CHURUMURI POLL: Is the BJP in total disarray?

The Jinnah Jinx has hit the BJP once again. First L.K. Advani found himself very nearly ostracised from the saffron brotherhood for comments he made during a visit to Pakistan. Now, former defence and finance minister Jaswant Singh has been expelled from the party for his comments on Jinnah.

Is the BJP right in expelling Singh? Or is this just a smokescreen to take attention away from the deliberations of the chintan baithak? Is the expulsion of Singh a sign of a democratic party that believes in “debate”?

With Arun Shourie and Yashwant Sinha not invited to the introspection in Shimla because of their criticism of the leadership, with Vasundhara Raje Scindia being asked to resign for the poll defeat (while Advani and Rajnath Singh and Arun Jaitley stay on), with various state units pulling in different directions, with the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat issuing grand pronouncements on the way forward, is the BJP in total disarray?

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13 Responses to “CHURUMURI POLL: Is the BJP in total disarray?”

  1. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    I won’t even consider BJP worthy for my vote if it doesn’t get its senses back!

    Damn that realtor of a shyster from Lucknow! When did he start thinking so much that he thinks he can understand what Jaswant Singh wrote.

  2. Khan Says:

    Just when I was admiring the relative space the BJP provides for Intellectual discourse, came the familiar face!!

    BJP now firmly and truly home- the territory of Cheddis and non- cheddi sadhus. I am sure there is one way the BJP can head towards, with the gradual sidelining of the IQ of 60 category – the moron brigade.


  3. Watching Says:

    Khan, be careful what you wish for.

    With the BJP no longer the Hindu alternative, the Congress will personify Hinduness more and more.

    So, be careful what you wish for :)

  4. harkol Says:

    Immediately after election the hope was that BJP would learn something from it and emerge stronger, instead it has chosen to bury its head in the sand.

    A cabal is running the BJP today. It doesn’t command the respect of grass root workers. If it has to survive it will submit itself to grass root opinion. Even if that means surrendering the party to people like Modi.

    Sushma saying it is unthinkable to have BJP without Advani won’t help. Parties or govt’s aren’t there for individuals. Individuals are there to serve a greater cause. When a party forgets there is a greater cause, this is what happens.

  5. Khan Says:

    I do remember Rajiv trying that, with the same fatal consequences. I hope they are wiser, otherwise history will repeat itself.

    The way BJP operating is really…Hmmm .. amusing. They are firing a local leader who commands support of majority MLA’s and now this autocratic farmaan!!!. Where are the High command taunters???

    Jaswant may well be all wrong in his book, but do you expel a leader who built the party, in his own word “like Hanuman” to throw out, over an opinion?? Atleast a courtesy to inform him personally was the need, but the “decisive decision maker” did not felt like.

    Now what is the “Chintan baithak” supposed to mean. All the defeat blame is on raje and jaswant, but not on Ad-vani and rajnath??

  6. Watching Says:

    Accha? Can you pls tell me which party grew on account of Rajiv’s balancing act?

    Now, if you wish for the BJP’s fall, then remember that Hindus will turn to Congress per force.

    Then there will be no BJP to distract you :)

    Soooo, pls don’t wish for what you wouldn’t want to live with.

    Leave that wish to me ;)

  7. Simple Says:

    Uttarkhand BJP CM got the boot for BJPs poor performance in Uttarkhand. Advani continues to remain as opposition leaders after BJPs poor performance throughout India.

    Jaswant gets teh boot for praising Jinnah. Advani gets elevated to PM designate after praising Jinnah.

    Double Standards?

  8. Hosa-Belaku Says:

    Disarray?? From the ashes rises a new DEMON, would be more like it. Seems like the BJP has been RE-ENERGISED. By guess who? The likes of Varun Gandhi. Let us see if he will be expelled as well. Or were his actions and speech well within the ideological boundaries of the BJP?

    In my opinion, the BJP leadership could have resolved the matter by requesting just a one-line disclaimer in the book (Jaswant says copies of the book were sent to Advani before the release) –the opinion of the author is his own and is not a reflection of the BJP ideology. Simple!

    Shourie and Yashwant Sinha who have not been invited to the Chintan Baithak, would be well advised to resign before expulsion. The three of them can then start an offshoot of the BJP. The Thinking or Globalised Janata Party. I am sure there would be many intellectuals in the BJP would head for it, despite the fact that they are not political heavyweights.

  9. Khan Says:


    Now, if you wish for the BJP’s fall, then remember that Hindus will turn to Congress per force

    Hmmm…am terrified by the threat, be coolu watchu, atleast am not holding back Hindugalu from leaving bajrangi and joining Con-gress. It is one and same for me.

    By the way who will bring the 100’s of thousnad croores from swiss bank??? Who will Advani entrust the task like kandhar???

  10. jacob varghese Says:

    It is a sad day for bharat that bjp which I believed was a right of center party which will will serve my country proud. I am saddened by the turn of events where intellectuals are sidelined and goons led by RSS destroy my country. If a party which wishes to lead my country cannot accept views plural in nature, indians we are to loose. These goons, jaitley included are going to fringe players in time. Let the intellectuals with hindutva in the correct sence come out and give us a rt wing movement sans religion, caste and plural nature, we will follow them and take my country ahead in the years to come. They call it bitakh, Does Mr. Jaitley understand what the fuck my country stands for. These guys want us to be a bannnna republic.He heads a capital cricket commitee run by conn men very many you find in delhi. Leave my desh alone without all this verbal diarrheo chief.


  11. A.S.Mathew Says:

    BJP was injecting the wrong medicine of ” religious fanaticism” but the
    average person was concerned with, bread and butter to feed the
    family. To the poor people, the application of religious ferver may be
    a temperory fix, but later on the fix can be the wrong application of
    in the right person. Different political parties have used various baits like
    religion, caste, region, language etc, but the people are far smarter to see events beyond those temporary sign boards. The BJP’s next
    chapter will be, several regional parties under the leadership of
    moderate and conservatives of current leaders they have. It seems like
    the history of world communism, how they became an international
    movement, then crashed before our eyes, within a span of 75 years.

  12. A. S. Mathew Says:

    When BJP came into power in Karnataka in 2008, the anti-Christian diabolically spirited people began to attack the Churches, in a single day, 14 Churches were attacked. Mr. Y. Yeddyurappa had to pay a very high price. The BJP is fragmented in Karnataka, and all over India. As I have written in my previous comment of 24th October 2009, the BJP all over India would be caught up in a total confusion and isolated.

  13. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Mathew, also Pentecostal Church and some aggressive preaching which directly insulted Hindus & mocking of Hindu Gods also helped! Of course Yeddy should have acted much quickly to dispel your fears. As long as we have Semitic religions spouting this nonsense about believers and pagans you can expect these clashes! LOL

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