Satanic Curse upon you if you ogle at this maami

There are three good reasons why we are forced to shamelessly filch such a hot picture of Padma Lakshmi from the website of a truly great paper, The Sunday Times of London, using Google™.

Reason No. 1: Because she is South Indian, 38, a Palghat Iyer, a single-child, who has managed to capture the world’s attention (and Sir Salman Rushdie‘s for a while) with a name like Padma Parvati Lakshmi.

Reason No. 2: Because by steaming up camera lenses like this, as a model, as an actress and as a TV host, she is truly a bad miss in our list of The Sexiest South Indian South Asian Woman♥, for which we beg her apology.

Reason No. 3: Because as the author of Tangy, Tart Hot and Sweet, and as the host of the American reality show Top Chef, Padma, who was brought up as a vegetarian, has put some much-needed intellectual spin on the lazily uttered cliche, “Food is the New Sex“.

“Food is very tactile and sensual. If you think about it, it’s the only way you can get into another person’s body without actually touching them.”

As a website named after a food item, that likes to sing in praise of masala dosas, mavinakaayi chitranna, Iyengar bakeries, haalu khova, Maddur vade, kodu bale, and thair-vade, we wholeheartedly agree.

Get the picture?



Photograph: courtesy The Sunday Times, London

Also visit: Maami’s Weblog

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20 Responses to “Satanic Curse upon you if you ogle at this maami”

  1. kingkhan Says:

    She leaves me breathless!!!!!

    Salman Rushdie will regret the breakup

  2. mr iyer Says:

    i suspect a lot of increased blood pressure problems among retired mysoreans and other readers of this blog this week. I cant wait for the comments. more mavinkavvu than khava i suspect.

  3. NS Rao Says:

    Sir ji,
    Talking of food – please watch this amazing video which would make even the most hard hearted to shame – especially our politicos – they need to learn from this wild animal on behaviours!! And definitely, food is NOT sex here…
    This video truly touched my heart.

  4. Cool Dude Says:

    Commodification of mami?

  5. tarlesubba Says:

    king khan, i now understand what you said about the mangalore dambar dabba incident. women should dress modestly and really cover themselves up. when dressed unmodestly they can turn even the momeen such as yourself into lechers. what to say of the kuffars like me?

    aside: padma she is, padmavati lotus petal-like she is not. i thought about her, in your sexiest south indian thread and decided to pick silk and even ambika instead. bosoms are shakuntalesque, not the hips. she though is coloured is gods own eyes.

    as a maami, meenakshi sheshadri or even a shobhana beats this one by a mile and a half.

    (mysore by the way)
    i mean she is pining: aayir paaDiyil kaNNan illayo, how can you not be perturbed to do the needful?

    in any case the real padmavathi is this:

    if only i could get across time and space … please listen to the lyrics.


    i mean she is pining: aayir paaDiyil kaNNan illayo, how can you not be perturbed to do the needful? how can you prasada of krishna himself not do the needful?


    some here have claimed their holy selves to know more tamil and kannadathan other infidel beings. such kindly sould should please to translate this, even if literally:

    ilavum ponadu pagalum ponadu
    maNNan illaye kooDa.
    izhaLiya kaNNiyin imethiDaada kaNN
    tingumangume teeDi

    ayyirpaaDayil kaNNan illayo
    aasai veppudu aNbu tolleyo
    paavam raadha.

    any ayesha measure upto this?

  6. subbulakshmi Says:

    Padma Lakshmi is extrordinarily – I mean it – good at her work. Top Cheff is good because of her. I always wonder how on earth an intelligent girl like her fell for Rushdie!

  7. Melange Says:

    “…..I always wonder how on earth an intelligent girl like her fell for Rushdie!”

    Okay, I cannot pass up on that comment. I hope that you are being facetious, Salman Rushdie is one the greatest writers ever to grace the English literary world. Yes , He may be pompous and full of himself (Tell me a genius that wasn’t a prick?), But a genius no doubt. Of all the older men (Lakshmi apparently has a bit of a Daddy complex!) and Billionaires that Padma lakshmi has dated, She deserves kudos for the Rushdie Pick!

  8. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Apart from the extraordinary real estate on display, PL comes across as some one who is desperately trying hard to make it in the world. She is the Pamela Bordes of the 21st century. Personally I find her unattractive and her accent retarded –falling between a Hispanic’s and an Indian accent trying to mimic American accent.

  9. kingkhan Says:

    Tarle subba

    Come on man, Im not being a lecher. After all I am a human being.

  10. Putnanja Says:

    completely agree with DB. PL is trying to keep her head over the water. She has used up whatever mileage she had (from Rushdie) with the disastrous Top Chef. Now she is doing an add for Carl’s Jr? Last resort is what that is.

    Now TS sir, what’s up with pasting konga lyrics? What the heck is “aayir …” mean anyway?

  11. Vitlan Potli Says:

    to add to Melange’s post; intelligent women go for men with something upstairs besides the obvious below and the customary fat bank balance. no smart woman ever married a man because he was a looker.

  12. Ravi Says:

    If Arnold Schwarzenegger can mimic American accent with an undercoat of thick Austrain accent, I do not see any problem here!

  13. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    TS is almost always mysterious and enigmatic, but why is Churumuri trying to promote a oorigu barada, neerigu barada padmavathi?

  14. Cycle kalla Says:

    Yella bittavalige nimdhenu sir nandhu yellkli
    Nanjunda antha?

  15. Arun Says:

    Pamela Borders!? you still remember her!?

  16. subbulakshmi Says:

    cycle kalla … thooo nimma… avalyake ella bittolu. typical MCP comment. sumsumne kyathe tegeebedi

  17. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Sakath photoo churumuri. More of this.

    BTW a long talk given by the mudhi goobe Salman Rushdie about his new novel at a Google campus:

    Long video, but towards the end someone asks him about the time spent with Padma Lakshmi and he gives the impression that it was pure torture. Doesn’t elaborate – wonder what was up.

  18. black sabbath Says:

    She is like Rakhi Sawant…craving for attention with whatever she can do. Good for Rushdie. I am sure she will go nude for Playboy soon. Churumuri can post that photo too.

  19. mayura Says:


    When Rushdie broke up with Padmavathi, he said the reason for the break up was Padmavathi was not “intellectually satisfying”….LOL

    go figure.

  20. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Think by then Rushdie could only satisfy a hot woman like Padma only ‘intellectually’…

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