Those who live by the Reddys shall die by them

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MATHIHALLI MADAN MOHAN writes from Hubli: If Karnataka Chief Minister, B.S. Yediyurappa, finds himself in the vortex of an ugly political row triggered off by the challenge to his leadership by his onetime confidants turned political rivals, the Reddy brothers, he has none to blame but himself.


Because it was he and his party, which discovered the Reddy brothers, nurtured them and used them as convenient tools for achieving their political objective/s.  And, in the process, gave on a platter the political standing, name and respectability to the Reddys.

When the magic figure of 113 eluded the BJP in 2008 assembly elections, Yediyurappa and others in the party tacitly backed and blessed “Operation Kamala”, the code name for enlisting the support of independents and enticing Opposition legislators to get the needed majority.

This operation achieved two objectives. It helped the BJP to achieve its dream of forming the first saffron government south of the Vindhyas. And it helped Yediyurappa to realise his life’s ambition of becoming the chief minister of the State.

It is an open secret that the operation was entirely scripted, financed and executed by the Reddys.

For the favours received, the party obliged the Reddys in myriad ways. Yediyurappa went literally out of the way   accommodate all sorts of demands of the Reddys.

For example:

1. The entire mining policy of the State government was shaped to suit the interests of the Reddys, who, as the new mining barons, had an enormous stake in mining and export of iron ore in the areas bordering Bellary and Anantapur districts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, respectively.

2. The Yediyurappa government chose to turn a blind eye to the allegation that the Reddys were involved in illegal mining activities in the border areas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, and that their mines in the adjacent Anantapur district, had encroached on the mining areas of Karnataka.

3. And the report submitted by the Lok Ayukta, N. Santosh Hegde, which at the express desire of the government had gone into illegal mining activities in Bellary, gave a graphic and well documented account of the same, was soft peddled deliberately.

The Reddys were recipients of endless political favours too from the BJP.

This was something akin to “you ask it, you shall have it” situation.

The Reddy group comprising the two brothers, Gali Karunakar Reddy and Gali Janardhan Reddy, and their partners in arm, B. Sriramulu, all from Bellary, were accommodated in the BJP cabinet, the highest representation given to any district in the BJP ministry.

The pathetic cperformanance of Sriramulu as the health minister when the State was hit by the swine flu menace, and the response of Karunakar Reddy when the State reeled under the impact of the unprecedented flood situation was lackadaisical, was ignored.

In addition, a third member of the Reddy clan, Gali Somasekhar Reddy, virtually forced a reluctant chief minister to concede the post of the chairmanship of the Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF), which the latter had reserved for the state BJP president, D.V. Sadananda Gowda.

The government rode the hobby horse of Janaradhan Reddy, who desired to have a third airport of doubtful utility and viability in Bellary at a time when the two existing airports including a private one, did not have enough traffic. Ignoring the protests by the farmers, the government  initiated the process of acquiring fertile, irrigated land.

It looked as if the Yediyurappa government was not averse to mortgaging the entire State if need be to suit the  whims  and fancies of the Reddys. As a result, the Reddys, who had become a law unto themselves, were allowed to turn their home-district of Bellary into a personal fiefdom, where no officer who crossed swords with them, was allowed to last.

In trying to appease the  Reddys, Yediyurappa had no compunction in ruffling the feathers of quite a few of his partymen including the ministers, legislators and others.

Basking under the aura of media glory, Yediyurappa turned the BJP rule in Karnataka into a one-man rule and ushered in an administration where he alone mattered and his cabinet colleagues were reduced virtually to the status of  nonentities if not rubber stamps.

Barring a coterie of junior ministers, who always hovered around him, the rest were completely ignored.

Perhaps where Yediyurappa and the national leaders of the BJP misread the designs of Reddys was in underestimating their burning political ambitions, which was on the rise and of which clear indications were available nearly a year ago, when the Reddys openly declared that they were eying for the coveted post of the Chief Minister.

Yediyurappa’s realisation that the Reddys had grown too big for their shoes perhaps came too late in the day.

Suddenly, it dawned on the incumbent chief minister that the Reddys no longer were no longer amenable to him and that they couldn’t be taken for granted, much less disciplined.

It was like riding a riger; suddenly the tiger wanted to unseat the rider.

From the manner in which the Reddys have been playing their cards, mobilising support within the party in the same manner in which they had organised “Operation Kamala”, the national leadership has now realised that the Reddys are a tough nut to crack and they are quite unrelenting on their demand that Yediyurappa must go.

This perhaps has been the experience of the Reddys’ known mentor in the national leadership, Sushma  Swaraj, the deputy leader  of the opposition in the Lok Sabha.

All the known dissidents in the party who have been hurt by the authoritarian and arbitrary attitude of the CM, have moved over to the Reddy camp and it includes Jagadish Shettar, the speaker of the legislative assembly, who was miffed at not being included in the cabinet and assumed the post reluctantly.

The Reddys have been a political phenomenon and have made a decisive impact on the political scene in Karnataka in a manner in which no other family had in the more than five decade old history of the formation of the State.

Theirs has been a dangerous combination of insatiable political hunger coupled with money power of dimensions which cannot be easily comprehended.

Their main instrument for getting the political space and status has been the financial clout they have acquired almost overnight.

The emergence of the Reddys as a parallel centre for political  power, has materialised within a short span of 10 years. They cut their political teeth for the first time in 1999, throwing their weight behind Sushma Swaraj, whom the party had nominated to contest from Bellary in a bid to checkmate Sonia Gandhi, who had decided to seek election from Bellary besides her original constituency, Amethi.

The BJP and Sushma Swaraj gave the Congress, which had hoped to chalk out an effortless win from a constituency which had been considered as their political bastion, a run for their money. The BJP and the Reddys lost by a whisker, but they had carved out  the political space, where they had no presence all these  years.

From then on it has been  political joy ride for the Reddys.

They moved up the political ladder with each election. In 2004, Karunakar Reddy wrested the Bellary Lok Sabha seat from the Congress to rewrite political history.

Janardhan Reddy managed to enter the upper house of the legislature during this period.

During the BJP-JDS coalition in the second-half of the five year term of the assembly, Janardhan Reddy despite being a member of the coalition, hurled an open charge of corruption in mining against the then chief minister H.D. Kumaraswamy and got away with it despite the furore it created.

The BJP made a show of keeping him in suspension,only to take him back quietly later on.

In 2009, the Reddy brothers made a clean sweep of all but one of the eight assembly seats to prove their political hegemony over the district and two of their cronies won the Lok Sabha seats from Bellary and Raichur.

It was the first time the Congress tasted defeat in Raichur.

While this is the story of their political ascendance, equally puzzling has been the way in which they acquired their enormous financial clout.

It is not very clear when exactly they acquired mining interests  in the contiguous ore belt in neighbouring Anantapur. But this was the beginning of their march on to the path of affluence.

What fetched them the jackpot was the rising demand for iron ore from China, which helped skyrocket the price of  iron ore. Every big and small iron ore lease holder started wallowing in money.

For the record, the Reddys have no mining areas in Karnataka and everything is in Andhra Pradesh.

This fact notwithstanding, they have established firm control over the mining operations in Bellary district. The Reddys, who had good equations with the late Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, had carved out another empire in the form of a steel mill in Cuddapah, YSR’s home district.

It is reported that Jagan Mohan Reddy, the son of YSR, also has an interest in the steel mill started by the Reddys of Bellary. Recently, Janardhan Reddy was in the news when he presented a crown worth Rs 40 crore to Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati.

Despite their reputation, the Reddys  continue to be a political enigma.

They have never allowed anybody to come close to them and analyse or understand them. All of them have cultivated the art of talking in riddles to hide their inner feelings. They live in Bellary in mansions, which are well fortified and guarded.

Their life style, of being arbitrary, arrogant and/or intimidatory is something akin to the manner in which the Reddy zamindars as a class are portrayed in Telugu cinema.

The Reddys who have tasted political power, are not averse to look beyond the BJP if need be to achieve their political ends. This is the one inescapable inference one can draw from the manner in the  Reddys have been dodging efforts of the national leadership to find an amicable solution to the current imbroglio.

The national leadership of the BJP is on the horns of dilemmas.

They can neither ditch Yediyurappa nor are they in a position to oblige the Reddys.

Whoever wins  in this battle of nerves, the party is a loser in the long run.

At a time when the State  in general and Northern Karnataka in particular are reeling under the impact of the floods, the spectacle of the BJP legislators ensconcing themselves in luxurious  resorts has not endeared the party to the people.

Photograph: Sushma Swaraj blesses B. Sriramulu (left) and Gali Janardhan Reddy in Bellary in January (Karnataka Photo News)

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50 Responses to “Those who live by the Reddys shall die by them”

  1. Khan Says:

    Fantastic Photo to frame for the RRS cheddis. seemsy to recall similar poster..hanuman….

  2. pharoah Says:

    The sooner these Reddy brothers are taken care of and put in their place the better for the state. I dread to see these guys in the CM’s post.

  3. Doddi Buddi Says:

    A very good analysis by 3M!

    I hope the common man in the next election will weed out the likes of Reddy Brothers and ‘Beddy’ CM like Yeddy.

  4. Tarle Maga Says:

    Reddy’s think that the state is their Private property. BJP National Leadership in the larger interest of the Nation should not be a party to this BLACKMAIL by the the Reddy Bros.

    It is time that BJP tries to portray itself as a Party with a difference and WALK THE TALK. Take action action Reddy Bros and the Money Bags. It is time that Karnataka is not held hostage to through degeneration of Political standards.

    Do these Reddy bros really need to house the MLA’s in 5 Star Hotel’s to prove their majority. If the Conscience of these MLA’s are in the right direction, they should be demonstrating their work through relief operations.

    Illegal Mining, quarrying and rowdism has become the norm of the day for these Reddies.

  5. Alva Says:

    Whew, at last an issue for which the Kongas cannot be blamed !The average Churumuri audience must be disappointed. Plain Kannada Greed in all it’s glory !

  6. prasad Says:

    Another Lop sided view playing to the gallery. How are the Kannada intellectuals and media better off than the Shiv Sena or the MNS ?? They suddenly see the growth of the Reddy’;s as a TELUGU issue which needs to be curtailed. being born and brought up in Karnataka , the assumption is they are Kannadigas. If they are still referred to as Outsiders by the media and so called Activists then i guess they are no better than racist hooligans targetting people under the guise of bad politics.

    if Chrumuri had given the Power equations of the Y family then it would have been a better picture. FYI.

    Yediyurappa promoted FAMILY politics by nominating his son for the Lok Sabha elections.

    His second son is the de facto Home minister , deciding on transfers and various other matters.

    His VERY close confidante Shobha is Minister in charge of Mysore and holds portfolio of PR WR but involves herself in decisions relating to all MInisteries.

    Y’s daughter worked for BPL and his propoerty in Dollors Colony was given on Rent to one of the group companies.

    Now he appoints Rajeev Chandrasekhar a MALAYALEE to oversee flood relief ???

    Appointments to posts are made on the basis of the CASTE , read LINGAYAT.

    After being in the wilderness for close to 15 years , Y got the DY Cm post by bargaining with JD s and showing signs of dissent within the BJP. He did try to leave the party and join JDS , this is as per earlier CHURMURI posts.

    So even he is not a DIE hard BJP follower.

    lets leave politicians and concentrate on developmental matters.

    If the Reddys are contributing 500 crores ( with other mine barons ) it needs to be appreciated. How much has Kumaranna and Deshpande contributed ???

  7. Rajesh R Says:

    If there is any sense leftover in BJP’s top brass, they’ve to throw these Reddy’s out come what may…. if they oblige Reddy’s they’ll be politically finishing themselves…. the party has already gone to the lowest leve…
    Its really disgusting that a bunch of fraudsters are holding a state for ranson with their loot….

  8. Jaganath Says:

    Reddys are curse to KARNATAKA. Their monthly income is said to be around 200 crs. God save kannadigas from these reddys. It is very unfortunate that they have grown to this extent.

    With the enormous amount of money they have, they can buy any governament in future. No matter what, wheather it is congress, BJP or JDS or for that matter any party, they will keep the Govt in hand, even it the future as well.

    As long as our MLA’s are for sale, no body can save karnataka from these Reddys. At least till next 20 years.

    Today in prajavani, i Read the news that the AP forest officer BISWAS has been warned by the higher authorities for not to indulge in Reddys’s business. One can imagaine, how powerful the reddys are….rather u can say how powerfull the money is :)

  9. prajwal Says:

    hmmm…agree with prasad a little. Media these days does just spices up news and serves it on a plate like a decorated cake of dung.

    These days, I think it is necessary to read only a few words in the entire article to get news.

    For example:
    1. Reddy bros…bla bl bla…yediyurappa…bla…bla…bla… flood relief…bla bla bla…shobha …bla bla bla
    (all to be read together in short as , flood relief inefficient. shobha does more antiques. reddy want Y out and Y does not want to go out!)

    2: China building dam on their side of border on brahmaputra…blabla blabla…chinese contractors in nepal … blablabla…aggression towards india. . . blablabla………………
    (to be read as china is moving forward with development projects while we hyperventilate trying to analyse whether or not china is being aggressive towards us)

  10. Cool Dude Says:

    A classical article. Makes much sense! Good job author!

  11. Rajesh R Says:

    This is not a language issue… there are many other Reddys in Karnataka who are in various key positions and they have done excellent work for the state… these Reddy’s are out to sell Karnataka they need to be controlled now…

  12. Not A Witty Nick Says:

    Can Lok Ayukta’s report be accessed online? The Hindu used to put documents like these on their good old website, their new website is dumb, it just apes other major newspapers’ websites.

    In times like this, we learn the evil manipulations that these governments do, the sudden transfers, freezing of certain processes of dist. administration should give us some clues as to obtain those informations through RTI and PILs and reign in the abuse of the natural resources.

    Prof. URA blaming BJP and its mining overlords is right, but he should not forget his stance about mining when he gets pally again with Devegowda and Congress families, they too own and participate in mining.

    How many more days before the tricks learnt in this coup is applied in AP on Rosaiah govt.?


    oh Hindu still has the old site! Beta hasn’t graduated!

  13. kkr Says:

    This is the so called ‘difference’ of BJP, is this the Ramarajya they are preaching about? these guys are much worse and corrupted than congress and Dewa Gowda clan.

    oops.. Someone please come and spray some RSS Rhetoric before I believe this

  14. pharoah Says:

    Both SriRamulu and Reddy look like comedians from a third rated Telugu movies of the ’80s ;)

  15. Shekhar Angadi Says:

    It is unfortunate to face such a situation that, these Reddy brothers are blackmailing our sate as a whole. What is disgusting and shamefull is that, our MLAs have been soldout themselves to Reddy Brothers.
    Illegal Mining, quarrying and rowdism has brought these Reddys to doors of Vidhana Soudha, and their tails have to be curtailed as soon as possible.
    Shame on Jagadeesh Shettar,who is believing these fraudsters. At this time they need a Lingayat candidate for rubber stamp CM and Shettar has become their bakra.
    Now I can realise that, Kumaraswami could have been a better choice to cut the tail of these looters.

  16. krishna Says:

    The Reddys are blowing the death bugle for the BJP in karnatak.This was and is BJP’s first and last chance to prove they are different from others ,if they blow it up thats it for another century.

  17. Black Sabbath Says:

    Soon they would want Karnataka to be merged with AP. Good article though. God save India.

  18. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    First it is shame to project Telugu speaking Reddys in Karntaka as outsiders. That shall include the present Reddys( Janaradhana, Karunakara, Someshekara ) They are very much from Karnataka. All of them be it Parliament or other places speak in Kannada.
    I fully support the viewpoints by Mr Prasad here.

    Attacking them as outsiders to Karnataka, indication how intolerant and ingnorant, castist the media has become!!
    For me A TELUGU SPEAKING AT HOME REDDY FROM BENGALUURU, some of you come from other parts of Karantaka are outsiders. !! Most of the lands that are occupied by your esteemed Infosys, Wipros, Bicons, belong to Telugu speaking Reddys. Residential areas within Bengaluuru, many of them ealrier agriculture lands of Telugu speaking Reddys.

    Any one of you have doubts: go and check the land records.
    Set your mind set straight.
    I just see castism is here. As good as racism.
    People have no problem in accepting Tamil/Marathi/ other languages brahmins as locals.

  19. Doddi Buddi Says:

    Ree Prasad!

    Certainly. We will appreciate the contribution of Reddy Brothers and Yeddy come election time. Please be patient. Thanks.

  20. Simple Says:

    The naked display of greed exhibited by BJP is in stark contrast to the willingness of Rahul and Sonia Gandhi

    The PMs chair is theirs for their asking. but they have resisted the temptation. Rahul could easily become PM, if not a cabinet minister, instead he spends time, going to the remotest villages and meeting dalits and IIT students at the same time.

    Surely, this is a refreshing stance in an age when leaders squabble and squibble for the spoils of office.

    Can you ever imagine Rahul Gandhi squabbling for a ministers chair?

    1. Post retirement age, and after leading his party to two spectacular defeats, Advani clings to his chair.

    2. Rajnath clings to his chair

    3. Karnataka too, everybody wants to hang on to the chair.

  21. Anshuman Patel Says:

    Simple avre,

    My simple (perhaps too simplistic) 2 cents on your comment :

    This is the difference between a party or leader in ascendancy (read Cong/ Rahul Gandhi) and a party that is in decline and low on confidence.

    RG knows the game is his to lose and can afford to be patient and bid his time for an opportune moment. The PM chair is his to ask unless he/Congress seriously mucks up in the next few years.

    Where as our Reddy and Yeddy probably have begun to think what next? Neither of them seem to be sure about being voted back into power when elections come calling next time. Hence they want to cling onto the chair at any cost.

  22. Doddi Buddi Says:


    As usual you excel in your ‘UPA’ Chemical Ali’s role:)

  23. karihaida Says:

    Actually this is a good thing for the BJP, a detoxification of sorts.
    If at all a credible alternative to kaangi has to emerge, a party has to rise frm the ashes. May all the Yeddis, Reddis and their ilk be consigned to the political flames.

  24. Jaganath Says:

    Gali janardhana Reddy is his full name, if i am not working?

    Is this place GALI in karnataka ?

  25. Anonymous Guy Says:


    If yeddi, reddi and ilk goes away what is left of BJP? Without them who will fight and win elections? Anyone may be consigned to the political flames – but whoever comes in their place will not be any different. We are what we are.

  26. Black Sabbath Says:

    Dr. Reddy,
    You make me laugh. How can people from from karnataka be considered outsiders in bengaluru? and FYI, bengaluru is part of the the state, otherwise KRV would be on rampage. Reddys have money, money can buy anything in India and that’s what we are seeing here.

  27. sahana Says:

    Yaddys vs Reddyys vs Chedds

  28. Vitlan Potli Says:

    ah ha! the good doctor is back with her reddy rants :)

    now what was this? ‘Most of the lands that are occupied by your esteemed Infosys, Wipros, Bicons, belong to Telugu speaking Reddys’

    Occupied! occupied did you say? is this something akin to nazi germany occupying france. Yeano pukshatte kottorthara maathaadtha edhira. Lucre madam lucre; who ever owned it must have reaped good money by selling it at that time. Well why did they sell it if they were reaping a good harvest enagaging in agriculture?

    stop this constant blather of yours like a stuck vinyl record asking others to ‘go and check the land records’ did you per chance happen to work or be at the sub-registrar’s office when the land deed transfers took place? or did you personally broker the deal?

    and this has got to be the gem People have no problem in accepting Tamil/Marathi/ other languages brahmins as locals. you just could’nt resist your pet peeve now could you? :) what was that about ? are you still antsy that the focus of people’s ire is not against brahmins per se

    just curious; are you a doctor of medicine or a phd? hope you did not give away some of your fabled reddy land to some fly by night university who conferred you with that prefix :)

    Black sabbath finds you laffable but gawd you are actually pathetic. It is not others but you who comes across as a conniving canister of a castist crud. It is more than evident from your rant that your parochial perversions have been seriously mauled leaving you badly frothing

    give us dr ramesh any day atleast he was humourous!

  29. Vinay Says:

    Dr. Sree Reddy:

    Madam, the problem that I have with the Reddy brothers has more to do with their criminal activities and goonda-raj, rather than their being ‘outsiders’. For me, it does not matter if ‘outsiders’ rule Karnataka as long as they work for the benefit of Karnataka and Kannadigas, and are non-corrupt and civilized. Unfortunately these Reddy brothers fit none of these requirements.

    Remember, the Reddys of Bangalore have gained crores and crores of rupees by selling their land to Infosys/Wipro etc. Don’t make it sound as if the Reddys have done a huge favour to Bangalore by selling their lands to companies. Almost all land around the outskirts of Bangalore belongs to Reddys and they are making a tidy sum by dealing in real estate. I don’t grudge them that – they can prosper by legitimate business activity – but please stop creating an image as if they are donating lands to companies to generate employment.

    And madam, I have told you in the past – one day you will find people who will turn back and tell you that you are a ‘Gulti outsider’ and have no right being in Bangalore, despite your feelings for Karnataka and Kannada. If you come back and live in Bangalore you will see more and more of this.

  30. dr ramesh Says:

    guru, kannadiga reddy differentu. they have served the state with great dignity.
    k c reddy, yellappa reddy , prabhakara reddy list goes on . these people never went against kannada ethos.
    BJP ,RSS reddy different species, avarige kaasu ,maal beku ashte. adu yelli sigatto avara niyattu allige.

  31. Rama Says:

    dr Ramesh, Gowdas dirtier than Reddies!

  32. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    I agree with many of your observations.
    Corruption should be condemned at all levels. For every now and then if ‘Reddy’ is treated as if they are an outsider. people need to change thier mindset.
    Many reddys have gained. Yes, True. Many Reddys also feel their lands are snatched……..
    Nobody, even the thief will not donate any property to anybody.
    Infosys got it thru goverment route of subsidies.
    If you think Reddys in Bengaluuru have not done any favour, so is Infosys and other companies. They have not done any charity or favour!! Some of you guys try to say as if they are saviours of Bengaluuru. Everybody is interested in their own benefits.

    So everyone else is working Karantaka’s benefits??? If others had done that way, Karantaka would not have gone Bihar way!!!

    Most reddys at home speak Telugu and some of them over the years may have adapted Kannada at home..
    KC Reddy very much spoke Telugu at home. and so is Yellappa Reddy.
    That does not make them less Kannadigas, remember!!

    Vitaln Potli
    is very much alive and back with his own rants!!
    Occupied yes occupied by BDA and Babus, some companies that you keep admiring… (acquired would have been better)
    People like if you had lands, I am sure you have donated those lands to get a PhD. You are speaking for yourself, I think. You capitation fee product!!. No wonder your brain works only in those directions…. :)

  33. Dr. Sree Reddy Says:

    Black Sabbath and et al
    My comments make you laugh!
    How can you treat local Telugu speaking reddys as outsiders..

  34. KL Says:

    Great to see the upsurge in Karnataka.

  35. Abhi Says:

    It’s getting too complicated. First I thought people outside India are outsiders. Then I learnt people from north/west/east (i.e. other than south) are outsiders. Then came the realisation – people from TN, AP, Kerala are outsiders too. Then people in Karnataka, but migrated from above places are outsiders. Now those who speak telugu, tamil, variations of kannada dialect, staying here for 2-3 generations are outsiders too. Come up with a concrete definition I say.

    Next is what?

    Anyone who stays outside my home is outsider? That’s my definition.

  36. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Dr. Reddy,

    As long as the looters belong to person’s chosen social standing or caste all is fine. IT labor operations are fine, mining is not; Infy NRN fine, Mining Reddy not; Infy/Wipro land grab and tax scams fine, Mining land grab not etc.

    As long as commentor is hired by IT industry they will think all is great with their chosen profession and people who control their industry. And they will say those involved in mining etc. are all goondas, thugs etc. Probably someone who does not work in IT profession will have opposite feelings.

    So dont bother defending anything – you dont need to.

  37. Pulikeshi the Last Says:

    Vitlan and Shree Reddy–

    Let’s hear more accusations and counter-accusations.

    Dr. Shree, hardly anyone says that Telugu speakers in the state have caused harm to Karnataka, Kannada, or Kannadigas. But to say numerous Reddys have been disinherited because they are Reddys is a stretch. If they were indeed deprived of their property, they happened to have it in a place where the greedy coveted it. Nothing to do with Telugu or Reddys.

  38. Anonymous Guy Says:


    It is not so complicated if you look at it a little objectively.

    Guess it all comes down to our core instinct to form groups and treat anyone outside the group as an outsider.

    Once someone is seen as an outsider, I can treat the outsider however I want including exploiting or eliminating them.

    And how do we form insider groups – by family (where we share our genes the closest), by caste (again genes), by language (likely I am related to someone who speaks my language than someone who does not), by region, by religion, by nation or some other higher ideology. I guess, the bonds get weaker in the order I mentioned.

    You cannot avoid people coming together and banding as a group. And then treating those outside the group as a threat or an exploitable resource. As population grows in India – we should be seeing more of this in the coming years.

    The ones who win will probably be the ones who can multiply the quickest, adapt the best, exploit/eliminate their rivals to the fullest.

    And no one can resist these dynamics especially in inefficient India, where we are popping out children faster than we are exploiting natural resources – so for now we all have to survive and thrive at the cost of others. Maybe 2 or 3 generations down the line when things have settled down a bit and the winner and losers are decided, things will stabilize.

    And anyway this is how life has been for generations, nothing fundamental will change in a hurry.

  39. prajwal Says:


    I agree with what you said in your last comment.

    in your reply to abhi, you pretty much described all the -isms in the world, including casteism and racism. Wonder what you are trying to point at by saying it is inevitable.

    By your logic, one would wonder how anyone could hold anything against ppl who want marriages and relations to ppl from the same caste.

  40. Abhi Says:

    AG, what you are talking of is memes. Watch Daniel Dennett on Ted speaking about dangerous memes. Nice one.

  41. Anonymous Guy Says:


    I will. I only recently read the book ‘The Selfish Gene’ and came to know of Robert Trivers etc. and about what we know of the science behind social behavior. As you may know, the author of the book Richard Dawkins coined the word meme. Wonder what work is going on in the this field now that the genome has been fully decoded.


    What you call ism has been studied by people who used better methods than you and I.

    May I suggest the book and look at the TED talk Abhi pointed to. Another book if you have the inclination is Sociobiology by E O Wilson now Harvard professor. A familiarity with Darwins theory of evolution and natural selection would help too.

    Of course you dont have to read anything – you can just observe and draw your own conclusions from the behavior of people around. Though it would be nice to see what people who have studied these things (in a scientific manner) have to say. Especially when it comes to things like genes which we laypeople dont have any access to observing or knowing about.

    BTW marrying within ones own caste may or may not help in the long run. By knowing more of current developments in the field, at least you will be more informed when you want to hold anything against anyone.

  42. V.Krishnan Says:

    dear sree reddy, which KC REDDY you are referring… 1st cm of karnataka ?, fyi he is not from reddy caste.. kc reddy was a vokkaliga for sure, he is verymuch kannadiga…not from telugu reddy caste…having surname reddy doesn’t mean one as a telugu reddy…there are 3 other communities which uses reddy/reddi as surname….vellalar(muthulakshmi reddi), lingayat(hemareddi mallamma), and vokkaliga(k.c.reddy)… so b4 posting make sure u r posting correct information.

  43. umashankar Says:

    i agree with V.Krishnan, in kolar region vokkaligas keep their surname as Reddy, e.g former Chief Minister KC Reddy, former minister Chouda Reddy (present Chintamani MLA Sudhakar’s father, who is a close relative of Krishna Byre Gowda) former Bangalore Advocate Association president K.N.Subbareddy, in this region the people’s mother tonque is kannada and but they are fluent in telugu

  44. patil Says:

    Dear reddy, the above person’s reply is perfectly correct,the place where i come from in dharwad(navalgund and nargund taluks) have a very good representation of the reddy(veershaiva) caste but they are not at all speak telgu anywhere even from centuries they are living here and their mother tongue is kannada and extremely proud of that.B.R Yavagal a great leader and former minister and deputy speaker in karnataka hails from this place ,he by his soul,mind and heart a true kannadiga,what can a best eg than him for a pure kannadiga reddy.
    Jai bhuvaneshwari

  45. dinesh.j Says:

    Please go through this site,to view the contributions of just one of the reddy to the Karnataka.

    K.C.Reddy is atelugu reddy settled in Karnataka and there are many telugu speaking reddies in karnataka.Don’t try to dwell too much into castes or languages.every caste has fools and goons.ex:Gali janardhan reddy,Kumaraswamy(jds) and deve gowda etc…………,so we are defined by our behaviour not by our caste.Reddys are known for their valour,bravery,spirituality and charity.But their will be spoilsports in every community,try to fight them by unifying all.If you try to divide on caste or language basis then you will be left alone and you may end up as one more fool.

  46. Shankar Says:

    this is with reference to the discussion whoever made on mine baron reddys. Dear feriends first you accept that all poiliticians are goondas but
    you people saying that Sriramlu Janardhan and karunakar reddys are
    goonds and they are making money by illligal activities bacause only thing that they are not belonging to your caste. i mean lingayat or vokkaliga or other. but you first see and make commentas on other M L As and their activities.

  47. Sudhir Says:

    K C Reddy is a Morasu Vokkaliga. and not an Andhra Reddy (Pedakanti, Paknati etc). Morasu Vokkaligas of Bangalore and Kolar use the TITLE Reddy. They form the significant population of these districts.
    There is usually a lot of confusion but Andhra Reddys have been a small minority while Morasu Vokkaligas have been a significant population at Bangalore. Morasu Vokkaligas have both Kannada and Telugu speaking people and are a subcaste of Vokkaligas.

  48. Narayan Reddy Says:

    Morasu Vokkaligas have both surnames Gowda and Reddy and they are NOT telugu reddys. They are dominant mostly in Bangalore, Kolar and Chickballapur districts in Karnataka and Hosur, Thalli in Tamil nadu and bordering districts of Andhra. To name a few morasu vokkaligas with reddy surname KC Reddy, Subba Reddy, Jyothi Reddy, Venkat Reddy, etc

  49. Vishy23 Says:

    Yes i agree”a person is defined on his behaviour not on his caste”.
    For the record sake, I am a Reddy (Hemaraddi Mallamma) from North Karnataka(not really sure if Lingayats consider us as amongst them) with mother tongue as Kannada (NK dialect) and i DONT know a word of telugu and i believe its the same case for about 10-12 lakh NK Reddys.And i am a proud Kannadiga, ofcourse i cannot vouch for entire Reddys in Karnataka.
    My only question to Dr.Sree Reddy: Why is that a telugu film like Dammu releases in 175+ theatres in Karnataka (i am not talking about AP which may be 500+) and a meagre 125+ theatres for a Kannada film with huge star caste like Puneet Rajkumar…This explains where the heart n soul lies!

  50. Sudhir Says:

    Actually, The parts of Karnataka that borders Andhra is where you have the Reddies. The part fo Andhra that lies on the border of TN is where you have Naidus. In Karnataka, where the Reddies border, they are an essential part of Karnataka. So, there is no wrong in what Dr. Sree says. Every 10 KMS away in India is separated by at least 100 years of historical differences. So how can you understand of Dr.Sree? Do you live in Bellary? else. please …

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