On the morning of the first day of the nine nights

KPN photo

King for a day. The scion of erstwhile of the royal family of Mysore, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar, arrives for the private darbar at the main Amba Vilas Palace, on the first day of the ten-day Dasara festivities, in Mysore on Saturday


The late C. Hayavadana Rao wrote in the Mysore Gazetteer:

“On the morning of the first day, His Highness, after observing the religious ceremonies, partly at the shrine of Sri Chamundeshwari on the palace premises and partly in the Durbar Hall, takes his seat on the historical throne under a salute of 21 guns and showers of flowers. There is also a presentation of arms by the palace and the State troops assembled in the arena square below. Honours from the principal temples and maths are presented followed by offerings and presentations of coconuts (phala) and coloured rice (mantrakshate) by the Vaidika Brahmins invited to the Durbar Hall.”

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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8 Responses to “On the morning of the first day of the nine nights”

  1. D P SATISH Says:

    Can we shift both king and his throne to Vidhana Soudha?!

  2. tsubba Says:

    we need to find better rationalizations to these rituals, and better representatives deserving of this honour. the rituals themselves i am not against. they provided much needed jingchak and glitz – the hallmark of our soft power than even took over china not to mention other unmentionables, who cry despite all our theories and revelations, we are the same people – all that is good in us is bcoz of our lard, and that is bad is because of you idol worshippers. but that is on a tangent.

    but, ignoring all that mayy kayy parchkoLing, we need to find reinvent better objects of all this reverence.

  3. Ramesh S Says:

    Not at all possible..even to Bangalore palace..

  4. sathya Says:

    Both are not possible! It seems , Kengal Hanumanthaiah had said that he could not shift two tings from Mysore to bangalore…one was the Chamundi Hills and the other was KRS….

  5. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    What is the reason behind Churumuri’s aggressive promotion of the erstwhile royalty?

    A sentimental caption about a queen or queen mother who let her jewelry be pawned to get money for building a reservoir and Sampath’s book;

    A chariot ride for commoners in front of the palace in Maisuru where
    Mr. Srikanthadatta lives rent free;

    Lambasting the BJP for not memorialising Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar;

    And now this.

  6. Arun Says:

    And Pulikeshi the Last, why shouldn’t churumuri do it? why does it have to confirm to your believes and ideologies?

  7. Pulikeshi the Last Says:


    My question remains unanswered.

  8. pharoah Says:

    Me thinks the Yuvaraja has lost a few pounds !!

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