Losers of the world unite. It’s all there to win.

arun nehruFormer Union minister and Congressman turned BJP man, Arun Nehru, in Deccan Chronicle:

“The winners in the 2009 elections will be those who are able to maintain or improve upon their tally. In the winners’ category will be the BJP and the Congress, and apart from them the JDU, AIADMK, PMK, TDP, TRS, BSP and TMC.

“The losers will be the Left, SP, RJD, DMK. The Shiv Sena, NCP and BJD may hold on to their positions. But will the losers in 2009 determine government formation and can this lead to stability?

“Government formation will happen in stages and it is possible that the Congress may emerge as the single largest party, though the gap is getting narrower between the Congress and the BJP and there is another round of polling left.”

Read the full article: Seats of power

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4 Responses to “Losers of the world unite. It’s all there to win.”

  1. karthik Says:

    How is Mr.Nehru going to fetch 153 for Congress..guess form across the border!

  2. Metaempiricus Says:

    Arun Nehru keeps changing his prediction every week. He bases his prediction on the popular media perception of the winners / losers. Since last week media has been siding the BJP and hence Arun Nehru includes that in his latest version of the forecast. These predictions are casual guesstimates with no great analyis or thinking behind them. They are as good or as bad as any prediction made by soothsayers and amatuer political observers.

  3. Prashanth Says:

    Arun Nehru’s prediction has taken a dramatic shift from congress to BJP over a period of last 8 weeks.. This clearly indicates that he had underestimated BJP and now realizes that BJP has made t finally and virtually accepting UPA has failed in many fronts be it price rise or nations security.

    This is nothing but casual guesstimates far from reality and what people want. My advise is not to go with any claims as such, no astrologer can predict Indian Election Results.

  4. Manish Says:

    I have never relied on these estimates which are formulated just to fill the newspapers and create discussions.

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