Is China India’s greatest security threat, or not?

The relationship between India and China has in recent months become, as the cliche goes, the cynosure of all eyes. Border roads and dams; military incursions; a row over the Dalai Lama; illegal Chinese workers on Indian soil, Google™ maps, all have become milestones in the steady escalation of tensions.

The media has been at the centre of the dispute, and there is a feeling that “sections of the Indian media” (in other words, “anti-China media”) have been inclined to ratchet up the volume, ostensibly at the nod of their American, capitalist masters.

But could the opposite also be equally true? That “sections of the Indian media” (in other words, “pro-China media”) have been inclined to play down the tensions, ostensibly at the nod of their Chinese, communist masters?

Some proof comes from the manner in which the Lowy Institute for International Policy‘s survey of Chinese attitudes about their country and its place in the world is being reported.

# Exhibit A, above, is from the December 2 edition of The Indian Express, New Delhi, whose Delhi-based correspondent avers that 40 per cent of Chinese think India is their country’s biggest threat “after the United States”.

# Exhibit B, below, is from the December 4 edition of The Hindu, Madras, whose Beijing correspondent reports that environmental issues are perceived to be the biggest challenges facing their country. “60 per cent of Chinese did not view India as a threat…, only 34% viewed India as a threat an the rest were non-committal.”

For the record, prime minister Manmohan Singh said during his recent State visit to the United States that he could not understand the reasons for China’s recent “assertiveness”.

Turned on its head, is China India’s greatest threat? Or not?

Newspaper facsimiles: courtesy The Indian Express and The Hindu

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23 Responses to “Is China India’s greatest security threat, or not?”

  1. Goldstar Says:

    So what’ s new? We all know The Chindu is a Chinese a*** kisser. We don’t need the Lowy institute to tell us this.

    Ram and his Chindu paper have started referring to Arunachal Pradesh as “sensitive”, “disputed” etc in their articles clearly at the behest of their Chinese masters. The Chindu has for the last 7-8 years become India’s Anti-National Newspaper.

  2. Anand Bala Says:

    In general, the people of India and people of China don’t really perceive each other as a threat. The media like to turn up the threat percpetion a couple of notches in order to satiate their TRP driven business model.
    The more fear they sell the more eyeballs they get (that’s at least what they think).
    Note to the media: Get a life!

  3. kavitha Says:

    “For the record, prime minister Manmohan Singh said during his recent State visit to the United States that he could not understand the reasons for China’s recent “assertiveness”.”

    Can a PM who utters such stupid words lead a nation and protect it?

    Like George Fernandes rightly said, China is India’s no. 1 enemy and not Papistan

  4. liuping Says:

    Of couse China is India’s greatest security threat, India’s media and gov have stated this again and again for so many years.

    However, India is not able to pose much threat to China, both Exhibits you provided correctly indicated this.

    Just as China may be Vietnam’s greatest security threat, but Vietnam can never threat China’s core area.

    And from China’s view, India is indeed no more bigger threat than Vietnam.

    All the “war hype” are only created and circulated in India.

  5. vinay Says:

    braving a flamewar that might happen with all the enlightened souls preaching that Indian IT workers are all coolies and other comments , my view is that , China is indeed the biggest threat both from security as well as Business…esp, the speed with which they are entering the Services areas which are traditionally our bread and butter.

  6. Anonymous Guy Says:

    Anand Bala,

    And if 1962 happens again – lets just surrender quietly and not put up any fight right?

  7. Curry Hurry Says:

    ChINDU – China’s Indian News Dispensing Utility

  8. chriskb Says:

    If China continues its present policies towards India and the world, then India has no option but to position itself as a threat to China through its alliance with US, Japan and Australia.

  9. GBM Says:

    Manmohan wants to eradicate China and go with US .

    There is no substitute to dollar.

  10. Khan Says:

    India should stop this gangup with US, Australia, japan … this is nothing but a trap. I understand the feeling of importance India getting for this thing, but hwne dragon swirls, am afraid India will be left to fend for itself.

    This media orchestrated shrill, doesn’t take much to figure who is behind, is bad bad for India. Particularly when the chinese media is not reciprocating the provocation.

  11. Alok Says:

    Like most countries its size, i.e., the US, India, Russia and Brazil, China is its own biggest threat.

    No one is seriously contemplating a march to Delhi/Beijing on either side and all this jingoistic sabre rattling is over a few barren peaks this way or that way of a random line drawn by bored British Imperials.

    Too much to lose and too little to gain on both sides by war or any such shit.

  12. prajwal Says:


    “if 1962 happens again….”

    It should not happen again, hence our ared forces are doing their best(with all the corruption n bureaucracy accounted for) to ensure safeguarding of our borders. In the meanwhile, are you suggesting that we should actually provoke and initiate a war in fear of something similar to 1962 happening?

    The attack is the best defence policy works for a country like the USA whose military might is probably greater than all the countries on this planet combined (don’t say india/china have the largest armies…the USA has close to 9000+ nukes which are declared active and have shown in history that they will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons if they feel like it).

    I think it is folly to potray a neighbour as an enemy while potraying a country on the other side of the globe as our closest and best ally. This is like saying, if my next door neighbour in bangalore attacks me, I ll call upon my frnds in Delhi/Jammu/chandigarh/gangtok(make ur pick) to come help me retalliate.

    By the same logic, IF WE WERE TO GO TO WAR WITH CHINA UNDER CIRCUMSTANCES SIMILAR TO 62, the damage we would have faced by the time US retalliates as being our ally will be so great that we won’t be in a condition to sustain war. Also, we seem to overlook the fact that USA is also forging “strong economic ties” with china. So, in all likelihood of a indo china war, USA will sit back and watch the dust settle, so will Russia. Pakistan will gladly help china like we helped in making east pakistan bangladesh. Basically we will be left to or own to fend off 2-3 attacking nations in the hope of 1 strong ally.

    Don’t count on USA sticking by its has never done so ill date. As part of UN they were obliged not to atack Afghanistan terrorists after sept 11. They attacked all of afghanistan and not just the terrorists. The war is still continuing. They were obliged to not interfere in the workings of another country like Cuba during the misile crisis. But they did anyway, and so did they in vietnam and cambodia and somalia. Time and again, they do what they like and frequently contrary to all their international obligations. So there is no way that they will actually interfere in a war between 2 giants like India/China, definitely not against china.

    p.s. the americans are also the one who sold the maps with a faulty LOC drawn with siachen as a part of pakistan, the consequence is that we are still fighting for their doing. Stop trusting them so blindly!

  13. harkol Says:

    China is unlikely to be a threat to India, except an irritant just as India is an irritation to Chinese.

    China is super focused on economic growth, and India too. It is in neither’s interest to fight a war or escalate an ‘jaw jaw’ to a war.

    A war will cost in excess of a Billion dollar per day to fight, and many more in terms of damage to economy. You won’t need atomic weapons to set either of the countries back by a few decades!

    Chinese aren’t fools – they know this as well as Indians.

  14. harkol Says:

    Alok: Exactly my thought. :-)

  15. H.RBapu Satyanarayana Says:

    China and Pakistan have understanding and that is why China is needling India. We have firm supporters of China in India and it is so easy to twist the logic to suit the argument and if Ram and others of his ilk bat for China it is no surprise.

  16. Kiran Rao Says:

    Speaking of world opinions,
    The real threat of India, China or any other so called third world is
    CORRUPTION. A madhu koda here and a deve gowda there, the country is filled with similar clones.

    How may cubicle dwellers really have travelled outside
    their home states ? forget state, apart from the place of their employment, be it bangalore, Hyd , Pune, etc. 90% have NOT.
    How may ppl know or care that erudite P C Chidambaram, sits on the board of Directors of Vedanta?, the MNC mining company?
    So much for china comparison, how many chinese cities do we know?, 2 or 3? If chinese can produce a plasma tv for 120$, employing slave wages sweat shops, is the whole of China filled with happy prosperous ppl?

  17. Rajputanian Says:

    The fact that the the Chinese viewed the “Enviroment” as the greatest threat is great news, but it is also kind of a slap in the face for us…our weak (in comparison to theirs) military and leaders really pose no threat to anyone but Pakistan.
    However I just wish the people in our country cared so much about the environment as the Chinese.

  18. KGM Says:

    @Kiran Rao
    Cool. Write often. Khoda and Go(w)da what a rhyme.
    Hope you are not Amir’s wife.

    Corruption- Exactly.
    What’s your take on
    People like Pritish Nandy and almost all people in Mumbai who sit at top of media and advocate Savita Bhabhi and what’s your take on masturbating youths . How can it be overcome?

    Why do ManMohan Singh and Santhosh Hegde unanimous in saying corruption cannot be removed as if to say can be controlled after fulfilling their desires.

  19. Vinay Says:

    Here comes another prize asshole in the form of “KGM” – another culture policeman. Wants to ‘overcome masturbating youths’. Someone tell this illegitimate spawn of Baba Ramdev to get his head out of the place where the sun doesn’t shine.

  20. Khan Says:

    all this jingoistic sabre rattling is over a few barren peaks this way or that way of a random line drawn by bored British Imperials

    I hope you are not advocating surrender of those peaks, remember we fought a booldy war over those in not too distant past-Kargil.

    Why Harkol seems in agreement with this is beyond me, maybe he is new Kulkarni.

    prajwal Says:

    Well well, are the same situations not being created?? Remember Nehru’s forward base policy, which woke up the sleeping dragon, supposedly at the behest of you know who. The same border incursion stories are being played all over again…needless to say with the nudging of same actors.

    How many time do history repeat itself.

  21. VGM Says:

    Do you defend savita bhabhi on proxy sites?

  22. Anonymous Guy Says:


    Masturbating youths will exist as long as man exists. If you think otherwise, you must get your head/other body parts checked by a doctor.

  23. Complex Says:

    @Kiran Rao: Mr Home minister resigned as director of board of Vedanta the day he became Finance Minister.

    But, curiously, Vedanta is putting out full page ads in newspapers thanking and congratulating the govt of India for supporting mining activities which increase GDP and thus enable welfare programmes.

    Piece of ****.

    All the Chinese want to do is this. Create fear in the minds of Indian people so that the Indian govt goes on buying billions of dollars worth military supplies(and pockets a percentage itself) which are useless in case of no war. So, India wont have enough money to put on roads, health-care , education etc. God save India

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