Only a low-angle shot can convey its great girth

KPN photo

A once tall and full-grown tree, living and breathing and nourishing all around it, is reduced to a number near the Visvesvaraya Tower on Raj Bhavan Road in Bangalore, to pave the way for the namma metro rail project.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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11 Responses to “Only a low-angle shot can convey its great girth”

  1. Indian Homemaker Says:

    Sad.And a lot more goes with a tree… squirrels, birds, insects, rodents … all these who depended on the tree…

  2. Viz Says:

    Right, and then we complain that the Bangalore Metro is taking forever to come up.
    For BANGALORE’s sake, let them do their job!
    What is the loss of few hundred trees in front of a system that has the potential to decongest our roads, reduce pollution, and provide a safe, green and quick public transport option?

    Oh sorry why do I even bother, you must be one of those bleeding heart leftists who dont know what they really want themselves but think that they know best for other people!

  3. Janasamanya Says:

    Please take a stroll (if possible, because there is no footpath left now) on the stretch Adugodi junction to towards Brigade road. One can see much bigger trees having been felled in the name of vikasa karya vinasha karya is going on everywhere in the city. Very sad position indeed.

  4. clash Says:

    it is terribly sad to see this happening.

    @ VIZ : including the word “green” in a sentence wont make it essentially green.

  5. Manish Says:

    A bad thing, but is absolutely required. There is a justification for felling this tree.

  6. Kennedy Says:

    a sad picture…both BBMP and BMRCL are killling Bangalore.

    BBMP with it’s stupid road widening scheme and BMRCL with an arrogant, rigid plan that will cater to less than 8% of Bangalore. Metro is poorly planned and the engineers of BMRCL think they are doing a favour to Bangalore. We are already at 10k crores for this project from 6.4k crores in 2005. Had BMRCL been flexible and taken people into confidence, Bangalore would have been a better place. Let us see what further destruction is in store because of these two.

    Manish/Viz…if you think these tree felling actions are necessary, you are absolutely wrong. There are lot of discussions on this in the media and blogs; you need to check them out.

  7. Mysore Peshva Says:

    What a shame.

    Also: Well observed, “Indian Homemaker.”

  8. My3 Says:

    Remember the majestic trees that were felled a few years ago to make the road to Mysore wider? At that point we bemoaned the fact that such lovely, old trees were falling like nine-pins. Now nobody even remembers that tree-lined avenue-like road linking Bangalore to Mysore. Such is life in the face of progress. I hope that more people plant trees outside their houses.

  9. PisipatiSriram Says:

    Sad to see the fully-grown and life-sustaining tree butchered. Perhaps there canot be a more cruel and wicked act than felling trees.

  10. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    It is not killing trees, they are killing “life” of the tree and the various “lives” that depend on them. I went to see my college on Palace road and enjoy gulmohar trees. where are they?? All have disappeared in the name of devlopement: Metro.

  11. flagoff Says:

    Is this progress? Is there really no alternative to the mass destruction of our environment? Couldn’t have the Metro gone underground?
    It is tragic but true that no one remembers those majestic trees once they are felled, yes – but is this the inheritance we plan to pass on to our children…barren land, shopping malls for commerce and a total disregard for a lasting environment?

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