One more example of commodification of women

KPN photo

Real reasons we are using this picture: Because it is a Saturday. Because we like movies. Because we like good-looking women. Because her name is Ramya. Because, well, she is good looking. And because a good Kannadiga has just been allotted the external affairs ministry portfolio.

Intellectual reasons for using this picture: Because an actress pressing flesh with underprivileged kids to the pop of the flashbulbs should not go unnoticed even if it is, well, a stage-managed photo-op. And because “brands” should not lose faith in the perceived ability of brand ambassadors to attract eyeballs.

Photograph: Underprivileged children from the NGO Vistar get a feel of the insides of a Kingfisher Airlines plane at the first anniversary celebrations of Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) on Saturday. (Karnataka Photo News)

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6 Responses to “One more example of commodification of women”

  1. C Says:

    It seems a stretch to label the hugging of underprivileged girls by a goodlooking girl, the ‘commodification’ of women. It seems a perfectly innocent hug and she seems like she’s doing some good in the world.

  2. ಕನ್ನಡಿಗ Says:

    So what is the commodity she is endorsing here?

  3. DS Says:

    Churumuri has one serious RAMYA Fixation! Although good looking her complexion seems fake.

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:


    What is a fake complexion? Or rather what is a not-fake one?

  5. rss Says:

    Are you guys part of Rame Sene or MNS or some taliban supporting group or some thing, common guys, what is your problem.. there is nothing wrong in this picture, rather by creating a problem you are sending a signal that probably churumuri is behaving like a Racist.
    pls clarify your stand.

  6. govinda Says:

    And because a good Kannadiga has just been allotted the external affairs ministry portfolio.


    the above comment smells fishy!!

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