If it works for the young man, it sure works for us


The plight of cigarette and liquor addicts is well known. What is not as well known is the plight of coffee lovers.  Depending on the headline of the “health brief” in the newspapers, it is their fate to get their daily lecture from mothers, wives, girlfriends, friends, flames, etc, on limiting their coffee intake.

To them all, we present Sudhakar Chaturvedi.

Born on 20 April 1897—which makes him an eye-popping 112 years old—the vedic scholar has lived through the invention of the aeroplane and the motor car, countless skirmishes including the two World Wars, the independence movement, etc, and is still doing splendidly well in the era of reality television.

A lot can happen over coffee? Try telling this dude.

On Saturday—his 41,025th day on this planet—the Jayanagar resident took a sip from the cup that cheers at a felicitation ceremony organised by the Shri Kashi Seshadri charitable trust in Bangalore.


Khushwant Singh, “the dirty old man of Indian journalism”,  who is 94, writes reveals the eight clues to happiness (which presumably is the secret of a long life), in The Telegraph:

1) Good health

2) A healthy bank balance

3) A home of your own

4) An understanding companion, be it a spouse or a friend

5) Lack of envy towards those who have done better

6) Shut the gup-shup

7) A fulfilling hobby

8) 15 minutes of daily introspection


As if to bolster the debate, the world’s oldest known living person, Gertrude Baines, who passed away a few days ago, revealed the secret of her longevity: a steady diet of crispy bacon, fried chicken and ice-cream.


Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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7 Responses to “If it works for the young man, it sure works for us”

  1. Vikas Gupta Says:

    WOw! :D

    I want to live more than 100 years and want permanent youth. But i quit tea, coffee and soft drinks for good some five years ago!

  2. Madhu Rao Says:

    Why is Mr.Chaturvedi not in Wikipedia ? He should be on ‘Men currently living aged over 110 years’ and ‘National records’ categories.There is no Indian entry in the ‘National records’ ! Or for that matter for most second, third world countries. Even if it’s an 80, doesn’t every country ought to have it’s national record ?


    Churumuri, if you know enough details about Mr.Chaturvedi you could spear head his addition..

  3. sathya Says:

    People live. Some live for the records. Some live a contented life. Longevity has its own ups and downs. Let us pray for a healthy life for Chaturvedi. We should also thank their entire family and friends.

  4. Not A Witty Nick Says:


    He was one of the many messengers of Gandhi(postman, not any of those fancy connotations) and he survived Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

    Sri^n Ravishankar claims that he is a disciple of Pt. Chaturvedi but all he supposed did was join a flock of kids hearing stories from the neighbourhood thatha, when he was a kid.

  5. Metaempiricus Says:

    Wonderful Mr Chaturvedi. I remember attending a program he presided two decades ago in Indian Institute of World Culture in Basavanagudi. Being the only living witness to the Jallainwallah Bagh massacre, he is a real survivor. There is an intresting trend of Gandhians and long Life. We have many examples. Maybe it is the Gandhian discipline and austerity.

    But there are always exceptions. Desmond Morris has featured the 120 year old Madam Clement in his book people watching:


    “In these health-conscious days of carefully balanced diets, fitness regimes and workouts, it is worth asking what kind of lifestyle the astonishing Madame Calment had enjoyed for so long. The answer comes as a shock. It turns out that she was a gourmet who liked alcohol, cigarettes, chocolates and sweets. As well as her sweet tooth, she was fond of cheap red wine, fois gras and a rich local stew. When she reached the age of 117, doctors advised her to give up drinking port and they tried to stop her smoking. Somehow she managed to fool them and was caught by a photographer puffing away on a cigarette the following year….”

    The longest lived member in our family was my great grand uncle who lived to the age of 101. He was the most foul mouthed person I have ever met and was constantly angry, irritated and full of jealousy. And he lived like this all through his long life. Papi chirayu.

  6. Nick Ornstein Says:

    I messed up the first sentence on the previous post. What I meant was “the main reason Sudhakar Chaturvedi isn’t here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oldest_people

    Also, he isn’t verified because India has had a lot of other cases in the past of supercentenarians that have claimed to be 110 or older, but were instead false.

  7. suneeta Says:

    I would like to state that Pandit Sudhakar chaturvedi is very much present very active workoholic and always active with his reading writing giving pravachans and ofcourse with his great smile….

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