The difference between 230,000 and 2,752 is…

The difference between 230,000 and 2,752 is the difference between West and East, between Asia and America, between brown and white, between natural and manmade.

This “unauthorised” World Wildlife Fund (WWF) commercial which compares the toll in the September 11 attacks on New York City with the December 26 Asian tsunami, and shows an array of aircraft pounding Manhattan to put the number in perspective, has been termed “tasteless“.


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4 Responses to “The difference between 230,000 and 2,752 is…”

  1. Andy Says:

    Tasteless ? Dont think so. Telling, for sure.

  2. Lingaraj Says:

    Please have a look at the post in some american blog. The comments in this post are really reflective of the American Ego and throws light on the kind of society it is; a very conservative, intolerant society with ill informed idiots…. one chap who calls himself ‘Neo’ says ” The folks who died on 9/11 actually made contributions to the modern world. Can’t really say that about tsunami vics.”

    GOD GRANT THEM SOME ‘ SaDhBuddhi ‘ to these Americans.

  3. Santhosh Says:

    Comapring 9/11 with Tsunami.. thats the cheapest way to get publicity!!! Tusnami was a natural disaster, 9/11 was an attack on the spirit of America. It is like comparing Holocaust to Tsunami. I can only imagine what would have happened if WWF had dared to do that!!!! Dont blame Americans if they value life and take such incidents very personal.. learn from them.

    As far as Ligaraj wish is is my wish.. GOD please don’t make USA another India… if Sadhbudhi means Lingaraj’s thoughts!!!!

  4. black sabbath Says:

    God, were they out of their minds?

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