Lotus is a-wilting, other flowers are a-blooming

KPN photo

On a day when rival satraps of the BJP were making their claims to the loaves of office in New Delhi, a lone Kannadiga sits under a canopy of leaves and flowers at the Cubbon Park, under the shadow of the Vidhana Soudha, in Bangalore on Monday, wondering what’s next.

Photograph: Karnataka Photo News

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8 Responses to “Lotus is a-wilting, other flowers are a-blooming”

  1. Ananth Shenoy Says:

    Go dance naked around the tree! your day is made as Lotus is withering!!

  2. Balaji Ramaswamy Says:

    Churmuri is obsessed with BJP & RSS. I think it is becoming a political platform for the “secularists”. But with so many people (both pro and anti BJP) reading it to just find out whats Churmuri’s next comment on BJP, I doubt it will ever focus on more important happenings !

  3. Mohan Says:

    The season has just begun… watch out for more colorful flowers in our so called ‘Garden’ city :)

  4. Anonymous Guy Says:

    RSS cheddis,

    If you hate churumuri so much, why fill the comment section with your idiotic defence of your wanna-be nazi casteist party?

    Go do your thing in your shaka knicker meetups and chintan bhaitaks.

  5. jayashree Says:

    If you were to go to Mysore early morning and see the colorful carpet on Kantharaja urs road one would wonder as to it was earth are Heaven. Now thanks to so called modernization you see only cars and two wheelers as they have cut all trees.

  6. Basavaraj Vannur Says:


    Dude, first have courage to comment with your name! And then type those
    stupid hate messages. Don’t you were knicker? Why do u hate knickers?

  7. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Dude Vannur,

    Hate begets hate.

    If the RSS stop spreading their hate philosophy, I would gladly start loving them as much as you do.

    Whether it is hating based on religion, caste or gender, your fav party has shown it all in the recent years.

    Added to it, they haven’t proved themselves better than at anything else which they have been harping on.

    Try to view the world without your khakhi cheddis on and maybe you will see.

    My anonymity bothers you? I am happy :)

  8. Ananth Shenoy Says:

    Incidentally I was travelling through Deoband day before when Chidambaram, Sachin Pilot and Baba Ramdev were present among lakhs of ‘topi’s (I will call them Topis (skull caps) if you call RSS chaddis!!!

    at least I agree with the Daroo uloom on their explanation on why Muslims should not recite Vande Mataram keeping their patriotism intact. looks logical…

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