Why Sachin Tendulkar is stronger than Obama (?)



Boys will be boys even if you are the 44th president of the United States of America given to grand rhetorical flourishes. At the G-8 summit in Rome being held in the midst of a global meltdown, Barack O-bum-a looks at the “stimulus package” of a Brazilian delegate while his French counterpart Nicholas Sarkozy watches on admiringly.

At  a similar opportunity in Delhi after the Indian team won the Twenty20 World Cup in 2007, Sachin Tendulkar demonstrates why he is cut from a different cloth while his younger colleagues Robin Utthappa, Dinesh Kaarthick and Yuvraj Singh inspect the evidence.

Video evidence has cast doubts on the Obama incident but rumours that the Brazilian delegate, Mayara Tavares, was a teenager have set right wing tongues wagging.

What is Obama’s excuse likely to be?

Photograph: courtesy Jason Reed/ Reuters

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14 Responses to “Why Sachin Tendulkar is stronger than Obama (?)”

  1. Chakresh Mishra Says:

    he must not have known that there is an option to look down also :P

  2. Dileepa Prabhakar Says:

    The video in the link below allows one to draw one’s own conclusions:
    (Excuse the phrasing — I’ve been watching Yes, Prime Minister lately :) )


  3. Abhi Says:

    It took me quite a while for me to locate Obama and Sachin in the pictures. Seems like both of them are a cut above me.

  4. Not A Witty Nick Says:


    A split second captured. I propose that press photographers should be armed with only point and shoot cameras, then they can’t fool people like this… :P

  5. Reddy Janardhan Says:

    wonder what mr Sarkozy is thinking at that moment

    “Killadi kanamma…neenu Obama”
    The Audacity of Obama ..

  6. Vishal Says:

    Obama’s faux pas may have been the trick of the camera but I guess Sarkozy is getting a little tired of Carla Bruni ;-)

  7. Whistleblower Says:

    Obama’s excuse? Privileges of the Presidency don’t include blinkers, may be.
    Is one reminded of the picture of ex-Russian President Boris Yeltsin feeling the butts of an assistant, or the ‘famous’ Clinton-Lewinsky escapades, or the stories of late Indonesian President Sukharno who said, ‘women are like the rubber trees and I am like the farmer walking among them, caressing them’. And we too had a PM and a CM who had known ‘weaknesses’ for women even when they were in office. (After all what ‘office’ had to do with it!! It only facilitated the fulfilment of the weaknesses.) Quite a few of our leading politicos of ‘namma Mysooru’ are also known to have ‘mia beevis’. Can they be different from our Indonesian rubber farmer? Or is it a requirement of having a successful political career to ‘serve’ the people?
    The fact: even videos can be used to mislead by showing clips out of the sequence.

  8. R.Pai Says:

    Lazy journalism…

  9. NS Rao Says:

    @ Reddy Janardhan:

    Can Mr. Sarkozy also be thinking this way?:

    All this while, I was thinking I had no competitors – well, seems like I have one now. I have to work harder ;-)

  10. born_smart Says:

    Was this photo taken after Twenty20 World Cup in 2007? Sachin was not part of that team.

  11. kiran Says:

    correction please..
    it was after 2007 VB series win in australia.
    not WC 2007

  12. mayura Says:

    Nothing to the beat the photos of nurse jayalakshmi kissing our own BJP Minister Renukaradhya….Obama/Sarkozy have a long way to go before they reach there :)

  13. dinu Says:

    I have seen both these photos, but this is awesome .. the title :D

  14. sapience Says:

    I have seen both these photos, and after this every one can say that Obama’s faux pas may have been the trick of the camera but I guess Sarkozy is getting a little tired of Carla Bruni ;-).That’s why Sachin is stronger than Obama.

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