The Kannadiga jazz virtuoso creating waves

400px-rudresh_mahanthappaWhen his elder brother gave him an album titled “Saxophone, Indian style” by Kadri Gopalnath, Rudresh Mahanthappa thought it was a joke.

Well, the joke is now on you, anna.

The “Kannadiga” born in Italy, brought up in Boulder, Colorado—“neither Indian, nor American”—is hitting the right notes with his saxophone in the United States, playing eventually with Gopalnath under the band name, Dakshina Ensemble.

Photograph: courtesy Sheldon Levy

Visit the website: Rudresh Mahanthappa

Listen to the music: Kinsmen on Myspace

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5 Responses to “The Kannadiga jazz virtuoso creating waves”

  1. Kadana Kuthuhala Says:

    Rudresh is really good.. Last year I purchased his album ‘Codebook’ and it’s really a good collection. Hez very innovative and his licks are simply amazing sometimes..

  2. My3 Says:

    Thanks for introducing us to this artist!

  3. tarlesubba Says:

    talking about the kadris, here is a rhythmic montage for manikanth kadri’s song from mr. garagasa.

    to really get a feel for the sounds use atleast ear plugs.

    the kadris are amazing.

  4. cold benne Says:

    thanks a bunch

  5. Voice of India Says:


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