Lots of learning before they drive on their own


The November 26 siege of Bombay took the spotlight away from the shenanigans of “Sadhvi” Pragya Singh Thakur, “Lieutenant Colonel” Shrikant Purohit and others allegedly involved in the Malegaon bomb blasts of September 2008.

But Friday’s bomb explosion in Goa, in which two members of a Hindu right-wing group ‘Sanatan Sanstha’, a non-profit organisation set up by Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale, a clincial hypnotherapist from Bombay, were killed, has brought “Hindutva Terrorism” squarely back to the pseudosecular table.

Like in an earlier incident in Nanded (Maharashtra) in the house of an RSS worker and a blast in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) where two people with links to the Bajrang Dal were killed, the victims in Goa were in the process of setting off the bombs, when they met their maker.

Cartoon: courtesy Prasad Radhakrishnan/ Mail Today

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40 Responses to “Lots of learning before they drive on their own”

  1. Curious Says:

    true.these fool hindus are no match for their “discriminated against” jihadi opponents.you see all this bomb making and triggering requires training and time.the fool hindus have no training nor trainers.so unprepared are they for murder that they wouldn’t know how to plunge a dagger in the back if they saw a back staring back at them.sorry for pun ah

    just look at the contrast no?the effort- to- kill ratio is most praiseworthy.such good training and infrastructure.most amazing indeed.what organisation??

    wah wah!perhaps hindus shud outsource killings to the experts yes?

    maybe we see crecent cartoon next time in commemoration of the experts ah?

  2. Srikumar Says:

    Since now its well known that a Minister from the ‘secular’ Congress Government has active links with that “Hindu right-wing group” as reported by the beacon of secular liberal values http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/goa_blast_the_role_of_a_ministers_wife.php;
    It would be appropriate if the team of loonies who run this inane blog change the track of debate from ‘Hindutva’ terrorism to ‘secular’ terrorism. Can secularists not be terrorists? We would like to see a poll on it.

  3. Abhi Says:

    What sick****s are these hindu extremists. I am ashamed to be a hindu :) Can’t even plant a decent bomb. They themselves are the casualties all the time.

    May be we need to lock up both extremists of both kind together for better training. Or better, may be they will find some common grounds and realize after all they both are same. One is fanatic about cows another about pigs. One wants women to cover up from head to toe, another they be only making roti at home all the time. Both have simplified morals about how should one lead life.

  4. pharoah Says:

    The hindu extremists should be sent for Advanced training in making and planting bombs across the border at the JUP (Jihadi University of Pakistan) ;)

  5. Curious Says:

    abhi, i think so sadhvi pragnya was arrested for making rotis no? equalize madbekadre sarig madappa :) sum sumne yeno helbittu tale ne kedastiyalla?

    alright, let us have an intelligent debate on why hindu “extremists” end getting killed on their own bombs? why this raging difference in competencies when compared to islamic extremists?


  6. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Pseudo terrorism?

    BTW WB palahalli ;)

  7. nanu_nane Says:

    We can no longer deny the fact that there are “Hindu terrorists” just by making jokes about how the there are more “Jihadi terrorists”. No point living in denial.

  8. dharma Says:

    We need a foreign coach, Prasad and Sing will not do!

  9. Khan Says:

    It is more a commentary on the India’s establishment way. If they had succeeded like in Malegaon, Macca Masjid et el, immediatly we know assorted names, affiliated organizations and usual Muslims terrorist roundup.

    Only when they are caught, we know the Hindu “activists” activity. Mind you they are NOT “terrorists”, that is reserved for someone else.

  10. pratap Says:

    Wonderful picture there.

  11. Abhi Says:

    “If they had succeeded like in Malegaon, Macca Masjid et el, immediatly we know assorted names, affiliated organizations and usual Muslims terrorist roundup.”

    Oh come on Khan. Again the usual nutty conspiracy theories. You could have harped upon Hindu right wing by just pointing out these incidents, for which most sensible people would take your side. But you choose to come up with creative conspiracy theories. Hopefully there are some muslims left out there who can look at things objectively.

  12. Cool Dude Says:

    Agree with ‘nanu_nane’

  13. Aakash Says:

    misdeeds like Bomb blast in capital of india or mumbai used to gives me strength and I could feel a zeal to fight back and stand up against.

    Now I am tired and more scare living at this place. Sometimes I wants to cry my heart out.

    Are we dying as a Nation? What would be our future and most importantly India’s.


  14. Khan Says:


    There are lot like you living in the denial, Malegaon was done by who?? Mecca Masjid….

    Remember samjhota express……….???Police teams of several states including Haryana and Rajasthan who were probing the attack on train, have finally zeroed in on the extremists in Indore. Local newspapers have revealed that the organisation members killed one of their own, RSS activist Sunil Joshi, so that the police couldn’t reach them and bust the network.

    Still, the bags used in carrying bombs in the train and other clues had taken police to Indore. A BJP leader’s brother has been found involved in financing the bomb-making, reports an Indore based mass circulation evening newspaper. See the front page of the newspaper and the investigative report.http://www.sanjhalokswami.com/2009/10/17/12.HTM

    But you lap up the hysterical media, crying at its pitch Muslim Terrorists, while all the Hindu “Activists” does is well social work.

    >>>misdeeds like Bomb blast in capital of india or mumbai used to gives me strength and I could feel a zeal to fight back and stand up against.

    Let me guess, coz it was supposed to be from the other camp, but now you are confused!!!
    Ah the righteousness and bigotry of media working to its fullest. Grow up akash.

  15. Anshuman Patel Says:


    Khan saab, you ought to pipe down and go easy on these easy conspiracy theories. By perennially wearing that hood of victimisation, you provide that much needed ballast to the loony right of both communities.

    I would like to think most of the top folks who man our constitutional offices as well as mainstream media are well-meaning and non-partisan and are equally concerned about terrorism of all hues. Yes, quite a few in the lower rungs of our official machinery may be prejudiced or myopic in nature. Hopefully that should change with time with a reasonably enlightened leadership at the top as well as better education. Have patience and hope sir.

    It would indeed be tragic if guys like you live in a state of denial and attribute all acts of terror to conspiracies of the state and constantly look through the communal prism.

    There are vile elements in both the communities and we need to accept it for our own good.

    On a side note, the police and other security apparatus need some quick education in handling these cases in media. I refer to the twin incidents of this Goa blast and questioning of J&K cricketers in B’lore. Can’t such investigations be done with some delicacy and the leads given to the media after some good deal of insight is achieved? What’s this hurry in going to media with sketchy details and conclusions thereby?

  16. pharoah Says:

    Here we go again, the usual ranting about Government connivance in supporting the Hindu Extremists(?) while coming down heavily on Muslim Terrorists…YAAAWN

  17. Khan Says:

    >>By perennially wearing that hood of victimisation,.

    Alas this is also appropriated by the Cheddis, it is they who whine all the time about the threat of Muslims or Christians, even though they believe they are 85% majority. Their victim-giri starts with imaginative appeasment of Muslims to overtaking the country by population , if not Chirstian evangelist with mata sonia, ysr help.

    >>I would like to think most of the top folks who man our constitutional offices as well as mainstream media are well-meaning and non-partisan and are equally concerned about terrorism of all hues.

    Wish I could THINK the way you do, but thinking will not change the REALITY. Just see the cartoon above or the news related to the Hindu terrorism. You will only see Innocent Hindu activities by “activists”.

    NOWHERE IT IS MENTIONED AS TERRORISM OR CALLED THE PERPETRATORS TERRORISTS. Maybe they don’t get terrorised by the their own sanghas, or they they know those bombs are only directed at Malegaon mosques, Mecca Mosque, SO IT IS NOT TERRORISM.

  18. Curious Says:

    just imagine if even 20% hindus take to terrorism. scary alva? avaga learning board irodilve..even more scary..

  19. Abhi Says:

    Khan – By now its quite clear who lives in denial. Malegaon blast is ofcourse carried out by Hindu extremists. But your conspiracy theory that if it had killed many people, it would have been blamed on Muslims is plain ridiculous.

    Anyway, your silly conspiracies theories aside, let all sensible people condemn the acts of the Hindu extremists and recognize that all religions are potentially dangerous if they are organised.

  20. Rational Says:

    Khan, can we have a straight numerical comparison of the number of terror attacks and the number of people killed by Muslims or Islamic terror groups vs. those of ANY other religion, or all other religions combined, in the past 10 years? (No need to go too far back).

    USA, Europe, Russia, China, Thailand… Everyone everywhere must be guilty of ‘Victim-Giri’.

    Oops, what about Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.? Surely some cheddis must have sneaked in there to cause all the trouble.

    Ooooooh wait, I know. Its the Joooos, always them Joooos causing all the trouble. Right Khan?

  21. Hiker Says:


    It is ‘Juice’ not ‘Joooos’.

  22. Khan Says:

    >>But your conspiracy theory that if it had killed many people, it would have been blamed on Muslims is plain ridiculous.

    No. you are not reading it correctly or too busy to rationlising Hindu Terrorists…OOPS “Activists”- for our Media and establishment. It is only because they are unsuccessful, they were exposed s “activists”, otherwise you would have known the affiliated designation.


    Rational is doing the rationalization of Hindu Terrorists through number counting??? Do post your analysis!!!

  23. BB@B Says:

    Khan Saheb, there is a difference between Islamic terrorism vs other religion terrorism. When there is Islamic terrorism all around the world, there bound to happen some retaliation by other religion and its very minuscule when compared to Islamic terrorism. In UK and USA, in general every muslim is a terrorist unless proven otherwise, same is not true for other religion. By the way, what do u say about this


  24. Rational Says:

    Khan, I asked you a question, and you have not responded. By the way, I am not a ‘Cheddi’ – far from it. Like most other Hindus in the blogosphere, I was terribly angry with the Ram Sena, and other similar groups. I have abused them quite liberally, and continue to do so.

    On the other hand, the way most Muslims on the blogosphere try to establish some Moral Equivalence between ‘Hindu Terrorists’ and Islamic terrorism amuses me. If you, and the entire Muslim community, begins showing the kind of aggression and hate against your own backward Mullahs like the educated blogging Hindus showed against their own fanatic groups, you will be much better off.

    What do you have to say about the worldwide problems from Afghanistan and Pakistan, to Somalia and Sudan? From Russia and West Europe to Thailand and Philippenes? Juice (Joos) everywhere, or ‘Hindu Terrorists’?

  25. kkr Says:


    ” If you, and the entire Muslim community, begins showing the kind of aggression and hate against your own backward Mullahs like the educated blogging Hindus showed against their own fanatic groups, ”

    why can’t I see this from the ‘educated’ ones above.Can’t you see the whole discussion above relate to denial or simplification of the facts, it has nothing to do with the ‘agression’ of any type you cliam.

    Still I agree most of the Indian population, Hindus and Muslims show no simpathy towards extremists from their relegion.

    Rational, be rational

  26. Khan Says:

    Rational is irrational in his thought process!!!!

    I never called you a “cheddi”, so why are you doing “hegal maele kumblikai” thing??? and who do you come to the conlusing I never raise my voice against Mullah stupidity??

    Must be all due to the intenalizing of the propaganda and assumption, they are like that only.

    I find it bizzare that you are more concerned about somalia, russia and europe , when fire has lit in your own backward!!

    All I was protesting against is use of word “activists” in the cartoon above and the news related to it, instead of Terrorists. Does this make me answerable to what/why of Afghanistan, somalia, russia and europe??

  27. Rational Says:

    “I never called you a “cheddi”, so why are you doing “hegal maele kumblikai” thing???”

    Something tells me that you would have used the word if I hadn’t made that post. I could be wrong.

    I am not ‘concerned’ about Somalia, Europe, etc. (Actually I am, to some extent, but not that much). But maybe this should make you see why Muslims have got their current image worldwide? Brushing it under the carpet and whining in denial, “Oooh, we’re always the victims, the whole world is picking on us” is what most Muslims on the internet (and off it) keep doing. I’ll let you in on a small secret. Its the crazy Mullahs (and Mullah-like people) who bother about Somalia, Europe, Russia and the whole world. That is the prime reason for all this terror trouble.

    Good if you raise your voice against the Mullah stupidity. One among every million Muslims does this.

    And yes, people who assemble bombs are terrorists, whether Hindu or Christian or Muslim.

  28. pharoah Says:

    Why is it always Kashmiri militants and not Kashmiri terrorists? The same goes for Hindu activists also I guess ;)

  29. Abhi Says:

    Rational – No point talking to “reluctant fundamentalists” like Khan. He understands there is something wrong in his backyard, somehow manages to deny it. That’s why he says something and then claims did not say that, did not mean this etc.

  30. Khan Says:

    It is unfortunate of India that majority I mean 99.99%Hindus try to justify the Gujrat Muslim genocide and deny about terrorists in their middle even after black and white proof. Why else would terrorist purohit and his ilk were showered rose petals on his way to court. The majority silently approve of his terrorist “activity”.

    >>>Something tells me that you would have used the word if I hadn’t made that post. I could be wrong.

    That something is called hatred, sucked unknowingly from the childhood or in other words victim-giri is inbuilt from get go.

  31. Curious Says:

    he he! so amusing to see goody goody hindus trying to say, “sshhh..don’t open ur mouth fool. I’m ur frend. I’m fighting against these fanatic hindus”.

    in the process they wring their hands when they see the impatient minority just does not get the game ;))))

  32. Rationality Simplified Says:


    Let me get the issue straight for you!

    Terrorists or Activists, it doesn’t matter. The fact that matters is, no matter how much secularism would appease to one, Islam and its modern day fanaticism especially along the lines of it considering the only way to God, has no place in the society. The unbridled nature of its people has no place in a multi-cultural society and not especially when there is a deep rooted agenda to multiply and gain in numbers and maintain a lousy identity through external appearances all in the name of appeasing God but hideously designed to just gain a numerical majority. A religion or way of life that doesn’t accept plurality as a fact of life has no place in the existential set up. And the modern day repercussions are only due to an increasing trend in Islam to deny plurality and its rabid hate mongering through policies and practices which refuses to change from its medieval roots. While the majority of educated Muslims like you are deeply rooted in the protection of what you think as “holier than thou” Islam which supposedly is plural in its outlook, the hard fact is that you don’t do anything more than carrying forward the bigotry that was brought forward by that lunatic called Muhammad in his moment of false trance.

    While you might argue that Hinduism & Christianity have the same outlook today, one must not forget the fact that Hinduism was a way of life which accepted pluralistic paths as definitive means to salvation for people who believed in plurality and thus Islam was never seen as a threat and thus peaceful co existence was made possible. While the same cannot be said about Christianity, they largely have learnt their lessons and have managed to change from within, though pockets exist, as they do in all religions, where there still is uncertainty. But the collective hatred of these world religions against a devilish thought like Islam can only be explained through the insanity that is your religion.

    A religion which preaches that everyone is born a Muslim and it is only circumstances and upbringing that make them to be different! I ask, what rotten piece of garbage is it that assumes that everybody is in its fold? And no, you don’t have to answer me by taking the classical escapists way of over riding the question by describing what the hell the word Islam means? This is but one blatant instance of your so called great world religion which has no place for anybody but Muslims.

    I lived a majority of my life in the hope and belief of a prosperous India, a cause which would be furthered by its citizens in the name of rationality and unequivocal support of economic and social progress. Having seen them go down in the flames of obsession for a religion which many idiots claim to be scientific and rational has been painful. Lot many said that there was a way Islam could be adapted for the modern day world, that there was a rational interpretation to it. I waited for it all along and later studied it on my own. Garbage and its ilk can never be amenable to rational interpretation. And thus the only means is retaliation and I know that it is going to be a futile retaliation, but then rationality can never counter irrationality over a discussion table.

    You may chose to or not chose to reply. I don’t care and it doesn’t matter, because the fate of this glorious mankind, with a history of 5000 years, with zilch contribution from your ilk, has been written in stone. And only your religion will be responsible for the catastrophic end this world will have. After all, you bred all the intolerance!

  33. Khan Says:

    Oh you idiots forget the grand conspiracy of “Love Jihad” to take over India!!. It seems we require all your girls for multiplying our numbers. Karnataka to take steps to counter ‘Love Jihad’ movement

    The Karnataka government Thursday said ‘Love Jihad’, an alleged attempt by some Muslim men to lure non-Muslim girls with promises of marriage and get them converted to Islam, appeared to be a serious issue and it would take steps to counter it.

  34. Rationality Simplified Says:

    @ Khan:

    Perhaps such reckless reaction from the government was only due. After all your penchant and insatiable hunger for having consort of females in the backyard prostitution houses called “harems” is a well known fact. And your modern day behavior is just an extension of the same tribal mindset, and more importantly a burning torch for the legacy of the last acclaimed pedophile!

  35. tsubba Says:

    this state govt intervening in love jihad thingie is ridiculous and a bad precedent. where was the state when both the shia and sunni ‘leaders’ got together and hounded out the ahmediya from celebrating in karnataka? that was a clearly defined issue and the state should have intervened in that case, where the rights of a religious minority were trampled by the majority. shouldn’t the ahmediyas be allowed to practice their religion in peace? afterall the ahmediya sect is an indian interpretation of islam. and they consider jihad as a struggle/striving to improve self, as a theological basis. this is a definition of the word that the middle east looking mainstream islamists are continuously trying to sell to the rest of the world. now, they themselves donot think and use that term in that context, but they would like to use the ahmediya definition in their public relations with the rest of the world.

    hi khan did you read sachar? he has some useful statistics on the relative fertility rates of different communities. SI in general has better rates than the rest of the country. within SI all sorts of communities have achieved better rates. but for some reason the muslim community has not. their rates are higher than the averages. now he has not given the break up of the numbers within the muslim community. i.e., rates of different muslim social & economic groups. similarly on things like education and poverty. again the numbers are for muslims as a whole. i would have liked if he had studied fertility, poverty levels of educated muslims vs uneducated muslims and so on…

  36. Vitlan Potli Says:


    leave it, neev yesht badkondru yavonoo tutik pitik annolla. You have been raising this issue for long but none of the so called secular worthies have raised their voice. As they say the silence is defeaning. I am yet to see even one voice; you have been the lone ranger.

  37. Khan Says:

    Hummm…What have we here??

    Hindu terrorists are justifying their hatred behind happenings in Afghanistan, Somali, concerns towards russia, europe… envying harems…….and little bit of how Muslims are not pure either.

    Does this justify the Terrorists activities of “activists”, yes in their eyes. That is the sad part.

    Muslims always condemned theterrorists. But Hindu terrorists are showered rose petals by Hindu majority.

    “Purohit & Co were showered with rose petals and greeted with slogans. Activists of some right-wing Hindu organisations hailed him as a “hero of the Hindus” and stoutly denounced the ATS for its supposed “anti-Hindu” bias.””


  38. Doddi Buddi Says:


    After the spectacular success of ‘Real Jihad’ in our Western neighborhood, the latest ‘Love Jihad’ is a kind of bad comedy! That said, the government was forced to act because a few parents of ‘Love Jihad’ victims moved the court and made the government to start investigations.

  39. tanveer Says:

    A certain section of muslims are surely projecting a wrong perception to the whole world, which is affecting the way the world views the muslim community.

    I am sure there are a few rotten apples in every barrel. But targetting the whole community or holding a bias against the whole community is wrong.

    Certain mullahs of the muslim world preach autocratically, and follow the brahminical way of trying to prove to the rest of the community of their superiority. They dictate to the community to follow what they preach and not to read the translation of Quran, which would then end their so called superiority. I think the solution to the muslim woes will end, when they try and read the Holy Quran(with translation, whereas nowadays majority read only the arabic text not knowing the meaning)) themselves. And I request people of other faiths too can refer this Holy Book, after all it is not just a muslim Holy Book, but a message from The Creator to the whole of Mankind. This will not only remove mis-conceptions, but you guys can realize that Quran is right, but the community who say they follow Quran are not doing it rightly and are misguided, which is the problem.

  40. Khan Says:

    It is not even amusing now.

    dadda, tarle justifying the terrorist activities of their Hindu folks, based on such and such “acticvities” done in Afghanistan, Somalia, suffering of poor little Jews and Ivan.

    For all this, they want answer from Indian Muslims, otherwise…they are tagged with all the anarchy without proof for each successful attack, in case bust all will be forgotten as little activities of L-Boards “activists”.

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