‘Ek tumbler whisky. Ek masala dosa. Mind it.’

Quick Gun Murugan was one of the more endearing contributions of Channel V. Created by Shashanka Ghosh, Velu Shankar and Rajesh Devraj, the skit with the impossibly dressed Tamil cowboy is now a full-length feature film due for release two weeks from now.

Quick_Gun_Murugun_2009_posterDaler Mehndi‘s brother Mika, better known for the m0uth-to-mouth resuscitation he gave Rakhi Sawant in the full glare of the cameras some years ago, has done a bhangra for the film, which stars the Telugu actor Rajendra Prasad along with the Telugu actress Rambha as “Mango Dolly”.

In the film, QGM is the unlikely hero whose duty is to protect the world against restaurant owner, “Rice Plate” Reddy, played by Nasser, who wants to create the ultimate non-veg dosa.

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2 Responses to “‘Ek tumbler whisky. Ek masala dosa. Mind it.’”

  1. shishir Says:

    Quick Gun Muru bhai is to our generation what PS 3 and PS 4 is to the eight year old these days. Some of the youngsters would love the humour QGM could generate but they may not comprehend the background of the suppppprb character.
    Well, I have equated Quick Gun Murugan also to the manner in which news chanels have been going on with Breaking News, moving from one news to the other, without a shade of an apology, like paratroppers on assignment.

    you may like to check out shishirjoshi.wordpress.com

    and yes, do watch this movie..its great fun.

  2. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Music is by Sagar Desai and namma very own Raghu Dixit!

    and namma Vijay Prakash too has sung for it!

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