From Dharwad, India’s best shehnai player today

On the birthday of Ustad Bismillah Khan, a gentle rewind of the only Kannada number to showcase the maestro: Karedaru kelade bande from the Raj Kumar-starrer Sanadi Appanna. And a quick introduction to S. Ballesh, a disciple of the ustad from Dharwad, whom S.P. Balasubramanyam introduces on MAA TV as the “finest player of the shehnai in Indian cinema today”.

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15 Responses to “From Dharwad, India’s best shehnai player today”

  1. Mysore Peshva Says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful Beautiful!

    SP pronounces his name as “Baalesh.”

    Listening to SP’s beautiful Kannada toward the end — “Neevu baruva tanakha naanu ee vedikege sootradhari” — lit up my morning!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vikas Akalwadi Says:

    Though many know Dharwad as place of poets, it is also a place of great musicians. It has to be that way, isnt it ? Thanks for this report. Churmuri missed Prasanna Gudi (son of Madhav Gudi) though :)

  3. VC Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Beautiful.

  4. Yella OK Says:

    Brilliant. Apart from the music, which of course is brilliant, the joy on raj’s face when he is playing the shehnai, is worth a watch – guess that pure joy and warmth he brought in playing such characters made him such a revered personality till the 80s.

    Pity that sandalwood today is a scoundrel’s melting pot (with a few exceptions, ofcourse) rather than a cultural melting pot.

  5. Prashanth Says:

    Such a great Shehnai Mastero from Karnataka, and most people from Karnataka(likes of me) dont even know about him!!!

    And every year, at Dasara Concerts we Import the Music Talents from Outside Karnataka ignoring the Gems to the likes of Pandit Baalesh.

    Shame on us…

  6. shankar Says:

    most amazing of my life that sp.balasubramanium ji introduces the shehnai ratna pandit s.ballesh in the show …..disciple of bharat ratna ustad bismillah khan shaheib,dr.d.p.hiremath gawai,pandit puttraj gawai, pandit kadand salunke and pandit prakash salunke pune……

  7. tsubba Says:

    lol. hehehe. why does jayaprada keep saying barsi barsi? i think she meant nuDsi. bcoz that is what PBK/RJ are doing. nuDs-ing.

    this is what is bars – ing is.

  8. poonam Says:

    hi friends thanks to share about pandit… ” real living legend shehnai maestro- real sannadi appanna pandit s.ballesh ji played karedaru keladha song in shehnai as ustad bismillah khan played…in real life….he played same as ustad bismillah khan…..wat a dreat artist he is…wah……wah….. great……

    friends watch this link…..
    “Sannadi Appanna- Karnataka Ratna- Pt S.BALLESH & KRISHNA BALLESH- DR.RAJKUMAR-Song -karedaru kelade ”
    the song played by pandit s.ballesh ji and krishna ballesh ji in bangalore for dr.rajkumar memorial festival …….

  9. padma Says:

    ya sir u r correct pandit s.ballesh is india best shehnai player not only india he is international player…who has worked with many abroad music diractors..and maestro of india like maestro and composer padma bushan illayaraja and padma bushna oscar winner ar.rahaman …pandit s.ballesh is our karnataka ratna….what is governmment doing……heads off sir…at present he working with all music directors of india and abroad….

  10. swapna Says:

    after usd bismillah khan…we coud find all ablilities in pandit s.baalesh with cinema industry and classical industry………

  11. SAMEERA Says:

    great legendeny pandit ballesh ji he has played shehnai as we hear shehnai palyed as by ustad bismillah khan shaib in sannadhi appana kannada film song “kare daru keladhay” heads off pandit ji…. great to hear…. thanks for the legends shehnai… he is great disciple of ustad bismillah khan ji….great sir…

  12. gayathri Says:

    am gayathri here….. after seeing sannadhi appana paleyed by ustad bismilla khan ji…legendry… but i was searching for any other could try this song only atleast…. but here pandit ji is amazing legend he is done a great work.

  13. sadhana Says:

    hi sadhana here… i have listen the song played by ustad bismillah khan sahab in sannadi appanna… but i hav saw the real vedio shehnai played here of song sannadi appanna “kare daru keladha “by pandit s ballesh ji (disciple of ustad bismillah khan” really heads off sir… what a audience in the show… great appalause , standing avation for pandit ji… we are really proud of the real legend… great work of taans, and fast drut shehnai parases same as ustad bismillah khan sahab” we feel same by pandit baalesh ji” great……….

  14. santhini Says:

    really thanks to churmuri ji given us a good information Abt the instrument shehnai and Abt Pandit S.ballesh sahab .. great to hear .. plz update more on this, great to see SP. Balu Sir introducing Pandit ji

  15. khumbhi Says:

    wow really after hearing, what a finest musician playing this instrument, his nuance is so clear

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