The strange case against Justice P.D. Dinakaran


Justice P.D. Dinakaran, the chief justice of the Karnataka High Court, is in the middle of a blazing legal row.

The lead story of The Hindu reports that Justice Dinakaran, who is one of five judges recommended for elevation to the Supreme Court, was summoned by the chief justice of India, K.G. Balakrishnan, in connection with allegations made against him by members of the Bar of the Madras High Court of “disproportionate assets”.

Justice P.D. Dinakaran, who was sworn in in August 2008, has reportedly denied the charges, according to CNN-IBN.

Below is the full unabridged text of the memorandum sent to the CJI under the auspices of the Madras-based Forum for Judicial Accountability, which details serious charges of land grabbing, corruption, abuse of office and lack of probity against Justice P.D. Dinakaran. has not independently verified the charges nor does it attest to the veracity of the charges or the lack thereof. The memorandum is published here in the public interest given the seriousness of the allegations, and because we believe the memorandum is now a public document, having been brought to the notice of the CJI by such legal luminaries as Ram Jethmalani, Fali S. Nariman and Shanti Bhushan.

Our objective is not to cause disrepute to the image of the honourable judge or of the judiciary. To quote from the memorandum:

“We are doing so only in the larger interests of the institution of the judiciary which is sacred and since the increasing reports against the judge have assumed alarming proportions.”

Coming as it does in the middle of a national debate on the disclosure of assets of judges, l’affaire P.D. Dinakaran assumes importance, not just in the way the apex court deals with it, but the manner in which the judiciary deals with the media which publishes details of the case.

At the same time, the timing raises disturbing questions. Why are the charges surfacing now against a Madras HC judge who is reputed to have disposed 72,795 cases? Is somebody out to get him? If Justice Dinakaran is unsuitable for the Supreme Court, is he suited to continue as the CJ of Karnataka High Court, or even as a Judge?


9th September, 2009


Hon’ble Mr.Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, The Chief Justice of India, Hon’ble Mr.Justice B.N. Agarwal, Hon’ble Mr. Justice S.H. Kapadia, Hon’ble Mr.Justice Tarun Chatterjee, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir,  Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.


Sub: Representation against  Mr. Justice P.D.Dinakaran, Chief Justice, Karnataka High Court, amassing of huge assets, corruption and serious irregularities.

As per newspaper reports (The Hindu, dated 28th August 2009) Mr Justice P.D. Dinakaran, presently Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, has been recommended by the collegium of the Supreme Court to be appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court.

The said judge was a judge of the Madras High Court between 19.12.1996 to 06.08.2008. We, the members of the Bar of the Madras High Court are greatly perturbed by the news of his possible elevation to the Apex Court, in view of disturbing reports that are strong pointers to the abuse of office and lack of probity by Mr Justice P.D. Dinakaran.

We bring to your notice several aspects concerning the Judge including (1) huge rural land holdings, illegal appropriation of Government and public land amounting to land-grabbing, illegal constructions, ownership of urban properties, (2) certain inappropriate and startling judicial orders and (3) conduct raising issues of gross impropriety and lack of probity. We feel the materials given below call for a detailed investigation before taking up his case for appointment as a Judge of the highest Court.


The following are the issues of deep concern:

I.  Amassing Wealth and Appropriation of Public Property


It is common knowledge in the Bar at Madras that the Judge has acquired vast extents of lands, near his hometown of Arakkonam, Vellore district, and in Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu. The acquisition started before his appointment as a judge of the Madras High Court and is reported to have increased manifold during his tenure as a judge.

All these land holdings in the villages are beyond the ceiling limit under the Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act, 1961, as per which a family of five persons can possess not more than 15 standard acres of land.

However, more shocking is the unbecoming conduct of the judge in encroaching upon Government lands and public property meant for the villagers, amounting to land-grabbing and depriving the poor of their resources and livelihood.


(a)   In the villages of Kaverirajapuram, Tiruttani taluk, Tiruvallur district; Anaipakkam, Arakkonam taluk, Vellore district; and Mulvoy, Arakknonam taluk, Vellore district, the extent of lands possessed by the judge is approximately 500 acres. Most of the property is in Kaverirajapuram, a village whose population predominantly consists of Dalits, Irulas  (scheduled tribes) and most backward classes like Naidus, Boyars and others. The total extent of the village is about 1,700 acres.

Annexed to this petition are:  (i) A map showing the details of land held and owned by the judge and his family members; and public and Government lands occupied by him, and (ii) Extracts from village ‘A’ register which provides the classification of land of the relevant survey numbers in the judge’s occupation, from reliable sources. The current ‘A’ register reflecting transfer of patta is not accessible. (iii) Photographs showing the naming of the village road leading to his lands which is in Tamil and reads as “Emperor of Justice P.D. Dinakaran Road, Kaverirajapuram” (translation in English) and the fencing of  the land. (iv) Extracts of Revenue Standing Orders on Assignment of Land.

(b) In all, the judge is in possession of approximately 440 Acres in Kaverirajapuram village alone, almost one-fourth of the village.

Out of this 440 acres:

(i)  310.33 acres are ‘patta’ lands owned by the judge and his family (in his name, his wife Dr Vinodini’s name, his two daughters Amudha Porkodi and Amirthra Porkodi, one Cannan and another person; the latter two are reported to be his close relatives).

(ii) About 41.27 acres is public land classified as Government poramboke, eri (lake, stream) and other water bodies, pathway and tamarind grove.

(iii)  About 88.33 acres are classified as Government ‘Anadhinam’ lands (which can be allotted only to landless poor as per board standing orders of the Tamil Nadu Government).


i) Reports are that the patta lands originally belonged to backward and most backward classes. The purchase of lands seems to have started before his appointment as a judge and continued thereafter.

ii) Patta lands have been bought in the name of the judge, his wife Dr Vinodini, his unmarried daughters Amudha Porkodi and Amirtha Porkodi, one Cannan and another person, the latter two are reported to be close relatives. Daughter Amudha Porkodi got married recently on 15.12.2008.

iii)  Vast extents of Government ‘poromboke’ lands, Government anadhinam lands, waterbodies like lakes, canals, streams, common village pathways and an ancient mud fortress abutting his patta lands were progressively encroached upon.

iv) The villagers were then prevented access to these common property resources. Nearly 600 families of Dalits and landless poor in the village are reported to have sought distribution of Government poramboke and anandhinam lands to them as per G.O.(Ms) No.241 dated 12.09.2006 issued by the State Government. They are yet to receive the assignment.

v) Immediately thereafter, these common /government lands were fenced in by the judge.

There is every possibility that after this representation, the fence around the encroached areas may be removed. But as on today, the fence exists around the Government lands and village common resources, and we write this after some of us personally inspected the fence and the relevant records and maps. The fact remains that the common village lands near the  judge’s property are out of  bounds  for the villagers.

Enquiry reveals that the local police is used to prevent access to the area.

iv) The Government anadhinam lands are meant to be assigned only to landless poor for small holdings and personal cultivation as per standing orders of the board of revenue, Tamil Nadu Government.

v) The Government poramboke lands also are meant for common enjoyment of the villagers and cannot be occupied by any individual. Under a recent scheme of the State Government, they can be distributed to the landless poor.

vi) The water-bodies too are meant only for common enjoyment of the villagers.

vii)  By erecting a fence the judge has deprived the local villagers access to common property resources of the village, on which many of them depend for their livelihood.

viii) The villagers are not able to have access to the water bodies and due to extensive use of water for the judge’s farm where there are huge fruit orchards and other cultivations, the water source for the village has got depleted. Large bore wells/ open wells are said to have been dug inside the farm.

ix)  It is  reported that the entire village administration and government machinery has been exploited to provide facilities and free labour for the judge’s property. It is reliably learnt that the judge is  attempting to manipulate revenue records to obtain pattas for the public and government lands in his occupation.

x) It is an open secret in legal circles that the judicial officers and staff of the judiciary are often asked to supervise and facilitate the maintenance and upkeep of the farm.

xi) We have specific reports that anyone who seeks any information like survey numbers and extent regarding even the village common lands and Government lands is intimidated and not provided the information. Villagers are under mortal fear in this regard.

xii)   Even the village road that leads to the property has been named as ‘Neethi Arasar P.D. Dinakaran Saalai’’. (“Emperor of Justice, P.D. Dinakaran road” )


The judge is also reported to possess more than 50 acres of lands with mango orchards in Poovalai Village, Gummidipoondi taluk, Vellore district, Tamil Nadu. He has been seen visiting the orchard periodically.


The market value of these properties are in the range of about 20-25 lakhs per acre. It appears that the land holding is of an extent of approximately 550 acres.

It needs to be ascertained whether the judge has filed returns before the tax authorities in respect of these properties. It also needs to be verified if these disclosures of these assets has been made, and updated, as per the 1997 resolution regarding the declaration of judge’s  assets.



i) On the plot bearing Door No.28, East Park Road(junction of Pulla Avenue and East Park street), Shenoy Nagar, Chennai – 600 030 allegedly owned by the judge, an office/commercial construction has been put up consisting of stilt plus 5 floors, making it a multi-storeyed building under the development control rules. Having regard to the dimensions of the plot, fire safety requirements, etc, under the development control rules, construction of such a multi-storeyed building is illegal. This is a newly constructed building and he was frequently observed at the site to check the construction.

ii) The judge has been observed a number of times to be supervising the construction of a building at J – 81, I Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600 102. His involvement in this immovable property and source of funding needs to be ascertained.

iii) In Arakkonam Town, the residential building ‘Anbagam’ (a residential building said to be owned by Mr Justice P.D. Dinakaran) was recently renovated.  It reportedly encroaches on the main road by 10 feet.




Binny Ltd. was a BIFR company but subsequently came out of it. It had extremely valuable immovable properties situated in the heart of the City. These were directed to be auctioned by Justice Dinakaran at 35% of the guideline value. Approximately 1,260 grounds of land (about 70 acres) situated in Perambur was sold to SSI Ltd. for just Rs 66 crore. At that time, the guideline value was almost Rs 180 crore and the actual market value was even higher.

The promoters of SSI Ltd who had purchased the land from Binny Ltd were subsequently involved in extensive rigging of their shares. The assessments of these promoters were reopened under Sec 148, Income Tax Act, 1961. It is reported that the demand was to the tune of more than Rs 52 crore. Six writ petitions were filed challenging the reopening of the assessment under Sec 148. The writ petitions were heard by Justice P.D. Dinakaran. The judgment is reported in 279 ITR 679.

Justice P.D. Dinakaran falsely stated that a “concession” was made by the counsel for the Income Tax department. This was objected to by the counsel after receiving the copy of the order. Justice P.D. Dinakaran promised to expunge those sentences that referred to the alleged concession but this was not done. Last week, the writ appeals filed by the department against this order have been allowed by the division bench presided by Justice F.M. Ibrahim Kalifullah. The standing counsel for the Income Tax Department offered to file an affidavit stating that she never conceded and also referred to the oral representation to Justice P.D. Dinakaran. The division bench has allowed the six writ appeals by imposing costs of Rs.10,000 each.

1. On 18-03-2009, the The Times of India, Bangalore edition, carried the following report :

CJ leads speedy disposal of bail

BANGALOREIn a special drive to prevent pendency of cases, the High Court on Tuesday disposed of numerous bail applications out of around 300 petitions in a record time. Each bail plea was dealt with in about 30 seconds. Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran himself disposed of 46 cases in 20 minutes by granting bail (some conditional) in all of them.

The rapid fire sequence went something like this: What is the charge (section)? What stage is the trial? Completed or not? Chargesheet has been filed? Final report submitted. Bail granted. The cases were marginal and some pertain to charges of rape, theft, murder and dacoity including Vasanth Salian, accused in Chemmanur Jewellers dacoity case. The Chief Justice and five judges heard these cases between 4 and 4.45 p.m.”

The members of the Bangalore Bar state that while minor cases were allocated to the other Judges, the ones posted before Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran included cases of persons charged with serious crimes under the Indian Penal Code and also those who had serious cases filed against them by the Enforcement Department. Bail was granted in all these cases. It is further stated that this was a one-time disposal drive. This matter needs to be investigated to ascertain the names of the accused and the gravity of the offences.

1. Another matter of concern raised by the Bangalore Bar pertains to cases of illegal mining filed against several influential persons. These were transferred from the Dharwad circuit bench which was hearing these matters to the Chief Justice’s bench.

1. Yet another matter related to the mining lobby which wanted to acquire 540 acres of forest land. The State Government had granted leases in respect of 380 acres of forest land. This was set aside by a single judge of the High Court who pointed out several illegalities on the part of the State Government including that some applicants had filed applications after the date of the opening of the  tender.  The  writ appeal order passed by Chief  Justice P.D. Dinakaran granted licenses to all the applicants and even increased the area allotted over and above what was granted by the Government. The issues pointed out by the single judge were not dealt with. This is a matter which has greatly agitated the Bangalore Bar.

III.  Number Plate of Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran’s Car –  Contrary  to Motor Vehicles Act

Chief Justice P.D.Dinakaran, known to misuse office to exhibit pomp and grandeur, had the number plate of his official car (KA-03-GA-5767) done up in red background with gold embossed letters. This is permitted under the motor vehicles rules only for the President of India and State Governors. Even the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India cannot use such a number plate. There were adverse news reports in leading newspapers on this issue (Mid-Day dated 29.06.2009).


Our Appeal

We are greatly saddened that we are forced to impugn the conduct of a holder of high judicial office; we are doing so only in the larger interests of the institution of the judiciary which is sacred and since the increasing reports against the judge have assumed alarming proportions.

Conscious of our responsibility not to lightly bring any judge to disrepute, we have exercised due diligence to verify the allegations to the best of the means available to us, including visits to some of the concerned properties. However as private citizens and members of the Bar we have severe limitations to call for information and to investigate these matters. In fact there are reports against Mr. Justice P.D. Dinakaran of irregular acquisition of properties elsewhere, permitting illegal appointments, favouritism and other improprieties in the discharge of judicial and administrative functions as a judge of the High Court. The information we have gathered so far is reliable and does not permit us to let it pass without calling for urgent attention and appropriate action by the Supreme Court and other Constitutional functionaries.

We also wish to convey the fear expressed by the villagers in Kaverirajapuram, all of whom are greatly apprehensive of the severe reprisals and consequences if they speak out. In fact, after speaking to them we ourselves are greatly anxious for their safety. It also is evident that the entire administrative machinery has been intimidated by the judge, as no official is willing to respond to any queries regarding the village properties, including innocuous questions like details about government lands.

The allegations set out above are strongly suggestive of abuse of office and  corruption  amounting  to   grave judicial  misconduct. As the matter involves the head of the State judiciary in Karnataka, it is one of immense gravity and calls for immediate investigation and action. When a judge’s reputation is clouded in such adverse reports, his elevation to the highest Court of our country portends grave consequences for the judiciary itself.

This case also exposes the shortcomings of the present procedure adopted for choosing judges for appointment to the higher judiciary and underscores the urgent need to put in place a judicial commission which will have a more democratic and transparent functioning to enable the choice of persons of impeccable integrity and calibre to dispense justice.

We, as responsible members of the Bar, duty bound to safeguard the independence of the Judiciary, feel impelled in these circumstances to request you

(i) not to appoint Mr.Justice P.D. Dinakaran as judge of the Supreme Court of India; and

(ii) initiate a thorough enquiry into all the allegations against Mr Justice P.D.Dinakaran, Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court and take appropriate action thereafter.

We request you to act on our representation in public interest, as otherwise the confidence of the public in the majesty of law will be shaken.

Yours truly

R. Vaigai, Sriram Panchu, K.R. Tamizhmani, Anna Mathew, S.S. Vasudevan, Geetha Ramaseshan, Sudha Ramalingam, N.L. Rajah, D. Nagasaila, S. Devikarani, T. Mohan


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73 Responses to “The strange case against Justice P.D. Dinakaran”

  1. tsubba Says:

    thanks for posting this. long overdue. and hopefully you will pursue it to its end.

    while the list of excesses of justice paul daniel dinakaran is damning, we should remember that he is not an isolated outlier. This kind of behavior is the norm for an overwhelming majority of the real upper class – those who govern us, those who administer us, those who inform us, etc etc… even within judiciary, it is naive to believe that judges are beyond human folly. to assume, that all judges are appointed on merit, that all judgments by all justices are based on merit etc is naive, especially since the judiciary suppresses all public domain review with a blanket “contempt of court”.

    why in bangalore itself there are people who have demonstrated that the judicial layout itself is shady and that the judiciary has presided over all sorts of encroachments within the city. During Kumaraswamy’s tenure, AT Ramaswamy’s(MLA) an interim report showed that an area of the size of Mysore was encroached upon within Bangalore!!

    those interested please follow Mr. Mote’s work…

    specifically look for his discussions with AT Ramaswamy and Lokayukta chief.

    idakella parihara enu? is the question.


    ndtv report on the judicial layout.

    check the size and the grandeur of the the constructions. how much money should one have to build such buildings? and please tell me the upaya that allows one to acquire so much money.

    some of my spoilt brat friends with IT salaries and stocksu and sharesu acquired over atleast a decade also cannot afford this. how does a high court judge afford such buildings? please to inform.

  2. Anand Bala Says:

    Thank you for taking the effort to get this document out into the public space.
    We owe you!

  3. dharma Says:

    Thank God he is not a Dina khaan!

  4. advocate Says:

    @ Tarle Subba

    I think it is wrong to make a generalization that all or even most of the judges (leave alone the ruling upper class) are corrupt. Having endured the misfortune of pleading in front of him a couple of times I got a taste of how unreasonable and impervious to logic he could be.

    This is not to say that all judges who are unreasonable (or seem unreasonable to me, though the opinion I hold of Justice PD Dinakaran is quite common among the legal fraternity) are corrupt. Apart from his rude behavior he was notorious for outright demanding bribes to be paid through various channels. The constitution of a special green bench, mining cases earlier this year are also said to be tainted moves.

    I think there are two more judges who are corrupt (not in PD Dinakaran’s league) to a discernible extent. The new requirement of disclosure of assets of judges has come at an apt time. It is a good opportunity to clean up.

  5. aneez Says:

    shocking allegations indeed. The courage and effort of the advocates to bring up this matter is commendable.

  6. H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana Says:

    Nothing surprising about it for it is happening all around us by people in power and if it happens by the member of the judiciary they are doubly protected. The only surprise is that the Madras bar has come out in the open for the reason is obscure. Now the danger is whole set of judges would have to be investigated for it is like opening of a Pandora’s Box and many skeletons may tumble.

  7. Prakash Gowda Says:

    To the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and the Cong-I , Let us pls accept facts:
    Facts are facts, period.
    While his case appears sealed (most probably thx to!
    Rahul’s remote control for fair play & Justice to the masses), I can only hope three other similar, v corrupt Judges and their controversial careers is probably already frozen on the tracks.

  8. Forum for judicial accountability – full text « Reality Check India Says:

    […] leave a comment » Check it out here […]

  9. Curry Hurry Says:

    The summons from Hon’ble Mr.Justice K.G. Balakrishnan must be to chide him for not being able to do his deeds more surreptitiously. Didn’t he claim DV Shylendra Kumar’s declaration was only for publicity ? That declaration may indeed have been the gauntlet to block the elevation of a corrupt Judge to from the High court to the Supreme Court.

  10. Anonymous Guy Says:

    The fact that more cases are coming out at the very top is a heartening sign. Even if nothing happens for now, it will make a mark on youngsters that it is possible to improve slowly but surely.

    As our more dynamic, independent minded generations come of age, corrupt old people who have power today should shudder in their boots about the change in status quo that could sweep them away.

    “Come senators, congressmen
    Please heed the call
    Don’t stand in the doorway
    Don’t block up the hall
    For he that gets hurt
    Will be he who has stalled
    There’s a battle outside
    And it is ragin’.
    It’ll soon shake your windows
    And rattle your walls
    For the times they are a-changin’.”

    From The Times They Are A-Changin’, Bob Dylan

  11. tsubba Says:

    hello advocate sir,

    i would be very happy if what you say is true. but to my middle klass aspirational mind there seems to be a major discrepancy in all this. i will come to that later.

    first, when, world over, no other group of people, engaged in any activity, is trusted to be capable of self regulation, i think it is scandalous that we continue to place so much faith in our judicial fraternity. especially when time and again abuse of this faith keeps surfacing. in 60 years how many judges at any level have been reprimanded? are we to believe that our judges are somehow of a different genetic composition, and in 60 years no corrupt judge has ever presided in any court? PDD is the first bad apple?

    while making an example out of PDD is important, one time ad hoc cleaning is clearly not sufficient. His case came out only because his subordinates revolted. But how often can & will they revolt without jeopardizing their career? There is an obvious conflict of interest. And we all know just about enough to not rule out quid-pro-quo within the fraternity. The details of which i need not elaborate to you.

    So a system that relies on such revolt clearly cannot establish the credentials and faith that such a high office demands. The entire notion of our nation depends on the judiciary being able to project a clean, impartial and just image – both through projection and example.

    Having said this, i must also say that advocates are the only people who can make a real difference – raise meaningful flags and propose solutions. The rest of us are just groping in the dark and at best can make informed accusations – at best. Only the advocates know how to act on it. 99.99% of us dont know anything beyond 10 standard civics, and even that we know only useless stuff like preamble.

    please dont take offence, but this doubt comes from the nature of the profession. just like journalists, doctors etc, judiciary is a profession with a great deal of high ideals and halo associated with it. mostly because these are professions that are supposed to intervene on behalf of and in favour of the vulnerable. i am pretty sure many are inspired by these ideals and internalize this image and some even live upto it. i can understand that. but ideals are conceptual aren’t they? you cant survive on them can you? and people who man these professions cannot escape psychology can they?

    when i go to a doctor, being the young parent that i am, if the doctor says C-section, can or will i ask him questions and second guess him? my entire decision is based on my vulnerability, my ignorance, and my faith in the text book ideals of the profession. there is no way i can make an informed decision. ditto reading newspapers, and blogs like this. all i can hope is they are being true to the highest ideals of journalism. if they say madam is god and made great sacrifices and drinks tap water, then i have to believe them.

  12. Aravind Srin Says:

    KGB has called Mr Pakka Durtha Dorai to find out if he could get a better share in the shady land deals so that both the Arasus can build a boulevard for themselves and be driven in a horse driven chariot.

  13. Bharat Says:

    The practice of making appointments by caste system should be stopped immediately. In Kerala several relatives of the Chief Justice of India has been appointed. Such persons are having funds like anything. Take the case of CJI who was appointed as Sub_Judge, later on became the HC judge with four children has now earned like anything. His son in law, Srinijin, a congress worker, a lost candidate for elction is a lawyer with 2 years experience keeing an office in 3000 sq ft with 7 air conditioners. To meet him you have to meet 7 secretaries. He has not worn his coat and gown after his enrollment. He has recently purcahsed a BMW car. Do you expect the CJI to enquire this.

  14. KL Says:

    If some tamilian is corrupt,why is he sent to Karnataka?
    Why are kannadigas punished for the sins of Tamils?

    Kannadigas should protest and ensure that no criminal from anywhere is sent to Karnataka on any official posting.The Reddys are committing murder in bellary.Karnataka is paying dearly for its loyalty to Sanatana Dharma.

  15. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    It looks like, we give our attention only to the worst cases of corruption and accept the corruption/unethical practices as part of the mundane life.

    Is a judge using his influence to make his kins bureaucrats, corruption or not?

    It is like teaching the unscrupulous, fishing to feed their greed.

  16. Andy Says:

    Just read a news story which there are protests alleging that Justice Dinakaran he being being framed because he is a dalit..

    quite on expected lines..

    dint somebody say patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrels ( read politicians in most cases)..looks like caste is being used as last refuge by people who have no other escape..


    # Uncalled for charge:

    Story in Times of India: ” Shanti Bhushan virtually accused CJI Balakrishnan of having a soft corner for Justice Dinakaran because he is, like Justice Dinakaran, a dalit “.

    This charge of Shanti Bhushan is absolutely unwarranted and in bad taste

  17. TKM Says:

    Thank you Churumuri. These are the times when we hear about the sleazy side of the judicial system. Last time it was during the Mysore resort scandal. Though we read a lot about the sleazy affairs of the legal system involving the judges, advocates, pretty juniors and money, nothing seems to have changed.

  18. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Why doesn’t the govt. enact a new land reform laws acquiring the huge amount of lands belonging to all elites including those belonging to Scheduled Castes?

    Some relatively progressive states like Mysore had affluent dalits who never lost lands to any land tenancy laws even though they had enslaved labourers without paying wages.

    Except BrahmaNas and few other upper castes, no other castes’ absentee landlords were brought to book!

  19. Rastrakoota Says:

    @ curry hurry,
    It wont be a chide u bet!! Let us not cast aspersions on CJI unnecessarily.
    This is a damning case of misuse of power and will be dealt with else the public faith will be seriously dented nay altogether lost.

    As far as the CJI speaking abt Karnataka Judge seeking publicity, he has only expressed his opinion about the same, it was upto the Judges to disclose assets anyways but now it is a law. There were apprehensions about this being made a law and there were some valid reasons for that.

    Please stop ranting sir against Judiciary and the CJI until the truth is found out

  20. tsubba Says:

    ayyo dont ask dirty koschens like that taayi. No less than MN. Srinivas has “scientifically” demonstrated the “sociology” of all this. how can you koschen all this now?

    sorry to get anatomical on you, but you must be a cheddi, or a middil klass bremins ladies to ask such dirty koschens.

    now our “brilliant” and “cool” people who can quote nice nice articles will come and ask you if you are a chaddi. others sahibs will come and call you bremins ladies talking big and give us all lectures how modesty is important for wimmens. idella beka ninge taayi?

  21. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Please kick this highly corrupt Judge out of Karnataka. Can some one throw shoes at him?!!

    It is quite obvious CJI and Paul are playing “Haagal kayige bevin kayee sakshi anthe”…

    Now all the Jesus jockeys and Dalit types will march together to protect the savior of justice ‘Thiru Thinakaran’…

    Soon there will be a movie in Tamil on this there. I request ERR to come up with a suitable title:)

  22. mysore peshva Says:

    shocking. clearly, this judge should be tried so that, hopefully, we can place him in a kaaragriha.

  23. Gampa Says:

    Three Kannadigas have done us proud recently. First it was Justice Shylendra Kumar, our own High Court’s Judge who rattled the upper echelons of Judiciary with his scathing two articles in Indian Express.

    Second is Mr.Ravindra Bhat, a Mysore born judge now serving in Delhi High Court who held that information held by CJI belongs to public domain.

    Thirdly, i was thrilled to hear the eminent Fali Nariman praise our own Justice M.N.Venkatachalaiah. He said that Justice Pathak had the guts to spot Venkatachaiah in Karnataka High Court and elevate him to supreme court by passing the seniority of three or four judges.

    Justice E.S.Venkatramayya was another Kannadiga to don the CJI role. He too was greatly praised.

    Long live Kannadigas contribution to Indian Judiciary

  24. Curry Hurry Says:

    Rant certainly not; Judicial Rot- definite

    the FJA has also sent a representation to the President and Prime Minister drawing the attention on the media reports that the CJI has cleared Justice Dinakaran’s name after he submitted his clarification in person.
    The controversy is similar to the one involving another judge — Justice Bhalla of Chhattisgarh High Court. A few years back, Justice Bhalla was elevated to the post of Chief Justice of Uttarakhand High Court after the Supreme Court collegium refused to yield to pressures from the legal fraternity on his alleged land acquisition in Noida (on the outskirts of Delhi in Uttar Pradesh). Justice Bhalla had reportedly acquired a piece of land in Noida at a throwaway price.

  25. TKM Says:

    Venkatachala .. the former Lok Ayukta????… But what about the rumours about his assets???

  26. Veeru Says:

    Corruption in Judiciary is a shock to common man.
    If the judges are corrupt…The there is no meaning for looking for Justice.

    All the cases disposed by this judge needs to be reopened and Trial needs to be conducted again.

  27. Andy Says:

    @ TKM

    I think the name that was referred was MN Venkatachaliah who retired as Chief Justice of India..

    N Venkatachala was Judge in the SC.

  28. Pulikeshi the Lasts Says:


    I think “Thinakaran” is a good title itself. Thinkeran, Thinnukaran, Chinnakaru, PaaLunyaaya are others that come to mind.

    For the Rest:

    Why just this one, arrogant, politically connected justice? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?

  29. advocate Says:

    @ tsubba

    I completely agree with you, PDD is by no means the first corrupt judge to rise so high and currently there is no system to ensure he is the last. The collegium system has great flaws as Shanti Bhushan has pointed out.

    Equally shocking was the case of Y K Sabharwal who heard and decided cases in favor of his own lan developer sons and this when he was the Chief Justice of India. Enough noise wasn’t made then and it is good that such things are being brought up at least now.

    The system of self regulation is seen as following from the constitutional ideal of an independent judiciary. There has long been a need for a rethink of this. It is important that all noble professions live up to their textbook ideals so that we can place our trust in them.

    The group of lawyers (those at the supreme court not the chennai group) have proposed an alternative system of appointment of judges which includes recommendations by Bar Council, Attorney General, CJI, Eminent Jurists etc. This however, still doesn’t answer the questions of accountability after a judge has been appointed or elevated. Even the judges assets case doesn’t make the judges declare their assets every year (or some other appropriate span of time) so that any unusual jump in the assets may be noticed.

    @ Kavitha

    Yeddi has no say in the appointment of PDD as Karnataka CJ. This is also dealt with by the five seniormost judges of the Supreme Court who constitute what is known as the collegium. However it is a matter of routine most of the times unless there are specific allegations against the judge.

  30. Nagaraj Mysore Raghupathi Says:

    the judges are even afraid to answer my questions & police are not registering my complaint against the CJI & OTHER VVIPS for their crimes.
    read the questionnaire at ,
    our judicial system is also corrupt to the same degree , as it’s environs. i am pleading for information from Hon’ble Supreme court of india as per RTI ACT , but to no avail. the court is hiding , covering up information as it will bring forth the truths , the improper functioning of judiciary. IN India justice dinakar will come out safe . just remeber roost resort sex scandal involving karnataka high court judges. TO SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY , PEOPLE MUST DEMAND FOR ACCOUNTABILITY OF JUDGES. DO VISIT : ,

  31. Gaby Says:

    TS shouldnt itbe ‘ dhartty’ rather than dirty:)

  32. Venkata Raman Aiyer Says:

    Justice P.D. Dinakaran is a liar… like most politicians and bureaucrats in India. Down with the fraudsters and high way robbers. Stop screwing the Indian folks of their self dignity which is only one that you haven’t robbed

  33. poornima ADvocate Says:

    mr Venkataraman, please be moderate in your language. Do not show your superior class (iyer) as against a poor dalit, who ascended the office by dint of hard work. If iyer could manage to hold on to high office for 5000 long years, why not Mr PDD and his clan. Please be patient. This is the accusation PDD will direct at you. Class, colour, creed and religion are the weapons that the corrupt has in their hands to wield against the opponents. Brama Astra was hurled not by the god himslef but through mortals. if you are desirous of changing the society do so by all means but after removing the tag of “Aiyer” following your name.

  34. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    To me it looks like Shri Iyer is inveighing against all corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and judges. In fact, you are the one who is injecting class and such into the issue. You might as well consider asking the President to shed her last name, the Prime Minister to truncate his appelation in return for Shri Iyer stripping himself of his last name.

    Let the Neeti Arasu have his day in court. It is unfortunate for him that the court of public opinion has already found him guilty as charged.

    One of the things I have begun to like about India’s supreme court–as vulnerable as any institution in this Godforsaken country–is that it is taking an activist stance and directing the executive at least to consider its duties in addition to reminding it that there is such a thing as the Constitution. I hope it will do the right thing and repair the tattered dignity of the judiciary.

  35. TKM Says:

    The sleaze and corruption ridden society is finding it difficult to assert themselves and has fallen at the feet of the judiciary. This unprecedented accumulation of power has gone to the head of some of the judicial officers. As the CJI had remarked once, they find themselves the most powerful judicial system in the world. Probably the power drunk judicial officers feel they are the law or are above the law which they preside over. How can a corrupt system pull up their own corrupt judicial officers when the system needs them to sustain their sleaze. A catch 22 situation????

  36. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Vakil FullMoon!

    A poor Dalit with 500 acres of land?!! Wow we need more ‘Dalits’ like him. What is this? A new kind of “Rob Iyer to Pay Paul” is it?:)

    So tell me FullMoon in the fullness of time, you will be gracing the court of ‘Neethi Arasan’ as a ‘Legal Haddhu’ is it? Wow that would be an amazing site along with the slogans such as “The Deaf can hear the blind can see what our dear Dalit gem Paul Thinakaran chami is up to”…

  37. Aditya Says:

    Anyone who have walked to the court rooms will not deny that Judges and Magistrates are not corrupt. The whole Indian system needs revamping.
    How did Dinakaran manage to accumulate 440 acres of land and houses at all posh places ? Even if it costs 1,000rs an acre plus all the additional houses in City ?

  38. Baby Thomas/ Samuel Says:

    Forget about The Supreme Court Collegium asking for a swift investigation and decision, the various state Advocate’s Association’s passing resolutions seeking his sacking, the seriousness of this national issue demands a fast track CBI probe and if true justice prevails that sets the example for all others.
    Talking about legal laws and Governance in India, nothing less than a swift, serious punishment is called for since it is an open secret that that there are a few others (all part of the cartel) and very powerful within the current judiciary hierarchy, both in the states and central.
    Sadly and most tragically, the current law minister who actually will be among the one’s who will call the shots (a very sincere, legally proficient although not hands-on honest soul) happens to be from Karnataka!
    Key question: With Rahul, Sonia and Moily pull the strings and get some respect? Or will politics play spoil sport while Karnataka’s BJP CM and his remote control illegal iron ore barons be accused of being hand-in-glove with the powers that be and also this Dinakaran?
    More importantly, will the Supreme Court set up an excellent example (given the obscene opportunity) for all power players, legal luminaries as well as the criminal dons, mafia, parties of all shades, govts of all colors, in fact every politician, citizen and the future generation in India?

    BTW, pray God: let us all remember that religion and caste has nothing to do with this famous case.

    Finally, regarding poor, humble Indian villagers and crooked politicians, here is something interesting:

  39. shivanagowda. Says:

    I gave complaint against one lady judge who was working in Anekal. This lady judge is very corrupt and absolutely unfit to continue in the present post. Now she is promoted to senior division at Gangavathi. I think nearly 90 percent of judges in subordinate judiciary are very very corrupt and unfit. This is major achievement of the BJP Government in Karnataka and Suresh Kumar as law minister in Karnataka BJP Govt. The High court vigilance initiated enquiry and all of a sudden the Chief Justice Dinakaran closed the file.


    Now every judgment delivered by judges are liable to be suspected either on the ground of inefficiency or corrupt practice. There is no transparency in judiciary. It is better every judge needs to be constantly monitored.

    Now it is high time for the people to debate whether to wind up present judicial system or to accept the same.

  40. Deepa Says:

    It is one thing to make claims but to prove is another thing. Indian Express 18 sep 2009 has come out with an article on its front page “NO PROOF TO SUBSTANTIATE CLAIM AGAINST CJ”
    what his accusers have done is to try to tarnish his name, but truth will triumph in the end.

    Great work by Ind Express to investigate and report.

  41. shivanagowda. Says:

    The present state of affairs of judiciary in Karnataka is:

    All judges in High court are the ones who have practised in Bangalore city and who have links with all sections of people including land mafia. Their near and dear ones are practicing in High court. They get relief within a fraction of second whether there is a merit or no merit.

    Sub ordinate judges can be purchased like any other commodity in market, , Any judge in subordinate judiciary can be booked or purchased. This is the sorry state of affairs and dangerous trend in Karnataka.

    This Dinakiran was GOD FATHER AND GODDESS TO all corrupt and unfit judges in sub oridinate judiciary. Therefore the ultimate solution is to wind up JUDICIAL SYSTEM.

  42. krishna Says:

    there are 10 more judges in madras high court are completely corrupted and i request the members of the bar to initiate proceedings against them too.

    The son of one judge who has no practice at all bought a brand new BMW car last month………

  43. Akhila Says:

    people who are talking against PDD should better read the Bangalore Mirror news paper of 20-9-09. just b’cse some j’ls upper caste advocates came together and rised some stupid issues without even proper enquiry. even a Sr advocate wrote in Hindu to hold an enquiry by Jc. Santhosh Hegde who comes under the supervision of Jc. PDD who is the CJ of Karnataka. does he have a proper legal knowledge though being a Sr SC advocate?

  44. Akhila Says:

    people who ever indulge in filthy business should face the consequences but only on that basis not just because he is not from the upper caste. let the enquiry to be held on the advocates also who ever appeared before him in those particular cases and punish them too. and what about other judges who are in the same line?

  45. shivanagowda. Says:

    Hello to all the public of karnataka in particular
    and India in General

    Please wake up,,,,,,,,,,,,the Judiciary has become corrupt beyond repair,,,, since there is no transfer of High court judges from one court to another court, and these High court judges have direct links with politicians, antisocial elements, land mafia, ministers and what not and above all interfere in the functioning of lower judiciary and make the subordinate judges corrupt.

    Please wake up and save India from these terror, inefficient and corrupt judges.

  46. Rama B Says:

    It is a tragedy and absolute shame on our democracy that this issue has not been closed and the person in focus, who continues to be in legal robes is finally sent packing to his 1000s of acres of encroached land in rural Tamilnadu. Perhaps the following links will enlighten more on this shocking flaw in our society

  47. Suresh Says:

    The pseudo Dalit lobby led by Veeramani owe it PDDJ!!
    It is not because Dalits are above law, but Dinakaran gave quitus to Contempt of Court by Veeramani!!
    (a) punish the first respondent(K.VEERAMNI DK) for his deliberate,
    willful, false allegations made against a Hon’ble Judge of this Court, thereby
    interfering with the proceedings of this Court and for threatening the

    we also make it clear that there is no need to have much ado about the issue said to have been taken place on 17.10.2006 as published in the media, as there cannot be any second opinion that human dignity
    and self-respect of every individual has to be upheld and the spirit of
    democracy should be maintained by mutual respect between all three wings of the State, viz., the legislature, the executive and the judiciary, and therefore, a quietus can be given to the entire episode leaving the matter buried. With the above observations, the contempt petition is closed.

  48. Saleem A Says:

    In the true and completely misused spirit of the great Indian democracy, the most dishonorable Justice should be let free, promoted to the Supreme Court and allowed back to dispose 27 major legal cases in 24 minutes! This unique dalit is truly untouchable: by all three wings of the country, viz., the legislature, the executive and the judiciary!

    This is exactly what happens when caste and politics are conveniently used to unashamedly shield the biggest crooks in our country. And in return the overnight billionaires ensure the politicians of all colors and shades are in their clutches.
    Jai Ho!

  49. Duleep Says:

    I hope someone writes a biography (maybe 2000 pages) of the corrupt brothers in the black courts who sit on the bench.

  50. Dr Raj Patur Says:

    The submission by Madras HC advocates is shocking. We must congratulate them for the neat work done in public interest. The action of CJI is muted. Given the substantial evidence presented, a CBI probe must be instituted to bring out all facts. CJ Dinakaran must immediately be taken out bench pending enquiry.
    ii) This is a case of murder of democracy and its essential institutions. It is not amassing wealth that is the key thing. It is delivering judgments for extraneous considerations that is murderous.
    iii) Government servants need to exhibit certain decency and decorum in conducting their children marriages, for they are not Ambanis of wealth.

  51. Niyayam Solven Says:

    The latest report, second in a week by the district collector, is understood to have detailed attempts to remove fencing from the land allegedly encroached in judge’s name, HT has learnt.

    “Two senior revenue officials who rushed to the spot… after receiving reports of fence being removed… have complained that they were threatened on phone,” said a state government official, not willing to be named.

    One of the officials, who went to the village to inspect the land, tehsildar (revenue administrative officer) R. Vijayaraghavulu confirmed the allegation.

    “On reaching the village, a person claiming to be the manager of the property asked me to talk to someone on the phone. The person on the other side, threatened and said he was a judge and would get a case registered against me,” he told reporters.

    Tiruvallur District Collector V Palanikumar declined to comment.


    //people who are talking against PDD should better read the Bangalore Mirror news paper of 20-9-09.//
    even before inquiry you decided that some advocates raised stupid issues. do u understand now who is stupid? can you reveal, what is ur connection with pddj?

  52. ravi Says:

    in such cases we dont see caste we need justice.

  53. S. Sharma Says:

    The practice of appointing judges through a resolutio/draft made in about 1997 is mockery of Constitution. The Law Minister even supports unlawful acts in name of judiciary will be taken into confidence. Law Minister is at mercy of the SC judgment on 6/10/1993 that gives him
    say over appointments and abuse the illegal process labeled as legal by said SC judgment by about 9judges Bench. (1994AIR268).
    President of India is only competent to initiate and appoint judges. His powers has been jointly usurped by BJP Govt in 1993. Congress role be
    seen if it intents to restore original powers for appointment of judges to the President of India.

    Result the Judges treat all persons (not advocates, advocates who object corruption in Judges, Union Cabinet Ministers as incompetent) as nincompoop and they chose to close matter of vigilance even at their whims and fancy. Judicial application of mind in replaced with anarchial procedure to make acts as presiding officer in lowest to highest court in India on the sweet will of the judges.

    Making of law is beyond any court’s power. Delhi High Court has made
    law by adding new concept to Sec.377 IPC (Unnatural offence e.g. SODOMY). The Union Law & Justice Minister and Judges’ nexus becomes clear that the Union Cabinet Ministers are being influenced to make it law through Parliament. This will make rape also no offence as the victim shall be charged with consent in the intercourse. Union Ministers if want to make law and Parliament approves it they can do it on their own, and not make any judge to snatch right fo Parliament to make laws as done in the creatiion of illegal law by Delhi High Court that allows unnatural sex between consenting two males or between two females. This law also includes sex with animals – is an offence.

    See how large scale third illegal propcedure is being followed with aid of CJI and other Chief Justice of High courts. The 498A IPC named label to 3rd. illegal procedure contrary to statute and SC judgments based upon the related Crl. *2nd. Amendment Act No.46 of 1983 :

    The results for judicial and political includes executive corrupt nexus can be removed by honest judges, political and exetuves (who are honest).

  54. just_in Says:


  55. just_in Says:


  56. Dr Raj Patur Says:

    J Dinakaran is in a way very clever. He is right when he says that he had not acquired the porambke land. Thanks to his personal jurisprudence, he has merely occupied and fenced it. Needless to say that such illegal occupation over a long period becomes absolute through usage. Much of the lands in our country, in ancient times were sold /occupied by word of mouth.
    The fact that he belonged to SC is making CJI trod cautiously, lest it boomerang as caste prejudice which is so very common in India.
    Knowing that fully well, Dinakaran is trying to bask under caste umbrella. All people err including him .Time has come for a review of all past cases to identify malafide, if any, and take stringent action with out fear or favour, lest the faith in higher judiciary is irreparably diminished.

  57. Alwin Says:


    So change the constitution to add the following.
    Lower Caste Dalit = No laws apply.

  58. Just_in Says:

    lower caste includes not only dalits, but also OBC’s together constitutes 85% 0f indian society. Upper caste hindus are only true hindus who are only 15% of indian population. Hindus are divided into 4 varnas, ie Brahmin, Kshatriya, vysya and sudra. None of the obc falls into any of these category. It is British who created the terms OBC and added the people under the hindu religion. But it does not make the OBC’s hindus because hindu texts like vedas mentioned about 4 varnas only and people belongs to OBC ans SC/ST are not considered as equal to them. That is why OBC’s and SC/ST faces untouchability from upper caste hindus.

  59. niyayam solven Says:

    @just in
    now the scenario is changed from 1950s. see the Dalits have developed very much. they are competing equally or more with the upper cast thieves. for example take central minister Raja who robbed more than Rs.80,000/- crore of public money. take this p.d.dinakaran, who grabbed more than 200 acres of lands belonging to daliths. take Mayavathi, who grabbed 1000s of crores of public money. So the daliths are developed in this country. so Plz never use the dalith card to safeguard the robbers.

  60. balram jaiswal Says:

    madras bar associatioin show a good is a welcome
    move by a comminuty.judges,those are nominated in the evaluation of supreme court must show all income source and property. no one judges should be nominated without enquires about income,income source,contrversy judicary cases.

  61. niyayam solven Says:

    I heard from my madras friends, that a senior lawyer, had set up a few farmers belonging to disputed area, filed writ petitions on behalf of them, before the madras high court claiming redelivery of portion of disputed lands to them as if the lands were under the custody of government. the judge, it seems, is planning indirectly to take a stand before SC collegium that he neither encroached any land nor fenced them. showing the said writ petitioners as owners of the disputed land. anything may happen in their corrupt world. lets wait and see.

  62. Seshadri Says:

    I am a practicing advocate from TN with over 23 years of standing. Sadasivam, a Supreme Court Judge, in line to become the CJI between 2013 to 2014 is worse than PDD. He is a womanizer, corrupt and drunkard. When he can go to Supreme Court and rise up to becoming the CJI in future, why not PDD. Sadasivam has already brought in about 7 persons belonging to his community (GOUNDERS – MBC) to the Madras HC as Judges. He is now likely to elevate one Sengutavel, a real estate mafia don as a Judge of the HC. God save India.

  63. pakutharivu Says:


    Sir, your allegations are very serious in nature. I would suggest you to give your proofs to the Forum for Accountability of Judges at Madras for further action on your allegations. If you have no proofs then avoid baseless allegations.

  64. L. K. Jhunjhunwala Says:

    Dear All

    If at all there is truth in the allegations leveled against the Hon’ble Chief Justice, I am confident that the authorities concern will take appropriate action in the larger interest of the legal fraternity in India. Lets keep our fingers cross on this.

    This is indeed a welcome move as at least we the readers know known in detail as to what are the fact.

  65. uthira Says:

    wait and watch

  66. Vamanan Says:

    I am very sorry to hear that parliamentarians are out to impeach P. D. Dinakaran. He has so much love for the motherland that he must forthwith be given Bharat Ratna. He is also a man who loves senior citizens very much…He does not believe in sending them to old age homes…See he has had flats allocated, if the charges against him are true, to the parents of his wife. See how much love he has for his wife. In these days of rampant divorce, P.D. Dinakaran is obviously a family man for which also some award or other must be given to him. We must however find those people who were instrumental in making such a good man a judge, and give them whiplashes, according to the law.

  67. Shyam Says:

    This is a really superb article and it is indeed the need of the hour to verify the integrity and honesty of the judges.It is a great shame on his part to have all these allegations against him and i personally feel an independent and transparent enquiry be made and appropriate steps be taken to ensure persons of such caliber and conduct as potrayed in the article doesnt get a chance to rule over the judicial hierarchy.

  68. Ram Says:

    Dear Mr.Pakutharivu,

    While I dont concur with the views expressed by Seshadri, The damage that is done now will take another thirty years for it to be corrected and we all hope that Kapadia will be the man to drive that change followed by Kabir, both of whom have a great reputation. Madras High Court unfortunately does not have persons of that reputation eligible to go to Supreme Court, ever since caste and politics started driving the direction of this court, which once was stated by Jawaharlal Nehru as the greatest court of inspiration for him. Its sad, very painful, but the truth and we have no choice but to live with it.

  69. pakutharivu Says:

    Dear Mr Ram,

    Notorious judges will be exposed where ever they come from. but still renowned judges are there in Madras High court who always prefer to keep low.

  70. rakesh Says:

    A crystal clear transparent execution hierarchy is required to drive the world’s largest democracy…..INDIA!!!

  71. kumar Says:

    What were all these people doing when he was acquiring huge tracts of land?

    Being a dalit does not give him a right to plunder this nation. He should be stripped of his judicial powers, impeached through parliament and all his ill acquired wealth should be confiscated.

  72. Benoy Sharma Says:

    An accused is presumed to be innocenct unless proved guilty, this jurisprudential statement seems to be to far strechted by the Collegium of Honourable Supreme Court of India, who thought fit to transfer the accused Justice to the High Court of Sikkim that too as a Chief Justice. Higher judiciary justices should have impeccable record as a true deliverer of justice and any accusations against such persons brings disrepute to the judiciary and loss of faith in the system. Justice Dinakaran should have voluntarily resigned on moral grounds but willfully and open chested has arrived take the charge of highest seat of justice in Sikkim, as if Justice in Sikkim is thrown rather than given.The Bar Association of Sikkim seems to have accepted their defeat and has in garb of maintaining proffessional ethics failed to understand that these ethics only survive in a clean legal atmosphere, and every advocate is entitled to flush out any element that scars his legal environment.Therefore commited approach by the bar could have solved the problem. One Act and one Judgement does not make a law, the bar could have given a strong argument against the transfer.

  73. Anand Says:

    What TN Govt. doing?

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