Does corruption matter? Is the Pope Catholic?

Every single opinion poll and back-of-the-envelope prediction has put the BJP-led NDA behind the Congres-led UPA. So far. Now, an internal poll commissioned by the BJP gives it a slight edge, in the wake of the desertions from the UPA ranks by the RJD, SP and LJP in the North, and the PMK in the South.

Notwithstanding the Satyam scam and the imputations of Y.S. Rajashekhara Reddy having benefited from it, the Congress is expected to hold on to its ground in Andhra Pradesh, winning 25 of the 40 seats, according to pollster G.V.L. Narasimha Rao, who was recently inducted into the BJP national executive.


Sudheendra Kulkarni, a member of the BJP’s election strategy group, offers six reasons why the Congress will buck the forecasts and lose, on

# Betrayal of the aam admi

# Concern over economic security

# Concern over national security

# UPA has withered away

# Crisis of leadership in Congress

Read the full article: Six reasons why the Congress will lose

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6 Responses to “Does corruption matter? Is the Pope Catholic?”

  1. Hari Says:

    As we saw in 2004, no pollster has the foggiest idea about voter intentions. The dynamics have changed enormously since the 70s and 80s when opinion polls were able to measure anti or pro-Congress sentiment and predict results. Since 1996, every seat in every election has been decided by a number of local and national variables which defy predictions. We can just hope that a reasonably wise and fairly stable government takes office in about two months time.

    Instead of bothering with these silly polls why don’t you analyze party/coalition positions on issues- economy,security, education,reforms?

  2. Coffee addict Says:

    Me and one of my colleagues back-of-the-envelop prediction gives 160-170 seats to Congress and 135-140 seats to BJP!

  3. Gururaj B.N. Says:

    We are so used to corruption that in the present electoral campaign, none is even talking about eradicating corruption or providing corruption free administration. It is no longer an issue for elections. Like Vishakanya, we have got used to corruption amidst us.

    Even Advani’s wonderful autobiography is deafeningly silent about corruption within BJP, Tehlka sting, flesh trade by BJP MP, how BJP finances its elections and so on. If the party with difference also wants to keep very quite about corruption, why talk about other parties, who take at least three dips a day in the pool of corruption?

  4. Indian Says:

    What’s the connection between the headline and the post?

  5. Naveen Bhartiya Says:

    There are many reasons for this defeat. BJP has to work more smartly than it did and there are miles to go. We have a lots of things to learn from Advani Ji’s life. We have to build his dream of INDIA. This election is an eye opener about things to be corrected and march ahead…
    Leader’s stature become taller with every defeact and he come out of ashes like pheonix. LKA should not leave his follower in middle as he has promiced to be with us and work with us for 2009-2014. He can’t left us in between and it is Sudhendra Kulkarni and other’s responsibility to keep him active in indian politics till 2014. As he is man of his words, so he has to keep earlier promice to make the india of his dream in next 5 Years… We won’t say good bye to him before 2014…
    Naveen Bhartiya

  6. ARUN Says:

    dear sir,
    congress have given to the people of India nothing more than corruption, parallel economy, de industrilaisation, erosion of agricultural land in the form of urbanisation, ruinnation in the form of healthcare indistrialisation and privatisied education. they were simply trapped in october’07, when all it were to collapse, but fortunately escaped temporarily at the cost of nuke deal.
    sir, i am into fundamental research since a long, can say that elections 2009 results and after will drag it all to 1947 pre-independence or even may be at or before pre english era, and of course irreparable, as one can visualise from faliure of financial institutions particularly in USA, WERE TO HAPPEN IN INDIA IF COMMUNIST PEOPLE WERE NOT THERE.
    may be after three- four year, it all be repeated in INDIA, A TOTAL FALIURE
    at last what for you people the are waiting for

    with warm regards
    and positive hopes

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