A sleepy town: now officially recognised by govt

It’s one thing for travel writers dipping into their thesauruses to blindly term Mysore “a sleepy town” or “a pensioner’s paradise”. But what when the government officially believes that all Mysoreans are in a perpetual state of siesta for eleven months and 20 days of the year, and only wake up to smell the (filter) coffee for the nine nights of Navaratri?

Great branding?

Or a maha insult?

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12 Responses to “A sleepy town: now officially recognised by govt”

  1. Dileepa Prabhakar Says:

    Mysore a sleepy town? What era are these people in?

  2. bangalorean Says:

    probably its the outsiders who make it alive on those 9 days?

  3. sathya Says:

    Yes, Mysoreans sleep when they have to sleep. They know their limits. Once that is over they mind their work. They need not be alerted by others. A Mysorean is always a Mysorean, a civilized citizen. And he respects the feelings of others. Dasara is confined to Palace and a few places in and around it.

  4. Andy Says:

    Others awake during the 9 days !

  5. mysore peshva Says:

    i agree 100 per cent that mysore is “sleepy town.” anyone who has lived in mumbai (or in the West) must know that.

    i love mysore for its sleepiness. i would probably think mysore to be a lazy town if its people weren’t so felicitous — and so agreeably “civilized,” to quote sathya.

  6. Faldo Says:

    Mysore cannot be called a sleepy town anymore. It might have been considered so in the past. If Mumbai is held as the yardstick certainly many other bigger cities could seem slow paced. However, nowadays one can say Mysore is active and vibrant and even noisy throughout the year.

  7. Mathew Says:

    It is a sleepy town. I remember going there in the afternoon and finding the bus station crowded with buses. Seeing so many buses I was happy. But an hour later when I was still standing at the bus station with everyone telling me that ALL the drivers had gone to lunch, I couldnt help but say– yeah its a sleepy town. I have many more instances to quote, but I dont want to offend the mysore pride.

    To the credit of Mysore, I have to say that it is an immensely quite and serene place.

  8. Yella Ok Says:

    Does anyone in his right senses want mysooru to become a mumbai or a bengalooru? Naa.

    Each city has a character and should maintain that character. Ask any Puneite. And he would dread Pune becoming a Bombay. Similarly every mysooriga would hate mysooru being turned into another bengalooru or mumbai.

  9. NostalgicMysorean Says:

    Yella OK summed it up nicely.Surely,we, who shifted back to Mysore from Bangalore to seek a serene place with affable,well mannered folk shudder to think of Mysore turning to Bengaluru.

  10. Putnanja Says:

    I guess the original question got lost somewhere! Is the government right in using the word “sleepy town” and making it official.

    Is Mysore a sleepy town is irrelevant, should the government advertise and make it official? No.

    and whatever happened to the official name “Mysooru”?

  11. Arrow Says:

    I am from Mys.

    …who shifted back to Mysore from Bangalore to seek a serene place with affable,well mannered…

    Certainly don’t agree with the above comment. Perhaps Mys was at some point of time, definately not now. Where is the serenity? well mannered?

    Yes Mys has grown and with the growth has come the change..the change for worse.

    As some body pointed out, each city has its own character and it would be incorrect to compare Mys with a Bangalore, Pune or Mumbai

  12. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Just because some XYZ did not know or some XYZ is recognising Mysoru(Bengaluuru)
    does not mean it is a sleepy town!!

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