A single shoe is mightier than a pen and a sword


Nothing captures the Indian political sitcom/tragicomedy of tu-tu-main-main better than a strong political cartoon, and nobody does it better than E.P. Unny day after day in The Indian Express.

Indira Gandhi‘s killers were hanged inside four years of her assassination, but the killers who killed in her name were roaming around free for 25 years, fighting (and winning) elections in a serious disadvertisement to the “wisdom of the voter”, and the wisdom of the “majority”, in whose name a million crimes are committed.

Jagdish Tytler has now pulled out of the race for the Lok Sabha elections, giving the single shoe of the journalist who flung it at home minister P. Chidambaram an unheard-of power.

Who will throw the shoe at the televised perpetrators of Gujarat?

Or the televised hate-mongers of Pilibhit (and countless other places)?

Or the televised killers of Nandigram (and countless other places)?

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7 Responses to “A single shoe is mightier than a pen and a sword”

  1. Narasimha Says:

    How about the perpetrators of Godhra getting some Paaduka Pooja?

    How about Gandhi and Nehur’s photos all over India, getting adorned with Paaduka Haara, since they presided over the biggest communal riots in the history of free India…

    Churmuri trying to be too clever by half as usual..

  2. CKB Says:

    the followers of the one and only (drumroll please…) true god have managed to depopulate entire continents of their heathens. but our seculars preach equal equal only to disarm the remaining heathens in india. shame on you, churumuriputtar


    Tytler is the progeny of a missionary and is a Christian. Google ‘Tytler’; it is definitely a western name. Congress is foremost a neocolonial tool. Like the old british colonials, it relies heavily on fellow “people of the book” (ie muslims) to maintain control and effect its missionary and western agenda.

  3. sriranga Says:

    how about the churumuri authors who keep writinig nonsense getting a taste of shoe-seva

  4. goutam Says:

    Indira Ghandy was assassinated by a Sing, a Punjabi, so he was hanged in no time, where as the man who killed many Punjabi’s is a Muslim, how can you hang him or convict him, as they are an important group in India. A so called Minority group!

  5. Gururaj B.N. Says:

    Chidambaram did not deserve it in this case. CBI is under the control of Central Vigilance Commission, not under home ministry. The shoe should have been aimed at Sonia Sphinx Gandhi or a more powerful object at Jagadish Tytler himself.

    I suspect that sooner than later, Tytler might end his life in the manner in which Lt Gen Vaidya ended up.

  6. dharma Says:

    Guru high hopes!

  7. Chakresh Mishra Says:

    this juta-baji is ok, until
    1. target is people who deserve it, not PC like gentleman
    2. It hits the target. In a cricket loving country like India, very disappointing performance by shoe throwers, not a single direct hit :)

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