Is Iron Man still pumping iron for the cameras?


GAUTAMA POLANKI captures the elasticity of the Loh Purush— “Sardar Patel II”—two days after Verdict 2009 underlined once and for all the strength of the Sardar he called nikamma.

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37 Responses to “Is Iron Man still pumping iron for the cameras?”

  1. Coffee addict Says:

    Loh Purush made of Aluminum. It is elastic and very smooth!

  2. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    You know the meaning of wants and won’t, right?

    Who’s the cartoonist, he is too PC.

    Coffee addict, your endorsed website is very knowledgeable. :P

    Al is not elastic, it is ductile and malleable.

    Shouldn’t your channel’s operating expenses during the poll period be added to the campaign fund quota of the constituents and candidates of UPA? :D

  3. Basavaraj Vannur Says:

    Churumuri please be sensible in criticism. Its you and your article is spreading hatred.

    He has been in the Indian politics for more than 60 years. His contribution to the Indian politics is immense. He and his people played the role of constructive opposition to the dynasty led congress.

    I know you cry foul with Babri Masjid. Please read about Shah Bano case and Rajiv Gandhi’s legacy an consequences of it. You will understand the Babri Masjid clearly.

    I appeal all the readers to read the history before making a comment on Babri Masjid and Advani.

  4. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    When he was asked to sit, he chose to crawl!!!

  5. T Azeez Luthfullah Says:

    good cartoon.

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:

    He must be sent home!

  7. harkol Says:

    Basavaraj: I don’t need to read the history you are mentioning. Being in 50s, I am old enough to remember all the events that led to growth of BJP and how my family came to support BJP.

    BJP (previously jansangh) was the only principled party we could support against Congress. When Congress did Emergency, they lost our votes and it took me (my family still won’t vote congress) 30+ years to get around to voting for that party!

    There were lot of right reasons for BJP’s growth, and it is much better at internal democracy than congress.

    However, Advani’s politics has always been confrontational as versus co-operational. He was always good in Opposition, never good when they ruled.

    He simply lost my trust, when he didn’t stand up and tell the party to support the nuclear deal. If he was decisive that’s when he should’ve shown it.

  8. harkol Says:

    Oh! I belive Vajpayee, if he was well, would’ve come around to supporting the Nucelar deal.

  9. sathya Says:

    AL, what about about Congress people ? When the Emergency was declared in 1975 they coined a slogan India is Indira and Indira is India. Now she is gone. How many people were sent to jail? You can hide some facts for some time but you cannot erase it. After all nobody has said without Advani India cannot exist>

  10. khan Says:

    He might have heard his “inner voice”!!

    Maybe not, the person who is responsible for thousands of death does not have it. H is just hungry of power.

  11. Ankit Says:

    Churumuri, your party has won. You do not need to dance on the grave of the defeated, it is downright mean.

  12. AB Says:

    Vote for secular parties-meaning Islam apologists. Churumuri is one whatever the reason is and a closet Nehru dynastic admirer. Why would I bother about Indian politics, not for sane people!

  13. Prashant Krishnamurthy Says:

    How come Google Baba has still not appeared in public to congratulate the winners or to thank his voters and supporters? Does he have no strength left after all that hand-wringing? Or is he a sore loser?

    At least “weak” Manmohan had the courage of conviction to threaten to resign if the Congress did not back him on the nuclear deal. Strong Man cannot even make up his mind if he wants to stay or leave after every part of the nation has sent a clear message on his brand of politics.

  14. tarlesubba Says:

    If you notice both the vanquished parties, the communists and the bjp, have chosen to retain their leadership. i think it is rational.

    #1. too much dust, fog and smoke right now, just after the elections, to understand the true purport of this mandate.

    #2. too early to make the critical decision of choosing the next successor. must better to retain tainted leadership for now, and quell any unnecessary fallout, rather than make a hasty change in the heat of the moment.

    i am pretty sure both karat and advani are on their way out. both parties are only buying time to rationally internalize what happened and based on that choose the next course of action.

    for the good of the country i hope both the communists and the bjp get back on their feet.


    notice both of these are cadre based idealogical parties and would rather make their decisions in their own image and understanding and not be swayed by outsiders.

  15. RMS Says:

    Read about Thiru Karuna meeting Sonia and Singh with his son and daughter presumably to demand cabinet posts for them. What are these two’s qualifications except having a papa called Thiru Karuna? Shame on this Churumuri for supporting such nepotism by supporting Singh and Sonia.

  16. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Taza Falthullah!

    Swalpa neevu nimdu madrasa English-ge bitt butti namdu College-ge banni; Accha Angrezi-ge helkodtheevi.

    Jagada kaiku?

  17. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Nimdu swalpa confusion-ge idhhare! Lots of deaths ‘Aurangzebvani’ antha iddhru pehle’ Avurdhuki thara yaaru illa mundhenu barakilla! Hotha nai woh!

  18. Simple Says:

    Sonia had a majority, she refused to become PM

    Rahul could have become cabinet minister in 2004, he refused to become one.

    Rahul could have easily become PM this time, he refused to become.

    Vilas Rao Deshmukh resigned after Mumbai blasts

    Shivaraj Patil resigned after Mumbai blasts.

    Contrast this with what BJP leaders did.

    Vajpayee grabbed the PM chair in 1996 even without a majority. His govt. came crumbling down in 13 days.

    Advani clung on to his home minister’s chair when Parliament attack happened.

    Modi clung on to his chair when the worst Gujarat riots happened.

    Advani is now clinging on to his Leader of Opposition role, when he led his party to a decisve defeat.

    People saw through all this. Cong leaders aren’t greedy for power at any cost. BJP leaders are.

  19. Mithun Says:

    It is generally considered nice to be a little humble at the time of victory. But I do not think that is the style of the congress and its cronies and churumuri is certainly one of them. And just so you don’t forget, the congress lost a majority of the constituencies where the Manmohan campaigned. That tells a story, doesn’t it?? :D

  20. Rajesh R Says:

    As somebody said, you need not have to dance on loosers, Advani has given a brave fight (Rahaul baba himself has praised).. at 81 touring the entire country is not a joke… and ofcourse Advani has shown that he is a class politician by conratulating both Manmohan and Sonia (unlike Jayalalitha or Maya). When it comes to BJP everything is negative, where as when it comes to Congi everything is positive… (Sonia, Rahul giving up PMs post is martyrdom!!!!) wake up guys don’t be sychophants…

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Simple simply spun on his simple tales:)

  22. December Stud Says:


    “for the good of the country i hope both the communists and the bjp get back on their feet.”


    I can understand BJP…but the commies…really?

  23. Simple Says:


    You don’t need to teach humility to Congress.

    There was zilch celebrations in Cong party or by Cong cadres throughout the country. No loud street celebrations. No firecrackers. No exchanging sweets. No ruckus. No chest thumping. No loud talk.

    Just a shy, quiet MMS handing over a bouquet of flowers to Sonia Gandhi.

    I can visualise what would have happened if BJP had got 200 seats. They would have gone to town speaking garrulously and endlessly on TV on how BJP is now the greatest party on earth.

    And of course, the country would have erupted in noisy revelry. Firecrackres, garlands, music, sweets, the works

  24. mysorehuduga Says:

    Simple has illustrated with examples where the Congress has scored over the BJP.

    BJP should first set its house in order and then think of winning any elections in the future. And I personally feel BJP should re-consider its stand and act more professionally in the days to come for all sections of the society to vote for them.

  25. Anonymous Guy Says:

    And women in jeans pants, muslims, christians, ‘lower caste’ hindus would be excluded from the revelry and made to sit at home. If they did join in with the menfolk they would be belted by the likes of Ram Sene, VHP etc. And some of our RSS supporters here would have written long posts justifying the beltings.

  26. Doddi Buddi Says:

    ‘X’ Guy,

    I have spoken out against the Mangalore attack and repeated raids on Rave parties.. Sadly, you are right: some of the retrograde elements in BJP are closer to Hindu Taliban ideology!

  27. tarlesubba Says:


    come on dont be like that. where would worker’s rights be without the theory and practice of the left? whether you appreciate it or not, they also a induced a certain sense of empiricism in understanding our own existence. but then they are not devine either, and and are blind to the dialectics of their own action, that is where the ideological group, the sangh comes in.

    honestly, can you id what the kangress stands for? they stand for nothing. people like it that way now. but that does not mean that is how it always will be. i wish it were. but we have people amongst us, who are working undermine the status quo, even as they thrive under the protections of it. when that happens, whoever has the most workable solution will make the shrillest of noises.

    ponder over what happened in nandigram. that was so gruesome and vulgar that even media-walas were left dumbfounded.

  28. Palahalli Says:

    This is such a bland exercise and I know it will have zero effect on folks like Simple and AG – But here goes:

    Sonia had a majority, she refused to become PM
    – So what? Is that a concern when any Congress PM cannot lift a little finger without her say so? Even foreign dignitaries know to stop at her residence before they even meet senior leaders in office.

    Rahul could have become cabinet minister in 2004, he refused to become one.
    – Again, so what? Please name ONE cabinet minister who has more power than Rahul in a Congress regime.

    Rahul could have easily become PM this time, he refused to become.
    – Simple nonchalantly underlines Rahul’s power if not prestige.
    Yes he could have. But the Gandhi family has not survived in power so long by showing childish urgency. The family had to commit to a Prime Ministerial candidate in MM Singh. It would have looked stupid had it dumped Singh for Rahul after all the brouhaha they made of Singh’s stature.

    Vilas Rao Deshmukh resigned after Mumbai blasts
    – Bull crap! This propagandistic lie will never go away it seems. Ram Gopal Verma was Deshmukh’s nemesis. Please don’t make a virtue of necessity. No one would have demanded his resignation if he had behaved responsibly.

    Shivaraj Patil resigned after Mumbai blasts.
    – Does this actually require an answer? Would Simple have kept Shivraj Patil? Shivraj Patil resigned on his own?? I was on planet earth when this happened. Where were you Simple?

    When charming and polished folks show such exemplary behavior and show absolutely “no” vulgar greed for power, what can you expect of lesser mortals who are not even of comparable pedigree? ;)

    AG will continue with his ridiculous inanities because he cannot argue on any kind of merit.


    Doddi Buddi – Please don’t hang yourself just yet Sir. AG is not asking for so much sacrifice.

    Since it has come to it, let me tell you that any girl in this country will pray for Muthalik when faced with the Taliban. You know it. AG knows it. And I certainly can appreciate this simple truth.

    One attack on a pub in Mangalore does not a Taliban make. A hoodlum? Yes.

    So what about the rave parties. Did we not discuss that in a thread on Churumuri? I suggest you revisit that piece and then we can discuss how “wrong” the police were to disrupt these “parties”!

    So, enough of this nonsense already! I can understand criticism based on reasonable arguments, but not self-flagellation like this. This only aides loose girakis like AG in their wet dreams!

  29. Simple Says:


    1. The whole world knows that Sangh Parivar is the real power behind the BJP. No BJP PM can lift a little finger without the consent of the Sangh parivar.

    So all your nihilistic arguments go out of the window.

    2. Rahul Gandhi could have chosen the easy way out and parachuted from top into the PMs post. But he’d rather work from bottom up. Without his grassroots work for the organisation in Uttar Pradesh, Cong would still have been party no four in that state.

    Rahul has worked meticulously in the past five years, carefully avoiding media glare.

    Rajiv Gandhi Parachuted to the PM’s post. But Rahul is different.

    3. The nuclear deal was the brainchild of MMS. it was MMS who put his foot down and said that he would rather resign than be blackmailed by the left. It was Sonia Gandhi who supported MMS in his steadfast determination to clinch the nuclear deal.

    There is no use if ur severely conditioned brain continues to believe that Sonia controls MMS.

    In fact it is a perfect arrangement for Cong. Sonia and Rahul take care of the party, while MMS with his expertise and experience runs the govt.

    it is this perfect arrangement that led to the victory of congress at the hustings, leaving a badly mauled BJP way behind.

    Unforutunately BJP does not have such a perfect arrangement. Everybody who is a nobody wants to become a Cabinet Minister with nobody willing to work for the party.

    No wonder the party has started to decay.

    No wonder BJP has regressed to become a regional party once again.

    Thanks to people like Yediyurrapa (who should be PM designate of BJP next election) the flag of BJP is kept fluttering.

    I cant think of a single instance where a BJP minister or PM has shown his willingness to give up a minister’s post owning moral responsibility.

    Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar…..Cong denied tickets to these guys. People of Delhi responded with a resounding thumbs up to Congress decision. Both the candidates who replaced tytler and sajjan won with 1.5 lakh plus margin.

  30. Palahalli Says:

    Doddi Buddi – Bejarge madkobedi. Tarkari marketna matu nodi nodi solpa jasti ne dimaknalli garam aitu ashte. Adre tumhe AG ange chota chokre galge chance kodbedi..daivittu.

    nimma urdu zabaan bahut khoob agide :) Bhesh!

  31. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Yeah – but unfortunately retrograde elements seem to have a bigger impact even though they may be in a minority. And in cases growing to become the real face of the party – like the LTTE kongas or taliban in pak.

    On another note, it funny how some retrograde elements on churumuri write looong posts defending these ram sene types and trying to differentiate them from the taliban :)

  32. December Stud Says:


    Point taken, but it seems like such a joke that commies are part of a democracy.

    You do know why Kangress came back to power, don’t you? People were fed up with the Nth front taking us for a ride and were just looking for stability!!! BJP completely messed it up by trying to go over(t)ly Hindutva in the last minute. I am glad the Nth front was thrown down the gutter and Kaangress came to power (You wouldn’t have even dreamt that I would have said that 10 years back, would you? :)) Of course, I certainly would have liked to see Advani as a PM one day, but that’s a whole different story.

    Let’s not get to Nandigram. You and I both know that it was politics at it’s best (or worst?). And of course, Rajdeep’s and Barkha’s add more fuel to the fire anyway….

  33. Doddi Buddi Says:


    I agree but there were a few copy cat attacks elsewhere too! I am sure some of them were inspired by other parties:) The point is: the government has to protect people and be in charge of law and order situation. Otherwise you will see engineered riots and prompt dismissal of elected state governments by the new dispensation. So be careful in these matters. I am sure there were excesses in Mangalore and the coastal belt with regard to ‘community relations’ and there has been some ‘course correction’ and that is why the people have voted for BJP. But good governance is a must!

  34. tarlesubba Says:

    i can be safely be assumed the rahul baba is playing it safe till all the economic and geo-political muck that is flying around settles down.

    lets not a make a god out of him already shall we?

  35. Basavaraj Vannur Says:

    Well said, Palahalli!

  36. Doddi Buddi Says:


    Nimdu maley namduki bezarilla. ‘Mein Hoon Kaun” swalpa Secular-ge team nalli accha kiladi-ge idhe…Avurdhuki comments swalpa garam hota hai; parwani chod dho eega namduki time-ge sari illa; namdu bottom down-ge eyethe. Isliye logon namdhuki maley football ishtyle keltha raha hai…Hamara bhi ek time ajatha hai. Woh time mein dekhonga kya kya karke,,,

  37. kharaharapriya Says:

    Nimduki jabardast language ge namduki ishta ge aagide.

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