“Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi.”


Narendra Damodardas Modi has walked out of television interviews when he has been asked The Question. Narendra Damodardas Modi has stayed silent and stared at interviewers when he has been asked The Question. Can Narendra Damodardas Modi adopt either posture if and when the summons come, now that the Gujarat High Court has allowed the Supreme Court appointed special investigation team to question him?

E.P. Unny in The Indian Express

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18 Responses to ““Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi.””

  1. Watching Says:

    Yes. Now Modi can be expected respond to questions. Not before, when pathetic chickens arbitrarily assumed the right to interrogate him.

  2. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Does this logic apply to Sonia Gandhi who’s not even wiling to be interviewed, if interviewed it is by chosen ones.

    What will professional Modi-hunters do when the investigation and trial conclude?

  3. Simple Says:

    Not a Witty Nick

    Mrs. Gandhi has never walked out of any interview midway.

    Mrs Gandhi has never been summonded by any special investigative team.

    Mrs Gandhi has never stared stared stared and stared at interviewers, when asked unfomortable questions. She has the dignity, grace, politeness and charm to say ‘no comments’ with a smile.

    So,therefore there is not question of comparision between the two.

  4. Watching Says:

    Simple mamu, what you say about Ms Maino might be true if only she is treated less than a sovereign unto herself. Until then,pls suspend your views about her untested and unattested attributes.

  5. huttadallihutta Says:

    Well, this is a legally appointed statutory body, which has all the right in the world to question certain people based on certain information they have on certain incidents. Perfectly legal, perfectly correct, perfectly above board.

    Therefore Sri Narendra Modi giving answers to this statutory body is no big thing.

    Having said this, this is for you Simple…

    Mrs. Gandhi was never asked a question as to what prompted her to utter the utterly ridiculous statement ” we have thoo seventhy thoo”. So she will never walk out of any interview midway.

    Mrs.Gandhi has never stared and stared and stared at interviewers because most of the interviewers are her puppies. Like Burqa Dutts of the world, who will prostrate before her before they even ask her any questions. Moreover, you dont need to stare even after getting the set of questions which these dummies will ask Ms.Thoo Seventhy Thoo!! You get the drift????

    I mean she stares, but all for the wrong reasons. For the difficulty of comprehending an out of turn question, if it is at all permitted to ask!!!

  6. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Ah Simple!,

    You the most consummate poojari of all worshiping at the altar of infallible secular gods!

    Dude, once in a while do exhibit some rationality and write a neutral post!.

    You are almost as pathetic but unfunny as Dr. Ramesh!

  7. induramesh Says:

    I am sure Modi will manage it very well. After all there is a difference between the Karan Thapars and Rajdeep Surdesais who go about it with a determination to prove the interviewee wrong. The special investigation team will have to treat him like any other witness or even accused-innocent until proved guilty

  8. shanks Says:

    Just read this and judge him by yourselves


  9. huttadallihutta Says:

    @Shanks, thanks for the link.

    Ofcourse, this too would have been termed as propoganda by the dimwits,but for the fact that it is written by S A Aiyar.

  10. Not A Witty Nick Says:


    Even that must be stage-managed. :P

  11. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    I wouldn’t mind if all the politicians are detained without trial for years, as dictated by their pet “stringent” laws.

  12. Janasamanya Says:

    LAW! Ha, ha, ha……., ho, ho, ho, hee, hee, hee………

  13. Watching Says:

    Thanks Shanks. Inspite of the positive observations from SA Aiyar, the fellow simply could not resist a jibe against “Hindu pride”. One wonders what could be so pathologically wrong with these people?

  14. Simple Says:


    Politicians do goof up. Everybody does. Maybe Even Sonia Gandhi did when she said the famous 272 mark.

    But that was not the point.

    The point was ‘should a politician stare stare stare and stare at interviewers when he is asked uncomfortable questions?”

    Sonia Gandhi is not known to have the gift of gab, hence she is not comfortable facing interviews. So whats the big deal?

    Doddi Buddi

    I am being factual, objective and rational. Why?
    Because I accepted Mrs. Gandhi’s goof up , when she made the 272 remark.

    Anything else you have written is non specific, so i won’t comment.

  15. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Anything you say about Shri. Modi is pathetic and unfunny to the ears of cheddis who worship the ground he walks on.

  16. Watching Says:

    Much better than to cringe before her own majesty. Much better!

    But none is as certain of our worship of Modi as one is of your cringing in front of Maino and fly.

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Yes Palahalli,

    If there is an article published about Sonia Gandhi, we will comment about her too along with you.

    Guess for now you have to only read/hear about the misdeeds of your fallen hindutva hero.

  18. Watching Says:

    Ah! So AG is like Sanjaya. He can look afar and know who is who. So be it.

    The point remains, your sole sovereign is too high for the likes of her humble serfs who wait on her fallen crumbs. She will never show herself and so you will have the satisfaction of dreaming on about her untested and unattested virtues.

    But you will read and hear about my hardly fallen hero because he,is more manly than any you can find up and down the camp of the sole sovereign.

    I just think it’s so much better to dine at a full table than to wait on brushed crumbs. Don’t you think?

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