It’s their opinion that they have done an exit poll

Exit polls are said to be more reliable than opinion polls in gauging the mood of the electorate since pollsters catch respondents immediately after they have cast their ballot.

But for the second successive time in five years, mainstream Indian media organisations have fallen flat on their faces in their “exit poll” projections, throwing a big question mark over the authenticity of their claims, the reliability of the pollster’s methods, and their use as a media device.

Obviously, the size of the country, the size of the electorate, the multiple parties and issues involved, etc, making prediction an immeasurably difficult task, but the consistency with which polls are getting it wrong throw a big question mark over the role the media is performing in our democracy: do they have their ear to the ground, catching the pulse of the people whose eyes and ears they are supposed to be.

Or have they become a megaphone for uninformed news, views and gossip, no different from a roadside tea shop.


In 2004, all the exit polls predicted a return to power for the NDA giving the ruling alliance a lead of 40-90 seats and more; in the end, the BJP-led alliance fell 32 seats below the predictions and was routed by the UPA.

In 2009, all the exit polls predicted a thin lead for the ruling UPA; some predictions sighted a single-digit margin between the two alliances. In the end, the Congress-led UPA ended up almost 100 seats ahead of the NDA.


2004 Elections

NDTVIndian Express: NDA 230-250, Congress + allies 190-205,

Aaj Tak/ Headlines Today: NDA 248, Congress + allies 189

Zee News: NDA 249, Congress + allies 176

Star News: NDA 263-275, Congress + allies 174-186

Actual tally: NDA 187, Congress + allies 219


2009 Elections

NDTV: UPA 216, NDA 177, Third Front 15

Star News-AC Neilsen: UPA 199, NDA 196

CNN-IBN-CSDS: UPA 185-205, NDA 145-160

India TV-C Voter: UPA 189-201, NDA 183-195

Headlines Today: UPA 191, NDA 180

The Times of India: UPA 198, NDA 183

Actual tally: UPA 256, NDA 164

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32 Responses to “It’s their opinion that they have done an exit poll”

  1. old_mysorean Says:

    Media always overestimate BJP and under estimate Congress. May be because BJP create lot of hype before elections.

  2. Simple Says:

    In both 2004 and 2009 exit polls, the entire media gave Congress much much lower than it actually got.

    Exit Polls in both Lok Sabha elections predicted BJP would fare much better than it actually did . Why did the media err in favour of BJP, both the times?

    Is it mere coincidence?


    Is there a distinct pro BJP tilt in the media?

    Time and again i have argued that media has constantly underestimated Cong and trashed it with contempt. While media has always played up BJP’s numbers.

    CNN IBN takes the cake for falling flat. Cong got 206 seats. CNN had predicted 16- to 170 max….almost a 40 seat difference..and u should see Yogendra Yadav and Rajdeep Sardesai in a self congratulatory mood!

    The channel actually CLAIMS they got it right! tsk tsk…

    Star News, Headlines Today, Times of India..all had egg on their faces..


  3. kbalakumar Says:

    (I posted the same comment on sans serif too)

    One of the major casualties in the last few years has been the Indian media, especially the electronic one.

    Exit polls, as opposed to other surveys, represent media’s hubris as the real result itself is anyway out some hours later.

    But for those few hours, the media gloats and treats the exit polls as the real McCoy and puts out the most presumptuous of questions.

    Now that the exit polls have been proved wrong in the extreme, not one TV channel had the heart to accept it.

    In fact Rajdeep and Prannoy congratulated themselves for getting it right. Farce is too mild a word to describe them and their behaviour.

    The likes of Rajdeep, Barkha always clamber on the moral high horse, and berate the politicos for not showing enough grace at times of defeat.

    But when they themselves have been proved awfully wrong, where is the grace? In fact the way they went about the whole tamasha left a sickening taste in the guts.

    They were fawning and oily towards the victors and extremely rude and downright disrespectful to the losers (the BJP and the Left).

    Is there a way to vote out the electronic media prima donnas? There should be a poll to exit them, as it were.

  4. Mohan Says:

    From next time onwards, I am sure none of the channels would be brave enough to come with useless number game called ‘Exit Polls’.

    Nobody gets it right… Please give up guys… take a break and get life :)

  5. harkol Says:

    In both cases NDTV came the closest to actual figures. An error is almost certain when you take a statistical representation. More so, when you are trying to predict a 5-6 way contests. The more revealing pointer would be what was the victory margins where the Exit-polls went wrong (or right).

    NDTV coverage too was far more mature and informative.

    The CNN-IBN/Headlines today/Times-Now are all shrill in their ways and have pompous presenters. They seek sensationalism (more than NDTV).

    All the channels ofcourse are businesses and would have to keep an eye on TRPs.

  6. Sanjay Says:

    Quite Right!!! Wonder why media is not getting it closer if not correct.

    I’m astounded by the opportunistic political astuteness that our HDK possesses, without which he wouldn’t have met the Congress Supremo 3 days before the results.

  7. vinaya Says:

    Time has come to ban exit polls. They only serve to make fools of everyone, inculding the ones who are conducting and telecasting the so called results. Somebody is making money in the process by milking the TV channels who in turn milk the advertisers. NDTV had announced that they were privy to one of the most scientifically conducted exit polls that had a headcount of 70,000 electorate. For two nights the talk bazaar on NDTV and other channels played fool with the viewers. And there were fervent pleas, justifications and demand to allow publication of exit polls soon after the elections are over and not wait for the all the phases to be over. Oh No! For so many years we have witnessed the pathetic outcomes of exit polls. The EC and the Supreme Court should ban exit polls for playing a fraud on the public. If this is not 420 of IPC, what is?

  8. Palahalli Says:

    In what way are the channels pro-BJP? Just because they predicted better results for the NDA?

    Pro-BJP would mean they take the same stance on issues as the BJP. This has for most part never happened.

  9. Clearcut Says:

    1. It is the third succesive general election that the BJP’s strength has declined. From 182 to 138 to 116 now. It took fifty years for Congres to took just ten years to BJP to decay.

    Clearly something is seriously wrong with the policies of BJP.

    2.Every political party which backstabbed Congress was punished by God and the people of India.

    1. PDP in Kashmir withdrew support to Cong govt in Kashmir. Look what happened. PDP got ZERO seats.

    2. JMM tried to blackmail COng several times. It got drubbed in Jharkand.

    3. RJD backstabbed Cong. RJD nosedived from 22 to 4

    4. Paswan backstabbed Cong. Paswan got a BIG ZERO.

    5. Left parties withdrew support to Cong. they came sliding down from 60 t0 25

    6. PMK enjoyed the fruits of power in centre for 5 years and ditched Congress at the last minute. they got a big ZERO.

    7. TRS got off the UPA govt. midway, leaving Cong in the lurch. TRS got a severe drubbing in Andhra.

    8.NCP was playing games with Cong, and flirting with Shiv Sena. NCP’s tally came down from last time. COng emerged biggest player in Maharashtra.

    9. Samajwadi Party backstabbed Cong and SPs seats fell from 35 to 23

    Those who stood behind Congress like a rock benefitted.

    DMK incrased its seats from 16 to 18
    TMC increased its seats ffrom 1 to 19
    NC increased its seats from 2 to 3

  10. Doddi Buddi Says:


    10. People who stood behind Congress have been assured of a haircut!

  11. Andy Says:

    # Congats MMM #

    First..i think M Madan Mohan deserces credit for calling it right…Congratulation !!!

    In Karnataka, i feel, strengths of JDS is often over-estimated and BJP ‘s under-estimated. Several media stories mentioned about “strong under currents for JDS ” and against BJP both in 2008 Polls and now.

    They proved wrong on both the occasions.

  12. Rajesh R Says:

    In what way media is pro-BJP, this election is a win for the pro-Cong media, they literally tom tomed behind Congress (no idea what congi has promised in return, probably a Bharath Ratna for Rajdeep?? Padma Bhushan/Vibhsuan for Barkha), they created a sympathy for Manmohan and Congress won because of Manmohan. Exit polls have gone wrong always (in case of Karnataka, Gujarat).. but still Rajdeep and folks have claimed victory, shame on media.. and now they are praising Rahul to the maximum….

  13. Niket Says:

    Or that voting machines are rigged and there is no way to tell. Why else would not a single exit poll, including those by left-leaning psephologist not predict better Congress/UPA performance?



    The previous message had , which is missing (and hence the post reads contrary to what I intended).

  14. khan Says:

    Not withstanding the whining of you-know-color cheddis, the media has always been biased in favour of BJP. There is desire in every so called journalists to see BJP perform well. This jaundiced view, coupled with “certain castes” only media, results with these kind of the exit polls.

    If the media had “little” diversity in their makeup and without “hidden stakes” the exit polls would certainly reflect ground reality as it is. This is a must requirement, as India is not an homogeneous country to interpolate the sample of few.

  15. harkol Says:

    The Indian Media can not be Pro-BJP. By nature our media (newspapers included) is filled with JNU types – almost totally consumed by the socialistic philosophy.

    Only exceptions may be the business channels, but then a miniscule percentage watches them and they rarely have political programs.

    In the meanwhile, I don’t think the media is anti-BJP either. Atleast not in a conscious way. They try to be even handed but, most of what BJP stands for goes against our media’s philosophy.

    lets consider the following:

    – Media thinks Secularism is about respecting minorities and/or respect all religions in framing law. BJP’s standpoint is – secular govt. is one that doesn’t allow religion to be factor in framing civil law.

    – Media thinks Majority communalism is bad, minority communalism is not so bad. Example of this is Col. Purohit’s arrest being made out as “Hindu Terrorism” – Media never spoke of “Muslim terrorism”. BJP thinks of kid-glove treatment to Minority Communalism as Minority Appeasement.

    – Media thinks Kashmir is an sensitive issue, with international ramification so India should respect Kasmiri rights to be seperate within India. But, BJP thinks Kashmir is full part of India and there are no special rights for them.

    – Media thinks Gandhi family has devine powers : of course no one says that explicitly, but it is obvious in the way the media treats them with kid-gloves. Questioning Sonia Gandhi or rahul the way Karan thapar did with Advani is unthinkable. So, they keep gushing about how handsome priyanka is, and how genuine the crowds in Sonia’s rally was!! So, the media treats Gandhi family like royalty, and everyone else like usurpers. (BJP ofcourse can’t like this).

    – Majority of today’s media baron’s were born in a License-permit raj of Indira/rajiv era. They were always dependent on Congress for their munificence. Best example is NDTV – Prannoy Roy owes almost all his career to his proximity to powers-that-be who let him start his program in Doordarshan. So, there has been this friendliness/proximity that media heads share with the congress leaders that isn’t there with the BJP folks. The media in general isn’t truly free in india (Some say Pakistani media is far more freer)!!

    All these facts, and a general leftist/rationalist moorings of most journalists are responsible for majority of them not being Pro-BJP.

    So, Most of our media is certainly pro-socialist, almost pro-congress. While not necessarily being blatantly anti-BJP.

  16. Simple Says:

    Media is completely pro BJP

    It was grating to watch analyst after analyst holding forth on how all Congress (and its allies) had severe incumbency at the state level.

    Maharashtra was supposed to have severe incumbency. The result proved them wrong.

    Ditto Andhra. Media had no good words for YSR. All pundits were sure YSR would lose. But by how much , was the question. As results showed, YSR added four extra LS seats to Cong kitty.

    Ditto Tamil Nadu. Nobody gave a ghost of a chance to Karunanidhi. Everybody was busy fawning over Jayalalitha, saying that she wouldmake a grand comeback.

    Even Ashok Ghelot, they said he could not sweep Rajasthan because his govt hadn’t really done all that well in the past few months.

    But they were full of praise for Nitish and BJD Chief and CM of MP and Raman Singh.

    Morever, this is the second successive back to back election that THE ENTIRE MEDIA has got the prediction wrong. ALL OPINION polls prior to the elections showed BJP in a much better light than the miserable 116 it finally got.

    Some would say that this was an attempt to create a wave in favour of BJP.

  17. Prashanth Says:

    My detailed analysis suggests otherwise. This was clearly an election, which was a collection of individual state results. Admittedly, there was some undercurrent of support to Congress due to pro-poor policies. But, mainly Congress won in many states on parochial issues such as Muslim communalism, casteism etc. Each state voted based on local issues. Let us take each major state:

    1. Uttar Pradesh – Congress did not perform better due to Rahul Gandhi’s charisma. As per exit polls, 6% Muslim voters switched from SP to Congress, in seats where Congress was more likely to win, instead of blindly voting for SP. It clearly shows nothing worked except communal polarisation. Of course, farm loan waiver was a big issue too. Varun Gandhi caused some damage here.

    2. West Bengal – Congress/Trinamul has won all the seats on the Bangladesh border. This clearly suggests that Muslims deserted Leftists due to Singur/Nano controversy which primarily impacted local Muslims! So this is a pro-minority voting by illegal immigrants against development. Again communal polarisation.

    3. Bihar – In the neighbouring state, good performance by JD(U) was rewarded by voters.

    4. Maharashtra – UPA won 29 seats in this state, mainly because of Raj Thackarey’s MNS, which won enough votes in 8-10 seats, to cause losses to BJP/SS. Without the UPA-sponsored MNS campaign, NDA would have won 29 seats. MNS made BJP/SS combine loose 3 seats in Mumbai alone. Especially Mumbai South where 11/26 attacks happened was never in favour of electing Milind Devora.

    5. Orissa – a vote for good governance by Biju Patnaik.

    6. Punjab – Anti-incumbency against Akalis. Badal’s family rule, to some extent farm loan waivers worked in the state of Punjab.

    7. Gujarat, MP, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, HP – BJP performed very well. They may not have swept elections, but won a decent majority in each state.

    8. Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Assam – These are the only states that Congress can claim to have won due to good performance. Of these, Rajasthan is a state that has traditionally flip-flopped every 5 years for Congress and against its opponents. BJP swept 2004, Congress is merely returning the favour this year.

    9. Karnataka – BJP turned in great performance.

    10. Andhra Pradesh – If Chiranjivi factor had not been present, TDP/TRS would have unseated Congress. Another spoiler like Thackarey.

    11. Tamil Nadu – Sri Lanka issue was the main driver why DMK managed to win, in a traditionally flip-flop state. Jayalalitha tried her best, but, Tamil sub-nationalism is a strong undercurrent. DMK also managed these elections by cash. In Madurai, voter list was on toss, Karunanidhi’s son got over 100,000 valid AIADMK voters deleted from the list using revenue officials who are also responsible for voter registration. Vijaykanth caused some damage to AIADMK.

    12. Kerala – This is a state that has flip-flopped each and every election since 70s, and this one is just continuation of the trend. Congress did not have to do much to win.

    I, therefore, believe that Congress has managed this election better, with the horse for each course. BJP, on the other hand, did not get right allies and could not neutralise spoilers. There is no strong national mandate in favour of Congress on economic, social or security issues.

  18. Indu Ramesh Says:

    Bang on, Harkol !. I guess the most misused word in politics ia Secular.

  19. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Why are we all quiet about Kumaraswamy’s squalid antics? After DG’s departure, Revanna takes his place in parliament. Another member of the clan will represent Ramanagara in the assembly. That still leaves Holenarasipura to be grabbed.

  20. Rajesh R Says:

    I completely disagree with Simple, media was blatantly against BJP, CNN-IBN openly supported Congress by showing great sympathy towards Manmohan, they infact interviewed Manmohan’s family members to know their opinion about Advani’s tirade this defenitely created a sympathy wave…
    Infact Rajdeep had written blogs about Priyanka and Rahul… where as each and every BJP leader was hounded by the media, each and every statement given by the BJP leaders were shown in negative sense….harkol has given a true picture of the media….


    Clearcut, I’ve done my homework, the publicity given by Rajdeep to BJP is not even 0.1% of what he has given to Congress and their folks, they have done it openly, you cannot hide the facts….. you cld see the personal victory on Rajeep’s face on 16th-May…. unfortunately his face had to shrink after Sitaram Yetchuri gave him a mouthful….
    He was openly supporting MMS, Chidamabaram and the folks.. and ofcourse he was suitably rewarded with a Padma Shri… all the CNNIBN awards were given away to Congress folks systematically since 2 years (you can check out their website)… and ofcourse he is a known Modi basher…

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Don’t worry pretty soon ‘Radio Personality’ Sardesai will look silly! After all even the sycophants start tiring…

  22. Clearcut Says:


    NDTV gave LK Advani , lifetime achievement award. NDTV expected Advani to become PM, hence this was their way of sucking up to BJP

    NDTV has noT GIVEN A SINGLE CONGRESS politician a lifetime award.

    the writing is clearly on the wall.

    NDTV is a pro BJP channel. they reppeatedly showed BJP getting 140 seats when they actually got a poor 116

    They showed Cong getting only 160 seats, when actually got 206

    Clearly NDTV is a pro BJP channel.

    on the other hand, Rajdeep had never any good things to say about cong govt in andhra or haryana or maharashtra.

    Contrast this with good words he had for MP chief minister, Chattisgarh CM, Bihar CM and Orissa CM and you know how openly partial that channel

    Rajesh, do your homework better next time

  23. Simple Says:

    Prashanth has analysed the 2009 elections with both his eyes closed. It is a simplistic, bordering on preposterous analysis. Here’s why.


    it is not merely Muslims who have voted for Congress in UP. Even Brahmins and upper castes have voted for Cong in UP. Why do i say that? Because if the Muslims vote was split between Cong, SP and BSP, clearly BJP should have gained. But in actual terms BJP has lost.

    BJP’s vote share in UP has plummetted by four percent! This is because upper caste people who had voted for BJP in last elections, swung away to Congress.

    IF Cong had gained Muslim vote,then why did BJP lose its vote share? clearly, the existing support base of BJP (upper caste) is moving away from BJP to Congress.

    UP electorate is fed up with teh religious, and casteist politics of BJP, SP and BSP and hence have taught all three a bitter lesson.


    2. In WEst Bengal, Muslims form just 13.4% of the total population. With just 13.4% votes, no party can get a majority of 25 out of 40 seats. This is utter rubbish to say there is polarisation in West Bengal. Hindus and Muslims, both have equally voted for Cong TMC in Bengal.

    Go and have a look at the voters list. 85% are Hindus.

    3. In Bihar, it is the vote split between Cong and RJD that has helped JDU. If u add the vote percentages of Cong, RJD and LJP , they more or less match JDU-BJP combine. Which means both the alliances would have won 20 seats each…..that would have resulted in a loss of 13 seats to JDU-BJP

    It is as simple as that. Forget so called ‘great administration’ by Nitish, it is a clear case of opposition disunity in Bihar.

    4. MNS contested only 10 seats, and it damaged Sena in only five seats. Look at the poll figures and u will know the combined vote share of MNS and ShivSena-BJP alliance is better in only FIVE CONSTITUENCIES. But in rest of Maharshtra, there was no MNS, then why did Cong gain in Vidarbha and elsewhere in the state.

    Clearly, it was massive pro incumbency in Maharashtra. Contrary to what all TV channels, which poorly anaylysed Maharashtra saying that there was anti incumbency in the state, nothing of that sort happened.

    5. In Andhra, Cong has lost just 2% vote. PRP has gained 18% vote share. If PRP was not there, half of PRP’s votes would have gone to Cong. It is a foolish assumption that entire PRP votes would have gone to TDP.

    Erstwhile supporters of Cong would have continued to support Cong, if PRP had not come into existence.

    6. In Karnataka, BJP benefitted from teh disunity between Cong and JDS. A glance at Bangalore results will reveal that BJP would have lost all three seats in Bangalore of JDS and Cong had come together. BJP would have got only 10 seats instead of 19, if both parties had gone in for an alliance.

    As simple as that. Nothing great.

    7. In Orissa, the biggest loser was BJP. Cong gained, BJD gained. Cong gained 4 extra LS seats, BJD gained 3 extra LS seats.

    Now BJP realises that it is nothign without BJD in Orissa. it was merely hanging on to the tail of Naveen…

    8. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP lost massively. they lost 9 seats and the voteshare between the two major parties was reduced to merely four percent from the earlier 14%. MASSIVE Gains for Cong in Madhya Pradesh.

    9. In Rajasthan, Delhi BJP has started to decay.

    10. In haryana, SPECTACULAR performance by Cong. To repeat the stunning performance of 2004, where they got 9 out of 10 is breathtaking.

    Massive pro incumbency in Haryana. Cong up in terms of voteshare and seats. BJP also LOST the single seat it had.

    11. In Punjab, huge anti incumbency against SAD BJP. both lost vote share and seats, inface of a resurgent Cong.

    12. In Chattisgarh, BJP lost vote share, although they maintained old tally.

    13. In Gujarat, BJP lost vote share. with a ‘tall leader’ like Modi, it is surely a slap on BJPs face,they conceded an impressive 11seats to Cong. Cong is far fro being wiped out in Gujarat. they are giving tought fight to BJP.

    it is certainly not a one sided fight in Gujarat.

    13. In Tamil Nadu, a huge pro incumbency in favour of DMK COng. Fantatic pro poor schemes benefitted the alliance. People also punished PMK and MDMK for changing parties at every elections.

  24. khan Says:

    …and the self loathing, victimised, weak and meek continues with their whining.

    Prashant is good example:
    [i]Congress won in many states on parochial issues such as Muslim communalism[/i]

    Hmm what happened to “Hindutva” on 85% Hinuds? 12% Muslims can win seats but not 85%?? let me guess, we Hindus are generally Secular only. That leads us to conclude that BJP leaders are bunch of fools, who did not know this fact for so many years. Don’t you think they were rightly condemned to ignominious defeat?

    Muslims deserted Leftists due to Singur/Nano controversy

    As in war formations?? or you mean CPIM owned them, but these traitorous Muslims, “left” them when needed.

    UPA won 29 seats in this state, mainly because of Raj Thackarey’s MNS,

    Why not NCP won like congress, afterall Pawar is supposed to be patron in chief of MNS.

    MK also managed these elections by cash

    Who did not? can you name one. Ah I get it ,you mean Karnataka BJP.

  25. sudhir Says:


    Nice analysis. Prashant i have seen since last 2 months, BJP supporters flooding message boards and repeating the same thing again and again like inducing fear in the minds of people about minorities. If their is an election in the internet BJP could have won hands down. Weak minded people will fall pray to this. I think BJP’s campaign was to blame for this debacle. Instead of talking about achievements of their 6 year rule at the center and talking about development, they became abusive and personally critisized MMS.

    Regarding Karnataka, when will Deve Gowda learn that opportunistic post poll alliances will not always work?. As “Simple” said, instead of supporting Congress from behind in few constituencies, if he had a prepoll alliance, then BJP could have lost eight seats like Bangalore Central, Bangalore North, Tumkur, Chitradurga, Koppal, Chickmagalur, Raichur, Davangere and Canara. For next assembly if they come together, they can sweep all seats in Hassan, Mandya and Bangalore rural districts as there is no BJP in these distrcist and can win more than 90% seats in Mysore, Tumkur, Chamarajanagar and Chickaballapur districts. That will leave BJP with 150 odd seats to fight with of which they have to get 113.

  26. Simple Says:


    Thank you.

    May I also add another observation?

    1. BJP could not make any inroads into Cong ruled states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh.

    2. Cong made substantial inroads into BJP ruled states like Uttarkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab. Exception was Karnataka.

    BJP was supposed to sweep Gujarat with 25 out of 25 seats in its kitty.With a larger than life leader like Modi,they could not settle for less than 25.

    But Cong managed to wrestle 11 seats. Impressive indeed.

    3. BJP is back to being a regional party. With just 116 seats, they are in danger of slipping to double digit, the next time around.

    4. After five years of Cong rule, the gap between BJP and Cong has increased substantially. Clearly, Cong must have done something to win such a huge pro incumbent vote.

    In 2004, the difference between Cong and BJP was 7 seats.

    Today, the difference between Cong and BJP is 90 seats! Very very very impressive!

  27. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Namdu ‘watan’ alli helthaare, “Good Taliban Go to Pakistan; Bad Pakis Go Everywhere” antha!

    Adhu namdhuki zabaan nalli, “Acchi Taleeban Jayega Pakistan; Bhura Pakistan jaayega khabarastan.”

    Swalpa neeve correctge translation-ge maadbidi
    Jai Ho Karnatak

  28. Rajesh R Says:

    Simple… you cannot write off a national party just by judging one election, might BJP strategies were wrong this time… don’t think that Congress win is the mandate given by people to Congress, they have got their seats at the cost of third front and thats absolutely true….

  29. Simple Says:


    Cong has gained not just from third front, Cong has gained CONSIDERABLY from BJP also.

    Stop deluding yourself or stop believing what BJP spokesperson on TV tell you.

    Here is the actual facts: Cong has convincingly and comprehensively beaten BJP in almost all states where BJP has a significant presence. HEre is a dhobi list:

    Cong demolished BJP in a straight fight in UttarKhand (5-0)

    Cong demolished BJP in Uttar Pradesh, where BJP was a significant player. (21-11)

    Cong cut to size BJP’s brute strength by an impressive 9 seats in MP.(16-12)

    Cong demolished BJP in a straight fight in Delhi.(7-0)

    Cong demolished BJP-INLD alliance in Haryana (9-0)

    Cong demolished BJP-SAD alliance in Punjab(8-4)

    Cong stole a march over BJP-AGP alliance in Assam.

    Cong routed BJP in Orissa. Cong gained four seats. BJP lost 7 seats here.

    Cong demolished BJP in Maharashtra.(17-10)

    Cong gave a tough fight to BJP in Gujarat.(15-11)

    Cong demolished BJP in Rajasthan (21-4)

    Cong sealed BJP’s feat in Kashmir. BJP got zero seats here.(2-0)

    Of course, no political party can be written off. But this is the second straight, back to back defeat for BJP. Surely, their smart strategists including Arun Jaitely and Gang have a lot to ponder about.

  30. FazalMohammed Says:

    I protest Doddi Buddis comments on Khan. Request the moderator to
    spam such comments. Doddi is surely living in a fools paradise. India is as much a home to him as it is to Khan.

  31. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Leave Doddi Buddi alone. Without legpullers like him and Tarale Subba, this would be a drab forum. They have what most anna saaru or raagimudde kannadigas lack–incisive wit. Gokulam too belongs to the the group. Let there be more of them.

  32. FazalMohammed Says:

    If spitting venom is commenting. Or if looking down on muslims, or teasing them means leg pulling, then something is seriously wrong.

    Please maintain decorum while blogging. Or kindly proclaim hitting below the belt is fine. Even boxers have rules. Get my point Puli?

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