacuum.”
    Exactly. So, one cannot blame a single person for riots…there is no time zero for riots. It’s a cause-effect-cause cycle.

    “any semblance of communal peace ”

    That’s what it was… just a semblance. There never really was any “communal peace”.

    “The issue is not about who started the riots”

    Then why blame LKA at all if it is unimportant as to who started what??

  47. babuds Says:

    Left to Churumuri and some of its secular post-ers, among them they would gladly parcel poor chap Advani to Pakistan as demanded by Gilani for trying him for crimes committed in Pakistan!

  48. Hari Says:

    Mr.Lifetime Achievement now wants Ayodhya as BJP’s central poll plank. So much for his supposed wisdom.
    Btw, why didn’t he get that job done when was the Home Minister and later Deputy PM if it is so close to his heart? Old wine,older bottle. The BJP desperately needs a more dynamic face or it might come third behind the Congress and the others (Left,BSP etc).

  49. VAlale SUbbanna Says:

    Example:Section 149 of the IPC deales with intention to provoke people for rioting arson and indulging in rioting with intention to creat disorder,while sub section (1) of 505 deals with delivering fiery speaches
    which will hurt religious feelings and create discord among different communities.
    Post BM demolition riots claimed life of more than 2000 innocent people ,it could be termed as GENOCIDE.
    Want more………………

  50. kharaharapriya Says:

    Sandesh & Vinay,
    Its not that all’s well in America either rite. Its no utopia. America has a responsible electorate. Yes its true to some extent. The same electorate which overwhelmingly supported Bush, today regrets it. It took 200 years and more to get a black president. It doesn’t have a woman president till day. Just look at the amount of money spent on elections. The corporate lobbying etc.
    Moreover India has been independent for 60 years, thats minuscule compared to US.
    We can see that the anti-outsourcing tirade has started. It would probably be a matter of time, tat desis might get attacked in US the way bhaiyyas get attacked by MNS. I hope that doesnt happen. But you never know.

    But, I very much agree that we need opposite parties to share a dais and engage in healthy debate. Which has never happened in India. Main leaders like sonia, rahul should face advani,modi and others through a televised debate atleast. But that seldom happens. When sonia, rahul have no guts to face a karan thapar, how can they face the opposition parties. :) Instead they have lawyers do the job :) Which is completely ridiculous.

  51. Manju Says:

    Tathagata Mukherjee UNCLE, Grow up.

  52. Sandesh Says:

    Thanks for that enlightening piece on section 149 and its subsection.. whatever it is
    “Post BM demolition riots claimed life of more than 2000 innocent people ,it could be termed as GENOCIDE.”
    Now prove
    a) LKA was responsible for GENOCIDE (btw, don’t shout….)
    b) that your figure of 2000 lives is correct.

    Yes, I want more… Do you have it ?

  53. kannadiga:) Says:

    When NDA was in power, NDTV was caught and booked in FERA violations. The case was quitely hushed up for reasons known only to NDTV and NDA. I wonder, if that has any bearing on choosing Advani for the LIfe time Achievement award ;)

  54. Gokulam 3rd Stage Says:

    Forget about whether NDTV is right/wrong in giving away awards. This is an affliction not unique to that channel.

    But what has gotten into Advani? One day he wears a silly looking ‘kireeta’ in Hampi and another day he accepts a silly award from a silly channel?

    Some “spine”.

  55. VAlale SUbbanna Says:

    He ignited the fire through Rath yatra & B.M.demolition now it has engulfed the nation.(dont forget Mumbai blasts & Gujrath carnage)

  56. Palahalli Says:

    VAlale SUbbanna – Sir, it was ignited when the Temple was destroyed – Reignited when the lock was placed – Red hot coals were played with when the locks were removed (as a payoff for Shah Bano) – Shilanyas..Shila pujan..and the rest followed the logic. It will end when the Temple is built.

    Even the Temple is just the means to a larger end. That end is to see a strong and assertive Hindu nation. Only such a nation will be capable of preserving our way of life and civilization.

    I think it is better to accept realities rather than dream of bliss.

  57. Sandesh Says:

    He ignited the fire through Rath yatra & B.M.demolition now it has engulfed the nation.(dont forget Mumbai blasts & Gujrath carnage)’


  58. VAlale SUbbanna Says:

    Does two wrongs make a right.
    For how long you want carry on this eye for an eye principle.
    Where is the end.
    After Ram Temple ,what is the guarantee that you dont rake up the issue of Mathura.

  59. Palahalli Says:

    VAlale SUbbanna – Guarantee will depend on the basis for settlement. If the basis is purely “legal”, then there cannot be any guarantee because Hindus would have won their case “legally”. They will want to win more such cases. Yes, I know about the law on places of worship. Nevertheless.

    If the basis is based on “Truth and Reconciliation”; then this will guarantee long lasting and solid peace…because it will also account for an acknowledgment of past wrongs.

    This has been the stance of Hindu organizations since long.

    I fear, that “you’re” philosophy Sir, will blind the Muslim to his real situation which is becoming precarious day by day. “You” are actually leading him down the garden path to disaster. This is what was done by our Secular-Liberal elite since the time the Mahatma took over Congress leadership.

    There is really no point in preaching to the Hindu.

  60. Mannina AikLu TaaLi...Bandvi Says:

    let me answer on behalf of Palahalli….

    “Does two wrongs make a right.” … Umm, no. (Of course, you conveniently forgot to tell us what is “wrong” and what’s “right”)

    “For how long you want carry on this eye for an eye principle.”.. till we complete the “wrong-doing” we have started…(remember your first question?)

    “Where is the end.” … as soon as the wrong has been righted

    “After Ram Temple ,what is the guarantee that you dont rake up the issue of Mathura.”
    That’s precisely on our agenda.

    Palahalli.. you want to clarify further ? :)

  61. Adithya Says:


    The “temple” was destroyed centuries ago by ignorant and intolerant Muslim rulers. There isn’t much archaeological evidence for a temple’s existence and there is only rumor that it was even there. Fine, even if I grant you that a temple was there, are you saying you are justified in destroying the Mosque and building a temple in its place while displaying the same centuries old ignorance and intolerance that the Muslim Rulers had? Two wrongs do not make a right and have Hindu’s not evolved mentally even one bit since then?

    I bet once you get your way at Ayodhya, like the poster above me said, you are still not going to be satisfied. You will go to mathura and do the same and even further you will begin to subscribe to PN Oak’s insane ideas and start calling for ridiculous things like the Taj Mahal to be restored to the temple that it originally was.

  62. Ashoka Says:

    Yes Palahalli is right. Wait for the LS results to come out. Mayawati will be crowned the PM. Only then the original inhabitants of this Great country will rise to Power. Only then their will be equality and justice for all. Only then will their be equal opportunity for all.

    And Mr.Palahalli dont confuse us with your anti muslim rhetoric.
    Its out-dated. Your slip is showing.

  63. sisya Says:

    valale,how about lecturing the islamists in the mosques.HINDUS ARE FED UP OF THESE one sided lectures.It is all in the holy book of 1400 yrs ago to kill and hate infidels.Its amazing that people like u lecture hindus and handtie and blindfold them with smokescreens and lectures like tthese to dope them.Where were you in kashmir,pakistan,bdesh from where all hindus ahve been cleansed.Lecture to muslims in kashmir and lecture to mullahs when they pass sharia laws in india like shahbano and no coed in madrasas and no registration of marriages and no family planning.

  64. Palahalli Says:

    Adithya – Please decide where you stand.

    1. Was the Rama Janmabhoomi Temple destroyed by “ignorant and intolerant” Muslim rulers?

    2. Or was what they were destroying an “imaginary” structure?

    It is this kind of insulting wordplay that got Hindus to the boiling point in the first place.

    Have you studied the evidence?

    Babar and his ilk are not berated as “ignorant and intolerant”. On the other hand they are eulogized as great poets and greater warriors. Show me one place where they are called “ignorant and intolerant” by Secular-Liberals and their Muslim fellow travellers.

    Yes. Hindus are justified in destroying the mosque and re-building their Temple in it’s stead. And yes, we might go after the other “Mosques” that are important to Hindus.

    Ashoka – Please don’t worry about Mayawati and the BSP. They might well be the folks who will do what the BJP is scared to do.

    Dalits are wiser than you think. They are proud of their identity and do not want to submerge it in Islam..which is what will happen in Muslim company.

    Btw…please answer me if you can. Are you a Dalit? If yes, why are you not a Muslim? If you are Buddhist…excellent!

  65. Ashoka Says:


    Just to quench your curiosity, i would refer to myself as a Dravidian.
    And as I said relegion is a personal preference, and no one can compel me nor you to follow any relegion.

    And rightly pointed out by you people are no longer fools. The ruling class has fooled us enough.

    And its high time all of us voted for Mayawati and see what they can or not do.

    My personal suggestion to you is…stand in front of the mirror and analyze what you see. You seem to be focussed on destruction rather than positive constructive thought process. This will not only lead to your destruction but will affect people around you.

    And your dream of a so called Hindu Rashtra, the less said the better. I believe we already are. And people like you are just using the phrase and ensuring that your personal ends are fulfilled.

  66. Palahalli Says:

    Ashoka – Who is this “ruling class”?

    What is you’re understanding of Hindu Rashtra?

    As far as compulsion in religion is concerned, you would not have remained with a “Dravidian” conscience if you’re “Aryan-Hindu Upper Castes” had really been compulsive…quite unlike our Islamic bros.

    “And your dream of a so called Hindu Rashtra, the less said the better. I believe we already are. And people like you are just using the phrase and ensuring that your personal ends are fulfilled.”

    – Please don’t contradict yourself so badly.

    For a practical working class Dravidian, I expect you to speak clearly to the point.

  67. Vinay Says:


    Mayawati? Don’t make me laugh. You are guilty of the very common sin of voting based on caste, instead of capabilities and work. Give me one reason why I should vote for the hyper corrupt Mayawati? Why should I vote for a woman whose thugs extort money for her birthday celebrations and torture to death those who do not pay? Why should I vote for a woman who gets statues of herself put up at taxpayer expense, and destroys them just because she’s not ‘completely satisfied’ with an aspect of it? Why should I vote for a woman who has more criminals in her following than non-criminals? Why? So that the entire country becomes one giant UP?

    Look at this, “educated” people vote based on caste. What will our country achieve, I wonder…

  68. naveen Says:

    Yes the Behanji for next PM of India..now I have more reason to support BSP – my brother has just joined BSP. Its the party for all castes and religions…

  69. Sam Says:

    Sri Advanijis Biggest achievement is that he along with goerge fernandis broke the spine of congress !.
    Congressmen almost decided to convert Democracy to nehru-family kingdom!
    he broke down the monopoly of single party…so he is loh purush yes indeed. As every human being has short comings. he too has….
    The same NDTV confired our Queen life time achievement award..then no secular ppl rised thier voice, now big shout?

  70. Rahul Mirchi Says:

    Well I thought it was primarily VP Singh who broke the back of the 2/3rd majority Congress behemoth in 1989 ( with plenty of help from their own Rajiv Gandhi of course!).

    Oddvani is simply a confused obfuscator who tried to be a wily fox but eneded up a poor old man who will see the PM chair slipping out of his hands due to third front cicuses and when it’s the BJP’s turn to form the government (after 2011 general elections) it will be too late for thatha.

  71. Rakesh Anugula Says:

    I find the posts on this blog very funny. Somehow the editors want to make a useless crticism on BJP and its leaders.

    Who else other than Advani deserves this award. He has participated in 14 general elections, won best parliamentarian warad by Indian parliament for two times, worked as IB minister, Home Minister and even as Deputy Prime Minister for India, India won Kargil, brought POTA, did Phokran during his regime. He created an alternative to nehrus family’s political party. He is the leader of opposition in the current parliament. He is just not a political leader but he is an embodiment of Indian culture and traditions.

    What else reasons do you want for him to get this award. In fact he deserves much more bigger awards for his contribution.

  72. Ashoka Says:


    Give Mayawati a chance. Nobody is perfect. Its the persons surrounding her who are corrupt.

    But Congress and Bjp too are no saints. There are umpteen number of examples. But the most worrying thing is now both the parties are working in tandem. They share the spoils and will henceforth share the hot seat on a rotation basis.

    Ok forget caste for a moment and just vote for a change at the centre. Worst come worst what will happen? We will know whether she can sort out the confusion created by the ruling class.


    By ruling class I meant “Brahmins”. I hope I didnt offend you.

    I am least worried about your so called jihadi bros. Have you looked around you. These guys are the worst hit. You tag them and stamp them. Another generation henceforth they will be reduced to third class citizens. No education, directionless, easily lured by Congies and nowadays by Bjp too.

  73. Palahalli Says:

    Ashoka, Mayawati cannot succeed if she doesn’t take all Hindus castes along. That’s another reason she inducted so many Brahmins into the BSP. Unlike the South, in the North, Brahmins are in substantial numbers.

    Many people want to fight Caste and “abolish” it. Stupid! No one can defeat Caste. Intelligent folks should use its power to collective advantage.

    I’m very skeptical about you’re Brahmins as “Ruling Class” thesis. How do you defend it?

    Moreover, how does the Dravidian defend himself against the Dalit charge that they are worse off under Dravidian rule, than they have ever been under purported Brahmin rule?

    Chandrabhan Prasad supports Mayawati but also bitterly opposes Dravidian politics. Do you have an opinion on this?

    I have absolutely no sympathy for Jihadis. They can wither away for all I care.

  74. kharaharapriya Says:

    God save India if Maya Memsaab becomes the prime minister of this country.

  75. Tathagata Mukherjee Says:

    >>Mayawati will be crowned the PM.

    Why would one support Mayavati when even Ambedkar did not want caste to perpetuate?

    Mayavati will end up going nowhere. So called “Dalits” are being coopted by Hindutva groups, and sooner or later we will see rise of many such leaders from Hindutva bastion. In the short term scenario, she will end up eating more into vote of Congress across north India.

    What matters is ideology of ambedkar- I think Hindutva has already co-opted that to a large degree. RSS chief is on record, attending dalit intelelctual forums.

    Also, latest reserach even by leftist show, ambedkar was a believer of Hindutva- as he made a DICTINCTION between religions of India and those from outside.

    That’s the reason he chose to convert to Buddhism, a Bharatiya religion. He had offer of huge money (from Hyderabad Nizam) to convert to Islam, and from Church to convert to Xtianity.

    Its a race against time to incorporate, give rightful places back to dalits.

    I for one, want to see dalits versed in shahtras to handle hindu religious affair in top shrines like Tirupati.

    As Swami Vivekanand once said, we are going to see rise of shudras again- time to follow caste to its original meaning- by profession.

    We all are dalits, as we do work for our living (I for one don;t keep sacred threat being supposedly brahmin).

    “One doesn;t become a brahmin by his birth alone
    one become a brahmin by his action alone.”

    Buddha said this 2500 years. So did many hindu saints. Lets destroy caste.

  76. rahul mirchi Says:

    Well I thought that it was God who alawys saved India regardless of whether The PM was Maya Memsaab or Oddvani or the illiterate Yuvraj!!

  77. yeno ondhu Says:

    emergency should be declared if mayawati becomes pm. if mayawati is given a chance then she will be busy nailing her rivals.

  78. VAlale SUbbanna Says:

    After Mathura ,I am curious to know, what are the other issues on your agenda to creat a strong Hindu rastra.
    What are the other things you want to get it “righted”
    Since you are a self styled SISYA,I strongly believe you need a better GURU.You are talking like “Dubya”(your with us or against us)For your kind information,Im neither with your Muthalik nor with their Syed Shahabuddin.

  79. Palahalli Says:

    VAlale SUbbanna – Kashi.

    It may not really stop there if “you’re” attitude prevails. For further leads, please refer to Sita Ram Goel’s “Hindu Temples – What happened to them?”

    Btw, do you know of any Muslim friend who believes what happened was wrong and he will never pray in such mosques?

    And Sir, it is due to such obfuscation that “Dubya’s” warning comes to life.

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